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Ah yes, my favorite JRPG

Let me know your favorite Maroon 5 song/album/related thing in the comments!

00:00 Intro
00:34 Prologue
01:18 The Fourth World
03:37 Songs About Jane
09:38 It Won't Be Soon Before Long
14:53 Hands All Over
17:43 Moves Like Jagger
23:06 Overexposed
27:02 V
31:10 Red Pill Blues
37:13 Jordi
41:06 Why are they still a thing?
46:13 Conclusion

Maps: • Maps (8 Bit Remix...
Girls Like You: • Girls Like You [8...
Sugar: • Sugar (8 Bit Remi...
What Lovers Do: • What Lovers Do [8...

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31 Mar 2023




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Emmalyn Meyer
Emmalyn Meyer 4 aylar önce
Years ago, I saw a Tumblr screenshot of a Twitter screenshot on Instagram that claimed Maroon 5 made a deal with the devil to get their songs to #1 in exchange for being nobody’s favorite. It has never been proven wrong, and I don’t think it ever will.
꧁ Nyxie ꧂
꧁ Nyxie ꧂ 19 gün önce
@abbie Did Maroon 5 do Born This Way? I didn’t think so
Mozzie Aylar önce
maroon 5 was my fav band growing up lmao
abbie Aylar önce
lol I remember when people said the same thing about Lady Gaga...and all because she dressed like a modern art exhibit
G O B L I N Aylar önce
be fcking fr in the comments... maroon 5 songs in the beginning were good then adam levine went brendon urie and ruined everything
ploploplop Aylar önce
man i remember that post
RoomieOfficial 4 aylar önce
Songs About Jane is a masterpiece 💿 “This Love” is a really unique song musically imo, try to find another mainstream pop song that starts its progression with the dominant chord leading to the minor tonic with the 3rd in the bass 🤓
Mete Tural
Mete Tural Aylar önce
rare Roomie W
Santi Carbajal
Santi Carbajal Aylar önce
@Cam_CA the two following albums were good though
gigawasian 2 aylar önce
@RoomieOfficial hi roomy
Cam_CA 3 aylar önce
@Luis Tijerina Nothing after Songs about Jane was a fraction as good. That was an actual alt album
Luis Tijerina
Luis Tijerina 3 aylar önce
Songs About Jane isn’t even the best Maroon 5 album
M 4 aylar önce
“I know this was named after a dead friend, but that’s no reason to make an album that’s so LIFELESS” fuckin brutal dude
Será Louise
Será Louise 3 aylar önce
when memories was all over the radio i told a friend "i know its a tribute to a dead friend but if i died and someone made this song in my memory i would come back to life out of pure spite"
SbS 3 aylar önce
made me stop the video
The Media Monitor
The Media Monitor 3 aylar önce
To quote the Fergie song “London Bridge,” “Oh s*it!” “Oh snap!”
ploue 4 aylar önce
the meanest thing mic has ever said lmao holy shit that's not a high bar to clear but still
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson 4 aylar önce
Holy shit lmfao
Kara 4 aylar önce
cant believe they based a whole album in the name of my flowers
SaulTFry Aylar önce
@Max Max four, James Valentine wasn't there yet.
Grief 4 aylar önce
and its still the 2nd best album theyve made
Angelo 4 aylar önce
Beth 4 aylar önce
Your flowers are called Jordi?
Funky 4 aylar önce
Daysha Lang
Daysha Lang 4 aylar önce
The maroon 5 downfall is tragic BUT the panic at the disco downfall is just… devastating
꧁ Nyxie ꧂
꧁ Nyxie ꧂ 19 gün önce
@ProcrastPerfection Counterpoint: Brendan Urie is also Brendan Urie and there isn’t a greater crime than that
6percentbattery Aylar önce
Yeeees a discog dive on panic would be amazing. This was my first discog dive video and I really enjoyed it
abbie Aylar önce
Patd! did really well in their early albums (I know I'm that kind of fan) but... c'mon their more recent music just sucks I can only hear "High Hopes" so many times before getting sick of the sound
Falxifer 2 aylar önce
And both bands' downfall revolve around their respective front man becoming the owners of the band to the detriment of their music.
Ghost 2 aylar önce
at least its out of its misery
Graham Kristensen
Graham Kristensen 4 aylar önce
A while back, I had this idea for a TV show inspired by Maroon 5. It's a mockumentary about this successful band whose singer is the only one the public cares about, so while the singer gets all the fame, groupies, brand deals and press coverage, the rest of the band gets to just fart around and do whatever without much attention. Think of it like a cross between Parks & Rec and Metalocalypse. There'd be a running gag where the singer would show up every few episodes but you'd never see his face due to some clever blocking, except for the final episode where we finally see his face, and he's played by Adam Levine.
Formal Film Productions
I would absolutely love this show
Cameron Jolicouer
Cameron Jolicouer Aylar önce
@Val you sound fun
Val Aylar önce
@E M Not really because A. Matt also plays guitar and sometimes piano along with his singing duties and B. Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard also sometimes get times to shine. A better example imo would be the members of Imagine Dragons that aren't Dan Reynolds
Cameron Jolicouer
Cameron Jolicouer 2 aylar önce
This is such a good idea!
