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Diana: The Night She Died (Conspiracy Documentary)

After the death of Diana Princess of Wales, conspiracy theories filled the headlines. As so many of the conspiracy theories are absurd, many simple questions about the fatal night of August 31st have never been asked. By the end not only Princess Diana but also Dodi Al Fayed and the driver Henri Paul were dead.
First, police blamed the paparazzi for causing the accident. They had been "buzzing round the car like flies." Then 48 hours later they blamed the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul. He was said to be three times over the drink limit. This compelling program seeks to answer the many questions overlooked by the enquiry and to uncover what really happened the night Diana died.

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22 Haz 2018




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Sarcastic baby Mountain goat
The fact that it took them an hour and 10 minutes to go 3 miles in an ambulance is disturbing, especially considering that almost anyone could WALK 3 miles in that same amount of time. I believe that this is in no way an "accident", Diana was straight up murdered. RIP Princess Diana
@ben skaria n
cayenne pepper 242
cayenne pepper 242 6 gün önce
I agree
Pearl Helvezia
Pearl Helvezia 7 gün önce
Even common drunken people can die in a car crash. "Drunk don't drive".Period.
Peter Amster
Peter Amster 8 gün önce
@Fanni the percentage of meds the drives had on his blood was way above the regular use that causes him to can't even stand up and on the hotel ritz, he looks very well...
Peter Amster
Peter Amster 8 gün önce
@ben skaria how do you explain that US agencies had taped Diana's phone lines and have around 200 pages of her talking with her boyfriend even after she loses the "privileges/titles" ??
KROWKO [卿子] EN VTuber Crow
she wasn't only a princess, she was a symbol of purity, humanity, and kindness. so to see that trampled and killed by cruel world was not only tragic, but insanely depressing for people. it's not only that their princess was gone, but so was their hope in the good in this world.
Hayley Dryden
Hayley Dryden 8 gün önce
@missbond mother teresa was by no were as kind as people thought she was..
Mitzi Oldendorf
Mitzi Oldendorf 12 gün önce
@Jason William Lee ,the evilness is coming to light😊
Donna Marie
Donna Marie 16 gün önce
@Virginie Masai
Blacknight 17 gün önce
I remember seeing her accident on the news back in India. I was intrigued about what happened then and I still feel the same way. Which shows how much progress the case has received.
Kanchanmala Sengupta
2022 and I still can't believe a person like her is no more. i still can't forget that face or that smile and her personality. she was an angel in disguise. a pure soul. a fashion diva. and i believe even after 500 years later people will still talk about her and know in heart that it was a well conspired murder and nothing else. multiple people were included to execute this plan. the day i saw this news on newspaper i was pretty young, a school goer but i knew at that time also that it was a murder and nothing else. Whoever did this may their souls never rest in peace. Amen
rosa schmid
rosa schmid 22 gün önce
Kalashi Kashmiri Euro girl
I always felt within my heart & soul, right from the moment Diana died tragically, that Princess Diana, was killed with intent. This was by no means whatsoever, an accident. This world lost a very humane, kind, innocent & beautiful woman. To this day, i still think about her and i so miss her physical presence in our world. We all have our own personal thoughts/beliefs regarding Diana's death, but the overarching consensus is, that she didn't die by sheer accident. Princess Diana, you or your memory will never be forgotten. May you fly with the Angels forever and may you rest in eternal peace. Let us also remember, that the man you once loved, Dodi Al-Fayed, also died in this car crash, so with this being said, may Dodi Al-Fayed also rest in eternal peace. It would be nice to think, that you were both reunited spiritually in death.
just me
just me 20 gün önce
Why didnt the driver stop the Car rather than speeding the way..
VettyWoo 20 gün önce
Yes, I totally agree with you.
C How
C How 20 gün önce
Completely agree,, with the Royals hand....My Mother said she was sure it was Phillip..
WomensArmyCorps Veteran
The moment we heard Dianna had died, my grandma’s first words were “they murdered her”.
Justin Zuberka
Justin Zuberka 6 saatler önce
@J J so y did a mi6 agent drive them away from their destination.
Cosmopolitan Wonder
Cosmopolitan Wonder 13 gün önce
@the one she has a white father and a mixed race black mother, facts matter, get it right please.
Cosmopolitan Wonder
Cosmopolitan Wonder 13 gün önce
@country Student she was in France royal family weren’t there, that driver wasn’t drunk. Read more you will learn something you didn’t know.
rezotydnic 19 gün önce
Anyone who thinks this wasn't a murder by the 'firm', is delusional.
rezotydnic 3 gün önce
@J K is that true though? Or was it something 'fed' to public to give cause of accident?
J K 3 gün önce
The driver was drunk though! 😣
flowerj potter
flowerj potter 9 gün önce
I think poor Diana, along with Dodi and Henri Paul were killed by who ever set the powerful motorbikes on them with the blinding light shone in the drivers face. Not the slower mopeds driven by the paparazzi who arrived after the crash, but the group of bikes that surrounded the car as it went into the tunnel. The paparazzi were rounded up and held by the police for two days but in the end released. First they were blamed, then the driver has been wrongfully blamed to this day being drunk at the wheel when the scientists at the inquiry said his blood results were impossible, yet he remains framed for causing the crash through drink driving. But, I don't think The Firm was involved because they were not at all performing smoothly in the days immediately afterwards and seemed to be making great clunking mistakes from a PR stand point. To the public they came across as cold and uncaring when if they were involved they would have been better equipped to deal with the arrangements for bringing her body home and not causing so much of a frosty atmosphere with the public in the immediate aftermath. There was so much public hostility aimed at them in those days leading up to the funeral. The Royal family seemed caught in a nightmare as the vast lake of flowers grew around Kensington Palace surrounded day and night by hoards of emotional ordinary people just devastated. The Firm eventually sent Andrew out first to test the water, before the others came out to see the flowers and basically put on a PR appearance to try to show the public they cared. It seemed wrong to me that her young sons came face to face with the tearful public when they were sent to inspect the flowers, they were far more contained than some members of the public. Then the next mistake the Royals made in the publics eyes were having the boys walk behind their mothers coffin, it was harrowing. And nobody has forgotten that. I think Diana was stepping on too many high powered toes with the landmine campaign and that is the direction the culprits were from. Watch Keith Allen's documentary UNLAWFUL KILLING for vital information from the inquest which found the driver wasn't drunk and the jury's verdict came back as unlawful killing partially caused by the vehicles close behind the Mercedes, those unidentified motorbikes that disappeared into the night.
Gadios Pasión de Gavilanes & Màs novelas❤💜
A woman who was deceived as a virgin by a man she loved. A woman who fought to find love and when she thought she had found it, her life was taking away from her. What a sad life. You deserved better Queen Diana.
Cazador60140 6 gün önce
Up in heaven she must be looking down at the petty royals with their petty crowns and jewels, their petty feeble and useless existence
Rosario Drilon
Rosario Drilon 7 gün önce
@Lila Stfan n
APP 3591
APP 3591 12 gün önce
I don't think Dodi loved her either; he broke off an engagement to someone else just because his father said so ..... Dodi, in my opinion, was worse than Charles.
