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Queen's probably the only band where the Greatest Hits album is worth mentioning in its own right. That thing is and was ubiquitous in a way that no other Greatest Hits has ever been. As Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman wrote in Good Omens, "All tapes left in a car for more than about a fortnight metamorphose into Best of Queen albums."
Starro penis The 4th
Idk if this counts but Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection
leelongvideo Aylar önce
Echoes by Pink Floyd is good. They made the tracks flow into each other, and the artwork is awesome.
duane dogsdayout
duane dogsdayout Aylar önce
Madonna “Immaculate Collection” is the biggest selling greatest hits album by a solo act I believe
Staringcorgi6 3 aylar önce
Maybe 1 as it was the most popular in the decade
m a
m a 3 aylar önce
My mind immediately jumped to Good Omens too. Truly iconic.
James Carlisle
James Carlisle 7 aylar önce
I'm surprised you didn't touch on The Show Must Go On off Innuendo. Incredibly powerful song, especially given what Freddie was going through. The story goes that Brian May told him he wasn't sure if it would be possible for him to sing the song, but then Freddie just put his vodka down, said "I'll fucking do it, darling", and nailed it in one take.
Witecat J
Witecat J Aylar önce
This song always gives me chills. You can hear the finality in his voice with this song. This is a song where the singer knows it is the end and he needs to go on with the show. It is a perfect send-off for Freddy.
Rover Waters
Rover Waters 6 aylar önce
lol one take folktale
robk236 6 aylar önce
To summarize James Carlisle's sentiment, I believe that the artistic license used in the biopic (Freddie's outstanding performance at LiveAid while suffering the effects of AIDS when in reality he was over a year from being diagnosed) was meant to use a more memorable (to the masses) moment to display Freddie's heroic effort on the Innuendo album, which is pretty much lost to memory except to real Queen fans. Talk about a run on sentence. Ha ha.
Dragon Zeron
Dragon Zeron 7 aylar önce
he did not shoot it in one take
Turner Lott
Turner Lott 7 aylar önce
My favorite Queen song.
Daniel T. Gaming
Daniel T. Gaming 7 aylar önce
Yessss, I've been looking forward to this DDD. Nice to finally see someone go in-depth about Queen's discography.
Vince Eager
Vince Eager 7 aylar önce
@Martin Mortyry I agree, and I enjoyed both videos
Martin Mortyry
Martin Mortyry 7 aylar önce
@Vince Eager Razör did a more emotional take on Queen while putting their music in the context of its time. MtS is more technical in his approach, I think these two compliment eachother really nicely.
Howtostudies 7 aylar önce
A good queen album has a great fun flow to it that few people talk about
Vince Eager
Vince Eager 7 aylar önce
Razorfist has done a retrospective of Queen as well, and it's great
Colin Helstrom
Colin Helstrom 7 aylar önce
yoooo daniel t!! unexpected to see you here
torak49 7 aylar önce
The thing I've always been most impressed by with Queen, is how they always felt like a complete band, even with a frontman like Freddie Mercury. You'd imagine they would feel like Freddie Mercury and some randos but the efforts of May, Deacon and Taylor are clear and important in their discography.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 7 aylar önce
@LameStudiosInc Topper Headon is important too, but I agree
LameStudiosInc 7 aylar önce
@Joaquin Lezcano And Genesis. Proggier bands tend to have a big focus on everyone being worth mentioning in their own right because it's kinda necessary for that sort of music. A song like Bohemian Rhapsody or Don't Stop Me Now requires a band functioning as a full unit. If you're the clash, you really only need Strummer and Jones, everyone else can be randos.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 7 aylar önce
The same can be said in bands like Moody Blues
Howtostudies 7 aylar önce
They where also all very well educated. Freddie has an art degree and designed their crest logo Brian has a doctorate in astrophysics and worked with nasa for those new pluto pics from a while back. John is a trained electronics engineer and made a special amp for a unique guitar sound on their sophomore album Roger, the drummer; dentistry. Although he did not finish cause some other job came up. Queen movie spoilers So it really pisses me off when in that scene where freddie gets mad at the band. "where would you be without me".....they would be a dentist, an electrical engineer and an astrophysicist. Not too shabby
Đile Đutur
Đile Đutur 7 aylar önce
As someone who isn't a huge Queen fan, I had no idea their biggest hits were so spread apart. I thought they all came from one or two albums, but damn they have at least one banger on every release
Help I'm A Dog - Speedruns
@strangebrew420 no one asked
strangebrew420 2 aylar önce
One banger per album and a bunch of mid
Kyle Joseph
Kyle Joseph 2 aylar önce
PinkFloyd Meddle
PinkFloyd Meddle 4 aylar önce
Yep. Also the only band where every member wrote a #1 single. Haven’t watched this full video yet so not sure if he mentions that
danny regan
danny regan 7 aylar önce
Queen’s deeper discography is what truly solidifies them as one of (if not THE) greatest band of all time. Their hits are just the icing on the cake.
Michael Suder
Michael Suder 3 aylar önce
They aren't the greatest band of all time.....ffs. go watch Bohemian Rhapsody again
El Rincón De Lo Cutre
@Admirał Hax i feel the same with A Kind of Magic, you take away the singles and that album doesn't hold up very well. One Year of Love and Pain is So Close to Pleasure are corny as shit, and the b side (excluding Who Wants to Live Forever) is just so bad, Gimme the Prize and Don't Lose Your Head are with no doubt some of the worst songs Queen ever made and Princes of the Universe is just fine, but nothing special. And i personally don't agree with Made in Heaven, who can like that fucking frankenstein that was just made for 💲💲💲, just like Greatest Hits III (which as a fan i find some of the most disgusting things a group has made with his work)
H J 7 aylar önce
​@Admirał Hax I think the always over looked banger on miracle is ''was it all worth it'' it was actually supposed to be freddies final goodbye because the doctor didn't think he would see christmas of -89. Its AMAZING and i almost never see people talk about it also innuendo is amazing and people never give it the love it deserves.
