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4 Şub 2023




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Mic The Snare
Mic The Snare Yıl önce
What better way to kick off a new year with new possibilities than to redo an old video! Joking aside, over the past year I had seen a ton of comments asking for a Daft Punk DDD redo. And with their breakup last year, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to revisit their catalog in full. The old DDD is in the comments, but this one replaces it in every way. Thanks for watching!
super nintendo chalmers
@Tony Fire hi
Noah David
Noah David 11 aylar önce
red hot chili peppers
Animus Zen
Animus Zen Yıl önce
I was so sad by the end I almost didn't notice that you said 1996 instead of 1993... good thing this is like my 6th rewatch 29:15
Dave Froman
Dave Froman Yıl önce
Robots will never have an EGO.
jarett_m445 Yıl önce
Deep Discog Dive DEVO?
Patrick Strolz
Patrick Strolz Yıl önce
Surely I'm not the only one who still listens to Random Access Memories. One of the best homages to the music they grew up with. So much time and effort put in to make probably the best produced album of this century with legends of the craft doing what they do best.
Matthew U
Matthew U 2 aylar önce
You're not. I dunno what he's on about
B Meh
B Meh 2 aylar önce
RAM for better or worse is what really kicked off the disco revival that has absolutely dominated 2010's/2020's pop. People can dismiss it as much as they want but the influence it has had is undeniable. Pharrell went from a musician's favorite producer to a household name!!
Jack Ripper
Jack Ripper 3 aylar önce
As a long time fan (55) I still listen to that album. Several songs ony playlist.
Shelton allen
Shelton allen 4 aylar önce
Nah that's my favorite album of all time by these guys
Jibbies 6 aylar önce
im almost always listening to ram, incredible display of music..
André Antunes
André Antunes Yıl önce
Random Access Memories might not be the most talked about album these days, but I think it's absolutely the Rosetta Stone of present-day pop. Revivalist 70s/80s throwbacks with a modern dance influence is pretty much where the genre is at now. Like, did anyone listen to Dawn FM and not think of Daft Punk? Their influence is right there, it's obvious.
Jackie Burkhart
Jackie Burkhart 14 gün önce
for the whole aesthetic, i guess Taylor swift also played a part with 1989
A H 2 aylar önce
Funnily, the same happened already in the early 2000s...though not in the US...only in Europe!
witabif 4 aylar önce
I've been thinking this too, and its hilarious how often it happens to them? every studio album since homework has been weirdly predictive or ushering something (human after all led to the ed banger era of house, discovery inspired future funk over a decade later, and this). its wild.
Andres Kosberg
Andres Kosberg 11 aylar önce
is one of my most Influential albums
T P 11 aylar önce
Yes yes and yes
Daniel T. Gaming
Daniel T. Gaming Yıl önce
Oh yes, I was wondering if you'd talk about Daft Punk again, despite them not releasing a new album. Really nice to see a more extended look on the robo boys.
marsouinrirou Yıl önce
As a French person, I found all of your pronunciations of French names delightful ! Daft Punk are basically a national treasure, my favorite songs are Something About us, Veridis Quo, Face to Face and the Alive 2007 Around the world/Harder better faster stronger.
bube udeh
bube udeh 9 aylar önce
Matthew Hydro
Matthew Hydro 11 aylar önce
Face to Face is easily my favourite song of theirs. I remember about 10 years ago i lent the album out to someone and sadly never got it back, so I went out and bought it again, and on the drive home I immedietly skipped to Face to Face and cranked the volume 😆
bTarczy Yıl önce
Alive 2007 was so good! That and A Cross The Universe are to this day my favorite live shows to listen to. When that Aerodynamic riff kicks in…
BluRayNation Yıl önce
Props to Mike for putting in genuine effort to pronounce their extremely French names
Main's Main
Main's Main 2 aylar önce
@Laurent Pointecouteau I'm portuguese and it's the first time hearing a name like that
freakyfro99 11 aylar önce
@Laurent Pointecouteau This comment made me look it up and his ancestors were in fact Portuguese. Homem Cristo Filho (poet) and Francisco Manuel Homem Cristo (military) are listed in his WIkipedia as his grandfather and great-great-grandfather respectively .
isabella s
isabella s 11 aylar önce
As Like #300 on this comment I would like to give you props as well as express my love for your Herbie picture 😌✨
Laurent Pointecouteau
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo sounds more like Portugese, but honestly I wouldn't be able to pronounce it better than Mike did.
His name is actually nicolas.
Matt Hunter
Matt Hunter Yıl önce
Genuinely surprised you didn't mention Veridis Quo. One of their most subtle and tuneful songs. A personal favorite of mine. Just so beautiful in it's simplicity.
storm Aylar önce
couldn’t agree more, it’s genius
JusttomOk Yıl önce
My favorite too, reminds me of old classical music
H O Yıl önce
I think RAM surely lost impact as the 2010s moved on, but with many mainstream artists trying to emulate the past nowadays it does sound relevant again. DP was truly ahead of its time.
