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Food Scientist Debunks Crazy TikTok videos
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week we are debunking crazy cooking and cleaning videos. Answering the questions can you make cotton candy int he clothes dryer? Which is the best cleaner for pans, will wrapping a watermelon in cement make it last longer? Are swim rings dangerous? Will beans pop like popcorn? Can you make ice-cream popcorn? Does ice-cream popcorn work? Join me for a new video every Friday.

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22 Eki 2021




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yamazaki_getsu Aylar önce
Nothing better to do on a Friday than a debunking video! You're the only channel I have notifications for. Keep up the good work Ann, we will always support you!
Vanya Kelly Cheng
Vanya Kelly Cheng 25 gün önce
@DatGayDangerNoodle agreed!
doodleyzz Aylar önce
@Marianne Johnson wdym?
Ezra Aylar önce
I thought that was a passive aggressive comment, and I was like, wait what, this is't gotham chess. However, it was actually super positive
Jay M
Jay M Aylar önce
Totally! TO more debunking videos 💜💜💜
limmie dee
limmie dee Aylar önce
when Ann Reardon calls you an absolute legend 😌
Kamy Saatler önce
What happened to the watermelons
Pat MaCrotch
Pat MaCrotch 3 saatler önce
What happened with the watermelon in cement?
Carrot Season
Carrot Season 6 saatler önce
I’m commenting for the algorithm 👍. Have a nice day
Meg Fluffy
Meg Fluffy 10 saatler önce
I find this all so funny and sad... I´m glad I grew up in the 80s and not the 2010s... except for the homophobic part of the 80s (and 90s).
UncleGeorge20 10 saatler önce
I disagree about the popcorn bit, you can definitely simply add white sugar with your oil when cooking popcorn kernel, that's how you make kettle corn!
Dani Of Many Trades
Dani Of Many Trades 10 saatler önce
There’s something I wanted to say about the beginning part of this video (probably the first 4-5 minutes, I don’t remember exactly). As a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, one trick I’ve learned to make facts in a story sound real (wether they are scientific or magic), is to add a bit of truth. What these people are doing is adding an ounce of truth to the gallon of lie to make it sound believable, especially to kids. This strategy was most likely used by the worlds most famous manipulators, like many kings of medieval and ancient Europe, some ancient Egyptian Pharohs, and Adolf Hitler. The fact that this strategy is being used so openly by so many content farms, and sometimes just regular content creators, is very concerning.
Nichole Wojtanowski
Nichole Wojtanowski 11 saatler önce
Unfortunately another issue was discovered by my 2-3 yr old (give or take it was almost 30 yrs ago) sister with the regular swimming tubes. All the adults were in an adjacent garage/porch area sitting and relaxing. In an above ground pool my cousins (ages 15, 14, 11, and 9)and I (aged 11) were playing around on the far side of the pool as usual. My sister went to the bathroom and then rushed to get back to playing in the pool. She had her tube on and quickly jumped into the pool. I turned around just in time to see a glimpse of her hand as she slipped through the tube as if she wasn’t even wearing it. She went right to the bottom. I started yelling and got to her as my mother and the rest of the adults in our family came rushing out to see what was going on. My uncle took her from me and carried her inside so that my mom and grandma could check her over and calm her down. Very scary but thankfully a good outcome.
LordBhorak 11 saatler önce
Absolute Legends, you say? I didn't know I was watching a Karl Jobst video... 😅
Matthew Minou
Matthew Minou 11 saatler önce
10:21 I have a distinct childhood memory of finding a jar of cocoa powder in the kitchen and eating a big ol' spoonful expecting it to taste like hot chocolate powder or like, nesqick powder, but it just tasted like Bad and I spit it into the sink. Other things I learned do not taste good the hard way include vanilla, wine (thought it would taste like grape juice), marzipan, and straight food colouring gel (for some reason thought it would taste like concentrated sugar)
Nichole Wojtanowski
Nichole Wojtanowski 12 saatler önce
The one thing that I am wondering is, in the popsicles and popcorn segment, they used a frozen juice(sugar, water,&artificial flavoring) so they wouldn’t have the issues you did. I do believe it wont work but for different reasons than the chocolate covered Ice cream bar doesn’t.
