Dexter Lumis crashes Raw: Raw, Aug. 8, 2022

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In the chaotic final moments of tonight's Raw, Dexter Lumis invades the red brand, with his intentions unknown. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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7 Ağu 2022




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k1mbo Aylar önce
What an intro! The mysterious feel of this whole story tonight was awesome and Lumis being back!! Thank you HHH!
OmegaSaiyan Uchiha
OmegaSaiyan Uchiha Aylar önce
@YoLo Dexter has IT factor he has the face and the body while AEW are just a bunch of guys that looks like your average Joe
Hoodie boy Gaming
Hoodie boy Gaming Aylar önce
@YoLo u krzy ash if u think dexter is boring
Pain Killer
Pain Killer Aylar önce
Thank you guys for helping me pass at least 60 Subscribers 🙏 More Music Coming 🎶🌪️❤️
Kenshiro Aylar önce
@Prince Albertz i didnt know it was storyline or who he was i though someone from the crowd tried to jump in and attacks aj styles.
Productor Instantáneo 43z54
wwe fanboy detected
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson Aylar önce
I love how the actual audience members couldn’t tell it was Lumis. The man holding his partner when Lumis was being arrested showed how real it must have felt. Triple H and crew are bringing this show back to relevance. I am enjoying wrestling again
aslampervaz shaukat
Dexter is weird
PJ Bickham
PJ Bickham Aylar önce
@Lou Cipher Bald? Where?
JayCro Aylar önce
Most people don't watch nxt so I bet 99% of the people there didn't know he was a wrestler
Bstacks Aylar önce
i watch the highlights again and i’m feeling them. about to have me start watching them again
Imran Becks
Imran Becks Aylar önce
Audience members that follow NXT would recognise him immediately. I would be surprised if many in the audience there don't watch NXT. I'm sure many recognised it was Dexter.
Juanhunnid Aylar önce
Hunter is a genius for this intro on Lumis. Just look at the whole crowd confused as if they weren’t sure if this was real or part of the show. I really appreciate seeing the new talent get utilized correctly and not ruined.
The Universe
The Universe Aylar önce
This was the perfect way to make someone ask “who is that?” “Why is he here?”. Created WAYYY more intrigue
Apexyyツ Aylar önce
Lol true
Ismael Matos
Ismael Matos Aylar önce
I see what you did there using WAY. Touche
j bonez
j bonez Aylar önce
Nah more like, “WHO TF IS THAT GUY”
Carmella Leah
Carmella Leah Aylar önce
Lol that funny
JD Kenada
JD Kenada Aylar önce
I am so glad he's back. Dude has decent in-ring skills, a great gimmick, and Austin-level eye intensity.
Wizando uwu
Wizando uwu Aylar önce
His promo/mic skills are truly incredible
Daniel Hetue
Daniel Hetue Aylar önce
JD Kenada Idk about him attempting to meet AJ Styles in the ring prior to his arrest behind the barricade.
Johnny Lussac
Johnny Lussac Aylar önce
@Junior Hernandez facts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JD Kenada
JD Kenada Aylar önce
@Carlos Bash Sure is.
S.D. CP9
S.D. CP9 Aylar önce
@Carlos Bash Yes, that's Samuel Shaw... You didn't see him on NXT as Dexter Lumis? He got fired a few months back but Triple H rehired him.
Brad Grove
Brad Grove Aylar önce
This was perfect storytelling... the hidden segments throughout the show created a layered atmosphere. But it also didnt just throw Lumis into the main picture as most average WWE viewers wont know who Dexter is. Its a slow feed, but a pop for NxT fans; similar to an easter egg in the MCU or DCEU. Edit: Based on the reply to this comment, people already have opinions without giving things a go. The whole purpose of the story was obviously to bring a superstar back that some peope will pop for, whilst making it a slow introduction for those who wont know who he is. Its one of the biggest issues WWE have had in the past with NXT stars when they are called up. The average wwe fan dont know who they are, WWE try getting a big pop, push them quickly, then they die out and get released. A background storyline like they did with Dexter makes big fans want to watch the show again to see the wrestler, whikst average fans tune in the following episode to find out what all the talk is about.
