Did Hitler Kill a King?

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Did Hitler have a hand in the suspicious death of Bulgarian Tsar Boris III in 1943? What really happened to the king who saved Bulgaria's Jews from the Holocaust?

Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Fe...

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Credits: US National Archives; Bulgarian Archives State Agency; RyanHuolin; historical; Ikonact; Botter21; Relativefrequency; Grey Geezer; Alessandro Nassiri



13 Eyl 2021




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Eazy Ono
Eazy Ono 5 gün önce
I f Sophie scholl. I remember her 🐱 - my Grandfather
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme 7 gün önce
Of course he was murdered…. and it was sauerkraut, not a spaghetti western…..
4021095 gmailcom
4021095 gmailcom 7 gün önce
Incredible story, thanks Mark, Support Mark on Patreon.
Jehovah Hohenzollern
*1ST AMERICAN ROYAL FAMILY: I Jehovah the King of Children your National Father expect all Pregnant Women to rally around me with Young Cadets (Squires & Pages) the Knights.*
ARYA MAITRA 11 gün önce
*The wife of King Boris was the sister of Italy's king, not the reverse as mentioned in the video. Minor error.
KAzik10001 11 gün önce
The Red Virus kills and destroys nations the minute any occasion arises
studio 2
studio 2 12 gün önce
Hitlers no retreat orders cost him over 3 million troops captured & another million killed in Russia and another million in north Africa amongst the places, men who who could have defended Germany in 44 ..fooolish move that cost Germany greatly..
Eagle Strike
Eagle Strike 12 gün önce
Fine fellow but in the company of downright rotters!
Daniel Green
Daniel Green 12 gün önce
I bet the minutes of those meetings with Hitler and King Boris would make fascinating reading actually..But would have been destroyed probably!..always something interesting with your vids
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 14 gün önce
Nevskixx 14 gün önce
When Hitler called on King Boris to send his troops to fight on the Eastern Front, Boris told Hitler that if the troops were sent they'd join the Russians. Bulgaria was liberated by the Russians from the Ottomans and this has never been forgotten.His inability , or was it complicit ness that led to the murder of the Macedonian and Thrace Jewry leaves a doubt on his reputation.
Robert Krump
Robert Krump 16 gün önce
Communist dictator hasn't killed his enemie's
Sasha Petkov
Sasha Petkov 18 gün önce
My grand father fight bulgarian faschist, where they was doing unseen atrocitys durin natzi time
Vintage News Network
Vintage News Network 19 gün önce
His diary is probably the only thing Goebbels had no reason to lie to.
Kage naru mono
Kage naru mono 19 gün önce
So it's a mystery. P. S. If Gebbels wrote in diary it's poison then it could have been poison.
Douglas Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton 20 gün önce
Dont repeat it
Douglas Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton 20 gün önce
We have to learn about history so we
Douglas Hamilton
Douglas Hamilton 20 gün önce
El dusch bag
Boo Kaufman
Boo Kaufman 20 gün önce
You did not make clear the most important point in this video which is what happened to the Bulgarian Jews after the Tsar died? I know that the Soviets moved in at some point but it wouldn't have taken the Germans very long to round up all the Jews in Bulgaria. They were already working together in those road crews and I'm sure they were in great danger.
Willie Desmond
Willie Desmond 24 gün önce
5hey all turned on Germany at the end they got what they deserved including the king of Bulgaria
Akib Jabed
Akib Jabed 25 gün önce
adam knopp
adam knopp 25 gün önce
My wife’s Polish grandfather and family where in Sofia when war broke out. He was an architect, born in Russia his father had previous worked as a surveyor on the trans Siberian railway. In Sofia he was working on the construction of the Polish consulate. I still have his Bulgarian documents and pay checks from that era. He was evacuated to Palestine moving to London after the war.
Bribwan1 Bribwan1
Bribwan1 Bribwan1 25 gün önce
Bulgaria Talking to the allies. We are Trying to surround it to you. The Allies We want your blood Bulgaria but we just want to surrender meanwhile allies bombing cities allies Hey Russia come over here gang up on this guy Call Bulgaria meanwhile Bulgaria they’re bringing in the Russians were doomed oh hell. Meanwhile in Russia this is where the fun begins going to introduce them to communism Everyone we love that right Allies yep We don’t care about other countries do what you want As long as you helping us kill Germany we let you do anything.