Galaxy Creations
Galaxy Creations 8 aylar önce
See? That is where RAM feels special. A lot of ppl have the 70s/80s sound but are pretty young and are going with the flow of a producer, most may never listened to it. (Nothing wrong but at least having hear your parents play something always gives that feeling of appreciation where it came from idk how to put into words) Anyways, DP lived those decades and as Thomas said it was a "love letter" to those decades they grew up in. You can hear the influence and passion of multiple ideas of ppl they loved. That there is what makes RAM imo special. Them knowing what they wanted, what the inspiration was. They always had control of their successes and failures and they know how to lead.
Caleb Donaldson
Caleb Donaldson Yıl önce
iammatthewdavid Yıl önce
daft punk is just one of those music artists/acts that just formed me as a person. i remember my third older sister showed me a couple of daft punk songs and i was hooked. they have an immaculate discography if you ask me, and i was beyond bummed that daft punk isn't a thing anymore. but if you have to leave with a bang, random access memories is a pretty good bang.
ArcFox Yıl önce
Honestly Random Access Memories is the album of theirs I still listen to the most. I feel like it really transcended what they had done before and at least to me it is their most timeless work.
ahhhh yes
ahhhh yes Yıl önce
Discovery wipes
Joyeuse Yıl önce
Id have to say that my favorite daft punk song without question is Touch. Especially after theyve broken up, it pulls at my heartstrings in the best way. However i have to also shout out the japan exclusive track Horizon for being some of the best ambient electro-folk ive ever heard.
Tenison Junior
Tenison Junior 7 aylar önce
I fully love Touch. It's such a journey, I wish it had a music video.
Hugo Moura
Hugo Moura Yıl önce
Touch is absolutely amazing, and the Mr Robot episode where its used almost fully its just pure art
Sly Stone
Sly Stone Yıl önce
@Rodeo Cat Perhaps, I think it’s perfect as it is, is just a matter of preference.
Rodeo Cat
Rodeo Cat Yıl önce
@Sly Stone my only “problem” with Within is that it’s kind of too short? It makes for a good loop at least, but idk
Sly Stone
Sly Stone Yıl önce
A masterpiece of a song, very moving. Although I prefer Within.
Zeuz Makes Music
Zeuz Makes Music Yıl önce
I will forever miss Daft Punk man, they brought so much timeless music and I hope they have a good rest of their lives.
BlueBird 2 aylar önce
Discovery was revolutionary to me back in the mid 2000s. My first exposure was a Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger video on TRvid and it made me do a 180 in my music taste. ALSO I still listen to RAM every so often and so do the ppl in my inner circles. We are def DP fans so we are biased lol. Get Lucky is a good song, but its lower on my list of favorite songs on the album. Giorgio by Moroder, Touch, and Instant Crush are pieces I hold close to my heart.
Blumiere Aylar önce
i think im going to go ahead and say that this was my favorite youtube video of 2022. never before have i seen a video that emblemizes the legacy of daft punk so well, and on top of that, explained so clearly. genuinely the most fresh commentary and editing ive heard in a minute, to the point where i think i need to reassess my own styles of producing/writing/editing etc. very often when i fall in love with a project i love to extrapolate the world around it, see what people have to say about it, learn new things, understand what choices were made behind the scenes, etc. and to see all that here and more is gratifying each and every time. im reminded just how much these goats impacted the industry through the moments you like to touch on in telling their story and what they made. you talk about pacing, i think youve nailed it to a tee. i don't think ive ever laughed so hard at a moment as much as 5:08. ive shared this video with countless people who finish it with a better appreciation for their legacy and what they did for music. it's one thing to create a video for the daft clubbers, but its another to retain interest of those unfamiliar with the two, and for that i applaud you. i know that this year was a tough one, my utmost condolences to you and your loved ones, but please know that you've made something that gives me, and many others, a place of warmth, joy and escapism. i know this writes itself like a copypasta, but ive never been more inspired from a video before. thank you.
Xavier Yıl önce
I mostly agreed with everything you said, except for the RAM hype comment. It may be because I'm a more dedicated Daft Punk fan, but RAM still has plenty of hype as one of the biggest albums of the 2010s, is well remembered by a lot of people and is generally a part of the treasured "vinyl revival starter pack." It may have gotten a lot more hype compared to Daft Punk's previous work, but it is by no means forgotten.
Zach Jacobs
Zach Jacobs Yıl önce
RAM is one of those records you put on with the homies much later in the night when you've burned through all of the new and exciting stuff, and you're mellowing out from the hype, and someone suddenly says "hey, put on doin it right" and you think "damn, this record is good, why do I forget about it?". Real ones know.
mika cullen
mika cullen Yıl önce
instant crush's weirdness is really what i love about it. that was the first julian casablancas song i ever heard and i thought his strange blown-out vocoding was absolutely angelic. i then listened to the strokes' first album for the very first time and was kind of shocked by his rougher natural voice from the band's early years, but i was somehow able to reconcile these two versions of the same voice just because they both had the same extremely compelling emotional intensity. then i got into the voidz and, when it came out, the new abnormal, and now in 2022 i feel like julian has hit a real sweet spot between his early singing style and that on instant crush. his voice and the song are real attention-grabbers, i'll give them that (and the strokes are top 5 of all time for me now. so)
Scooter wears Socks
“Touch” is probably my favorite song of all time. I know it’s not something you can listen to casually or even semi-regularly, but I rarely listen to it out of fear I’ll lose appreciation for it
Geoffrey Walsh
Geoffrey Walsh 2 aylar önce
It's a real tear jerker.