Admirał Hax
Admirał Hax 7 aylar önce
@Minty Coffee I can't deny it has its moments, but it's so corny though. "Party", "Khashoggi's Ship", "Breakthru" (except the intro, it's beautiful), "Rain Must Fall" and "My Baby Does Me" (hell, even the title sounds bad) - all are corny songs. Yes, "Scandal" is completely brilliant, but it just doesn't make for a top 5 album for me. No album past 1976 does, to be fair. Like, I am aware that people like this album, but I never understood why. I can understand why some people like Hot Space, A Kind Of Magic or Made In Heaven more than they should, but in case of The Miracle I just never could comprehend the "phenomenon" of sorts.
Minty Coffee
Minty Coffee 7 aylar önce
@El Rincón De Lo Cutre Bro no. A Kind of Magic has one of the heaviest vocal works ever done by Freddie in Gimme the Prize, and only like 2 songs are meh.
Metalteeth9 7 aylar önce
It was just quickly mentioned in the beginning, but Brian May went back and got his PhD in Astrophysics. In addition to music work, he continues to do scientific work.
Witecat J
Witecat J Aylar önce
They even quote him in Civilization VI for the astronomy breakthrough
MjolnirsRevenge 4 aylar önce
I didn't realize he was doing astrophysics...
Turner Lott
Turner Lott 7 aylar önce
Innuendo is honestly my favorite Queen album, and it’s very disappointing to see that The Show Must Go On wasn’t even mentioned. It’s an extremely powerful song, and I like to see it as Freddie’s goodbye to the world, saying that even after he passes, the show must go on.
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 25 gün önce
And can we just mention that supposedly Freddie recorded the song in like, one take? Probably on his deathbed? His voice sounds thin but he still has power. Videos like this make me feel like they just read a wikipedia and are just going through the wickets. If you're gonna make a 45 minute video, why not just make it that 5 minutes longer and cover everything?
PinkFloyd Meddle
PinkFloyd Meddle 4 aylar önce
cooljma 7 aylar önce
Okay, so this video revealed something particularly interesting to me. In the film Bohemian Rhapsody, the low point of Freddie's life and career ('cause you have to have one of those in a music biopic) centers around his manager/maybe lover coercing him into signing on for a solo album and ripping his bandmates' hearts out in the process. It's simple, obvious film writing, but I can see why it'd be effective with a lot of the audience. But while watching this video, I learned something interesting. That solo album, Mr. Bad Guy, came out in 1985. The year before that, Roger Taylor released his *second* solo album. He already had two of 'em! The movie doesn't mention that at all, and that's understandable given how it'd completely break the narrative structure of the film, but the more I learn about Queen, the more fascinated I am by just how much of the movie feels like a complete fabrication. It's not quite out of whole cloth, but it's consistently deceptive about so much of the history of the band and Freddie. I also really don't like the film for a host of other reasons but I've gone on long enough already. Lovely video as always!
Andrea Kardos
Andrea Kardos 27 gün önce
@SwingRiots The thing is that in reality they didn't have friction because of the solo stuff. I think they had a lot of personal problems at a certain time, especially early 80s, but it was probably Freddie's lifestyle that generated it, though I have yet to figure out that period. But solo projects for Freddie and Roger worked so, that when it was time for Queen they put the solo aside. Brian's solo wasn't a planned thing, he was just getting frustrated by the hiatus of Queen, and happened to collaborate with a few other musicians.
Andrea Kardos
Andrea Kardos 27 gün önce
@Flavio Carlos Same for me. And there are thousands if not millions of us. That's what Queen have always done best: go with the times, give people what they want. Now, that I know a lot about them I start to see the problematic parts of the movie. But I still think that it's great. What every long-time fan should understand is that it served its purpose. It made thousands of fans.
ChampippleD Aylar önce
As a long-time Queen fan, I was as impressed with how many little details the movie got right as how many big plot points they got wrong. The only thing that outright pissed me off though was the scene where Freddie practically begged to be let back into Queen. Yeah… that didnt happen. Brian and Roger were very jealous at how much Fred got paid for Mr. Bad Guy and THAT was the tension in the band at that point more than anything.
SwingRiots 5 aylar önce
I see this complaint all the time, and I honestly don't get why people can't see the difference between proven hitmaker frontman widely regarded as one of the most charismatic people in human history doing a solo album for a bigger advance than any Queen album during a particularly dark period for them as a unit and the drummer who was yet to have written a hit single (Roger's first single credit was Calling All Girls on Hot Space, and he didn't write a hit until Radio Ga Ga) releasing a pet project with little promotion. That's why there was friction over Freddie's solo album, not just because he was doing a solo album. Because he looked at what people like Michael Jackson and Prince were doing and tried to get in on that and establish himself outside of the band, which could have led to him leaving given the dire relationships between them at the time.
David Adams
David Adams 5 aylar önce
@cooljma I have been a fan ofQueen since the release of News of the World, and that movie irked me to no end. It was a cash grab touching on well-known aspects of the band. Nonetheless, it did revive interest in the band with Rami fans and young people who may have never listened to them. I'm happy about that. Hell, every movie biopic takes liberties with the truth.
WickeDanLloyd 7 aylar önce
14:06 My favorite part of the Sid Vicious story is the fact that Freddie insistently called him “Simon Ferocious”.
crimson 2 aylar önce
I am now definitely getting a cat named Simon Ferocious one day. He'll really complete the cinematic universe with the raccoon my mother had named Sid Vicious.
bigwilliestyle 7 aylar önce
A Talking Heads DDD would be sick! Their discography and evolution would be cool to hear broken down.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano Aylar önce
@mike tomlin I started to get curious when you said "queen were a band generating sounds for teenagers". Then I stopped reading when you wrote "to make money, persuade teenage girls to have sex with them". I don't even know where to start. Maybe considering that you are hearing a wrong band or the wrong songs of the band. 1) Where is the "persuade teenage girl to have sex with them" thing in "Jesus"? "The prophet's song"? "Dead on time"? "You are my best friend"? MAYBE some specific songs were like that. But that can't disregard the whole decade. The 80s were much worse for the band in that aspect. That's what I'm saying. Probably you heard that decade instead. 2) "to make money" the band was basically broke up after Sheer Heart attack. If nights at the opera didn't worked, they would dissolve. And of course they wanted to get famous. But are you telling me some pop band would make a song like "Mustapha"? Or Innuendo? Or The March of the black queen? 3) "a band generating sounds for teenagers in the 70s" the teenagers wanted to be Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ramones, disco, ABBA'S succesor... Queen were rather uncool in comparison. So your assumption is wrong. They started to get really big since 1980, aka their worst decade. I was a big fan of this band. Now that place belongs to Renaissance. But I hate when people lie in order to hate Queen. Say anything. ANYTHING. "the singer sounds like a goat". "The guitar tone is disgusting". "The rhythm section is mediocre". "I don't like overproduced songs, give a more striped down type of music" any reason is valid since is your opinion. But don't change the facts.
