Debunking the great AI lie | Noam Chomsky, Gary Marcus, Jeremy Kahn

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The father of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky, joins scientist, author and entrepreneur Gary Marcus for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on why the myths surrounding AI are so dangerous, the inadvisability of relying on artificial intelligence tech as a world-saver, and where it all went wrong.

Please note, due to connection issues, the first few seconds of Noam's audio were not recorded.

00:00 - Intro from Paddy Cosgrave
01:21 - Opening with Jeremy Kahn
02:36 - Noam Chomsky
05:50 - Gary Marcus

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21 Mar 2023




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Dan Taninecz Geopolitics
The misunderstanding here is that deep nets are being trained to be conscious, which isn't accurate. They're being trained to mimic human judgement and/or recognize patterns or breaks in patterns. The machine isn't trained to be independently generative of novel information. We shouldn't be surprised that it can't do that yet. More important than the strong AI debate, which is still far off, is the social impacts these models will have on the labor market *today*.
lolilol lolilol
lolilol lolilol 3 gün önce
Very good and realistic discussion of the current state of AI. Gary Marcus knows what he is talking about.
Octavio Avila
Octavio Avila 3 aylar önce
Chomsky’s argument is that AI will not help us understand the world better but it will help us develop useful tools that make our life easier and more efficient. Not good for science directly, but still good for quality of life improvements and it can help science indirectly by producing tools that help us do science.
Derek Adair
Derek Adair 5 gün önce
@Mark Thank you for your well thought out response. Regarding AGI I'd love to read up on this; what projects are you referring to? I'm quite jaded on this subject after the repeated snake oil salesman over promising and under delivering. Regarding ChatGPT we can agree to disagree. I think these tools are a distraction at best and dangerous at worst because of statements like, "the disclaimer that follow-up to check facts is important too". What good is it then if it can lie to you? One is much better off learning to ask better questions of the search engines that already exist and learning how to judge sources critically on their own. These two skills are invaluable in the current age.
Mark 5 gün önce
​​​@Derek Adair agreed with you until your final point. We are a lot closer to an AGI now. Several projects are working at building a cognitive architecture into AI along with some kind of rudimentary value system, such as 'do no harm'. General intelligence has already been demonstrated in systems that can take previous learning to complete entirely new tasks without training. That's more or less the definition of AGI. But I disagree with Chomsky that the models don't contribute beyond being useful. Yes, they don't create new insights on cognition, but they can serve as a kind of Hive Mind to inform about ideas and research. And it can do a reasonable job of this. This can be both informative but also inspiring, because it opens up novel forms of education. Tutors often have little time to deal with questions and students are often shy to ask, but an AI like ChatGPT can fill in as a tutor, answering questions and giving information about debates, theories, and research, with the disclaimer that follow-up to check facts is important too. I've tested ChatGPTs capabilities in several areas where I have high expertise and it's generally quite good. The smarter the questions, the smarter the answers too, so garbage in garbage out still. But if your reasonably smart in how you use it, it you understand even a little of how it works, it can be very good for helping a naive individual discover things about the world, even while the AI itself doesn't really have a model of the world. In that sense, it can be more than just a useful tool, it can actually inspire. In addition, I've used it to exercise my curiosity in fields that I was interested in but never had the time to explore - the problem with books is that too often, the author's wordings raise way more questions than they answer and there is no chance to get clarification. ChatGPT gives a possibility to dig down a bit when ideas are presented. I've enjoyed that immensely.
parityviolation 12 gün önce
@Harry Adams I already got the point they're making and I absolutely agree with that assessment. My mistake was (mis-)using the term "false dichotomy". I did not mean the logical fallacy. I meant an erroneous separation of two spheres, like in standard macroeconomic theory, which artificially separates "real" from monetary quantities thereby annihilating the function of money as means of payment. In our case at hand, the information processing needs to be merged into a framework that actually is capable of semantic expression, analysis and novel "ideas" rather than mere stochastic regurgitation of existing ideas, bad and good. I dont think AGI could emerge or be created without either of these. Information processing is integral part of the larger approach as well as the semantics.
Will Boler
Will Boler 3 aylar önce
Been working on AI since 2015, and I'm kind of tired of the trend that models are heading right now. We just add more data and more parameters, and at some point, it's just memorization. Humans don't work like that. I used to support the pragmatism of narrow AI, but honestly, I'm with Gary Marcus on this.
rgagregre 3 saatler önce
The issue is AI has no desire or drive to learn. It won't do anything without being told to. So how can it ever develop into anything more than an algorithm.
Alex Czech
Alex Czech 5 gün önce
@Rob Weaver I see, that's pretty interesting. So I suppose that it's ability to have a good understanding of not only how often one word might follow another, but also like certin patterns and phrasing and relationships that words or phrases might have with one another. Like maybe it could pick up the pattern that if someone begins a sentence with "yeah right" that it's more likely that the next part of the sentence could be written sarcastically as opposed to more genuinely, so the model can use that information in how it responds instead of just using a lookup table. I did something interesting with GPT 3 the other night where I asked it to play a game with me where we would take turns taking 2 different words and putting them together to imply something novel. not only did it create some words that some I couldn't even guess, it also guessed correctly my words, and if it couldn't, often could use a clue I gave it to put the pieces together. I thought that was pretty cool. I've played a game where I've asked it to take an object and rename it to something that describes the object in a unique way without telling me what the object was. It came up with "electron gate" for a lightswitch switch, and "rapid air vibrator" for a speaker which was also pretty cool. It is incredible but you're not suggesting that even GTP4's joke telling ability is actually creativity though are you? I think it's probably in our future but I think it's still just really good at recognizing patterns, but then again, who's to say our brains aren't doing the same thing?
Rob Weaver
Rob Weaver 5 gün önce
@Alex Czech Generative AI implies that it has the ability to generate unique content. GPT4 can in fact invent a joke that has never been heard in history(ask it to tell a joke around a very specific subject), and it's so good at this that the joke can actually be funny. That's not memorizing.. Creating a look up table AI for statistical 'next word' through "memorizing" is really easy, I've done it, and it's nothing like GPT.
Alex Czech
Alex Czech 5 gün önce
@Rob Weaver what would you say the substantive difference is between them is? Generative AI uses training data that it's "memorized" to then use a set of algorithms to recall it's learned data to do what is essentially predictive word association, and in the case of GTP, to generate seemingly new strings of words based on the new input from the user. I don't necessarily agree with OP here, but for all intents and purpose, I don't know what differentiating between a generative AI and an AI that "memorizes" data is a terribly useful distinction to make, what do you think?
