Destiny 2: How To Power Level to 1330! (Season of the Lost)

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Alright boys in this video we are going to be going over How To Level Up in Destiny 2 Season 15/Season of the Lost! This Destiny 2 Leveling Guide will breakdown everything you need to know about Power Leveling in Destiny 2 even if you're a New or Returning Player! That's right this Destiny 2 Leveling Guide is going to be New Player Friendly! From Vendor Levels, Season Pass Levels, Artifact Levels, Power Bonus Levels, and Gear Levels. This video will show to How To level all of them up in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost! I'm going to show to how to Increase Power Level (Soft Cap, Powerful Cap, and Pinnacle Cap) in Destiny 2 2021! This is your ultimate guide on How To Level Up Fast in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost! Enjoy!


00:00 - Intro
01:14 - Starting Info
02:13 - Power Bonus/Artifact Levels
04:52 - How To Get XP
06:28 - Gear Levels
08:23 - How To Level Gear
09:13 - Soft Cap
09:56 - Powerful Cap (Powerful Challenges, Tiers 1 2 & 3)
11:54 - Pinnacle Cap (Pinnacle Challenges, +1 and +2)
13:12 - Final Notes
14:17 - Outro/JOIN DISCORD


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myfi 2 aylar önce
Thank you all for the support on this video, I hope it helped! Also if you're looking to pickup the new Witch Queen expansion/30th Bungie anniversary (or any other D2 DLC) on Steam and want to support me for NO ADDITIONAL cost then do so through my Nexus store > www.nexus.gg/myfi Same price as on Steam and if it's on sale on Steam, it's on sale on my Nexus store! Thank you!
red666 4 aylar önce
Fantastic guide man, I’m a returning player who hasn’t played since year 1! So the entire game is completely overwhelming and different from when I last played. This was a great guide and really helped me understand levelling this season. I’m very happy this season is 6 months coz it’ll give me plenty of time to catch up.
M16 A4
M16 A4 11 gün önce
I miss year 1i know I sound crazy but I liked forsaken it was the best of all
Chuy 20 gün önce
Frrr bro I thought I was the only ine
Mike 22 gün önce
DingleMCringle 27 gün önce
Dude same. Came back like two or 3 weeks ago and this was a totally different game(hadn’t played since forsaken dropped) and it’s way way way better!! I’m loving the game now.
Blaine Trever
Blaine Trever Aylar önce
Do you guys think as a new destiny player I'll be able to catch up within the time left in the season? I've never played destiny until 3-4 days ago, I believe I'm currently sitting at 1210 power, what do you guys think is achievable for a casual gamer
Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt
Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt 4 aylar önce
Just got back into Destiny 2 for the first time since the end of Forsaken. Your videos are legit more informative and comphrensive than some of the other Destiny guys. Really digging your stuff man, you're helping me get back I one of my favorite franchises.
Ninkira 4 aylar önce
Wow, this was SO good. I dipped my toes into last season so I knew the deal, but your video is the best I've seen when it comes to getting the information to the audience quickly while also sharing useful related subjects. And it was fun to watch! This will be the first time I click links under a video haha. Thanks so much! Definitely subscribed
Zack Curvin
Zack Curvin 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this guide. I've been playing for about a month and a half and I'm really struggling to understand how your levels and what effect that actually has on the gear. I played a lot of other MMOs and a lot of other video games but this one is a little different. Thank you so much for explaining how the powerful and Pinnacle stuff works too that's the biggest thing that I didn't understand.
Quansto 4 aylar önce
As a recently returning player this was the most straight-forward video on getting my feet moving I could've hoped for. Thank you.
Ripsyyy 3 aylar önce
Such a great video. I used to play D1 relentlessly, but I lost interest in D2 cause things were so complicated. But I’ve made my return and I’m learning how this all works. Thank you!
Ha Gu
Ha Gu Aylar önce
Ikr? Used to be so easy. "We've woken the HIVE" and boom, bounties, levels, gear you name it 😅
Christian M
Christian M 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this guide. Me being a noob I've watched many video claiming to explain this but yours by far is superior above those. Much respect Sir
Alucard Dracula
Alucard Dracula Aylar önce
Hadn’t play destiny since destiny 1! I just hoped on to it again. This guide helped me a ton! I had forgotten how to level up. In two days made it to 1280 and didn’t know what else to do. Thanks to your guide I can hopefully get to max soon.
