decorating for christmas 2021!! vlogmas day 1

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its that time of the yearrrr vlogmas 2021 is here. today ash and i are decorating the house for christmas! who's excited for vlogmas?! xo -alisha marie
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Hannah Barrett
Hannah Barrett Aylar önce
The moment we’ve all been waiting for ALL YEAR is finally here
Jena Ann
Jena Ann Aylar önce
javier Aylar önce
Vanessa Manley
Vanessa Manley Aylar önce
Fully jinxed yourself with the ornaments
AlishaMarieVlogs Aylar önce
bahaha right
Morgan Yazzie
Morgan Yazzie Aylar önce
I’ve never been more ready for something than Alisha Marie’s vlogmas vlogs 💕
Madison Leanne
Madison Leanne 21 gün önce
I 100% agree with you!!
Livin' Large with LCruu
dude literally same hahaha
kfz uploads
kfz uploads Aylar önce
I think we all been waiting
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
If you find a man in a red suit in your home. He is not there to give you gifts, but rob or harm you. Santa is creepy!
Samantha Pummell
Samantha Pummell Aylar önce
I loved the intro this year I looks really cute and good!!!!!
Katelyn DeWitt
Katelyn DeWitt Aylar önce
the QUEEN of vlogmas
Vannie Eats
Vannie Eats Aylar önce
Love the one shoulder shirt and the black top!!💖
Lyric Walker
Lyric Walker Aylar önce
girl NEVER misses on the vlogmas intros 😭😍❤️
Lily Fetterly
Lily Fetterly Aylar önce
@Caroline Quaine same 2017 and 2018 are my favorites
Janet Lee
Janet Lee Aylar önce
@Bumbleb3e creation i loved last years intro that was the most iconic!
Caroline Quaine
Caroline Quaine Aylar önce
idk personally this years is not my favorite
Bumbleb3e creation
Bumbleb3e creation Aylar önce
Lol 2020 was a BIG MOOD with just crying 😭
TimeBucks Aylar önce
alisha is being chill for ashley's aesthetic
Hi Aylar önce
I never been more ready to see a MISS ALISHA MARIE ICONIC VLOGMAS VLOG she’s a queen and will forever slayyyy
Nathan Hodge
Nathan Hodge Aylar önce
Fr thooooo
Noor van Rietschoten
Alisha: “None of the ornaments broke” 2 seconds later breaks a ornament 😂
AlishaMarieVlogs Aylar önce
Rebekah Nelson
Rebekah Nelson Aylar önce
Now I want an extended version of this intro where Ashley, TK, Taryn, and Alisha all pitch different ridiculous or extravagant ideas for a vlogmas intro🤣
Claudia S.
Claudia S. Aylar önce
I want that to be for every day haha! (although in TK's vlog she said she couldn't be in the intros because she was sick)
Oli Abbas
Oli Abbas Aylar önce
DJas118 Aylar önce
I’m having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, but watching vlogmas certainly does help. Thank you, Alisha. 🙏🏻 💕 🎄
Kiara I
Kiara I Aylar önce
Legit same here. I might even start decorating soon and see if that helps
LukesLiife Aylar önce
Not me not knowing who Ingrid is?! 😐
Anna Joie
Anna Joie Aylar önce
Same for me!! It's like spending the holiday season with your online friends, though! 🥺💚☃
Anna Joie
Anna Joie Aylar önce
Yes, Alisha giving the OG Ingrid credit for starting Vlogmas!! Girl, if you know, you know!! We've been around for a long time!! 👏🏼🥺💗
Crazycurls1982 Aylar önce
I really miss Ingrid !! I wonder how everyone is doing !
cornnog Aylar önce
Yes, was just gonna say this. I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone referencing Ingrid in regards to vlogmas aside from Fleur and Allison
Salomea Aylar önce
11:24 Alisha the way you’re doing it is iconic. You should do what you feel. It’s your channel and we love your vlogmas❤️
Julianne H. W
Julianne H. W Aylar önce
Was so qurious to watch your vlogmas this year to see what intro you got! Because it will always be iconic! 🥰 and how great personality and confidence boost you have grown this year! ❤️
lily anne
lily anne Aylar önce
oli's laugh is my favorite thing literally so cute
Brittany Ting
Brittany Ting Aylar önce
alisha being chill for ashley's aesthetic killlled me hahaa love it
Karisa Pustka
Karisa Pustka Aylar önce
I really like how you are decorating for Christmas already! We start decorating like before Thanksgiving so all our decor is pretty much up already. I really enjoy the holidays and during this time I always binge watch Hallmark Christmas movies and also enjoy time with family 💕🥰
Payton Erickson
Payton Erickson Aylar önce
when the ornament dropped I literally said out loud, “Alisha Marie would.”
