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Let me know your favorite Ariana Grande album/song/related thing in the comments!
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00:00 Prologue
01:21 Yours Truly
04:44 My Everything
07:19 Dangerous Woman
11:37 Sweetener
14:55 thank u, next
20:41 Positions
23:59 Conclusion




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@MicTheSnare Yıl önce
To everyone who thought this was gonna be J Dilla… he’s in the poll for next month’s DDD :). Link is in the description And check out the playlists with all the songs featured in this video. Thanks for watching!
@emusarefun2545 Yıl önce
yyou shoudlad redo wezerr
@zxtron297 Yıl önce
Can you add Elliott Smith in your DDD poll.
@davidyork985 Yıl önce
I think it would be a good idea to have a separate google form where people can suggest artists to add to the list, so you don’t have to sift through the comments to find them
@ladylordeve Yıl önce
Since Bjork is coming with a new album this year it would be nice a redo of her DDD
@ladylordeve Yıl önce
Also please add St Vincent to the listen
@juhaniaho6698 Yıl önce
Ariana Grande managed to be an old-school popstar in the post-Lorde 2010s, which is an amazing feat.
Post-Lana is more like it.
@juhaniaho6698 Yıl önce
@@WaitingForTheHook Sure, Lana Del Rey influenced acts like Lorde (and Billie Eilish), but it was Royals from Lorde that ended the upbeat electro-dancepop era of the early 2010s. Ariana stood out by being a popstar a la Madonna/Britney/Katy/Rihanna/Gaga in a landscape populated by the more moody, introspective acts such as Lorde, Lana, Halsey, twenty-one pilots and later Billie Eilish.
@@juhaniaho6698 1000%
@@juhaniaho6698 No, it was Video Games and subsequent singles. Lorde followed suit.
@korololo8466 Yıl önce
@@WaitingForTheHook nah it was royals
@PianoHits Yıl önce
I cannot imagine the mid-late 2010s without Ariana, she's one of only few top tier defining artist of this era that has enough pop sensibility and artistry to last. so many big artist throughout that time have not survived the culture shift. It's fascinating to me what music holds value over time, my brain is hoping Dua Lipa won't become shelved in years to come
@DanielTGaming Yıl önce
Honestly wasn't expecting a DDD on Ariana, but this has truly made my day. God knows the capabilities of what Mr. Snare could do.
@dt_chun9168 Yıl önce
Based Daniel T
@bluandskit584 Yıl önce
double duck destroyer? oh deep disco graphy dive... my bad
@ZazaOnTheTit 4 aylar önce
Looking back when she said “F*ck American” was probably the most realest thing she ever said and the fact she was hated on for that is insane
@atlantictiger Yıl önce
Two AG facts I find fascinating: 'Sweetener' the LP has points referencing her romantic relationship ending with Mac Miller, but they threw on the 'pete davidson' interlude to convince listeners it was written closer to the start of their new relationship. Then, on 'thank u, next' the LP, she masterfully convinces you that lots of the songs are about Pete since it dropped so close to their breakup, such as 'imagine,' but that's actually about Mac again. When I first heard 'imagine,' the combination of "Imagine a world like that" when referring to a respectful, loving relationship and how real and emotional she is when she sings it, it absolutely floored me. I find it one of the most humbling pop songs to date, not to mention relatable--have we not all been there?
@Shanniluv Yıl önce
This is true. In fact one of Macs last ig lives, he was listening to rem in his car, but the album wasn’t out for another week or so. The lyrics she added (the demo had been passed around by Pharrell a lot)were clearly for him. Those sessions were 99% done while with Mac, *that* interlude was a last minute thing. Better off, however, is said to be about Ricky. She shut someone down online who thought it was about her breakup with Mac. Imagine is for sure about Mac, she described it as being about a pure and perfect love that will “never exist” (because he’s gone).
@bratzscene3131 Yıl önce
imagine is SUCH a beautiful song. the best word to describe it would be bittersweet.
@theelectricant98 3 aylar önce
​@@Shanniluvdidnt it also sample him?
@drewm.2790 Yıl önce
Sweetener and Positions both will age like fine wine imo. With Sweetener it's crystal clear how much involvement Ariana had in the music from lyrics to production like it shows her personality and artistry a lot. Meanwhile the more tranquil vibe and those lovely strings in Positions make it sound like it doesn't belong to a specific musical time period imo. I listen to it during relaxing times and when I need peace Super curious what direction she'll take with her next body of work
@tachisme 11 aylar önce
True, I ignored both albums when they came out, but now I'm really enjoying both of them!
