Destroyed MERCEDES Benz Amg GT - Incredible Restoration

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13 Tem 2021




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Анастасия Щербакова
❤❤❤❤❤ Мерседес Мерседес
Savo savič
Savo savič Aylar önce
very nice
Jojo Mendioro
Jojo Mendioro Aylar önce
wow 😮
FX BRUNO 🐭 6 aylar önce
Lindo trabalho Brasil 🖤♥️
сергий тютьков
про ссек
Já sou seu fã, amo seu canal 😍😍😍
Наталья Шевчук
И ад возв👍✊🤘🏼по даж. Вы э цел теша жэигытф дуэж. ВАлст
Wagner Coutinho
Wagner Coutinho 10 aylar önce
Incrível ... Excelente trabalho. Show!
Yusak mpay
Yusak mpay 3 aylar önce
@Rocktime Roy ini o Phuong b
Rocktime Roy
Rocktime Roy 8 aylar önce
yogita singh
yogita singh 9 aylar önce
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique 18 gün önce
O que ele fez nesse carrinho não foi somente uma simples restauração. Mas sim uma segunda vida para esses brinquedos. 😉😉
Jonatan Merlin
Jonatan Merlin Yıl önce
Muito capricho nós mínimos detalhes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔝
Миша Шергин
Миша Шергин 5 aylar önce
By u
Gary Wimer
Gary Wimer 11 aylar önce
Could not have turned out any better! Awesome! Thanks
José Romero
José Romero Aylar önce
El capó te quedó mal 🤷🏻‍♂️ no seguiste la secuencia de las líneas por eso no mostraste
Jesús Alberto Espericueta Ramirez
increíble, este chico es demasiado meticuloso y detallista, tiene buen futuro este crack
Carlos Abrahan 25
Carlos Abrahan 25 2 aylar önce
Felipe Farias
Felipe Farias Yıl önce
Ficou lindo esse carrão 😍
Qamar almosto
Qamar almosto 7 aylar önce
@dudua.rtanime شضزف
dudua.rtanime Yıl önce
Apocalypse assassin
@Ronaldo Game TV it's a model , not a real car dude, u must be high when u commented.
Ronaldo Game TV
Ronaldo Game TV Yıl önce
This is not a model, it is a real car. Congratulations! Amazing job!
Rick Castillo
Rick Castillo 11 aylar önce
Beautiful work on a beautiful car 👏🏽!! Wish I had your time and skills 👍🏽
Cachorrin 2 aylar önce
@Rocktime Roy fgj
Orthomed Sante
Orthomed Sante 2 aylar önce
Gamze Bölük
Gamze Bölük 2 aylar önce
@Rocktime Roy hm
عرشیا اسدالله
z@Preetha Prakash .
Lipi Akter
Lipi Akter 4 aylar önce
Arturo Valdesf
Arturo Valdesf 4 aylar önce
Felicitaciones, excelente trabajo 👏👏👏
Khawla Khawla
Khawla Khawla 2 aylar önce
@زيوني حسين نب
زيوني حسين
زيوني حسين 3 aylar önce
زيوني حسين
زيوني حسين 3 aylar önce
ИО Yıl önce
Это очень эстетично 😍 ASMR для глаз и ушей 😍
Nickisha Matthews
Nickisha Matthews Aylar önce
@Islam Nasirov lol a iiô I’ll
Islam Nasirov
Islam Nasirov Yıl önce
francisco jose prudente de aquino amato
Ficou muito bom, Francisco José do Brasil.
Ficou muito bom! Ótimo trabalho do canal🤝🤝🤝
Ronaldo Game TV
Ronaldo Game TV Yıl önce
This is not a model, it is a real car. Congratulations! Amazing job!
Luis Felipe Gamer
mano o carro ficou lindo brasil agente vence junto😎😎😎🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Tunay karakul
Tunay karakul 2 aylar önce
Gd6g 🍐4
Lipi Akter
Lipi Akter 4 aylar önce
Dragica Atanasovska
Dragica Atanasovska 9 aylar önce
Text p p😊😊😊😮
Avila Senger
Avila Senger Yıl önce
A gente e separado
Andrew Lenn
Andrew Lenn 11 aylar önce
I am impressed. You deserve those cars.
