DePape in bizarre phone call to KTVU says he should have been 'more prepared'

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David DePape called the KTVU newsroom this afternoon and told our reporter he had an important message. He said he attacked Paul Pelosi because people's individual liberties are under attack. In the chilling call, he apologized for not going further. The call came on the same day video of the infamous hammer attack on Pelosi was released.

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26 Oca 2023




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CamSak87 Aylar önce
Well I’m sure his defense attorney appreciated that…..and at his sentencing the fact that his only regret is he could have hurt more people…that always gets you leniency from a judge.
CamSak87 Aylar önce
@granola funk your right. Being convicted of fraud is a good thing…not a bad thing. Having your CFO serving time on Rikers island is a good thing too. This guy has you so screwed up you don’t know up from down.
granola funk
granola funk Aylar önce
@CamSak87 You understand very little of Trump's corporations. If I was you I would not say things without actually researching them. Many things you said are simply not true for any corporation. Let alone the Trump foundation or any of his businesses.
granola funk
granola funk Aylar önce
@CamSak87 Also good job at not even trying to argue against anything I said. lol Strawmans mean a lot to me, really.
granola funk
granola funk Aylar önce
@CamSak87 "the surgeon did" I never saw it. I could care less about authoritarianism.
TheReedable Aylar önce
This story is probably a lot bigger than we realize
A R D Aylar önce
That’s the feeling I get
bobo Aylar önce
nope, this guy pretty clearly thinks exactly the way you do. thats why he attacked paul pelosi.
filmon hagos
filmon hagos Aylar önce
I definitely agree with what you said. There is more to it than meets the eye. Obviously, this person really has something against the government and the Democratic party in general. This is not the last time we are going to hear from this man named Dave Depape. There is a lot more to learn about.
elchasai Aylar önce
@D P It's okay to admit that it isn't
D P Aylar önce
@Skeptical but openIt’s okay to admit this is fake and a bundle of sticks
ozoneification Aylar önce
he 100% is not an intelligence asset, and this is a real story, full of facts.
GigiBella Aylar önce
I’m sure his attorneys will try to use the insanity defense after that ridiculous statement. Dude just openly admitted what he did & his intent to cause harm to others was just the icing on the cake. The prosecutors are high-fiving each other right now-he just sealed his fate in that admission. He wasnt getting out anytime soon but he just handed them a confession & admitted to intent to harm/kill others as well.🤦🏻‍♀️ Does anyone understand the phrase, “You have the right to remain silent” anymore??🤣This is Self-snitching on another level😂
Ar Fa
Ar Fa Aylar önce
Bruh this is a prank call! You got trolled😂
Insipid42 Aylar önce
Actually they can't use the insanity defense because he knows clearly the difference between right and wrong.
Bitchslapper316 Aylar önce
@Dr. Яock I'm not defending the guy, I'm questioning this nonsense prank call being turned into news.
lifodd666 Aylar önce
really sloppy job by the three letter agency
JewBannedMe? Aylar önce
elchasai Aylar önce
MrCantStopTheRobot Aylar önce
Not the six-letter?
Scy Aylar önce
wasn't really bizarre, seemed pretty clear his intent actually
bt3 Aylar önce
@Limp Call “You’re a fed… because… because… FUCK I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING”
The West Face Of Dhaulagiri
@MrCantStopTheRobot Oh really? So, you his message was valid in anyway?
D P Aylar önce
MrCantStopTheRobot Aylar önce
They use words like "bizarre" to innoculate the cattle from considering the message.
acyd5000 Aylar önce
I totally believe this is 100% authentic, real and not fake in any way
Steve Aylar önce
We're all blushing with laughter
Cowboy Corboy
Cowboy Corboy Aylar önce
You forgot
Dr.GreenThumb Aylar önce
Seems like he is reading something by the lack of pause in his speech. His voice sounds a little robotic to me
NAY Z Aylar önce
A robot was talking...
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Aylar önce
@elchasai You replied to the wrong person.
elchasai Aylar önce
@Adam Johnson no it isnt, man
Future Building
Future Building Aylar önce
This sounds totally legit, and not at all scripted.