Rob Weaver
Rob Weaver 5 gün önce
Generative AI is not memorization... It's.. Generative AI..
Hunter 3 aylar önce
bro was 21 years old in 1949 lol. Amazing how sharp Noam still is.
Gaulish Realist
Gaulish Realist 3 gün önce
@lolilol lolilol He was never sharp.
lolilol lolilol
lolilol lolilol 3 gün önce
It's clear that he is declining both physically and intellectually. Nevertheless, even at age 95, he is still sharper than the vast majority of us. When he dies, there won't be many intellectuals left in this world who have proved to meaningfully discusss the great societal questions of our time.
Joe Casey
Joe Casey Aylar önce
Not so much when he was calling for the detainment of those who would not take the jab. Or that the Palestinians should forget their right of return because Israel will not allow it
Number Six
Number Six 2 aylar önce
@blue bay Yup that was it!
Raj Mudumbai
Raj Mudumbai Aylar önce
Real AI that is sensitive to human problems doesn't scare me. But blind faith of many in flawed AI and going too far with it scares me as it could lead humanity astray into a point of no return.
oldtools 23 gün önce
@cathalsurfs general AI is what most would consider real.
cathalsurfs 24 gün önce
There is no such thing as "real" AI. Such a concept is an oxymoron and utterly contrived (by humans in their limited capacity).
Nathaniel GuggenHeim
Oligarchs using flawed ai against mankind scares me the most.
Bruna Aylar önce
Let's face it, the tech world grew too fast for its own good and is now operating mostly on hype.
claudia fahey
claudia fahey 5 gün önce
crystalmystic11 14 gün önce
So true.
ARTEMISIA 999 25 gün önce
I wish really good health for Mr. Noam Chomsky Sir🙏❤️🙏
Azor Ahai
Azor Ahai 3 aylar önce
Impressive that Noam remains this sharp at 94.
Number Six
Number Six 10 gün önce
@Maloxi I mean his brain still functions very well even with great age.
Maloxi 10 gün önce
@Number Six huh... what ?
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon Aylar önce
the real white mage. amazing. huge respect for him.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
He has very good reserve capacity.
Pleyland 3 aylar önce
"they can draw pretty pictures but they don't have any grasp of human language" for some reason I felt personally attacked by that
Bisquick 3 aylar önce
@Todd Buckingham Exactly, as discussed and succinctly put by Sartre to pose the necessity of existential consideration, existence _precedes_ essence. Without any critical consideration of meaning, quite simply: garbage in, garbage out. The only "danger", as also discussed, lies in believing it is anything else, that it is "objective" or actually understanding anything ie "intelligent". But of course the _only_ political question is: cui bono? Who benefits? So we can ask "danger _for whom_ ?", which reveals that for some this Mechanical Turk can produce an artifice of an organizing principle of truth/understanding/value ie "god" that "just so happens" to justify the already existing power structure, regardless of the intentionality towards this, as we can see with these psycho silicon valley billionaires and "effective altruists", many of which are unironically labelling themselves as "secular Calvinists". The divine right of "AI" is then but a technological coat of paint over the "divine right of kings/the market/the entrepreneur". _“The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force. The class which has the means of material production at its disposal, has control at the same time over the means of mental production, so that thereby, generally speaking, the ideas of those who lack the means of mental production are subject to it. The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships, the dominant material relationships grasped as ideas.”_ - some guy
Todd Buckingham
Todd Buckingham 3 aylar önce
It can and it can't. Midjourney slays at generating simple albeit impressive images, 'zombie spiderman' 'thor in pixar style' 'human settlers on Mars in the style of Norman Rockwell' but once you begin to describe complicated illustrations with multiple characters in different emotional states with specific likenesses to specific people, wearing specific coloured costumes (and you want consistancy panel to panel) performing specific actions with specific camera/viewpoint angles it struggles, with characters in specific parts of the composition. You can generate those emotions and 'actors' seperately, but still need photoshop to combine them into a complete image. While I guess I should assume Dalle2/Stable Diffusion/Midjourney will get there, after watching this presentation, and after 20k images generated in Midjourney and noticing its sometimes frustrating limitations I do begin to wonder if AI art models lack of language understanding will mean they'll be stuck at 75%. My thought is, the first company to combine Dalle2/Midjourney/Stable style prompting with Nvidia's Canvas like editability/interactivity, will make a much more powerful and efficient tool just by embracing the human brain.
Riccardo 4 aylar önce
Noam Chomsky brings a breeze of fresh common sense to the AI discussion, with his immense knowledge on Linguistics. Thank you for this interview.
Jonathan Montgomery
Jonathan Montgomery 22 gün önce
@blackenedblue 😊u😅ihi
Rasto K0R5N4K
Rasto K0R5N4K 29 gün önce
@Martin Brock could have, but wouldn't know what it actually means
Ryan Watters
Ryan Watters 29 gün önce
@噢嗎ØMVЯ All you need to do is give these opposing comments time for them to reveal their own truths. Let me paraphrase: - Chomsky is bad because old - Engineering is good - Chomsky is wrong on AI because I don’t like the vaccine - Here is a quote that ostensibly supports my argument but is little more than banal chest thumping Woof.🤦🏻‍♂️ Interestingly, if everyone disagreeing with you ended up being ChatGPT, my mind would be blown; not because these comments are intelligent, but because they are distinctly human.
Ryan Watters
Ryan Watters 29 gün önce
@Peter Stafford “As do his political views” I can now infer your real motivation from this comment. Asking in earnest here: can AI do that?
Ryan Watters
Ryan Watters 29 gün önce
@Peter Stafford Quantitatively, yes.
Mark 5 gün önce
As a linguist, one of the first things I did with ChatGPT was all it to give examples of things like predicates, thinking that a Language Transformer would have figured this things out, but it failed, even after I corrected it, it still kept going off the reservation with its examples. I tested it too on tasks where you give it lists of words and ask it to form sentences from those words, and it kept wandering of from its task, and when you all it it completed the task correctly, it says yes, but then when you point out the errors, it admitted the errors, but then couldn't correct itself either. I agree that the AI doesn't have models of the world or language the way humans do. It has a series of connections that it has created to match predictive output based on fixed inputs, like the model that wrongly associated cancer with rulers on scan images because that's how most cancer diagnostic images are different to just normal scan images. There is a long way to go still. AI right now can mimic smart in some aspects (knowledge and textual analysis), but not in other aspects (processing experience, prioritizing). It does resemble a kind of Hive Mind, and that is exciting.