Linda C
Linda C 18 gün önce
I will never get over her death. She is someone that will forever stay in many peoples lives even without ever meeting her. She was truly a princess, a true Queen. She could’ve been saved. They murdered this beautiful Princess. Such a shame!
Valencia Marks
Valencia Marks 22 gün önce
So sad what happened to her. When Prince Charles asked her to marry her, she thought she was going to live every little girl's dream to marry a Prince. This is one of the greatest tragedies in history. So many unanswered questions. Very sad indeed!
Laura D
Laura D 19 gün önce
Yup for sure. He was also a victim though of the monarchy as he could not marry who he truly loved . The whole thing is so corrupt. Sometimes victims then become victimizers !
Sami Quinn
Sami Quinn 26 gün önce
Watching this days after the Queen passed away (2022). I was little when Princess Diana died but I still always thought something was fishy about her late night car crash in an empty tunnel. If the royals knowingly tried to keep the Queen's son's relationship with Jeffery Epstein hush hush, I can imagine and see how this is also planned by them too.
3_times_mum 8 gün önce
@Jaden Andrew was in for questions in the us, and they don't find anything, that is why he wasn't facing a criminal case. I am against witch Hunt. Andrew has not been proven guilty. I am a believer of, proven guilty, before being judge/ convicted. Andrew stepped down because he wanted to go to court as a private citizen, not as a prince. And he didn't wanted to draw his mother and family into it. .
Jaden 19 gün önce
I fully believe you. What happened with the queens son and Epstein ? I’ve heard that Andrews was reinstated by Charles and that everyone is upset by it. What relation did Andrews have to Epstein ? Genuinely curious and asking for information so I can understand why everyone is calling him a predator and pedo.
fox 26 gün önce
The civilian doctor, who was on his way to his service and happened to be at the scene of the incident, said that he stabilized Diana until the ambulance arrived. Diana was seriously injured, but not so bad that she would die, he told in a interview.
Hayati tahir-munday
Hayati tahir-munday 13 gün önce
it was a slow bleed but constant near the attery supplying her heart that eventually cause her death. In essence it is the internal bleeding thst did the damage. Outwardly. she may looked not that bad. I hve read that it took awhile for the French surgeons to locate where the bleed had come from.
Savage Karma
Savage Karma 23 gün önce
It absolutely breaks my heart that Diana, an innocent, beautiful school assistant had a promising life, only to have it made miserable by a very jealous, angry and immature man. She finally had happiness and then THIS happened. Ifnibwas a betting person, I would bet she was murdered. Straight up! This was not an accident.
Smart Md
Smart Md 20 gün önce
Agreed 200 percent
Jason McGuire
Jason McGuire 20 gün önce
Nerin George
Nerin George 22 gün önce
I believe 100% that it was not an accident but a murder
Hayley Dryden
Hayley Dryden 8 gün önce
@Sean C delusional.. Definitely murder.
john smith
john smith 9 gün önce
@Shaw Roberts Hackers can now take over your car's controls, while you are driving. Some cars use the Uconnect system, an entertainment center that is installed in a number of vehicles and connects to the internet allowing the owner to remotely turn on the engine, track the vehicle through GPS and has a few anti-theft features. This is the way in for the hackers, who are able to take over your steering wheel and breaks to remotely control your car. According to ZDNet,"as many as 471,000 vehicles in the US are said to be affected by the vulnerability." An her seat belt had been tampered with,, I took this deep dive years ago when you could still find things on the internet , She was knock up by Dodi Fayed,You think English royalty wanted a muslim in the family ?
john smith
john smith 9 gün önce
@Christopher Columbus When you ever going to wake up ?
john smith
john smith 9 gün önce
Finally a pretty women with brains!!
CK Riar
CK Riar 3 yıl önce
Those evil people involved in Diana’s death. They might have forgotten they aren’t immortal & they’ll die too. Diana lives in our hearts. ❤️
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus 18 gün önce
that poor driver
Ashu Brilliant
Ashu Brilliant 26 gün önce
One is death 💀
sharon akello
sharon akello 27 gün önce
@TARTI BROUCKE may God bless u
Wendy Granada
Wendy Granada 27 gün önce
Well one of them died yesterday ..
Claire Frier
Claire Frier Aylar önce
There was only 3 people involved in her death, Henri Paul and Dodi and Mohammed Al Fayed.
Feydan 23 gün önce
This interview boils my blood…as a son if I was Prince Harry I would not rest, I would not breath until I find out the person behind my mothers death!!
oopsidazi 12 gün önce
@Suzi C 👀🧐 here’s the big difference between brothers. William is the golden child whilst Harry has always been the scapegoat. I’d love to see W drop his guard but also doubt this unless his father kicks the bucket
oopsidazi 12 gün önce
@Spyro hawk9293 GameZ2 I think Harry has landed exactly where he wants to be. Seems that he has followed the footsteps his mother never got the opportunity to have with Dodi
Staci Staci
Staci Staci 12 gün önce
He knows it was the paparazzi's fault
Suzi C 👀🧐
Suzi C 👀🧐 13 gün önce
@oopsidazi I think Harry will be solo on this one, William won't go against the crown, more so now with his new position, Harry has nothing to loose, apparently his book has alot to do with Camilla, I hope so, I really don't know how both Harry & William can look her in the eye
Marjol Flore
Marjol Flore 24 gün önce
I just watched this docu 5 days after the death of Queen Elisabeth II (9/11/‘22) and last Sunday, being the only visitors at an early showing of the latest film ‘The Princess’ in a Dutch movie theatre. This documentary is from 2018. It sends chills up on my spine. How Shakespearean was Diana’s death? There is no doubt in my mind, and it never was, that she was murdered. This documentary, again leaves no doubt to the conclusion……she was right, ‘they’ went after her and thus she had to be disposed off!
Sophia Badge
Sophia Badge 21 gün önce
Shakespearean? No sweetheart, it is not. Urgh makes me gag
Z maKhumalo
Z maKhumalo 22 gün önce
It is more obvious on this documentary I wish all involved can perish n meet her to confess if there is life after death. Theses damn crooked killers . They are so dirty
Sis Qui
Sis Qui 22 gün önce
In my mind, it was always QEII who put the hit on Diana, so now Charles could have his way... it will come out ... it can not be hidden forever, Diana deserves closure for her family and her children's mind put to rest. QEII, has a lot to answer for in life and after her death. There will be no rest for those involved the wicked acts that were committed.
Gloria Champion
Gloria Champion 22 gün önce
Sad to say
Gloria Champion
Gloria Champion 22 gün önce
Yep most definitly!