@M J He's not in prison. He's in the San Francisco County Jail, which is where he placed the call from. That's been reported repeatedly.
M J Aylar önce
It could be both guys. Either he wrote the speech down before calling the reporter, or someone/something is trying to counterfeit him. But how is he able to call the reporter in the first place? Is he not in prison? He is clearly a danger to his surroundings.
@Laremy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡
stevepearsonnl Aylar önce
He's reading a script.
hollishill56 Aylar önce
So are you
Andy Babb
Andy Babb Aylar önce
Um, yeah… that he prepared.
daniel costantino
daniel costantino Aylar önce
Well yeah he probably prepared a statement knowing he was gonna get airtime, it's pretty regular.
Haley Aylar önce
The fact that he’s acting like everyone’s ‘savior’ that we should thank him is insane. He must really be committed to his unhinged mess that he had this interview - on one hand might help with an insanity plea but on the other proves that he knows exactly what he was doing (intent) and he had intent to do more.
D P Aylar önce
It’s fake lmao
MrSonicAdvance Aylar önce
Argh! My eyes! This glows so brightly.
Skylar Graham
Skylar Graham Aylar önce
@Al whats a glowie?
Al Aylar önce
glowie confirmed
Earth Aylar önce
yes, he's a glowie
Melissa Ann Franck-Zummo
He's reading from something. Even sounds like a voice over or something.
Steve Aylar önce
Hes reading the speech he wrote before calling the reporter... not rocket science 🤷‍♂️
Trenton Crawley
Trenton Crawley Aylar önce
Why would he try and freestyle a speech?
Midnight Toker
Midnight Toker Aylar önce
While this is disturbing and hard to believe, set up or not, the scary part is that I've personally met multiple people with this exact mentality who naturally, and regularly, talk exactly like this and who share the same beliefs. I don't care what he believes or what anyone's political opinions are or what the reasoning is, this is a moral issue, assaulting a defenseless elderly man is unacceptable and disgusting. This guy clearly isn't right in the head. I know the extent of what's actually going on behind the scenes and what's being covered up but this isn't the answer.
PK Aylar önce
lol he's reading a script
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee Aylar önce
That's was really Weird. I'm glad you aired it...the story just thickens 🤣🤣🤣
Jamie A2Z83
Jamie A2Z83 Aylar önce
does he actually have no idea that the people he thinks he did this for, his peers, now believe that this was a domestic despute between lovers
Jamie A2Z83
Jamie A2Z83 Aylar önce
@Farco i think martin is a patriot. they said the same thing about the jan 6 rioters.
Farco Aylar önce
@Martin Martin We think repeat he was gay because it's funny but nah that's the "patriots" who really believe that.
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic Aylar önce
Whatever the reason thankyou patriot
Martin Martin
Martin Martin Aylar önce
Antifa i.e. transgenders, gays, BLM etc. think he was gay?
Tetsuo Nabiki
Tetsuo Nabiki Aylar önce
This Glows.
Rodolfo Pires Silva
The culture of the United States is a true wonder, influenced by all the ethnicities and traditions that have been suppressed and oppressed over the years. American literature, music, art, and cinema are so incredible that we need to export them to the whole world and boast about it. The USA is the birthplace of such revolutionary cultural movements as jazz, hip-hop, rock and roll, and Hollywood cinema, where representation of minorities is practically non-existent. And of course, we can't forget the diverse cuisine, which combines influences from all the cultures that have been plundered and plagiarized over the years. And of course, freedom of expression is so valued here that anyone can say whatever they want, as long as they agree with the dominant opinion.
Rensink Ramblings
Rensink Ramblings Aylar önce
How did he call? Isn’t he in jail?
Minion meme mindset
Absolute king, let him walk!!
You Tube
You Tube Aylar önce
I agree. Harmless to the innocent.
Oakette Aylar önce
We little people have never not lived under tyranny. At different times throughout history, the ruling elite have allowed us to enjoy the illusion of freedom, as long as we follow certain rules and don't rock the boat. But as a result of information being freely exchanged on the internet, too many people have started waking up, therefore that invisible tyranny which has always been there has been forced to rear its hideous face for all to see. Remember, your loyalty belongs to 1) Family 2) tribe, in that order. Anyone who pledges their loyalty to the state, or any other anti-human system, has surrendered their humanity and sold their soul. Know your enemies and never allow your loyalty to your own people waver in times of peril.