Dan P
Dan P 2 aylar önce
I will be a scriptwriter for it
James Forrest
James Forrest 4 aylar önce
what's funny is how adam levine managed to make maroon 5 sound like his solo act when it's actually a band, while brendon urie managed to make panic at the disco sound like a whole band when it's essentially a solo act.
ploploplop Aylar önce
this comment gets better after p!atd "breaking up"
Aceroy 2 aylar önce
And then you get the best of both worlds with Brandon Flowers
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 3 aylar önce
The other Maroon 4 must have a nice life just collecting royalties
Lizzard 4 aylar önce
"Jagger" being the only thing people could think of to rhyme with "Swagger" in the mid 2010s was a low point for us as humanity for sure
mariokarter13 3 aylar önce
The Cher Lloyd example isn't even a reference to Mick Jagger. It's a reference to theft along the lines of carjacking.
Bro Ghad
Bro Ghad 3 aylar önce
Not really I seriously don't get why people hate this song so much when they have soooo much worse offerings Moves like Jagger is harmless :)
Elijah Ford’s Idiotic Variety Show
WRONG. You’re WRONG. That was in the early 2010s. NOT the mid 2010s.
Nate DS
Nate DS 3 aylar önce
But like what the hell else rhymes with swagger? Bag her, snag her, nagger, bragger... Ok it's not nothing but still
Elías MG
Elías MG 4 aylar önce
Kelvin Nguyen
Kelvin Nguyen 4 aylar önce
The most impressive thing about Maroon 5 is the fact that they have managed to coast long enough to outlive the 20 year rule. With the retro 2000s movement gaining so much steam Levine would be an idiot not to embrace it. Even if that means throwing back to hinself.
xilitla! 3 aylar önce
@Jon Construct but like, cmon thats beyonce
Bro Ghad
Bro Ghad 3 aylar önce
@Jon Construct Beyonce isn't a band
Bro Ghad
Bro Ghad 3 aylar önce
@gx1tar1er Coldplay is a sad shell of its former self and you know it
Bisexual Majima
Bisexual Majima 3 aylar önce
​@CityBoy20 honestly in terms of rock/rock-adjacent music it's more common than you'd think because the radio friendly chunk of the genre stagnated so hard, it's not like the transition from the 70s to 80s or 80s to 90s where every prog band went in a poppier direction or every hair metal band tanked completely because of the new subgenres (grunge of course being the main one) replacing it. Coldplay and fucking Nickelback are still around because hip hop overtook it as the thing that has a popular innovative new subgenre every few years.
Jon Construct
Jon Construct 4 aylar önce
@CityBoy20 Beyonce is the only one I can think of
Jorge Ortega
Jorge Ortega 4 aylar önce
Maroon 5 is truly the M. Night Shyamalan of music
funky35791 22 gün önce
M night has actually made good movies tho
Kosta Jovanovic
Kosta Jovanovic 3 aylar önce
@TheKevlar4 yes, the comparison is spot on
Brendan J. Smith
Brendan J. Smith 4 aylar önce
Except Shyamalan managed to bounce back in recent years.
TheKevlar4 4 aylar önce
Have you ever seen a Shyamalan movie? Terrible comparison.
Cory Leaver
Cory Leaver 4 aylar önce
Moves Like Jagger fascinates me so much. You can use it to pinpoint down to the microsecond when Adam Levine stopped trying. It's shocking, really.
Snoozy Q
Snoozy Q 4 aylar önce
The popularity of this song definitely depressed me
GregCubed 4 aylar önce
Yeah it’s nuts. The 3 albums preceding it were one thing, then moves like Jagger independently comes out, then the following albums were almost an entirely different project.
Setashi 4 aylar önce
The quality dropoff between every Maroon 5 album is like falling down some stairs lmao.
Bowser 3 aylar önce
nah they didn’t even fall down the stairs, they fell off fucking mount thor
Violet Sullivan
Violet Sullivan 4 aylar önce
Cynthia Wang
Cynthia Wang 4 aylar önce
i didn’t realize i knew so many maroon 5 songs. don’t know how to feel about that
MR. WORLDWIDE 4 aylar önce
You don't wanna know, know, know, know how you know so many Maroon 5 songs, songs, songs, songs
R Cusick
R Cusick 4 aylar önce
TheGreenShyGuy 4 aylar önce
they are truly inescapable
Ricardo 4 aylar önce
I love how the only songs Mic has dedicated a DDD to are AJR’s I’m Ready, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. Definitely the songs of all time
Melvin Dukowski
Melvin Dukowski 4 aylar önce
I agree with Todd. Maroon 5 is the new Chicago. Started as a decent band with merit before becoming the biggest sell outs and making the worst version of their respective era's pop music.
max k
max k 4 gün önce
difference is Chicago were better songwriters.
Falxifer 2 aylar önce
@Brendan J. Smith They absolutely are. As much as I agree with Mic that "sellout" is a dumb buzzword, acts like Maroon 5 and the Black Eyed Peas are the literal definition of selling out to a tee.
Brendan J. Smith
Brendan J. Smith 2 aylar önce
Can we consider the Black Eyed Peas the hip-hop variant?
Lil Yuri
Lil Yuri 4 aylar önce
I am only a few minutes in but holy shit I HAVE LITERALLY MADE THIS COMPARISON as well!