Mula Gudda
Mula Gudda Aylar önce
And Triple H is doing a good job introducing new nxt stars especially with Dexter Lumis who is underrated
Goated Wake
Goated Wake Aylar önce
Now if only he could think of a new name for the world wildlife fund and get back WWF 🤣 I don't know he could suggest The World Wildlife Ambassadors
SaYan 💫
SaYan 💫 Aylar önce
@Truthslayer no he's not dude 😅 watch his nxt matches.
Wrestling He}}❔
Wrestling He}}❔ Aylar önce
if I was there I would've popped loud asf
Truthslayer Aylar önce
@SaYan 💫 he's a jobber
Mr. Chaw
Mr. Chaw Aylar önce
Dexter Lumis had a badass raw debut with AJ styles's theme
damaings4 16 gün önce
RMJ Aylar önce
I love how security moved out of the way AND just stood there, but then cops showed up like he's just some rando that needs removed. It is one of those little but very noticeable things. Like the fact that if this were some "crazy fan", there would've been a very concerted camera jumpy effort to completely not show the guy and crop both him and the police out of every shot ... but because its Sam Shaw, there is deliberate effort to show the "tresspass" and "removal" clearly.
JHFilms Aylar önce
I'm so happy for guys like Kross and Lumis. Giving them their chance, opportunity to shine on the big stage, the main roster, in the main event picture. I don't want to hear anyone complain about them being there when they've been wanting change, new talent, new star power, more star power, this is it, this is that moment I think we're getting that. I'm just so stoked to see them in the main event picture. Two of my favourites in Lumis and Kross.
Dagan Douglas
Dagan Douglas Aylar önce
@JHFilms Are you serious? She's an athlete. What sense does it make not to critique their physiques?
Jeffrey Mark's World
@Colton H it's been like a week and your tagging me. You must care an awful lot
Colton H
Colton H Aylar önce
@Jeffrey Mark's World Relax bro you care too much
Lrac Seroom
Lrac Seroom Aylar önce
Kross' promo on SmackDown completely turned my opinion of him around. Tick Tock.
Mr. E
Mr. E Aylar önce
I think this was a brilliant move by HHH. Reinventing Lumis’s character by making him a psychotic fan is definitely taking a page out of WWF/WWE in the 80’s and 90’s.
Richie Aylar önce
This was a perfect way to debut Dexter Lumis. I'm so happy to see him back in WWE, can't wait until he meets Theory again.
Khun Sa
Khun Sa Aylar önce
Lumis catches theory's mitb
Lou Cipher
Lou Cipher Aylar önce
this guy debut like he's not a superstar
ShinyMew76 Aylar önce
What if Theory tries to cash in MITB, but Lumis appears from under the ring to steal the briefcase
Estefano Espinoza Piccoli
Theory: 'Sup Dexter how are you and Indi? Dexter: *Sad Face*
Thomas Baxter
Thomas Baxter Aylar önce
@nemo pouncey she is in impact
Bobby Guerre
Bobby Guerre Aylar önce
I remember feeling like it was such a waste to let him go, it was like WWE couldn’t recognize talent if it punched them in the mouth. Happy to see him back!
Omer Aylar önce
@MADNESS I still don't see why Vince released him. A character like Dexter sounds like something Vince would find funny.
MADNESS Aylar önce
Vince. Vince didn't recognize talent.
C Aylar önce
Between Vince retiring and all these wrestlers returning to WWE it feels like wrestling is going through its own multiverse right now
Yunglex313 Aylar önce
I'm sure a lot of people don't know who Dexter Lumis is, but it adds to the feeling of discomfort and dread that your supposed to feel when interacting with this kind of character. Top notch stuff. Hope to see where this goes next week.
Blake Cresswell
Blake Cresswell Aylar önce
Already loving the era of HHH!!!