Tiffany Grande
Tiffany Grande Aylar önce
Alb Ania
Alb Ania Aylar önce
I think it will be different intro every vlogmas this year with every idea Alisha has taken. Couldn’t wait for your vids. Love them 🥰
Janet Lee
Janet Lee Aylar önce
OOOOH i didn't think of that but u have a point!
Marianna Herrera
Marianna Herrera Aylar önce
I’m not gonna lie I don’t watch alisha as much as I used to but no one does vlogmas like she does she definitely dedicates a lot
TheMartiif Aylar önce
the creativity of your vlogmas intros is CRAZY!!!! I'm always so excited to see what you come up with
Jess Lillie
Jess Lillie Aylar önce
I was so excited for 2021 vlogmas that I watched all of 2020 vlogmas again 😆 love you alisha
Ashley's Roses
Ashley's Roses Aylar önce
Aisha .B
Aisha .B Aylar önce
can we talk about how good they both look in the intro WOWWW
Madhurima Bhaumik
Madhurima Bhaumik Aylar önce
Literally sooo creative!! 🤯😫🤌🏻 Hard to believe that this was a last minute thing! Looking forward to 24 more days of daily content 🥺💕
Jasmin Garza
Jasmin Garza Aylar önce
YAY.. I feel so good seeing this definitely making the month of December worth it 😍🌲🤍✨
Stephanie Garsia
Stephanie Garsia Aylar önce
Love the intro ❤️❤️❤️ And can’t believe Vlogmas is already here! The best part of the year has gone by so fast
barbiehouse Aylar önce
I am VERY MUCH HYPED!! The intro darling is amazing 😍 it's like watching a mini show before the MAIN event. Keep slaying
tewsimple Aylar önce
you ARE the queen of vlogmas, no one can deny
Tereez Jergees
Tereez Jergees Aylar önce
I love how she put the fireplace on the tv when she has a fireplace
Julieta Balsano
Julieta Balsano Aylar önce
VLOGMAS QUEEN! the moment we all have been waiting for, you make christmas so much more fun
gwen sklad
gwen sklad Aylar önce
I have literally been waiting for this!!!! I’m in class rn and I’m watching because I just got the notification and I’m so excited for VLOGMAS this year💕💕
Nicole C Moucheron
Nicole C Moucheron Aylar önce
I've been waiting all day to see this notification pop up and you posted just in time so I can watch before going to bed, so exciting !! Also THE INTRO ... I loved the cinematography of this vlog soo excited for this month ✨💚💚
isabelle Aylar önce
Happy Vlogmas!! I have been watching these for so long and sometimes just binge during the off-season so I’ve been so ready for this!!💗
Bailey Sadler
Bailey Sadler Aylar önce
She looks so good with her filler it’s making me want to get some! The quality and editing 🥰👍
Ellery Simon
Ellery Simon Aylar önce
that intro was so extra it was everything OMG!!! I love vlogmas and i'm so excited its finally here!! I just finished Remi's vid too, y'all are just the best
Suzanna L
Suzanna L Aylar önce
The intro was so great! Your editing is getting better and better. Good job Alisha!❤️
Karisa Pustka
Karisa Pustka Aylar önce
Happy Vlogmas Day 1 everybody! I'm lowkey excited for Christmas this year! 😊 And I love the intro with the dachshunds, that is so cute!! ❤😍
Alison Taylor
Alison Taylor Aylar önce
Ahhhhh the intro is soo good❤️ Alisha’s vlogmas single handedly cures my depression
Leslie Gayle
Leslie Gayle Aylar önce
My holiday season is now in full swing…Vlogmas sweatshirt on while chilling and watching The Queen’s Vlogmas Day 1!!!
