DEEP CLEAN AND DECORATE MY ROOM WITH ME *pinterest + tiktok vibes*

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i promise this is the last one

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where do you live?
junior (11th), 16
korean american
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canon g7x + canon m50 and final cut pro x

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i do not own or claim any or all music used in this video.

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445k omggg ily guys :')

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i love u guys so much, make sure to drink lots of water and eat something today!




20 Tem 2021




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m o
m o 6 saatler önce
Me who has the same room for over 5 years: Her: "i dont know its just been a year and I'm sick of it Me:
Rania Aboutayeb
Rania Aboutayeb 7 saatler önce
Leah Aulenbach
Leah Aulenbach 8 saatler önce
The fact that she filmed this on my birthday shocked me for some reason
Jay gocrazy
Jay gocrazy Gün önce
she was bumping tell em🔥🔥
Reese Zimny
Reese Zimny Gün önce
Dose everyone else what to be kristy?? I do she is amazing
nicole Gün önce
wheres ur mac stand from ?
Reese Zimny
Reese Zimny Gün önce
When she is done her room is so pretty
Haley Gün önce
I need to know where you bought those desk organizers
How many times do you watch this so you can get motivation? me: **YES**
Alma White
Alma White 9 gün önce
Wow Kristy your content is very good. I'm sure there's lots of aesthetic people out there but your one of my top ten fav!! :D
جوانا 11 gün önce
هل يمكنك أن تضعي ترجمه عربيه لمقاطع الفيديو الخاصه بك ارجوك💗
Dina Cassim
Dina Cassim 11 gün önce
heyy Kristy where did u get ur keyboard from im obsessed. Btw love ur videoss
•Saylor• 12 gün önce
omgg , your literally so aesthetic
amna omar
amna omar 12 gün önce
this video was in my birthday :0
SW4GGYLEE #Roadto100
SW4GGYLEE #Roadto100 13 gün önce
These vids making me want to redecorate my room.
Mirrin’s vlogs
Mirrin’s vlogs 14 gün önce
I have the new makeup desk you have I’ve had it for a year
Nyah McGilp
Nyah McGilp 16 gün önce
hehe i hope you get enough views for that $60 you had to spend to pay for itself for your parents to build your desk
Lilly Whyte
Lilly Whyte 19 gün önce
what acrylic organizers did you get??? they fit perfectly!
Zeldisprincecz 20 gün önce
10:00 i have the same desk but black lol
swastika fulari
swastika fulari 24 gün önce
Yoidontcare 24 gün önce
Not you using songs from-
SelinaPlayz 25 gün önce
Omg I have that same chair
Tiqvis 25 gün önce
wheres chair from?
• Yümë •
• Yümë • 28 gün önce
I realized I have the same desk 😂😶
✨nikaaa✨ 28 gün önce
Me who’s changing my aesthetic from: 💗💅🏾🍬🌈🌸🦄 To: ☁️🤎🖇🕰✨
Mari Zhi
Mari Zhi 28 gün önce
This really beautiful!
kylie Sahatdjian
kylie Sahatdjian Aylar önce
love your room tiktok
Elana Henricus
Elana Henricus Aylar önce
kristy is bae
Nidha Ahamed
Nidha Ahamed Aylar önce
can you give me the link to the keyboard you have ?
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Where is your sprays from? I want them 😩
free feer
free feer Aylar önce
Thxx am 'ot bad
Kinga Kułach
Kinga Kułach Aylar önce
Alisha Vulivosa
Alisha Vulivosa Aylar önce
You have my dream room
Poorvi MP
Poorvi MP Aylar önce
In what type of gum did u stick those post cards 🥺 I really wanna redo my room but without damage so please let me know 🥺😭😭
O Neustaedter
O Neustaedter Aylar önce
Girl we have the same desk-
Morgan Aylar önce
tell me you have to much stuff WITHOUT telling me you have to much stuff
Marilou Aylar önce
great video, please where do you get your sel lamp ?
•LJ Lestrange-Weasley•
Room tour? 💜
Semina K’
Semina K’ Aylar önce
not the ads every 2 seconds 😩
Lily Farfan
Lily Farfan Aylar önce
Where is your bed frame from? Love it.
olive windsor
olive windsor Aylar önce
Hungry rat dog
Hungry rat dog Aylar önce
I have the same desk as u
Teodora Fratila
Teodora Fratila Aylar önce
i have like the same desk :)
M R Aylar önce
Ft. Ikea
Rats rule
Rats rule Aylar önce
Samille Nicoll
Samille Nicoll Aylar önce
This is the first video I have ever watched from her and I am already subscribed
Alyssa Aylar önce
Where did you get your light projector? And the link please!
raine Aylar önce
where'd you get the desk from?
maysoon khan
maysoon khan Aylar önce
Kazi Islam
Kazi Islam Aylar önce
when I saw her desk I wanted it so bad and I remember I had the same one
もも subs
もも subs Aylar önce
Y does everyone put “at 2 am” in their title like shut up no one actually cares. Especially when it’s not even 2am
Abbi - Rose Black
Abbi - Rose Black Aylar önce
can u pls tell use where u got the ripped denim shorts - the ones u wore to ikea. i love them and i love u thanks so much for being a real youtuber
Jeon jungkok😩🖤
او ام جي اول نظره حسبتها جيسو😭
Mei Aylar önce
where did you get the green keyboard and mouse?
olive windsor
olive windsor Aylar önce
mellowhearts Aylar önce