Dilly Diamondz
Dilly Diamondz 4 aylar önce
Love them or hate them, you do have to admit it’s kind of impressive how they’ve managed to stay relevant all these years later. Similar to Coldplay too I would say. There’s not a lot of bands from that era that are still together and as massively relevant/successful as those two are.
max k
max k 4 gün önce
Coldplay aren't really as relevant though. like, their album before the last was basically under the radar.
Cam_CA 3 aylar önce
@Zoey Katerina facts
dominic dela paz
dominic dela paz 3 aylar önce
@lacerated by thumbtacks
lacerated by thumbtacks
@dominic dela paz off topic but i love your mbv pfp
MR. WORLDWIDE 4 aylar önce
@Stevie G They listen to the singles, definitely not the albums.
Jimmy Chapman
Jimmy Chapman 4 aylar önce
I would love to see a deep discogdive of Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas. I feel like no one has ever talked about them positively or negatively and that really surprises me. 20 million albums sold, collectively the most weeks #1 on adult pop radio before Maroon 5 got huge, basically the kings of mini-van rock, yet nothing. Thanks for being awesome. I love everything you do.
Quinn Newman
Quinn Newman Aylar önce
I still like unwell and let's see how far we come....... I don't have good taste
mariokarter13 3 aylar önce
Rob Thomas was last seen getting ripped off by Olivia Rodrigo's ex-boyfriend. Compare his "NLYTM" to Joshua Bassett's "Lie Lie Lie"
aria 3 aylar önce
They toured recently in my city and I was like "Matchbox Twenty is still around?"
Jimmy Chapman
Jimmy Chapman 3 aylar önce
@Megan Spalletta-Ferrari I meant it was just played at my wedding. It was a Disney one.
Megan Spalletta-Ferrari
@Jimmy Chapman what arrangement did you use?
Robbity 4 aylar önce
In Bo Burnham’s Repeat Stuff music video, he has a moment where he sings at girls but every cut has a different girl in the shot in order to show how a lot of modern pop songs are written as vague as possible in order to create parasocial relationships. So yeah, Maroon 5 did the same thing genuinely in the Girls Like You music video, proving Bo’s point. Just thought that was interesting.
HappyCamper DS99
HappyCamper DS99 4 aylar önce
Wow, glad you're covering the legendary musicians who rhymed "you" with "ooh-ooh"!
haleys hus
haleys hus 4 aylar önce
this could be more than one song
Velocirabbit 4 aylar önce
My physics teacher is literally obsessed with maroon 5. He plays it during the beginning and end of class and a few times during tests. It’s so funny but at the same time I want to die it makes physics that much more excruciatingly painful
FlipperDoigt703 2 aylar önce
Literally my 11th grade math teacher.
Bro Ghad
Bro Ghad 3 aylar önce
A literal NPC He most be researched and examined at all costs!
Sergio 4 aylar önce
This is one of the greatest comments I’ve read on this goddamned site
Rachel May
Rachel May 4 aylar önce
I'm now going to have to resist the urge to ask myself "Does Adam Levine know what this is?" when faced with ostensibly normal objects and concepts. Does Adam Levine know what a spork is? Does Adam Levine know the capital of Greece?
Rachel May
Rachel May 3 aylar önce
@Carly That's so funny, Mean and Accurate was my nickname at school.
Rachel May
Rachel May 3 aylar önce
@This Dude Exactly! I suspect not.
This Dude
This Dude 3 aylar önce
Does Adam Levine know what the fox says?
Carly 4 aylar önce
That's so mean. And accurate. He looks like he's hiding being confused all the time. I needed that laugh, thank you.
Genny Zee
Genny Zee 4 aylar önce
Woah this comment
Phelanii 4 aylar önce
They got Stevie Nicks on a Maroon 5 album?!?!? What sort of black magic have they done to make that happen? Especially on that latest album? Dear god...
Aquarius Solaris
Aquarius Solaris 3 aylar önce
She needed to pay the rent
Telephone Backgrounds On a Clear Day
Todd from Todd in the shadows made a comparison between Maroon 5 and Chicago, and to be honest I think that makes a lot more sense than the garth brooks comparison. Chicago spent the late 60s to the mid 70s putting out very highly acclaimed albums that were very fun, a bit prog, horn heavy, definitely remembered fondly… then “If You Leave Me Now” dropped in 1976 and became their biggest hit ever. A kinda sleepy ballad with none of the classic Chicago touches like a horn section, but in my opinion, not a bad song whatsoever. But after the next couple albums didn’t perform well commercially, and one of their members died, they basically decided to change up producers, change up sound by diminishing the horn section to a couple cameos per album, and spent the 80s and 90s pumping out ballads using whatever sounds were popular for the time. Now personally I like most of those Chicago ballads but still, the comparison has to be made. Also, I think the other obvious comparison is Coldplay. Started getting popular around the same time as Maroon 5, and after their 2000s output spent the 2010s and the first couple years of the 2020s trying to follow trends to mixed results.
max k
max k 4 gün önce
@Zoey Katerina Coldplay haven't been good since 2007
Connor Beith
Connor Beith 3 aylar önce
@Zoey Katerina They also shouted out Crazy Frog, which makes them good in my book.