mike tomlin
mike tomlin Aylar önce
@Joaquin Lezcano Artist? Queen were a Pop music band generating sounds for teenagers in the 1970s. Entertainers. Of course Byrne would 'hate' numerous musical efforts, or at least not regard them as having much value. The members of Queen may not regard their efforts as musicallly valuable, people tended to form bands like this back then, and now, to make money, persuade teenage girls to have sex with them and get more attention. They tended not to regard themselves as comparable to Bartok or Reich.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano Aylar önce
@mike tomlin David Byrne, unlike you is not someone who hates on other artist's music. There is a reason why he's so good at what he does in the first place.
mike tomlin
mike tomlin Aylar önce
@Joaquin Lezcano Why would he not care?, I'd hope he'd care a lot, as do I, as should you!! Music is important.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano Aylar önce
@mike tomlin again, I stand corrected. if David byrne doesnt care, why would you?
THIAGO BRANDAO 7 aylar önce
Surprised that Mic didn’t mention “Save Me”. It’s one of the most beautiful Queen’s songs imo
Lars Pallesen
Lars Pallesen 6 aylar önce
I agree. I rank "Save Me" in Queen's Top 5 of all time. Perhaps even Top 3.
clau 6 aylar önce
right! definitely one of my favorites on the game
ford 7 aylar önce
I love “Save Me”! Brian recently said that he wrote it about Freddie, which makes it all the more powerful.
Lamp Wick
Lamp Wick 7 aylar önce
Haha I saw this comment and immediately remembered the whole song. Their power is unmatched.
Rigel Seybert
Rigel Seybert 7 aylar önce
I’m honestly surprised that “All Dead, All Dead” didn’t get a mention, though that might just be my big bias towards that song talking
Phelanii 7 aylar önce
I didn't particularly like the Bohemian Rhapsody movie either, but I watched it in the cinema with my friends and I just started crying at the Live Aid recreation. I know it's just a pantomime, but the music blaring out of the speakers and literally shaking me to my core really dislodged something in me and the tears just kept coming.
moved 7 aylar önce
same here!! i was in class while watching it and almost started crying lol
AKawasaki 7 aylar önce
Glad to see one of my favorite bands covered on the DDD. A suggestion for an artist/band to cover for the future is Electric Light Orchestra (ELO for short). They have been dubbed by John Lennon as “sons of the Beatles,” taking into consideration they have a Beatlesesque influence to them. Their history is also interesting to get into.
Inimbos 7 aylar önce
also secret messages is such an underrated album
Bunny in the Box
Bunny in the Box 7 aylar önce
Shard Ends finest.
AKawasaki 7 aylar önce
@Alejandro Vasquez long story short: modern day ELO is under the moniker Jeff Lynne’s ELO, due to copyright issues with a former band member starting in the late 80’s-early 90’s. Lynne eventually won the lawsuit against said member, and this is the second album under the new name. The first, which marked the official comeback of the band, came out in 2015, titled Alone in the Universe.
Alejandro Vasquez
Alejandro Vasquez 7 aylar önce
@AKawasaki well, I'll join presumably many others in recommending that you check out more of their work! Jeff Lynne is himself a big fan, of course. While I'm here, I second your suggestion for an ELO DDD. I recently heard "From Out of Nowhere" and thought it must've been a deep cut from their heyday, but it's apparently only a few years old?! What's the story there?!
AKawasaki 7 aylar önce
@Alejandro Vasquez I’ve seen a lot of people say this about ELO. I haven’t really gotten too much into the Beatles outside of their hits, but I’m considering getting into their discography (gotta thank Mic for contributing to it)!
Fox Good
Fox Good 7 aylar önce
I've always been a big fan of '39, which is weird considering it was sung by Brian May; there's something great about Queen recording a sci-fi rock opera.
I’m Weak For Deaky
Why is that weird ? I happen to love Brian’s voice !
Ben Freedman
Ben Freedman 7 aylar önce
I love how the 2 songs that have gotten their own segment in a DDD are Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen…and I’m Ready by AJR 😂
Danny Vasquez
Danny Vasquez Aylar önce
@IDon'tNeedAName “enjoyable but not good” lmao what does this even mean
IDon'tNeedAName Aylar önce
@Danny Vasquez twilight is entertaining and can be enjoyable but not Good
Danny Vasquez
Danny Vasquez 2 aylar önce
@David Adams Twilight is good tho, at least the first one
Kevin Willems
Kevin Willems 3 aylar önce
David Adams
David Adams 5 aylar önce
@Declan B. Despite your opinion, _Bohemian Rhapsody,_ like _Stairway to Heaven,_ is a masterpiece. We'd never heard anything quite like it before. Both songs annoy me now because they're the songs played most in Classic Rock, but I can still marvel at their creativity. AJR, however, are the *Twilight* of music. I haven't heard anything in their music that hasn't been done better. Nevertheless, I understand AJR'a audience would challenge my assertion.
Stephanie Schoppe
Stephanie Schoppe 7 aylar önce
I know there's a jukebox musical called 'We Will Rock You' that uses Queen's music, but as a theater person, the fact that we never got and will never get a musical with music/lyrics written by Freddie.......devastating.
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 25 gün önce
Trust me, you'll never wanna see that Queen musical. I saw it expecting the worst it would be is some Queen karaoke a la Jersey Boys. It's middle school creative writing assignment-level trash with a "story" crafted around the most surface-level interpretation of their songs' lyrics. A cash grab by any other name. Even the Queen movie is better.
Karolina K
Karolina K Aylar önce
Omg exactly 😞
Spicy Falafel
Spicy Falafel 7 aylar önce
It was such a bad musical as well
Finn Jacobs
Finn Jacobs 7 aylar önce
Had it not been for live aid, Queen would've had their last show in Japan a few months earlier. They were ready to quit, a lot of problems backstage between the members of the band and individual problems. Listening to brian's speech right before love of my life at that concert is a bit telling. But luckily live aid happened, which gave new energy to the members and caused them to stzy together. Yes, they were planning on splitting the band and quitting with it, but luckily the timeline worked in our favor
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris 7 aylar önce
Fun fact: I’m in Bohemian Rhapsody. They ran this thing where you could record your voice singing We Are The Champions / Some other song, and they would use it in the film.