KaitlynKatt 6 aylar önce
As lame as it sounds, I’ve genuinely never been able to get through the song without crying, the emotions it brings up in me are so strong and overwhelming, so I don’t listen it to very often but it’s definitely one of my all time favorite songs
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 6 aylar önce
@Gabriela Gonçalves I was test driving a vehicle I had just worked on at my dealership. Had to put quite a few miles on it and hit the interstate. I was taken aback by the beginning and by the end I broke down crying. Can't explain why. I do know the last few lines were very raw to me. Sweet touch, you've given me too much to feel. Sweet touch, you've almost convinced me I'm real. That was the moment I couldn't hold it in. My entire day was spent trying to forget it so I could go back and listen for the first time. I've had similar moments when discovery dropped. I was 10 and for the first time felt overwhelmed by music. Digital love, one more time, and something about us made me become more than just a music listener. I really started experiencing music after those songs. Daft Punk changed the way I enjoy music and I can never thank them enough. My only regret is never being able to see them live. Alive 2007 would have been the pinnacle moment to see them and I missed out for no real reason at all except letting life pass me by as a young teen.
Jackie Kelso
Jackie Kelso 10 aylar önce
Gabriela Gonçalves
I remember exactly were i was when i first listened to it, definitely a life changer for me. Never cried so much just listening to a song
Jeffery Jones
Jeffery Jones Yıl önce
RAM is a phenomenal album that deserves to be talked about more.
The Man Downstairs
Daft Punk is one of those groups that you hyperfixate on and it starts to pull you out of radio pop hell and into being a music nerd. It's sad they're gone but their music will always stick around
Graf von Tirol
Graf von Tirol Yıl önce
Hearing that Random Access Memories eludes popular consciousness surprises me, given how not only does it hold up, but it seems to appear in retrospective lists of well-received albums. That and Uptown Funk was supposed to be a welcome trend of funk in Top 40 radio, so whatever happened to that?
Joey Flippin' Batts
Every time a new funk/disco-inspired track becomes a hit, the press goes “Disco’s finally back, baby!” as if it hasn’t happened repeatedly since 2013. Seriously, it’s like the Men in Black keep pulling up to these critics’ houses and mind-wiping the last disco hit every time a new one cracks the top 20 or so
Dom Adams
Dom Adams Yıl önce
Bruno Mars has carried the flag, but it seems to have become his 'thing' rather than a mainstream trend. There's still plenty of artists on the periphery that have followed through with it, though. Janelle Monáe has done pretty well channelling Prince for the last few years. And even further out of the mainstream, we had vaporwave and future funk as some of the most famous Soundcloud/Bandcamp microgenres. What we got instead were 80s synth homages across nearly every genre. So, it appears their collabs with The Weeknd were much more influential in the end.
Valen Outeda
Valen Outeda Yıl önce
The Weeknd's recent music can be attributed partly to DP, i think. some of Dawn FM sounds a lot like RAM.
haleys hus
haleys hus Yıl önce
silk sonic
jeremy, an odd fuckinʼ extrovert.
Daft Punk's influence on music is crazy, they've turned French House Music into global music.
Alexander Backert
Both Daft Punk and French Touch are a huge reason I started making music, and I'm an American.
Violet Sullivan
Violet Sullivan Yıl önce
If it weren’t for daft punk, we wouldn’t have Daft Mouth by acclaimed mashup artist and internet viral sensation content man Neil Cicierega-and for that I am thankful 🙏🏻
Screwtape 6 aylar önce
He truly is a content man
Naufal R.
Naufal R. Yıl önce
Also Thriller Access Memories
mitkitty Yıl önce
Also the Around the World Discord chain
rockifythis Yıl önce
their legacy... truly unparalleled
ltjgambrose Yıl önce
I do get that "Around the World" has only three lyrics, but I don't know why people don't talk about the fact that it's part of the legacy of all-time great songs that are reinterpretations of one of the all-time great disco songs: Chic's "Good Times". "Rapper's Delight" straight up sampled Good Times, which drew legal action but also proved that rapping over a good song is a great way to write good rap songs. After that there were more songs that took that disco bass/guitar influence like Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust", the Clash's "This Is Radio Clash", INXS's "Need You Tonight", Blondie's "Rapture", Dua Lipa's "Love Again", and of course "Around the World". But of all of them I think "Around the World" gets the genius of "Good Times". If you're going to make a song with a bass beat and feel like that you need to wind through the ideas while still letting the people dancing to it feel comfortable, like they don't want to leave the comfort of the song. It's not a coincidence that when Daft Punk decided to make two more songs like this ("Get Lucky" and "Lose Yourself to Dance") they just cut the crap and called Nile Rogers (the guy who wrote "Good Times") and asked for the disco groove right from the source.
