Dennis Chambers Hears TOOL For The First Time

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What if funk/fusion drummer Dennis Chambers was the drummer for Tool?

(Don’t tell Danny Carey.)

Dennis is known for his legendary backbeat and funky style. So of course we felt mischievous and we dared him to try playing “Schism”, one of Tool’s biggest songs. It’s full of odd time signatures, quick, complex changes and unexpected accents, and Dennis had never heard it before.

But we didn’t ask him to learn the real drum parts: we wanted to see what he’d come up with on his own after hearing the song once. While you’ll hear the song with drums in this video, Dennis was actually listening to a drumless track.

“This is not me,” he warned us as he listened through the track, but “in my younger days, this would’ve been up my alley!”

How will Dennis Chambers not only learn a song he’s never heard before, but in a style he’s unfamiliar with - and in odd time, at that?

Since the song doesn’t have a drum track, he listens for two things: the style and the time signature. Watch Dennis’ playthrough where he gives it his own spin. It’s solid, it’s groovy, and there’s some unexpected footwork later on. It’s amazing how much a song can change with a different approach on the drums.

You’ve never heard Schism played like this before!

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22 May 2022




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Mike Rancour
Mike Rancour 5 gün önce
@Juan L. Alonso G. He studied I believe
Mike Rancour
Mike Rancour 5 gün önce
Hahaha yes piece's fitdarnright! Like the drumline good set tune a bit.... dealing with this great band always gets a Smile for they brought for us from mid 90$
Aaron Mutch
Aaron Mutch 8 gün önce
Holy crap. TRvid has been trying to get me to watch this video for weeks. I’m so glad I finally clicked on it. This dude is a genius to just make up drum licks for a song he heard once. Absolutely amazing rendition and super funky
Casper Maul
Casper Maul 10 gün önce
@Juan L. Alonso G. Iii
Maciej Naruk
Maciej Naruk 11 gün önce
@Juan L. Alonso G. you uh7yl
Eric 11 gün önce
He may not like it, but he knows the pieces fit.
big swangin 420
big swangin 420 21 saatler önce
Would not have understood this comment if the song had not said it in sync with me reading lool
specific78 Gün önce
i am sad i can only give this one thumbs up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
waxcomb 2 gün önce
He really brought all the pieces back together
shane streeter
shane streeter 2 gün önce
Gold hahahha
Ryan Lerigo-Jones
Ryan Lerigo-Jones 22 saatler önce
So much respect for Dennis, a true legend and yet here's proof of absolutely no ego whatsoever. Amazing player, amazing human.
king Buzzo
king Buzzo 3 gün önce
my god. understandably, he got tripped up a little from a few of the time changes but for a first attempt "sight reading", this is absolutely amazing. if he gave it 2 more runs, it would have been note for note perfect.
Craig Soderberg
Craig Soderberg 8 gün önce
I would've liked to have seen Dennis hearing what the actual recording sounded like for his reaction to the actual parts.
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson 19 saatler önce
Jason Coates
Jason Coates Gün önce
Had the same thought. That would be just as interesting as his interpretation.
@benharrison8855 I know, lol... I do agree that they should have made the video end with him hearing Danny's part, but oh well... Maybe they'll see the demand for it and make a video later and surprise everyone... Hopefully
C N Gün önce
@benharrison8855 there's no link jn this thread so that might be why
benharrison8855 2 gün önce
@WAYMAKER MEDIA I've linked it in this exact thread and people are still complaining. Can lead a horse to water mate hahaha
Carl Stanton
Carl Stanton Gün önce
I always find it fascinating how different drummers interpret a song,back when I was in a band,we went through a few drummers over the years. the same song played by a different drummer,with a different style, playing a different rhythm/beat can drastically change the sound of a song. this was a really interesting video,and great to see you still challenge yourself and come out on top. bravo friend,love the original,and love your version too. 🎉
ShartimusPrime Aylar önce
Thank you so much Drumeo and Dennis Chambers!! This was so freaken awesome to see, I loved it!!
TruthUnderFire 7 gün önce
Toku_Visor 16 gün önce
The early 2000’s really are coming back it seems lol
Red Aylar önce
Heeeey Shartimus!
Dahhm Life
Dahhm Life Aylar önce
Shartimus, Shartimus, Shartimus, Prime!
Dragline Aylar önce
Dude shartimus in a tool video comments... Fuck yeah.