SmoothCriminal12™ 3 aylar önce
I remember in another video, Todd compared Maroon 5 and Fall Out Boy moving to more pop oriented music. His sentiment was that Fall Out Boy went pop to expand their sound, Maroon 5 did to water their's down.
Elijah Ford’s Idiotic Variety Show
@Zoey Katerinaboth DID collaborate with now disgraced musical prodigy Kanye West though.
Misanthropic Mink
Misanthropic Mink 4 aylar önce
Todd In the Shadows is the goat when it comes to music criticism. I love it when people reference his videos
Jeremy U's ReevU
Jeremy U's ReevU 4 aylar önce
Fun fact: If you look in the dictionary for the phrase "Fell Off", you'll literally just get a picture of Maroon 5.
lost in the woods
lost in the woods 4 aylar önce
@Nuffer J rare????
koobyn 4 aylar önce
Brandon Urie also.
Nuffer J
Nuffer J 4 aylar önce
rare Jeremy W
Mariya Takeuchi
Mariya Takeuchi 4 aylar önce
Actually you will find the definition of the phrase “fell off” Which is definitely what marron 5 is but still
DAISHORYUJIN 95 4 aylar önce
And if Brad Taste and Jeremy U dislike it, it’s gotta be really bad
Jed Shaffer
Jed Shaffer 4 aylar önce
Maroon 5 are musical tofu. They absorb the things they are adjacent to, giving you a simulacrum of a flavor you like without actually being the flavor. But that also means they’re entirely synthetic, lacking in an identity of their own. They’re a substance that lacks its own substance. That gives them malleability, but also disposability, since the same experience can be gotten elsewhere and in better form. I don’t hate Maroon 5 for this, because there’s nothing to hate. There’s also nothing for me to like.
Jed Shaffer
Jed Shaffer 2 aylar önce
@booboosnack I never said anything about texture. I talked about FLAVOR, and drew a comparison of tofu's flavorless nature and how it abosrbs flavors around it when cooked to the way Maroon 5 does that with musical genres. It is not a knock on the value, texture, or importance of tofu in Asian cuisine and culture. It is a comment on its functionality and nature, and using it as a comparative tool to Marron 5's equally malleable existence that incorporates from the music around them but doesn't exhibit anything uniquely THEM.
booboosnack 2 aylar önce
@Jed Shaffer being Asian that's just flat out reductive of the role it has in creating texture in our cuisine
booboosnack 2 aylar önce
@Leper Colony period
Jed Shaffer
Jed Shaffer 3 aylar önce
Is tofu harvested from an animal or a plant? No. It's manufactured. And your asserting that my statement ignores how tofu exists is Asian cultures is ridiculous, since culture and nations where it is used has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY POINT. Tofu, regardless of where it's cooked, is not meant as a standalone food product. It is meant to be included in something else and to adopt the flavor of something else. A steak can be cooked by itself; tofu is meant to be cooked with another flavor to take on that flavor. So everything I said is true. I didn't say that makes tofu bad; just that that's its nature.
Leper Colony
Leper Colony 3 aylar önce
🚨UPDATE🚨: Tofu Dinner was Good
Drewmanian :P
Drewmanian :P 4 aylar önce
Sometimes it really sucks to be a hipster. I remember that Maroon 5's first 3 albums were the first 3 cd's in my first car. This band used to make me feel things when I sang along to them, but because the shit I like just isn't profitable enough, my favorite band stagnated into a sound I hate.
Ryan Storey
Ryan Storey 3 aylar önce
@Pentex Sucks The only way that'll happen is if they stop having hits.
Snoozy Q
Snoozy Q 4 aylar önce
I liked their first few cd's too. But what does this have to do with being hipster?
Pentex Sucks
Pentex Sucks 4 aylar önce
It's so painful, I still have pointless hope they'll do a throwback album that sounds like the 1st two albums, but I know it'll never happen.
sunrise parrabellum
sunrise parrabellum 4 aylar önce
there really are few things more painful than watching a band you love devolve into something unrecognizable
ATBPRODUCTlONS 4 aylar önce
Ah yes, the band that Todd in the Shadows tolerates about as much as Chicago. Songs about Jane is great though.
max k
max k 4 gün önce
@Mel Melody you have to remember he used to make content on Nostalgia Critic's site. he's always been unable to move fully away from that. but you have to remember he wasn't actually criticising Olivia and praised her a lot.
Mel Melody
Mel Melody 3 aylar önce
@Graham Kristensen well, yeah; those are generally a lot better than his pop song reviews, because he has to do actual research for them, rather than just taking the piss out of an artist for rephrasing an ancient adage or anything else he doesn't understand at a glance. my critiques of his work were towards his reviews (which he still does fairly regularly, and are a part of 1HW and, to an even lesser extent, Trainwreckords), not his edutainment respectives. Todd himself has noted quite often that he doesn't really see himself as a very good critic, so I think it's absolutely fair to dive into why that is. from my perspective, he is fun and edutaining, but not someone I look to for fair, thoughtful critique, as I don't think he's particularly either as a critic.
Kosta Jovanovic
Kosta Jovanovic 3 aylar önce
@Mel Melody his saving grace for the past years has been trainwrecords
Joaquin Lezcano
Joaquin Lezcano 4 aylar önce
@Graham Kristensen I must be the only one who found half oh his pop reviews boring. I'm already aware those songs are bad or pointless, make somehting else. There's a reason why Trainwreckords and One Hit Wonderland are much praised.