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris 24 gün önce
@Joel Smith i assume so, and suprisingly, yes, I did.
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris 24 gün önce
@Kekoa no. it was a marketing stint.
Kekoa 24 gün önce
did you get any money from doing that?
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 25 gün önce
I'm wondering how they did this. Did they bury these voice recordings into the mix at the Live Aid show? Sarcasm: Did you recognize your voice?
Cereal 7 aylar önce
Woah that's cool
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic 7 aylar önce
I remember freddie once said that he never wanted his songs to be something you think about or dwell over. He said he wanted his music to be heard, enjoyed and then forgotten about the next second. And in a weird way it's true. After hearing a queen song you do quickly move on. But there's never a bad time for a queen song, and you can always count on a queen song to make you feel better, to pump you up. To just appreciate music at its loudest, most outrageous, most cocky and confident, heck even overconfident. Their melodies are so insanely complex, and in my opinion you can't sing queen songs, cause you are always comparing yourself to freddie and you know no one in this galaxy will ever hold a candle to him. But at the same time they are remarkably easy to sing along to. And that is my favourite thing about queen. Are they the best band ever? In my opinion yes, but I know people will rightfully disagree. But the way a queen song makes you feel is something no other band can emulate. And the amount of hits that they made that broke into the mainstream and can still be heard on the radio today is probably the greatest compliment that queen can get. Queen truly is timeless.
H3ll0WOR1D 7 aylar önce
"They're night and day" is a fucking amazing line.
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 7 aylar önce
A Stevie Wonder episode would perfect for this series. One of the best and vast discographies in music.
That Guy7700
That Guy7700 7 aylar önce
One thing I've never understood is how their record label was so concerned they made a 6 minute long operatic rock piece when the album came out years after songs like Roundabout and In the Court of the Crimson King were critical and financial successes. The early to late 70s were the era of long songs with experimental music and complex lyricism. It just doesn't seem like a huge stretch to me.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 6 aylar önce
Roundabut was made it into a single version. But also both bands had already prestige and money enough to do whatever they wanted.
ford 7 aylar önce
I think it was a fear that the massive amount of money put into Queen wouldn’t pay off. ANATO was the most expensive album ever made, and Queen was at that point only a moderately successful group… had it failed, the band members (who were all still broke) would have gone into even more debt w their label. So to put out a lead single that might not get radio play-the best form of promotion at the time-was a definite risk. The personal relationship the guys had with the Sheffield brothers was also breaking down, which probably added to doubts and irritations.
Jesús Ginard
Jesús Ginard 2 aylar önce
I've been a massive Queen fan since I was 12 and I 100% agree with your video.
Natasya Fila Rais
Natasya Fila Rais 7 aylar önce
"a high school show choir performance in sync with a teen girl giving birth" I lost it at that part omg 😭 but tbh that performance was the reason why I started diving deep into queen's discography
Mic The Snare
Mic The Snare 7 aylar önce
1. Captions are still being worked on, they should be available by the end of the weekend. (EDIT: They're available now!) 2. Thanks to everyone who voted in last month's poll! I’m picking the DDD for next time, but feel free to suggest artists to cover in the comments. Thanks for watching!
Guitar Enthusiast
Guitar Enthusiast 7 aylar önce
It would be cool if we got a beach boys DDD
Tom 7 aylar önce
would love a DDD into Depeche Mode
Roark Byron
Roark Byron 7 aylar önce
Gotta do The Fall
knorkstea 7 aylar önce
Metallica or megadeth!!
Polux Saurus
Polux Saurus 7 aylar önce
evangeliner 7 aylar önce
I can’t believe you don’t have more subscribers. The effort and quality of your videos are insane. Keep up the incredible work!
Zoltar56 7 aylar önce
IMO Hot Space by Queen is one of the most over-hated albums of all time. It's great, campy fun with lots of catchy songs. It's sad they got so much push-back for it because they used synths, because I love it and would have liked to hear more. It was ahead of its time.
Sir Toby
Sir Toby Aylar önce
Check out Queen On Fire: Live at the Bowl for some of those songs played live. It's borderline Funk Metal!
0seconds Aylar önce
Who cares if it's over hated. If you like, then good for you. If others don't, their problem. Done and done
Lars Pallesen
Lars Pallesen 6 aylar önce
Yes, Hot Space got a much worse reputation than it deserved. Much of that has to do with an ideological clash between Queen's old fans who loved them for their hard rock guitar based music style and their new fans who had grown up listening to disco and didn't mind synthesizers, drum machines and songs like Cool Cat. Today that hate between rock and disco fans is mostly a thing of the past and so it's time to revisit Hot Space and listen to the songs on their own merit.
HotSpaceFanatic 6 aylar önce
Staying Power and Action This Day are GREAT
Meredith Moulton
Meredith Moulton 7 aylar önce
@OrgaNik Compared to other Queen albums a lot of it is forgettable, and it's definitely not a gem, but it's not as horrific as music lore makes it out to be. On top of that, the live songs played on the Hot Space tour in 1982 were a bit reworked (they seemed to have punched up the guitar and drums, maybe in response to the criticism) and really are worth a listen over the album itself.
Anna K
Anna K 7 aylar önce
Amazing can't wait to watch, and a LED ZEPPELIN deep discog dive is also long overdue!
Scapeagoat 7 aylar önce
Black Sabbath
Леонид Кузнецов
I am one of those people Queen II is their best album for me Although A Night At The Opera and Innuendo are not far behind Also,shame on you for not mentioning Back Chat,that song is stellar
Sevarrius Aylar önce
it's not just you, Queen II has been my favourite album since the first time I heard it at 11yo. Don't think that's ever going to change.
Astro 5 aylar önce
Those two and Sheer Heart Attack for me.
