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Debunking fake and dangerous hacks & why clickbait works
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations, debunking and science made just for you. New video every second Friday.

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22 Eyl 2022




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123ev456 2 aylar önce
Ann at the start of the debunking series: "No, that won't actually make a meringue" Ann now: "No, that will literally kill you and anyone else nearby"
SilinaCa 10 gün önce
About time!!!
Kimmi Comics
Kimmi Comics Aylar önce
Ann is the internet-mother we all need~!
SleepyCreepy-QuidProQuoJoe BeijingBiden
thats how lifehacks evolved the last few years.
Jane Shadow
Jane Shadow Aylar önce
@Jefferson Fellows the US isn't wealthy. At least, not if you ask my home/paycheck ratio (3adults+3cats on less than 2k a month in a 1-room apartment) This is normal in USA
Melissa Martinez
Melissa Martinez Aylar önce
#awareness#growth lol
kimmi ann
kimmi ann 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for reminding parents to check in. You're the only content creator who really seems to care as well as use your platform for everything wholesome. 💖
garmtpug Aylar önce
@Austin Lucas There are a lot of wack jobs on the internet! Sometimes you wonder if they are drunk or high when commenting!
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas Aylar önce
3 days later, "Black League" no longer has comments here. Well, in short, here's what happened: 1: He accused Ann of "mooching off of Mr. Beast" unfairly, and without regard for safety. It also seems as though he didn't even watch the video. 2: When I responded in *not one way that accused Mr. Beast of anything,* Black League didn't refute any of my arguments; he immediately acted like a wolf going for the throat, and he viciously insulted my dear and close to me hobby of playing guitar. This is not how you argue effectively, it's not an argument; it's only to destroy. 3: Black League *still* owes me and himself an apology for going off the deep end. What, did Black League think I called Mr. Beast "a Nazi?" Does Black League lack reading comprehension? *No, I never called Mr. Beast a Nazi,* and I have not edited my initial comment.
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas 2 aylar önce
@Black League Seriously though, what's with you? I even said "If 'Mr. Beast' makes rock-solid good content that can't harm anyone, fine, I hope he has a great career. But in this world, mistakes get made a lot." That's because there *is* evil content in the world that presents itself as "fun and wholesome," and sure, I don't know whether or not he's messing with that because I never looked into it. You still haven't made any good arguments to the contrary. I haven't edited my original comment. I admitted I don't know Mr. Beast in the opening paragraph, & your conduct is not giving me or anyone else reading a good impression that you have any quality are care for people you disagree with, but only angry insults of a hormonal 12 year old in the bad part of town. I didn't write my comment *against* you, I wrote it *for* you, whether you yet realize it or not. Insulting someone's hobby out of the blue, instead of refuting an argument, is not a means of quality living. You only made yourself look bad, and also made your perception of people who are attempting to care for you into a nightmare. And sure, I felt bad too *for a moment* because you insulted me for no good reason, but that moment has already gone. *You owe me and yourself an apology.* Your reply was meant only to hurt me, but this isn't my first rodeo. Not that I expect an apology to come from you, if you're still full of knee-jerk reactions (and maybe embarrassment.) "The fool shows his anger at once, but a prudent man conceals shame." - Proverbs 12:16 "The fool vents all of his anger at once, but the wise man holds it back." Proverbs 29:11
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas 2 aylar önce
@Black League "Treasures of wickedness profit nothing; but righteousness delivers from death." - Proverbs 10:2 What did you hope to accomplish by insulting my hobby if you have no way, means, or cause to refute my argument? Calling me a "nazi" too, and insisting that you're right... I hope you get out of that trap you're in before it's too late and it engulfs you, it ain't fun out there, I know. "The way of the wicked is as darkness; they have no idea what they're stumbling on." "A lying tongue is but for a moment, but the lip of truth lasts forever." - Proverbs 12:19 "A man shall be commended according to his wisdom; *but he who's of a perverse heart shall be despised." - Proverbs 12:8 Seriously, I don't know what terrible thing has its hooks in you, but you really need to get out and away from all of its evil effects and stimulants.
ana 2 aylar önce
@luin ^ my thoughts exactly
Suzanne Dargie
Suzanne Dargie 2 aylar önce
I am always horrified to hear about these perverted channels that show innocent visuals, but fill childrens' heads with disturbing stories! There's got to be a way to stop those channels from continuing. It absolutely sickens me. Thank you again, Ann, for warning people about these things!