NubRobloxYT Yıl önce
wow impressive! I love it so much, thank you
Cembo 4 aylar önce
This is the first time I run into a model car restoration, and I'm in awe. This much attention to detail, so creepy - almost to a "forensic" level. 😮
Rolan Jacobs
Rolan Jacobs 11 aylar önce
So much time and effort put into it and it looks so beautiful
Marcel Ellrich
Marcel Ellrich 10 aylar önce
great result. what are you using to chrome the exhaust system? I've been looking for something like this for my lego for a long time
rstezza 5 aylar önce
It’s called HyrdoChrome
Rocktime Roy
Rocktime Roy 8 aylar önce
CARS FIRE 10 aylar önce
Zach Hates Everyone
Zach Hates Everyone 3 aylar önce
This car looks perfectly well destroyed 🤫
JANUSZ Yıl önce
takie rzeczy robic MISTRZ pozdrawiam z POLSKI
Wilson Moreira
Wilson Moreira 11 aylar önce
Mano esse cara da restauração é um genio, se eu sou dono de uma empresa dessa de carrinhos contrato ele só para ele mostrar as habibilidades em feiras de eventos, pra mostrar minha marca.
Paulina Lewandowska
Paulina Lewandowska 5 aylar önce
@Md Kamrul islam 48 4 4 na 3 tys co do tego czasu jesteś w domu to nie jest 6 nie wiem 4 4 73tecsvsvdvefr na wodę pewno będzie dobrze i że nie to samo 5
Paulina Lewandowska
Paulina Lewandowska 5 aylar önce
Md Kamrul islam
Md Kamrul islam 8 aylar önce
John Trump
John Trump 11 aylar önce
Amazing job!...love the colour. 👊😎
Mohammed Arshad
Mohammed Arshad 8 aylar önce
Brilliant work , that was another great job 👏
servet batal
servet batal Yıl önce
can you show how you made up to destroy the car in the first place, it looks incredibly authentic
Evette Engelbrecht
Can we just take a couple of mins to honor this guy for spending his time on this and creating very good content. Good job bro keep it up!
Alberto Zanot
Alberto Zanot Aylar önce
95% content in this channel is fake restoration. Objects are pre-destroyed on purpose. It is crystal clear.
Paulina Lewandowska
Paulina Lewandowska 5 aylar önce
@Nenzinha Lopes na 5
Paulina Lewandowska
Paulina Lewandowska 5 aylar önce
durosonix Yıl önce
I agree
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Yıl önce
Te quedo fino
Leticia Gomez
Leticia Gomez Yıl önce
Sergio ivan Giron arizmendi
Ok buen trabajo pero te felicito eres muy especial y dedicado
A Message from Mel
I love that you wear gloves while restoring these cars ❤️
Aldair CB
Aldair CB Yıl önce
Eso ya es fetiche jajaja
890mikes Yıl önce
All I can say is WOW. Fantastic looking car.
Cris S
Cris S 5 aylar önce
Just WOW! Amazing restoration
I don't knw why it popped up in my feeds and I ended up watching the whole video! I have no regrets! This is pure talent 👍👏
Mattia Bertolino
Mattia Bertolino 7 aylar önce
Pratibha Sinha
Pratibha Sinha 22 gün önce
I love how you fixed the hole on the hood
Alwasit tv
Alwasit tv Yıl önce
I think its better now then the original . Great job
Roopanshu Shokeen
Super cool restoration 🙂
Chizzeld 3 aylar önce
Where does he get these damaged cars! This looks so fun I would love to give it an attempt!!!