John Długosz
John Długosz 4 gün önce
GTP-4 is much better at understanding the structure of a word (made of letters, has rhymes, has syllables), but it still struggles at some tasks, where it knows the rules but can't reliably follow those rules, but can immediately tell what it did wrong. It just fails at harder problems. Re predicates: Perhaps the Language Model should have some reinforcement learning early on about formal grammar, just like having an English class for 6th graders. Make sure it codified internally all the language structure we want it to, and eliminate incorrect associations, in contrast to just letting it figure it out by example with no formal instruction. Do that at an early stage in training, e.g. 6th grade, before high school and college reading.
António Bento
António Bento Aylar önce
Just remember that it is hard to be unbiased when you've spent your entire life with a certain idea on your mind.
Alpha0xide Aylar önce
no one is unbiased
António Bento
António Bento Aylar önce
@Ivan Leon The younger one didn't seem to be very Intelligent/knowledgeable on the subject. The older one seems to be wise at least.
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon Aylar önce
@António Bento both are very intelligent, one is Noam Chomsky, is not fair to be compared with him.
António Bento
António Bento Aylar önce
@Mario ArancibiaI agree, and that's how a real scientist should be. The older scientist seemed to be a very good man of science, but the one sitting live didn't seem to be very bright at all. But maybe it was just me.
Mario Arancibia
Mario Arancibia Aylar önce
Sadly, very true. Yet I have heard scientists claim that they can derive as much or more joy from learning where they have been wrong, than when they seemed to be right.
Smart Jackass Wisdom
Smart Jackass Wisdom 3 aylar önce
This conversation made me realize one of the things that made Westworld first season so enjoyable for me. It was believable, you need to understand the human brain in order to generate an AI capable of understanding the world. Otherwise you're just engineering a very precise gadget powered by algorithms and data but that does not understand any of the context from where that data comes from. You need AI capable of understanding data the same way the actual human brain does.
Maloxi 9 gün önce
@KOT "Seems" is the key word here and you provided it yourself. Huge differences in dynamics and efficiency are swept under the "bounces electricity around" metaphorical rug to begin with. Neither the I/O nor the dynamics are even remotely similar. Look up any recent model of single-neuron complexity or synaptic dynamics and you'll realize that single neurons and synapses are far more complex respectively than scalar threshold and static linear functions
KOT 9 gün önce
@Maloxi The concept seems the same, our brains receive input, bounces electricity around neurons and perceives and then creates output, large language model receives input bounces electricity around its parameters perceives and then creates output, what is so different?
Maloxi 10 gün önce
@KOT Wildly inaccurate. Even adopting your flawed perspective for a moment, it's obvious that ANN are way too far from biological neurons right now
KOT 3 aylar önce
@Nobody Quite I think the main takeaway is that the only part of the human brain we need to copy to make AI function is the neurons, that's it everything else about the human brain doesn't matter, all the AI needs is neurons, to be honest that's all our brain needs too, people are over complicating it, you do not need to understand the inner workings and everything that goes on with the brain to make AI ,just replicate the neurons and you will be fine. LOL
Nobody Quite
Nobody Quite 3 aylar önce
​@KOT yes. For start, the hardware in brains and computers is quite different. No massive parallelism, clocking, etc. So mimicking the brains is not the best approach. However researching AI can help in a roundabout way to understand human cognition and more. Details: For instance, I did some experiments with stable diffusion and discovered a lot of very interesting things. First of all its akin to "The Treachery of Images" by Magritte (It displays an image of the pipe, not the pipe). Stable diffusion produces an image of the painting, not the painting - a stochastic visual representation of a given image description within the domain of internet images used for learning. If you use a style of speed-art (realistic very fast drawn paintings), like Craig Mullins, you can have interesting results. The art style of Craig Mullins' sketches omits everything that can be easily imagined by the viewer to emphasize main points of interest or composition. For an artist there's a question "how to effectively omit unimportant, but to present enough believability?" Like "how to put several strokes of brush here and there to portray a lake in a distance, but make the viewer understand, that there's a lake there". If you look at a couple of Craig's sketches, it's hard to get the gist of it. But if you have a thousand believable sketches, you have a better chance to imagine the how his style works. I.e. you look at an image of the painting to understand how it is. Like you look at an image of a pipe to understand what is a pipe.
kulu mbula
kulu mbula 3 aylar önce
Very good analysis! I have major respect to these intelligent, high level people, proud.
Alex Czech
Alex Czech 5 gün önce
I donno, it kinda sounded to me that a lot of their arguments boiled down to "well, people said self driving cars would exist by now, but they do not, so these new AI systems are basically just that, probably." These guys are like, wow chatgpt hasn't solved world hunger yet so it's basically trash. The type of artificial intelligence that the current models are were not described to the public as anything more than predictive text based generative AI that could be a tool to help people acquire more information more quickly. It uses some pretty advanced tech to achieve this but it's also likely only the beginning of the potential power of a model in the future. There are going to be a lot amazing benefits to humanity these AI system could bring but it's also extremely important that we start thinking about possible serious problems now, and being dismissive that the first few generations of these AI systems is to pretend that we can be passive as the power of these systems start to explode.
littlestbroccoli 13 gün önce
They're more concerned with notoriety and having articles written about their tech (because it draws investors, maybe?) than they are about the real science. This is definitely a problem and you can feel it in the output. Real science is exciting, it feels like exploring. Today's tech climate sort of feels like being stuck inside and told what's good for you when all you want to do is go out and ride your bike.
Doreen Musson
Doreen Musson 6 gün önce
Noam you're a shining leading star of the world.
Aullen Verch
Aullen Verch 3 aylar önce
@27:31 Gary mentions something he calls "neuro-symbolic AI" as the first step towards combating machine learning AI. For those who are interested a more searchable term is probabilistic programming, some examples of languages are ProbLog, Church, Stan, and Hakaru. Step two he says is to have a large base of machine interpretative knowledge. All programming is of course machine interpreted, but denotational semantics found in functional languages are better at formalizing the abstract knowledge that he refers to.
噢嗎ØMVЯ 3 aylar önce
'neuro' has the connotation that any animal with a nervous system can operate or symbolize the platform
Aullen Verch
Aullen Verch 3 aylar önce
@Leonardo Hernandez Cano thanks!