@alterego5824 Yıl önce
I feel like out of all the pop girlies, Ariana has definitely one of the strongest discographies. I can't think of one bad album of hers, the ones i enjoy the least (my everything and dangerous woman) are still quite good. Plus, it's clear she is the vocalist of this generation and i'd say one of the best pop vocalists ever
absolute travesty her cover of "goodnight and go" wasn't mentioned. underrated as hell
@danimitra3786 Yıl önce
one of my favorite songs in her entire discography! gorgeous adaptation, almost a love letter to imogen heap - who she credits to be one of her biggest inspirations. really wished he had talked about it! at least pete davidson got the recognition it deserved though (i wish he had broken it down more, the chords spelling out 'BAE' would have been something i know mr. microphone the snare would appreciate)
@@danimitra3786 i'm an ultra mega imogen heap fan, and i was absolutely giddy when i heard ariana's version. also--i never noticed that about pete davidson! very attentive to detail :D
one of my favorite songs of hers!
@captainluddy Yıl önce
goodnight n go is a cover ??????
@redluis369 Yıl önce
Honestly, Dangerous Woman was one of the last times an album was as course corrective, as anticipated and as publicized and it sure delivered it for me, also Greedy will forever be imprinted on my brain thanks to drag race. And now that we do Pop Divas on DDD I need one for Lady Gaga because if someone is the queen of deep cuts but also drama filled roll outs it is her.
@hausofjulian Yıl önce
He made a whole vid on ARTPOP already, so I would like that but longer.
I got into Gaga in the Fame Monster and Born This Way eras and I was SHOCKED at all the songs that weren't singles. Monster and Schiße definitely had strong single potential and I know are well loved by little monsters. Plus there's Bloody Mary which is STILL one of my favorite songs by her ever.
i'm honestly a massive ariana fan, but i love the way you went about this, like if you didn't like something you had a reason to back it up, and it didn't feel like hate or an attack on ari or her fans, it just feels like a genuine, harmless way of expressing your opinion, so thank you
@Allonsy305 Yıl önce
I still argue (and also agree) that Sweetener is her best work so far. Nice to know someone else who loved "blazed" Still I think Positions doesn't get the appreciation it deserves.
Absolutely agree
@tainaaguiar5039 Yıl önce
my two favorite albums from her
@elibroski7926 Yıl önce
positions showcases the true healing & love that came after tun, which makes it her best album for me. ontop of it being cohesive with a multitude of new sounds diving deeper into orchestra-like subgenres of rnb (like neo-soul), she showcases brilliant artistry with this album. the vocals ESPECIALLY on this album >>>
@lauramessy 11 aylar önce
i have a love/hate relationship with blazed, i will play the album and don't even think about it or before playing i'll remove immediately, depends on my vibe lmao.
@yashsolanki589 Yıl önce
Ariana robbed Mic of his dream of becoming the first kid to ride a zamboni at the National Car Rental Center in Sunrise, Florida. JUSTICE FOR MIC.
@MrCheesebob92 Yıl önce
I absolutely agree that Love Me Harder is a damn good song and one of Ariana's best.
It helped me get into The Weeknd. I still think that one song is better than most of his original Trilogy, as much as many people would hate me for saying that.
@dedrick7949 Yıl önce
Can’t believe I’d disagree this hard with a DDD. thank u, next sweeps her discog. Her most cohesive, consistent, and emotionally engaging album detailing her process with trauma. I adore that album so much.
@dedrick7949 Yıl önce
Also surprised you didn’t mention “motive” from her most recent album. Best track on there imo. Love the trap inspired House beat on it. Has one of the catchiest hooks on the album, and the Doja feature is really solid. A really sleek, sensual, and catchy piece of pop music.
@arlofleenor1838 Yıl önce
@@dedrick7949 cant agree more man. thank u next is incredible. the songwriting, production, and how personal it is despite being such a high profile pop record.
@arlofleenor1838 Yıl önce
@@ethandnormandy yeah fr. such a tight record which imo you dont see enough in pop nowadays
@mr.moodle8836 Yıl önce
Yep, easily my favourite Ariana album (with the qualifier I've only listened to Sweetener onwards). I get WHY people don't like 7 rings and break up with your girlfriend and how that sours the experience for them, but, like, they sound ridiculously slick? I understand the criticisms, but they're also just immaculate. I really think they epitomise the trap-pop style and aesthetic of the late 2010s. And speaking of motive, my hair and love language were two of my favourites from positions that didn't get mentioned. Kind of surprised they didn't warrant a shout-out given their critical reception relative to the rest of the album which was received more mildly.
i def put sweetener at the top of her work, but agree with you that thank u, next is a masterpiece
@PS1CloudStrife Yıl önce
“7 Rings” is like the darker half of “Successful” and it works in the Ari canon. Also you said it, “Sweetener” is her best record, but “Get Well Soon,” is already a pretty gratifying closer.