Lakota Bergman
Lakota Bergman 4 aylar önce
First 20 seconds literally explained everything for me. Thank you man. Cheers
joel wilcox
joel wilcox 4 aylar önce
Thank you for your service sir! A very comprehensive guide. We've all got lives outside of the destiny universe. I'm a veteran player, but, I appreciate you taking the time, and that you included great information for the little lights.🤘
Brad A
Brad A 4 aylar önce
I am one of the leave/return/leave guys! I usually burn myself out trying to 100% a season, then take a season or two off, then come back. I played the heck out of Arrivals, then barely played Chosen, then didn't even log on for Splicer one time.
Zephyr gaming
Zephyr gaming 3 aylar önce
@Brad A how do you do that? I want to start the messy business quest for salvagers salvo but banshee won't give it?
Brad A
Brad A 4 aylar önce
@Ben Ny True. I don't recall that being a feature in past seasons - so awesome to be able to go back and do splicer (which is actually pretty fun) and chosen after completing each week's current content.
murderedsprite 4 aylar önce
I didn’t even know splicer happened lmao
Ben Ny
Ben Ny 4 aylar önce
Same for me but I love that you can play the past 3 seasons content even if you didnt play at the time of the season, it makes for a bit of diversity
Mark Hernandez
Mark Hernandez 4 aylar önce
Just got my girl into D2 so helping her grind for higher power level has been tough but this guide really helps, thanks!!
Enigma Ligma
Enigma Ligma Aylar önce
@Shikan Laken no okay luck
Shikan Laken
Shikan Laken 2 aylar önce
@Heko Maru no bad luck
Heko Maru
Heko Maru 2 aylar önce
Ayee good luck
jd spell
jd spell 4 aylar önce
As someone who 100% completed destiny 1 and is just getting into destiny 2, this guide is amazing. Thank you.
jd spell
jd spell 4 aylar önce
@Gio Raos I have now bought the season pass
jd spell
jd spell 4 aylar önce
@Gio Raos yes beyond ight, no season pass
Gio Raos
Gio Raos 4 aylar önce
@jd spell you bought both the beyond light and the season pass?
jd spell
jd spell 4 aylar önce
@Mr Brownie I got the gist of it! I'm up to 1302 after last night
Mr Brownie
Mr Brownie 4 aylar önce
I'm in the same boat bro! Hopefully your figuring it out!
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb 2 aylar önce
You’ve nailed it. I used to smash it out then I didn’t play it for 2 years and I’ve come back completely lost. This will help loads
Paul Kightley - Wisthanton
Absolutely perfect video! Just started playing this game and find it so confusing so thanks a lot!!
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 4 aylar önce
If anyone needs a clan hmu my GT is biggah... Always looking for more players to join and help.
MandoEmmm 4 aylar önce
Welcome! I hope you like the prophecy dungeon 🔥
Harbiscus 4 aylar önce
Welcome to Destiny!! 😄
Joseph Shively
Joseph Shively 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the advice. I've been playing this for a week now and I'm at 1296. I have no clue whats going on but its fun lol
Roger Jones
Roger Jones Aylar önce
Saved the video, thanks for actually highlighting the events in the map to show people where to go. I may of missed it but in the final notes you should probably state if you have to wear the highest gear with the score or just have it in your inventory to get higher level gear.
FrenchGoddy 3 aylar önce
“A lot of players that come and go.. and come back” literally why I’m here rn 💀💀💀
Shikan Laken
Shikan Laken 2 aylar önce
@S1n_brokem liar
Shikan Laken
Shikan Laken 2 aylar önce
S1n_brokem 2 aylar önce
Satans_Shadow_ 2 aylar önce
Thanks for this video I just want to let you I went from 1270 to 1330 thanks to this guide I’ll keep grinding but thanks for this vid I felt so lost
Carlo Barbosa
Carlo Barbosa 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the guide! I started Destiny in season of arrival and just quit mid season because the game was too confusing. I just returned and still find really stressful I'm googling more how and what to do than actually playing. Also I didn't know how season pass work and lost being able to get the cool season of arrival armor :'(
Ethan Ward
Ethan Ward 2 aylar önce
This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton
Elliotlol 4 aylar önce
Thanks man! I just got to power level 1270 and didn't know why I wasn't getting better gear!
Jacob Pratt
Jacob Pratt 4 aylar önce
I’m always on/off with D2. Seasonal leveling update videos are always helpful.