Kay_N Aylar önce
I feel like we all knew from the beginning that Princess Diana's death was a murder as it seems like she was a threat to someone or some people, also the fact that the ambulance took over an hour to get to the hospital clearly shows that whoever had this planned wanted to make sure that Princess Diana dies and does not survive, honestly i just hope the truth comes out and justice is served for Princess Diana along with those who lost their lives in the crash.
maria ann
maria ann 4 gün önce
i was just a child when she died. all we knew, was that the most beautiful, generous and caring woman in the world had died. now, as an adult, i understand exactly what happened. everyone can believe what they want, but this screams cover up... she was taken out. she will forever be the people's princess
Stacey Sokolowski
I was 11 when she died and I remember being entranced by the media speculation surrounding her accident. I was so young but I still can feel the pit in my stomach when I heard she died. Now as an adult, I can’t help but see all the sadness in her eyes that hid a genuine and beautiful soul. To this day, there isn’t someone that radiates the same way she did.
Jim Werther
Jim Werther 8 aylar önce
@DJ Van You're good at throwing out insults, but can't possibly defend the indefensble. As I explained above, there was and is no reason to idolize Diana. Her life accomplishments remain being pretty, marrying a prince, and having numerous affairs. Find better heroes.
DJ Van
DJ Van 8 aylar önce
@Jim Werther Hey Jim, very few people admit how cold hearted they are, so thank you for your honesty. Charles married a very young, innocent young lady. At the time of their marriage, he was already involved with Camilla, and Diana was a Virgin. So to paint her as a street wise woman would not be fair.
Jim Werther
Jim Werther 8 aylar önce
@DJ Van Yes, I am, actually. Thank you for asking. Diana was idolized because...why, exactly? Because she was pretty and married into the royal family? What else did she do, besides repeatedly cheat on her husband? Find better heroes.
Mohammed m
Mohammed m 26 gün önce
This is one person that I truly respected due to how she was as a person . Proved to be NONE RACIST AT ALL, helped charities hands ON, and a long list of good things. I hope the best for her kids.
MeS 22 gün önce
@JoAnne Mackey Thank you dear Extremely kind Much appreciated God bless you So whom do you recommend ws precisely behind poor dear Princess Diana death God bless you All so tragic &no way an accident 🤔✳️🙏
MeS 22 gün önce
@JoAnne Mackey oh God bless you ❇️🌞✳️🙏 So thoughtful really appreciate Yes concur completely dear Not sfe for Meghn Why oh why are so mny again st her So extremely wrong Yes definitely they did right thing Don't understnd the hatred towrds dear Meghn I think shes lovely Thank you again so very much
JoAnne Mackey
JoAnne Mackey 22 gün önce
The refusal to do an Autopsy is a sure sign she was murdered. They would have gone through all her injuries and timing of accident and asked witnesses for their statements on their involvement in the event. This made sense to me and documents to another person who really refuses to open his eyes and mind yet continues to send me notes "It was an accident". I do not know this person only his first name he wrote Glen. This is also another copy for you @MeS
MeS 24 gün önce
@JoAnne Mackey yes I concur completely too This is completely what I ve been agreeing with Yet I ws told my comments mke no sense Do you know why?🤔✳️🙏
Elle Jano
Elle Jano 20 gün önce
This turn of events, the loss of Queen Elizabeth & Charles and Camilla stepping into their new roles just brings all this back to the front of mind...so sad and horrific
Lynda Delport
Lynda Delport 18 gün önce
Why was there no inquest one asks.There is no reason given.Silence.This makes it still a very suspicious tragedy. The letter she wrote in which she mentioned a person who she felt was plotting against her was eliminated.Mmm.The book Harry is to publish.Will that possibly hold anything.Reason he would only publish after his grandmothers passing.Time will tell.
Princess Diana and Dodi Alfyaed was clearly murdered and the driver of the Mercedes vehicle was not drunk that car was triggered by remote control because the Mercedes firm wanted to take a look at the vehicle but was refused. The Royal Establishment knows exactly what happened to them and I believe that MI5 was acting on the Royal onset. Also when Princess Diana was taken from the vehicle of the crash she was still alive and to know that the ambulance in France drove 3 miles and passed a near hospital was very suspicious to me. Am sure that Prince William and Harry knows exactly what happened to their mother. There's no conspiracy in their deaths it was clear *"MURDER."*
Dionne Celin Paul
Dionne Celin Paul 18 gün önce
@Sophia Badge because she was dating Dodi who was Muslim. It was rumoured that she was pregnant with his child and that they were going to be engaged soon. She kept saying that they had a big announcement to make. Dodi's father also said in an interview that his son had told him about getting a ring for her already and they were both happy about it. But the royal family did not want a Muslim half-sibling for the children who are in line for the throne, and they of course did not want them to have a Muslim stepfather. She also had more things to reveal about the royal family, apparently. Things that could have damaged them even further.
Sophia Badge
Sophia Badge 20 gün önce
@Lions of JUDAHif her relationship started while she was still married, you might have a point. Once they were divorced, any “damage” the British government would be concerned with was done. The tell-all book was already released. They’re not going to kill “the mother of the future king” (as you put it) to save some money by reclaiming her Kensington palace residence. And her speculation on her own death isn’t a reason to have her assassinated. So, again, what purpose would it serve?
Lions of JUDAH
Lions of JUDAH 20 gün önce
@Luis R She was murdered because for one her involvement with Dodi an Egyptian and secondly as long she was alive she still will be living in Kensington Palace as a Princess the mother of a future King. There's many reason even Diana wrote a letter saying that her husband was planning her death by a car accident and that's exactly what had happened... Diana was just there for breeding and giving Prince Charles heirs nothing more. He really didn't love her.
Luis R
Luis R 20 gün önce
why would she be murdered? please explain why or what purpose it servers????
Sophia Badge
Sophia Badge 21 gün önce
He was so drunk and high! There was an investigation carried out by an Australian federal police officer. According to the laws of physics, that car was going so fast it became airborne upon decent into the tunnel. It is crying shame that camera was not functional, it would put all of this to rest. Blame the French traffic police for that. It happened on French soil. The government of France denied Mercedes the opportunity to inspect the car. Frankly, it sounds weird that the Mercedes company would want to involve themselves in the inquest at all. It’s a FRENCH police matter. Where are you getting your information from? Perhaps if it happened in the UK, your arguments might have some weight. (Actually, Diana would have lived if the car accident had happened in UK, as the emergency medic protocol is completely different to that of France. But I’ll leave that there as it might be too much for you to understand). But it did not. It happened in France. So to say she was murdered by the government of Britain, is to simultaneously she was murdered by the government of France as well. Otherwise, you are saying the French government are so hopeless they allow public assassinations to be carried out right under their nose and have no control over what happens in French territory… If I were you, I wouldn’t let a gendarme officer hear you talk like this…
Sloan Aylar önce
From the day she died... I knew it was someone in the royal family who ordered it. You’re a fool not to know this. The power they have is sickening. Diana even said in an interview “ they are not human”......
Miodrag Aleksić
Miodrag Aleksić 23 gün önce
@Clara Joseph of course
Clara Joseph
Clara Joseph 24 gün önce
If they did order it, did the Queen have knowledge?
