Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL

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This was one of my favorite details and films I've ever produced. David has been asking his 83 year old father (doctor who work in NYC and travels back and forth to NJ daily) to pull his 1969 Mercedes 280 SL out of their old garage and restore it so it can be passed down to his grandchildren. David asked if we could pull the Mercedes out of the garage (where it has been for 37 years) and detail it enough so that it inspires his father to give the green light for restoration. Watch the step by step process of removing the mold, dead animals, dust, dirt, and oxidized paint back to life. Hope you enjoy the reveal :) -Larry
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18 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Where is the car now? I'd love to see an update!
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My grandpa was having a Mercedes 280
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Half of your videos you dont actually find a car, you set up the scenario for views, thats why you have comments turned off on alot of your videos, very cheap move
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thats just nasty
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I am confused who is the dad and who is the son.
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Omg this is so real
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Damn, you cracked the case....this has been an elaborate ruse set in motion back in 1982 to fool future youtubers.
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There is something very soothing watching things being cleaned.
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Michael. S. Aylar önce
Tried to buy that small black foam aerator from ammo nyc and they don't tell you it is out of stock, and they send you some other larger item. Company needs to let you know what they have and don't have.
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Great video
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WOW - you really know your stuff :-)
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13:06 the audio died out
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I love the car, i’m a big fan of 280sl
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This is the only boomer we can respect ✊🏽
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so now there's a clean classic car. But now? First fixing, then cleaning I think.
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Bring this car to Dubai you can sell it more then 3M$
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In the year 1972, this car was driven for 10 years. yes. nice.
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Great video! Adds a whole new element to the detail when its something so nostalgic and personal. You cant put a price on how grateful the dad looks when he sees it.
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The only MERCEDES-BENZ in the world :trvid.com/video/video-DHZV3dZpiF0.html
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Larry is a smart business person, but he's also a good dude!
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It's ALL about the customer reaction!!! #classic
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