Graham Kristensen
Graham Kristensen 4 aylar önce
@Mel Melody To be fair, Todd has been doing pop song reviews less and less these days. I think he's a great musical historian, and One Hit Wonderland and Trainwreckords lean into those strengths a lot better
Amber Dent
Amber Dent 4 aylar önce
Having seen Adam Levine play some low-key jam sessions and/or collab on The Voice with other musicians, and now having listened to some of the music their keyboardist has done, I have my theory for why Maroon 5 is still around: all the members know that it's a consistent cash cow, and then they can use that money to fuck off and do whatever interesting thing they like. No pressure to be "good" in the traditional sense (critical acclaim), but plenty of continuous money and radio play. I've seen when Adam Levine is really interested in what he's doing, and to me, it's really obvious that he sees Maroon 5 the way I see my day job, and anything interesting he might be doing musically isn't anything he bothers to record or release outside of some small live venues.
Joseph Molnar
Joseph Molnar 4 aylar önce
For real though, that song "Lost Stars" is PHENOMENAL and Gregg Alexander is the most underrated songwriter in the business
theedgyjesus 4 aylar önce
songs about Jane will always be one of my favorite albums of all time.
Snoozy Q
Snoozy Q 4 aylar önce
One of my first too. It was great.
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 4 aylar önce
I have it on VINYL. I love it
Infinite Voyager
Infinite Voyager 4 aylar önce
One of the few albums I own physically, it’s such a classic!
Nate DS
Nate DS 4 aylar önce
Maroon 5 is if you took a classic Shakespherean tragedy and made it into a band. Started off with such promise, but slowly over time fell from grace. Except in this metaphor the main character doesn't die and the play keeps going on forever and everyone in the theater just wants to go home.
The Retro Catalog
The Retro Catalog 3 aylar önce
iammatthewdavid 4 aylar önce
I remembered when I was in my teenage years and I was a big Maroon 5 fan. And then I expanded my music tastes lol
mary freegirl
mary freegirl 4 aylar önce
Literally me
GregCubed 4 aylar önce
In a weird way, Maroon 5 selling out like they did made their early stuff stand out way more. Had they just faded away going into the 2010s I probably never would have taken interest in them outside of maybe knowing a few early hits and not caring. The fact that they so aggressively turned into the money chasing Adam-centric pop machine and stuck around a solid 12 years past their expiration date just continuously eroding their quality is super fascinating to me. I almost hyperfixate on this band just because I find their career trajectory so interesting. I really have grown to enjoy those early records due to the sharp contrast of what came after. Definitely the band of all time
The dog from Raditude
The dog from Raditude 4 aylar önce
Maroon 5 is like that kid you were friends with in elementary school, and then you see them again in high school and they’re so popular now that they don’t care about you at all.
Becky L. Stout, Writer
I'm sure I'm not the only one to make this comparison, but Maroon 5 is like those TV shows that last a decade or more and yet you can't find a single person who watches them.
Rachael Brown
Rachael Brown 4 aylar önce
Greys Anatomy…really popular that descends into ridiculousness but clearly people still watch it because it keeps getting renewed despite most of the hype around it being posts about it needing to end.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 4 aylar önce
They somehow sound like less of a band the more members they gain.
Harrison Booth
Harrison Booth 4 aylar önce
~22:00 Hypothesis: the obsession with talking about Jagger in that period arose not from an obsession with the man himself, but from the fact that it rhymes with the hot new slang term of the day, “swagger”. Swagger was the primary target, and Jagger was merely caught in the crossfire. From here, with the name Jagger now embedded in the public lexicon, Maroon 5 was only taking the next logical step...(?)
James 3 aylar önce
Yeah this theory definitely holds up. I'm pretty sure it was Kesha who started the whole "Swagger/Jagger" thing in her song "Tik Tok", and the next logical step was taken by Cher Lloyd who made a whole song out of it with "Swagger Jagger" - a song that is still to this day one of the worst songs I've ever heard. And so I guess Maroon 5 represented the final culmination of that absolutely insane trend when they made a song about how Adam Levine had the "moves like Jagger" (still an absolutely buckwild mental image) without even mentioning Swagger at all.
Crowkid 555
Crowkid 555 Aylar önce
Despite the downfall, they still have good songs here and there, and maybe one day they and hopefully they can do an album that goes back to their old roots
Paola Rivera
Paola Rivera 4 aylar önce
The “pop songs constantly mentioning Mick Jagger” phenomenon was so wild to me bc I’m not from the US and was like 13 at the time having no idea who tf Mick Jagger was and why so many people were talking about him. Very “I have no idea who Mick Jagger is and at this point I’m afraid to ask”
ocean melody
ocean melody 4 aylar önce
everytime a maroon 5 song comes on the radio at work I feel like I'm being conditioned to like them
The Moistest Man, Chicken Lover
He really went from covering all time classics across genres to Maroon 5. Stay unpredictable
Geraldo Francisco
Geraldo Francisco 3 aylar önce
You should also do a deep dive of Christina’s discography! What a roller coaster!