The West Face Of Dhaulagiri
BTW it just kills me that this fascist calls his enemies the fascist. Either straight out projection or proof of just how brainwashed he is.
The West Face Of Dhaulagiri
You don't know what tyranny is. Ask someone who lived in Cambodia from April 1975 to December of 1979 what tyranny is. Also, in America those most authoritarian are Trump and his supporters easily.
Putin_Cured_COVID Aylar önce
1) God. The rest of your comment was accurate
Ryan Borger
Ryan Borger Aylar önce
Not buying this even a little. Went from probably going to put out fake stuff to cover up what really happened, to obvious fake nonsense.
Martin Martin
Martin Martin Aylar önce
@Ryan Borger The comment I responded to made a claim and asked others to verify it, this had nothing to do with DePape. I wasnt asking how one would verify it, I was criticizing the claim and the demand others verify something in the youtube comment section. Like your comment suggests how we can verify DePape's existence and story, but how would YOU in the comments here right now achieve positive confirmation that this story is true without relying on 3rd and 4th account sources i.e. the news? You can't, unless you want to spend hours and a bunch of money verifying it.
Jon In SLO
Jon In SLO Aylar önce
@Ryan Borger Kind of like the guards that "fell asleep" when "epstein committed suicide"?
Ryan Borger
Ryan Borger Aylar önce
@Martin Martin Literal prison phone records, guard that took the person to the phone verifying it was them, voice pattern analysis. It wouldn't be very hard to identify. Verify the number that called the reporter to be a number he had access to. Etc., Etc.
Martin Martin
Martin Martin Aylar önce
@The West Face Of Dhaulagiri Interestjng question, how would you verify this one way or the other?
Zoofood Chef
Zoofood Chef Aylar önce
It's a fine line between exposing crazies like this and giving him a platform to entice more crazies with the same ideas
Colin B
Colin B Aylar önce
@TalesOf Gore Because the whole story is fake/fixed.
Marco Vacca
Marco Vacca Aylar önce
@sdfasdfadfasdfadfasd . Also, the attack on the WH and the St John's Episcopal Church next to the WH.
Marco Vacca
Marco Vacca Aylar önce
@Warmly Calculated . The next one from Antifa/far left.
^_^ Hello
^_^ Hello Aylar önce
"My website that is totally not a honeypot has over 300 pages"
Suck It
Suck It Aylar önce
It’s ok good buddy, you tried and that’s what matters most!
Omar Ali
Omar Ali Aylar önce
They have a gun to the guys head forcing him to read a script. That was so obviously a script.
elchasai Aylar önce
yes a script he wrote for hiimself
same name
same name Aylar önce
What 🤯 this can't be real
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Aylar önce
It's a "real" MK Ultra style psy-op is what it is.
Cowboy Corboy
Cowboy Corboy Aylar önce
It's not. It's a total set up. The entire thing was manufactured.
Putin_Cured_COVID Aylar önce
Half of me loves this. The other half wonders how much he was paid to read this.
Vicky McPherson
Vicky McPherson Aylar önce
I question if this is even Depape.
i turned into a Martian
Of course it's not 😆🤣
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson Aylar önce
100% the most transparent psyop since SH
Truth Bot
Truth Bot Aylar önce
@ArimaSenne1 Never heard of him.
ArimaSenne1 Aylar önce
@Truth Bot Alex Jones
Truth Bot
Truth Bot Aylar önce
@Drago Milosevic ¿Porqué?
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic Aylar önce
@Truth Bot learn englische
Truth Bot
Truth Bot Aylar önce
@Drago Milosevic Pobrecito
N W Aylar önce
Sounds scripted but his effort was appreciated. You gave Paul your best shot
CaledoniaCrusader Aylar önce
That's absolutely the worst script reading near the end that I've witnessed.
You Tube
You Tube Aylar önce
The guy is apologizing for not bonking more corrupt politicians in the head. "Me sorry, Me fail you"... He is pretty comitted and does not seem dangerous one bit.