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 27 gün önce
The king is dead, Long live the king
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 27 gün önce
Maximilian Is a Saint In the Catholic Church one of my patrons
Simon Stone
Simon Stone 28 gün önce
10 gambling adverts whilst watching this video from Mark
Mark Wickens
Mark Wickens 29 gün önce
We often go to Bulgaria on a winter snowboarding holiday, although whether that ever happens again is yet to be determined. Genuinely this is the most succinct description of Bulgaria's involvement in WW2 you could ever hope to know.
giorgos galanos
giorgos galanos 29 gün önce
Make a video about the Kidnapping of the major-general Heinrich Kreipe. He was abducted by British SOE officers Patrick Leigh Fermor and William Stanley Moss, with the support of the Cretan resistance. There is a video titled "THE ABDUCTION OF GENERAL KREIPE" from a Greek TV program (Nico Mastorakis) where all the participants and Kreipe reunite after many years (1972).
giorgos galanos
giorgos galanos 23 gün önce
@Васил Камджалов Yes it is. There is a book titled "Ill Met by Moonlight" written by William Stanley Moss that was made into movie in 1957. But it would be nice to see a remake for this story.
Васил Камджалов
Nice story.
Ricki Priest
Ricki Priest Aylar önce
Hers a fact I'm American a lot of us her r interested in history that can make the now and future better and lessons on how not to not repeat the horrores of we want a better world for all people in every country. Opie for a better world god bless America and all other's
Radostin Georgiev
Radostin Georgiev Aylar önce
To the comments from mr. Churchill, Boris had a quote"If only the Danube was as big as the channel"
ian okan
ian okan Aylar önce
It wasnt him who saved the jews it was the bulgarian people who did it. Even tough the country was in civil war everyone from communist to the church united into forcing Boris to not deport them
ian okan
ian okan Aylar önce
@Васил Камджалов въобще не съм гледал клипа просто ми е писнало в България да слушам да ни обясняват, че едва ли не лично той се е застъпил пред хитлер за евреите и предположих, че и той ще каже същото, защото повечето канали за история говорят каквото им е казал иванчо, така да го кажем. Ама в крайна сметка тоз е историк
Васил Камджалов
Той го каза, всички са взели част в това, негова отговорност е да реагира както народа иска и той го направи, какъв насилен? Ако е насилен от някой ще е от Германия да прави какво те искат или ако беше насилен за евреите да им помогне то нямаше да мръдне и пръст за евреите от Чехия дето е взел или ти пропусна това също.
Horea Georgian
Horea Georgian Aylar önce
Did Israel honour his involvment in saving the jews?
Васил Камджалов
It is widely known that the bulgarian jews who live in Izreal are well recieved and there are monuments here and there but more or less because Bulgaria isnt a major country with a lot of interest in it, there isn't media attention or anything.
zmeil Aylar önce
Let us honor the memory of the Jews from Yanina! They died in the dirty Nazi heat of WWII!
King In Exile
King In Exile Aylar önce
Thank you so much for making this video, as a Bulgarian nothing makes me happier than remembering heroes like Tsar Boris III, of whom we are all very proud to this day.
Boot Aylar önce
Wow, if this is true it could really ruin Hitler's reputation
Wiley2020 Aylar önce
Just say it, u admire Nazis
no ww2 video on Hitla would be complete without pictures of Dr Gobbles :P
Mr Upliftmofo
Mr Upliftmofo Aylar önce
Stalin's who my moneys on
Todd Metzger
Todd Metzger Aylar önce
I think it was the Soviets who had a hand in the poisoning.
YoucantCmefoo Aylar önce
Hey this is my uncle uR talking about watch ya mouF
fattoler Aylar önce
I am curious as to why Antony Eden blocked the Palestine plan, I'm assuming it would be one of three reasons. One, practicality, or lack thereof to move a large quantity of persons to Palestine. Two, and in my opinion the most likely, it was to keep the Arabs appeased by continuing to limit Jewish immigration into the territory which would line up with the 1939 White Paper that set a quota of 75,000 Jews to be allowed in over five years. Three, possibly it was trying to keep Stalin sweet by not being seen to co-operate with the Axis powers. Could of course be a combination of all three but if someone provides more detail on the subject I'd be interested.