Beth Maldonado
Beth Maldonado 7 aylar önce
I was 18 years old when she died. I never cried so much in my life. I remember just bawling..for a woman I didn't know. But we all felt like we knew her because of her kindness and the love she exuded. It was so tragic and perhaps we all felt doubly devastated because something just wasn't right about it. I do believe now she was murdered.
tracey wilkins
tracey wilkins 5 gün önce
I don’t know if she was murdered something wasn’t right i cant help it i have a bad feeling about charles all this reset its unnerving
tracey wilkins
tracey wilkins 5 gün önce
@Glen I think a lot of people instinctively know something was a miss
Zhi Hui
Zhi Hui 6 gün önce
@Pennie Currie believing in a God or religion is definitely not a typo mistake or simple mistake, be wise and don't suffer more due to ignorance.
Pennie Currie
Pennie Currie 6 gün önce
@Zhi Hui it was a type mistake ok,that's not what I meant
Imkum Pongen
Imkum Pongen Aylar önce
25 years ago today our world changed. Gone but forgotten every second, every day people around the world young or old we all miss you Princess Diana. 👸 I miss you so much
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 25 gün önce
The fact that it took her ambulance over an hour to get 3 miles says everything you need to know. I have no doubt the Royal family had something to do with this.
Kitteh 17 gün önce
@Caramel Emeralds I know you feel you're doing good but not everyone is Christian. And we are good people despite that.
Berguzar Korel
Berguzar Korel 19 gün önce
I am not sure about your hypothesis: The royal family had an influence on a French Ambulance? Ridiculous
Kitteh 22 gün önce
@Gadios Pasión de Gavilanes & Màs novelas❤💜 unbelievable that crime paid off.
Eagle flies alone
Eagle flies alone 19 gün önce
The way the royal family behaved after her death, not even lowering the flag upon Buckingham palace said it all.
Jasmine Parker
Jasmine Parker 7 gün önce
They know they can never measure up too even half of what she was, despite all of their wealth and resources.
Trainer Bill
Trainer Bill 11 gün önce
The royal standard is flown over the palace it is never lowered unless the monarch dies after Diana's death the Queen ordered other flags to be flown at half mast
steve holczer
steve holczer 13 gün önce
I have been a driving instructor for both cars and trucks for over 20 years. I want to express my opinion concerning the tragic death of Princess Diana. In my opinion, the reason that Princess Diana did not survive the car crash is because she was NOT wearing her seatbelt! Had she been wearing her seat belt she would have survived the crash. The only person to survive the car crash was her bodyguard, he was wearing his seatbelt, and he was closer to the point of impact. What surprised me is that he allowed the car to move without Princess Diana and Dodi wearing their seatbelts!
JustEva Lang
JustEva Lang Yıl önce
Omg definitely not an accident, she was certainly killed as she said in her letter to her butler. May god gave her the justice she deserved. Poor Diana. RIP Diana 😭😭😭
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray 22 gün önce
What letter?
Tanya Bee
Tanya Bee 20 gün önce
There were just too many "coincidences", even some people that love the monarchy don't believe it was all an accident.
Musaxcoco 23 gün önce
The princess of the people after the queens death we can really see who was the real Queen the difference in the crowd the flowers and everything speaks for itself.
Mia Mehmood
Mia Mehmood 18 gün önce
Baby Bearl juju
Baby Bearl juju 20 gün önce
Ya it is the Flowers have been showing us who the real Queen.
Nayonika Ghosh
Nayonika Ghosh 21 gün önce
Exactly 👍
Ileen Bullock
Ileen Bullock 22 gün önce
Rose Coulter
Rose Coulter Aylar önce
Wow so sad, totally sounds like a cover up. Too many unanswered questions and falsehoods, along with no permissions to verify the driver's blood samples, nor condition of his body and missing evidence? Definitely points in that direction. This is such a tragedy all around. Who is pulling the strings here?? Everyone involved in this case should be examined very carefully. Who could have that much authority or would gain by covering up this terrible tragedy?? I can only imagine ...
James husrt
James husrt 15 gün önce
Hello Rose,how are you doing today it’s nice to meet you here 😊
Roland Corey
Roland Corey Aylar önce
Hello how are you doing today...?
Claud Reyes- Atienza
The reason why I felt so bad like the rest of the world was because she was also my princess despite living outside her domain. People loved her all over and should have been protected from all of the BS and yet she was just as vulnurable. That made so many of us angry. Most of us know the story at every angle but what can we do? I was in Paris 10 years ago. There's a memorial in one of the island and it's ironic we got there because we were lost. Nobody forgot her tragic death. Everyone who knows her mourned for her. It's like a piece of the magic in our life was lost too when she died. The car accident happened when I was still in Uni. Years later, we visited paris for our 25th wedding anniv. Everyone who cared at least heard, in one of the many scenarios, the truth about her death. May Princess Diana rest in peace.
KleePO 77
KleePO 77 3 aylar önce
I think everyone over the years understands she was definitely murdered and taken out. I definitely remember hearing this news when it happens and was quite devastated. Diana was such a genuine kind soul who did so much good in the world. Now overall these years we see exactly how manipulative and deceiving the major media can be. Still a major cover-up to this day.
Chris Phipps
Chris Phipps 17 gün önce
And yet people are crying over the queen who had her murdered in the first place
missbond 19 gün önce
@Normalized Insanity finally someone with some normalcy in comments. I just don’t get the adoration for her like she sacrificed her fame and wealth to serve the needy like Prince Philip’s mom. She was a girl who entered naively a royal corporate and refused to play their rules & then left to live alone a life in the fast lane. Sad to see someone die in an accident at a young age but so is war and ppl born in other unfortunate surroundings with not so much access as hers
Jeanette Reynolds
Jeanette Reynolds 21 gün önce
@Normalized Insanity well said 🇬🇧
Nida Webb
Nida Webb 24 gün önce
It was murdered
Chrissy 26 gün önce
I’ve been in love with princess Diana since the first day I lay eyes on her Beautiful inside and out, She is my queen and always will be! 💐🙏🏽 And believe me I cried for two months straight and I still cry when I hear about it 😢😢
sigma male
sigma male 24 gün önce
I wish to share the same feeling with someone
Victor Duxbury
Victor Duxbury 22 gün önce
The truth will never be revealed but one can question why the bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones took no action to make Henry Paul slow down, and yet decided he needed to put on his own seatbelt momments befor the crash happened. The first coarse of action a bodyguard takes is to protect the lives he is guarding, if he felt the sudden need to wear a seatbelt then in all possibilities he was following laid out plans to let an accident happen and those not wearing a seatbelt would not survive the impact. The target for removal was Diana, she survived the impact with severe injuries and died befor reaching hospital after the ambulance stopped twice suggesting her life was doomed to the execution of a well rehearsed plot carried out by those who wanted her gone.