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 4 aylar önce
Its because destiny is the same mindless doing nothing but shooting the same enemies to get trash gear over and over again. This is why players find "cheats or exploits" because playing the actual game isn't very fun and is more like a second job then an actual video game.
D_Da_Tree 4 aylar önce
New player here. Downloaded d2 when it was free and after what seems like a year i actually decided to try it and its been really overwhelming but addicting. After getting to the tower i had a hard time figuring out what do next it cause the game doesnt exactly explain. So i went for getting the best gear and now have hit a wall at 1270. Video was helpful!
Fonso's Takes and Talks
@Scotty not anymore
Scotty 3 aylar önce
@D_Da_Tree if you have Xbox game pass you can get all of the dlcs on pc or Xbox just letting you know the game is Really fun if you have that
D_Da_Tree 3 aylar önce
@Burrito it got better but another wall of p2p has come into effect. Im not about to pay $150 for all the dlc that requires you to play 3/4 the game. Only thing i can find myself doing is strikes. Game is trash
Burrito 3 aylar önce
trust me, it gets better. i’ve been playing since 2017, and played on and off. i took a nearly year long break in early 2020, came back and was extremely confused. now i’m 1326 and i finally know it all again, it gets better
Jacob Ortega
Jacob Ortega 4 aylar önce
Thanks for making this video, I'm one of those guys looking for an up to date guide even though nothing has really changed.
T. Chinooo
T. Chinooo 4 aylar önce
The detail in this video is amazing thank you bro!
ISPfanedcat 16 gün önce
I’ve been playing for 2 years and I’ve been stuck at soft cap for the longest time, this helped soo much
Quinte de Vreeze
Quinte de Vreeze 4 aylar önce
Like you said. I just watched it for fun. Knew how to do it, but thank you. This video is really clear 👌
amazingspiderc 4 aylar önce
Thank you. Returning player. I really appreciate you & the time you took to make this guide
Tyeler Graves
Tyeler Graves 4 aylar önce
I didn’t understand this at first so for those that didn’t as well, If you get a good gun, but don’t want to throw it away after finding something better, save it either in your inventory or your vault then once you find a weapon with a reasonably higher gear score you can dismantle it in order to transfer the higher gear score to your weapon of choice
Juice 3 aylar önce
You mean infuse it
clugokillscluco 4 aylar önce
Coming back after a year off. Totally hooked again.
DeltaTiny 2 aylar önce
Same man!
EDSON ADNARIM 2 aylar önce
Came back 3 years after now I've been playing for a week
Brooks Toso
Brooks Toso 3 aylar önce
@clugokillscluco so refreshing! even after a season or two!! Addicted again lol
clugokillscluco 3 aylar önce
@Brooks Toso a year was a bit long but I feel refreshed.
Brooks Toso
Brooks Toso 3 aylar önce
i go through this cycle often. not a year but like a season.
Cian Dooley
Cian Dooley 14 gün önce
thank you. now i know what do do. ive been stuck on 1323 gear level for months now (only getting one item that was 1325 this week) and ive been trying to get that seasonal bounty to get the gear up to 1330
AyeGGMon0218 3 aylar önce
Thank u the cap thing help me so much I’m at 1272 and Im stuck but now I know what to do to go up
Di Ramirez
Di Ramirez 4 aylar önce
Subscribed! I just came back to Destiny after about 2 years. Thanks for the reminders on how to get those numbers up.
Paul Rosenow
Paul Rosenow 3 aylar önce
As a new player I appreciate the guide :)
Jehovahs Fitness
Jehovahs Fitness 3 aylar önce
For when u get to pinnacle cap, DO YOUR BOUNTIES. One artifact power boost can make the difference between you surviving a master nf and getting shat on. Stack em and get em done
Bepis Lover
Bepis Lover 3 aylar önce
Thanks for making this as a causal player coming back from time to time :)
Saji AL-
Saji AL- 4 aylar önce
I am power 1342 and still watching haha man I like your videos they can be really useful for new lights 😀 👍
Mighty_Phoenix_ 4 aylar önce
Thank you just coming back after 3 years , this is just what I needed as I was lost on what to do , great vid keep it up !!!
Ben Ma
Ben Ma 4 aylar önce
xavier novas
xavier novas 4 aylar önce
Just started playing the game again after a year gone. Thanks for the video, subscribed.