Jaber Sawaya
Jaber Sawaya Aylar önce
best documentary historian
Beau's Bar & Garage
This video was deep. Italian king? This is all new to me
Letticia Morgan
Letticia Morgan Aylar önce
I wouldn't shouldn't be so surprised first of all the Germans were highly unlikely to overthrow a king even to an assassinate a king unless they knew there would be somebody in their pocket already for all they say that he made overtures to the Americans and the allies the fact is they probably told him go ahead make over to let it look like you're making overtures but trust me they're not going to accept you you're in our pocket we bought and paid for you. So it was not a Gamble they knew exactly who they were assassinating exactly who they were going to be putting on the throne and who was going to be the regent to the child.
TastyExperiences_ @Instagram
Yes he killed himself
DignitasForTheWin Aylar önce
It sucks that Bulgaria was a part of the eastern bloc
CombustionBerg Aylar önce
The story around here in Bulgaria is that the Soviets did it out of all
DankMaymDennis Aylar önce
What if the british did it.
Col7777 Aylar önce
This highlights the audacity of the Germans at the time to go in to another country and demand to take people of a certain faith away to be prisoned in internment camps and later put to death. Shame for Boris and I believe he probably was secretly murdered, Hitler was well known for anyone disagreeing with him was dealt with one way or another, you could have a debate with him as long as you agreed with what he said.
ebe Aylar önce
The world was strange then.
did hitler kill a king? he would kill novochok
Joyce Koch
Joyce Koch Aylar önce
Did Hitler Kill a King? Yes, consider the fate of King Vitamin. When King Vitamin was invited to "Have breakfast with the Fuhrer" He was not seen again. However, in 1945 when the Soviets overran the Herman Goering estate in 1945 something odd was found. Among many art treasures was a cheaply made plastic gold crown with gold spoons sticking up across the top. From 1971 until his death in 1977, actor George Mann played the original King Vitamin on television commercials and wore the same crown found at the Goering estate. Oddly enough, nobody can locate the crown and it, like King Vitamin has vanished into the very mist of time.
napraznicul Aylar önce
Who will be prosecuted for crimes and human rights which were deleted in LAST TWO YEARS PERIOD, which isn't a WAR one, but a new slavery, deeper than ANY NAZI PERIOD, as we can't BUY FOOD and we are not allowed to WORK if we do not accept official story and if we are't vaccinated? THIS period is harder tjan nazi one, also current leaders are way more scumbags and murderers than any nazi leader!
random123 Aylar önce
This guy was playing 3D chest trying to save his people while not getting invaded by extremely powerful countries surrounding him. Respect for the moves made.
George Carrillo
George Carrillo Aylar önce
No he killed a jew
socalsilver Aylar önce
Scorched Earth 1933
Same old narrative. Nazi's bad, allies good.
Scorched Earth 1933
@Васил Камджалов Britain also declined several peace offers and even Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland to make peace. The Brits put him in jail till 1983 where he died in solitary confinement.
Васил Камджалов
The British prime minister declined the offer to send the jews to safety and later bombed the capital, tho it is claimed that the Allies had way better intelligence in the war. The germans barely had any real spies anywhere. In short they didn't care and did nothing.