Politic Fish
Politic Fish 7 gün önce
This is what greatness looks like. It’s not perfect, it’s real. Seeing him learn in the moment was badass. Keep making moves!
K-Los 3 gün önce
Love that. “It’s not perfect, it’s real” 🙏🏼
The Nth Eric
The Nth Eric 2 gün önce
The start was a bit timid and I was kind of expecting Dennis to be caught off guard by the middle part where the whole theme suddenly changes. However, what really sold it to me was the end. It flowed amazingly naturally and delivered a strong finish for the song. As others said: The pieces fit.
Sebastian Ag
Sebastian Ag 2 gün önce
At the end you should have played the real song back to him and filmed his reaction to it. Would be really interesting to hear him compare his interpretation of the song to the real one. I did enjoy this a lot regardless and Dennis did a superb job with his interpretation!
Gun Drummer
Gun Drummer 3 gün önce
Dang that was really good haha
Christian Kelley
Christian Kelley Aylar önce
Please do more of these concepts where people try to play over a song they’ve never heard. I saw the Enter Sandman one & that one’s brilliant too but this concept is awesome. I loved this.
Arthur Henrici
Arthur Henrici 11 saatler önce
Whiskey In The Jar, Suicide & Redemption, Would?, Smoking Snakes, Land of Confusion.... So many great songs to try out
mastod0n1 4 gün önce
@Nicholas P yes. By Larnell Lewis, best known as the drummer for Snarky Puppy. He had the drum track included with what he was given to listen to, which is important to know when reading and contributing to the conversation here. Larnell is a legend in his own right, in my opinion, so him having the drum track to go off of shouldn't discredit how well he did in that video either.
mastod0n1 4 gün önce
@Harvey Gitarista that's extra unfair because Polyphia writes a lot of their stuff in DAWs with midi before figuring out how to play it on their instruments. That's what gives them their unique sound. They are all world class musicians in their own right but the way they write their parts is soooo different from the traditional approach.
Nicholas P
Nicholas P 6 gün önce
Was the enter sandman one done on this channel?
The Wrist Rebellion
The Wrist Rebellion 5 gün önce
Wooooow. This was not only impressive, but somehow watching him play this and get into it actually gave me such a deep emotional feeling. Awesome. More videos with this man doing this very thing, please!
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 4 gün önce
Right! Gave me goosebumps
ruben 6 gün önce
“Not my cup of tea”, proceeds to do it perfectly as if he was destined to play this.
Jourdan Sarpy
Jourdan Sarpy 23 saatler önce
@Wakefield he was playing he’s own original drum piece dude.
Wakefield Gün önce
Bruh he was was way off 😂.. on time but way off
Faux Real Beatz
Faux Real Beatz 3 gün önce
It's almost like he's playing in a different time signature than Danny does but with a common denominator to make it all line up. Kinda reminds me of Chris Turner doing parallel drumming too
Dominic King
Dominic King 8 gün önce
The way he smiles at 10:06 you can tell he's really enjoying the pure musicianship of it despite tool not being his thing
Andrew Hinds
Andrew Hinds 6 gün önce
@CQBFugitives Damned right!
CQBFugitives 7 gün önce
Hearing and playing along to something that makes u smile like that has gotta be the best feeling in music
phil day
phil day 8 gün önce
I wonder if he is smiling at the lyric "I know the pieces fit" after playing this song with goofy time signatures
Jeffrey Arroyo
Jeffrey Arroyo 8 gün önce
That's how a lot of people get turned onto tool. I've had several friends who absolutely did not listen to or even like tool. I've turned a few of them by getting them to actually listen to the "technical" aspect of it. Once they actually "listened" to it, they saw the genius behind their orchestration.
Dalian Moya
Dalian Moya 21 gün önce
“I’m quite sure it was wrong, but it felt great to me.” A real musician.
zaxmaxlax 11 saatler önce
@Gateway833 Exactly my point, I'm not dissing tool, I'm just stating facts.