Massive Project
Massive Project Yıl önce
Hearing about Daft Punk's breakup will forever be that moment where I remember where I was and what I was doing (found out in the middle of an online class). It was JUST as I was getting into more of their pre-Tron work too. I'll miss em.
Avi 2 aylar önce
Touch needs a lot more recognition, it really is an adventure of sound. The way it takes you through what I interpret as a robot rebooting and reconnecting with maybe human feelings. Great song to get out of a pandemic with.
MF bruh
MF bruh Yıl önce
I’m kinda suppressed you didn’t mention how daft punk discovered house music, essentially the pair went to a party and where shocked to see people dancing to music they had never heard before, after his set they asked the DJ what he was playing and the rest is history
Ineedafixx Reacts
Ineedafixx Reacts Aylar önce
Really enjoyed this video. Took me back to my weekend clubs lol
Syria Yıl önce
I was ready for another DDD episode. I actually only started watching your videos about a month ago, but have enjoyed your work, especially the music that shaped the 2000s.
Kartier Glory
Kartier Glory Yıl önce
@Syria And now I'm subbed to you 😂
Syria Yıl önce
@Kartier Glory Maybe I'm subscribed to a lot of channels 😂
Kartier Glory
Kartier Glory Yıl önce
I swear I've seen you somewhere else on someone else I was subbed to...
John Paul Quevedo
Giorgio by Moroder being a big meme is a testament that Random Access Memories is still remembered fondly by everyone as a modern classic record. Nothing came close to the "sound of the summer" quality that Get Lucky encapsulates ever since.
WhaleManMan Yıl önce
Wow these guys were active for almost 30 years! They must have a lot of albums!!!!
Razgriz Blaze
Razgriz Blaze 6 aylar önce
With how rarely they released albums they should have done a crossover with Tool. Seriously, could you imagine how weird that would sound?
icarusearthbound Yıl önce
Right? Kinda crazy so few. Side note ram was a good one to go out on but I’m surprised they didn’t have one more. I mean 8 years of a gap and then a breakup announcement? Kinda seems like they wanted to make one more but couldn’t
thatoneboyaiden Yıl önce
I can not describe how desperately I want a They Might Be Giants DDD. I've recently started to relisten to their discography, and it's insane how unique and innovative they were, while seeing how independent they were as well. Such an amazing band.
Trin 10 aylar önce
Need this!!!!
guitaristofra Yıl önce
Hell yeah. Flood is one of my all time favorite albums.
Wyatt B
Wyatt B Yıl önce
Also their children’s albums that have no reason to go as hard as they do
XM Gaming
XM Gaming Yıl önce
TMBG slaps so hard
Lman Time
Lman Time Yıl önce
Seconded, a TMBG DDD would give me a second wind on life
Ben Burke
Ben Burke Yıl önce
Honestly I really like RAM. I adore Discovery just a little bit more, but there's just something truly magnetic about the production, arrangements and general sense of craftsmanship that kind of astounds me every time revisit it. Also, I remember listening to this this, along with Discovery, almost religiously a few years ago during a very surreal trip to Italy, so I'm a bit biased because of how fondly I remember it for that, but I still really adore this album.
ShantyLady Yıl önce
I actually listened to Random Access Memories just in the last week of December! I love that album with all my heart. It feels like I can put that album on and suddenly be mentally on the beach sipping some fruity drink as the sun sets washing the sky in brilliant pinks, oranges, and reds. It's such an easy record to listen to. Beyond will and forever be one of my favourite tracks from them, with it's gentle promise of knowing that there's always something beyond the horizon for the listener. I really wish that there was more in Daft Punk's catalogue just in general. Four albums feels like a small number for a group to put out, and it is, but each Album feels like some sort of evolution from previous work, and I'm grateful for that. I'm happy for the material that we have, and I'll listen to their stuff one more time (HA) and then some. Like, I was part of the 90's Eurodance wave as a kid, and there's a lot of material there that I'll crank up to 11. But hearing the strains of One More Time on the radio when I was 11 just hit something in me, and I've been listening to dance and electronica ever since. So thanks, Daft Punk, for bringing life back to music.
Unwritten_Zephyr Yıl önce
It’s crazy how much impact Daft Punk has had on music. Many artists cite Alive 2007 as what kickstarted EDMs resurgance in the early 2010s. Even now into the 2020s, artists are still chasing that retro sound and mystique that Daft Punk captured all the way back in 2013. One of the few artists who’s music is apart of who I am. One of the best musical acts of ALL TIME.