GoCrySnowflake 4 aylar önce
This is what I was looking for. Thanks papa myfi. Took a break and feeling overwhelmed
Iso Tyy
Iso Tyy 4 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for this I’m a returning player from when the game first came back and was confused on all the new things. But I still need help on what r some good rolls for armor and stuff and would love to do the vault of glass to get Vex mith
Timmy Eckert
Timmy Eckert 4 aylar önce
I’m that special case that kept the armor from the very first mission of the tower getting attacked. It no has 0 power and my lowest light is 143
Mr. Moose
Mr. Moose 4 aylar önce
Do I have to keep the higher levelled items equipped when levelling in the powerful cap, or can I keep them in my vault and still continue getting higher numbers like you can in the soft cap?
D_Da_Tree 4 aylar önce
You need to equip those better items in order to build your power level so you can keep getting better gear. if your power level is 1270 the best item you'll get is 1275 and nothing higher than that. Higher power level higher power items..
StopTheHate 4 aylar önce
@Sam Shelton I've played continuously since the game dropped. On you or not if you drop your light level some activities drop gear one over whatever you are using.
Sam Shelton
Sam Shelton 4 aylar önce
@StopTheHate at one point I had high level weapons on my main character and started receiving higher level rares on a separate character that was within the soft cap. So I think it is now an inventory based thing
StopTheHate 4 aylar önce
@Scavsleftmylegsalone that's what they say but it's not always true.
Scavsleftmylegsalone 4 aylar önce
Most sources claim your highest level equipment can be anywhere, equipped, inventory, vault, even postmaster apparently. So I wouldn't worry too much.
Brayden Bybee
Brayden Bybee 4 aylar önce
My titan I never grinded out is like 496 level due to some items being literally 0 power 😂. My warlock is sitting at 1324
Michael Bovender
Michael Bovender 4 aylar önce
Transfer the high level weapons and watch your titan skyrocket in power
kyle 12 cubing
kyle 12 cubing 4 aylar önce
You perfectly explabed destiny. A sivilization powers by a golfball in the sky, and were scared of doritos, lol. Ceep up the work
StrikeForce491 4 aylar önce
Made it to 1290 in like 56 hours 😂 so made some progress
Jean-Luc El-Khoury
Jean-Luc El-Khoury 4 aylar önce
As a returning player, I just bought all the dlcs from forsaken to beyond light. Midway through completing forsaken I realize that my gear is just stuck at 1270 and started to annoy me so much because I just had no clue how to get past that. Destiny really needs to add that in-game explaining to people how to properly level up. I almost stopped playing forsaken and skipped shadow keep because I thought you went past 1270 by completing beyond light campaign.
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 4 aylar önce
Yeah the leveling in this game is a joke... Just let me play the game in level... No reason to lock people out of certain things because they don't have friends or a fire team... The game is more of a second job rather then a fun video game sadly.
Feather River
Feather River 3 aylar önce
I am exactly the player you described. Played a lot, left, now coming back...lol thanks for the guide man.
ThanatosDark 4 aylar önce
I think the matchmaking need to be a must in every single "end game" mode because this would be easier and faster to get a team to do this kind of end game missions to get gear
Rolando Albanes
Rolando Albanes 4 aylar önce
I think they haven’t added match making to endgame modes because they want you to create the fire team yourself
sebastian hogue
sebastian hogue 4 aylar önce
I have a glitched out armor set from the very start of the game (used companion app and switched armor from the broken armor set to high power level armor to power grind) and I put that armor in my vault, locked it and kept it there. Some update in the past changed it all to 0 light level. So if I equip all that armor I get under 500 light lol
Jeremiah Hoffman
Jeremiah Hoffman 2 aylar önce
I haven’t play Destiny 2 since Cayde died… I wanted to come back with a full raid squad this season, thanks for the guide
Chris 4 aylar önce
I'm returning to Destiny after being a D1 player years ago. The addition of mods make this a totally different game. I still miss the relative simplicity of Destiny 1. Much like Halo (2 weapons only) the simplicity is part the genius.
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 4 aylar önce
Bruh theres like 4 mods that even matter 😂... D2 is beyond casual
Matt Sealey
Matt Sealey 4 aylar önce
I don’t think the comment about rounding (around 7:30) is right. If you look in DIM it shows your gear level as a fraction. When you have 7/8ths you actually get pinnacle drops from the three playlist activities that are one level higher - tier 1 pinnacles are literally 9/8ths higher than your current level (crucible, vanguard, gambit) and tier 2 pinnacles are 17/8ths higher (raid, presage etc.). So if you’re 1322 7/8 and do 3 crucible matches you’ll get a 1324 drop, if you’re 1321 7/8 and finish a raid encounter you’ll get 1324.