Music video party
Music video party Aylar önce
The fans faces in shock just shows how great wwe has booked Dexter's return
Matthew Heywood
Matthew Heywood Aylar önce
That is actually amazing booking, HHH is doing a great job already! WWE is coming back in a big way, need more stuff like this please.. that was really realistic, that's the type of stuff that makes people wanna watch RAW
jaryd12345 Aylar önce
This worked really well. Great for people who know who he is, but for those that don’t it’s a way of making you think “woah who the heck is this fricking guy?!”
TDItaly98 Aylar önce
This was a great way to have him back. I love Lumis so much
TheNightower Aylar önce
I agree to some commenters about Dexter Lumis showed up behind main-view in RAW. Most audience don't seem recognized him but what most audience feel when they saw him were left confused and that's Dexter Lumis' gimmick is all about. Creepy and unexpected from him. It's indeed a good way of introducing him in main roster. Dexter stalking AJ? imagine Dexter will feud against Phenomenal One ahead and the start of their story ahead. Nice one, Hunter.
@Kiall Jacobs No It Wasn't Cool, It Was Awful.
Kiall Jacobs
Kiall Jacobs Aylar önce
@Auggusto what? Never heard of Dexter Lumis? Wow really haven't been paying attention to NXT
Kiall Jacobs
Kiall Jacobs Aylar önce
It was cool
Paddy Dunne
Paddy Dunne Aylar önce
@Hey Mikey and when he's not on screen, people should ask "where's poochy?"
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert Aylar önce
I love how genuinely concerned, scared & confused people were which is exactly how wwe should be booked not telling us who’s going to show up spoiling a special return for us
al fie
al fie Aylar önce
It had me fooled, going by the reaction of security, the wrestlers & the commentators I thought it was a real invasion by some by some nut case.
Mr Xs
Mr Xs Aylar önce
Nice to see him on Raw!! People might not know him but check the stats.. This video has the highest view on TRvid compared to any other video of this weeks Raw.
Fraggly of the Duma Faithful
From a storytelling standpoint, no one knowing it was Lumis works out in his favor. His character has always been a creepy stalker who slips by unnoticed, and revealing him this way builds intrigue. More people will want to know he is, what his deal is, and why he's here.
Caleb Ray
Caleb Ray Aylar önce
This reminded me of the build up to Elias.
Leider Gordillo
Leider Gordillo Aylar önce
Una excelente manera de traer de regreso a un luchador, dándole foco pero sin hacerlo, dejando a la gente como "quien es ese jajaja" pero también "quien carajos es ese???". Es como un Easter Egg, le das un gusto a los fanáticos de verdad y una duda a los casuales.
Danish101xHD Aylar önce
Can’t wait for his main roster entrance. He had the most eerie of the entrances and he’s a unique character.
Cody Weaver
Cody Weaver Aylar önce
why not
why not Aylar önce
@Macgruber Yah friggin turds it's Hella limiting and it did wonders for Kane once he started talking.
Pain Killer
Pain Killer Aylar önce
Thank you guys for helping me pass at least 60 Subscribers 🙏 More Music Coming 🎶🌪️❤️
Mcnonswagger Aylar önce
Maybe he will Be what Sid couldn’t be
Productor Instantáneo 43z54
wwe fanboy detected
Kit Shelton
Kit Shelton Aylar önce
Dexter Lumis is entertaining. Glad to see him back. HHH knows this business. 💯
Marcel Lanthier
Marcel Lanthier Aylar önce
Glad to see him back. Shocked when he was released. Undertaker is retired, Kane is in politics, Mark Henry & Big Show are ommentating in AEW... they need a big, silently intimidating figure in their roster.
Jonovan And Gaming
Jonovan And Gaming Aylar önce
So glad to see him back 🔥
L̴en̴a̴ C̴h̴a̴tT ̴ -m̴e̴- 👉t@p
What an intro! The mysterious feel of this whole story tonight was awesome and Lumis being back!! Thank you HHH!