Get well soon is one of her best songs and closers!
@MineralTown Yıl önce
I like pov but it pales in comparison to GWS imo
@jrdmgl6190 Yıl önce
Ariana's collab with cashmere cat, 'Quit' is my favorite song of hers to date. Not enough people talk about it for me....
yes! its so good and i love "adore" as well
@mh-tz8th Yıl önce
@eggsrsweet Yıl önce
That whole Cashmere Cat project is underrated. It's cool because it has A-list artists over production they normally would never sing over lol
@karysuizel Yıl önce
omg i absolutely love this song
@offbeatkiki Yıl önce
Surprised you missed out on discussing 'In My Head,' which is one of the most intimate cuts on TUN and really adds a lot of depth and pain to the record.
@silly2449 Yıl önce
I was going to comment that. My favourite song
@isaacjgl2657 Yıl önce
I was so obsessed with Yours Truly, in a way, its still her best album. Honeymoon Avenue is literally the entire positions album in one song. Also I don’t think regular people understand how much hype there was for My Everything. Ariana Stans (me) were literally foaming at the mouth when that album came out.
Yours Truly is over hated in her fandom. Too many fans call it her worst and “a little boring”. It doesn’t suit right with me calling an artists’ first work their best, however.
@emmaschulz3799 Yıl önce
Omg thank u! Yours truly is easily in my top 3 albums of hers. I love more of the 50s doo wop vibes it has.
@susie8799 Yıl önce
I’m gonna say it: despite being one of the biggest artists of the decade, a lot of arianas other songs are massively underrated
@cetrous8926 Yıl önce
Her non-singles deserve just as much recognition as the singles I swear!
@Melkac Yıl önce
Heck yeah, I've always believed Ariana has one of the best pop discographies of all time. She deserved this.
Who do you think are the others ?
@hyun808 Yıl önce
@@therandomname69420 Mariah Carey, The Queen.
@hello.3471 Yıl önce
@@therandomname69420 Taylor swift
@@hello.3471 I think 1989 is her only amazing pop album, Lover is mediocre and Reputation is overall a pretty bad electropop album. I prefer her country and folk records like Red, Speak Now, Folklore and Evermore, so I wouldn't really say she has one of the best pop discographies of all time.
@@hyun808 Yeah, Honey, Daydream, Caution and The Emancipation Of Mimi are great pop/R&B albums. Other people I would put on the list are Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Pet Shop Boys, Britney Spears, Elton John and the Beatles.
@beethoven1811 Yıl önce
Positions album is SO underrated. Almost every track has beautiful strings to them so I like that classical influence and it reminds me of the 50’s in some way (‘Love Language’ is the best example). After listening to tracks like needy, bad idea’s ending and ghostin I had predicted her next album will have more strings. That’s exactly what happened. I saw a producer’s reaction to the positions album and it gave me a whole new perspective on it. The sound Ariana went/is going for is something nobody is doing right now, it’s a very chill, classy, mature, sexy and jazzy trap infused r&b album. Every track is SO heavy vocally, her vocals on this album are unmatched. The harmonies, layering and especially the whistles notes are so pretty. She had to and needed to make an album like this. Thank u next album wouldn’t be as great if she hadn’t made the sweetener album and I’m predicting the same thing for her 7th album, it will be her best because of her work in positions album. It got mixed reviews and I understand where it’s coming from, maybe because of the constant trap approach and trap starts to sound boring when it’s overdone or not done right. So maybe she should pull a Taylor Swift and try a whole new genre or just leave trap for some time and experiment with something else similar to positions album’s tracks like safety net, my hair, pov (we need more ballads), just like magic etc.
agree with your comment ! may i ask which producers reaction you saw ? i would also want to watch that :)
Also I feel like nobody is talking about her vocals on the entirety of the album. Arguably with all of the whistles and belts that she does, it's probably one of her more vocally demanding. Especially on tracks like My Hair or Pov, like those songs are HARD.
@beethoven1811 Yıl önce
@@camillefaith2005 exactly
@yuvalqtgirl Yıl önce
I legit screamed when you brought up Greedy. It's one of my fave Ari songs, and is so so so underappreciated.
@yuvalqtgirl Yıl önce
Also - the thank u next tour is also on Netflix, not just Spotify. And the tour was originally the sweetener tour - that's what I bought tickets for - but then she released thank u next so it became a double album tour. Which sadly, did not have Greedy on the set-list.
@JoshuaFagan Yıl önce
The comments section is going to get swarmed by "thank u, next" apologists very quickly (just like how the Reputation defenders swarmed your Taylor Swift video), so before that happens, I'd just like to say that I enjoy your nuanced takes. You clearly appreciate Ariana as an artist without feeling the need to say everything she's done is a masterpiece.