Claire Akers
Claire Akers 13 saatler önce
Speaking as an experienced lifeguard, the best way to keep a non-swimming child safe in a pool is with a Coast Guard certified flotation vest. And even then: Watch your kids! Drowning is fast, silent, and more common than anyone realizes. Even in a pool with lifeguards: Watch your kids!
Jane Larocque
Jane Larocque 15 saatler önce
Would the recipe with the cocoa powder and popcorn be good if you put sugar in it? 🤨
TAYLOR LEONARD 19 saatler önce
Hà Phương Nguyễn
Hà Phương Nguyễn 22 saatler önce
I actually laughed out loud at the testing swim rings bit. I'm rarely entertained by real children on the internet. Your kids are just lovely 💕
Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman 23 saatler önce
In my younger days I was a lifeguard at a small town pool. The only time I had to personally jump in to rescue someone was a young kid struggling. His head was still above the water but he was silently struggling to get to the edge of the pool. Pools with kids are usually loud and active places it's hard to spot the silent struggling person
Adriaan Pretorius
When I was a stupid 9 year old, I was messing around with a pool ring (too old for this, hence the 'stupid'), and it flipped over. Even with my older body I could not manage to flip over again. Water was rushing into my nostrils, it was horrible, until my buddy flipped me over. Don't mess with pool rings.
Jaiden Oliver
Jaiden Oliver 23 saatler önce
I almost drowned when I was about 14 from pool noodles instead of a ring. Was kind of walking on them underwater, got tangled on my ankles and I flipped over. Though was able to flip back up again at least
A Sadiq
A Sadiq Gün önce
3:30 love this part
megailze Gün önce
I almost drown with a swim ring that way. I was lucky that I could flip it another time by the time I was in the correct way I saw my mother running to help me. She was looking for me in the sand
Gachaverse Mar Wolfie
Nothing to do with anything in this video but your hair looks sooo shiny, healthy, and curly my hair could never ( not only is it short but I SUCK at taking care of myself)
Sadie Robinson
Sadie Robinson Gün önce
In the uk we call it candy floss🥰
SheldorIsAFK Gün önce
Engagement comment
chantezj18 Gün önce
Watching this one month later ready for the watermelon reveal lol
Kye th- noodle
Kye th- noodle Gün önce
The ending is so wholesome tho, you could tell the kid had a lot of fun with that experiment, warms my heart. :)
Lana Walsh
Lana Walsh Gün önce
I love how transparent you were with life-dangering issues. These aren't common things talked about but the more we talk about it, the more common and aware we will be with them
Sweet SXM Beauty
Sweet SXM Beauty Gün önce
His face tasting the popcorn 😹😭 I could see his brain explaining to his soul to stay calm while realizing the taste
Gurkz110 Gün önce
What happened to the watermelons
Mel 2 gün önce
was told that commenting on videos does more than a like or dislike. so ... ... ... :)
Mark Wuahlbuargg
Mark Wuahlbuargg 2 gün önce
You can't watch your kids all the time 24/7, and while you can teach them things like "don't talk to strangers" how are you supposed to teach them things that are as specific and random as "don't put sugar in the dryer, its not gonna make cotton candy" ?
Ultroman the Tacoman
5:00 So, we want capitalism, but where everyone is somehow also intent on making the world better. Those two things seem to be impossible to have coexisting in the same person. How do you make a lot of money without stepping on other people's toes or wrecking the planet? How do you make a system that prevents that without being overly restrictive? Not sure if it can even happen. At least not with how malicious and aggressive some people can be in trying to make money. Btw, I don't cook, but I'm tempted to buy your book just to support you and your world perspective...and Dave, of course. We appreciate his gift of tasting garbage for us.