💞Sunny Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞
Goosebumps! Iam so damn happy to see him back! ON RAW!! IN A STORYLINE WITH AJ STYLES. AWESOME!
Dejesus Jason
Dejesus Jason Aylar önce
This is very different and I love it. I like how some fans don’t know him. A slow introduction rather than throwing him in the mix
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner Aylar önce
Dexter returning to WWE. I don't know what he was supposed to do yesterday but that man is really crazy. I hope I can see him in the ring in Monday night raw
Ruth! ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳
I love how the actual audience members couldn’t tell it was Lumis. The man holding his partner when Lumis was being arrested showed how real it must have felt. Triple H and crew are bringing this show back to relevance. I am enjoying wrestling again
Nylah!  ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳
I love how the actual audience members couldn’t tell it was Lumis. The man holding his partner when Lumis was being arrested showed how real it must have felt. Triple H and crew are bringing this show back to relevance. I am enjoying wrestling again
zoiu tooi
zoiu tooi Aylar önce
What a unique of way of debuting! I was actually expecting other superstars to return tonight, but I'm so glad that he's also back!!!
King JCG
King JCG Aylar önce
He’s back for revenge, this was a really good segment, if anybody has a hard understanding of what’s going on just know mr dexter lumis is back
I'm so glad HHH is making the storylines much better and using better ways to add or bring back wrestlers. Also bringing in the up and coming talent from nxt
Kelly Yamaguchi 清見
After 2 weeks of me watching WWE for the first time since 2014 finally RAW is getting better
Taufik Islam
Taufik Islam Aylar önce
Wow!!! I didn't know in 2022 it is possible at all to be interested, curious and intrigued for next RAW as an amid audience of pro wrestling.
Jalen Marshall
Jalen Marshall Aylar önce
Dexter has that 1996 Heel Stone Cold look of intensity,in his eyes! Great debut the couple in front was literally scared, when he was getting arrested!
rkz__edits Aylar önce
That intense look at AJ 🔥🔥🔥
steve606 Aylar önce
I'm hyped this man is finally back, thank you Triple H!
Whiterxses Aylar önce
This was amazing storytelling!!! Adam Pearce didn’t just introduce him a wrestler didn’t just introduce him or anyone. All of the audience looked scared lol… but anyway, they led up to this moment. All the people who talk to the wrestlers went into the parking area backstage instead of that ring area backstage to talk to ko, then Bianca,Alexa,Asuka,Bailey,Iyo and Dakota talked there to they were showing a wrecked car kind of like he “crashed the party” then we saw gaurds running and Iyo didn’t just ignore it she was was like “what the heck is going on?!” And they finally show him!!! But in a secretive way 🤌👏🏻🍿✊ I LOVE
B-Double Aylar önce
I'll admit I'm a Dexter Lumis mark. This was exciting. Great storytelling. Thank you HHH
Keith A. Hull
Keith A. Hull Aylar önce
His return and debut on a raw was done perfectly
BrettO Live
BrettO Live Aylar önce
The couple next to dexter getting arrested had the perfect reaction I loved this!!!!!!
Aster Aylar önce
They were probably planted there
Julian Smith
Julian Smith Aylar önce
@Epic gamer 667 Indi Hartwell will get called to the main roster
Epic gamer 667
Epic gamer 667 Aylar önce
There though it was real 😂😂😂
Adsavage 12
Adsavage 12 Aylar önce
This was actually a awesome way to debut him
CW Rooney
CW Rooney Aylar önce
I was really bummed out when he was released because he has the tools to be something great like an early Kane. glad to see him back and hopefully they don’t make him into a comedy character like in NXT.
CathyCatsville Aylar önce
This was awesome! What a way to debut Dexter Lumis! This was probably one of the best surprise debuts i have ever seen a lot of these people most likely didn't even know who Lumis they were probably thinking this is real and wondering what happened i can't wait to see what happens next week 🤩 it seems Triple H has already signed all the former NXT talents that are still free agents and brings them back one by one
Echos202000 Aylar önce
Goosebumps! Iam so damn happy to see him back! ON RAW!! IN A STORYLINE WITH AJ STYLES. AWESOME!