Lalo Comics
Lalo Comics 7 aylar önce
Wow Literally, youre like me
acearo hippo
acearo hippo 7 aylar önce
To add to this, "Cool Cat" is another bop from that album as "Back Chat" not Queen's usual sound, no, but Freddie's vocals are stellar 👏🏽👏🏽 wish he had mentioned it, even if to flash it on the screen
Vinicius Ribeiro
Vinicius Ribeiro 7 aylar önce
Also worth noting, Brian May said recently that they've found and restored an old track with Freddie Mercury and it's set to release in September!
Frank hahah
Frank hahah 7 aylar önce
You should do britney spears discography at some point. She has a very interesting discography and evolved quite a bit through her career
KremBotop9525 7 aylar önce
For the last few years I've been trying to delve into Queen's deep cuts a lot more, and it granted some amazing findings. Exploring its bootleg/live recording scene also helped a lot in appreciating more of their discography as well as different takes of their popular songs. And it's quite easy to look up various Queen live recordings here on TRvid nowadays. Shootouts to "Hangman" though, an early and unreleased song that currently only exists in Live recording form. The one from April 1st, 1976 at the Nippon Budokan might be the best performance of it to look up.
O 7 aylar önce
How do you not mention the show must go on? That is the most powerful ending for an album like innuendo
Kelly Courtney
Kelly Courtney 7 aylar önce
First, so glad you did this deep dive. I can only hope for a Yes, King Crimson, or Peter Gabriel DD follow up. That being said, I'm incredulous you gave as much time as you did on the track that nearly single handedly ruined Jazz in Fun It, and yet didnt mention Dead On Time or Spread Your Wings from News of the World. Alas. Anyway you totally have to check out Flash Gordon the movie. Its a cult classic and its cheesy camp gives the soundtrack its foundation and helps make it make more sense. Ok on with the rest of the vid.... Edit: Thanks for mentioning the amazing Barcelona.
Martin Mortyry
Martin Mortyry 7 aylar önce
What do you mean by "dated" in relation to A Kind of Magic? This album, as any other, was a product of its time, of course it sounds like the 80s! Not everything has to have the "timeless sound", whatever that might mean. I, for one, adore the sound of the 80s emanating from some of its tracks, and personally consider the latter Queen era their best period. Still, a very good and, may I say, deep inspection of Queen's discography. Can't wait for more!
David English
David English 7 aylar önce
In the UK it was quite difficult to judge how good Queen actually were due to the varying quality of their singles. Even songs like Somebody To Love was lukewarm at best as it followed Bohemian Rhapsody and was viewed as a copy of the former. However when QGH was released and the tracks were sequenced in the way that they were people were able to stand back and see just how good they were as songwriters. It probably the best greatest hits album ever put together. Hits II is none too shabby either. Everybody had a copy of Queens Greatest Hits growing up.
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 7 aylar önce
Curious how people claim earlier times were better and yet most of them seemed to be as STUPID as ever. Somebody to love is WIDELY DIFFERENT than Bohemian Rhapsody
Danny Vasquez
Danny Vasquez 7 aylar önce
My dad grew up loving disco and funk in the late 70s and early 80s, so although he loves Queen, his favorite albums of theirs are The Game and Hot Space, and I’ve come to love them too It’s funny and interesting how approaching music from a different perspective/background will influence your opinions
Matthew Gee
Matthew Gee 7 aylar önce
Great to see you cover this band! I'm not sure if you like their stuff but could you cover Rush?
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 7 aylar önce
Also Dire Straits.
Gregory Oliphant
Gregory Oliphant 7 aylar önce
Queen is an all time favorite of mine and Freddie is one of my biggest inspirations as a vocalist; much respect. I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider putting BRANDY on your voting list DDD or to be the next one. She's one of the most influential figures in R&B in the past 25 years as well as being an OG teen pop sensation long before Nysync, Britney Spears, Etc. She is often described as the Vocal Bible when it comes to modern day R&B Vocalists. She has influenced countless artists such as Rihanna, Kehlani, Kelly Rowland, Ariana Grande, Solange, Erykah Badu, India Arie, Etc. She was also the first to work with Rodney Jenkins and Frank Oceans Before they became sought after sensations. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU DO BRANDY
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 7 aylar önce
I'll have to check them out
Joseph Molnar
Joseph Molnar 7 aylar önce
Love these dives on older rock artists, especially giving context to the changes in sound and style over the years. Would kill to see an Aerosmith or Genesis deep dive!!
Goldfire2006 7 aylar önce
Fun fact: "One Vision" and "A Kind of Magic" originally started out as one and the same song, inspired by the Live Aid experience. There's an early demo that was included on the Deluxe edition of the 2011 re-release of the "A Kind of Magic" album given the hilarious name "A Kind of Vision". When Queen were brought on to do the soundtrack for the first "Highlander" movie, Roger Taylor reworked the song into "A Kind of Magic", with new lyrics inspired by the film. That original version of the song was used in the film's end credits, and is also featured on the 2011 Deluxe re-release. Freddie then reworked the song further and made it more poppy. That became the source for the album, single and video version. Meanwhile, Roger and the other band members took the original "A Kind of Vision" lyrics and created a different song altogether, named "One Vision".
stormcloudsabound 7 aylar önce
Finally!! I’ve voted for this in every single DDDD and I’m so glad to see this. Queen II is underrated (though there’s a questionable lyric in March of the Black Queen that I’m not cool with)
Anne Lorraine
Anne Lorraine 7 aylar önce
@ghost mall Not defending the lyric at all, because by the 70’s the connotations of that word should have been known to the band, but in the lyrics it seems clear they’re referring to actual brown sugar (which was imported into the UK as “n-word sugar” until the mid-20th century). So it was definitely tone-deaf and insensitive to use that word, but it wasn’t used in a racial context. “N-word sugar” would have also been the predominant term for brown sugar where Freddie grew up in Zanzibar, whereas it had started to go out of use in the UK, so he may not have thought about the difference in interpretation from his background to others. Kinda like how cigarettes are referred to as “fags” in the UK but that same word is used as a gay slur there and elsewhere. I think it’s definitely something that should be acknowledged and scrutinized but looked at in the context of when and how it was used vs. how we would interpret it today
Biddleee Who?
Biddleee Who? 7 aylar önce
It is worth noting that that song is, in my opinion, the best song on the album. It's sort of like a precursor to Bohemian Rhapsody with all the style changes throughout the song
Biddleee Who?