@shi_. Yıl önce
i am one of those rep apologists and honestly, i agree w his takes on ariana's music. sweetener IS her best album
@dannyrivera2733 Yıl önce
@@shi_. Same! I’m a Reputation apologist and disagreed with that portion of his video on Taylor, but I agree with most of his points on Ariana
@lamb9770 Yıl önce
except thank u next is a great album and reputation… exists
@dannyrivera2733 Yıl önce
@@lamb9770 Agree to disagree (I still think Thank U, Next is a good album but it ranks towards mid-tier in comparison to her other albums)
@lamb9770 Yıl önce
@@dannyrivera2733 i find that to be a really bizarre? take since tun is so emotional and personal. and has so much depth compared to her other albums. everything before the sweetener era is mediocre (by ariana’s standards) i feel like she truly discovered her sound the last few years which is probably why she’s become a lot more involved with the creative process of her work.
@angelwhomst Yıl önce
i cant believe u didnt mention "jason's song (gave it away)" on thr dangerous woman discussion bec this is one of the songs that really showcase ariana's range as a musician, specifically with genres. also, yes, i need a funk/r&b album from ariana. put the energy from them changes cover into useee. oh god i didnt even realise the touch on eugenics on bloodline 😭 thats awful i love thst song
@iceycoldapple Yıl önce
i'm a die-hard fan of ariana and loved that you did a DDD on her, it's an awesome video! there is one thing, however, that rubbed me the wrong way: your thoughts on "7 rings" and "break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored." you briefly touched on this before dismissing it, but yes, 7 rings is a satirical song. on the surface, it boasts obnoxious wealth and flexing, but it truly is a song about friendship and not taking what you have for granted. in fact, if you listen to the version of this song on "k bye for now," you can hear ari say "just kidding!" after the "whoever said money can't solve your problems/must've not had enough money to solve them" line. as for BUWYG,IB, it's also not what it appears to be initially. you state that it's essentially a song about "fantasizing breaking up a couple," when in reality it's an introspective outlook on her past relationship(s). in this song, she takes on an outside perspective on her relationship and is addressing her boyfriend by telling him to break up with his girlfriend: aka her. it's a moment where she realizes she's no longer happy in her relationship (i.e. 'bored') and wants an out. some evidence to back up this analysis of the song is the music video, where the girlfriend of the guy she's addressing looks nearly identical to ari and is even replaced by her in the final scenes. thus, both of these songs make sense at the end of the album, giving a general closing narrative of: appreciate the things you have and your friend (7 rings), acknowledge how much you've matured thanks to past lovers but realizing you're good on your own (thank u, next), and then a final reflection on past relationships that serves as a reminder to raise your standards and overall self-worth. other than that, this was a great video and I'm excited to see what she does next! (also, i agree that sweetener is her best album!)
I think these interpretations while fair from some points of view, are also a bit hard to fully attribute to the songs themselves. Specifically BUWYG,IB , it would be really really hard to understand the alleged meaning by only listening to the song and lyrics, I understand that maybe that was the intention but I personally don't think it was conveyed well (pretty much same for 7Rings). (I still love them btw lol, but I do agree with what he said in the video)
@WithAngelWings Yıl önce
Sweetener and Thank U Next album made me a STAN. I went to the thank u next tour and it was SO good. I was in the nose bleeds and it was still one of the best shows i’ve been to. All of sweetener has my heart except I didn’t vibe w the light is comin song much. No tears left to cry is still such a bop to me, I love the beat. Favs are Breathin, get well soon, REM, god is a woman, successful & pete davidson- unfortunate name but love the song. Thank u, next was such an era my faves are needy, NASA, imagine, in my head, TUN & bwygib. I listen to ghostin every morning, it sounds like a sad thing to do but I swear I love it so much it brings me joy, I love the lyrics “he just comes to visit me when i’m dreaming every now and then” 💭💜 I didn’t get into Positions as much but I’m still giving it a good listen. I love her voice and rhythm on 34+35, i like motive, six thirty, west side and POV. Also in her older discography I still love One Last Time, Love me harder, right there and dangerous woman.
@rainydayjules Yıl önce
I actually saw 13 on Broadway back in the day, and it’s so clear that both her and Liz Gillies were the standouts, like all the kids are decent, for kids, but they’re both FANTASTIC
that is so cool!!