Vernesha Jackson
Vernesha Jackson 23 saatler önce
Even though it may seem like it these videos aren't made for kids at all. There has been a rise of video content like this for adults. Interesting/shocking stories with calming slime and/or gameplay behind it. The problem is that the youtube algorithm isn't nuanced enough the accurately separate the two and unfortunately it ends up recommending them to kids which isn't the target audience.
JhadeSagrav 23 gün önce
Are these those "gov't regulations" i keep hearing about that fascists try to convince you means "tHeY'LL tAkE awAy mAh FrEEdUm o' SpEEcH" when really it means "stop evil people from taking advantage of everything and everyone around them"?
Quinn 78
Quinn 78 24 gün önce
@Brendalee Lydon If you're putting something on to listen to while cleaning, make sure it isn't one of those toilet cleaning videos!
Brendalee Lydon
Brendalee Lydon 28 gün önce
What's even worse is, I've started getting ADVERTISEMENTS telling crazy stories! It's wicked gross! I'll put something on to listen to while cleaning or w/e; something I don't have to watch every second of (or at all) to follow along, & since my hands are usually occupied, I just let the ads play completely. Then outta nowhere, I'm hearing about people wanting to disalive themselves, cheating scandals, all kinds of crap! WTAF, TRvid??!!
MarioFanGamer Aylar önce
@Quinn 78 I'd also add the fact that the comment is unfinished which isn't that common but still typical of copycat bots.
Dany B
Dany B 2 aylar önce
The salad thing is called "plasmolysis". You can condition salad by cold (or ice) water to get some crunch back, but you do not have to wait over night. If you left it allone for too long, the cell structure will burst and it will go way more mushy. Wash it, let it soak a little, drain and go with your favourite dressing. Lettuce rescue ;)
Riley Grey
Riley Grey Gün önce
@Lindsey DeJesus As long as it was always used for that, does the container really matter? It's only gross if it was used for garbage and wasn't properly ( And completely ) bleached and sanitized before using it for the lettuce.
Brendalee Lydon
Brendalee Lydon 28 gün önce
@Lindsey DeJesus Hmm, that's interesting! I chop greens for myself at home & keep them in a paper-towel-lined container in the fridge, since moisture seems to make the chopped greens go gooey faster (this works for whole heads of lettuce, which is where I 1st got the idea, as well as bagged green beans/sugar snap peas, heck, even my summer squashes seem to last longer if there's something in the bag to absorb excess moisture (condensation?). But now I'm wicked curious if keeping it in a container of water would work better? Need to replace my salad spinner to find out! 🤣🤣
Rando1.6180 Aylar önce
@Lindsey DeJesus I know what you mean lmao it was like that at the Wendy's I worked at but I'm pretty sure it's only ever for used for lettuce storage from the very beginning. It ain't pleasing to the eye, but it works!
Dany B
Dany B Aylar önce
@Lucie Kafkova exactly that mechanic. It works both ways... you can soak crops or refresh crops, it depends. Parameters are time and humidity
Lucie Kafkova
Lucie Kafkova Aylar önce
Plasmolysis is when a plant cell is losing water (for example by being in salt water or when wilting). Did you mean that the salad is undergoing plasmolysis and you are reversing it by giving it water (hypotonic solution)?
duckideva 2 aylar önce
What's so tragic is that we need, literally NEED Ann Reardon, a top food scientist, to try and save the world from youtube videos that should never have been allowed to stay up. Thank gods for Ann. Long live the queen of debunking.
Not Miles Prower
Not Miles Prower 2 aylar önce
Can Ann Reardon just be in charge of the entire internet please?
kitta’s corner in wonderland
❤I couldn't agree more . She has more common sense than 75% of people using the internet.