Leonardo Hernandez Cano
@Aullen Verch I was just clarifying for other folks that do not know about it :D
Aullen Verch
Aullen Verch 3 aylar önce
@Leonardo Hernandez Cano sorry, just a typo..
Leonardo Hernandez Cano
Just fyi: the approach Gary mentions is "neuro-symbolic AI", not "nero symbolic".
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Aylar önce
Really cool. A much needed dose of scepticism.
I. Wyrd
I. Wyrd 23 gün önce
Noam pointing out that AI training of a neural net largely amounts to "brute force" is interesting.
ThisIsToolman 26 gün önce
This is the most interesting discussion of AI that I have heard. I would like to hear it discussed as to how they will programmatically introduce the solution to the problem they outline.
Anyreck 18 gün önce
Very valuable and important points made by the two speakers. A call for getting back to the drawing board with AI. I presume the fact that we don't know yet how humans come to understand the worland generalizable principles of language is going be hold back properly useful & smart AI
T J 3 aylar önce
we can't let a bunch of hyper rich guys deploy no matter what tech into society let them keep the profiits whereas society is left with the consequences. privatized profits socialized loses needs to stop
s3tione Gün önce
​@Travis Porco What you are describing is the system abolishing itself.
Alex Czech
Alex Czech 2 gün önce
@David Peppers oh? seems kinda anecdotal to me. Seems kinda like if you've already decided that, than that's all you'll notice.
David Peppers
David Peppers 2 gün önce
​@krunkle5136 Cannot make real connections with people hooked into their devices. Even when they poke their heads out for a moment, they are not really present. They are just anxious to get back to their device.
Alex Czech
Alex Czech 5 gün önce
@Mr Sh1tCoin how's that now? Would you say that only the most wealthy *should* have access to the material benefits of cutting edge tech?
- GBoGBo -
- GBoGBo - 11 gün önce
27:05 "Gettiing close [to solve the problem] does not really seem to solve the problem". That's so true ! Thanks a lot.
Jamie Shelley
Jamie Shelley 2 aylar önce
As an AI Developer, Noam Chomsky continues to be an inspiration on making better systems , away from derp lernin.
mago 6 gün önce
@J H I'll be honest, I'm having a hard time understanding what you wrote. Is that a meta argument for clarity of writing? Lol Could you rephrase what you wrote?
J H 9 gün önce
​@mago I'd really be interested in your reaction to my response to Shelley in this thread.
J H 9 gün önce
​@Jamie Shelley so AI getting valid inferences wrong simply by not being able to parse language _meaning_ ISN'T important to YOU or others that may be ACTUAL AI Developers? The irony of this discussion is blowing my mind right now. If you think a person is wrong for calling you out for your grammar or misrepresenting your position because "well, the person reading this _must_ be human so they can 'get it'" is the most profound reason for this discussion in the video and the purpose behind the debate. When actual humans can't be called out and reflect on why being intelligent and articulate and careful with their words.....well, we will soon enough find out how deeply problematic it will be. Do us all a favor though and realize it's a personal responsibility of *yours* for not being accountable for your own contribution and others that come to your defense using terms like 'language Nazi'.
mago Aylar önce
@Gaulish Realist "I don't know why you think I agree with you." Because we both agree that Noam Chomsky is the subject of the second clause, you literally wrote that. And now you acknowledge the implied object in the second clause, thank god. You just don't seem to like the idea of the subject of the first clause being turned into a dropped object in the second clause, which is a perfectly fine to write. They weren't writing in the most formal or proper way, but we all know that Chomsky isn't an AI developer, so there's no room for confusion unless, again, you're being pedantic.
Gaulish Realist
Gaulish Realist Aylar önce
@mago It would be a projection if I was wrong but I am not. I know there is an implied object and I already told you the object is not relevant. You are making a simple thing unnecessarily complicated. The correct way to phrase it would be "As an AI developer, I find Noam Chomsky to be...". The way he phrased it was wrong. I don't know why you think I agree with you. I haven't changed my argument once. If anything, it's you that agrees with me.
J. C.
J. C. 3 aylar önce
I can’t help to laugh every time when our Gandalf Chomsky says that the most current cutting edge AI system is just a snowplow. Like hey, it’s nice and helpful and all but it’s just like a snowplow lol
Lo Lee
Lo Lee 24 gün önce
@JossWainwright Cheers!
JossWainwright 24 gün önce
@Lo Lee Cheers, mate!
JossWainwright 24 gün önce
Thanks for the helpful replies. I'm not an artist, but I value visual images a lot, hence the interest. But I am a professional in another purportedly AI-threatened field, so what you say makes sense translated into my world.
R2COM Aylar önce
I think GPT like stuff is great tool especially in a hands of an engineer who knows how to use such tools. I’m fact I already have few ideas from which I could benefit from it, but yeah I don’t think that it’s gonna come in and just solve my problems
Caret Gün önce
AI forms that we have right now are basically a student who tries to please their teachers when they ask a question by predicting what they want as an answer even if he/she doesn't believe it. and the bigger problem is that this student CANNOT even have a belief on their own.
GuaranteedEtern 22 gün önce
The current AI/ML techniques are not close to AGI. They are approximation engines made possible by cheap and powerful computing and storage. In many cases produce useful results because their guesses are accurate (i.e. they produce what we expect). As they scale (more parameters, better tuning) they will better approximate what we expect, but we will reach the point of diminishing returns until there is a breakthrough in either computer architecture or approach that allows for something more than mathematically generated results. I agree there is a chance these technologies will "hit the wall" faster than expected because we reach the point where the results just don't get any better no matter how many more CPUs we throw at them, or applying them to other problems does not yield the benefits that were hoped, given the high bar. Marcus is 100% correct that these are smart sounding bots - and the bigger risk is more decision making and critical thinking will get outsourced to them.
Mintee 3 aylar önce
For the water bottle topping over example, I think one strategy there is be able to classify what subject that falls under. For thr water bottle example, knowing physics rules and examples seems to help.
A 3 aylar önce
Long Live Noam Chomsky 🙏🙏
Svalbard Sleeper District
@I Wonder You just copy/pasted comments that exposed you as a spineless liar in your original slander on what he had said, and you are concluding that from the experience? 😂 The absolute nerve...
I Wonder
I Wonder 26 gün önce
@Svalbard Sleeper District “People who refuse to accept vaccines, I think the right response for them is not to force them to, but rather to insist that they be isolated." How can we get food to them?' asks Chomsky. 'Well, that's actually their problem' I've never been called a spineless rat, but find that people who are willing to say such things are often the ones who shy away from confrontation in the real world.