Gateway833 11 saatler önce
@zaxmaxlax the bass riff and lyrics is the entire song basically you can change the drums and the song would still be the same for the most part basically like you said
C N Gün önce
@zaxmaxlax yeah true if you're just jamming along like in this video
zaxmaxlax Gün önce
@C N Yes, the original drum track is totaly irrelevant
C N Gün önce
@zaxmaxlax what does that even mean? The original drum tracks are irrelevant to the song? Are you attemtping to have a controversial Tool take or something?
screamengine 3 gün önce
Dennis is incredible. He knew where the pieces fit. Kept a beat and never fell away! :)
O P 5 gün önce
5/8 and 7/8 in the verses, 6/8 and 7/8 in the interludes. He starts playing time in 4/4 over the existing 5/8 7/8 groove at 6.30ish. Super super cool the way he can play fluently over the odd time stuff. Made it sound super musical and expressive.
colin atherton
colin atherton 21 saatler önce
This is absolutely fascinating, not only is it incredibly impressive how Dennis can flow and be so creative with a very challenging song but just to see a brilliant musician produce a completely fresh take on the entire song is brilliant. Thanks Dennis.
Eric Iocca
Eric Iocca 7 gün önce
That was crazy! Toward the end there were parts where he really started sounding like how Danny plays it. Nice work man!
Spacey Cave Co.
Spacey Cave Co. 4 gün önce
Give Dennis a day or less and I think we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between he and Danny anymore. For his first time, that's very impressive!
Saw Boss
Saw Boss 5 gün önce
That was really neat
Eric Iocca
Eric Iocca 5 gün önce
@Tyler Stecker no kidding!
Tyler Stecker
Tyler Stecker 5 gün önce
Yeah that's what I thought too! Obviously there are differences but so many similarities too! Amazing to see him come up with that on the spot.
John Prather
John Prather Aylar önce
Yeah we definitely need him hearing the original drum part, and we DEFINITELY need "Danny Carey reacts to Dennis Chambers writing a drum part for his song".
Tim Dooley
Tim Dooley 5 gün önce
I agree with this on an existential, political, religious, esoterical level
Scrapsteen Life In The Forks
YUP!!!! @tool
Good Medicine
Good Medicine 8 gün önce
I'd love to see it both ways! Would be cool to watch Dennis listen to the original and like you said Danny's reaction to Dennis version which was made on the spot!
Dave Furbush
Dave Furbush 8 gün önce
Dino Spumoni
Dino Spumoni 9 gün önce
@Tony Allen I listened to him listening to the song with full percussion idk what you were listening to
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan 3 gün önce
Dennis is the man… What a champ, just shut his eyes and let his heart go for it. I love TOOL and I reckon Dennis could step in for Danny any day
TheFutureofScience 17 saatler önce
I see so many “So and so professional drummer hears Tool for the first time,” and you know that it’s total clickbait bullshit. But with this one, I definitely believe that he hadn’t heard them before. It’s a joy to watch someone with such a strong musical background discover Tool.
Abdullah Usman
Abdullah Usman 6 gün önce
I love Tool and this song as well, but Dennis absolutely floored me with this man! No complaints! This was amazing to watch!
Brenden E
Brenden E Gün önce
Wow..! This was incredible and so much fun to watch. I loved how he grew and evolved into that hypnotic Tool energy through his playing, especially towards the end with the bass drum fills. Hands down 10/10 amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️
Axolot 27 gün önce
Please have Danny Carrey react to this !
DrDisInfect 😷
DrDisInfect 😷 10 gün önce
Wtf no
Kitchens. With Leon
Kitchens. With Leon 11 gün önce
Danny Carrey likes this 👍
BazzfromtheBackground 21 gün önce
@Aussie Hardwood So why did you watch the video? Or are you just here to comment you don't like a thing?
Poopface Loser
Poopface Loser 21 gün önce
@TaintRight yes, a ton of posers still buy tickets to tool, just as they did with limp biscuit. (= And let's put it this way, if you can't handle my opinion then you can't handle anything more than a boring band like Tool. Get well soon.
TaintRight 21 gün önce
@Poopface Loser really? Last time I checked their tickets are over 300 for nosebleed sections..and none of your favorite bands can do what they do..
Stoney Girl
Stoney Girl Gün önce
Blown away, love this song (as-is) but I love this rendition. Would love to see Danny Carey react to it, he'd probably love it.
Lucian V.
Lucian V. 11 saatler önce
That was mind-blowing!!! And it was his first attempt at it, start to finish with some improve at the end. Just...amazing.
jdsuperawesome 10 gün önce
Everything about this is great! We need more of this
Whoisnt Whoisit
Whoisnt Whoisit 6 gün önce
By the second verse he was pretty well aligned with the song! Sounded pretty damn good from then on, just got better and better as he got comfortable with the song! My face was lit up like a christmas tree by the end! Loved it!