Anand Nair
Anand Nair Aylar önce
Heard that Triple H is in talk with hit row to come back tomorrow not yet confirmed..if they come will see the usos vs hit row 👍
Music video party
Music video party Aylar önce
That rivalry will be Phnomenal!
Anand Nair
Anand Nair Aylar önce
@Leopard Is King Of Beasts haha 👍
Anand Nair
Anand Nair Aylar önce
@Ltay recently kushida said reason why he left is because Vince only need those people who is less than 30 years old in NXT who is not professional like them, then what use of staying there..when it comes to media they will say budget cut but actually reason was Dexter is old in Vince eyes..why they are not releasing Aj because he still main event star..
Anand Nair
Anand Nair Aylar önce
@Leopard Is King Of Beasts i won't say it is bad segment they can use that title as hardcore champion rules by defending the title in ring and all don't use it as funny segment..
Sebastián González Santiago
Thank you so much Triple H! This is another gift for us ♥️
Draven Phoenix
Draven Phoenix Aylar önce
This is what wrestling should be, we have had the star power all along man they just either got released or not given the chance to showcase what they’re about on the main roster. So happy to see my boy Dex back
Hiren Gamer
Hiren Gamer Aylar önce
Great storytelling. Kudos to triple h. Well done WWE
bamagalforever Aylar önce
sudochop Aylar önce
That Dexter was awesome in NXT. Loved his gimmick and his unique look. Glad he's back.
ol' school Tony Carter
@James Rawlins nah
sudochop Aylar önce
@James Rawlins Yeah I agree with the Indi storyline. It was cool at first, then it kept dragging on. I ended up not watching it after it went to USA and then especially when it went to the NXT 2.0 moniker. I liked his initial run, though.
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey Aylar önce
@bryx only during an invasion. but who his opponent gonna be?
Nidula Aylar önce
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 AEW fanboy detected
bryx Aylar önce
@nemo pouncey if Aleister is gonna return, maybe the entire House of Black should return, too. HOB in WWE would be awesome.
PRINZ-XE Aylar önce
Dexter freaking lumuis! Most unique character in pro wrestling e Ever
Karl Adonis
Karl Adonis Aylar önce
You've pulled me back in now, WWE :) don't rush it(!) Make us wonder, theorize and watch for clues in every damn second of your show :*
Martin The Resume
Martin The Resume Aylar önce
ahora veremos si no es un de tantos jobbers a este fantastico talento de luchador
Steph Delz
Steph Delz Aylar önce
Wow! That was dope! I didn't even know that had happened while I was tuned in. Can't wait to see the aftermath of this 🙌🔥🔥
Gavvie Aylar önce
Finally enjoying WWE again.. thank you triple H!!
Altaïr Aylar önce
The sudden rise in cheers when everyone noticed who it was 🔥🔥
Bill B
Bill B Aylar önce
Its been a long time in the making! And I'm excited and 10000% on board with HHH being the head of Creative Control. Vince is a pioneer, no doubt. However Hunter knows what we as the WWE UNIVERSE WANT. Kudos to you Hunter and Good luck Stephanie, even though she doesn't need it, because she is low-key great with Creative and being on the board. Im Super Excited
MGTOW Champion
MGTOW Champion Aylar önce
In Triple H we trust and believe. Make WWE great again
Tony Meyer
Tony Meyer Aylar önce
It would be awesome to bring Dexter Lumos back to WWE
bloodhoundStan bloodhoundStan
I loved dexter lumis in nxt. Can’t wait to see what triple h has in store for him.
Steven Ore
Steven Ore Aylar önce
How did I miss this 😭
Diego Carmelo Centeno
Dexter Lumis tiene que volver a luchar por favor 🙏
Shpat Shpat
Shpat Shpat Aylar önce
That's a freaking way to debut on RAW. Great seeing Lumis here.