Bill Henderson
Bill Henderson Aylar önce
@KOT Yesss. Double down on your silly comments. Online, there is no cost for you doing so. 🙃
Kenneth Keen
Kenneth Keen Aylar önce
As a researcher into AI in Japan since 1990 I wish to add my personal trivial contribution. Firstly it is not simply the 'words' that are relevant, but the intonation. Secondly it matters 'where' the expressions are made. "I couldn't care less" in standard English is repeated in the land of wooden huts, with "I could care less", with the same intention and "meaning", thus giving the hut dwellers an advantage of being able to speak ambiguously and always be right. That is fine for those hut people who are not caring one way or the other if they are right or wrong, because in the final analysis, hut people produce guns from under their jackets and force a different result, regardless of what is said. A wall built around USA retaining all the nonsense and hype in one area would be the best solution for making true progress in that part of the world not yet perverted by 'American exceptionalism'. 2023 02 08 08:42
George H fun events in Toronto
my gripe is the use of terminology in the field that is just right for marketing purposes. years ago i heard a public discussion and somebody asked if artificial intelligence could be used for x. if you say this AI program is sorting through data to filter a photograph to tease out a clear image then it loses the magic and becomes pragmatic.
Robbie Aylar önce
Isn't that precisely how human cognition works though? Like a filter, through the lens of memory.
Crispin Semmens
Crispin Semmens Aylar önce
25:10 I learned it from Noam and he learned it from PLATO 😂 outstanding!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 9 gün önce
This is just a new hype cycle for AI. I am sure there will be more to come later.
Anon Mouse
Anon Mouse 25 gün önce
I like contrarian opinions to any particular viewpoint. Despite enjoying the snowplow/tool AI analogy, I expect various AI algorithms combined with various "real world" sensors (optical &IR, pressure, etc.) including mechanical feedback will, almost certainly and inevitably, result in completely competent (and "super-intelligent") AI grounded in "real world" data capable of all human tasks (etc.). These AI machines are going to be impressive snow plows. The timeline? (note: not composed using an AI)
Anon Mouse
Anon Mouse 25 gün önce
The previous comment is clearly related to "solving" self-driving on actual roads, creating useful humanoid robots, etc (Tesla clearly has their "eye on the ball"). I don't consider there being any "science" here; these are engineering challenges; we're "just" using electrons to do stuff, as are our minds and muscles.
sdjccorreia 11 gün önce
Has this been tried before? Have a computer impersonate (become) someone everybody admires (like Prof. Chomski) and THEN from that standpoint (perspective) expose it to everything AIML can do.
Bender The Fourth
Bender The Fourth Aylar önce
Bless this man, he is a Saint.
R2COM Aylar önce
lmao no he is not
longdog33 9 gün önce
love chomsky. what an amazing human being!
fidel flores
fidel flores 3 gün önce
he is a boomer
Simon Linser
Simon Linser 23 gün önce
dude i can't believe how old Noam Chomsky is now it always startles me because I'm also that much older!
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 8 gün önce
Noam is great and all, but Gary Marcus deserves a lot of credit he. He levied some great criticisms very clearly
tonygumbrell22 Aylar önce
We want AI to function like a sentient being, but we want it to do our bidding e.g. "Open the pod bay door Hal."
Dara O 'Rourke
Dara O 'Rourke 9 gün önce
Sorry Dave...
tonygumbrell22 20 gün önce
@TomTsu Let's just say I'm skeptical.
TomTsu 20 gün önce
Don’t be negative
Peter Graphix
Peter Graphix Aylar önce
This is called the 'AI alignment problem' and at this point not only is there no solution, everytime we reassess the problem it becomes more insurmountable. It is one that I personally believe is not solvable either. Humans generally fall under the same alignment issues (we're mortal for example), and at least in theory AI would be immortal if we're able to save its state and copy it to a new machine (or it's able to do that itself). If humans could copy ourselves into a new body, we would, why would an AI not do that once we formulate artificial willpower and desire to have a continued existence?
Insu Maniac
Insu Maniac 2 aylar önce
Outstanding talk, troll farms is indeed a weapon of future (democracy vs autocracy)
David Menasco
David Menasco Aylar önce
It has been a powerful and dangerous weapon for years already, and has shaped the situation we're in now. It will likely get much worse. Will meaningful democracy survive? It's hard to say. But much of the "smart" money seems to be betting against it. Young people today face challenges greater than any generation has in a long while. Will they be able to preserve the relatively egalitarian-ish societies that were built over the last two hundred years? Or will they see it all slip away as bullies and strong men, AI in hand, clear out their opposition?
Stratelite 25 gün önce
I am a computer science student and I will be studying AI safety for sure. I believe it is the biggest risk of our time and it is almost completely ignored.
claudia fahey
claudia fahey 5 gün önce
With my limited knowledge of AI it just occurs to me that any technology has a human base, a human has to program it, give input at some point and as we all know humans are incredibley flawed...I think AI is just another dream being chased that could go horribly wrong
Emanuele Marian
Emanuele Marian 6 gün önce
​@Bluest i left out and forgot ten thousand others atrocities humans daily perpetrate by bare hands and knives. Firearms are nothing compared to this, the discussion about them as a danger is indulgent and irresponsible.
Lowell Martin
Lowell Martin 14 gün önce
The powerful guys are usually the bad guys. And the bad guys will use whatever they want to do whatever they want. It seems to me we are skunked. But Jesus has promised to be with the faithful and true hearts to the end of the world.
oldtools 16 gün önce
@cathalsurfs i believe you may be right. we find we're currently feeling hope that it might eventually all be possible.
Bluest 23 gün önce
​@Number Six Yup. I left out and forgot around ten thousand other hazards and atrocities humans daily perpetrate and propagate on this planet. AI is nothing compared to this, and the discussion of it as a danger is indulgent and irresponsible.
Fabien Gerard
Fabien Gerard Aylar önce
🙏🏼♥️🙏🏽♥️🙏 *The most WONDERFUL person I can think of - pure, genuine, HUMAN intelligence. Homo sapiens at his very best. A true and unique treasure for our species.
vectorphresh 3 aylar önce
27:52 This is am interesting point, and if I recall the folks over at OpenCog were working on this with their Atomspace. I haven’t kept up with their latest work, and we’ll be sure to revisit it.
Troubled Sole
Troubled Sole Aylar önce
The dark side of AI is a great potential threat. All you have to do is look at the weapons that have been invented over the past one hundred years.
