Defunctland: The Bizarre Garfield Dark Ride

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In this minisode, Kevin dives deep into the history of Kennywood's Old Mill and the infamous Garfield overlay, Garfield's Nightmare.

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18 May 2022




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Cascadian Ranger
I love how Kevin usually is deappanned and straight forward in delivery, this topic clearly broke him, especially the sign being a mascot. That pushed him over the edge
Emily Carpio
Emily Carpio 21 gün önce
“arguably the biggest change to the old mill in its early years would come after the ride caught on fire and burned to the ground” amazing.
yeet hiTTTer
yeet hiTTTer 21 gün önce
I got so invested in the history of Tunnels of Love that Garfield arriving felt like a bag of bricks to the head
Sara R
Sara R 28 gün önce
I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kevin so passionate about anything as when he said “YOU CAN MEET. THE SIGN.”
Existential Crisis
Existential Crisis 28 gün önce
Whoever wrote “Garfield knows all of our sins”
Phantom Fandoms
Phantom Fandoms 28 gün önce
Rack Roll
Imagine being told you can't make a ride too good. Baffling.
GameGrumps 28 gün önce
Just played Garfield's Nightmare for DS thanks to this video.... unfortunately it did not inspire in us the same level of lust as the ride did for many others
AeroRanger100 21 gün önce
"The walls were splattered with fluorescent material and was totally done by Halloween productions during the refurbishment and not due to 103 years of bad aim..."
Opeus Popeus
Opeus Popeus 28 gün önce
It’s funny how an “I’m Sorry, Jon” horror ride these days would bring in millions of dollars.
Absolution Wolf
Absolution Wolf 14 gün önce
There's one thing I'm still confused by. They said that sometimes the boats would come back empty. With the amount of cameras around, was it ever revealed where and how they managed to get off the ride early? Or was it the case that Garfield, the ravenous cat that he was, required the occasional sacrifice (body and soul) of a few riders in order to keep his hunger in check?
Boccs 28 gün önce
Even before you reached the Garfield ride itself I was absolutely delighted hearing about the people talking about their kisses and fooling on the Old Mill. You mentioned that there was a similar occurrence back on Disney's Adventure Thru Inner Space. There's just something so... charmingly human about it. Knowing that even 100 years ago young adults still behaved like young adults. The anecdote about boys taking pieces of string to spook their date into thinking there was a spider so they could snuggle closer during the ride or the married couple giggling about kissing in the dark. It makes me love the shared humanity of it all.
Lindsey DeJesus
your tweets have lived rent-free in my head for months. finally, i can experience the lore... the history... the drama, nay, the PASSION of the Garfield dark ride for myself
Joey Quinn
Joey Quinn 28 gün önce
Phinalbossbeater 21 gün önce
The fact that one of these people where conceived in a GARFIELD ride is both cursed and oddly wholesome in the strangest way
K-Berry 28 gün önce
I like to imagine the "Aerial Dump" was the final straw for staff and management to beg the park owners to close the ride completely
Jexxer 21 gün önce
I came here ready to be disturbed by the knowledge of people getting down and dirty on a Garfield-themed ride.
C5ys 21 gün önce
the best part of this video is when it lingers on the garfield urinal just long enough to be uncomfortable and the music fading out
“In this minisode…”
eat hot chip and lie
eat hot chip and lie 21 gün önce
Is anyone gonna mention the "MUST NOT SLEEP" message on the wall at
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