Kalamar Maximis
Kalamar Maximis Aylar önce
With the exception of the Soviet Union that was objectively true I don't see any UK death camps during the war
Marilyn Fielding
Marilyn Fielding Aylar önce
real historians are very mutch needed . so mutch false history has been tught to our children .in american schools . by leftist teatchings . begining with the lincoln familys . destruction of true history of the civilwar ! for many crimes the family had to keep hiden ! from the public . so mary todd abes wife . paid dearly to have abes congress men his administration. to destroy every peace of documents . recording true facts .of infor. relted to the lies and crimes . to cover up the loan from england to cover the tax,money .that abe and congress used to further their ritch life styles . and funding abes fathers slave trade . andd ship building comp. whitch abe had 1/2 owner ship . as a deal made for abe to mary george todds daughter mary todd !abe had a old friend record a life story of abdraham lincoln and named it secret life of abraham lincoln and the lincoln family ! it was a very telling o auotobiography paid for by lincoln him self ! only to be sold after lincoln passed away soon after the burial of lincoln . mary todd rushed to call a meeting .to stop the sell of the book . she knew what was in it . she was afraid the truth would destroy her kids thoughts of adoring lovre and admeration. it could hurt her sons chances in big buisness . or hope fullly politics . that when congress decided with mary tods help .to rewrite civilwar history . as it is taught since then. as now . in all schools . and collages ! trump will open the truth to all america true facts will finaly be shed . it might hurt some .,to realize the hurt they have put on others . because of lies they were talught to believe in . as we all were . but texans were taught by many school trips to find true historical places and museums and inlightened by ritch family history . handed down through generations after generations . greatest way to learn better than dem books . lies pored on the young .to keep shame from shining on the union states northern and eastern states . dems hiding be hind the . mary todd cause !
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Aylar önce
i love your videos on the Nazis..Have you or plan to do any on the Battle of Kasserine pass? my uncle died as a gunner. He stopped until the end has the german Panzer tanks approached.
Sir Heinz Beenz
Sir Heinz Beenz Aylar önce
Your titles always look like clickbait and it never is. I really need to learn to just trust you
The Puppy Channel
The Puppy Channel Aylar önce
A follow up of what happened to Bulgaria's Jews would have been nice... Did they ever get deported after the assassination??
MiMa Aylar önce
lots of speculations, cmon...
Crown Prince Sebastian Johan of Ponte Corvo
Boris' father, the Foxy Ferdinand was quite flamboyant. He out prima-donna'd Kaiser Wilhelm II... which no one thought possible. Once, when Ferdinand was leaning out the window somewhere during a state visit to Germany with other heads of state, Willy snuck up behind him and gave him a great big slap on the arse. Ferdinand demanded a apology, did not get one, huffed, left Germany immediately and canceled the huge weapons contract he just signed with Krupp. He gave the contract to Schneider of France instead.
Ulro Hermit
Ulro Hermit 2 aylar önce
Good men always died before evil ones, sad world we live in, Rommel, zar, German de cou gang ... You get the idea
Raycheetah 2 aylar önce
Watch and remember of what true fascists are capable. ='[.]'=
iska788 2 aylar önce
I love all your videos, but this was especially fascinating. As a Jew, I am greatful for the Bulgarians’ help.
TiddyTwyster 2 aylar önce
I'm just relieved by the fact that he has 1.47 million subscribers, here I thought this was a small channel
Megakev 2 aylar önce
ph ph
ph ph 2 aylar önce
sharadowasdr 2 aylar önce
Why did Anthony Eden refuse the request ?
Васил Камджалов
Good question.
TheLight 2 aylar önce
Bulgarian King killed by nazi Germany. He was forced to help nazis he never like them Bulgaria is a small country and the people who designed this war theater control many countries and Bulgaria had no chance at the time to reject the role the king tried to protect Bulgaria and they killed him.
David Murphy
David Murphy 2 aylar önce
I thought this would be about the assassination of Louis Barthou and King Alexander I of Yugoslavia.
Фѣниксъ Aylar önce
This certain assassination you're talking about was carried out by the Bulgarian VMRO agent Vlado Chernozemski (Velichko Kerin) in 1934. The Serbian king was assasinated for Yugoslavia's policy towards the Bulgarians and the Croatians inside its borders.
Shat Bad
Shat Bad 2 aylar önce
After what the "Communists" did to the Tsar of Russia and his family, the constant issues between the two peoples, the Gulags, the seven million dead of the Holodomor: I find this Kings loyalties odd.
Васил Камджалов
The USSR was dangerous and any excuse to attack was fine for them so no conflict was wanted. They still declared war for no real reason, the had no claim or reason to attack but pure desire of Stalin to control Europe. He killed anyone capable of being neutral of against the communists.