AK!NG Aylar önce
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 Bet you a AEW fanboy
Bob Cob
Bob Cob Aylar önce
This was a really cool way of debuting Lumis, it suits his character, I’m just happy he’s no longer the sexy cowboy anymore
Paul B
Paul B Aylar önce
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 No you just crave attention is all. You enjoy the responses you get due to what I would assume is the lack of any real interactions with real friends. I'll give your attempts at sad insults a rating of 2.7/10. Step up the game or move on. If you desire attention so much why not make your own TRvid channel, stream and get all the comments you want. They may actually be positive, rather than negative feedback we're giving you. Unless that's what gets you off that is.
Productor Instantáneo 43z54
@Paul B i prefer beign a warrior than beign a fanboy. Get a job you wwe fanboy
Anthony Mukoko
Anthony Mukoko Aylar önce
Now we have all that we need for a new Wyatt Familly : Dexter can take the role of dearly departed Luke Harper(rip) and I’d say have Elias come back to join a returning Bray (since last time we heard of Elias he was in some kind of forest talking about Elias is dead. I think the whole Ezekiel stuff will be swept under the rug in the next few weeks)
Raymond Diaz
Raymond Diaz Aylar önce
Finally they bring dexter back!! I loved him on NXT, was very disappointed when he was released
Galaxy Aylar önce
I don’t know where this is going, but I’m actually excited to find out and that doesn’t happen much in wrestling anymore. Wwe is DEFINITELY getting better already. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Christopher O'Neil
Christopher O'Neil Aylar önce
Great to see Dexter get another chance, the guy is unique and could do really great things if given a chance.
ΔΥΣΤΟΠΙΑ Aylar önce
Thank you HHH for bringing back Kross, Scarlett and Lumis! Hope there are more to come .
cringe bro
cringe bro Aylar önce
Johnny Gargano? 🤔
King Yahshua
King Yahshua Aylar önce
Yes!!! It sucked to see dexter lumis go so soon in NXT. Definitely has some of the best character work in all of wrestling rn. I’ve never seen anything like him.
Dagan Douglas
Dagan Douglas Aylar önce
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 You've posted 5x more comments to this channel than he has.
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 But you’re in a WWE comment section
King Yahshua
King Yahshua Aylar önce
@Fraggly of the Duma Faithful I know. It’s just fun to entertain them sometimes, but I think I’ve fed this troll too much lol
King Yahshua
King Yahshua Aylar önce
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 lmao ok thank you for the explanation
Vimala Ravindran
Vimala Ravindran Aylar önce
Its good to see NXT stars. But... I want to see WWE stars make a return (i.e. Bray Wyatt).
Wayne Mateo
Wayne Mateo Aylar önce
I swear.. Triple H doing the most right now.. A perfect debut for Dexter Lumis👌🏻
Joshua Venus
Joshua Venus Aylar önce
The fact that this is #26 on trending speaks volumes!
Rumham Aylar önce
Dexter and HHH making WWE great again!
Jeremy O'Briant
Jeremy O'Briant Aylar önce
This makes me happy. I wasn't and am not a big fan of this new NXT, but on the occasions when I did watch it, Dexter Lumis/Samuel Shaw was a standout. When he got cut, I was pretty dumbfounded. Whoever made the decision to hire him back definitely made the right choice.
Jeremy O'Briant
Jeremy O'Briant Aylar önce
@KooloMister 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
KooloMister Aylar önce
nxt better than raw
Productor Instantáneo 43z54
@Secret Secret another fanboy detected
Secret Secret
Secret Secret Aylar önce
@Productor Instantáneo 43z54 imagine giving a damn about others whether they’re a fanboy or not
Jeremy O'Briant
Jeremy O'Briant Aylar önce
@Nqabayomuzi Khulile KaMangweni Gumede Yes.
Yung WiggSplitta
Yung WiggSplitta Aylar önce
Oh helll yeahhh I’ve been waiting for him to be in wwe since his TNA days. His run with theory and gargano was legendary. Maybe we see gargano soon?