Sheet Music Pianofied
Wait, I wanted to see what happened to the watermelon..
Mariana Messias
Mariana Messias 2 gün önce
I do sweet popcorn mixing the ingredients before popping the kernels. I do with one part sugar, one part kernels, half part water, half part oil, where the part can be any mesure you want, you just have to keep the proportion and be concerned with the size of you pan. It's better if you have a pan that is specific for popcorn, I don't know the name for that kind of pan in English, in Portuguese is "panela pipoqueira" if you want to Google it. You have to keep mixing (the proper pan has a special thing that allows you to mix without removing the lid) and after it starts popping be careful cause it will be ready very quickly, after that it starts burning the caramel.
Nícolas Paris
Nícolas Paris 2 gün önce
My dad makes sweet popcorn by adding sugar, water, oil and corn to the pot and cooking like normal popcorn. I've eaten it throughout my childhood. It's far from the finished product of the fake videos, but it's actually pretty good. You should try it, it's a nice counter example to the part in which you said the only way to make sweet popcorn is by popping the kernels first and then adding the sugar.
MinaTheSwift 2 gün önce
0:41 Did anyone see that the dryer is upside down? 🙃
Vegemite for all
Vegemite for all 2 gün önce
22:00 is more problem of being face down as a log not a tree.
Meme Cat
Meme Cat 2 gün önce
Sara Callahan
Sara Callahan 2 gün önce
Poor Dave, hes such a trooper of a taste tester. XD
Lena Otaku
Lena Otaku 2 gün önce
Report the content and move on.
John Garcia
John Garcia 2 gün önce
Did I miss what happened with the watermelon? Love your videos!
Anthony McGlinch
Anthony McGlinch 2 gün önce
"oh look this cat is doing it too" LOL, whhhhyyyyy, wtf?
faryal saleem
faryal saleem 2 gün önce
Ann I just saw this video you look great here.
Omar-Bre Morey
Omar-Bre Morey 2 gün önce
Silver Moons
Silver Moons 2 gün önce
Glad she didn't ruin her dryer for us
kirby 64
kirby 64 2 gün önce
even if the first one *DID* work, its incredibly hard to get those filters completely clean, and some driers dont even start if there's nothing in them
Riannon R.
Riannon R. 2 gün önce
I love the wiggle at the end as he tries to climb out of the pool! Can definitely relate when I tried silly things like this as a kid!
Polite Reminder:
Polite Reminder: 2 gün önce
The watermelon thing is so gross 🤢
Nicolesqua 2 gün önce
I have the utmost respect for you in how you do these videos which are informative but also helping to keep people safe especailly young people who may not understand how things can be dangerous.
Polite Reminder:
Polite Reminder: 2 gün önce
There's nothing I hate more than the whole toilet meets food hack videos🤢🤮
Leanna 3 gün önce
David's reaction to eating the popcorn is so hilarious I like that you do experiments to show which method works best
Ian h
Ian h 3 gün önce
That first ladys husband is almost definitely a dryer repair man
Lil' Cart
Lil' Cart 3 gün önce
just wanna say that I love your videos, you treat every topic you talk about with respect and it's just such a breath of fresh air
Lacy Rivers
Lacy Rivers 3 gün önce
She even deep fried her tennis shoes for content?! Wtf
Lacy Rivers
Lacy Rivers 3 gün önce
Thank you for this important PSA! These content cringes drive me crazy!
Potential Spoilers
Potential Spoilers 3 gün önce
But Ann! You forgot about the watermelon!
Killer Mudkip
Killer Mudkip 3 gün önce
Just to be nitpicky they showed themselves putting the blue soda in a washing machine. Not a dryer. Does it change anything? No. But it's funny.