@georgiykim1593 Yıl önce
I was waiting for this one🥰 I don’t agree with everything but overall thank you for making a discography about my fav artist💜 and recognize her talent and skills! Thank you and love your channel😘
@RescueMe97 Yıl önce
Love these dive videos, refreshing to see a male reviewer give pop girls respect instead of writing them off
@rocklover48 Yıl önce
not as big into the mainstream as i once was but ariana has one of the best discographies out of all of the big names out currently
@ashtonsmith8800 Yıl önce
always have been an ariana lover. i get that she’s not for everyone, but i will never part with the opinion that sweetner and my everything are tied for her best albums. the cohesiveness on sweetner is amazing, and every song is so unique, but my everything has that pop princess vibe along with some light r&b production. great video though! i can’t wait for more :)
@thatoneboyaiden Yıl önce
If I had a nickel for everytime Mic recommended a solo female artist's cover of "Last Christmas" from their post-debut Christmas EP, I'd have two nickels but it's weird that it happened more than once.
@DeadCell795 Yıl önce
Into You is genuinely my favorite pop song of the era period every aspect is just so over the top in the best way
@cioccolato2124 Yıl önce
I am one of those that thinks 7 rings is entirely satirical, especially placed in context lf the album, she's spending to fulfill her sadness, and i think its shown and in the numbness she presents the song with. 7 rings and thank u, next are two of my favourite Ariane songs, and should be held as classics. Doesn't change my opinion that I think Sweetener is a much better album than Thank u, next
@YupOkayThx Yıl önce
"Break Up With Your Girlfriend" was actually about Ariana herself. SHE was the girlfriend. She's basically singing "break up with me because I'm bored." Like, she's not happy in the relationship. That's why the woman in the video looks like her.
@byliea Yıl önce
@YupOkayThx Yıl önce
Day I disagree with this. It is purposely deceptive, but the lyrics read to me like this guy is attracted to a certain idea of who she is when the person she actually is preferred the casual fun before things got more serious. It also goes hand in hand with how Ari sang the second verse of Thank U Next about herself. It's really not a far fetched take on the song. Art is totally subjective though. So take it how you will.
@MineralTown Yıl önce
that's the MV's twist narrative, but I don't believe Ariana ever confirmed that to be the actual meaning, nor would the lyrics ever imply it on their own. The only thing i recall her saying about the song was something along the lines of it just being a silly song meant to be taken lightly
@@MineralTown I disagree I think the song was clearly about her wanting to be alone with herself. If you watch any TUN era interview she talks and jokes about how she doesn't want to date for a long time
@osnapitzyomar Yıl önce
@manas6335 Yıl önce
to me, positions is her best album. it's so gorgeous and has the rnb/soul vibe that I have always wanted from her.
@dev-nw1td Yıl önce
You didn’t lie
This is really well made video. I appreciate how well you handled the topic of her relationships with Mac Miller and other matters in her personal life. You stuck with what was relevant to her music and understanding it while being respectful and professional. Great work.
@tahuaroa Yıl önce
when “Break Free” was released here in Australia, I was like “this track is bomb af!!!”, it still rates as one of my fave songs of all time
Minor correction; Arianna performed her One Love show at Old Trafford Cricket Ground *not* Manchester Arena. The arena was shut for months after the attack for the police investigation and repairs; lots of other events due to be held there had to be rescheduled to other local venues. Another great DDD! Please keep up the excellent work
I really like how much she loves Imogen Heap, who is one of my favourite artists! She did some Heap covers back in the TRvid days, and then did a remixed version of Goodnight and Go on Sweetener which brought more attention to Heap. Apparently Imogen invited her over to dinner one time because she knew Ari was a fan, and Ari was so starstruck she didn't say a single word the whole time. But I think her citing Imogen as an influence enabled more people to get into her, which I really appreciate!
I’ll always remember Lorde’s tweets about “Into You”! ‘people truly just weren’t ready to comprehend that many layers of emotion. it’s like ‘run away with me’ it’s too much for the half-open heart’
@molokovelocet1 Yıl önce
There's a video of her I believe on the set of the Dangerous Woman music video (or maybe it was the photoshoot for the album cover, something like that 'cause she's wearing the leather bunny mask) and she sings the song a cappella and it is my favorite thing I've seen her do, which is saying something 'cause I love a lot of what she does. Also as a musical theater person myself, very intrigued to see what she does with Glinda. Many MT friends of mine are skeptical, some are just downright angry about it but of course didn't offer any options on who they think should be playing Glinda instead sooooo I hope she proves them wrong.
@robo567 Yıl önce
these videos are honestly some of the most rewatchable on youtube. i often find myself coming back to these over and over, even after i’ve listened to the featured music. they’re so well constructed and scripted and the storytelling is engaging. it reminds me of a lot of scott the woz’s videos in how much i come back to them. some of the best stuff on this clusterfuck of a site.
one of the BIGGEST artists of ALL TIME! historic records, countless of global smash hits, smash album after smash album and amongst the most relevant people the world has ever seen. let’s also not forget about that voice. truly one of the best of our time.