No One
No One Yıl önce
Heck yes, Daft Punk! One of my all-time favorite bands. Sad to see they've broken up but so happy to have all the wonderful music they made. Glad to see you doing their discography. It's all quite fascinating. Edits: I knew it! Always felt like "Music Sounds Better With You" and Phoenix were just "daft Punk off-brands" and now it all makes sense! Get Lucky and many of its other releases still play on the radio, so IDK what you're talking about. Instant Crush's video made me cry the first time I saw it and now I get sad and teary when the song comes on. I hate death and no matter how much I try to listen to that song, it just won't stop affecting me. How can you not tell Starboy has Daft Punk? They MADE that song great! My wedding song is "Digital Love"!
Nnnnnn Yıl önce
Let's get married to Digital Love
Stijn Hofman
Stijn Hofman Yıl önce
Favorite unmentioned track is Short Circuit on Discovery. I am about your age and have had Daft in my life since Discovery so this deep dive is a great flashback in all the moments where they impacted it. I also dread never have had the chance to see them live, remembering in 2007 swearing i would see them live the next time they went on tour (ha)
Emmalyn Meyer
Emmalyn Meyer Yıl önce
I would love to see a DDD for the Red Hot Chili Peppers! There's a ton of crazy history with the band members as well as their public image. Similar to Bowie, they started off slow but grew into their unique sound as time went on, and Anthony Kiedis went from knowing nothing about music to crafting a unique and fascinating voice. They're also just a staple of American 90s rock that is still making great music today. I know you do a lot more alternative rock bands, but I'd love to hear your opinion on RHCP!
yung applewhite
yung applewhite Yıl önce
The thing i love the most about your deep dive videos is learning a little bit more about my favourite artists, the context of their music and hearing different inputs on the songs, absolutely love your channel, man
Dan Preston
Dan Preston Yıl önce
I’ve been making dance music since the early 90s. I still listen to Homework and my mind kinds boggles as to how they did it. I know it’s a 909 and some some synths and samplers squashed through Alesis 3630 compressors, but some of it is just so difficult to recreate. Revolution 909 still blows my mind.
Crump0 Glingus
Crump0 Glingus Yıl önce
Daft Punk was the first album I ever bought for myself, which was "Discovery" in 2001. I was 10 years old, and I saw the "One More Time" video from Interstella 5555 on Toonami, and I NEEDED more. The day they broke up, I definitely cried. They were extremely influential in my musical tapestry.
TiggyTiger Yıl önce
This was definitely one that was bound to be redone. One of my favourite electronic bands, excited to watch another new deep discog dive!
TJ Kerrell
TJ Kerrell Yıl önce
I discovered Daft Punk through Kanye back when I was like 6 or 7 years old. Funny how my favorite rapper would lead me to finding my favorite electronic music group.
RanterInShades Yıl önce
That solo in "Digital Love" just gives me life.
EVAN Yıl önce
LETS GOOOOO GREAT EPISODE THANK U FOR MAKING IT KING honestly learned so much on this video even though I've been a fan for nearly a decade! Always appreciate the amount of time and effort gone into researching each artist.
Eden Lippmann
Eden Lippmann Yıl önce
Speaking of European electro, I wonder if you'd consider a DDD on Royksopp, especially since they announced their last would be, well, their last album.
Reema Alhaddad
Reema Alhaddad Yıl önce
in my head the hype for RAM never died because i love it so much and it ties with discovery as my 2 fav daft punk albums, and i think "contact" is one of the best tracks they ever made and deserves more recognition
Ashley Leckwold
Ashley Leckwold 7 aylar önce
‘Touch’ is honestly one of my favorite Daft Punk songs. It really ties together their love of Phantom of the Paradise and is a loving tribute to Paul Williams. And how perfect that it was the central song in their breakup video.
ArborealTiger Yıl önce
The first time I listened to Around The World, that part halfway through where all the instruments cut out except hi-hats, claps, and the vocal loop...and then that incredible descending synth line plays for the first time, followed by the beat dropping again a few bars later. Probably the closest I've ever come to having a religious experience.
Thierry Leblanc
Thierry Leblanc Yıl önce
I love this video. I feel like Homework doesn't get enough love in this video, it's almost as good as Discovery for me, but besides that, it felt good to watch this :).
sammyruntz Yıl önce
To steal a saying from Porter Robinson, another one of my musical favorites, Daft Punk is fundamental to my life on the same level as water. I am a decidedly different person because their music exists. I don't like speaking about music in absolutes but Discovery is my favorite album of all time. I am incredibly thankful that I can hear their music every day should I choose to.
Zach 8 aylar önce
RAM is such a nostalgic album me and it's my fave in their discography. Its honestly one of the best album of the 2010s
Normal Guy
Normal Guy Yıl önce
Great Video. Ever since there breakup announcement I’ve gotten more and more into Daft Punk (ironic I know). This series is very helpful for me because I love music but know nothing about its technicals. If you’re looking for recommendations, I’d say the Ramones would be a good pick.
Daren Davison
Daren Davison Yıl önce
I think Random Access Memories is a masterpiece. It’ll be looked back on as one of the finest recorded albums of all time. Inspires me to be a better musician everyday.