GyanPrakash 4 aylar önce
Thanks Brother, you're a life saver 😊☺️
Kevin H
Kevin H 4 aylar önce
As far as the gear score is concerned, it's an average and then truncate operation, not rounding.
Daniel Birmingham
Daniel Birmingham 4 aylar önce
i have not played since February last year and im downloading it again right now. this video was great. thank you
Johnathan Dare
Johnathan Dare Aylar önce
Hey I’m a returning play I have played destiny 2 since the first 2 months of it coming out but I just came back and this video really helped thanks
Daniel SQWERLY! 4 aylar önce
Yes rounding down does make sense because you are at that power level until the exact moment you level up.
Gnar Dogg
Gnar Dogg 4 aylar önce
They changed trials to now give 2 pinnacles (not including flawless chest). 1 being winning 7 matches total and 2 being winning 50 rounds.
FireHitPanic Aylar önce
So I just returned after a long break and was 1100 when I first logged, until playing a little more and I’m higher now. As a more PvE Titan, any weapon suggestions? I’m game for trying any gun. However I am more an auto dude, so SMG and Auto Rifles and stuff along those lines are my preference. Again, I’m open to any weapons though. I saw from some guides this one exotic bow (Le Monarch I think is the name) from forsaken is good. So I used one of my three token thingys at the tower to get it. Haven’t tried it yet since I want to swap armor exotics around since I’m current using war rig with sweet business. Would like to have another exotic I got active but I my RnG luck with getting a chest piece is lacking.
TheGamerNextdoor 2 gün önce
Le monarque
ara ara
ara ara 3 aylar önce
for powerful rewards, do they count bonus levels or no?
Drakebloodthorn 3 aylar önce
This might be a dumb question. But do you Have to equip higher light gear to get higher light gear? or is it just based on what you've gotten? Trying to figure out if i should just equip best in slot stat wise or pick the highest light level items.
Rob Rowman
Rob Rowman 3 aylar önce
Appreciate the info before going back into D2. Cheers
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 4 aylar önce
Smacked it on the head " or you already know how to level and just watching this for fun " 😅 great video man keep it up. Subbed 🤙
Toriell Simon
Toriell Simon 4 aylar önce
Little do you know there’s an Arcstrider waiting to block that Nova Bomb 👀
Maxi 4 aylar önce
I really needed this! Thank you
Sotoka 2 aylar önce
7:29 it's called integer math, essentially the program just drops the decimal because it only works with integers.
MToboggan 4 aylar önce
totally for me! Thanks for the update. I "liked"
Supremesis 2
Supremesis 2 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the guide dude dropped a sub! BTW can I ask what is that weapon you was mainly using the shiny purple one? (If that narrows it down heh well I'm sure you'll know what I mean as it's the main one you was using haha
424mph 4 aylar önce
I’ve taken a break from destiny for a while. I swear u were at 20k not to long ago. Keep up the good work
FP Gamer
FP Gamer 4 aylar önce
Back when lowest light level was 750, my friend somehow had 600 light level lol
DewanThomas 4 aylar önce
I read somewhere that having two of the same character(two warlocks, two hunters, etc.) does not allow you to receive double pinnacle awards; but he mentions near the end of the the video that having two of the same character would allow you to swap over and get those rewards again. Can anyone confirm?
Onlytoughonline 4 aylar önce
He probably means swapping weapons over which helps a ton. You would have to even out the alternate characters gear with powerfuls. Then pinnacles last or in between and should get like an extra light increase compared to someone who runs one toon.
Tyler Ricker
Tyler Ricker 4 aylar önce
Best guide I’ve found so far
Connor 4 aylar önce
If you are reading this, you can still earn normal gear upto 1320, 1260 or whatever he said doesnt stop it. I was still getting blues higher than what i was using up until 1320
Liam O'Reilly
Liam O'Reilly 4 aylar önce
Helped a tonne, thankyou heaps bro. Liked and Subbed (:
Arnas Pilipavicius
Arnas Pilipavicius 3 aylar önce
7:30 pretty much wraps up destiny's history in a nutshell
Mayan Does Stuff
Mayan Does Stuff 4 aylar önce
I got 1320 base within 2 days on all 3 of my characters but 1330 base is gonna be a little more harder
Daron 3 aylar önce
For the record I started playing the other day after going without since release. I was level 160. So yeah, you can go lower than 1100 lol
Šimon Lukáš Bucek
Šimon Lukáš Bucek 4 aylar önce
Well i got myself to 1275 without any guides, but i might as well watch this for fun xD
Melosmoov Mel
Melosmoov Mel 3 aylar önce
New to the game so thanks for the great video dude!!!
grooviegroovz 3 aylar önce
Always new players like me who are squeamish about leaning how to hit the pinnacle cap of 1,050. You know what I mean? Much appreciated!