Caitlyn Daisy
Caitlyn Daisy 18 gün önce
this December has been manic so it’s now time to binge watch 25 videos from alisha’s vlogmas❤️
Diya Rathod
Diya Rathod Aylar önce
Before this starts, let me tell you. I know you can do this.. you’ll get through this. I love you!❤️🥰💗💖💟
Alexis Skelton
Alexis Skelton Aylar önce
literally your vlogmas vids are one of the things i look forward to every christmas ❤️
Karlie Stidham
Karlie Stidham Aylar önce
I love the vlogmas intro!!!!!! Ollie: "Mabey you were the blueprint" Me: dying in laughter
Kianna Barnes
Kianna Barnes Aylar önce
Happy Vlogmas Day 1! Loving the new intro ❤️ I can’t wait for all the videos! Also definitely wearing my Vlogmas sweatshirt today!!
Janelle Olisea
Janelle Olisea Aylar önce
Been watching your Vlogmas since 2015 and you inspired me to finally do it this year!! I mentioned you in my Vlogmas day 1 cuz duh you’re the Vlogmas QUEEN🥳🥳❤️
natalie abshire
natalie abshire Aylar önce
I’m so proud of you loshie
Alyssa Acchione
Alyssa Acchione Aylar önce
This intro was so iconic and so cute. I’m so excited for this vlogmas it will be amazing like always ❤️❤️
rhdr Aylar önce
my favorite time of year, missing alisha’s daily vlogmas then binging 😂
Jimena Vallejo
Jimena Vallejo Aylar önce
ALISHA, I already know i'll love every single intro. Happy Vlogmas!
Elizabeth Dexter
Elizabeth Dexter Aylar önce
Amazing day 1! So excited for what is to come this vlogmas season!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
Happy Vlogmas!! I have been watching these for so long and sometimes just binge during the off-season so I’ve been so ready for this!!💗
Nena maggie
Nena maggie Aylar önce
Love how you always manage to make a creative intro!
Inge Zwakhoven
Inge Zwakhoven Aylar önce
Andrea Arenas
Andrea Arenas Aylar önce
Omg yes the queen of vlogmas!! Love the intro can’t wait for the rest of vlogmas ☺️🤍
ifeoma Aylar önce
i’m completely LIVING for this vlogmas era🥺❤️
Safiyyah Khan
Safiyyah Khan Aylar önce
Loving the intro. Been waitin all day for this vid. Love you queen❤
Senusa Selva
Senusa Selva Aylar önce
Alisha I’ve been waiting for a whole year for this thankyou for blessing us with this🎄
jessica lira
jessica lira Aylar önce
Oli and Alisha together always makes my day 🥺❤️😂
Rebekah C
Rebekah C Aylar önce
Now it feels like December! Love you girl!! Happy vlogmas!!!
abigailscupoftea Aylar önce
that vlogmas intro was so clever!!! i love it, lida! so excited for all your content this month! 🎄✨
Jasmin Wlf
Jasmin Wlf Aylar önce
You never miss on vlogmas intro! Always loooove your vlogs in december 🥰🥰
Marilyn Marie
Marilyn Marie Aylar önce
I’ve been waiting to see what the intro is going to be and I’m obsessed 🤩 simple but funny and exciting
Rachel Southard
Rachel Southard Aylar önce
dasia ann
dasia ann Aylar önce
it’s insane how i watched alisha growing up, she was my inspo to start my youtube channel and for some reason i completely forgot about her channel these past 2-3 years and im just now finding her again and she’s everything i love in a vlogger. missed u alisha. i’m glad you’re doing well❤️
Katie O
Katie O Aylar önce
FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY LOVE YA Alisha you have given me so much motivation throughout the years! I love your channel your content your personality and omg you are amazing! You are like the big sister I never had! I hope you have an amazing vlogmas and christmas time!
Haris Qadeer
Haris Qadeer Aylar önce
i was so excited for the intro this year and i just feel that it could’ve been amazing and IT WAS… YOU SERVEDD
Caroline Hadley
Caroline Hadley Aylar önce
Sooo excited for this vlogmas I know it’s gonna be iconic
Mular, Jann Caesar A.
ayeee the vlogmas queen is back!!! its a tradition and much awaited to watch alisha’s vlogmas vlogs!!! also this video is #13 trending here in the philippines!!! 🇵🇭 i love you so much lida since 2015!!! ❤️
SYDSTAR Aylar önce
I love getting to see the little bloopers/bts at the end! I'm so excited to see these intros, this "advent calendar" sort of style is so fun!