Kubbo Yıl önce
23:56 "French radio", yep my favorite Dutch French radio station 3FM : ) Fun fact: Get Lucky is actually still relatively popular in the Netherlands, it still appears rather high in our national yearly top 2000 songs of all time list
Alex C.
Alex C. Yıl önce
What a way to begin the year with a DDD from one of my favorite channels on one of my all time favorite artists. I remember when I first heard one of their songs around the world. It wasn’t even for the song. I had a film class my freshman year of high school and our teacher showed the music video to us to show us different camera shots and such. But I was so distracted by the music. That’s the day I became a fan. I went home and listened to everything non stop for the rest of the week. What a time
Ankylo55 Yıl önce
If you like the vocoder/talkbox parts of daftpunk, I am BEGGING you to listen to TWRP. They are amazing and critically underrated and I honestly feel like they are the current best electro funk
Phillip Bell
Phillip Bell Yıl önce
RAM is utterly perfect to me. I love it so much. I listen to it while coding in Java because I feel like I'm somehow speaking to my computer. I love it so much.
Maplestrip 7 aylar önce
Wild to me to hear you describe _Random Access Memories_ that way. It's the album that properly got me into the bad, and I do hear "Get Lucky" and "Instant Crush" all the time, all around. By far my favorite album of theirs
Hexhammer Yıl önce
your videos are practically hypnotic, and in binging your stuff i've found that you've gotten ASTRONOMICALLY better over the years--and i enjoy your earlier stuff a lot too! keep it up if you're taking suggestions on artists to throw in DDDD, i would like to suggest Muse? i realize that they will never win the poll for as long as i live but hey
MixMedia Studios
MixMedia Studios Yıl önce
Whenever someone tells me “oh they’re good but they’re repetitive” I get a little hurt because in reality while yes a good chunk of their music is like that, at least earlier, that’s not WHO they are. What makes Daft Punk different and special apart from other electronic artists are the fact that they’re not just simple DJs: they’re visionaries. They could’ve easily made four simple dance albums, but no. They did so much more than that. They made an anime film to go along with their second album, scored a film for a sequel for one of the most iconic Disney films ever made, made their own live action film for “Human After All,” created a tour where songs were mashed together to create new songs all together, you get the idea. They aren’t just “one more time around the world hurr durrr.” They’re two guys who have a passion for music, even trying something a bit spontaneous and unique with RAM, which some might argue is better than their earlier repetitive songs. I was definitely heartbroken with the news of their break up, but I’m happy with the impact they left not just on music, but the world in general. Daft Punk forever:)
Remastered Memories
Remastered Memories 13 gün önce
This is so well done!!! Thank you!!! Loved the emphasis and weight u put on the musical composition and structure of the albums, is something is not always be mentioned but it gives more hindsight about their commitment on what they do... Just a detail... Dont ever Ever EVER!!! put the epilogue's Choir... It still hurts... Also some nice clips u have there :P
L. D.
L. D. Yıl önce
"whens the last time you listened to Random Access Memories" um, literally every day? Lmao joking aside I listen to this album all the time, and strangely enough one of the songs that just doesn't spark for me anymore (atm) is Get Lucky. Maybe it's because I attached a lot of nostalgia to this song to the point where the actual can't live up to it lmao. Anyways great video!! Loving the revisits, hell yeah
speakwithanimals Yıl önce
Came for the nostalgia bomb, stayed for genuinely one of the funniest videos you've made
Rebel Yell Radio
Rebel Yell Radio 2 aylar önce
"Not seeing Daft Punk live might top the list of my biggest regrets in life" I feel that in my soul
dig Yıl önce
If you like the concept of interstella, a film based on an album, I'd recommend watching Pink Floyds the wall
soulcantspeech Yıl önce
here's my daft punk related thing: i listen to a lot of music with my grandmother, and we listened through several tracks from RAM the other day. she had never heard of daft punk and she comes from an orchestral background, so i was really surprised when talked about just how much she loved RAM! here's what she thought of each song we listened to (tl;dr she loved it): *give life back to music* she thought it was really grand and really catchy. she can't stand repetitive lyrics, but even she was singing along to the "give life back to music" lines in the chorus. *giorgio by moroder* she thought the percussion was incredible, and she was truly in awe by the ending. *within* the song is a beautiful ballad, and she couldn't agree more. she loved their vocals, the swaying piano, and the subtle key change. *lose yourself to dance* we were both dancing throughout the entire song. we were clapping with the claps, we were singing along with pharrell, and the "come on, come on" was hysterical to her. *touch* she loved that paul williams was on this track, she thought the choirs were gorgeous, she adored the vocoders, and she said the entire song was immaculate. *get lucky* she was dancing along to the entire song, and even though she thought it got a little tired just before the bridge, the glorious vocoders got her right back into it! *contact* overall, i think this was her favorite song. she was wide-eyed when the sample started, and she was getting extremely into the drumming. i could see how tense she felt as the whirring noise started building up in the song, and by the end, she was in amazement.
soulcantspeech Yıl önce
@john muselmann lol yeah, i've been doing this with her long before turning the tables came around
john muselmann
john muselmann Yıl önce
you guys should start a reaction channel
Sven Johnson
Sven Johnson 8 aylar önce
Everyone I know who owns a record player has Random Access Memories on Vinyl. I swear I'm not a format snob, but that is a record that sounds great on Spotify, but downright spiritual on vinyl. Being the grey beard millennial that I am Daft Punk has basically always been famous to me, Interstella 5555 is my generation's "heavy metal", and I love that they're famous while their personal lives and even their faces are completely off the public radar. I hope to hear more music from the guys, with or without the helmets, but even without it they are quintessential artists that will absolutely inspire generations of music to come.