Eric McBride
Eric McBride 5 gün önce
Her Narcissistic ass wishes she could
Letticia Morgan
Letticia Morgan 11 gün önce
Great idea but with all great ideas, there is the danger that they will be nut jobs out there who will see it as let’s get her. There is also something Called the Deadpool and trust me on that one people who appear on that don’t last very long. I came across that particular version of that Deadpool by accident on a different site, and I was told this to the people that I should get off there right now and I didn’t want to end up on the list so as far as I’m concerned, I like what she’s doing. I wish she could be in charge of it, but no order to do that you’d have to get her a whole list of bodyguards.
Violent_Lava_Fish 12 gün önce
It would be a much safer place
Serenity now
Serenity now 21 gün önce
Or at least TRvid
TrueEnvy2 2 aylar önce
My grandmother asked what we use to clean. I said just vinegar and water. She got confused and started mixing vinegar with other cleaning chemicals. Grandma was literally making warfare gases in the house and would just open windows…
Floyd Fluffnstuf
Floyd Fluffnstuf 8 saatler önce
People in this thread are just making stuff up. Mixing vinegar with amonia neutralizes both and isn't toxic.
SadNLonely WithoutMyDaughter
@MossyMozart not me or animals or water
MossyMozart 11 saatler önce
@SadNLonely WithoutMyDaughter - EVERYTHING is made from chemicals.
PeenPeen 24 gün önce
​@SadNLonely WithoutMyDaughter Y'all this shit right here is why you learn chemistry and math in high school. School system is just trying to keep you from making a fool out yourself.
SadNLonely WithoutMyDaughter
@Eclectic Hoosier yeah I learned the hard way a few times like the first being with bleach and ammonia 🤯 like a big dumb ass. Haha😂. At least I know an unintentional way to die so the insurance company will pay out if I get it before hand and know one will know the real truth🤔🧐🤯😂😂.. sometimes things are just so dirty and disgusting you are willing to do anything to disinfect to feel like it's cleaned. However people lived a lot longer back in the day before Amy chemicals were invented so water might just be fine🤔. Of course people back then had common sense and washed their hands after using the bathroom even if it was just in the creek
emmawlover 2 aylar önce
God, the baking videos with horror storytime in the background really terrify me. There really is so much out here that can be harmful to children. I'm not a parent, but knowing this would really give me lots of anxiety if I were. Thank you for making and sharing these fascinating and important videos!
Wishtelle Aylar önce
theres SO many messed up videos out there that targets kids! A few months ago my niece came over and she was watching something on her ipad, i got curious and took a peek. It was some weird cartoon with a pregnant woman and she was yelling smth abt her water breaking?? i was so shocked that there are weirdos out there who make content like this 😭
Emma Bee
Emma Bee Aylar önce
I felt excatly the same... i got scared and I am 39.
Julian Laresch
Julian Laresch 2 aylar önce
they also steal stories from reddit, like AITA very commonly and they don't even finish the story have the time
Pearl 2 aylar önce
Honestly, Ann is too good for TRvid. Some creators gain popularity and never evolve or think critically about their privilege. Ann decided to use her platform to try and keep other safe, and save them money for the milder hacks. And frankly? It's refreshing. TRvid isn't going to clean up its act, so it's powerful to have someone try and do their part. Thanks, Ann, for the baking tips AND the safety warnings!
Onyx 2 aylar önce
'How to cook that' should have a sister channel for debunks. How to survive that
stillnotstill 2 aylar önce
Oh awesome, that's a great name. Unfortunately (as it's so sad that so many videos out there can genuinely get people killed.}
Karen Ramnath
Karen Ramnath 2 aylar önce
“the truth is just not as clickable..” Ann basically summing up the modern societal problem.
zn4rf 2 aylar önce
"modern" ? You never picked up a paper in your life have you?
victinitron2000 2 aylar önce
capitalism breeds innovation…..in lying and harming people
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson 2 aylar önce
and her own channel
Hannah Walmer
Hannah Walmer 2 aylar önce
The thing is, is that, Mr. Beast is so popular, that he'd get the views anyways without the exaggeration. It's just a clear view and cash grab, and I'm not into that.