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott Aylar önce
I really appreciate Dennis showing us this vulnerable side of his playing. I’ve had to play songs at gigs that I’ve never heard before and I feel like it’s a very important/overlooked skill to learn as a working musician. Great Job!!!
dh 14 gün önce
I got fired from my band of 12 years so I had to join several new bands and I've been spending a lot of time playing songs I don't know I keep my eyes closed I can't waste any energy with my eyes
J D Jones
J D Jones 21 gün önce
Rick Simmons
Rick Simmons 29 gün önce
Well said!!!
Julian Sundström
Julian Sundström Aylar önce
@Myprivateyoutube that made zero sense but whatever. . Byeee
Myprivateyoutube Aylar önce
@Julian Sundström LoL This is like people who say Phil Rudd is awesome cuz "pocket" Y'all are funny
liffythe 16 saatler önce
"But it felt great to me." Yes, sir! That was a man in FLOW, the body happy and dancing, relaxed intensity. I also appreciate that he started by making it clear he was going to play along (pun) but he was doing so with scepticism - "This is NOT my cup of tea." 🤗🥰 Let your boundaries be known, then go for it.
Coastfog 20 saatler önce
When a first try is better than any try I could ever play... Amazing skill on many levels!
John Douglas Music
John Douglas Music 3 gün önce
bowing down to Dennis for picking this up like that! Danny is a phenomenal drummer
Spencer Young
Spencer Young 2 gün önce
Very well done, real talent to be able to jam to a song so quickly especially to a Tool song as they tend to have peculiar timing.
Turkinator101 23 gün önce
The way he just fell in the groove like he was meant to be there, despite the style being totally out of his element.. Masterclass musicianship, nothing short of it!!
Andrew Hazlewood
Andrew Hazlewood 16 gün önce
@Jake Zee trvid.com/u-shortsotjgtBs2RLk?feature=share here’s Dennis’ reaction after hearing Danny’s part included, I think Dennis done a great job all things considered, I felt he was along the right lines obviously with us knowing how it originally sounds , it was never going to be perfect but had he listen to it a few times I think it would of been really interesting to see how much different it would of been
Jake Zee
Jake Zee 16 gün önce
gotta disagree. He totally missed the groove because he was never shown it. He didn't even get to hear the original drums, which is the forefront of the song itself.
Math. 17 gün önce
Proving that, when we're talking music, there's no "wrong" answers!
thegreatmrp 20 gün önce
​@Casey Casey for real I wasnt expecting or ready, it just took me.
Casey Casey
Casey Casey 21 gün önce
gave me chills.....
Sheridan Lacy
Sheridan Lacy 11 saatler önce
Around 8:30 he let the music take him imo, really cool to see 🥁 the whole song was amazing 🤩 thanks for sharing 🙏
Brousey B
Brousey B 18 saatler önce
Just goes to show how incredible Danny is with his polyrhythms.. Also not sure if I remember correctly but Danny is also the fastest when comes to recording...
Aaron Newman
Aaron Newman 9 gün önce
Even as a non musician, it is clear this man has mastered his craft and that alone makes the video worthwhile, and to see him do a fantastic interpretation of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists is icing on the cake. Superb job truly.
yung crucifix
yung crucifix 10 gün önce
seeing that big smile come across his face at 10:09 was so wholesome, he was really enjoying himself. what a great video and a massive talent from dennis.
Et råd | ThorCast
Et råd | ThorCast Aylar önce
Please let him hear the originial with drums, and get him to talk about it! It would be great to hear his thoughts on Danny's drum-patterns on this track, after he did this interpretation :)
John Seward
John Seward Aylar önce
Came here to say the same thing. Would be awesome to hear his thoughts listening to the song with Danny’s drum track but AFTER his own interpretation.
Bryan Magno
Bryan Magno Aylar önce
Rick G
Rick G Aylar önce
What I was waiting for but kinda blue-balled lol..
David B
David B Aylar önce
Absolutely. That would be a reaction video I would actually want to see.
john j johnington iii
@DimIsHigh They're probably paying him per hour. Got to record and run lol.
Mitch Weiner
Mitch Weiner 2 gün önce
I’ve only recently become a Tool fan. But,Danny Carey is a master craftsman on drums! Great job dissecting the drums! I would love his take on Pneuma!
msdhark Gün önce
This was great, I thouroughly enjoyed this. I'd love to see more videos in this format, but also add the reaction to the real drum part and some opinion/commentary about it.
FerrisLedbetter 8 gün önce
He said he had “a problem with this.” He said “it wasn’t his cup of tea”. But by minute 10:08 he knew…the pieces fit.