i love your videos so much! Keep it up Kristy:))
Jasmine Zhu
Jasmine Zhu 2 aylar önce
lmao how why do comments think shes pretty? yall blind ngl
☺︎︎ ɢᴏɢʏ ☺︎︎
@🎄dramaqueeneleven🎄 OH LOL
@☺︎︎ ɢᴏɢʏ ☺︎︎ no I meant you burnt them lol
☺︎︎ ɢᴏɢʏ ☺︎︎
@🎄dramaqueeneleven🎄 I don't like haters
@☺︎︎ ɢᴏɢʏ ☺︎︎ DAMN
☺︎︎ ɢᴏɢʏ ☺︎︎
could say the same about you
Emma Hänsel
Emma Hänsel 2 aylar önce
omg does anybody know where her little brown shelf in the right corner is from? thats exactly what im searching
Stevie Anderson
Stevie Anderson 2 aylar önce
Yasssssss queen! I love it soooo much. I want this room.
Jaimee Franklin
Jaimee Franklin 2 aylar önce
her having that many clothes then me looking at my sad closet
Eva Thomas
Eva Thomas 2 aylar önce
Sometimes I kind of wish I had a room to clean, cause my room barely messy. Like is that weird or...?? 😐
Isabel Kvitne
Isabel Kvitne 2 aylar önce
Were did u but that stone lamp?
Resti Apriani
Resti Apriani 2 aylar önce
watching something like this is more give some productive positive energy for me ❤️
Riddhi Patel
Riddhi Patel 2 aylar önce
I love that part!I saw it over and over again literally..1:31 "let me show you how bad it is right now" and wala....
Elna Löf
Elna Löf 2 aylar önce
i love this but....did she just fold her laundry
Auroranne Corinne Renée
I love these types of videos because they showcase the fact that everyone makes a mess, and how it is okay to be that way as long as you don’t live that way all of the time. It makes me feel better about myself and realise that I can’t beat myself up for not being clean every second of my life. Things get messy, and I can pick it back up.
Anisha Dewi
Anisha Dewi 11 gün önce
Annabel Taylor
Annabel Taylor 2 aylar önce
bestie where is that keyboard from
olive windsor
olive windsor Aylar önce
Dahira Cuevas
Dahira Cuevas 2 aylar önce
she’s so cuteeeeee
Ray 2 aylar önce
Where did you get that laptop stand!! that keyboard >>
Lydia Vilums
Lydia Vilums 2 aylar önce
Jesus loves you repent Hes coming back so so soon
user user
user user 2 aylar önce
She has to pay her parents 60$ so that they'd help her!? I hope that was a joke that I just didn't get
Crystal babe
Crystal babe 2 aylar önce
How dose she have so much money at the age?! I just ask my parents for some lol
reiplaysminecraft 2 aylar önce
I watch these and wish all of us in the comments had more money and time to redecorate
Lyla Yukevich
Lyla Yukevich 2 aylar önce
Your so pretty ✨
Esther Mills
Esther Mills 2 aylar önce
i LOVE all the posters on ur walls🤚 where are they from? x
ipolka 2 aylar önce
ohh so pretty omgg
Sanskriti 2 aylar önce
Kristy I love your videos so much ......here goes nothing * subscribed *
Ruby Scott
Ruby Scott 2 aylar önce
Please where are your pen pots from!?
Ruby Scott
Ruby Scott 2 aylar önce
Your hair is so nice 😩
Bethany Ross
Bethany Ross 2 aylar önce
I have the exact same desk I need those organisers
l0calbadbl33p 2 aylar önce
i literally cannot stop watching your videos omg :0 they are so good!
I_love_levi_ackerman 2 aylar önce
Where is your laptop stand from? 😭
edie 3 aylar önce
omdss ur room is just so nice when r u gonna do a room tourrrr
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 3 aylar önce
Hey... I am your new subscriber And i really loved your videos
bee 3 aylar önce
where did you get the posters that were on your door if you know?
Natalie Mae Tan U-En
Natalie Mae Tan U-En 3 aylar önce
i can't even with the asian parents mentality HAHA
soupxonly 3 aylar önce
Who else has been a fan of kristy for 3 years She so Nice only ogs will remember The makeup Collection Videos ❤️✋😩 her room is such a vibe ! 👄👁👄
Coco_coci 3 aylar önce
I find her randomly I click I’m obsessed She’s so pretty and relatable
imogen perry
imogen perry 3 aylar önce
i love watching ppl on youtube putting their life together as mine falls apart
Sophia 3 aylar önce
kristy: i thibnk its like day.....3, or....4...............or 5, idek
Dora 3 aylar önce
We’re did you get the posters from
Haha 3 aylar önce
Ok kristy ig I’ll redo my room for once
•It’s x Gracie•
•It’s x Gracie• 3 aylar önce
I’m having to share a room with my sister but we like the same thing so it’s fine x
amber hunwick 🤍
amber hunwick 🤍 3 aylar önce
yeah i have the same desk as you and need organisers for it and yours fit perfectly. can you tell me where there from so i can get them please :)
Norah Van der Auwera
Norah Van der Auwera 3 aylar önce
Her room is just DAMNNN 😩✋
alish 3 aylar önce
kristy can i ask where is your green keyboard from with round keys and will is it bluetooth?
s 3 aylar önce
where are those organisers from bestie?😩
Nayely Rosa
Nayely Rosa 3 aylar önce
where are the containers from ?
OMGItsFierFoxx 3 aylar önce
OMGGG OMMFGG where did you get the clear organisers❤️❤️❤️
JE's Gaming Fun
JE's Gaming Fun 3 aylar önce
"It's making a tower right now" LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
°Ema° 3 aylar önce
Why you are so perfect girl?
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