Wolfette Plays
Wolfette Plays 2 aylar önce
@Agent641 it worked better for the adpocalypse
Drip Mario
Drip Mario 2 aylar önce
Ann Reardon is quickly becoming my favourite Aussie creator. For so long traditional media has funneled certain celebrities onto our TVs, but only now through independent media do we have people like her finally getting some recognition. TRvid is both a blessing and a curse.
Emily2618 Aylar önce
I always watch Ann. I watch Ozzy Man when I need to laugh or need a bit of cheering up 😏❤️
Older and Wiser
Older and Wiser 2 aylar önce
My goodness that bit about the horror stories being told along with kid friendly video is terrifying! Thank you for putting the word out about this and all the other dangerous lies you debunk for us!
Grace Foster
Grace Foster 18 gün önce
Ann mentioned this in another video, but what’s scarier is that some of these stories end up with the person doing dangerous things, like getting into a stranger’s car, having a happy ending. It makes it seem like it was a good thing for that person to do something dangerous and it’s like they’re priming children to do things that will get them hurt. So scary that some people are priming children to be even more susceptible to be taken advantage of, I just don’t get it!
Richard Dickinson
Richard Dickinson Aylar önce
@Mattie I'm gonna use an example here: Let's say I go around a school selling vapes. Let's say the administration never catches whoever is selling them, despite there's plenty of trails leading back. Am I still to blame for the rampant addiction?
Mattie Aylar önce
@Richard Dickinson maybe it does mean that. If this is your kid, then why let them be raised by an algorithm?
Richard Dickinson
Richard Dickinson Aylar önce
@Mattie Maybe. .but cakes and slime and whatnot? Why not use stock footage or animation? And, y'know, even though parents should check in with this kinda stuff, that doesn't mean creators can take literally no responsibility.
Mattie Aylar önce
Adults and teens like to watch true crime stories along with meaningless visuals. It's essentially the same as listening to a podcast. Not everything is for kids. It blows my mind how many parents trust the internet to raise their kids for them.
MooshK97 2 aylar önce
I love how this channel went from "How to cook that" to "How to not die" Thank you for looking out for everyone
Liza Michelle Va
Liza Michelle Va 2 aylar önce
I am glad that my parents always told me even when I was little, that I must never mix two different cleaning products because that can lead to dangerous reactions! I was shocked when I learned that some of my adult friends don't even know that.
Voidseeker 24 gün önce
@Eclectic Hoosier well, surfactant will make bleach foam, which would increase it's evaporating surface area dramatically, which will result in more intensive bleach decomposition and forming of chlorine fumes. My throat and eyes hurt just as i think about it. It's probably not deadly yet, but i'd really prefer not to be where it is happening.
Voidseeker 24 gün önce
@Kathryn Hedges bleach slowly decomposes and fumes chlorine on it's own, especially when affected by light. This is where its distinguishable smell that irritate your eyes and lungs comes from.
Eclectic Hoosier
Eclectic Hoosier 25 gün önce
@Kathryn Hedges Well, Dawn is just a surfactant. It won't react with bleach the way ammonia or an acid will. But if you don't know that, it's always better to err on the side of caution. So you did the right thing.
Kathryn Hedges
Kathryn Hedges Aylar önce
The grad student teaching assistants in a lab class mixed Dawn and bleach and then made fun of me when I smelled chlorine and yelled that we needed to evacuate.
Toni McC
Toni McC 2 aylar önce
It scares me how much people let their kids sign up for when it comes to different apps. I saw toddlers, like 2 or 3 years old, scrolling through tik tok and TRvid but can't fully read yet. I worry about what to do for my baby when she gets here because parental controls on phones and tablets aren't the best.
ZealVD 2 aylar önce
Best parental app - parent does not give the kid the device
Jme Juniper
Jme Juniper 2 aylar önce
@Youmu Konpaku Not necessarily. Videos can be a great source of entertainment and learning for toddlers, so maybe just get on a website *specifically for* toddlers, and make that the only site they can go to. (just in case they accidentally navigate somewhere else, which is unlikely anyways)
Youmu Konpaku
Youmu Konpaku 2 aylar önce
the ideal parental control for a toddler using the internet is "don't give them a tablet"
Parker 2 aylar önce
@xxXHikariXx That kid is going to grow up with chronic insomnia. The blue lights on phones and tablets keep you awake.