TRIGG262 4 aylar önce
I literally dropped everything I was doing cause maroon 5 is a guilty pleasure band for me, IWBSBL is still in rotation to this day!
Daniel Baran
Daniel Baran 3 aylar önce
@clementinelives That depends. For me the cutoff is with V for when they became bad.
kitty ღ
kitty ღ 4 aylar önce
i have a love/hate relationship with m5 too iwbsbl + it’s b sides are literally amazing and i’ll die on that hill lol
person_people 4 aylar önce
Same. Can’t Stop is a banger
mary freegirl
mary freegirl 4 aylar önce
@clementinelives lets not talk about it lol
clementinelives 4 aylar önce
@mary freegirl what about recently? 😈
Camilla quella degli aggettivi
My favorite piece of Maroon 5 trivia is that, before joining them, Matt Flynn played with Gandhi, a band headed by Page Hamilton of Helmet. There's a Gandhi demo floating around TRvid, and some of its songs even made their way into later Helmet album. If you know anything about Helmet you know how far their sound is from Maroon 5's
Heather 4 aylar önce
Milques like toast
Camilla quella degli aggettivi
@Heather moves like Betty?
Heather 4 aylar önce
Tiddly Tapestry
Tiddly Tapestry 4 aylar önce
Absolutely love all your stuff. I think ABBA would make for a fantastic DDD :)
philly_sports 4 aylar önce
Songs About Jane is a legitimately solid pop rock/alternative rock album. It’s a shame the band strayed so far away from that sound.
katie 4 aylar önce
It truly was their best album ever.
Slayton 4 aylar önce
they fr had a lightning in a bottlle with their first 2 albums
Music By Demarcus
Music By Demarcus 4 aylar önce
“But I’m not gonna pretend like we’d remember it if these guys didn’t make animals mals” Someone help me off the floor 😂
Ames Starline
Ames Starline 4 aylar önce
I remember loving and falling out of favor with Maroon 5's songs. Misery was epic, Give A Little More is classic, Moves Like Jagger is iconic like its fellow Jagger contemporary Tiktok by Ke$ha, and from discovery on Spotify, Makes Me Wonder is iconic. But as they progressed, and as much as Animals reminded me of the FNAF frenzy, I fell out of love with them. And unlike Bruno Mars, it's not due to a tonal shift. It's just that they didn't vary it like they used to.
Kevin Willems
Kevin Willems 4 aylar önce
I don't know if this is the first DDD, where at the end I've said, "No thank you." Main thing I think about them, is once they opened for Mustard Plug, and Mustard Plug apologized to the audience. Any other random thoughts about Maroon5 are negative, whereas seeing Mustard Plug, with Catbite opening, was what I needed after a bad breakup and a night ill cherish forever.
Kevin Willems
Kevin Willems 4 aylar önce
Now, let it be said, probably a little insensitive at the time, but well surcharges in hindsight.
Morten Høeberg
Morten Høeberg 4 aylar önce
Flabbergasted by the fact that you didn't highlight Tangled from Songs about Jane... Such a cool track. Imo it might be the best in their discography. It's such a "musicians' song". The amount of musicians I've spoken to who love this track is quite impressive. Especially for a deep cut. Even people who otherwise doesn't care that much for Maroon 5. I also know a couple of drum teachers who happen to regularly teach Tangled to their students. But I guess that's just the beauty of music. The fact that it hits us all differently and that there's something for all of us.
Salim Yugi
Salim Yugi 3 aylar önce
Robin 4 aylar önce
i was a kid/middle schooler when their early albums come out. ive got a nostalgia for some of their early records the way you really only can for stuff you listened to during that age. i stand by my belief that some of their singles are pretty good. catchy, good hooks, nice melodies. but to say they have some clunkers is putting it mildly
Lucas Azevedo
Lucas Azevedo 4 aylar önce
Mic, I hate Maroon 5 but I loved this video. It's honestly great that there's someone around who treats even (supposedly) shitty music seriously, and tries to dissect what's behind it critically without just making lazy cringe content. Good job as usual!
Tim Gavin
Tim Gavin 4 aylar önce
Even haters will still somewhat defend the first two albums.
Claudia 3 aylar önce
Fun fact “Tangled”, “Secret”, “Not Coming Home” and “Kiwi” all feature backing vocals from Rashida Jones of all people. Talk about degrees of separation
Lyzette G
Lyzette G 4 aylar önce
Sunday Morning IS Maroon 5's best song!!
Vienna 2 aylar önce
my mom says to tell you the walk off the earth cover of girls like you all on one instrument is much better than anything maroon 5 has ever done
Carlos Marroquín
Carlos Marroquín 4 aylar önce
I have never listened to a full Maroon 5's album, but I absolutely love some of their singles. "This Love", "Makes Me Wonder", and "Misery" are great and fresh songs (maybe because I don't hear that type of sound in modern music). "Moves Like Jagger" is a bop, and I love the energy that Christina brings to that song. And omg, the four singles of Overexposed just bring me so much nostalgia for my early teenage years (especially "Love Somebody", I love it). "Maps" is okay, and I do like "Animals". But "Sugar" though? I'm in love with that song: It's funny, it's carchy, it's simple. Post-Sugar Maroon 5's music hasn't hit the same to me, but that's mostly because I HATE the popular sound of 2017-2020 trap, hip hop and / or tropical beats that were everywhere back then. I'm curious about their future. I just don't see them reaching the same heights as the ones from the early 2010's, but it's interesting to see what they do next
Hayley W/W
Hayley W/W 4 aylar önce
I love deep discog dives of mediocre artists... more of this please.