Biddleee Who? 7 aylar önce
@ghost mall I think they change the lyrics on genius to "A little bit of sugar." The actual lyric that's written in the lyric sheet of the album is "a little n****r sugar." There's probably an annotation correcting the lyric. It's at about 1:47 in the song
stormcloudsabound 7 aylar önce
@Biddleee Who? Yeah, thank you for that. It’s certainly not aged well!
Biddleee Who?
Biddleee Who? 7 aylar önce
@C Delgado they use the n word. It's very brief and hard to catch, but it's definitely there. (It isn't used in a derogatory way)
ScribbledDreaming 7 aylar önce
Now that you've done Queen, you should absolutely do Elton John! It would be quite the undertaking with over 30 studio albums, but there is so much to talk about and especially the first couple of albums are masterpieces.
d1p70 2 aylar önce
for a 90s kid like me, nothing tops the lion king soundtrack! it's a musical time machine!
Flavio Carlos
Flavio Carlos 7 aylar önce
I've finished listening to their whole discography rather recently, so to me it's still a bit challenging to distinguish _some_ of their work apart (especially the most similar ones like A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races, in my opinion). All I know is - I enjoy them all. Can't think of a single bad album, a single one I don't truly adore. What I *can* tell you is which ones I like THE MOST. From the top of my head, I immediately think about Sheer Heart Attack, Jazz, The Works and Innuendo as the most memorable ones to me. Those will be a part of my playlists forever. Also, about the part where Nick talks about "Don't Stop Me Now" - I get it. I really get it. Thank you for expressing so well the feeling that that song has, its energy, its power, it truly makes anyone feel like they can do anything, be anything. And Freddie's vocals play a big part on that. This song has brought tears to my eyes more times than I'd like to admit, and it's commendable seeing Nick describe so well what makes it a great song.
Hickory McCay
Hickory McCay 7 aylar önce
Given that you mentioned Steve Howe, you should do a DDD on Yes. They are the best band of the progressive rock era in my opinion (although not by far) and their later work, while not too good, would be interesting to check out.
Jaxzan Proditor
Jaxzan Proditor 7 aylar önce
Seconded, because if my love for Yes and also because the changes to the Yes lineup are a story in their own right.
Larry Starstruck
Larry Starstruck 7 aylar önce
This was a great one. In the later years, I have always been partial to "I want it all" and the title cut to "Innuendo" I do find later released songs like "too much love will kill you" to be haunting after his passing. There was and never will be anyone quite like him again.
Sevarrius Aylar önce
It's always 'Mother Love' that gets me. It's not just that it's the last song Freddie ever recorded, it's also knowing how Freddie became too ill and tired to record the last verse, saying he needed to rest and would finish it next time but never returning. The sheer power of his voice in that second verse knowing how frail and gravely ill he was to then hearing Brians voice for the final verse as he had no choice but to record it himself...That's what gets me, that's what makes it the one song I can't 'just' listen to.
Brandon McLendon
Brandon McLendon 7 aylar önce
One of the best underground rock bands of the 70s.
Leif Bradshaw
Leif Bradshaw 7 aylar önce
Thanks, Sean Fay Wolfe of Diamond Axe Studios, for first bringing them to my attention, and now I have even further knowledge and appreciation for this band, having seen this dive. More people deserve to know of these guys. How were they not superstars?
Σταύρος Τσιαμπας
So underrated!!! I'm glad Mic is shining a light on underground talent.
Kaleb Goldbeck
Kaleb Goldbeck 7 aylar önce
Queen has been my favorite band and enormous part of my life since the seventh grade. Finding out that Mercury also suffered from severe anxiety caused me to cry because for the first time in my life, I felt capable of doing something fabulous despite my fear of pretty much everything. The deprivations of Rhye across the first three albums also inspired me in my creation of a homebrew D&D world named for it. Across every creative facet in my life and personal moment, there is a bit of Queen, either getting me through it, or inspiring me to create.
Lizzie Jones
Lizzie Jones 7 aylar önce
This is so cool and it taught me so much about Queen! It would be cool to see you do a discog dive on The Smiths.
stevendchu 7 aylar önce
Aside from being literal dopamine in the form of a song, I've always found it amusing how in the "Don't Stop Me Now" video, the entire 2nd verse is just a close-up of Freddie's mouth! Also John Deacon may be the only person ever to be in a rock band while wearing a sweater vest.
nbadude44 7 aylar önce
"Innuendo" is also the Italian word for "suppository". Seriously though, this was a very well done episode. The only major thing that I felt was left out was the song "No One But You". After the death of Princess Diana in 1997, Brian, Roger, & John got together to record one last song which not only served as a tribute to Diana, but also to Freddie. If "Made In Heaven" was the final chapter for Queen, "No One But You" is the epilogue.
Susie ?
Susie ? 7 aylar önce
one of my first records I ever bought was the Queen’s Greatest Hits album. I fell in love with music because of Queen. The sheer theatrics, the variety of instruments, Freddie’s incredible range. One of the few artists almost everyone can agree is one of the greats.
d1p70 2 aylar önce
same! it was one of the very first cassette tapes i bought with my own money (a very big deal for a kid in seventh grade)! gosh im old!
Memu 7 aylar önce
I don't get why you despise some songs sounding very 80's so much. It's bizarre.
dazey 7 aylar önce
my fairy kings gotta be one of my queen favs, im so happy youve made this, i LOVE queens discography, especially their younger 5 albums! i just cannot get over their fantasy rock genre, though everytime i get the itch to listen to the first album, i CANT not listen to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…
Sailing Sam
Sailing Sam 7 aylar önce
Bohemian Rhapsody was a very good movie. Queen is a fearless creative and campy band that is unique and deserves admiration.