@joshdarragh492 Yıl önce
I love the Greedy representation, the song flies so under the radar and it's some of her best vocals. and the intro? THE INTRO! I will say, kinda sad that love language from positions didn't get any attention, it's nothing special but it sure is catchy, I had that track on loop for a few days straight, it's up there with Into You and Focus for me in that regard
@Chelsss703 Yıl önce
Yesss justice for Greedy! That is one of my all-time favourite Ariana songs. Blasting loud in headphones, that song just hits different than 99% of her discography. It should have, 100% been a single.
@airtempest8945 6 aylar önce
11:16 What's funny is Greedy is actually one of her most famous songs due to being the catalyst for one of the best and most shocking reality TV moments of all time, being Valentina's elimination in Season 9 of RPDR when everyone just assumed she'd be safe after a strong run up to that point and Nina being very in her head by that point, but Valentina absolutely crumbles, tries to hide her mouth, and then doesn't know the words. That's why everyone who's watched the show knows Greedy.
@goozygo102 2 aylar önce
The first thing that came to my mind when the song started up. Which is both hilarious and unfortunate.
@lucyycul22 Yıl önce
Sweetener is truly her best album, to me it’s her only album that has a sound that is unique to Ariana (thanks to Pharrell) although i like all her albums
@Dualis58 Yıl önce
Nah thank u, next is better
@lucyycul22 Yıl önce
@@Dualis58 it’s my 2nd fav tbf, tu,n & sweetener are what she’ll be most remembered for in the future imo
@Shanniluv Yıl önce
You almost forget Pharrell worked on maybe half of the songs. They sit really pretty next to Max Martin productions.
@@Dualis58 true
@bronzeandbase Yıl önce
Yes someone else with taste. I love both of those albums in that order too
@marcelo03 Yıl önce
oh wow, this is surprising! i love ari and she’s by far my favorite popstar but i never expected you to make a video on her discography. i’m glad you did tho! sweetener is her best imo edit: just finished the video and yea i definitely agree that positions is the album that will age the best within her discography, even if its reception was a bit lukewarm at first. to me at least it’s always felt like the album she was born to make and maybe that’s the reason why it sounds so comfortable
@andreasau391 Yıl önce
I was always a bit of a fan of Ariana Grande since I am within the Victorious generation and I remember discovering Mac Miller through "My favorite part" which is probably my favorite song ever. Since 2018 i listen to "Swimming" and "Thank u, next" as almost 2 twin albums. The latter gain so much more energy if merged with Mac's work. The tragedy behind Mac Miller death was enormous and the media noise accusing Ariana was to say the least despicable
@jaws8479 Yıl önce
Love that you talked so highly of Greedy. It has to be my absolute favourite ariana song
@steffanmayrides Yıl önce
its the way i grew up with her and had my whole life flash before my eyes with every era, and how i literally started crying when you mentioned the darker parts of her life and how she prevailed with music and became her most successful eras yet. its just. shes an amazing person and uber talented. thank you for making my little gay boy dreams come true with this video, you have no idea how long ive wanted this
@AlexandAlice Yıl önce
I absolutely love the album Thank U Next, but Dangerous Woman is also my favorite and I can't decide between the two 😭
@EyeDigress Yıl önce
To be fair, she said she hated America at the most perfect time LOL. This has been yet another perfectly-produced video.
@segundelu Yıl önce
Thank you for understanding how incredibly jarring Thank U Next as an album is becuz of the Break Up With Your GF as the finisher. Also I’m lowkey mad you didn’t mention Jason’s Song (Gave It Away). Such a great song on the Dangerous Woman deluxe.
I would love a deep dive for Childish Gambino. His mixtapes don’t really get talked about a lot, so I thought it would be interesting
My favorite song of hers will always be Moonlight…it’s perfect. You can feel the love pouring from every line. also the lyric “sweet like candy, but he’s such a man.” is just fantastic
@ryantiffany309 Yıl önce
Ariana is my personal favorite artist and I personally think thank u next is the best album no doubt even I love them all. You just have to admire the consistency and every track is really aging great I listen to it everyday tbh.
