Derek Carr Attempts to Find the Mysterious Taunter at Large | Gridiron Heights S6E3

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There's a mysterious taunter at the Quarter-Season Carnival and Derek Carr is on the case 🔍. Watch the new 2-min episode.

Stay tuned for another live animated press conference next week!
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5 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report Aylar önce
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Family Guy Clips
Family Guy Clips Aylar önce
Pls dont make another stream I dont care if that means us having weekly one minute episodes
Merry Harry
Merry Harry Aylar önce
Hey BR, look at the like to dislike ratio on this vid compared to the streams you do
H T Aylar önce
The Eagles are a dumpster fire why they almost never on this
Marcus Jnorger
Marcus Jnorger Aylar önce
Stop doing the streams! These are way better. Streams are boring.
Landoman Aylar önce
Please keep these! The streams aren’t nearly as funny or entertaining! There’s a reason we have enjoyed these so much!
Aliradha Alsaidy
Aliradha Alsaidy 7 gün önce
The Justin fields, Matt nagy bits always Jill me bro
pretty cure Forever
pretty cure Forever 12 gün önce
Some how we're 5-3-1
Chazz Ruiz
Chazz Ruiz 16 gün önce
The last Gridiron height Gruden will be in
Tyler Cesena
Tyler Cesena 21 gün önce
you actually can be good at acting and football (ex: Jim Brown)
Dadding AllDay
Dadding AllDay 27 gün önce
What the hell happen to this show? God did someone leave or is this the same group?
martman104 27 gün önce
good old smokin j
Dumble Dee
Dumble Dee 28 gün önce
Wakeith Marcell
Wakeith Marcell Aylar önce
I’m cryin 🤣🤣🤣 Gruden really do love him some Spider 2 Y Banana 😭
PSNBoss224 Aylar önce
this aged like a fine super wine!
adam martinez
adam martinez Aylar önce
and just like that, Jon Gruden was never herd from again...
Thicc Daddy
Thicc Daddy Aylar önce
This actually aged very well lol
Dr Salt
Dr Salt Aylar önce
Gruden being the taunter has a whole new meaning.
Mekhi Davis
Mekhi Davis Aylar önce
Why is Tyler Murray so little😭
General Pendant
General Pendant Aylar önce
Gaddang chargers man
Jeff Graham
Jeff Graham Aylar önce
This didn’t age well…sorta
Solo cut Soldier
Solo cut Soldier Aylar önce
Damn I felt that.
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn Aylar önce
And then Gruden died and was never heard from ever again
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar Aylar önce
They said Kyler Murray is a GROWN ASS MAN🧍🏽‍♂️
t millz
t millz Aylar önce
Eli Peyton Manning is speaking
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson Aylar önce
is it me or have they really cut back on how often they put out new episodes of gridiron heights this season?
popcorn247 Aylar önce
@I agree, but this show really has fallen of thw last two years, altogether
I agree, but
I agree, but Aylar önce
@Jordan Henderson No! They suck! But you can see for yourself.
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson Aylar önce
@I agree, but ah thats what those are. are they any good?
I agree, but
I agree, but Aylar önce
If you weren't aware they are putting out knock off live streams instead of making regular episodes.
Randy Cottle
Randy Cottle Aylar önce
So is it ever other week now
ricky carbs
ricky carbs Aylar önce
“You can be good at BOTH!” -Baker Mayfield 😂😂😂
Renz Ibarra
Renz Ibarra Aylar önce
“I swear I saw a real person” It’s ok Sam those ghosts won’t hurt you anymore
WarlordofBritannia Aylar önce
"God dang Chargers, man!" --Last Words of Jon Gruden
Jacob Eckert
Jacob Eckert Aylar önce
Well this aged… well ?
Orioles1997 Aylar önce
It’s amazing how dated this already is
Trey Houk
Trey Houk Aylar önce
This aged really weirdly really quick.
Connor Akers
Connor Akers Aylar önce
Little did we know that those Lightning strikes would be Decade Old Emails
Nitro Noah
Nitro Noah Aylar önce
This has aged
contentdenied Aylar önce
LOL, that ending feels different now.
Corrine Aylar önce
This aged like a fine wine and it's only been a week
1craley878 Aylar önce
So gridiron heights knew before we did that he was a monster.
Bobby Gonzalez
Bobby Gonzalez Aylar önce
John Gruden secretly taunting people then getting struck down was actually incredible foreshadowing
William Leduc
William Leduc Aylar önce
gridiron heights must have a crystal ball
Rodriguez Martinez Antonio
"God Dang NYT man"
Antonio Bays
Antonio Bays Aylar önce
1 week and this has aged so well
NIJOBKK 23 Aylar önce
Damn gonna miss gruden
Charles Garrett
Charles Garrett Aylar önce
How did they know?
