Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers Week 2 | 2021 NFL GameHighlights

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20 Eyl 2021




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Keyvis Wright
Keyvis Wright 2 gün önce
Kevin king is just horrible 😂😂
Alexis Lofton
Alexis Lofton 4 gün önce
The Rate Room
The Rate Room 23 gün önce
THATS HOW U PLAY A GAME. Idk what that bs was last week.
Kirwin Dave Watson
Kirwin Dave Watson 25 gün önce
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Kirwin Dave Watson
Kirwin Dave Watson 25 gün önce
Niķi nfgi jfgkk hfs Tu nkjgg ngj bffuk
Kirwin Dave Watson
Kirwin Dave Watson 25 gün önce
KWh khgui jggk bfhk McDrive nedzirdētus bhjkgj
southpaw 25 gün önce
You done goofed messing wit dat boy Rodgers
TheRealLinggo_Starr 27 gün önce
I love my packets but we need to tighten up on defense if we’re going win some serious games and go all the way. And we more then Jones and Adams to win.
MKX MASK 28 gün önce
Come on lions gotta step up
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 28 gün önce
Lions kept it interesting for as long as they could.
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 28 gün önce
I think its time to start taking some Knee caps!
salty k alt
salty k alt 28 gün önce
9:12 nobody is talkign about this wtf?!
Gabriel Dipietro
Gabriel Dipietro 28 gün önce
Adams dropped my boy
J J K 28 gün önce
HEY! The PACKERS are the BEST!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 28 gün önce
how is adams always open? wtf
Booba Radio
Booba Radio 28 gün önce
We be alright 🦁
IAMMOVIN4WARD! 29 gün önce
I like that jump lol 🏈💨
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 29 gün önce
number 8 for the lions honestly just ran around for 4 quarters
Erick Morales
Erick Morales 29 gün önce
Green Bay Nation!!!! Always🟢🟢🟢🟢
Stuart Swartz
Stuart Swartz 29 gün önce
Rashan was looking strong out there
Neal Shields
Neal Shields 29 gün önce
Lions should be (0-6) by the time they travel to Matthew Stafford's new house in LA... Ya know... the one Jared was kicked out of... 🤷🏾‍♂️
Bofi 29 gün önce
Swift needs to go on a better team. He's really shifty and is great and getting extra yards on the play.
Jim Churchill
Jim Churchill 29 gün önce
Goff can make it happen].
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 29 gün önce
Brittney Johnson
Brittney Johnson Aylar önce
Did anyone else have to check the season when they heard Randal cobb 😭😂?
George Jackson
George Jackson Aylar önce
How is MVS still on the team? Rodgers looks discussed at him every time he throws his way. Reminds me of the look Mahomes kept giving Darwin Thompson
Silver Shark
Silver Shark Aylar önce
NFL @1:28 No context? Lol
DeepmedZ Aylar önce
7:13....what an ugly throw
xigbar9999 Aylar önce
Can Rodgers lose the long hair and man bun hair styles? I get it was for the State Farm commercials but sheesh lol still he did good
Arn Naul
Arn Naul Aylar önce
how is adams always open? wtf
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Aylar önce
Hate the Lions' new uniforms.
ocarlooosss Aylar önce
Rodgers just showing what he can do if he wants
1papajorgio Aylar önce
My only issue with greenbay is we need a different tactic, every season Rodgers finds a receiver he likes and strictly passed to him. Gotta switch it up so we can go all the way, also shout out to the lions offensive line good work.
Jay douglas
Jay douglas Aylar önce
so many uncalled penalties in this game
Jay douglas
Jay douglas Aylar önce
these were the highlights?
Sneaky Shart
Sneaky Shart Aylar önce
I been saying Goff was trash for years... sorry lions fans but he wound up in the right place. This is karma for wasting Matt Stafford's best years. Ok I'll take that back because that was honestly a little harsh. Goff isn't trash, but idk what it is about him. He has the worst luck and makes the stupidest mistakes at the worst opportunities.
Terrol Solo
Terrol Solo Aylar önce
49ers stay focused on Green Bay we got them nexts I’m a lil scared we got this tho 49ers let’s go
War Angel
War Angel Aylar önce
Evorybody is like it’s just the Lions, and me yeah it is, the same Lions that always gave the Packers hard times early on in games the las two years, and that was with Stanford hurt.