TorskenK 3 aylar önce
The sound problems in the beginning is poetically fitting with the topic of discussion.
Ivan Dafoe
Ivan Dafoe 2 aylar önce
Yes...ironic. The sound problems here came from human error...not doing a proper sound check. Perhaps having an AI doing the sound engineering would be an improvement.
Pleyland 3 aylar önce
Someone needs to train a proxy clone Chomsky chat-bot that argues against the veracity of AI
Carlos Andrés
Carlos Andrés 20 gün önce
I’d put all my money on this if I had any money 😅
Roman Shestakov
Roman Shestakov Aylar önce
When all of us are as old as Noam Chomsky AI will interview itself.
John Dunn
John Dunn 2 aylar önce
Ai may be simply engineering until human cognition and consciousness are understood. In principle if an ai could model the brain to produce cognition and consciousness then at that point the artificial intelligence is no longer engineering but some aspect of nature and reality.
Robert Pullman
Robert Pullman 8 gün önce
@Andrew Rigg Standard model + speculation on the physics of information,. Donald Hoffman offers a falsifiable hypothesis of 'conscious agents' which build a representation of reality. Leonard Susskind has conjectured, wrt to nonlocality, that space might not be fundamental - also that one of the most important questions of physics is the definition of an observer. Roger Penrose has other ideas concerning quantum states of microtubules. Intriguing stuff for those indifferent to tenure.
scythermantis 10 gün önce
@James Carter I agree with you but people that are unaware for example Paul Feyerabend's critique of the hegemonic, almost fascist insistence that 'science' is the foundation and basis for all knowledge, will be incapable of seeing this
John Ervine
John Ervine 11 gün önce
I remember Fenyman comparing man made flight to birds and pointed out that they achieve the same outcome but those machines don't fly like birds. I think the same thing will probably happen to AI and true AI will look nothing like what we ever imagined.
Andrew Rigg
Andrew Rigg Aylar önce
@James Carter based on which rules of physics?
James Carter
James Carter Aylar önce
You cannot produce consciousness no matter how complex your machine. Consciousness creates the universe not the other way around.
Papiti 29 gün önce
I want to play devil's advocate here. To be fair, I don't think they lie to us about what GPT can and can not do. This is just one of a tech tools that we can use to speed up our work. Like a piano and a violin, we don't expect a piano can do a smooth glissando from E to G, nor can a violin play 8 notes simultaneously. With GPT we know that all it does is text predicting or completions. Nothing more. Most of the time it works well, like creating a code snippet if we give it the right direction. Some other times it will give us complete trash. No tool is 100 percent perfect for all the task. We just have to be aware of its limitations and use it to our advantage. Tech is evolving, and may be we will see better AI that meet our expections in the future. For now, it is not a lie at all. May be we see that as a lie because we expect too much and we fantasized beyond what they told us about its capabilities.
Govinda GovindaJi
Govinda GovindaJi Aylar önce
I hope Noam's CC had a more innate knowledge base than mine seemed to.
Eric 16 gün önce
In the current form, the AI will act as a competitor to search engines and can be great clip-art generators. Just like a trendline in Excel, the AI model is just relating inputs to outputs. It's not sentient and won't be used to rule the world
ChannelMath 3 aylar önce
I keep thinking we could make amazing AI by somehow taking hard knowledge, like that in Cyc or in Wolfram, and elaborating it with these statistical methods, but it seems nobody has any idea how to do this(?) maybe it's impossible
KOT 14 gün önce
@Bill Corley I see this as a positive, it would make sense for a lesser intelligence to struggle with more complex problems, this seems far more feasible than assuming it has no intelligence and is just guessing the solution. PS: it can solve a very wide range of physics problems, definitely more than the avg adult human.
KOT 14 gün önce
@Bill Corley I have encountered this as well, it makes sense though looking at as a lesser intelligence, it should struggle with more complex problems.
Bill Corley
Bill Corley 14 gün önce
@KOT Not really. Asking an LLM to solve a complex physics problem *often* leads to simple math errors. I've tried it a couple of times to amusing results.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
@M80 Get to work dammit. Just kidding. No I'm not. Maybe a little I guess. But it has to embodied and self-referential in a causal spacetime. And feel pleasure and pain too.
M80 3 aylar önce
Object-oriented neuro-symbolic knowledge representation
Antenna Wilde
Antenna Wilde 3 aylar önce
Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. A computer's ability to learn a language is insignificant next the power of the Force.
Will Moffett
Will Moffett Aylar önce
This was kinda funny but then I noticed you've got a Yoda avatar while you are doing Vadar. I stopped laughing.
t98907 2 aylar önce
Isn't the suggestion of using neural networks to achieve AI through classical symbol manipulation a very common one and not Gary Marcus'? Besides, he is not much like a human being who can be on the same platform as Noam Chomsky.
CUMBICA1970 3 aylar önce
My personal acid test whether an AI is sentient or not would be an AI lawyer. Instead of a few Q&A you have to analyze not just the case but the juries, the judge, their biases, tendencies, the ever changing public opinion during the course of the trial etc and build up the best strategy to win. It can't get more human than that.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 23 gün önce
At this point the AI would be a dismal failure. Ask me in about a month.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Aylar önce
@Number Six represent the best and the worst aspect of human language
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
Odd that a lawyer should be the ultimate human...
Kristoffer 9 gün önce
Give the AI layers, a heirarchy of "archetypes" each with different functions.
Stourley Kracklite
Stourley Kracklite 13 gün önce
Gary Marcus: "They (AI systems) can learn anything but they don't do any of it perfectly. They don't tell us much about why we are the special creatures that we are." Let's be frank- none us does things perfectly, and none know why we are how we are.
Bruno Martin del Campo
Does anyone have a transcript of what Noam says at 2:00 ?? PLEASE
KOT 2 aylar önce
This video is the great AI lie.
Heronymus Om Draco (Hitch Hiker)
Get ready for the real life Wizard of Oz. I'm imagining a world where we think we've been taken over and subjugated by AI, but really it's all controlled by some guy, or, like, three Oompa Loompa's in a trenchcoat at a console in a nuclear sub, bouncing back and forth between underground cities, controlling the mainframe with macros from their dumbphone. Lmao.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 8 gün önce
Is he saying that the problem is that its able to do what it does with great complexity, so improving upon its capabilities will be very difficult. It needs more finese and less brute force...? Or am I totally wrong
stephen k
stephen k 16 gün önce
AI will do fine with the internet. It's like consciousness lite.