Maverick Bragwell
Maverick Bragwell 4 aylar önce
The reason Garth isn’t huge is because he’s not on most streaming services.
K-Lue44 3 aylar önce
It's that but it's also the fact that he's not pop, rock, hip hop, rap, or R&B. Young people make the trends and young people don't listen to country music
JSLight 4 aylar önce
I could have sworn he mentioned that in the video.
Janna S
Janna S 4 aylar önce
I'm so glad to see you calling Sunday Morning their best song (probably)! I still love Songs about Jane and this song in particular has always had a special place in my heart. I listened to it as a teenager during my first airplane flights to get over my anxiety during takeoff and landing
Eric Pierre
Eric Pierre 4 aylar önce
I don’t care what anyone says Wake Up Call is one of their best songs to this day
EmmyPax 4 aylar önce
Maybe its a bit of an obscure track, but my Maroon 5 nostalgia is for a feature Adam Levine did with Canadian rapper K'Naan on his song Bang Bang. It's just such a peppy, silly song and it still makes me smile to think of it.
Daffz 4 aylar önce
U right for this one
Jason Young
Jason Young 4 aylar önce
For the longest time I thought Moves Like Jagger was called Moves Like Dragons. That whistling is vaguely "oriental" and I only ever heard it in background situations, like at work. I had no idea that song is 12 years old. Midwest pop radio just plays whatever and I haven't paid attention to who is on the charts for like two decades.
georgia rising
georgia rising 4 aylar önce
absolutely did not expect this 😭 but makes me wonder will always be a bop
Gibus Wearing Mann
Gibus Wearing Mann 4 aylar önce
I actually wonder if their current pop success is causing their 2000s output to be forgotten, to the point where once they call it quits their music will be forgotten entirely. You could say it really makes me--
Polina Matsapey
Polina Matsapey 4 aylar önce
found myself knowing a lot of songs despite not caring for their music that much. it's a really interesting phenomenon how they remained occasionally popular on such level. they even do not have a complete flop album anyway, great dive as usual!
Juniper Jade
Juniper Jade 4 aylar önce
"You will like at least one song on each album" pretty much sums up Maroon 5's staying power.
Joshua Fagan
Joshua Fagan 4 aylar önce
I get what you're saying about Garth, but he was the first country star to really be an inescapable, world-conquering pop star. I'd probably argue that almost every successful male country artist since has followed his blueprint to some extent. His impact is still clearly felt that way.
CityBoy20 4 aylar önce
He clearly does not go to karaoke bars often if he says he doesn't hear Garth's music because Friends in Low Places is one of the most excessively overdone songs in the entire catalog of music
Michael Adkins
Michael Adkins 4 aylar önce
You cant mention Garth, without mentioning Chris Gaines.
Zoey Katerina
Zoey Katerina 4 aylar önce
I mean... I greatly dislike what this band became, but I love Songs About Jane to this day, and I don't think anything will change that. I honestly think it's one of the best debut albums ever made, that makes me so sad. Considering what they turned into, and all.
Cory Putnam
Cory Putnam 2 aylar önce
It Won’t Be Soon Before Long deserves to be remembered the same way Songs About Jane is. Some of the most infectious hooks of the decade.
Sarah Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton 4 aylar önce
Gemma Moon
Gemma Moon 3 aylar önce
The intensity and genuineness with which you say, “Thank you Wiz Khalifa, I love you.” kills me lmaooo
The Hope of Eden
The Hope of Eden 4 aylar önce
In the last video Mic said we were going to hate the next band he chose for the DDD. I looked at this thumbnail and suddenly everything made sense….
Gabe Chacon
Gabe Chacon 4 aylar önce
Wow it really was that quick of a change. Those first three albums basically bookended my childhood their first (one of my older sister’s all time favorites that she played all the time) came out when I was in third grade, and their third durning my junior/senior year of high school. As an adolescent I considered myself a maroon 5 fanatic I was ecstatic to see them coming in concert on my birthday! And begged for those tickets. Originally I thought I was just outgrowing pop music but seeing it all laid out like this yeah those first albums were a distinct era for the band, and for me.
Oscar Cayul
Oscar Cayul 4 aylar önce
Here in Chile as a country we kind of hate Adam Levine, and use his instagram page to share recipes of traditional chilean's food. I agree with your selection of best songs...Sunday Morning is lovely and the hit from the second one makes the difficult follow up to Songs About Jane a triumph
Salim Yugi
Salim Yugi 3 aylar önce
That is hilarious!!!
Martim Pardal
Martim Pardal 4 aylar önce
Since the twitter tease I knew we were in for an all-timer. And as much as I can't stand most of their hits, I do still enjoy the hell out of those early first two records singles.
Nkozi 4 aylar önce
As someone who was an honest to goodness real life fan of Maroon 5's work as a kid in the early 00's, you captured my feelings perfectly.
missoxymoronaddict 4 aylar önce
I think the fondness of songs about Jane also stems from how ubiquitous it was at the time - you couldn’t help having it soundtrack some part of your life. Also I personally slayed This Love on og singstar, so maybe I’m biased!