Carter A. Klassen
Carter A. Klassen 7 aylar önce
I've voted for Queen every time since April, 2020. So glad to see them finally get covered
Thawab Alhemaidi
Thawab Alhemaidi 7 aylar önce
OMG YESSS! Now I want a Beyoncé DDD because there’s a lot of great things to dissect in Self-Titled and Lemonade
Sarah King
Sarah King 7 aylar önce
I recently finished my own Queen DDD, after being raised on their music and been a fan my whole life. For me A Night at the Opera is undoubtedly their magnum opus, but it's nice to see someone giving News of the World the time of day! It blows me away that Spread Your Wings was never a bigger hit, its one of my favourite Queen songs and an incredible performance from all members
Crazy Comics Productions
In my opinion Jazz is my favorite Queen album because it has so many great hits. But “Jealousy” and “ More Of That Jazz” are my favorite tracks off the album
Oliver Dorman
Oliver Dorman 6 aylar önce
I'm so happy that someone who reviewed Queen's discography gave a shout out to Innuendo, one of my favourite songs from their post "Greatest Hits" stage Though I was surprised that for how many songs you mentioned on that album you left off a shout out to it's BEST song "The Show must go on" It was rumoured to have been done in one take and with Freddie knowing the end was coming, that song is beautiful, haunting and contains my favourite vocal from Freddie ever on that final chorus But amazing video though, can you do Coldplay or Muse :)
ErroHaze 18 gün önce
Gosh, I love the song Innuendo it's just fantastic and epic, my favorite Queen song of all time! The album as a whole is great too. I'm also personally quite a fan of their album, A Kind of Magic. My favorite album from the 80s.
Ray M
Ray M 7 aylar önce
You're 27? Um....try to avoid airplanes and heavy drugs until you're 28, and then you're immortal.
Cassandra Lyris
Cassandra Lyris 7 aylar önce
Great DDD! So many memories. Queen taught me how to read. I am dead serious. I still remember, I was 2 and I would get to listen to my uncle's "old" albums with my Fisher Price record player and massive old headphones (also previously my uncle's). While looking through the fold of A Night At The Opera at some point something in my mind just clicked and I realized that what was on the page is what was being said. I proceeded to dash through my house, reading things. I started with my Cheerios box, and words on commercials. I then sat down and read along with every album that had its lyrics with it. This actually became a long standing habit of mine, even when I got tapes or CDs, the first thing I still do is follow along with the words. 🥰 It's funny that you mentioned how Grunge, and specifically Nirvana changed the rock landscape in 91. Kurt was such a huge fan of Queen and Bowie. Losing Freddie and Kurt within a couple of years was just terrible. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. 💖 So Freddie and Kurt both had a great love of Ireland, so maybe I could make an eclectic suggestion of doing a DDD on an Irish band? Such as Clannad, Del Amitri, or The Cranberries? Provided you're interested of course. I've had the good fortune of seeing all of these bands play and I think they might surprise you.
The VFX Man: Colorization, VFX Experiments
The fact that you didn't give "I'm in Love With My Car" its due credit in the Night at The Opera section 😔. It is quite a silly song, but it has a fabulously rocking riff and amazing vocals from Roger
ThoughtfulPug1 7 aylar önce
Thinking back on the Chumbawumba video, the first song on the album has them dissing Freddie Mercury and Queen for the Sun City performance, with the line "Freddie Mercury, this is your life/Thank the lord that you were born white". Apparently which ever member of the band wrote that lyric didn't know that Freddie was Indian, and likely faced discrimination as a "Paki" in his early life as an immigrant in Britain. I will assume that line they wrote was written in ignorance (to be fair, most people think Freddie is the most british man ever), else its kinda disgusting. Same goes for calling Queen "the first fascist rock band".
ThoughtfulPug1 7 aylar önce
​@avi golberg I guess, but 1.) they specified "Thank the lord that you were born white", defining his race rather than his background, 2.) This is written by a bunch of white guys and gals about an immigrant from a former colony. It's a bad look, and that's before we get to the actual stuff they slag him off for with Sun City and whatnot, which I don't think is deserved.
avi golberg
avi golberg 7 aylar önce
I think of this lyric more as the member saying how Freddie Mercury was born into a very priveleged childhood
mary freegirl
mary freegirl 7 aylar önce
Man i was obsessed with bohemian rhapsody for the longest when i first heard it, i felt the same way as you did, it really opened my mind
Hardcoremagicalgirl Fifi
Queen is bar none my favorite classic rock band. Their catalogue contains vital bangers, as well some hidden gems and spans so many different styles. Plus Freddie Mercury is a legendary front man and I will forever be heartbroken I can never see him live because he passed before my birth. Thanks for covering them.
Simon Woodcock
Simon Woodcock 7 aylar önce
Once more, Mr the snare has brought me another well made interesting video about a band I like. Yet continues to deny me a Deep Discog Dive on The Killers I truly want. Why must Mr the snare torture me in this way.
La Recamara
La Recamara 7 aylar önce
I would've probably talked a longer time about "Show must go on" the story of an Ill Freddie just downing a shot of vodka and doing that in one take is both funny and inspiring.
RedDevil_Joe 7 aylar önce
Yeah Queen don’t have one truly amazing album, they have around 25 great songs across 15 albums but when your great songs are THAT great and iconic and accessible etc, nobody is ever going to care 👍
time for Lauryn's opinion
queen are my favourite band and i saw them with adam lambert on the rhapsody tour in february 2020. it was the best concert i've ever been to - they played all the hits as well as some album cuts (including my favourite song, '39), adam is an incredible vocalist and performer, and brian and roger were somehow still so vibrant and clearly just love performing so much. this was such a great retrospective. thank you for reminding me how much i love this band, and why.
wallaceprower 7 aylar önce
Another excellent video! Always appreciate the amount of research gone into these and the amount of music you consume for each video! Happy how timeless these videos are and how they will feel just as relevant 5 years from now as they do now.
Jenny O.
Jenny O. 7 aylar önce
These videos are extremely great and I want to thank you for all your hard work! I've learned so much from these and I really appreciate it!
MadLane Aylar önce
never heard that song "don't try suicide" but i have to agree with them, "no one cares about you" is pretty much the truth.
The VFX Man: Colorization, VFX Experiments
Queen made their best music in the 70s, but they gave their best live performances in the 80s
7SeasOfQ 7 aylar önce
Not necessarily, lots of their best preformances were in the 70s, though many notable ones in the 80s
Khiem Vu
Khiem Vu 7 aylar önce
Disagree with the live performances. Their earlier tours in the 70s showcased the band's instrumental side, which wasn't as present in the 80s tours. Freddie's voice was also clearer and softer. I'm not as big of a fan of the more macho sound he had during the Works and Magic tours. I'd recommend Ryan Newton's channel, he has tons of Queen bootlegs that really showcase the band at their best live: trvid.com/show-UCdK20x0fmjnKD27PAH79wFw
RuinVolleyball 7 aylar önce
Mr. The Snare, I know this sounds like a terrible idea but I would love to see you dive into the discog of Imagine Dragons. I know you didn’t care for Origins or Mercury, but I’m curious to see what you’d think of the rest of their albums.