Eliana Koxha
Eliana Koxha 15 saatler önce
Aida Kadirova
Aida Kadirova 4 gün önce
Jovidon Ahmedov
Jovidon Ahmedov 10 gün önce
Jovidon Ahmedov
Jovidon Ahmedov 10 gün önce
20L Yıl önce
so amazing and satisfying definitely subscribing
chengetayihodzi 2 aylar önce
Good technology 😍
varsha b
varsha b Yıl önce
Amazing work guys marvelous... I have seen many of your works but this is one of the best ones...
a1234 2 aylar önce
I love it so much lol ❤❤❤❤❤❤😊
a1234 2 aylar önce
Nadia Shokr
Nadia Shokr 7 aylar önce
onikpek kepkion
onikpek kepkion 3 aylar önce
que buen video de restaurar las cosas
Lucas sausen
Lucas sausen Yıl önce
I wish I could keep one of his cars he's doing so good!!
Yusuf Bilal Degirmenci
Congratulations to you this time, the light is very bright 😍😍😍😍
Maurício Lopes
Maurício Lopes Yıl önce
trabalho top
WillowRBLXY Yıl önce
It would be cool if you made a matte car!!!! Love our vids✌️💕❤️
Jimmy Wethington
Jimmy Wethington 5 aylar önce
freaking amazing work
MAD MAX 2 aylar önce
as an actual owner of the Mercedes AMG Gt, the model is ok... he fixes it- though we all know he made it like that- which is fine. but the lines dont line up, the hood isnt straight.. youre better off getting another, NEW one off amazon or local collector store....cheaper in money/time as well
Jagadeeshwar Thotabalija
Simply superb 👌
son batock
son batock Yıl önce
ficou lindo
Руслан Самутин
That's is super awesome 🙂👍
Jaeden Yıl önce
The cost of all the tools and such to fix this, is probably more than the price of the model car..
José Cerqueira Colinas
Excelente restore⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍!
#take latest gamer
#take latest gamer 11 gün önce
نوری تەوحید
Very very very beautiful i love mercedes amg🌸🌸💙💙💙
Gamingowe Świry
Gamingowe Świry Yıl önce
WOW its amazing
nissan skyline fan
Great, loving it. You got a new sub bro
fuedassi ?
fuedassi ? Yıl önce
Trabalho muito bom 🤝 BRASIL 🖤❤
Chinna Karuppu
Chinna Karuppu 5 aylar önce
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 5 aylar önce
@Pedro_ff ...
Xamro Satipov
Xamro Satipov 5 aylar önce
@Xzk_Lemuel цквовоаша алп али и
Xamro Satipov
Xamro Satipov 5 aylar önce
@Xzk_Lemuel ыруововрова
Абубакр Давлатов
@Pedro_ff и н
WreyGG 🎃
WreyGG 🎃 Yıl önce
Андрей Серпилин
This is awesome)))))) I'm speechless)))))))
Aaron Dobbins
Aaron Dobbins 2 aylar önce
Super , buenos detalle para poder recontruir
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez Yıl önce
De donde sacas tantas cosas perfectas, oxidadas y listas para restarurar?
Ranis Sayakhov
Ranis Sayakhov Yıl önce
Я залип! Это просто космос! Золотые руки! Легендарным тачкам дали вторую жизнь!
Abhinav Goud
Abhinav Goud Yıl önce
Dealer Yıl önce
А почему все машины в таком состоянии? Где вы их берете?) Такое чувство что модели специально портят ,а потом восстанавливают)
Old Game Collection
Old Game Collection 9 aylar önce
Dangg you have a skill for making this car restoration tho,keep it up dude! Love from usa
Man amazing work and the body colour of the car looks sickkkkk!!!
Vijay Dalvi
Vijay Dalvi Yıl önce
Please try make this awesome cars rc it would be so good 😊
ayham ibrahim
ayham ibrahim Yıl önce
That was AWESOME !!! well done 👍🏻
Lipi Akter
Lipi Akter 4 aylar önce
Кирилл Кравцов
And you try to say in person what you say behind your back ...
Elias Louis
Elias Louis Yıl önce
@Gunay MusayevaFg
Gunay Musayeva
Gunay Musayeva Yıl önce
Алексей Божко
Круто спасибо за канал 🎉
?????????? 10 aylar önce
정말 좋은 영상이에요~!