Kenneth Garcia
Kenneth Garcia 9 gün önce
You guys are funny! If the tech was no so remarkable, you wouldn't even be meeting! It's not a human being, but it is on the trajectory of successive approximations.
Flynt Foster
Flynt Foster Aylar önce
now i dont feel so bad when i cant make an app work right...lol
Roy Wilkinson
Roy Wilkinson Aylar önce
For me ChatGPT can be called artificially intelligent when it starts replying with "RTFM" and disconnects the human bothering it from the internet.
Drake Koefoed
Drake Koefoed 3 aylar önce
it seems to me ai is mostly pattern recognition. if you have a recycling center mrc, then a robot should know an empty plastic bag when it sees one. so if you have humans grade the results, it can learn the aspects the sensors can read, and sort out the bags pretty reliably. but twitter suspends your account for something that is nothing like what the ai thinks it is, and is useless.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
@yes You need to read Chomsky's computational papers. It's not really a world of math, but computations are the substrate of cognition. Can it be modeled mathematically? is the coming problem.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
@M80 Embodied and self-referential.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
@Juhan Leemet They are all a comparison computation.
Adam Rak
Adam Rak 3 aylar önce
@M80 gradient descent does some really crazy stuff mathematically when the network is large and deep. It is being actively researched right now _how_ these networks learn, because as it turns out we do not understand how deep learning actually can perform this well. Big GPTs can often learn facts from a single gradient descent step, which sounds quite extreme if you have worked with gradient descent algorithms for large systems.
BlueToad 3 aylar önce
Isn't that precisely why we call it 'artificial' ? This is the best way we've found to mimic human intelligence in certain domains. It might be similar to how we do it but that doesn't really matter - it's artificial, if it wasn't we'd just call it intelligence.
Nobody Quite
Nobody Quite 3 aylar önce
Researching AI can help in a roundabout way to understand human cognition and more. That's certain. My experience: I did some experiments with stable diffusion and discovered a lot of very interesting things. First of all its akin to "The Treachery of Images" by Magritte (It displays an image of the pipe, not the pipe). Stable diffusion produces an image of the painting, not the painting - a stochastic visual representation of a given image description within the domain of internet images used for learning. For instance, if you use speed-art style (realistic very fast drawn paintings), like Craig Mullins, you can have interesting results. The art style of Craig Mullins' sketches omits everything that can be easily imagined by the viewer to emphasize main points of interest or composition. Artists frequently have a question "how to effectively omit unimportant, but to present enough believability?" Like "how to put several brush strokes here and there to portray a lake in a distance, but make the viewer understand that there's a lake there". If you look at a couple of Craig's sketches, it's hard to get the gist of it. But if you have a thousand believable sketches on your particular topic, you have a better chance to imagine the how his style works. And not only his style, but what the people from the training set consider an artstyle that works. I.e. you look at an image of the painting to understand how it is. Like you look at an image of a pipe to understand what is a pipe
L R 6 gün önce
Humanity became the worst specie ever to live in this planet… Whoever put us her Im sure had higher hopes for us..
Francesco Rizzo
Francesco Rizzo 2 aylar önce
the red cube vs blue cube example is already old. they fixed it in another generative model . It's in a video by "Two Minute Papers"
MusicDev Aylar önce
@Francesco Rizzo if the AI doesn’t understand anything, it literally can’t answer anything correctly 100% of the time. And there are many questions that do not have a correct answer where it’s useful to be able to understand the subject matter (ChatGPT is horrible at music). Yes, the AI responding correctly is desirable, but we’re not getting a lot of that right now, except for incredibly common knowledge. I’ve asked ChatGPT to do basic polynomial math and it failed hard. I also asked it to write an essay on biological scaffolding and lab grown meat, and again, it failed hard. These models MUST understand language or we can’t guarantee that they’ll spit out a right answer. You could really brush up on epistemology. It’s the field where we ask questions like “What is knowledge?” That’s a pretty damn important question if you’re going to outsource your thinking to a robot.
Francesco Rizzo
Francesco Rizzo Aylar önce
@MusicDev if an AI does not understand language, but answers correctly 100% of the times, then it's only of matter of semantics. What counts is the result. Also, an AI not understanding stuff but responding correctly is desirable, since it has no consciousness
MusicDev Aylar önce
You missed the point. The point of bringing that up is that these models fundamentally do NOT understand language, they’re just parrots
Robbie P
Robbie P Aylar önce
I'll believe it when I see it in production. Cherry picking success for presentation purposes is not sufficient. I say this as an avid TMP subscriber, someone enthusiastic about text2img
zorak 24 gün önce
Funny how ai language is all the rage
elnaser m.abdelwahab
elnaser m.abdelwahab 4 aylar önce
great discussion ..
Andew Tarjanyi
Andew Tarjanyi 4 aylar önce
Two words? Really? How could you possibly know what constitutes a good or bad discussion? What precisely are your standards?
Divine MisAdVentures
Divine MisAdVentures 2 aylar önce
12:00 "The right path in A.I. is going to involve looking more at Humans, and doing more of the Science that Noam is talking about."
withonor 3 aylar önce
My problem with AI is that human's can't even pass a Turing Test anymore. Technology has eliminated the miniscule amount of critical thinking human's used to be capable of, now they're just input/output machines.
miraculixx Aylar önce
@Number Six this was a one-time event. It was socially and economicallly unsustainable. Duh
Matthew Atwood
Matthew Atwood Aylar önce
@miraculixx and what has the u.s. done to them?
Kenneth Marshall
Kenneth Marshall 2 aylar önce
I work as a lawyer specialising in housing, debt, and employment. There is plenty of critical thinking to be done that AI is incapable of replacing
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
@miraculixx I would, but unfortunately it's been sanctioned to death.
Charles Justice
Charles Justice 2 gün önce
Noam Chomsky even looks like an ancient prophet!
Andew Tarjanyi
Andew Tarjanyi 3 aylar önce
Whenever anyone uses the term "Intelligence" what, precisely, are they describing? What do they use as a model and what do they use as a model to illustrate the absence of intelligence? This criticism is equally valid with regard to Mind and Consciousness. The fact that academia is unable to frame the question in this manner is why they have, to this day, been unsuccessful in solving the "Hard Problem of Consciousness, unlike myself who solved the problem well over a decade ago.
噢嗎ØMVЯ 3 aylar önce
@Paul O. I do advocate that one should regularly take time to explore sensational externalities or get out of your mind. However, no amount of alcohol will get you there. Edit: response to "what the fuck are you talking about? are you drunk?"