I_don't_give_a_care 3 gün önce
Hey same exact joke as 30 other people. Good job.
Andrew Visser
Andrew Visser 3 gün önce
Incredible!! Now I'd like to see him react to the original drum track.
cokevspepsi516 22 gün önce
Y'all threw the man to the wolves with this one, but he still came out swinging. Dennis is INSANELY talented to have done so well with this song in such a short amount of time.. absolutely incredible👏🏼👏🏼
Daniel D
Daniel D 15 gün önce
He’s not just really good. He’s so good, I’m speechless at what I just witnessed. In fact, some of the drum parts he did imo was better than Danny Carey. I don’t even know what else to say. This is decades and decades of expertise drumming put into one video.
Jovan99 16 gün önce
@Skin EyemIn Did you read my comment or just glanced at it and wrote a reply? Also yes i do think it was challenging, there is nothing wrong with that, the song is complicated.
Skin EyemIn
Skin EyemIn 16 gün önce
@Jovan99 Even the best musicians are out of their comfort zones when they are learning any tune. Do you actually think Tool's music was technically more challenging than anything Dennis has played with the best jazz and fusion artists of the 1980s onward?
Skin EyemIn
Skin EyemIn 16 gün önce
You must not have seen Dennis with play John McLaughlin (w/Joey DeFrancesco), live with George Clinton - Parliament Funkedelic, Billy Sheehan, Tony McAlpine or John Scofield.
Chad K
Chad K 16 gün önce
I'll have to agree, he did well. But it sounded so forced. VERY unlike Dennis.
Kye Disson
Kye Disson 3 gün önce
Beautiful in its own way. He was off at all the wild kick at the end but he's seeing it in his funk style. Especially for a first run.... Love...
Shuborno Biswas
Shuborno Biswas Gün önce
That was magnificent - what a wonderful interpretation.
alberto zenarolla
alberto zenarolla 2 gün önce
That's what happens when in a concert they ask the drummer "do you know the songs" and he responds "no but I'll figure it out". Btw Dennis is great, the crashes on the verse felt weird though
cryptorich 6 gün önce
Chills man! Actual chills. That was truly incredible! 🤘
Adam Aylar önce
The fact that he can just HEAR a Prog song and jump in with never even hearing the original part let alone the song before is just a testament to how skilled of a musician Dennis is. 10/10 amazing job. Drumeo, awesome editing and production as usual, you guys are amazing for the drumming community! Love it guys!
Guy Whose opinions will offend you
@Pandemos I'm not classically trained at all of the instruments that I play, but I'm trained with vocals. I was always really good at listening to music, and I could repeat without sheet music and I doubt that I could be classically due to my dyslexia/dyscalculia because I'm lost if I'm forced to read music. I didn't know that Danny would be classically trained, but I'd figure suggest that his work reflects that.
Pandemos 2 gün önce
@Guy Whose opinions will offend you i work with a guy who is classically trained and has been all over the world as a professional percussionist with dozens of orchestras and groups. He said doing a Danny Carey course was one of the more interesting things he's learned because it was so different and the timing was so esoteric. I've seen this same guy listen to a song once and perfectly replay it, even guessing how the drum set is lined up. It's nuts to see people with that sort of experience.
Scott Allen
Scott Allen 7 gün önce
@Bogme That's a great analysis.I have reasonably good ears and have had cover songs and such thrown at me that as a bass player i can pick up 90% of the before the end.Also have the added advantage of looking at what the guitar players are doing if its a riff/set chord structure to follow/learn from as well. But it is a learned "trick".I can make a bass part that will fit for a song I've never heard but it wont be like the original.
Matheus de Souza
Matheus de Souza 9 gün önce
*A great percussionist
Diogo Mori
Diogo Mori 29 gün önce
He's a genius drummer, badass!
Matthew Ehlert
Matthew Ehlert 4 gün önce
I'm a huge Tool fan, bravo, thoroughly enjoyed your interpretation.
Mauri Assaf
Mauri Assaf 3 gün önce
If I could post a picture I definitely would! Man, I got the chills from minute 9 until the finishes the song. Even my hands are cold! Damn… this man is godly with his hearing and playing technique! Flawless!
Ron S.
Ron S. 6 gün önce
Thanks Dennis and Drumeo. I love hearing masters of a particular style go outside the box and attempt other genres. Awesome.