Rohan Kularathne
Rohan Kularathne 18 gün önce
she is most beautiful lady in the world
oye ama
oye ama 12 gün önce
Diana was indeed an exceptional human being. Forever a Princess in our hearts. Her death was very well orchestrated without traces. May she continue to rest in power. I still love her.
Aine O Malley
Aine O Malley Aylar önce
Dodi''s father was always convinced it was not an accident. He felt that the royal family did not want Diana to marry Dodi, an Egyptian, Muslim. He would be step father to Harry and William. The royal family did not want Diana to Marry Dodi.
Ansu Kutty
Ansu Kutty 20 gün önce
But the same Royals where okay with Charles having a mistress under cover🤭 hypocrazy to the utmost
KEMAL ABE Yıl önce
I've never seen in my life an ambulance brought a badly wounded victim in speed under 10 miles/hour on empty street in the middle of the night.
drbrigid mondaoffice
Hey really this is opaque , how could it happen ! may her soul rest in peace
Bresley Torquemada
Bresley Torquemada 23 gün önce
I bet they were taking pictures
Alan Wilkin
Alan Wilkin Aylar önce
Yay free at last Scotland.​@Anitsa Zubovich doesn't live here Anymore.
Paul Morris
Paul Morris Aylar önce
I told my wife then that I believed that she was assassinated and I still do. She was an embarrassment to the Queen (she's NOTHING compared to TODAY'S Royals), was up-staging the Queen at every turn, was more popular that Her Majesty and they weren't going to let this stand. I definitely have/had my suspicions about the SAS. Using the tunnel as a chokepoint, controlled/limited access, no "eyes" watching, they were masters at taking down cars (and planes, busses, etc., since THEY were the ones that taught OUR "Delta Force" how to operate) and had no qualms about service to the Queen, the country and the Royals. It was a professional hit and done in a way that there was plausible deniability by everyone involved. Too easy...
Paul Morris
Paul Morris 25 gün önce
@Trizzy onefour LOL! Probably…
Trizzy onefour
Trizzy onefour 25 gün önce
@Paul Morris I'm sure Charles would have been begging his mum for a long time to handle the situation
Paul Morris
Paul Morris 26 gün önce
@Trizzy onefour..Charles didn’t have that level of power then (unless it was a private hit). The stuff that happens like Diana only happens at the TOP levels. The Prince of Wales isn’t. Mi6, SAS, etc top-level black ops must have the go from someone that controls the UKs “purse-strings” and Charles, then, didn’t. All the Queen had to say was. “Handle this” or “Take care of this”…and it was done. Chuck da Turd (sorry…Charles III) couldn’t do that…
Trizzy onefour
Trizzy onefour 26 gün önce
I don't think it was the queen it was Charles
SincerityJ 27 gün önce
I think it was way more than Diana upstaging the Queen.
Marie Carton
Marie Carton 25 gün önce
The refusal to do an Autopsy is a sure sign she was murdered. They would have gone through all her injuries and timing of accident and asked witnesses for their statements on their involvement in the event
Suzi C 👀🧐
Suzi C 👀🧐 13 gün önce
Absolutely agree
Macy Miller
Macy Miller 21 gün önce
Muhd Fazli
Muhd Fazli 22 gün önce
Fallon Sumpter
Fallon Sumpter 26 gün önce
I really feel in my heart that it was foul play. Cause ain’t no way it’s takes someone almost an hour to make it to a hospital that’s 3 miles away 🥹🥹🥹🥹
Linda Elizabeth
Linda Elizabeth 24 gün önce
They can stir the narrative as they please, but we all know what they did to her. I was 10 my mom had lung cancer and passed away Aug 16 that year. And my heart broke for William & Harry. A life gone to soon, so tragic. The People's Princess forever🌹🦋
Emz Ali
Emz Ali Yıl önce
This is just heartbreaking. How have the boys of Diana not wanted to investigate this further. I mean everything about this is just screaming “murder”
OrangesAndLemons 14 gün önce
William is another Charles and Harry had to escape.
Idris Tetteh
Idris Tetteh 19 gün önce
@Vivina Morrison BidhnilLah there would be, who'll be the King
Idris Tetteh
Idris Tetteh 19 gün önce
@Gloria Green every sinner shall pay for their sins
Idris Tetteh
Idris Tetteh 19 gün önce
@Terry absolutely
Idris Tetteh
Idris Tetteh 19 gün önce
@Monica Turk the older
Erin Berlin
Erin Berlin 22 gün önce
I remember the night this happened...my best friend called me and said to put a news channel on, that Diana had been in an accident...I remember reports at the time said she was semi conscious when pulled from the car and we were so hopeful. We stayed on the phone until the news came through that she was gone...I still get upset thinking about it.
Benni Nichilo
Benni Nichilo 17 gün önce
She is still in my heart 💓... Diana:the real Queen!
Mick C
Mick C Aylar önce
NOTHING could have happened without the Queen knowing and approving
Alex Prieditē
Alex Prieditē 6 gün önce
Not true. MI6 conducts many missions without her knowledge. I’m this case though, I believe you are right. Charles or Queen Mother …
debbie dion
debbie dion 28 gün önce
@Filia Georgoudi 🙄
Filia Georgoudi
Filia Georgoudi 28 gün önce
@debbie dion well, the Queen is dead so having tea with her is impossible now. Fortunately. Oh, did I say "ABOLISH THE MONARCHY"? No? Well... ABOLISH THE MONARCHY.
Serabidde Margret
Serabidde Margret 24 gün önce
We don't know the exact truth about this, but many out there are still covering up. What a shame. !! May her soul rest in peace. 😭😭😭
Jenn St. Ours
Jenn St. Ours 9 aylar önce
She was such a naturally sweet genuine authentic soul. Such a devastating loss to lose her at such a young age, she could have helped change the world for the better.
Karen Kittell
Karen Kittell 19 gün önce
She could have changed the Monarchy for the better had they allowed her to live.
Joan Mulama
Joan Mulama 22 gün önce
Great people die early but the wicked live for so long , I have never understood why it's like a out this notion
i'l B
i'l B Aylar önce
@Zandra Defoe why do you believe that?
i'l B
i'l B Aylar önce
added a like removed it, liked again - no change. likes remained at 33
Red Kop
Red Kop Aylar önce
@Zandra Defoe 😂😂
Carolyn Northrop
Carolyn Northrop 22 gün önce
Holy cow. Princess Diana was murdered. I’ve never heard of an ambulance slowing down because of low blood pressure. That’s a reason to floor it.
Kelvin Hugo
Kelvin Hugo 18 gün önce
Hi, how are you doing today Carolyn?
How Pabst
How Pabst 18 gün önce
Terrifying to think about what they did/said to her in that ambulance
Muhammad Uzair
Muhammad Uzair 12 gün önce
So according to official report, it was all due to drunk driver, but the same report which apparently shows alcohol level in the blood had his carbon monoxide levels 20.7! At this level a person can't even walk properly let aside driving a car... Even the pathologist couldn't explain this blatant inaccuracy in the court.