Toby Jenkins
Toby Jenkins Yıl önce
Daft Punk is quite possibly my favorite music act ever so it was amazing to see you give their careers the re-telling you deserved. Discovery is also my favorite album of all-time and I was smiling during your entire recap of it.
DownChucked Yıl önce
I remember seeing "One More Time" on MTV for the first time as both an exposure to Daft Punk as a band and anime as a medium, and it really did shape my life forever. Discovery is probably my favorite album of all time and RAM is in my top 5 albums of all time. I make it a point every year to rewatch Interstella 5555 and relisten to their whole discography at least once. Really, the biggest artist influence in my life, and I don't see that ever changing.
Josh Yıl önce
13:20 DUDE!! I always thought it would be sick to see a George Michael discog dive so hearing you bring up Freeek! was a huge and welcomed surprise! *the daft punk was cool ig*
Top Kali
Top Kali Yıl önce
I don’t care what y’all think, all of Mic’s older DDD’s need a redo as soon as possible
Zach Smith
Zach Smith Yıl önce
24:33 I agree. I love hearing this part so much, even when sampled at the grammys, it's so fulfilling! I say you definitely improved the last video, and gave even MORE respect towards the duo! 27:50 LOL But Yes, Tron Legacy was my introduction to the duo. I love that movie and soundtrack
Gibus Wearing Mann
I like the part in "Touch It / Technologic" where they make the sample say "fuck it" on loop
devin brady
devin brady Yıl önce
Discovery is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. The memories I have growing up with it are amazing. My absolute favorites are Digital Love, Voyager, Something about us, and face to face. It’s just one of the albums that defined me as a person and I go back to listen to constantly
Meeran Qureshi
Meeran Qureshi Yıl önce
Very catchy music and super talented. That's Daft Punk. Great video as always,Mike.
witabif Yıl önce
nichael!!!!! I'm so glad you're redoing this yay!!!! notes now that I'm at the end of the video: - im starting to feel like the only person who likes rollin and scratchin. my theory that this explains why I like human after all so much gets stronger every day - my other theory about human after all is that I like it better b/c im p sure I have echolalia, so I like repetition and don't mind it in most music - my favorite daft punk song of all time is digital love. I still remember exactly where I was the first time I listened to it. however, one more time's become a close second after my dp reprisal of 2020 (terrible timing i know lol) - my fave songs from the other albums are rollin and scratchin (really in the .01 percentile there lol), make love, and lose yourself to dance - oh. and my album ranking is discovery, alive 2007, human after all/random access memories, tron legacy, and homework (this album is amazing, i just like some of the others as whole albums better) anyway, thanks for remaking this!!! ever since I started watching and saw the original video I wanted to hear your thoughts expanded and I'm glad we got it. I love this series and I love seeing my favorite band of all time get a second shot at it.
Electroma getting a brief mention in this video made me really happy because, in my personal opinion, that film is the most underrated and experimental thing they've ever done outside of their music as a duo. from my view, the film says so much without saying literally a single word, and it's so powerful to me.
JTVA Yıl önce
This was a fantastic recap of arguably my favorite duo of all time. There are rarely days where I don't cry a bit over the fact that I didn't get to see them live nor experience a new album of theirs in real time, but I'm really happy things ended amicably for them. I always love seeing these videos man, keep it up!
wpk914 _
wpk914 _ Yıl önce
I remember thinking RAM was just okay in high school, a feeling that's actually soured a bit overtime. BUT, Doin' It Right is one of the most fantastic songs I've ever heard, so on points it's still positive over all
Formal Film Productions
I love that song
Sly Stone
Sly Stone Yıl önce
Just ok? To me is their best album, is just gorgeous.
Nate Dickson Media
That Get Lucky part is my favourite as well. Still remember exactly where I was when I first heard it. So good
William O’Connell
Thank you for the Voyager shout. My favorite song by them. It sounds like piloting a rocket and just breaking through the atmosphere, seeing the planet from a perspective that only you and a very exclusive group of others have seen prior.