Johnny M
Johnny M Aylar önce
“I love this kid, man.” *Flies away *Lightning strikes “GOD DANG CHARGERS MAN!!” Lmfaooo 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 RIP Gruden’s career and likeability on Gridiron Heights man
Luke Sheehan
Luke Sheehan Aylar önce
Yo the interviews fucking suck bring these back weekly
Heeby Aylar önce
this aged perfectly
The_Magic_Flute Aylar önce
Who's watching after Gruden left 😂
Warren Mitchell
Warren Mitchell Aylar önce
2:04 Best death scene to ever not know that it’s a death scene
Cailin Proctor
Cailin Proctor Aylar önce
all of the sophomores this year have showcased their new voices except joey b
Alex Wirtz
Alex Wirtz Aylar önce
RIP John Gruden's career. Hope we never have to see him again irl but his gridiron heights character will be missed
Canicly Vaskel
Canicly Vaskel Aylar önce
Gruden didn’t age well now lmao
Salvator Mundi
Salvator Mundi Aylar önce
Derek Carr to Jon Gruden: “You broke my heart” 🤝😆😂, good job……Gridiron Heights is Game of Zones baby bro…
Logan's sports takes
The irony
Michael DeFeo
Michael DeFeo Aylar önce
This aged well
Brennan Smith
Brennan Smith Aylar önce
“God dang emails man!”
Wesley Spalding
Wesley Spalding Aylar önce
2:03 RIP Jon Grudens coaching career.
Adam Booth
Adam Booth Aylar önce
Replace the Chargers with “The Emails”
Pablo Salinas
Pablo Salinas Aylar önce
Going to miss jon
artfire28 Aylar önce
This is prophetic. Can't believe this is turning into The Simpsons.
Daniel O'Donnell
Daniel O'Donnell Aylar önce
God dang emails man
Mista Idgaf
Mista Idgaf Aylar önce
Too bad Chucky gone
Aiden Clark
Aiden Clark Aylar önce
This aged like fine wine
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker Aylar önce
Ramsey F this soft ass league man 🤣 I agree
varedna Aylar önce
Did Bleacher Report know before anyone else about what will happen with Gruden?
Chase Wellner
Chase Wellner Aylar önce
Can't look at Gruden the same now LOL
LostDyll Aylar önce
Gruden actually died by the lightning bolt that hit him . 😂😂😂
Colby Anderson
Colby Anderson Aylar önce
That lightning really did a number on Gruden’s career 😂
7beardown Aylar önce
No way who knew about Gruden a week ago😂😂
Awesome squared
Awesome squared Aylar önce
Bleacher Report predicting Grudens downfall
Millz Lane
Millz Lane Aylar önce
Gridiron Heights just unlocked Simpsons style of future predicting.
James Wilson
James Wilson Aylar önce
Well, THAT was prophetic!
John Graham
John Graham Aylar önce
How did they know. Lmao
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Aylar önce
Idk if this aged like wine or milk lol RIP Gruden Grinders playoff aspirations 2021-2021
ML Aylar önce
This aged a bit…too well
Brendan L
Brendan L Aylar önce
This aged poorly
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56 Aylar önce
Who’s here after Ben tore apart the Broncos?
Styker “Chocolate Papi” Ngongoseke
Oh this episode hits different with recent news of Gruden
John Willar
John Willar Aylar önce
Derek couldn’t take Gruden down, so John did it himself
thehost xo
thehost xo Aylar önce
is this the official end to Jon Gruden🤣
Freefalling23 Aylar önce
Holy shit this aged like wine
Hugh Harrison
Hugh Harrison Aylar önce
Preying that they release a real episode today
Harold Aylar önce
Goodell couldn't handle the bantz
Cobi Ceron
Cobi Ceron Aylar önce
This aged fantastically
Fish Aylar önce
Aged like fine Wine
Andrew Sides
Andrew Sides Aylar önce
This aged very well
henryr1115 Aylar önce
This episode aged horribly
terribleplaz Aylar önce
Na it aged perfectly.
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy Aylar önce
The ending...now has double meaning.
William Herman
William Herman Aylar önce
Hmmm... Cannot tell if this video will age poorly, or is it simply really, _really_ accurate about Gruden?!?
J -Wilk
J -Wilk Aylar önce
Damn this is some Game of Zones level of prediction and foreshadowing
TehKaiser Aylar önce
Football's supposed to be gritty ---- so sayeth the John Gruden.....
Andrew Mohrfeld
Andrew Mohrfeld Aylar önce
This is funnier now that Jon is gone.
Tl Haloyn
Tl Haloyn Aylar önce
Leave jay cultler alone.🍋
The Shamedarcher
The Shamedarcher Aylar önce
Gruden gets struck by lightning, and is no longer head coach of the Raiders. Can these guys predict the future???
Fish Aylar önce
A couple of times lol like le'veon bell heading to the jets 😂
Tl Haloyn
Tl Haloyn Aylar önce
How did you know?
Unknown Aylar önce
Well………this aged well
Ms Sandy
Ms Sandy Aylar önce
Teddy's having "a moment".😂🤣
Eric McMichael
Eric McMichael Aylar önce
Little did everyone know, Gruden was saying some other stuff too
Your Local Park Random
Maybe the lightning is why he resigned
Shiki_Duh Aylar önce
Oh this aged well lol
Franco Valentine
Franco Valentine Aylar önce
God damn 11 year old e-mails man lol
Lijah Aylar önce
First they make a vid with urban meyer, then one with gruden The gridiron curse might be real
marsella527 Aylar önce
In a span of a week, this already didn't age well...
clint brunke
clint brunke Aylar önce
Wow this aged......
Tx3 Productions
Tx3 Productions Aylar önce
Bleacher Report knew to write off the character before it was too late, gotta love it lmao