DECK PLANKING - lining out (Tally Ho EP111)

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It’s time to line out TALLY HO's deck planking - deciding the positions and sizes of all the deck strakes, the cover boards, the king planks, and so on. To figure this out we take a look at a wide variety of different wooden boat decks in the yard, consider the different parts, and then draw the layout on the deck planks using battens.
I also take a quick weekend break sailing the beautiful schooner MARTHA around the San Juan islands, and we take a look down below and meet her captain.
Back in the yard, in the midst of a storm, we receive a large delivery - the Alaskan Yellow Cedar for TALLY HO’s deck!


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111. DECK PLANKING - lining out (Rebuilding Tally Ho / EP111)



26 Kas 2021




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Sampson Boat Co
Thanks for watching, guys! If you'd like to support the project, but don't want to become a patron - please leave us a comment, hit the like button, and share this video. It's very much appreciated x
Editing, music and the whole package made these 16 minutes feel much shorter and left me wanting more as always! Thanks, this brings so much inspiration.
Every time Leo thanks us, I just cant help but look at my computer screen and say "No Leo, thank you". I don't think Leo knows how much he has done in the way of making us old sailors feel good about all the time we spent building, fixing and sailing ships and boats all around the world. So Thank you Leo, Thank you for caring about Tally Ho, it's like you actually care about us to.
Watching these videos has been an island of joy in the midst of a struggle with cancer. In August they told me there was nothing more they could do so it seemed I would never see Tally Ho on the water. Now they have taken out a 7.5 kg tumour and they say I have a 50% chance of seeing another 5 years. So that day will come.
I've been cutting and laying out traditional timber frames for 40 years. What you are doing is not easy. Your and Pete's work is impressive. Thank you for taking us through the process.
klaas van manen
'Too technical or boring'? Man, you're a master at making the most interesting video's! All's explained well, accompanied by drawings or images, if needed. If I were a teacher at a school for boat-building, I would make this series study material for my students for gaining extra points. I could give more praise (and I probably will do in the near future) but hearing you say what I just quoted made me comment right now.
Loved the editing at
anthony rondolino
Thanks for S.V. Martha and her captain’s words of wisdom. It’s thoughtful and hardworking folks like you and him that are setting the right course for others to follow.
Brian Underhill
While I like watching you guys woodworking as much as the next guy, I particularly like these slightly more technical descriptive videos. You have a gift for explaining boat building concepts in an easy to understand manner. Also you sketches are always really helpful. Thanks!
I’ve been watching since the first episode Leo. I just wanted to say how much I look forward to your videos every weekend. I’m a cabinet maker that’s had to step back from woodworking these last few years for family reasons. Your dedication to quality and craftsmanship keeps my passion alive. Thank you Leo.
Eric E
The information you share in episodes like this is very interesting. They all don’t have to be good old woodworking. It’s also nice to know what’s going on underneath. I’m looking forward to seeing the deck laid. Just two years to go! Cheers
Mark Smith
Not a mariner and my woodworking skills are confined to a wood turning hobby but I find this channel’s content fascinating - dare I say a privilege to witness the journey? …
It is clear from this video why Leo is always able to achieve a beautiful result. His planning and tenacity are so impressive. Just think of how well the planking went and know the decking will go equally well. No excuses, just impressive boat building. What was that saying? "No brag, just fact"!
Robin Milledge
Another great episode Leo. Really informative. She's coming along nicely now.
Keith Staton
What an amazing project.
I expected hull planking to be complicated, but you demonstrated that it was way more complicated than I imagined. Why was I so surprised to watch this video showing that deck planking was really complicated too? Wow. Thanks Leo, you really do a great job explaining what you do.
Michael Schuh
I really enjoyed Leo's discussion about the sprung and straight-laid deck planks. It is this type of very interesting and well done video that keeps me coming back time and time again. I love hearing about and understanding how things work. Leo is very good at this. If Leo was a University Professor, there would be an unending waiting list for his classes.
R.J. Lewis
It's been said before, but Leo is a pretty talented sketch artist.
Thoughtful Wander
That schooner Martha is a beauty of a boat! Thanks for showing her off to us!
Great job Pete for keeping those boards in control on the fork lift with all that wind/rain. At one moment I thought - oh.... but then it was - it's o.k. Pete's got it sorted!