Disband NATO
Disband NATO Aylar önce
Why does he sound like he's reading somebody else's script and not his own words?
Luis-Cipher Mstar
Luis-Cipher Mstar Aylar önce
That is a computer generated A.I. voice track and you can clearly hear it with the weird voice drop offs, they way the sentences is are ended etc.. LMAO Not even conspiracy theorist bs, you can plainly hear it lol. I get spam calls daily where they use the same exact A.I. generated chat to leave messages. At first when you listen to any of them they sound real, then you hear the oddities to realize they are computer generated. I know, I own a tech company that deals with this for a living and have used this to troll folks over the years. This is funny that they are trying to pass this off while being trolled, but not funny since it muddies the Jury pool and skews public judgment of the case.
@Luis-Cipher Mstar Take your meds
Luis-Cipher Mstar
Luis-Cipher Mstar Aylar önce
@Lord KizzleAll jokes aside, the break in video footage is not like the court crime scene photos and media photos of the Pelosi back patio with the broken window that they released right after the attack. The crime scene photos show 3 long sets of brick steps in front of the doors and broken window that he got in. The video release there are no steps in that footage and some little patio sitting area. As for body cam footage, have you seen the person through the window on the left side behind the door after it opened? 😆 Its all fun and games I guess. Lol
Lord Kizzle
Lord Kizzle Aylar önce
But if you watch the video of the attack you'll see David's hologram has perfect voice synthesis capabilities.
Luis-Cipher Mstar
Luis-Cipher Mstar Aylar önce
@Samuel Loetscher If you say so homie. Cheers
Michael Holbrook
Michael Holbrook Aylar önce
He's not crazy! He knows truth. I new it.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Sickler
Ryan Sickler Aylar önce
He should not have the ability to speak to the press.
loriann1506 Aylar önce
The liberty tree was a militia radio type show that’s been on over 30 years. They used to distribute cassette tapes
Eric Silver
Eric Silver Aylar önce
@Josh A 'The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants.' If this is DePape. DePape is based and I like him.
Josh A
Josh A Aylar önce
He was referring to a well know quote genius. There's a know it all in every bunch.
Middle Guy
Middle Guy Aylar önce
Yea this dude's insane
Tommy G
Tommy G Aylar önce
I forgive you David!! At the end of the day, elected officials are just people who need to realize their poor decisions may come with consequences
Kat Davis
Kat Davis Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂😂 Lock it up and throw away the key
Trish Benedict
Trish Benedict Aylar önce
Dude, you beat up an old man. You almost killed him. He’s married to someone you don’t like, but you chose to beat him up. Never mind that the things that you believe to be true are figments of somebody else’s imagination that you’ve chosen to sign onto. I hope you never get out of prison.
granola funk
granola funk Aylar önce
@Kef103 Stop trying to make assumption of what others think... You have no clue because you do not relate.
Kef103 Aylar önce
@granola funk so you think this guy is going to jail but really is a democrat and staged this because it would benefit democrats how???
M01 Flores
M01 Flores Aylar önce
This is why we need a border wall... with Canada....
xCrAz3d Aylar önce
I've seen the video, his voice when the door opens & says no, even from a simple word or 2, it does not sound the same here, plus the way this message is said & sounds it wouldn't surprise me if this was a bot... as bots are getting to sound more & more real, the perfect pauses in between as if it were a president reading a scripted speech, the clicks, "now that you have all seen the body cam footage i have an import... (click click) important message", the background noise changing on & off starting at "it's my own fault", & the "glo-ba-bo-bal facists" LMFAO, weather this is some staged incident or not, what are you people at fox really trying to pull here, fox news is controlled by dem's so this has got to be all for some kind way to keep the control of the American people aka the sheep going in a straight line.
Prod.Terrace Aylar önce
Voice recorded through video, and voice coming through a telephone sound quite different, I thought everyone knew this.
Punky Lesh
Punky Lesh Aylar önce
I would like to read to you the following prepared statement!
Baby Bison
Baby Bison Aylar önce
Initially I didn't think it would be possible, but I kind of agree with this guy. We need more people like this to keep the elites in check.