Susie 4 Ever
Susie 4 Ever 3 gün önce
It will be interesting to see how TikTok will be in a few years from now. I wouldn't be surprised if it will be mandatory to state it's for entertainment purposes only and isn't true, or something more legal sounding lol
Acxeleon 3 gün önce
Nothing says pro chef strategy like cooking a chicken over a toilet... bloody genius. I'm 24, proud that I can safely serve my friends some delicious pancakes and nothing else but would never try any of these crazy viral hazards. Especially not without the debunk queen on the case. Thanks Ann!!
Roxo 3 gün önce
This is the content we need (: tysm
TheOutsidersPost 4 gün önce
She big bitter. You should know that there are shows like goosebumps in are you afraid of the dark that told stories far worse then these. And these were a parent approved
Diamond de Wealthhorn
You used ice cream with chunks of nuts, therefore you don’t have nice smooth mixture 🙈🙈🙈
DemstarAus 4 gün önce
I love how TRvid and content creators are pretending that these videos don't violate TOS, and aren't targeted at or watched by children, and are obviously "pranks" or "magic tricks" or "just a joke". It's so bloody transparent and I have no respect for the platform that continues to support this stuff for 🤑
KATURIE Tunes 4 gün önce
What I like about this channel is that 1) Her accent is so amazing that I can hear her without getting bored 2) She just don't say that this doesn't work, she disclose facts my trying them out. Love you for your hard work ❤
Connie 4 gün önce
Whatever happened to that watermelon update?
scheming 4 gün önce
You're the legend. Thank you for making these.
CallahanJones 5 gün önce
best way to have fresh watermelon on new years is to buy it on new years. I mean, duh!
the wolf studio
the wolf studio 5 gün önce
20:47 Oh, that has happened to me before Bloody A, I guess I can count my blessing that I didn't die to that I guess.
Journey 2Asia
Journey 2Asia 5 gün önce
Wait, remotely sugary? I make kettle corn in my pot frequently. What is the difference?
the wolf studio
the wolf studio 5 gün önce
Ya' know, I have another use you could do with the cement melon. *Oblong Cannon Ball.* lol
Maria Crystal
Maria Crystal 5 gün önce
As a kid I almost drowned from the pool ring without the bottom on it. I jumped in too hard and the ring slipped out from under my arms and the force sent it flying away from me. Those things are never safe and always need supervision
rachel1445 5 gün önce
I genuinely dislike adley. I used to like her from that singing contest but she’s completely sold out.
Samantha Holz
Samantha Holz 5 gün önce
There are plenty of adults who do not have access to a sufficient level of education but do have access to TRvid. People might think that common sense should prevail, but often, that is privileged thinking. These people need to be responsible.
Taric Alani
Taric Alani 5 gün önce
Wait, whatever happened to the watermelon she covered in cement‽
Donn Higgins
Donn Higgins 5 gün önce
I love the fact that you don’t fake the them and redo them with honesty it gives real detail for us, keep it up Ann
Aviv 5 gün önce
so irresponsible. they're literally trying to kill people and the world shuts up.
Odd Schoofin
Odd Schoofin 5 gün önce
Wait so what happened to the cemented watermelon?
Ollie No
Ollie No 6 gün önce
Also the compartment that they poured the soda in the first video is not even on the dryer, that compartment is on the washing machine, it’s to put detergent in.
redadder515 7 gün önce
I would suggest Anne that due to the massive soil pollution and acid rain in China, that the mung beans used in that TikTok have mutated so much that they have the properties of corn kernels. Of course, jk.The TikToker kept a metal platter of corn kernels in shot so it is so obvious that they switched the mung beans out for the corn kernels.
D C 7 gün önce
What the hell happened to the watermelon?
katie kawaii
katie kawaii 7 gün önce
20:00 Just seeing that still image in your thumbnail gave me anxiety. It's so dangerous it makes me legitimately angry.
Lowana Hart
Lowana Hart 7 gün önce
Where is the watermelon reveal??