LILU Bel Aylar önce
My first thoughts in those days were: Funny how the same guy that was going to be blamed for the whole thing (as opposed to the passenger) is the one that also happened to die. Accused people would naturally have no choice but to defend themselves, which means speaking up & providing all kinds of 'missed' evidence.
Sara Speroni
Sara Speroni Yıl önce
I don't think there's even a person that actually thinks the death of Diana was just an accident, or at least I hope so.
C K 7 gün önce
It’s a shame the people in England have forgotten about Diana and are so enamored of The King and his Rottweiler.
One Markon
One Markon 16 gün önce
I understand people loved Diana so much, I just don't understand why. She seemed to have an unstable mind, questionable decision making and was equally alduterous but people ignore that side of her (What would Andrew Tate say?😀). Unfortunately, this documentary doesn't tell me anything or convince me there was conspiracy against her.
Renee Liverson
Renee Liverson 17 gün önce
@Daniel Kerr honestly speaking, if Princess Diana died at a proper age then it would have made sense. But her death was not normal.
msjoy431 23 gün önce
@Cody King and you think that small tunnel could cause such an accident?
Claire Frier
Claire Frier 29 gün önce
@caroline mulders it was an accident.
testing123 Aylar önce
It baffles my mind so much. How has nothing been done to investigate what really happened! Especially her sons why aren’t they stepping up now that they are adults. We the public should start a petition
AINE 22 gün önce
the fact that she said how they were going to kill her and no one did anything even the 'ROYALS' is astonishing...
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 17 gün önce
It is not easy to see these documentaries for those who love her like me even after 25 years.
John Gray
John Gray 25 gün önce
Apparently we’re expected to believe that experienced bodyguards standing next to driver in a tiny hotel elevator failed to notice he was stinking of booze which was one of the flaws in the official version of events and stretches things beyond credibility.
Annabelle Rawlinson
Annabelle Rawlinson 10 aylar önce
After watching multiple documentaries on this, one thing sticks with me. The fact that the paramedic who pulled Diana from the car was sure she would survive. She later died in hospital. Of course I'm more than likely wrong, but what if Diana survived and they had her removed, portrayed as dead.
KCD 78
KCD 78 15 gün önce
She had an internal hemorrhage which could not be seen on her
Val MacClinchy
Val MacClinchy 17 gün önce
@Katherine Eldon there are photos of the boys crying at the funeral. They put them in tabloids. Also there's video footage of the funeral. It's disgusting and tragic. But she's gone. RIP Queen of People's Hearts
Val MacClinchy
Val MacClinchy 17 gün önce
@monica no. Her sons were everything to her. She would never do that to her sons. Whatever happened that night, she tragically died.
Janine Mota
Janine Mota 17 gün önce
@Laura Vonutassy canada
Liane Patterson
Liane Patterson 18 gün önce
@Jeff Moore I'm thinking that it might have been a bad move for Petel (the first person at the scene) to have moved Diana causing her head to fall back. Considering that it was discovered that she had a pulmonary tear.
A Lana
A Lana 21 gün önce
Watching these in 2022. Still recall that day. The irreplaceable princess. Loved by many
Herminda Sibug
Herminda Sibug 21 gün önce
Princess Diana still never gone,in the heart of the people remains with her forever entire the world even Pilipino cried for her she was a very genuine and kind human soul the only Royal who was real,natural and loving...we love you forever and ever,our Princess.
Escort201 15 gün önce
I always felt badly for Henri Paul's family that he was made the scapegoat. Too many inaccuracies too suspicious timing too much cover up. I believe they were forced into the tunnel wall by the white Fiat. I believe the arm of the Royal Family was involved. Diana was an embarrassment to them by his point. It would never end as long as she was alive.
marion smith
marion smith Aylar önce
Will never forget were i was when I heard of this tragedy. Her death was an assassination ordered by the Royal family, I believe by the male person that died last year. When Diana died the world lost a true lightworker.
Ronney Rendon
Ronney Rendon Yıl önce
She was murdered because she was dating an Egyptian billionaire. "How dare she date an Egyptian," they felt it would bring massive shame to the crown and to her sons. So utterly tragic. All that money and protection and they were still killed.....conveniently in a tunnel where the camera's mysteriously stopped working.
Mary Poppins de suisse🇨🇭
@Sunetra Mainkar - certainly... i wish🙏 & hope one day! Will prevail ALL THE TRUTH.🌞
LuvThyMind29 13 gün önce
@Sarah Murphy You're just restating the story you were told..no different than some religious book.. There are no facts here as the evidence in this case is lacking and mishandled.
LuvThyMind29 13 gün önce
@Sarah Murphy He was perfectly well and fine on security cam video just earlier that day
david thomas
david thomas 14 gün önce
@Mila at least she would have been pregnant with somebody she loved and been able to father her children. !!●
Serabidde Margret
Serabidde Margret 24 gün önce
Death is for all of us, the only difference is who goes first. Why are you evil, why did you kill an innocent good woman?!! Continue to Rest in Peace princess Diana.
Freaky Deaky
Freaky Deaky 22 gün önce
I was almost 2 when she died and I can't believe I got to even live at the same time as princess Diana even if just 20 months...
daisyflower22 19 gün önce
I was 17 when she died!
Teresa mcilhagga
Teresa mcilhagga 19 gün önce
One of the firemen couldn’t speak at the time and he said he was talking to her and couldn’t believe she had died for he said when I spoke with princess Diana she was looking good she didn’t seem to be going to die though this couldn’t be right and because of his job he wasn’t allowed to speak about it I agree with Doddes father they were murdered❤❤❤❤😢
Kelvin Hugo
Kelvin Hugo 18 gün önce
Hi, how are you doing today Teresa?
Milcah Wangui
Milcah Wangui 17 gün önce
To date I cry for Diana she was a princess to the world.... That's why it's hard to believe she died of road accident her blood still cries for justice 2022 let's keep hope one day truth shall be told 🙏🙏
Charley Campbell
Charley Campbell 4 aylar önce
It's the fact that someone out there knows what happens and is keeping it to themselves. Probably multiple people. It's so incredibly sad. I'd risk my life to tell the truth even if it endangered mine. Bless that man petal for coming forward, I'm surprised they didn't silence him or get rid of him too. The world is an awful place. Rest in peace Princess diana you are our real queen
Sean Nolan
Sean Nolan 12 gün önce
@Afaf Nith Ma’at Hatap.Yes.
Afaf Nith Ma’at Hatap
It’s all about to come out.
Ed Turner
Ed Turner 17 gün önce
@Lucy Zellars amen!
Ed Turner
Ed Turner 17 gün önce
Beautifully said
Mohid Abdelmagid
Mohid Abdelmagid 26 gün önce
So many odd things happened to not make you think that there is something up with her death.