噢嗎ØMVЯ 3 aylar önce
@PaulOzag Yes I will try, thank you for the reminder. I do appreciate your attempt at analogy and abstraction, because that presents the opportunity for you to question the matters that artificial intelligence can never fill regardless of how well integrated the ideas between neurons and nodes are. Such as whether having a large homeless population is good, which any five year old can answer.
Paul O.
Paul O. 3 aylar önce
@噢嗎ØMVЯ do you have enough understanding of neuroscience to understand what you flippantly refer to as an "aggregation of statistics" could aptly describe the nature of dendritic connection and action potentials between neurons? Are you saying a mechanical turk is incapable of generating emergent properties? Would you argue thermodynamic architectural intent with a termite mound? You are so sure of what you are so sure of. get over yourself.
噢嗎ØMVЯ 3 aylar önce
@PaulOzag facilitative communication is still possible with inexact terms. Approximation of sense is a task humans excel in undertaking despite information loss or poverty in stimulus. As you have kindly made your profession known, you might be informed that I am a linguist and conduct engineering tasks on simple machines. You are well aware that the artifice is an aggregation of statistics, hardly deserving the name 'learning'. Most of thr effort put into the industry is thr maintenance of a mechanical turk, rather than genuine inquiry between definition and extrapolation.
TomTsu 20 gün önce
Noam always shitting on everything lol
Doug Tarnopol
Doug Tarnopol 4 aylar önce
2:34 for Noam.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
John Długosz
John Długosz 4 gün önce
Here I am in March 2023, and GPT-4 has been released. It appears that GTP-4 is well-versed in Chomsky's views on deep learning models. It dawns on me that there is a great irony -- if he didn't say anything surprising in this brief talk, then it could have easily been given by GTP-4 expressing Chomsky's position and imitating his style. Meanwhile, other technology already exists to deep-fake a video, and having a face that is barely seen under hair, doesn't actually move much, and is only seen through a glitchy web-cam video and is a face most people are not familiar with all help make it easier. And I think I just started a new conspiracy theory.
Maak Bow
Maak Bow Aylar önce
How humans understand the world. We want something that looks cool, we don't care if it doesn't really do anything of value....so ai is just fine.
QuantumSpin Aylar önce
hat does Noam mean when he says AI is too strong? Please enlighten me. Thanks. 18:30
7swordMary 3 aylar önce
*Would love to have heard input by Linguistics PhD Deborah Tannen and UBC MRI Research Centre NeuroImaging +NeuroComputation*
manoo205 8 gün önce
we could have the same conversation about porn or marvel movies and yet it moves
jaye see
jaye see 3 aylar önce
Given the subject, Noam's silence was deafening.
Max Headrom
Max Headrom 3 aylar önce
There's another linguist (can't remember the name) who thinks about the influence of the body in language - like when we say the future we point forwards and the past we point backwards.
Max Headrom
Max Headrom Aylar önce
@TaylorCarman Thank you so much!
TaylorCarman 2 aylar önce
George Lakoff
The Sound Library
The Sound Library 2 aylar önce
You can't predict somethings value or the value of any particular undertaking until you've done it. ChatGPT seems useful, but am concerned about how they log and use data.
Jose Santiago
Jose Santiago Aylar önce
And where it comes from
Aroema Liuged
Aroema Liuged 3 aylar önce
When you wished John Oliver was never available in you mr life….
Don Jindra
Don Jindra 25 gün önce
Seems to me A.I. is debunking Chomsky's linguistics.
Radouane Rabei
Radouane Rabei 6 gün önce
Without AI he would not have been able to hold this conversation, he basically said he is using a Whisper like model so he can understand what they are saying his other example of usefulness is freaking snowplows lmao, then the person that actually knows something about AI says Ai could make you"Mix clorox and drano and drink it", people are very capable of being stupid on their own, they dont need the help of AI, no AI promted anyone to eat Tide pods and yet here we are
Israel Arteaga
Israel Arteaga 4 aylar önce
Thank God! That AI technology sounds damn scary at the ASI level.
Number Six
Number Six 3 aylar önce
@KOT Sounds like it's time to don our tinfoil hats.
KOT 3 aylar önce
U better get ready ASI is right around the corner, AGI came and went without many people noticing, but ASI is 5 years out max at this point.
Katherine Duboue
Katherine Duboue Aylar önce
It is surprising how many professionals on TV radio Podcast and people you talk to everyday don't know how to use me and I properly
Ryan Franz
Ryan Franz Aylar önce
Maybe it is all hype, but it’s getting harder and harder to jump through the conceptual hoola hoops to understand why AI isn’t actually intelligent.
Qaesar Flavius
Qaesar Flavius 14 gün önce
Humanity will get rected deep by AI 😀Watch my words!
Dennis Crow
Dennis Crow 29 gün önce
There should be a Vegas line for the over/under on WHEN someone will commit murder because 'AI' told them to. :(
MaximeLT 2 aylar önce
Gary Marcus is just jealous of ChatGPT😂
Shemp Uhorn
Shemp Uhorn Aylar önce
Great interviews. AI definitely has some potential for developing into a useful tool if it is used ethically and functions on a foundation of accurate information. But, assuming that that will not be the case, I fear that the price to humanity will likely be to further dumb down society in general. Conceivably, a percentage of human skill development for many will be replaced by a "point and click" and "immediate gratification" model where there is little to no personal growth, learning or value in the interaction. There are certainly pros and cons.
claudia fahey
claudia fahey 5 gün önce
"If it is used ethically".....boy thats a BIG if.... most people when given the opportunity to be in a position of power generally abuse it
TomTsu 20 gün önce
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Nancy
Clean Green
Clean Green Aylar önce
When have humans ever not used technology ethically?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Aylar önce
I don't mind the "lazy" jobs the AI will give us, as long as it can employ as many people as possible and the pay is great.
blendedplanet 10 gün önce
ChatGPT gives wrong answers quite frequently. To its credit it always apologizes when corrected.
Brian G Poulsen
Brian G Poulsen Aylar önce
The irony that this video/content is being broadcast via network, digitally rendered and then relayed via a CPU seems lost on the commentators and even viewers. Chat GPT is almost still Beta in it’s third iteration and these guys are making analysis of it now, and not ‘then and when’.
MassDefibrillator Aylar önce
Modern programming compilers are derived from Chomsky's context-free grammars. There's no irony, only your own ignorance.
Antenna Wilde
Antenna Wilde 3 aylar önce
Noam Chomsky is now Gandalph the Grey.
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