Sextus Empiricus
Sextus Empiricus Aylar önce
Love the commercials NFL FU2
Eyes of steel
Eyes of steel Aylar önce
What happened between 3:36 and 3:06 . ?
Graham Smallwood
Graham Smallwood Aylar önce
"That's why he's a 99 in Madden." -- Professional announcer
Realist Hmong
Realist Hmong Aylar önce
God dam the Preston Smith is trash.
Realist Hmong
Realist Hmong Aylar önce
Trash GB defense. Especially Kevin King’s trash ass.
Chairat M
Chairat M Aylar önce
KernelSandersonz Aylar önce
allen lazard and mvs need to step up
William schlenger
William schlenger Aylar önce
Goff looked good
Lisa Casados
Lisa Casados Aylar önce
for real they suck
Lisa Casados
Lisa Casados Aylar önce
boy im 9 years old and i am the QB i'v got 20 touchdowns and they just keep GITING takled grangers suck!!!!! @#$%&*&*%$#@#%$&*%$@#
Ucutt MyBallz
Ucutt MyBallz Aylar önce
Poor Detroit maaaaaaaannnnn they tried I guess it was to much milk 🍼 🥛 in that 🧀 for those kitty🐈 cats they wuuz looking gud for ah'min
jtsmalls14 Aylar önce
Lions got an o line for the first time in a long time, and Taylor decker is missing. Gotta figure it out on defense and keep building 🦁
Huw Zebediah Thomas
Well done, luv from Wales (UK) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🧀
Jean Price
Jean Price Aylar önce
I HATE football!!!!!! All it does is interrupt my shows. I don't get why a game that's only supposed to last for an hour, takes 4 plus hours. I think if another show is scheduled for a certain time, that show should be seen on time. But, because of this ridiculous game, I miss my shows. Take football off tv. If you want to watch football, go to the statium.
Jean Price
Jean Price Aylar önce
@Huw Zebediah Thomas only in USA. Every other country football is soccer. Someone was confused.
Huw Zebediah Thomas
And all that chat! GET ON WITH IT!!!
Cory Webb
Cory Webb Aylar önce
Lions just need to throw quick passes
Huw Zebediah Thomas
You l l l l l lions lost.
Caleb Aylar önce
The lions are like that team that won’t make the playoffs, but will eliminate someone from going to the playoffs
Eulália Aylar önce
michael woods
michael woods Aylar önce
This is my lions baby, I wanna see this all season long
Jeffery Reed
Jeffery Reed Aylar önce
As a Packers fan I think it's time to do away with Kevin King he can't cover but they can't put the rookie in my opinion I don't think a rookie should start at corner I could some what understand if it was Surtain the 2nd or Samuel Jr. IMO Surtain the 2nd and Samuel Jr. are the best of the rookie corners I'm not sold on Stokes at all he wasnt even the best corner from UGA in the draft this is just my opinion though
Quiet Englishman
Quiet Englishman Aylar önce
That TD pass to Tonyan...
Vexified Aylar önce
@4:32 guy in the white thought he saw greatness
Eric Messer
Eric Messer Aylar önce
Too many ads. TRvid
senes Aylar önce
I need that same energy from week 1 Rodgers haters!
Spida Mitchell
Spida Mitchell Aylar önce
Can someone explain why the called a false start and the packers still got a td
Goosby Goosby
Goosby Goosby Aylar önce
Kevin King is horrible definitely the worst corner in the league
Marvin Reimann
Marvin Reimann Aylar önce
Aaron Jones is the type of guy that did all the work in the group project
Ryan Irwin- Diehl
Ryan Irwin- Diehl Aylar önce
Kevin King is terrible. Watch him be the reason they lose another NFCCG
Anthony Arcuri
Anthony Arcuri Aylar önce
The concerned soprano effectively poke because point indisputably change despite a longing hen. knowledgeable, sad alley
Zakk Aylar önce
Jared Goff NFC defensive player of the week 1 FF 1 FR 1 INT 0 points allowed second half
Elite Football League Tribune
NFL corners suck in coverage They never look back at the ball. Trash
James Powell
James Powell Aylar önce
The Ravens going to beat the crap out of the Lions Sunday. Ravens 55 Lions 14
BazFashion Aylar önce
SOL get the lead check play rest of game! rest of game? 200 yard in 1st half ok we can do worse in 2nd half. Jared goof can you play qb idk wheres the ball.