19:03 Ariana has said in multiple live performances "just kidding" after that line... So I think its safe to say it's satirical
@sheego_official Yıl önce
In my professional opinion, no song even comes close to Jason’s song. It’s such a remarkable showcase of her vocals and truly a fantastic homage to her love for music
@linc Yıl önce
i’ve been a ride or die for ariana half my life so i honestly have grown up with her music, ariana’s discography is truly the soundtrack of my life. i’ve developed with this body of music, every pivotal emotion or event i’ve felt has had some tie to this catalog of music and i can’t express how i love the artistry ariana has mastered within these past 9-10 years? there’s the rare questionable choice but in other lenses it’s just camp. i will always be in love with her gift and so happy you got to do a deep dive on the voice of a generation. ⟡
@AstraeaAntiope 2 aylar önce
Very pleased that Sweetener came out on top, slightly disappointed R.E.M. didn't hit for you. It's my favorite on the album, but I love complex harmony.
@liteflightify Yıl önce
The sequencing of Thank U Next is a mess. But I also just think it has the most amount of interesting and distinct songs of any Ariana album. So, it’s hard for me not to see it as her strongest album. Dangerous Woman is probably next for me. I know many have come around to appreciating Sweetner, but the majority is still a bit too frothy and faceless for me.
@goldbiscuit2708 Yıl önce
Oooh I thought it’s sequencing made a lot of sense. It’s chronological wishing to be with Mac on Imagine then going to Needy and then NASA. I especially love the order going from ghostin - in my head - 7 rings - thank u, next - buwyg,ib :)
I was there when Baby I was released as a single and have been supporting her since. I'm actually so proud to call myself an early fan! I didn't even know who she was because we didn't have cable lol.
@Dexmente Yıl önce
The whidtle notes in "Imagine", it's something I never heard of before and still giving me chills today. Her best song IMO
sweetener is still my favorite of her. I think it's her best actually - positions has her best vocal performances imo and it's definitely overhated by fans. it's probably my second favorite - tun is pivotal in her career. but yeah, I kind of agree with your take on this one - Jason Song off Dangerous Woman is one of my favorite Ariana songs. It's really different from her other stuff
@eternalbliss330 Yıl önce
positions is so overhated and ill never understand why. people were saying it sounded “the same” as past works but i’m like??? it was as if sweetener and yours truly had a baby. but still how do u listen to positions songs and think it’s similar to my everything or dw?
@fabbri2183 Yıl önce
the thank u, next era had ONE major flaw, in my opinion: not letting in my head be a single when Ariana shot a video for it with vogue 😭 when i think about the time it was released and how the song could be personal to Ariana, i take back what i say and move on. anyway, great video 😊
As an avid watcher of this channel and somebody that's stanned this woman since 2013, I didn't know I needed this video in my life.
@piquimeister Yıl önce
170k subs? Wtf this is so thorough, smartly written and well edited, you deserve at least a couple mil, cheers from Uruguay 🇺🇾
@bratzscene3131 Yıl önce
LOVED IT! Ariana is honestly such an amazing artist, imo her best assets are her vocal delivery, production and relatability.
@dearorion Yıl önce
pleasantly surprised to see this one! I love her discography so much, definitely agree that sweetener is her best
@Fiona_fml Yıl önce
Awesome video so far! Some potential candidates I’d like to add to the list: Kylie Minogue, Bright Eyes, and Against Me!
@salb5610 Yıl önce
2ing Kylie! An amazing discography that spans decades
@t.mutabilis2497 Yıl önce
a kylie ddg would be wonderful ✨
@cordelia5391 Yıl önce
Against me would be great
@canalmilani Yıl önce
A Kylie Minogue deep discog dive is sooo needed! She has so many good albums
@canalmilani Yıl önce
@RFieth Yıl önce
Learning that Ariana Grande and MIKA made a very early 2010s song based around "Popular" from Wicked is precisely the kind of blursed energy I need to start the week.
@xThePinkApple Yıl önce
sweetener supremacy!! i just love how weird it is compared to her other albums
@BagOfSticksFork Yıl önce
jason's song is still my favourite ariana song, i think its a CRIME that it isn't on the official original album track listing for dangerous woman because its just so good! I do think my love for it is maybe compensating for the fact that her cover of getting out - which is also a jason robert brown song - doesn't have an official recording, bc i think thats one of the best things she's ever done in her entire career, full stop.
my hair, make up, & bad idea deserved a mention 😭 the trinity!! also thinking of love language, motive, test drive, fake smile, in my head, worst behavior, borderline, and thinkin bout you......i keep thinking of more! she was bringing the HITS
@janida4342 Yıl önce
@jaybrielz9244 Yıl önce
The final track of thank u, next was going to be a song called "remember", but Ariana thought it was too personal to put out. So she decided to replace it with a more fun song, "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored". That's probably why it doesn't make as much sense in the narrative of the album.
@gikem4882 Yıl önce
I feel like we don’t talk enough about the fact that Positions (the song) blocked country singer Luke Combs from having a #1 hit in the US with Forever After All. What a timeline that would’ve been if it were the other way around.