Marida Aucamp
Marida Aucamp 2 aylar önce
@Chanice Lock Yes, my 8 year old still does not have a phone or tablet and will not be getting one anytime soon.
Monster Bash
Monster Bash 2 aylar önce
Hey Ann, love the content! Just wanted to say that single-celled bacteria are generally too large to be absorbed through the roots of a plant. Rehydrating wilted greens is pretty safe. Though, washing your produce before eating it is always recommended! Also, if there are any mushy parts of the leaf after rehydration, just cut that part away
Grace Foster
Grace Foster 18 gün önce
Yeah I didn’t really get her logic with that one. If what Ann said was accurate, then how do you rinse your greens to clean them? Bacteria has also definitely gotten into the inner leaves too from the whole process of farm to kitchen so it’s not just the outer ones you have to worry about. You should be fine just rinsing your greens off with some water or eating greens that have been in sitting water for a bit. You’re likely not going to ingest a bacteria that will get you sick. Not every head of lettuce automatically has E. coli and some bacteria that will get you super sick. It’s just that if an outbreak of those does occur, than you just shouldn’t buy it or discard any that you recently bought because you likely won’t be able to rinse out the bacteria due to all the small grooves in your greens where bacteria will settle and avoid being rinsed off
hhiippiittyy Aylar önce
@Kathryn Hedges The plants don't absorb the bacteria into their tissue. It remains on the surface. Leafy greens are bad because they have textures that are hard to completely wash and because people often don't wash them well enough.
Kathryn Hedges
Kathryn Hedges Aylar önce
@seffaflotus One of the reasons we keep having E. coli outbreaks related to lettuce etc. is that the plants DO absorb the bacteria from the soil. For example, if the farmworkers picking greens don't have access to a bathroom and do a #2 in the field (possibly because they *are* sick).
AschenDog Aylar önce
The recrisping segment could use a revisit/clarification. Yeah, uh, a significant amount of fresh produce sold in a large store is misted frequently, getting it wet at home doesn't magically make it contaminated. And working in a chain store subjected to health department rules, we do crisp greens like that on a regular basis. Slice the end, soak in cold water for an hour or two, and that's it. No one's telling you to soak clearly gone off or mushy greens, crisping is for like, mildly wilted or droopy cases. And you should be washing produce you bring home anyway. Many people today don't have the luxury of throwing out safe to eat but mildly ugly food.
seffaflotus 2 aylar önce
I was looking for this comment. Thinking a plant can absorb bacteria in... I mean the plant would absorb them while still in the soil then.
Kasia 2 aylar önce
I really hope teachers are showing your videos to their students. Media literacy is such a life-saving skill!
Slann88 27 gün önce
I can tell you as a teacher that my pupils love these videos
Meraid 2 aylar önce
Agreed 100%
Tesh N
Tesh N 2 aylar önce
I second this!
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover 2 aylar önce
That toilet cleaning "hack" reminded me of a KoTH episode, where Peggy is a columnist for a newspaper and she puts tips for cleaning, housework, cooking etc. The tip was you mix two chemicals so it can whiten the clean but it just ended up making a recipe for mustard gas.
Voidseeker 24 gün önce
Bleach+ammonia yields choramines, not mustard gas. It's not much better tho. Bleach+peroxide yields lots of hot oxygen, which can create violent fire hazard.
Parker 2 aylar önce
Anne Reardon feels feels like youtube’s only responsible adult supervision
Isabel Smith
Isabel Smith 2 aylar önce
This is one of the only channels that I completely trust. I live how she not only debunks false videos, but also explains why they are dangerous or offers alternatives that will give a better outcome. She also goes above and beyond in her follow-through and really gives you a good reading of the whole story with sources, examples, recommendations from professionals, or warnings. She really does feel like a mother who wants to protect everyone watching her videos and I really appreciate that.