IstvanN1961 2 aylar önce
No matter which side the Eastern Europeans sided with or what they did the US and UK were determined to allow the Soviets to enslave those peoples for, Roosevelt and Churchill hoped, all time.
Wikipedia Intellectual
Skull Face did it.
EvansCollection 2 aylar önce
There is, yet, another obvious option in the possible murder plot: Josef Stalin and the Soviet Union. There was a pro Soviet movement within Bulgaria that successfully took over the government through a military coup. Prior to that, Stalin declared war on Bulgaria and invaded the country. Therefore, it's no leap of faith that Soviet agents were active in the country anytime during the war. Sabotage and chaos creating methods were routinely practiced in WWII.
10minlaterugotdropoed 2 aylar önce
He never supported nazism, he was just trying to protect his kingdom. However than the Bulgarian army was thrown to frontline against the Germans. This was not noted after the war we give more than 23,500 and still treated as a losing side and given to greedy Stalin by the abandoned by allies
Joel D
Joel D 2 aylar önce
@2:38 comical levels of medals on this fella.
Auto culto
Auto culto 2 aylar önce
All hail King Boris. Forever known for leading the UK to freedom from the evil tyranny of the EU.
DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff
Wrong Boris mate.
Gabriel Robinson
Gabriel Robinson 2 aylar önce
Why did Britain turn down the request to transport Jews to Palestine? Interesting how so many of these stories of anti-Nazi resistance are often hampered by the allies (ie Wilhelm Canaris)
Daniel W
Daniel W 2 aylar önce
You are my favorite channel on TRvid! Thank you for all the education you provide.
Martin Davies
Martin Davies 2 aylar önce
What a fascinating story....Dr. Felton scores again !
Lazer Behm
Lazer Behm 2 aylar önce
What Churchill said, I wouldn't say Hitler had his hand in the death, but more like Churchill/allies himself had him assassinated!
Anna L. Vajda
Anna L. Vajda 2 aylar önce
Handed out anti war leaflets killed for high treason RIP Sophie.
Natalie Kennedy
Natalie Kennedy 2 aylar önce
It’s like there’s all ways a bigger fish
Natalie Kennedy
Natalie Kennedy 2 aylar önce
And Hitler killed the leader of the fascist party in Austria because he thought hitler was insane and there’s a different between fascism and nazism Nazis kill people of other races that they think is a threat and fascists just want everybody to listen to them all there not loyal it’s like how there’s a difference between socialism and communism
bgdimitrov 2 aylar önce
Great to see your episode about King Boris III.
GarioTheRock 2 aylar önce
One of my great granduncle's friend, a family friend, turned out to be a German spy, and when the Germans were bombing Sofia, he was up on the roof of my family's apartment building in the diplomatic district flashing a spotlight at the sky to indicate to the German bomhers a "do not bomb" zone. The Russians had it rough, my grandmother described them like animals, beasts with evil eyes, while when the Germans had been there, they were polite, clean, and very orderly and not at all disruptive to the majority of people. When she grew up (as she was 7 at the time of invasion) she worked as a...I forget how to say it in English...an editor of photographs, for the communist government. Then my mother has me with my Russo-Hungarian (Ukrainian born) father in the mid 90's, something my grandmother was very suspicious of but thankfully adored me, and I her! My father's mother was the only survivor of the entire family in Ukraine, so, I never...no one ever really heard much from her. I know she survive the Einsatsgruppen (because I did research on the town my family migrated to) and that she was a survivor of a concentration camp, but...that was all that was left of that poor woman. The horrors she experienced and witness was a trauma so deep and wretched that even I nowadays am affected deeply by its consequences. She may have been one of few survivors in a burning barn mass execution but...such a thought...troubles my mind too much to consider for very long...as one of the few things she ever spoke out about the war was that she used to have sisters, but that's as far as she could ever get in the sentence. So despite my Bulgarian mother's mother's impression of the Russians, I can understand why all that was left of them at the time was frightened and enraged animals. Anyone would be, especially if you've lost your whole family as now 2 generations I know of in my family have now including me. That's...that's enough for now.
V V Aylar önce
Very interesting.
kyo_ koko05
kyo_ koko05 2 aylar önce
Long time fan from Bulgaria! I've never heard of the Italian theory before.. Very good video!