Johnny Hunter
Johnny Hunter 8 gün önce
It'd be cool to include some snippets of him hearing the track with the original drums *after* he plays his interpretation, so we can see his reaction to how Carey played some of the sections.
Brent Brewington
Brent Brewington Aylar önce
“I’m pretty sure it was wrong, but it felt right to me” Right on, Mr. Chambers. That’s totally the mindset I love with this video
RobsTone Aylar önce
Would have been funny if we could see him listen to the original right after his attempt.
John Connors
John Connors Aylar önce
If only we could be so “wrong”, right?
Lubar1279 Aylar önce
El mejor comentario
AZTECHOPS Aylar önce
I’m weak! 🤣🤣
John Jarrell
John Jarrell Aylar önce
This just underscored Danny Carey's role in creating the Tool sound. Really it's kinda messed up that he listened to this song without drums as his introduction to Tool.
WaywardVerve 8 gün önce
The build at 9:15.... incredible! Then the breakdown follows and you can see dennis crack that grin and look across "you cheeky buggers" He was so in it! This man is a god amongst mortals.
Mircea Agrigoroaie
Mircea Agrigoroaie 3 gün önce
That's years of experience right there. Amazing how he adapted the pieces on the timings
al al
al al 5 gün önce
The man is like playing an independent melody with the drums. Without knowing the form. Is as good as it gets. Very well done sir.
Lord_Dingles 8 gün önce
I stumbled upon this video and it’s so freakin cool. His interpretation is so good and he adapts to unexpected changes so fast! This was honestly delightful to watch
Flynn's Arcade
Flynn's Arcade Aylar önce
I'm in awe really. Imagine being 60 years old and never heard a TOOL song in your life much less Danny Carey. Then someone springs "Schism" on you for 1 play and says "Now you play it" for the whole internet and TOOL fans to hear and judge. This is a stunning effort. Dennis is just beyond incredible. If you think you could do better, go listen to something like “Above & Below” by The Brecker Brothers one time and see how you fare.
Conor M. H.
Conor M. H. 8 gün önce
He has definitely heard Tool before, it’s just not something he ever paid any attention to.
Koi Noval
Koi Noval 12 gün önce
@Travis Prugh yeah some, but remember also the god's drummers favorite is Buddy Rich and Purdie and so many more in jazz, funk genre
Travis Prugh
Travis Prugh 12 gün önce
@Koi Noval just remember your favorite drummers favorite drummer is John Bonham.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 23 gün önce
My only complaint is maybe a little too much snare for me, but other than that it was pretty good.
Shaun Curtis
Shaun Curtis 26 gün önce
@Waywolf Jones Resist!
Lenny Hamaker {ahtö_léon}
Dennis is amazing at what he does. And Danny is amazing at what he does. It’s apples and oranges. Two completely different styles and approach. Danny goes more for a non western approach to drumming. Dennis is a straight forward funk jazz player. Even though he’s versed on timing and meter doesn’t mean he can play in those realms. It’s just facts. Love this video though as it teaches, you the listener, that your mind can recreate what Danny has done and what Dennis did and find there similar and different modalities.
bigslacker666 4 gün önce
Don't know this man, this popped up on my feed since I like Tool. Amazing to watch someone get thrown into something far outside their norm and absolutely stomp it. Huge props to Dennis, that's the mark of a real artist!
Maynard needs to see and react to this, he did such an incredible job. Absolutely AMAZING!
Tom K
Tom K 2 gün önce
Thoroughly enjoyable! Please do more of these.
J_Laf Aylar önce
Give him another hour and I bet you'd have a pretty sick interpretation of this song. Definitely out of his comfort zone so props ti him!!
Stephen Kriksciun
Stephen Kriksciun Aylar önce
Dude I almost like this better than the original! This is so great! Killer job, Dennis!
moochee22 Aylar önce
We need an update video, to see Chambers final effort (after he knows the song like the back of his hand). I think I'd pay to see that.
murilo Aylar önce
Yep! Let's not forget Carey and the band have to work shit out, they don't just play off the cuff an entire song and call it a day. Very solid attempt here, there are places that pulling back would be chosen and other spots he nailed already IMO. Music is so badass!
Tanzkatzen Aylar önce
@Vagelis Moulakakis Yeah would be a whole different thing, you can hear him being careful and still listening to what's going on, if he knew the song by heart he'd be building and putting in fills that would make everyone smile!