M L Aylar önce
I totally agree! I showed my daughter this channel so she can safely see the dangers of these fake videos.
Anveta Flowers
Anveta Flowers Aylar önce
Well this time Ann is wrong with the lady with the cake (@Puds.Puds) it really works she didn't do what the lady did and that's why hers did not work. When she's debunking videos she have to do what the person did before she said it doesn't work. I have used this lady method all the time in my baking and it does work. You have to put a certain amount in each container that you're using IF NOT it will never going to work and that's what Anne did she didn't do what the lady did and that's why hers did not work. And I love you but this time you're wrong.
Isabel Smith
Isabel Smith Aylar önce
@Madeleine L You're right, no one should be idolized, especially if you only know them through social media. However, I don't think that trusting a channel like this to be as honest as possible is idolization, especially since she shows her research, comparisons, alternatives, etc. I completely agree with you about being careful who you put your trust into, and as far as TRvid goes, this is someone that a lot of people feel comfortable giving their trust.
Madeleine L
Madeleine L Aylar önce
No human is infallible and I'm sure she'd agree. Don't idolise people. Ann is smart and puts more effort into her videos than most, and she seemingly cares about truth and morality. But she's been wrong, like any human. No one person should be your only source and I don't understand how you could watch her videos and not see how the are a TESTAMENT to doing your own research...
Heather Germaine
Heather Germaine 2 aylar önce
@ProudTexasLady Amanda does nothing but complain about Ann's videos not being food related or for being clickbait in the comments, and constantly likes to bring mr beast up. Something tells me she's a crazy fan for him
Heather M
Heather M 2 aylar önce
Does anyone else feel like Anne is the cool and caring Aunt that they've always wanted? 😄 💛
kimmi ann
kimmi ann 2 aylar önce
She's the internet mom every kid needs.
Utatane Piko
Utatane Piko 2 aylar önce
I love how Ann's channel isn't just about cooking anymore. She's keeping the internet safe
Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone 2 aylar önce
I can't thank you enough for doing these videos. I've got an 11 year daughter who is the prime target of these videos you mentioned. Luckily we don't allow unsupervised internet access. This video along with the electric wood burning video (and others you've debunked) have no doubt saved people's lives in more than one way. Thank you!
SumireAo 2 aylar önce
I love that Ann started out as debunking fake baking or cooking hacks, to debunking the internet, guess she gone and went down the rabbit hole and what a grim place it is
Johanna Julén
Johanna Julén 2 aylar önce
That story towards the end... "it was crazier to be alone on a strange road at night than getting into a car with a stranger" my brain just had a meltdown. The strangers are the reason that place is dangerous!!!
Kathryn Hedges
Kathryn Hedges Aylar önce
@Vee Uh, if you think police are safe, you either live outside the USA or you look like someone the police don't mess with.
yeti feti
yeti feti Aylar önce
@SioxerNikita Right, in the Western world it's obviously safer to get a ride with a stranger than with your mom, because statistically more kids are killed by their mothers than by strangers. Statistics like that aren't universal life advice, lmfao
SioxerNikita Aylar önce
@yeti feti Actually... You are... You are more likely to be harmed by someone you know that you randomly meet going alone down the street, than a complete stranger. Does depend on the country though, but I am sure we are mostly talking about the western world here.
yeti feti
yeti feti Aylar önce
@SioxerNikita Yeah, but you're not more likely to be hurt by someone you know than a stranger *when you're walking down a street alone at night.* Jesus people
yeti feti
yeti feti Aylar önce
@Alexandre Zani Have you heard of the Highway of Tears?