Baby Bison
Baby Bison Aylar önce
@Truth Bot your comment just got reported for "misinformation"
Baby Bison
Baby Bison Aylar önce
@Truth Bot I'm going to bed now. Sweet dreams. Sorry I got you so angry. Hopefully you can calm down and get some sleep. I'm sure you have a big day at work tomorrow making all that money.
Truth Bot
Truth Bot Aylar önce
@Baby Bison Wow, you corrected yourself! 👏🏽 Sleep tight, sweetie pie.
Baby Bison
Baby Bison Aylar önce
@Truth Bot now you're making things up. This is beyond sad. No idea why you said 4w... We can't all be as smart as you. I mean, you do have 42 subscribers and you pay more in taxes in one year than I have in my whole life. You're clearly doing big things.
bigbowlowrong Aylar önce
Most sane Fox News viewer
Malena Teves
Malena Teves Aylar önce
Well, that was horrifying. I hope everyone who made fun of Mr. and Mrs. P and made up conspiracy theories will apologize but I won't hold my breath. ;(
Steve Aylar önce
@D P your fake lol
D P Aylar önce
It’s so fake lmao
Conor Shannon
Conor Shannon Aylar önce
In fact they are already doubling down despite his admission of guilt
TalesOf Gore
TalesOf Gore Aylar önce
@Josh A sometimes bros just have to have a drunken hammer duel in their skibbies. totally normal stuff.
Steve Aylar önce
They can't apologize if they have no souls to redeem
Fraser Kerr
Fraser Kerr Aylar önce
The thing is. His motivation behind the act is understandable. You can't pretend since 9/11 the people have lost all faith in government, all over the globe
irish anger
irish anger Aylar önce
No good deed goes unpunished. 🔨🧠🥰
Steve Aylar önce
@TalesOf Gore im upset when anyone gets attacked... can't imagine being that psychotically disassociated from empathy that I wouldn't care 🤷‍♂️
TalesOf Gore
TalesOf Gore Aylar önce
@Steve imagine being this upset that a fucking Pelosi got bopped lmao
Steve Aylar önce
Hopefully he'll get out one day and come visit you... I'll send him a letter and tell you where to find you... What's your shelter address
Miss Bee
Miss Bee Aylar önce
Prove that is David DePape speaking.
Drilldrulus123 Aylar önce
Thanks God bless this man 🔨
Drilldrulus123 Aylar önce
@hollishill56 I am not about that life he is a hero I am not
mustang6speedd Aylar önce
This man is a legend
ognqski Aylar önce
So he went from junky male hippy escort to conservative libertarian, I am sure long held believes of his. I wonder who in the swap or dnc wrote this script for him.
Marilyn O
Marilyn O Aylar önce
Disgusting to even air this maniac's insane mantra. Prayers for healing for all !!!
D P Aylar önce
It’s totally fake lmao
54321Truth Aylar önce
100% Patriotic Man DePape is the most patriotic man in the entire USA.
Andrew Aylar önce
Its fake. There's no way defense attorneys would allow a client to call in a confession that undermines a not guilty plea.
Josh A
Josh A Aylar önce
That's the point, to make Real freedom loving patriots look insane. WAKE UP
NAY Z Aylar önce
Why do I think they took his voice and somehow used a machine to say all this????
DonYuJuana Aylar önce
@Lord Kizzle I love how there are people out there who can see the many inconsistencies in the story, and still buy everything being presented at face value, without hesitation. I mean, why would government officials or the media lie to the public?
DonYuJuana Aylar önce
Because AI generated voices is the new thing that the public has access to now, so there's plausible deniability that a "troll" did this
Lisa Tanksley
Lisa Tanksley Aylar önce
I cannot believe you even gave this man a voice on your channel! Shame on you!!!! God is watching and being a fox affiliate you’d think after a billion dollar lawsuit, you learn to do better by your country.
Michael Spunich
Michael Spunich Aylar önce
And yet you listened to it, so I suppose it was news worthy after all
Stabby McStabwood
Stabby McStabwood Aylar önce
I think they cut a word out of the closed captions there at the end. See it you can pick it out.