Jim 2 aylar önce
It is not only Zar Boris III but also his wife Giovanna of Savoy, the speaker of the parliament Peshev who helped the Jews immensely. Bulgaria is the only country in Europe to save its entire Jewish population.
Durango95 2 aylar önce
It makes no sense, why not have just shot them on the spot rather than run trains? Fuel problems bombing of railroads! 8,000 of them here and there certainly more than 1% of the population! Look at the population numbers of the time!
Durango95 2 aylar önce
Well the Victor's right the history books so I wonder if anyone can tell me what happened to the anti-war crowd here in the United States or even Britain for that matter pretty positive they were very so much considered treasonous!!
grumogus 2 aylar önce
No hitler killed a führer
Darko Milev
Darko Milev 2 aylar önce
Let's not forget - Boris saved bulgarian Jews, but he sent all Jews from bulgarian occupied territories (Greece and Macedonia) to death camps, ~70000 people.
V V Aylar önce
Bulgarian territory was used for the deportation. They were not send by the King. By the way, bulgarains massively opposed the deportation, where were the macedonians to prevent this? They have done nothing. We know they active assited with the list of jews in Macedonia. The greeks were the same. In Solun the jews were the biggest ethnic group. the greek were happy to deport them. It is easy now to blame the bulgarians. They had the courage to stoop up. you did not, as most in Europe.
Добромир Вълов
@Darko Milev Какво ти има бе човек? Наистина ли не разбираш какво искам от теб или се правиш на глупав? Вече видях това, спри да пишеш едно и също. Искам да знам кой ти каза, че такъв брой хора са били депортирани.
Добромир Вълов
@Darko Milev What is wrong with you? Do you really not understand what I ask from you, or are you just pretending to be dumb? I already saw that, stop writing the same thing over and over again. I want to know who told you that 70,000 people were deported.
Darko Milev
Darko Milev 2 aylar önce
@Добромир Вълов 7300 од Македонија, 62000 од Грција.
Добромир Вълов
@Darko Milev Dude, I asked you to tell me the source of your information (a book, an article, etc.) where it is written the thing you're claiming. Because if you search for "H olocaust in Bulgaria" in internet, everywhere it is written that 11000 - 12000 people were deported, not 70000. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Magic Chowder
Magic Chowder 2 aylar önce
They should have joined the Germans lol, the soviets killed them all anyways.
Aldaron 2 aylar önce
As a Bulgarian I have only ever heard good things about the German troops stationed in our country. Many were very well mannered, clean, respectable and good to our people, a complete opposite to the Russian occupying force which raped, plundered and killed many innocent people for over 3 years. Even to this day in school we learn about our great saviours from fascism which is absolutely not true. There is a reason that we call the rise of Communism in Bulgaria after 1944 our Third National Disaster. There was nothing we could do as all was decided in The Yalta Conference where the Allies decided that we and the Romanians will fall under Stalin while Greece will remain with the Allies. Little known fact is that our country was heavily bombed by the UK and the US. My grandmother is from a city near the Serbian border which was sometimes mistaken with the capital - Sofia and the civilian population was bombed. In one of the bombings her first cousin's house received a direct hit, her mother was killed and she got a shrapnel stuck in her foot, she was five years old. She is still alive today but I cannot imagine seeing a movie or a documentary where the allies are bombing civilians, executing prisoners or raping women...WAR is never black and white.
sbeve XLR8
sbeve XLR8 2 aylar önce
I honestly can't beleive leaders like him of the 20th century aren't known we should have more videos about the unknown leaders of ww2 like miklos horthy,king carol ii, ion antonescu, plaek phibun and many more aswell it's a shame really
TheRealBamboonga 2 aylar önce
10:48 / 14:09 - The Soviets exhumed and moved his body, but took the time to remove his heart, place it in a glass jar, and return the glass jar to his grave? That...seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to for no reason...
Rebel 2 aylar önce
King Boris deserves to be remembered for his selflessness.
chris hanson
chris hanson 2 aylar önce
This Hitler guy sounds like a real jerk!
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 2 aylar önce
Hitler was a dick.
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