Keri P
Keri P Aylar önce
Thank you for pointing out those “story” videos. That absolutely terrifies me. I’m usually right near my 6 year old when watching YT. My 12 year old however does have her own device. I definitely need to be more diligent since filters don’t appear to block these
Linnéa Hovtun
Linnéa Hovtun Aylar önce
Watching all the way from Sweden! Thank you Ann for everything you teach us, I’ve learnt so much from you and I’ll spread the word to my friends and family 🥰🥰
aniimako 2 aylar önce
when I was a kid I almost combined lots of cleaning products together once to make "the ultimate cleaning product". i did this with shampoos and body lotions so i figured, why not cleaning stuff? my parents had a lock put on the closet so I thankfully couldn't access anything and when they asked why I wanted acces to bleach they told me it was dangerous. i still wasn't convinced but i had no way to access and thankfully never did something dumb. when I got older i still felt the urge to mess around with it but never did because i kept in mind what my parents said about it being dangerous, despite not understanding why (i unfortunately was not the smartest teenager and didn't understand chemicals being even more dangerous when combined) i just left it. now I'm older and understand why it's dangerous and I'm very glad that I both never had access to it and that my parents sat me down and explained that cleaning stuff is not safe for me to play with. i feel like things could've ended differently with my curiosity but I'm glad it didn't. im also very glad you're talking about this, if I saw this when I was a teen i bet i would've stopped considering it way earlier than I did.
aniimako 2 aylar önce
@stillnotstill me too! one thing i will absolutely be paying extra attention to is locking cabinets and putting cleaning supplies in safe spots. also soo important to tell kids why it's dangerous. "don't play with it" "why?" "because i said so!" would never have worked for me. kids are curious and stubborn!
stillnotstill 2 aylar önce
Awesome comment. I love that, I'm so glad you were safe
Sugar 2 aylar önce
I learned how to cook many things from Ann as well as the science behind cooking/baking... but I'd say a very important thing I've learned is not to trust 5 min craft type videos!! Thank you Ann
Marlene Outdoors
Marlene Outdoors 2 aylar önce
As a professional cleaner, those "toilet cleaning hacks" are so dangerous. As Ann says, there´s a risk for toxic gas, but you also have no idea what happens if that gets in contact with your skin and eyes. I've had a coworker who needed to go the hospital after getting toilet cleaner on her skin as it led to a bad skin infection and sepsis due to that infection. Just don't effing do it Edit: make sure to always read instructions, most of the time cleaning products are supposed to be diluted before use
ferociousgumby 2 aylar önce
@DangerWrap I don't actually watch the hacks (except seeing them debunked!), so I just kept thinking: whaaaat? They're wasting all that cleaner (which is very expensive)? Then I thought, oh NO. I've accidentally unleashed ammonia fumes in my bathroom from mixing cleaners and had to run out of there coughing and choking. I also wondered if it was really a good idea to encourage small kids to put weird stuff in the toilet, no matter how pretty it looks. But then, I am definitely not up on all this stuff (a grandmother of four small kids who have been repeatedly warned NOT to mess around with the toilet!)
DangerWrap 2 aylar önce
I watched those video too. People who enjoying this kind of video probably never did housekeeping before. The first rule of using cleaning chemicals is never mix with other cleaning product.
Just Looking
Just Looking 2 aylar önce
@Donut Chan Salsa will tend to be acidic. So acid and bleach are a big nono.
ferociousgumby 2 aylar önce
@zammmerjammer So this gives kids a whole new slant on how to make a mess in the toilet?
zammmerjammer 2 aylar önce
@ferociousgumby It's a video meant to appeal to children. Children already think it's fun to dump things into the toilet. So they made a video featuring lots of vibrant colours being dumped down a toilet. Of course the fact it's DANGEROUS doesn't matter to the psychos who make this kind of content.
Ann I get so damn exited when you post a new one of these. When I get stressed or scared at night I turn on your videos. You remind me of my mom a lot, and you're such a calming and steady person to watch. Thank you for making this content, youtube doesn't deserve you!!
james2529 18 saatler önce
That glass one made me scream in horror a little bit. I am a 35 year old man.
Jackie T
Jackie T 2 aylar önce
Thank you for being a force of good in this internet world when there is so much evil.
Marie Gliva
Marie Gliva Gün önce
In the US my food safety training taught me to just throughly rince greens because the dirt and bacteria can be on any part of the lettuce when you buy it. For instance there's lots of leefy greens that I've been recommended to separate in order to wash thoroughly because otherwise you miss grit and dirt stuck in between. Although I'm guessing Ann is just speaking with an abundance of caution.
zeze 2 aylar önce
I love how she just jumps into the content; no unnecessarily long intros or pauses between hacks :D it's super jampacked with knowledge! love u Ann!