The HunteR
The HunteR 7 gün önce
There's another large problem as there are many 'debunkers' on the site that presumably try the hack and make it work fortifying the idea that this is a genuine hack also I remember seeing a TRvid shorts video that tries to debunk your sugar bowl thing and they made it work so in some cases they try to evade your attention from the fake ones and pull you to believe that this debunking channel is legit
lornacy 7 gün önce
Just have to say the family are all such good sports!
comey2610 7 gün önce
I ❤ love these debunking vids; Ann.
squills 8 gün önce
🎶supervise, watch your mate, and learn how to resuscitate🎶
epic gamer
epic gamer 8 gün önce
you are my absolute favorite content creator on the entire internet, you’re so selfless and intelligent :)) keep making the best content on here!!! you’re wonderful!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
How To Cook That
How To Cook That 8 gün önce
Wow, thank you!
eiffie darkness
eiffie darkness 8 gün önce
The swim ring one gave me trauma flashbacks as I almost drowned once too as a child so yeah
Vicky 8 gün önce
10:03 Why not add sugar so it doesn't taste so disgusting? Or maybe chocolate syrup of some kind would work better...
Cousins World
Cousins World 8 gün önce
Nicole Gabino
Nicole Gabino 8 gün önce
Tired of these kink videos 🙄
Ant S
Ant S 8 gün önce
Fun fact : Cotton candy is called candy wool (cause it's like a wool of sugar)
Casey 8 gün önce
i was thinking all these lies why dont they show the real thing They are dum
Don't Call Me "Lil"
Don't Call Me "Lil" 9 gün önce
yeah, I almost drowned this way when I was a grown kid, it was an adult version, still almost drown
Emma Donnelly
Emma Donnelly 9 gün önce
As someone who worked multiple summers as a pool lifeguard - Ann, thank you so much for your proactivity promoting water safety and drowning awareness! Particularly as Australia is coming into the summer season. Much love!
Kristen Autrey
Kristen Autrey 9 gün önce
When I was little swimming at a hotel pool, family all around and other hotel patrons, I almost drowned and no one saw or heard anything. Luckily I was able to somehow make it to the side of the pool and get myself out where I laid and coughed up water. I was near the side of the pool luckily and had I not been I likely wouldn’t be here today. Remembering it to this day I don’t know how I was able to do that other than my fight instinct was strong. Pools are dangerous even with supervision. I used those little floaties with the seat for both of my girls when they were babies but I always had a hand on it pulling them around and playing with them, as I was far too paranoid they would flip themselves or something would happen.
Caryn Platt
Caryn Platt 9 gün önce
I just wanted to thank you, Ann, for suggesting TRvid Kids! Until you suggested it, I didn't know it existed! There is so much I don't want my 10-year-old son to see on TRvid!
ashley laughter
ashley laughter 9 gün önce
As to the people from the first video, I've blocked that channel anywhere it pops up. And then instead of dislike I tell it to stop recommending or even block the video and content
Cisu Deni
Cisu Deni 9 gün önce
random but: your hair is absolutely beautiful
Chriss G.
Chriss G. 9 gün önce
You can actually add sugar to popcorn before it’s done. It melts and lightly caramelizes and coats the popcorn while it’s cooking. It’s delicious, but you have to be careful not to burn it, it happens really fast. I only add the sugar right before I think it’s about to start popping then keep shaking the pan heavily. You can’t wait until you dont hear any more pops, you have to take it off the heat as it slows down.
Princess Beliminu
Princess Beliminu 9 gün önce
Maybe my rack is just the right size for that chicken hack. I tried it last week and it worked fine, only one piece of drumstick fell from the rack because it was short. P.S I love your videos ❤❤
Chameleon 1987
Chameleon 1987 9 gün önce
About that cotton candy hack. What about sugar, that stays in the washing machine? And chemicals from clothe washing? And how can you cut a watermelon, that is covered in cement?
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