Did Karlie Cross The Line? Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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Karlie's surprise pop-up at the bachelor party left the ladies questioning her motives.

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8 Au 2022




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alma listem
Daha sonra izle
mari benzo
I feel so bad for spice , they stay ruining any event she throws for herself 丹撾儭.
VinCity city
Karlie is clearly the true definition of misery loves company
Lets be real, Karlie is always crossing the line with her friends and no one really tells her to stop. Until someone really puts their foot down and lets her know they aint gonna tolerate her shit, she will keep doing these things.
ItsHeather Lauren
They keep Karlie around because the messiness that she brings carries the drama even further. It makes you wanna keep watching to see what other skeletons shes gonna bring out of the closet and to every damn event.
Jazmyn Johnson
Geesh karlies face is getting tighter and tighter, shes not gonna be able to blink come next season
Matriarch Marie
These women get a kick out of tearing each other down, and seeing who man they can tempt, and what relationships they can destroy. Smh
It's Chelsie
I feel bad for Kendra she deserves so much better
Radical Acceptance
My heart breaks for Kendra, because she doesn't deserve this. Joc doesn't deserve her at all. I hope she walks away and never looks back.
Carlynn Andrews Professional Make Up Artist
Karlie was absolutely stunning prior to getting all this work done. Just my opinion, to each his own
I love Karlie but she is obsessed with Joc even when she is supposedly in love with someone else she needs to give it up.
Karlie is miserable and this is why shell never find genuine love smh丹賤儭丹賤儭
Ce La98
Honestly I can't even be mad at Karlie. Any woman would rub up on Joc and he would be more than happy to oblige and go along with it. That man has ZERO SELF CONTROL.
Rhianna JD
I dont know why Karlie is doing all this stuff to her face. She was so gorgeous
PoundCake Texas
She doing everything to remain on Love and Hip Hop!!!!! Every and Anything to keep a storyline 歹
Mis Kui
Karlie is just plain messy
Bryan C.
Let's be real, this show doesn't work without Karlie and her messiness. She drives the story. No Karlie and it's a flop. Karlie doesn't just know the assignment, she's the damn professor. LOL
Karlie will FOREVER want Joc and I can never understand why. Even though he later apologized, he said that she had pimento cheese between her legs. So how can she even think to want to be near him or be friends after that? Standards all the way in he.ll it seems.
Mr. Tik Tok Nation
I'm so glad shekaniah back 弘she is funny
Sierra funny as hell lol "why yall got me at this dinner" 不不不
Karlie is a toxic person. Thats why she has never been able to maintain a healthy stable relationship. Her infatuation with Joc has been uncomfortable to watch since they first started dating. Kendra doesnt need the headache, I hope she moves on.
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