Punctured Bicycle
Punctured Bicycle 7 aylar önce
He did AJR, it wouldn’t far fetched if he did it
Dimas 7 aylar önce
hi ! just wanted to add about Freddie's real name : Farrokh Bulsara and his stage name during smile which was Larry Lurex. The song titled "going back" on smile's album queen in nuce is one of my fav hidden gems!
ladydynamite7 7 aylar önce
Their first five albums are my favourites, with Queen II being one of my absolute favourite albums.
juicifer pandora rex
juicifer pandora rex 7 aylar önce
Wayne's world (one of my absolute favorite movies) was my first experience with bohemian rhapsody. both the scene and the song hold a special place in my heart.
Michael Adkins
Michael Adkins 7 aylar önce
I dont know this for a fact, but Bohemian Rhapsody may be the first song to hit the US Top 10 three time, non christmas song division. I think I like Another One Bites the Dust better than Bohemian Rhapsody.
Tyler Crock
Tyler Crock 7 aylar önce
Great video! Hope one day you can do a DDD on Rush, Thin Lizzy, KISS, Marvin Gaye, John Martyn, and Genesis.
Tinaco Falls
Tinaco Falls 7 aylar önce
I know it’s such a weirdly specific thing, but as for me, I first discovered the concept of text painting through my first listens of Bohemian Rhapsody, at the part where Freddie said “shivers down my spine” and the chimes come immediately after, I don’t know why, but that moment blew my mind
blablablabla 5 aylar önce
leaving this comment before watching the video so idk if it was mentioned, but they aren't actual chimes btw!! Brian May plays his guitar with a sixpence coin and to get that sound he lightly scratched the backside of the strings with it angled so the serrated edge hits them just right. You can see him do it when they play the song live.
Joseph M.
Joseph M. 7 aylar önce
I think a Sufjan Stevens or The Mountain Goats DDD would be cool
qdominika 7 aylar önce
My melancholy blues! Love that song, freddies vocals on that one are really something
Reagan Wall
Reagan Wall 7 aylar önce
Amazing DDD!!! Queen has always been one of my favorites. Nirvana would be AMAZING
Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley 7 aylar önce
A few years ago I was moving from house to house by myself. I kept playing 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' and stuck with that song ever since. I think that the song is very telling for how the situation is in the world today. Mind you I have been listening to Queen since 1978, and of course there are so many songs to choose from, i mean of course I also really love "Killer Queen" just like you.. I guess what I am trying to say is that Queen's music is looking to be timeless, and will be played for the coming 100 years for sure. Good job on this Discog, kid! (sorry, you look really young, but I mean it as a compliment!)
James C Brown
James C Brown 7 aylar önce
Thank you Mic, absolutely loved this. Queen is genuinely one of the greatest bands of all time, and their work has been something that I’ve come back to throughout my time studying music, and in my working life in entertainment as well. Was lucky enough to be in training to duty manage at my work in October when Roger Taylor played at my venue, was such an incredible night, managed to get in the auditorium during Radio Gaga and shed a tear.
Gabriel Schleifer
Gabriel Schleifer 7 aylar önce
"By the halfway point, The Game starts to lose it's identity." You could say Queen.... lost the game. Also, how the hell did you not mention "Invisible Man" when you talked about The Miracle?? That's their second-best funk song!
Marco Cardia
Marco Cardia 7 aylar önce
Yes i love this series and it´s finally happening! your doing a deep discog of my favorite band, love your videos! i would love a Zappa deep discog but that would be probably 2 hours Thank you!
Youhanna William
Youhanna William 7 aylar önce
Amazing as usual .. but how did you forget to mention the legendary “the show must go on “ !?
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson 7 aylar önce
LMAO i'm glad you mentioned the Dave Mars Rolling Stone review of Jazz when you got to that section, I remember reading that infamous line and laughing my ass off for a solid 5 minutes. What a truly bizarre review, like he was trying to be Robert Christgau there
Hindu Scriptures & Current Events with Aaron Joy
The thing with Queen, you can find something on every album to like. There's no album I would just completely forget about.
Nathaniel Crabtree
Nathaniel Crabtree 7 aylar önce
Great DDD! Makes me want to Queen another chance. I would love to see you do a DDD on The Kinks. I feel like they are kind of overlooked when it comes to bands from the 60s.
KiT 7 aylar önce
I cry my eyes out when I listen to mother love when Brian may sung the last verse makes me lose my shit every single time
vilma 7 aylar önce
cannot waaaait, i'm actually embarrasingly out of the loop when it comes to queen. to give a humble suggestion for a future ddd, if you ever wanna do another extra big one, maybe try paul mccartney (and wings too i guess since he did most of his essential 70s work with them) ? that would be a hell of a discography to cover
Star Killer Club
Star Killer Club 6 aylar önce
Live Killers is not only Queen's best, but arguably, one of the best live LP's ever.
dresden123456 7 aylar önce
46 seconds in and (I can't believe I'm that person but screw it) you've switched Roger and Tim. Roger is the one standing in the Smile picture.
Rocket Impossible
Rocket Impossible 6 aylar önce
Great video! News of the World and Sheer Heart Attack are two of my favorite albums of all time. News also contains what I consider to be Queen's two most underappreciated songs: It's Late and Spread Your Wings.
Frédéric Latreille
Rankings would go as: 15- Flash Gordon ... 14- A Kind of Magic ... 13- Hot Space ... 12- The Works ... 11- Made in Heaven .... 10- The Miracle ... 9- Innuendo ... 8- Queen II ... 7- Queen ... 6- The Game ... 5- News of the World ... 4- Sheer Heart Attack ... 3 - A Day at the Races ... 2- Jazz ... 1- A Night at the Opera
Infinite Beak
Infinite Beak 7 aylar önce
Probably the best singles band of all time, and their albums aren't too shoddy either (just some are a bit inconsistent), but imagine having four members who are all virtuosos with their instruments, are all incredible songwriters, and on top of all that they were amazing performers and put on legendary shows. Queen get written off too easily as the pompous novelty band, but they were so good
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