Destiny Rogers - Tomboy (Official Video) ft. Coi Leray

Destiny Rogers
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I'm a girl’s girl, I'm a boss in a man's world
Yeah, I can pick and roll, pass, ballerina twirl
Skating through the city with my snapback on
Still be looking pretty with no makeup on
Hit Sephora quick, get a red lip
But meet me on the court, I’ll ball you up right quick (quick)
They be like, "Baby, baby, how you get so fine?"
But I don't do no favors for the studio time

My mama said, "Marry a rich man" (Oh, no)
And I was like, "Mama, I am that rich man" (Oh, yo, yo, yo, yo)

Oh my me, oh my God
How'd this girl get so fly?
I do what you doin', boy
Doin' it like a tomboy
Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt)
How'd this girl get so fly? (Skrrt, skrrt)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy (Yeah)

See I’m a pretty thing
This lingerie sit underneath my baggy jeans
Don’t gotta take my clothes off
Just for them to fuck with me
Whole closet full of SB’s
So I’m out here walkin’ comfortably
I love living my life, my way
Hanes tank tops and long tube socks
(what I want)
Take it all far
Play my own part
(Is what I’m gonna)
We dream far just play your part
And acknowledge that the world is ours

My mama said, "Marry a rich man" (Oh no, oh no)
And I was like, "Mama, I am that rich man" (Yeah, oh, yo, yo, yo, yo)

Oh my me, oh my God
How'd this girl get so fly?
I do what you doin', boy
Doin' it like a tomboy
Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt)
How'd this girl get so fly? (Skrrt, skrrt)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy (Yeah)

I'll make a jealous girl my friend
I'll make an ex want me again
I got the best of both worlds (Yes, I do)
I can hang with the dudes, get pretty with the girls

Oh my me, oh my God
How'd this girl get so fly?
I do what you doin', boy
Doin' it like a tomboy
Oh my me, oh my God (Skrrt, skrrt)
How'd this girl get so fly? (Skrrt, skrrt)
I do what you doin', boy (Yeah)
Doin' it like a tomboy (Yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Do it, do it
Like a tomboy

Choreography by TAJZON

Director \u0026 Exec Producer: Becky Hearn @beckybunz
Producer: Daria Suvorova @dariasuvorov
Cinematographer: Kayla Hoff @kaylahoff_
Editor: Brooke Bevers @brookebevers
1AD: Noelle DeAngelis @noelle.deangelis
PA: Evelyn Davis
PA: Jheyda McGarell @jheydamc
PA: Nicolas Robledo @nicodexico
1AC” Austin Millinder @austinmillinder
Gaffer: Luka Pascalicchio @lukapascalicchio
BBE: Greg Green
Key Grip: Nate Thompson
BBG: Dan Short @ezfela

Stylist: Clay Austin @lostboyclay
Styling Asst: Ashley Lay @ashhwnsday
Glam: Charisma Raye @charismaraye

Stylist: Juliann McCandless @juliannmccandless
Glam: Terezka @terezkafras
Colorist: Aleks Ver @aleks.color