The Rain Bro
The Rain Bro Yıl önce
Damn, watching that breakup video again is so heartbreaking. I remember when I was a wee lad and heard One More Time on the radio (that was thee shit in the early 2000s), and then proceeded to nerd and geek out with some of their earlier stuff. I got more into them late 2000s and the rest is history
Romain A
Romain A Yıl önce
Wow ! This is an awesome work you did there ! I consider myself as a Daft Punk expert, digging so many things about them and their work for the last 15 years, but your video is flawless. Packing so much informations without going into too much details, while highlighting the more important parts in the meantime… Congrats, that’s what I call a master piece 👏 Cheers from France
Aubey Aylar önce
sorry it took me so long to finish this video I had to pause it and listen to the alive 2007 album as soon as you brought it up lmao
Tenny Penny
Tenny Penny Yıl önce
Great video Mic, always a joy to see these come into my sub box. If I could recommend one band, it would be Coldplay for a DDD. I think they're a band that deserves a bit of analysis for many reasons: 1. Discussing their artistic/musical trajectory and the sounds and themes they've touched on in their music (they've done quite a bit) 2. Discussing the inevitable part of any band that's been going on for a while and trying to answer the question "Where did they go bad?" (kind of like with Weezer). I feel like once Coldplay decided to go Pop was the point alot of people started to dislike them, but I'd love to hear your take on it. 3. Just a personal thing, but I want to have a look at their first three albums just to disprove the assertion that they were mere Radiohead clones. I mean, it's clear the influence showed on their earlier EPs like The Blue Room and Parachutes, but I do think they did enough to make themselves stand out. Let me put it like this: I could never imagine Coldplay making "The National Anthem" or "Paranoid Android" and I CERTAINLY couldn't imagine Radiohead making a song like "Yellow" or "Clocks".
Ben Harris
Ben Harris 11 aylar önce
It’s so crazy that you brought up that 8 measure moment in get lucky. When I hear that song, I also find myself loving that little section, but I never thought others paid that much attention to it. It’s cool to hear that other appreciated it. I wish Daft Punk had used that effect more frequently throughout their discography.
gibrilss Yıl önce
I was waiting for this one to happen😂 Would love to see a DDD on Deftones, they have a pretty interesting history
Nico Coquet
Nico Coquet Yıl önce
oh you mean a DDDD
Rain Dancer
Rain Dancer Yıl önce
Great video as always. Love to see dives for two bands mentioned: kraftwerk and ELO.
Mr. Skerpentine
Mr. Skerpentine Yıl önce
NGL a Discog Dive for The Weeknd would be super cool, especially with all the personal shit and drastic changes in style, though we’ll probably have to wait at least until his current trilogy is done
Professor Skye's Record Review
Great video! Enjoyable and well done . However, I would disagree that RAM has been forgotten. Directly, it is often brought up in conversation (though not as much as Yeezus). Indirectly its influence is heard in SOOOOO much new music and "artisanal" disco. I'd say it was their most influential album, and they have a lot of those. Can you imagine what pop/electro music would sound like if it never existed?
Funky Town
Funky Town Yıl önce
Amazing video!! I've been a DP fan since childhood and it's so nice to see others who truly appreciate their brilliant work.
Llamanator1 4 aylar önce
Would love a deep discog dive on Phoenix. Their music has aged so well and they haven’t ever released a bad album.
Erik G
Erik G Yıl önce
No way! I am listening to RAM all the time. Ever since it came out. It is serious a mix of all my favorite genres all in one! Funk, soul, disco, classical, dance, edm. On vinyl it's a masterpiece!
Cedric Mathew Hudson
I discovered french duo "Justice" in 2021 after Daft Punk broke up because I was feeling so down, and while they are not on the same level, I feel that duo is the closest to anything remotely close to the genious that was Daft Punk. Their three albums are pretty amazing and they even have a similar live ans remix album like Alive 2007 where they mash those studio songs together. So if anyone misses DP, give them a listen.
Mark Raich
Mark Raich Yıl önce
Man, I am so with you on their vocoder mastery, especially the layering. I’ve prayed for a leak of the stems from Lose Yourself To Dance just so I can loop those operatic 64 bars for a few hours and space the heck out. Well delivered, comprehensive and very thoughtful deep dive. Your posts are a must watch, sir. Kudos.
Former Hero
Former Hero Yıl önce
your videos are the best thing about Logging On thank u for keeping this series going !!!!!
Jenny O.
Jenny O. Yıl önce
I too will never know the joy of watching them live but one of my favorite childhood memory is after we got home from a late party my parents stayed at, my best friend and I ran into the house to watch the special Daft Punk and Gorillaz had on Toonami. I managed to get the Discovery cd after that and I heard it so many times, it is scratched to the high nines but I still have it with me. That album and Interstellar 5555 got me through a really hard time in my life and I love it!
Giggs Yıl önce
I've been waiting for this and you delivered. Thanks Mic! It feels like looking back, Daft Punk and their music has just always been a part of my life.
HarrisonPalmr Yıl önce
I remember thinking “why should I even bother listening to this album I know it’s gonna be shit” whenever OK Human came out. I was so surprised to find myself enjoying so many of the songs
FrogMelodies Yıl önce
Love your work, man. keep up the greatness. also, I spent a whole semester back at collage listing to Daft Punk's Veridis Quo and only to it. like other music did no exist. almost a 100 days, not listening to anything else. that was crazy in hind sight :D
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