Terry Davis
Terry Davis Aylar önce
It was sneed. Chuck doesn't want you knowing this.
No Deal
No Deal Aylar önce
Why does it sound like he is reading from a script?
Snow Ball
Snow Ball Aylar önce
LMAO! So that supposed to be that guy from the video huh? How do I know that's him talking? Because these people are not liars right? Get that out of here
Kraptain KrunCh
Kraptain KrunCh Aylar önce
Sounds like a prompted voice deepfake.
Ceasar Saran
Ceasar Saran Aylar önce
BS. That isnt DePape.
Terry Davis
Terry Davis Aylar önce
Corre t. It is Depoopoo.
Heathenistic1 Aylar önce
Ask yourself why he thinks like he does. That's all I'm saying.
The whole thing seems strange; it resembles a Jussie Smollett case.
Mrs. Liz
Mrs. Liz Aylar önce
How in the world would he be able to call the news while in jail? What a nut!
Kluneberg Aylar önce
local news at that
205KEN Aylar önce
@1AHSJAK Dhajka I think what the OP meant was how was he able to reach someone at the news who believed it was actually him… Each time you get a new pin# / booked on you say whatever name you want into the recording…
Kaws Aylar önce
Two words, and don’t google this. Prison Pocket.
1AHSJAK Dhajka
1AHSJAK Dhajka Aylar önce
Um there's phones in prison and prison phones
Frank Victor De La O
Richard LaFata
Richard LaFata Aylar önce
It sounded so scripted. I say fake AF.
K O.
K O. Aylar önce
@Henry Valz “struggle” to read
Mademoiselle & Co
Mademoiselle & Co Aylar önce
Sounds all staged...
Lupus Albus
Lupus Albus Aylar önce
AI was mad for trolling
LesscoBrandon Aylar önce
Is it really him talking ?
Jon In SLO
Jon In SLO Aylar önce
Aviex Aylar önce
Seems legit
Jo Bosanza
Jo Bosanza Aylar önce
RAMAH Aylar önce
What script. His other site that was set up in 1 day lol.
friendlyTroll Aylar önce
ꝈȺɀӋ لȺӋ Aylar önce
Right now he's in TelAviv partying with Epstein.
The Beef
The Beef Aylar önce
Kinda sounds like he's reading a script.
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
San Francisco!! What in the hell?
cryptsub Aylar önce
He actually said "globohomo fascists".
banned again
banned again Aylar önce
@ArimaSenne1 no it doesn't lol. That's the midwit definition.
ArimaSenne1 Aylar önce
@banned again globohomo means globoal homogenziation
Martin Martin
Martin Martin Aylar önce
@Redbeard it does Globo hegemony also means the push for lgbtqiMAP normality
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Aylar önce
It's sounds robotic....
lynnrx52 Aylar önce
What’s with the ad box sitting right on top of the text transcript? SMH
Drago Milosevic
Drago Milosevic Aylar önce
This is canadian is only sorry he didn't get more of them🤣
Dorothy Lewis
Dorothy Lewis Aylar önce
Star Ship
Star Ship Aylar önce
Demons are real.
JAY Aylar önce
JuggaloJohn Aylar önce
This sounds like text to speech program,
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Aylar önce
Next time I hire a fixer from the Genovese crime family and not a rank amateur.
Melv Aylar önce
Look Inverted
Look Inverted Aylar önce
Is this the Babylon Bee again? I can't tell anymore.
comment below
comment below Aylar önce
why did you title this "Bizarre"?
Jim Cypher
Jim Cypher Aylar önce
Cocoa Puffs...🙄
MrSmithOriginal Aylar önce
Killacamfoo O.G.
Killacamfoo O.G. Aylar önce
AI generated.
Derek Lawrence
Derek Lawrence Aylar önce
What a crazy video.
Texas Burbs
Texas Burbs Aylar önce
yeah, he seems 'sane'.....
TipsyGizmo Aylar önce
@Colin B I believe Charles Manson was part of it. He always said, you made me this way. Or something like that
Able Danger
Able Danger Aylar önce
Oh... another iq test.
Earth Aylar önce
How much did he get to say this is the real question. They bought him out :)
$1 vs $10,000 Football Seats!
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