Camille Marilleau
Camille Marilleau Aylar önce
I never been more ready to see a MISS ALISHA MARIE ICONIC VLOGMAS VLOG she’s a queen and will forever slayyyy
Émy Jutras
Émy Jutras Aylar önce
SOOOO EXCITED FOR VLOGMAS!!! Also, love the intro❤️
Marcy Curry
Marcy Curry Aylar önce
Saw your video and instantly smiled, I have watched you since 2016 and I still freaking love your content. Love you lots and looking forwards to the rest of vlogmas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kristina.butera Aylar önce
it's officially the most wonderful time of the year
Ese C
Ese C Aylar önce
I’m so excited your vlogmas is my favourite every single year 😆😆😆
Gurleen kaur
Gurleen kaur Aylar önce
Alisha's glow in this video was blinding my eyeballs but I loved it 💗💗💗
Miguel José
Miguel José Aylar önce
Lida, you are the vlogmas queen!😃❤🎄🎅🎁☃️
David Juarez
David Juarez Aylar önce
The intro is different but she still KILLED IT
Miguel José
Miguel José Aylar önce
Lida, you are the vlogmas queen!😃❤🎄🎅🎁☃️
Makaio Mitchell
Makaio Mitchell Aylar önce
OMGG I love your vlogmas!!! I LOOK FORWARDED TO THIS EVERY YEAR!!!!💕💕💕
zoe cedar
zoe cedar Aylar önce
the intro!!!! love love love ♡ and I like the format you do for vlogmas also, it makes sense
Reece Woolsey
Reece Woolsey Aylar önce
AnimalArt_YT Aylar önce
love the vlogmas intro! honestly very creative!
Marquia Howell
Marquia Howell Aylar önce
I have been waiting all day for this 🙌🏽 so excited for all the intros 🦋
Angela Ngo-Morfaw
Angela Ngo-Morfaw Aylar önce
Oh I love the intro 😍 watched it twice 😂. So excited for Vlogmas 👏🏼
Kayla Compton
Kayla Compton Aylar önce
I will be 100% honest with the fact that I've been a little MIA with your videos recently but I came RUNNING for vlogmas day 1 because you truly are the queen of vlogmas!!
Mariah Wyant
Mariah Wyant Aylar önce
I made a promise to myself that next year I'm going buy your vlogmas merch! I was going to get one this year but shit happens lol. Love you girl!
Tammy Yoon
Tammy Yoon Aylar önce
Yas queen!!! Excited and looking forward to all the Vlogmas intros!!!! Came back home after a long day at work! It’s giving me life right now after a hard and long day at work, working with preschool and kindergarten kids!
Gracie Flanders
Gracie Flanders Aylar önce
I think that is my fav Vlogmas intro to date!! Woo-hoo I am so hyped. Love you Lish
Leah Reed
Leah Reed Aylar önce
as a LOVER of dachshunds this intro made me SO HAPPY! i’m so excited for vlogmas!!!
Andra Tichindeleanu
GREAT INTRO and OMG MY EXCITMENT!!! also, i love how gold jewelry looks on you!!
Tatiana Benton
Tatiana Benton Aylar önce
Ash is the definition of a vibe ! Love her
Summer Stockton
Summer Stockton Aylar önce
I was literally hovering over my phone watching the intro!! it’s so iconic in love !! cannot wait for vlogmas 2021
Cindy H
Cindy H Aylar önce
When you have to rewatch the intro too many times because it’s that good!! 😝
Katie Benjamin
Katie Benjamin Aylar önce
Ma’am you are the blue print! Vlogmas day 1 is on December 1st. We’ll keep up and follow no matter what! 🤍
Lauren Aylar önce
Olivia G
Olivia G Aylar önce
Alisha mixing up silent night and all too well is me 😂
kaira Aylar önce
i’m so ready for ALL of your vlogmas videos 😍
Bekka Dowland
Bekka Dowland Aylar önce
So happy Vlogmas is back!!! ❤️❤️
Mr. Montzingo’s lesson on kindness!
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