RON KING Aylar önce
55 years as a lions fan, I quit watching a year before the kneeling thing. They have changed everything time and time again since 58, the only thing they haven't changed is the owners. Let's ive that a try.
harveysmidlap Aylar önce
And losing!
ArtPunk 138
ArtPunk 138 Aylar önce
Amen. I just gave up
Kevin Christensen
Kevin Christensen Aylar önce
Any. Given Sunday What Up LL
Matthew carrillo
Matthew carrillo Aylar önce
#34 anzalone is horrible
Zachary Hain
Zachary Hain Aylar önce
Props to the Packers for getting the comeback win!
Big Jay
Big Jay Aylar önce
Assyrian 6000
Assyrian 6000 Aylar önce
Great team effort...cant wait for Smith and David to come back
David N
David N Aylar önce
Please stop showing spoiler scores on the graphic.
Jonah moshe
Jonah moshe Aylar önce
Aaron’s Jones and Aj Dillon were my last chance at winning my fantasy week I needed 40 points got 41!!!!
David N
David N Aylar önce
I wish you'd stop showing spoiler scores on the graphic.
Ricardo Sambrano
Ricardo Sambrano Aylar önce
Big Bob Tonyan + Aaron jones = TDs
Diocles Rodriguez
Diocles Rodriguez Aylar önce
The grouchy north america structurally last because patch hepatosplenomegaly plug out a agreeable forest. mellow, stupendous manx
frog shit
frog shit Aylar önce
DETROIT LIONS are terrible
Whitney Bowens
Whitney Bowens Aylar önce
Wow Rodgers beat the 💩🐯🏈 team Must be Nice to be a Packers QB cakewalk to the Hof riding the shoulders of the Lions and Bear's Wow what a career🏈💩💣
Takoma El X
Takoma El X Aylar önce
Go Devondre Campbell of the Green Bay Packers number 👍🤣🏈# 59 linebacker he played for the gophers u of M pro career drafted by the falcons in 2016 played four seasons with them also as a falcon played in super bowl 51 against the Patriots Cardinals one year yes Green Bay picked him up much continued success I met you at Burger King on u of M campus about several years back Packers picked up a hell of a linebacker go #59 Takoma👍🤣 🏈#59 Campbell Mpls Mn
Guillermo Pensado
Guillermo Pensado Aylar önce
Goff...y ...this QB sucks, and also the deffense and offense
Gio Gwno
Gio Gwno Aylar önce
The acoustic step pathohistologically breathe because gladiolus controversly trouble save a special pressure. cautious, skinny wealth
Lifelong Reading
Lifelong Reading Aylar önce
Wow, that was a messed up hurdle.
Stevie Obie
Stevie Obie Aylar önce
Aaron Jones is clearly the MVP
Andres Velasco
Andres Velasco Aylar önce
I don't like aaron rodgers' footwork when he throws the ball
Fun Bomb
Fun Bomb Aylar önce
Fn deshit lions
Jugg Baby
Jugg Baby Aylar önce
Y'all cold
Finn Wortman
Finn Wortman Aylar önce
Bench king
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Aylar önce
That was a clear push off by the lions receiver at 0:15
Ethan Covaci
Ethan Covaci Aylar önce
King doesn’t have a highlight reel…only lowlights.
3nterprise Official
That hurdle was so clean
THENATION Aylar önce
The packers just need Aaron.... Jones rodgers threw like everything to him when he didn't run the rock
Clutch_g Aylar önce
Release Kevin king🤦🏽‍♂️
Camberly Gs
Camberly Gs Aylar önce
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Mark5513 Freeman
Mark5513 Freeman Aylar önce
My take away from this game is 2 garbage teams. Ones just a little bit more garbage than the other. Ain't neither 1 making tha playoffs.🤣👎
Jonathan Hendricks
Jonathan Hendricks Aylar önce
Feel like the lions are going to be solid this year
88MeisterK Aylar önce
Swift is such a fitting name for their RB
Tay Lane
Tay Lane Aylar önce
Thx for reppin Turtle house! Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in Fort Collins Colorado! Xxam shop with me. Yt Short 🛸🐢♥️
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