Timothy Yıl önce
A whole new meaning to my cars in the shop.
Andreas Aroditis
Andreas Aroditis Yıl önce
Ok the lights that actually turn on was a nice touch…
Enzo Leproni
Enzo Leproni Yıl önce
how strange. all the models you restore have the bonnet folded, on the same side and at the same angle. then they have all the components in place, but they come off as soon as you touch them. despite being reduced to crap they are complete, and you have never lost anything. they look more dirty than rusty, or damaged. Basically, your videos are cleaning and repainting ... of something ruined on purpose.
YouTube King
YouTube King 3 aylar önce
Restoration guy: spends around 2 hours or more restoring the car. Me: goes to the store and buys a new one
Mr Black
Mr Black 8 aylar önce
im new subscriber so car is so cool good job!
شهد اميرة
Wow it's beautiful
Keletso Baloyi
Keletso Baloyi Yıl önce
I love when people fix car
Vandad Darvish 88
Vandad Darvish 88 10 aylar önce
Wow very good👌👌
Restaurando Coisas Velhas
Thank you my friend. 👍👏🥇
Cristaff 161
Cristaff 161 Yıl önce
Very coooolll!!!! 😃 😃 😃
Brenda Mackinnon
Brenda Mackinnon Yıl önce
This turned out beautiful! Great job!
Юлия Полякова
Аш больно было смотреть на начальное состояние машинки...Даже чуть ли не задохнулся от боли я просто любитель игрушечных машин.(я если что мальчик только с маминого аккаунта смотрю у меня своего нет.).
ivan cely
ivan cely 7 aylar önce
genial broo, saludos desde Colombia
Cory Guy
Cory Guy 10 aylar önce
I absolutely enjoy watching your work. I have a RARE Triang Line Bros Capt G.E.T. Eyston's MG Magic Midget car windup clockwork that needs to be restored. I don't have the skills or equipment to do it. I would be honored if you would consider restoring it on your TRvid Channel.The car is missing a hood,driver,tires and degraded from time .
Se He
Se He 5 aylar önce
Maybi trujillo
Maybi trujillo Yıl önce
quedo increible paaa
Ronaldo Game TV
Ronaldo Game TV Yıl önce
This is not a model, it is a real car. Congratulations! Amazing job!
Yawar Rana
Yawar Rana Yıl önce
This is a model
Abdulaziz Mamatkulov
@Azer Dunyamaliyev pp
@Azer Dunyamaliyev shut up
daizyßu guleria
daizyßu guleria Yıl önce
p hi Jo
Azer Dunyamaliyev
JANUSZ Yıl önce
cos pięknego
T-rap_Bruno Yıl önce
TITIGAMES25 Aylar önce
you are the best guy and you are talented and its all fixed
paulus peelenga
paulus peelenga 2 aylar önce
I love this! may you give the tools and chemicals that you use in the description.
NoDadDarrik Yıl önce
Im not a car person by any means, i dont know what most of those things were but its so relaxing watching a rusty car become that
Jose Lequatre
Jose Lequatre Yıl önce
Great job on all those restorations, btw... love watching....
Arlene Veneracion
You are legendary❤️❤️❤️👍👍💪💪
jonah 5 aylar önce
1 year later i still run them under the tap for 20 seconds
Baconkittycat! Yıl önce
Love your collection of Mercedes AMG Toys!
Arthur4Games Yıl önce
Muito bom parabéns
Dumb Azz
Dumb Azz 2 aylar önce
@Gaydaa Quraan qq
Gaydaa Quraan
Gaydaa Quraan 9 aylar önce
Gaydaa Quraan
Gaydaa Quraan 9 aylar önce
Ronaldo Game TV
Ronaldo Game TV Yıl önce
This is not a model, it is a real car. Congratulations! Amazing job!
GVModelY 9 aylar önce
Yo this vid was a banger, keep up the good work!
Lucifer Michaelson İfşa..!
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