James Busbridge
James Busbridge 4 aylar önce
Maroon 5's V album was the first album I ever owned. I think everything that happened in their career, before and after V was worth it, just for that one album
Lazar Peurača
Lazar Peurača 4 aylar önce
"i know it's named after a dead friend, but that's no reason to make an album so lifeless" i spat out my drink, man, when you're not pulling your punches, you're *really* not pulling your punches
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson 4 aylar önce
I love that Moves Like Jagger got it's own section bc to me that was the turning point of Maroon 5, of where they crossed over and became the Maroon 5 that we know today. Hit machine, corporate pop rock Maroon 5, etc. Everything before and up to this point was good to solid pop rock, after this, they did exactly as you said, chased hits wildly regardless of quality (and sometimes it was quality -- Maps is great and so is One More Night -- Sugar and Girls Like You on the other hand are very much not) It's not often that you can trace a single song as the turning/pivotal moment in an artist's discography that defines their M.O. since then, but 'Moves Like Jagger' is 100% percent the turning point for Maroon 5.
Nerdy Gal 613
Nerdy Gal 613 3 aylar önce
Can you do a dive on First Aid Kit? It’s a Swedish folk band made up of two sisters and I adore them to bits. They only have 6 albums but I think they are genuinely incredible and I need more people to know about them. Also when the two harmonize? I ascend to another planet it’s so beautiful-
Lewis Lockwood
Lewis Lockwood 3 aylar önce
Honestly, not including any of One More Night was a stroke of genius. Pausing the video, opening up a new tab (incognito obviously) and searching maroon 5 one more night only to hear what that song actually was hit me like a fucking truck
kik 4 aylar önce
maroon 5 appearing on Comedy Central embodies their new works.
kik 4 aylar önce
@Graham Kristensen oohhh gotcha
Graham Kristensen
Graham Kristensen 4 aylar önce
That was on Conan O'Brien. That footage was taken from a rerun on Comedy Central.
WhaleManMan 4 aylar önce
Returning strong with the greatest band of all time
Chair The Llama
Chair The Llama 4 aylar önce
I hate how nostalgic I am for the singles from the first five albums
Alexis W
Alexis W 4 aylar önce
maroon 5 was my fave band when i was in elementary school so this was a really fun throwback video for me, i’m glad you liked hands all over!! music has been a very important part of my life since i was a little kid, but i’ve always been pretty embarrassed to mention how maroon 5 was lowkey the first band i truly followed. it was great hearing your positive opinions of the first couple albums and it brought back some fun memories :)
WickeDanLloyd 4 aylar önce
Looks like it’s time for the strangest combination of early 2010s nostalgia and complete anger at myself for once thinking this was my favorite band I will ever experience.
Bananas_l 4 aylar önce
"I know it's named after a dead friend but that's no reason to make an album that's so lifeless." 💀
TONES 29 gün önce
I love watching the entire histories of musical acts that I never will realistically ever listen to
black massive sun
black massive sun 4 aylar önce
"i know this was named after a dead friend but that's no reason to make an album that's so lifeless" DAMN mike that was cold
thebiggingerx Aylar önce
my friends think i'm crazy with how obsessed i am with sunday morning so thank god someone else gets how good it is
Scott Tesser
Scott Tesser 4 aylar önce
I've stuck with them for so long simply because they were my first CD and first musical love. The early melody driven music they made led to me modern alternative rock and a lot of great classic rock that I deeply enjoy. Their new albums are definitely not my favorite, but I can usually find a song or two in there that scratches that original itch that they did for me. Also REALLY glad you shouted out Closure! That song feels like the band honestly getting closure on them being a musical act like they were, and saying goodbye to it with one long band R&B jam session for the ages. I never thought I would have an 11 minute song on repeat, but it's simply amazing.
Nishith Thakkar
Nishith Thakkar 3 aylar önce
I have been following your essays and am thankful for a lot of them but the thing that is making me comment for the first time is the bit about Missouri/Misery. I was flailing and squeaking like a seal for a solid 2 mins.
SYSdrumattic 4 aylar önce
I went and saw John mayer this year with supporting act YEBBA and she was performing with PJ Morton. Great shout out for a greatly underrated musician
Muhammad Maydioputra
Muhammad Maydioputra 3 aylar önce
I hope to see a deep disco dive for Yellow Magic Orchestra. Because that's gonna be an interesting experience
JJ Whalen
JJ Whalen 4 aylar önce
My interest in M5 started and ended with Harder to Breathe, the first thing I ever heard by them. I remember hearing it playing in a Target electronics section and thought it was pretty good. Went home and listened to some of their other stuff and said never mind
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick 3 aylar önce
I would love to see a Discog Dive for OneRepublic. Hope that this series continues during 2023
ThatBloodyPanda 3 aylar önce
You should do a deep discog dive on Prince just because it would be so much effort. 39 studio albums, 3 posthumous albums, a few deluxe editions with like 30 bonus tracks each. It would be fun.
Sol 4 aylar önce
Songs About Jane is a classic
Pentex Sucks
Pentex Sucks 4 aylar önce
@RINGER 13 Songs About Jane is a classic
RINGER 13 4 aylar önce
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