Chill Smith
Chill Smith 4 aylar önce
I'm glad you made this video because I just started playing
Jason Topping
Jason Topping 2 aylar önce
I’m d1 day 1 player who has played this game constantly without a break and even I didn’t know some of this stuff. So thanks
Brandon Sweisberger
Brandon Sweisberger 4 aylar önce
Haven't played this since the game launched. Still on my Xbox one trying to go flawless with a blue pulse rifle
Kai Jacobs
Kai Jacobs 2 aylar önce
I had just started playing 2 weeks ago for the first time and I already got to 1292 pwr
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon 4 aylar önce
Also earning 50 points (I got 20 in 2 games) in Trials gets you a pinnacle
JRRoberto 4 aylar önce
Thanks this helped a lot
Fuck YoutubeCensorship
I know that the destiny community is one of the worst when it comes to helping a returning player. But I need a clan that's willing to help me complete raids.
George Casdo
George Casdo 3 aylar önce
Whats you username
Lucas Bellon
Lucas Bellon 4 aylar önce
once im in the pinnacle cap what order should I do the activities??
Vorptex 4 aylar önce
I completed everything on my first character, but once swapping to my second, it shows everything is done (different classes) does anyone know why?
jd spell
jd spell 4 aylar önce
Quick question, I just tried to do weeklies on a second character and nothing is getting higher then what I have. Did they remove that?
What’s the vibe
What’s the vibe 4 aylar önce
0:38 lol you right I’ve taken so many breaks from destiny over the years and I just recently got back into it like a week ago
Unknown. Zer0
Unknown. Zer0 3 aylar önce
@What’s the vibe particle deconstruction from the seasonal artifact
What’s the vibe
What’s the vibe 4 aylar önce
@Eduardo Gonzalez thanks and do you know the name of the mod? I appreciate it
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
@What’s the vibe fusion rifles aka 1k voices or whatever you got with the new mod they re broken
What’s the vibe
What’s the vibe 4 aylar önce
@Ben Ma by any chance do you know what the meta is for riven? The last time I beat her everyone was using swords and that was like a year ago but now I hear no one does that strat cause swords got nerfed
Ben Ma
Ben Ma 4 aylar önce
Yeah I took like a 2 year break then I came back and I realized how fun the dlcs are lol
Travis Sleep
Travis Sleep 4 aylar önce
Thank you. Very helpful.
S W 4 aylar önce
Quick question: if I am power level 1317 and I receive 8 pieces of gear for each slot at 1318, does my power level still increase if I do not equip it? DIM tells me that my power increases but I haven't noticed if it does increase in-game. Also, does anyone know why DIM tells me my power level is different when compared to in-game? It says 1315 when I am 1317
anesto torres
anesto torres 4 aylar önce
If you have all 8 pieces of gear with a +1 to your gear level, your gear level will increase by 1. Gear dropped from in game are not affected by the seasonal artifact. So basically if your gear level is 100, and your artifact has a power bonus of 30, your total power will be 130, but gear will only drop at power level 100 and higher
Badtouch Breakers
Badtouch Breakers 4 aylar önce
What you do if a pinnacle drops at the same level that you already are? 🤣 Did I do something wrong?
Brett Long
Brett Long 3 aylar önce
“If your a new player, a returning player….or ….you already know what your doing and youre just watching this for fun” Me: *breathing intensifies*
pokemark17 4 aylar önce
started playing when this went free but got fed up cause i couldnt get any good guns and my mates where doing all the high level stuff before i had even started , got back into it the other day and enjoying it but still a bit lost cause a lot of stuff is behind dlc and im not sure what to do apart from vangard and gambit
Stevo Aylar önce
So I just bought the legendary version for pennies, loaded up and it's put me into a mission (quest) with a power level of 1150, the mobs hit like a truck. How on earth do you find the start campaign? Or the correct order of completion? I am on a menu with a million planets and options on them.
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