@RanterInShades Yıl önce
Ariana's grown on me a lot over the years I've been making videos. She might not be my favorite current pop artist, but you'd have to be an out of touch buffoon to deny how powerful of a voice she has. "Sweetener" and "Dangerous Woman" are for sure my favorites, "My Everything" and "Positions" are pretty close, and "Thank U Next" and "Yours Truly" have their moments.
@KNHarrison125 Yıl önce
I always treated Break Up With Your Girlfriend as a song that's not part of the overall Thank U, Next story. Mostly because it was a quick add on to the track list to replace "Remember" which was apparently too painful for her to release
I went into this soooo scared because people’s opinions on her best album is wildly varied but you’re right. Sweetener is absolutely her best album no contest.
god knowing ariana’s entire discography and watching this i loved this video so much
@Jessica-ie9bm Yıl önce
I honestly feel so old right now, it's been 10 years since I first listened to Ariana's voice in 'love the way you lie' cover. I always kinda listen to her songs, then stray away when it's too much on radios (yes, I still listen to radio...) and come back after some time, it's really difficult to remember a time when she wasn't a pop reference. Great DDD! Also, I wish you would add BTS to the list of the next ddd's. I know you likely wouldn't do one of them because it'd take a lot of research/culture understanding/kpop references and that's not really your take in music, but i wish i could at least vote for them lol. Anyways, can't wait for next month!
@loneguy17 Yıl önce
Greedy was the #1 single that never got the appreciation it deserved. It still hurts my heart to this day
Ariana Grande has become on of my favorite/go to artists, I think especially because I watched her on Victorious Into You is def my favorite and absolutely because it came out during my time in middle school 😂, tho I think it holds up pretty well and as a person in a relationship that few know about, I think I like it more Positions is my other favorite, I just really like the strings at the start, it’s almost calming ya know
We need a Mac Miller deep discog dive
He has 10 released projects. That might take a while. Unless you want him to skip over his mixtapes.
@reu2002 Yıl önce
Thank U Next is overall my favourite Ariana album, followed by Positions. But all her albums have solid singles and great moments. Thank U Next for me is a really really sad album, it's a real, take a look at yourself in the mirror album. It's her looking at her failed relationships and saying, I'm part of the problem too, I can be toxic. I do think 7 Rings is satirical, she is leaning in to materialism and excess because at that point, she felt money was largely what she had to show for herself, something her messy love life and inner sense of emptiness couldn't take that away. That's the where the self aware vapidity of the song comes from. I too was underwhelmed by Positions when it first came out, but the Vevo sets turned me around on it, and now I really appreciate how soulful and emotionally honest it is. There's also so much maturity and growth in there. I do think Ariana is one of the best vocalists doing it at the moment, she's up there with the all time greats of previous generations and I think she will be recognised as such in time.
@COPhill08 Yıl önce
Amazing! Would love an extended version!!!
Thank you next is my favourite because it was so deeply relatable and cathartic for me working through a lot of my own personal traumas. It provided a beautifully well rounded and interesting to listen to soundtrack to the pain in my life at that time
@UltimateAwe Yıl önce
"R&B/Pop Icon Mariah Carey" raised Ariana. I respect Ariana so much for giving Mariah her flowers. With that said, her catalogue is spotty and her best is yet to come.
Her best song in my opinion is only 1 it’s literally perfection
@AramAmiraghyan Yıl önce
@whoinvitedfarah Yıl önce
its criminally underrated and the live version on k bye for now with her mature vocals is somehow even better
I was waiting for you to talk about Ariana’s two best songs: ‘everytime’ and ‘goodnight n go’
But how did you miss the legendary collab with the Queen Mariah Carey herself, them doing whistle harmony on a Oh! Santa remix in the midst, plus also JHud was on it too also great contribution
@VVVU2x Yıl önce
That song she made about the world ending in "Don't Look Up" is truly a highlight of her acting career.
@pietoliw7678 Yıl önce
Finally someone who appreciates “Greedy” and give it the recognition it deserves!!!
@sailorrobyn1790 Yıl önce
I gasped when I saw this! I watch all of your DDDs but never came across one where I knew the artist's discog as thoroughly as Miss Grande. Thank you and I can't wait for your r/popheads AMA!!
@henene4 Yıl önce
That 34+35 Segment is so beautiful, played so straight!
@arlofleenor1838 Yıl önce
as someone who usually doesnt listen as much to this style of music, thank u next is one of my favourite records of all time easily. just incredible songwriting and production and such a tight record as well. it also manages to be extremely personal which is difficult to pull of with this high profile of a record with such a large team working on it. also the sequencing is incredible.
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