Alison Alibongo
Alison Alibongo Aylar önce
So sad she was a beautiful natural amazing lady. I was out clubbing that night. Woke up the next morning & heard she had died. Heartbreaking 💔
L Stewart
L Stewart 23 gün önce
There doesn’t seem to be enough photos of damage in the tunnel for how the car looks. The support looks like it should have sustained more damage and the vehicle looks rolled over. The main impact had to have been somewhere else like the wall as the recreation showed. The fact that they cleaned up the scene so soon is unfair to the victims and their families who deserve answers. Then to take over 1 hour to travel 3 miles would lead one to believe her suffering was being prolonged. What can stopping an ambulance do that rushing to the hospital couldn’t. Every minute is critical in an emergency and that seems the catastrophic failure. Long live the memory of Diana.
Stone Harper
Stone Harper 28 gün önce
5:07 I love that little strut, you can tell she genuinely got her life back and was thrilled!
Basset Girl
Basset Girl Yıl önce
The night she died will forever be ingrained in my memory. So dark and sad. My Grandmother and I stayed up waiting to see if Diana was okay after the crash. Unfortunately, it is as the worst news. She died. Our hearts sunk. It seemed unimaginable. Her poor sons lost their dear mother.
K/Alizae Aylar önce
@Alma Vazquez you definitely shouldn't waste your words on someone who clearly doesn't have an heart. I grew up in the hood gang banging when I was young and Princess Diana was one of my heroes. She was too pure for this evil world.
i'l B
i'l B Aylar önce
@Glen become next on the short-list?
i'l B
i'l B Aylar önce
@Swati and so did her sons. A cruel & callous act that would obviously devastate the young Princes and effect the rest of their lives and Mental Health. What was more important than protecting them from such loss, pain & Trauma ?!!...🧐
i'l B
i'l B Aylar önce
@Alma Vazquez and now its Harry & Megan many of them are gunning for ( heartbreaking to see William and Harry estranged from one & other)
TheSpectacular 18 gün önce
With what happened to Diana and how the issue was handled, I am just wondering why any sensible person would love and respect the royal family and even wish that the monachy continues to exist.
Danny Crow • 16 years and
Cos they are disillusioned and awestruck by these wretches.
nudisco300 26 gün önce
Some people just want to be blind it's the only way they can cope. * Cameras turned inwards * Scene cleaned up by detergent lorries almost immediately * Last minute changes of vehicle plans and schedules * A vehicle that was tampered with 3 weeks before * The extremely unlikely event that the driver would go on the piss that night and that they would all get in the car with the driver stinking of spirits. * Trevor Rees Jones WOULD NEVER sit in the passenger seat next to Henri Paul and let him drive off stinking of booze. Henri Paul is on camera tying his shoe laces then standing up extremely quick and accurately better than I can. THIS MAN WAS NOT PISSED UP. I mean ignore all that, it was just a random crash. 🙄
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold 18 gün önce
Here's a sentence that I found interesting - starts at 3:14 "The magistrate and the prosecution wanted it to come to an end because there was too much pressure, because *no one would know the real truth anyway* so it had to be stopped" (it = the inquiry).
Ara Jung
Ara Jung 25 gün önce
If only there was a way for the first witness to have brought the injured Diana out without injuring her further, and drive her immediately to the hospital. But that would only happen in fiction 🤧
Kat 6 aylar önce
From the second I heard she died, I immediately thought “they killed her”. They couldn’t stand that the world adored her instead of them, so they took her away at the first opportunity. God bless her beautiful soul 🙏♥️
Sasha Sorensen
Sasha Sorensen 6 gün önce
@L only thing is, how could she really be living her best life without having her sons and grandchildren in her life? 😢
Stienphong Thammasorn
Stienphong Thammasorn 10 gün önce
@Diamond sea Warjri ชค
James husrt
James husrt 15 gün önce
Hello Kat,how are you doing today it’s nice to meet you here 😊
Tribal 21 gün önce
@L she died
Patricia Strassner
Patricia Strassner 21 gün önce
I have a clear memory of this . There was great discussion about the press, but also about a motor scooter, ridden by 2 people who threw something bigger than a fist. There was a flash of light and a loud bang, causing the driver to be startled, distracted, crashing. Since her death, reports of the "device" not the scooter were not heard of again. In 1987, no one had heard of flash-bang devises now we see them on TV often. But the military had the on the Qt. The lone survivor told his sister he could not speak of the accident, "Because if I did, they would kill me too.". I remember.
gorgojo Del Frijol
gorgojo Del Frijol 21 gün önce
This was no accident, Diana suspected and wrote about it. She was too "silly" "unstable" and "eager for attention" as people in her royal house would call her during her early marriage years. Once free, divorced, and having bloomed, her charisma and magnetism eclipsed them so much they were very jealous. This was not convenient at all for the "family business", she was taking away all the limelight that must have been theirs. She was somehow in the way for Camilla and Carlos. Her always breaking the rules and protocol must have been seen as a bad influence on her children. She spoke to the press, gave interviews, disclosed things the royals did not want her to say. Also, she was having an affair with someone rich, but dark skinned, and even a muslim. How the mother of the future king would do that? How could she expose the future king to her ideas or the people she related to? It is clear as water, that she was a pebble in their shoe, a potential threat for their survival. Fate does not work so "awfully well", unless helped.
gorgojo Del Frijol
gorgojo Del Frijol 18 gün önce
@Abida Akhtar It makes so much sense!
Anonymous 18 gün önce
100000000% correct
Sarita Reddy Donthi
Sarita Reddy Donthi 27 gün önce
Diana was an Angel and she was scapegoated by Camila’s affair .. She was broken inside out , her innocence and her piousness was maligned .. She carried an invincible charisma. Her death also is still an unanswered Conspiracy.. An angel scapegoated .. Who could have had a beautiful and long life .. Like any other Queens in The Palace.. ❤️
Damon Norris
Damon Norris 23 gün önce
I just saw this literally today 2 days after the queens death. In no way does it take over an hour to literally walk 3 miles, even if it was a slow walker, it wouldnt take that long. murder seemed to be the likely cause of this. Just unfortunate.
KrisTx 4 yıl önce
There should be more detail about the letter she wrote predicting her own death. I would be interested in seeing how she came to that conclusion.
Lovin' every minuet Of it!
I agree, but why would she even get into any car, if she knew.
A.M 19 gün önce
@Dinamene Velho did your friend predicted diana' s death?
A.M 19 gün önce
@Steve B and what's your point? That she' s alive?