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DestinyRogersVEVO Aylar önce
hope you guys love the video for the “TOMBOY” remix!!! me and coi had so much fun filming this. let’s run the views up 🔥🔥 smarturl.it/TOMBOYxCOILERAY
Nicolaj B99
Nicolaj B99 22 saatler önce
Hope that you do it with lisa too
Elizabeth Gordon
Elizabeth Gordon Gün önce
It's my new song I'm talking I played this atleast 5xs already
Eugene Hunter
Eugene Hunter Gün önce
You have a gorgeous voice!🥰
freedom 3 gün önce
Hi, destiny Roger from Thailand
BubbleTrap 5 gün önce
I love the tomboy music🤚🏻 I remembered the lyrics
•Itz.LittleAlex• 2 saatler önce
that dance gonna be all over tiktok-
sweetness Ford
sweetness Ford 3 saatler önce
Seen coi name ,,,sooooooo yup
Isabelle Hodge
Isabelle Hodge 4 saatler önce
being a tomboy rocks
Saiyah B
Saiyah B 8 saatler önce
At this point the only thing I got from Coi Leray's XXL ABC's was Tomboy so we here 🦋 Thanks Coi
Oil Ja
Oil Ja 15 saatler önce
I Love this version 🥳
Suwichada Yothanak
Suwichada Yothanak 17 saatler önce
Love 💗
รชต พงษ์วัน
Love you from thailand
Kimberly Manriquez
Χριστίνα Βασιλάκη
Okay, unpopular opinion but I think that this version sounds a bit too autotuned for my likings 🤷🏻‍♀️
Fernando Castillo
Vieron la bandera de México en el coche?😯
C songkharak
C songkharak Gün önce
X Lisa pls
Mct Mct
Mct Mct Gün önce
Jtp Bnl
Jtp Bnl Gün önce
Yes I love Lisa and because of you I know this song. But I'm here because of the song, you know? 👌keep going my tomboy 💗
Jtp Bnl
Jtp Bnl Gün önce
🔥wow tomboy remix 👏👏👏I like it
Surya S Nair
Surya S Nair Gün önce
I know the song is bop and all... but can we take a minute and appreciate Destiny's hair.. they so shiny and silky and beautiful....
PROTEAMth. Gaming phone
Wow..iam form 🇹🇭 Thailand. Music you cool good job 👍
Sofia Finn Rama
Sofia Finn Rama Gün önce
Im a big fan
Kevin Dominguez
Kevin Dominguez 2 gün önce
🇲🇽 México 👌💯 Mi bandera un flow genial
Peruvian Sooya
Peruvian Sooya 2 gün önce
Whiskey Bear
Whiskey Bear 2 gün önce
Her songs are really cool too.
lanzque choo
lanzque choo 2 gün önce
Imagine lisa is the one rapping 😁...this song will blown
Branden Luis Diaz
Branden Luis Diaz 2 gün önce
Sorry I don't have a ticket yet Coi Leray Next Nearest Show August 7.
Oscar Barrios
Oscar Barrios 2 gün önce
Que pedo jajajajaja
Kath Jazba
Kath Jazba 2 gün önce
Me encanta no me aburro de escucharla lptm 🤙
Kaew Dejsuk
Kaew Dejsuk 2 gün önce
ลิซ่า ผู้ทลายกำแพง.......และทำให้โลกเชื่อมต่อกัน
DEMTOiLOLOsS 2 gün önce
Everyone talking about a Lisa but like frfr no shade; genuinely asking...who is Lisa?
Samantha Tofft
Samantha Tofft 2 gün önce
Man, I love her and this song but I'm so sad she had Coi Leray on it, totally ruined to for me.
Panya999 panya999
Panya999 panya999 3 gün önce
Love this song.
Attack Anti
Attack Anti 3 gün önce
Good song
Nagatoro X senpai
Nagatoro X senpai 3 gün önce
Lisa used this song
Kyle Terrell
Kyle Terrell 3 gün önce
Coi is garbage
and I thought this song was by Lisa 🤡
UnIvIsIoN Seven5
UnIvIsIoN Seven5 3 gün önce
Dig the remix.. But video-wise, I prefer the original... The track fits that look for me..
Chanatip Born
Chanatip Born 3 gün önce
I like
Teerayaut Esor
Teerayaut Esor 3 gün önce
The diamond in the square that was discovered turned into a diamond.
Brithany Muñoz
Brithany Muñoz 4 gün önce
Sino hubiese conocido a Blackpink no hubiese conocido a Destiny(Lo digo porque casi no suelo escuchar música así de otro idioma osea si pero no mucha )Ay no que feo caso imagínate que existan canciones así que son una joya y tu no conozcas que dolor En fin TEMAZO!!
Wirode Srisup
Wirode Srisup 4 gün önce
Wow love you fc Lisa
อิสมาร์ โต๊ะมอง
So good 🇹🇭💕
Ouiam Lakrid
Ouiam Lakrid 4 gün önce
I love your voice is very beautiful
A-chi Reac
A-chi Reac 4 gün önce
If there is no covid situation Lisa will definitely be in this video.
ChrisdonInzane 4 gün önce
In Filipino language "tomboy" means lesbian.
Belle Yasmin