Vagelis Moulakakis
Vagelis Moulakakis Aylar önce
yeah he needed more time
Trey Soignet
Trey Soignet 5 gün önce
I love watching how he starts so analytical and then just let's go and has fun. This was fantastic!
malphunkson 10 gün önce
This just made me appreciate Tool's drummer so much since that first moment I heard Sober on a compilation cassette back in 1990s. It's amazing what a skilled drummer can bring to a Metal song. \m/
Bit Van Gogh
Bit Van Gogh 10 gün önce
This is definitely different and I absolutely love it!!!! Amazing 👏
The Portrait Dude
The Portrait Dude 10 gün önce
I really loved this video! The only thing I'd love to see added to it is once he does his version of it, have him do a reaction to the song with the drums added back in so he can hear the original drummer's interpretation and see the differences between the two. Drummer for 25+ years here and I love seeing new takes on my favorite songs - awesome work!
Simon Aylar önce
"I'm quite sure it was wrong... But it felt great to me" is the absolute essence of drumming just for the vibes. You don't always have to be practiced and perfect in every situation, just enjoy yourself. Gotta respect that.
taxation is theft memes news & more
Dude I thought it was cool. Gave me chills
evanisovich 22 gün önce
@Mezmerizer02 hehe, that’s why (or should be why) we get into it in the first place 😄
Jesse Ellis
Jesse Ellis 28 gün önce
Nice freestyle brother!. Well done
Draeas Aylar önce
@RainbowGravity Absolutely, enjoyment is the key. We do this because we love it! For 99% of us, music is never chosen as a 9-5, it's something we loved that turned INTO a living.
Draeas Aylar önce
Was about to say the same thing- there are no 'wrong' timings or notes in music! If it sounds 'wrong' to you, it's probably just heavy jazz and you're not ready yet 😜 (Just kidding obviously)
Kyle Shick
Kyle Shick 10 gün önce
I love his interpretation...it brings a fresh perspective after 20 years.
Hajime Kuru
Hajime Kuru 8 gün önce
This was awesome! Love to see this guy’s rendition!
Jaret Eshelman
Jaret Eshelman 10 gün önce
This absolutely blew my mind. Loved every second. This man knows what he’s doing!
Charlie Wesley
Charlie Wesley 4 gün önce
I would love to see Dennis hear the track with drums and react afterward. With Danny Carey there as well. :)
Yvo19 Aylar önce
This is cool AF. However, it would've been even cooler if we'd got to see him hear Danny's drum track. And hear his views on it.
J B 10 gün önce
gerard swinkels
gerard swinkels Aylar önce
Opinions it's kool it's MUSIC
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Aylar önce
Exactly 💯 agreed !! There should be a two part concept playing your interpretation and then hearing the actual drumming a posteriori !!!👏👏👏
Yvo19 Aylar önce
@X Y Mori Intus I hope so. Obviously, he's a drummer Danny likes. So, it would be cool to also see them meet at the tail end and have a chat. Now, that video would f**king rip.
Dr. JP MD 4 gün önce
I'm thoroughly mesmerized by this performance. Tool is a band that I've followed for many years. From medical school, residency, to my practice, I actually incorporate Tool into my rotation when operating. Danny is an incredible drummer and this video is epic. The mastery we're witnessing is overwhelming. Well done!!
The Icky One
The Icky One 8 gün önce
Honestly, fits right in alongside the original version, and I love it.
Matthew Thomson
Matthew Thomson 9 gün önce
I can only imagine Danny's reaction to this. Pure joy I assume like the rest of us. 🥁
Chadwick Hubbard
Chadwick Hubbard 3 gün önce
Pretty great for only hearing this once or twice through. His take is a little too busy but he certainly gets the idea. Respect.
Jeffrey Cooley
Jeffrey Cooley Aylar önce
"I'm pretty sure that was wrong, but it felt great to me." That felt great for all of us. That was awesome to listen too. These kind of super fresh takes by masters will only be a joy to listen to. Keep 'em coming.
Wade Brashear
Wade Brashear Aylar önce
Seriously, it gave me tingles watching him almost effortlessly navigate his way through the song. It was so good! While there are songs I've successfully played after hearing once, none of them were Tool songs or anything else as intricate as Schism. Crazy good!