HOLY CRAB Aylar önce
Ok now I have 4 wrestling show to watch in a single week and I'm extremely excited about it. Thank you Hunter.
Battle Rap Kingdom
Battle Rap Kingdom Aylar önce
He was a hit on nxt can’t wait to see him on raw
Christina Wheeland
Christina Wheeland Aylar önce
Triple H - You are doing a great job with talent! Keep up the good work! Bringing back NXT talent and our favorites!!!
DJ GFlow
DJ GFlow Aylar önce
Loving the realism being added into the show. For 3 minutes everyone thought it was a legit crazy fan getting arrested until the hood came off. Great acting by the cops as well lol
Cody Brooks
Cody Brooks Aylar önce
Thank you! Bringing back that NXT Black & Gold!!!
Livlift flextra
Livlift flextra Aylar önce
Dexter is honestly my favourite at the moment he does the perfect creep gimmick
Caden Booker
Caden Booker Aylar önce
dexter lumis coming back and being on raw is awesome
MAGMALORD360 Aylar önce
Damn I didn't expect him to be back this fast, these returns are happening as quick as they're reported and it's amazing.
Juanra Maroto
Juanra Maroto Aylar önce
Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, Dexter Lumis, Hit Row…man, imagine if he gets Gargano-LeRae back, pushes Ciampa, makes T-Bar go back to Dominik Dijakovic…basically turns Raw in half NXT Black and Gold and I’ll absolutely love it. And that supposing that none of the ones in AEW think about coming back. Believe in Hunter.
An Nhentai User
An Nhentai User Aylar önce
It's just Triple H undoing Vince's stupid decisions.
Miguel Angel Ricaurte
Si wwe está increíble cada vez nos sorprenden más con cada show
Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS
Love how the security guy casually moves aside for Lumis lol In real life, a hooded man like that would be taken down immediately.
austin burrows
austin burrows Aylar önce
Sayandeep Banerjee
Sayandeep Banerjee Aylar önce
That's the power of hunter bringing back his nxt playas!🔥
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith Aylar önce
Goddamn Triple H is doing amazing things!!!!! Even the security looked realistic!!! And bringing back wrestlers and on top of that better realistic storylines!!!! 🤘🏻🔥
Jonathan Brand
Jonathan Brand Aylar önce
@michael morley Oh ok! That’s cool too!
michael morley
michael morley Aylar önce
@Jonathan Brand well Adam Cole had red dragon Bobby fish and Kyle o reilly attack the young bucks and when Cole put a chair on the neck of 1 of them hangman page ran down for the save looks like could be a return of the elite
Jonathan Brand
Jonathan Brand Aylar önce
@michael morley oh is he? I thought he was still helping the dark order. That would be cool too.
michael morley
michael morley Aylar önce
@Jonathan Brand hangman helping young bucks for now
Jonathan Brand
Jonathan Brand Aylar önce
@michael morley That would be dope! Maybe when Kenny omega returns
Frank Rappa
Frank Rappa Aylar önce
I'm excited to see his first match on Raw. Whenever that may be. 😅
Phil R
Phil R Aylar önce
Cool seeing Lumis back but they should have continued it for another week or two to reveal who it was. Make everyone continue to think more and tune into it next week
Stelios Hypernova
Stelios Hypernova Aylar önce
Love Dexter, I'm so happy he is back. Karrion Kross is back too, so now all I need is Bray Wyatt to be back.
Brandon Moucatel
Brandon Moucatel Aylar önce
That was a perfect debut
The Billiant One
The Billiant One Aylar önce
The hits just keep on coming! 😁
Kyle Dodd
Kyle Dodd Aylar önce
Damn, over a million views for Dexter Lumis? That's awesome!
Emilio Yap
Emilio Yap Aylar önce
He just wanted an autograph from the master of the phenomenal forearm.
Terry_In_the_chat Aylar önce
I'm glad HHH brought him back cuz he deserve a chance on the main roster.
Man in Cave
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Professor Live🔥🏀
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