Belle Yasmin 4 gün önce
She got prettier.
Martinez209 4 gün önce
My Mom said "mijo marry a woman who can cook for you!" I said ama I'm marrying a ritch b!tch who can pay for a chef for me!
G Child
G Child 5 gün önce
This Is Dope Af , wish I Can Get Female Vocals/Features Like This On My Own Music
Mike Dee
Mike Dee 5 gün önce
Destiny made a Banger I love this song and just heard it 🔊🎶🔥
Sunny Samuel
Sunny Samuel 5 gün önce
Does this mean she's bisexual?
Kaeri 5 gün önce
Cool girl;I love you.
Bianca Pires
Bianca Pires 5 gün önce
omg it's lisa's version AND it has a female feat???? yesss!!!!!!
jelly art
jelly art 5 gün önce
Awwww cute
Súper iper mage re rata
I came from lili film 😆
Micxsz Maderazo
Micxsz Maderazo 5 gün önce
Lisa solo on July
Fuspa Fuspa.s
Fuspa Fuspa.s 5 gün önce
Im the rice men
Arkiron 5 gün önce
Your song is great that represent power of a woman. Lisa also represent power of the woman by dance move. You both come together are perfect.
Kairu 5 gün önce
Lisaaaaa 💗🌺💘♥️🇹🇭
Johana duran
Johana duran 5 gün önce
Omg la bandera de mexico al inicio🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
MiɳHaɳ Şữk
MiɳHaɳ Şữk 5 gün önce
Lisa danced music.so I like this song.
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 5 gün önce
Original is the best. No features needed...
Hataikarn Jantasen
Hataikarn Jantasen 6 gün önce
Amo que esta cancio la represente lisa #blacpink
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 6 gün önce
Paula Lima
Paula Lima 6 gün önce
Nur 6 gün önce
I was hoping to see some new dancing move .. but 😔...myb im hoping too much.. i love this song though..
nurzulaikha ika
nurzulaikha ika 6 gün önce
all the comment so toxic 🥰
Faithful 6 gün önce
im so proud to be a tomboy love this so frickin much!
Supitcha Suwannasingha
Blink Blink
Blink Blink 6 gün önce
I know I here after Lilifilm, but I really enjoy with this song so much. This is one of my favorite song.
Pornpimon Tadtiem
Pornpimon Tadtiem 6 gün önce
Love you love lisa
Fatma ezzahra hamdi
Fatma ezzahra hamdi 6 gün önce
Were are blinks
the best blackpinista
Novi Nurfitriani
Novi Nurfitriani 7 gün önce
I see bc lisa ❤
08.Dhexsa Fahma Ersana
Ga bosen2 ma ni lagu
Ximena Hernandez
Ximena Hernandez 7 gün önce
Amooo esta song :3
LADY JEON 7 gün önce
lisa dance is this song
Menace1Baby 7 gün önce
congrats on Coi Leray making that freshman class XXL
Azucar Negra
Azucar Negra 7 gün önce
Coi Leroy adds The spice to This awsome song....
Saowaros Torrungroungkit
I love both version😚😚😚😚
Cici Alex
Cici Alex 7 gün önce
Destiny Rogers is an ICON🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥fire!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis Ejelle-Ndille
Wow i love this song
Lígia Melo
Lígia Melo 7 gün önce
Amo essa música desde que vi no lilifilm. MUITO BOM.
Dino Caprice
Dino Caprice 7 gün önce
Luckily this was recommended to me noiceeeee 🔥🔥
Ember Embalmer
Ember Embalmer 7 gün önce
You don't have to take your clothes off for them to fuck with you but you wont sell as much because the industry and the thots that enabled it made sure of that :D. Cheers.
Ocampo Meza Arturo Emiliano
yas Destiny
Agustín Ibarra
Agustín Ibarra 7 gün önce
This video is amazing
Minh Phượng Nguyễn Thị
Love this video
Minh Phượng Nguyễn Thị
Love you
Minh Phượng Nguyễn Thị
I'm that Rich Man
ܐܵܕܵܡ ܒܘܼܟ݂ܪܵܐܐܘܼܓ̰ܵܓ݂ܡܠܸܟ݂
I am not a fan of Cori, but she did good on this one. 👏🏽
katarinaa xxi
katarinaa xxi 7 gün önce
Thanh Tâm Huỳnh
Thanh Tâm Huỳnh 7 gün önce
a mazing good chop
POG 2021
POG 2021 7 gün önce
such an icon “i’m a girls girl, i’m a boss in a mans world” 😭
Somkhit Homsombath
Somkhit Homsombath 7 gün önce
Wow that's so cool
guadalupe corrales velarde
Lxs que vinieron por que lisa bailó esta canción y terminaron enamorándose de la canción XD
SOLID SNAKE 8 gün önce
I prefer the og video
D E 8 gün önce
I came by lisa from blackPink, beautiful song
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