Mr Ren
Mr Ren Aylar önce
The way he said it was so genuine and encouraging
WordToMomsYo Gün önce
November downs Piano man
Man this guy has a golden ear! Impressive playing
clarkwgriswold22 5 gün önce
as always he can and does deliver... but i would love stage 1 the song, stage 2 his interpretation, and stage 3 him hearing what the drummer did. not because he does a bad job but cause i'd love to hear his take of what was actually done for the song vs his one take. granted his one take is at a HUGE disadvantage. but it'd be cool
Darrow Herd
Darrow Herd 2 gün önce
I love this song. And I love jass. So to hear him play drums over this like this is refreshing. True artist.
Scott Rauth
Scott Rauth 27 gün önce
Despite his disclaimer of “this isn’t my thing anymore” he did an outstanding interpretation! Any drummer who can hang with Tool’s shifting time signatures and moving bass has my respect ✊
DMD 6 gün önce
@ultrafloss492 I agree with everything you said. This is no mere mortal and yet on occasions I've heard immense rock drummers failing when trying reggae for e.g. I think feel and restraint come into play ...but as you say they with this man it's so much more than technique. I appreciate the feel of his interpretation if that makes sense
Jonathan Schwob
Jonathan Schwob 23 gün önce
i would like to kindly inform everyone in this thread who tried to say this wasn't impressive that you're a massive tool, and not the cool kind like the band.
ultrafloss492 24 gün önce
@jillybean gaming As do you ofcourse. Have a wonderful day!!
jillybean gaming
jillybean gaming 24 gün önce
@ultrafloss492 fair enough. you’re welcome to your opinions and standards and whatnot. take care. :)
david bouy
david bouy 25 gün önce
Yeah pretty amazing how musical him winging it was, considering the pulse shifts and shifts
Slaavichii 5 gün önce
That was amazing. He was really feeling it during some parts
Pete Church
Pete Church 9 gün önce
Although I am in no way an expert, I feel like Danny Carey is one of the most skilled drummers out there, but I really liked Dennis' interpretation on this song. Pretty amazing.
M W 7 gün önce
As good as this first attempt at playing Schism is for me it first and foremost shows how important Carey is to Tool being Tool.
Ron Allen
Ron Allen 8 gün önce
That was so good! Eyes-wateringly good.
HuebysDoobies 8 gün önce
Outstanding. If I had never heard the original, I would still love this song the same. Fantastic interpretation.
QuirqUK Aylar önce
The only thing missing was his reaction to the full track WITH drums: would've been really interesting to see what he thought of the original part and how his own attempt compared.
Matt Aylar önce
Woody Aylar önce
@ChrisW absolutely. This would be t better outcome for Dennis, Danny, and t viewers 🍻✌️
ChrisW Aylar önce
we will have to interpret that ourselves even better idea, have Denis AND Danny discuss both their parts with each other
Aaron Keener
Aaron Keener Aylar önce
I totally agree, I would love to hear him comment on Danny Carey’s playing
salomon Ghost drummer
Exactly, i was expecting at least bit of the song to be played for him once he did his interpretation.
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens 9 gün önce
Seeing other drummers interpretations of songs is awesome. Need more of these.
C N 5 gün önce
This was awesome, especially the last two minutes or so. I thought this'd be like a few "[legend] learns..." videos I've seen but it was more interesting in my opinion. Felt very intimate in that you could see him reacting to the cues in the music, doing his thing but within Tool's ridiculous shifting boundaries. Could tell he might be uncomfortable with how it'll be taken but damn that was great.
posinker 9 gün önce
Hey man that was awesome. That’s a great tip, just understanding that time signature and then you can jam to some very different tunes. Very much feeling the rhythm, great job
Consciouscool's everyday life.
Some of the most amazing playing I've ever heard in person has been studio musicians. The difference is they can copy and modify ANYTHING while the originators just whip up the weirdest flyest work.
Gimpit Aylar önce
I wish youd have showed his reaction to hearing the actual parts after his rendition. That wouldve been really cool
Teddy Bullard
Teddy Bullard Aylar önce
Naw. Dennis version better
Warghoul Aylar önce
@Col. Radec sure it would have
Col. Radec
Col. Radec Aylar önce
That would have added. Nothing to the video
Warghoul Aylar önce
Me toi
Kacper /Karrax//
Kacper /Karrax// Aylar önce
Twifight Sparkill
Twifight Sparkill 5 gün önce
This interpretation is just fantastic! LOVE IT! SO GOOD! 😅♥️♥️♥️
Oru 9 gün önce
Keep them coming! Amazing stuff as always
Yant Martin-Keyte
Yant Martin-Keyte 5 gün önce
his joy and love of drumming and music are lovely to watch. and he just nails it
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