A.M 19 gün önce
@JaneyD by whom? Is there info about it? Im interesed!!! Please! 🙏🙏
A.M 19 gün önce
@Barbara Creel what?? Come again please! 😳😳
Lourdes Olvera
Lourdes Olvera 27 gün önce
When i was little and growing up i remember she invoked a sense of good and kindness. I was influenced by her and I also thought she was the queen not a princess. I do think they were jealous of her because she had garnished the love of the public just by being “HER”. I do think the QUEEN was jealous that she received more attention and was viewed as a royal far more than any other member of the royal family. I do not think that sat well with anyone. The belief that you are special because of royal blood running through your veins has been cemented since birth, further causes this delusion that you are above everyone else. I don’t care who the QUEEN is or what she represents, in my eyes she has done nothing no matter what fanciful words they use to describe her because they are obliged to. I remember Diana visiting sick children and the poor, and she was uniquely genuine in her demeanor. When did the queen ever go visit HIV or aids children and hold one in her arms. The QUEEN lived in her bubble and was brought up that way, she saw us the people as nothing but her commodities. I feel that we have lost another human being one that we admire and put on a pedestal without truly understanding the meaning behind it. A narrative has been painted by the monarchy and continues till this day, when they have nothing to offer, but continue to retain their seat of nobility. They offer nothing and do nothing in comparison to DIANA!!!!!
Sheila James
Sheila James 10 gün önce
She was so beautiful and very humble rest in eternal peace
Exiled 23 gün önce
Justice will be made, in this life or another.
Guinea Lumps🦋
Guinea Lumps🦋 Aylar önce
She wrote in her own personal diary that she had a feeling something was going to happen and it would be ruled an "accident"!! she also wrote it would involve a car.... "I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. -- my husband is planning "an accident" in my car, break failure and serious head injury in order to make my path clear for him to marry Tiggy, (prince Harry's former nanny). Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we all are..." 14 camera in that tunnel all ironically malfunctioned and only the driver was wearing a seatbelt, you'd think they'd have her wear hers since she's the princess!!! AND only reason one would be driving that fast (100 miles per hour) is if someone was chasing them and trying to run them off the road or in her case into a pillar.
Saken Kasin
Saken Kasin 24 gün önce
@fox o
Saras Watkin
Saras Watkin 26 gün önce
So Camilla made the Nanny into decoy? Poor Diana.
Saras Watkin
Saras Watkin 26 gün önce
@fox All planned in broad daylight.
fox 27 gün önce
I was in Paris some years ago, with my girlfriend. We have friends in Paris.I stopped in the tunnel at night, we saw the accident pillar and the broken car position. The tunnel is small, not so big you see in tv docus. It's still creepy, how could hapen this there. There are many tunnels in Paris are bigger and more dangerous as this small tunnel. How could it happen there ?
SincerityJ 27 gün önce
Only the bodyguard was wearing a seat belt. That's why he survived.
Mook W
Mook W 5 aylar önce
I'm a 35 yo American male who has recently become almost obsessed with Princess Diana. There's no doubt in my mind the Royal family were involved in Princess Di's tragic death. It's so incredibly sad and infuriating. She survived an assassination attempt just to be murdered or allowed to die in the back of that ambulance. She would have survived the crash, though I'm sure the Royals would've tried again and again until she was no longer a "problem". She deserves justice, her boys should do more especially since the youngest is no longer a "part" of the Royale family.
Mook W
Mook W 3 saatler önce
@BLM_ExceptWhenTheyMurderTheirOwn_LOL did I offend you or something? You a professional victim? I'm quoting what the kid said about his wife buddy, just relax. You're making yourself look bad. We probably agree on some stuff but maybe your approach is a little much.
@Mook W Person of color? And what color, is that?
Ashanti 9 gün önce
Kodell Harris
Kodell Harris Aylar önce
This is the first time that I am hearing that it took over an hour to get her to the hospital. what a shame. she was definitely murdered.
Cassandra Estes
Cassandra Estes 22 gün önce
And everyone wonders why Harry is so protective of his wife and children and all the while they were not being given proper security.
verteabrae 14 gün önce
@Carlota Lara She doesn’t want to be next
Carlota Lara
Carlota Lara 20 gün önce
She is very clingy!
Samira Alqastoma
Samira Alqastoma 18 gün önce
I wonder who did this to her hour and a half to reach the hospital and she was only 3 miles away from the hospital that’s bizarre 😮
Trevor Jennings
Trevor Jennings 18 gün önce
Hello Samira, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus?
Rosss 29 gün önce
She didn't predict she already got some news or may be warning from the royal family that they are going to kill her by accident or anything... She's such a sweetheart, kind and beautiful princess. RIP Diana
Wren 27 gün önce
IT TOOK AMBULANCE AN HOUR AND TEN MINUTES TO GO 3 MILES TO THE HOSPITAL?! That is the most damning and evil thing. Wtf
Sara Sharaf Vela
Sara Sharaf Vela Aylar önce
My mom said it back then and says it still today (as American Egyptians) she was murdered because the royal family already found her a threat and their blatant racism wouldn’t allow that an Egyptian Muslim man could possibly be the step father to prince william and Harry. She dominated the media and she was loved more than the queen. She was cheated on relentlessly by prince Charles and treated like crap. They couldn’t allow her to be happy. Not that I’m a Megan Markle fan but why do you think they treated her so badly? Why they even accepted her is only because of the times we are in. They have to put on the facade of being more accepting to people of color. They actually had conversations about how dark their baby would be and how that’s a threat to the crown! I’ve never liked the queen of the British establishment. All this missing evidence and all the facts in this documentary clearly paint a picture these two were murdered in cold blood. People knew it then and they still know it now. Megan Markle was not and is not loved by Britain the way Princess Diana was - if she was - she would be dead too.
Sophia M
Sophia M 23 gün önce
Have you seen a woman with so sad eyes ? She was an angel among……………… and ………… . Out of all the royal family ( children not included in the comparison) she was the best person. She would be a great Queen. So good hearted, beautiful soul, gorgeous and faithful to the people. She is for ever Queen in our hearts. Remembered always around the world. ❤️
brenda mallory
brenda mallory 13 gün önce
This is my first time looking at the Documentary and it is heart breaking to see what happened and the cover up. 1. You have two cars pull up in the back of the hotel to swap out the Mercedes they were suppose to be in meant something was about to happen. 2. The paparazzi was no where near them. 3. You have a eyewitness you didn't believe and 4. It took over an hour to get her to the hospital that's only minutes away, and you make several stopes on the way to the hospital to revive her, OMG, you drive while the other start IV or CPR, (SMH). Murder for all parties involved.
Robbie Ross
Robbie Ross Aylar önce
Diana was highly attractive and stylish and charismatic. She had exceptionally good dress sense and had a fabulous figure and great height and legs which showcased her sense of style splendidly. She got better and better the older she got and died at the height of her beauty. She was also incredibly warm and personable and down to earth which of course the public loved and was a refreshing change from the rest of the royal family who were seen for the most part as aloof and cold and distant. She was blessed with an incredible social ease, an ability to talk to anybody, to make herself seem ordinary. She absolutely was the very essence of style and beauty and selfless humanity and had real like ability. She wasn't perfect she had her faults as we all do, but she was special, unique and iconic and always will be, no body in my view, comes close to her, least of all any other member of the RF.
Karen Kittell
Karen Kittell 26 gün önce
I've always believed it wasn't an accident. The Monarchy has never shied away from doing away with someone that's a perceived threat.
Montana has a tumor in her head
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first time at disneyland.
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Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel
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Montana has a tumor in her head
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