Ghost 2 aylar önce
@Marilyn Addams Okay, re-watched the video. I forgot I saw him the first time. But she only talked about him twice, both for exaggerated titles and thumbnails, one could be considered misleading for a total of about forty seconds. The average person who doesn't know her but knows Mr. Beast would expect the video to be about calling Mr. Beast out for his practices which it is not. It's like making a video about meeting someone but the person is only there for a few moments. Mr. Beast's segment was just 5% of the whole video. Hope that helps this time around.
Ghost 2 aylar önce
@Marilyn Addams Oh, I guess I'd rewatch the video then.
Marilyn Addams
Marilyn Addams 2 aylar önce
@Ghost Then you didn't watch the same video I watched. I saw him several times. I'm no longer going to argue about this with you because you didn't do the required reading.
Ghost 2 aylar önce
@Marilyn Addams 5-Minute crafts is misleading, Mr. Beast is exaggeration.
Ghost 2 aylar önce
@Marilyn Addams Misleading can be in the form of this video, I did not see Mr. Beast anywhere in the video. Like a video about something that's false or a thumbnail focusing on one of the least important parts of the video. Exaggeration is what some TRvidrs do, hype up what actually happened. Some people tend to overdo it tho. I hope I explained it well enough.
Andrew Huntington
Andrew Huntington 2 aylar önce
Education is really the best form of harm reduction. Thank you for everything you do Ann!
LibraryDragon89 2 aylar önce
Amazing video. 👏 Ann out here being an absolute legend with the citizen's TRvid crime watch. Thank you for carrying on this important work.
Allen Hook
Allen Hook 2 aylar önce
Your debunking videos are some of my favorite to watch on TRvid! Keep up the good job exposing the fakers.
geeshta 2 aylar önce
"The truth is just not that clickable." - Ann Reardon, 2022
Saphia 2 aylar önce
Ann has gone from a food channel to 'yes, I'll talk about food but first, safety" and to be honest, I absolutely love it
Cinnamon Roosevelt
Cinnamon Roosevelt 2 aylar önce
@DEFS80 It's . . . a figure of speech. That's like trying to correct someone for using a metaphor by saying "what do you mean you're melting, this sun isn't hot enough for you to melt!" or something. Unless you're being sarcastic?
Saphia 2 aylar önce
@DEFS80 Idk, you.
DEFS80 2 aylar önce
To be honest? Who asked you to lie?
DIY Denise
DIY Denise Aylar önce
You are an angel! Thank you for all the work and research that goes into these informative videos!! We love you!
Starlit Reader
Starlit Reader Aylar önce
Love this series! Just a note on casting wax rings: there are actually multiple types of wax you can use, at least one of which is quite soft. My source is that I actually made a ring with soft wax when I was a kid, which my friend's dad, who is a jeweler, then cast into metal.
Becky Chase
Becky Chase 2 aylar önce
6:06 - I have a pretty good tip for helping to keep lettuce from wilting: The day I bring heads of lettuce home, I wrap the head in a strip of paper towels, almost like a swaddling cloth, then put it back in the plastic produce bag and place it in the fridge. As I use the outer leaves, I just keep the head stored wrapped in the paper towels. I also tend to have one produce drawer that’s solely lettuce. I think if you have space for that, it helps as well. The second fail safe I have for never letting lettuce wilt, is to get a couple, or even a few, ducks. I feed mine, Anna, Hubris, Carmen, and Pip, chopped lettuce floated in their water dishes twice a day, and more often than not, lettuce never has time to wilt. So there’s an adorable way to keep lettuce from wilting! 🦆 🦆 🦆 🦆
Asteri 2 aylar önce
THANK YOU FOR COVERING THE CLEANING TREND. i watch so many cleaning and organizing tik toks and i start foaming at the mouth when people put so much cleaning products in one space. I also once watched a person but fabuloso in a HUMIDIFIER.
Azazel Victorique
Azazel Victorique 2 aylar önce
I was a stupid kid who liked making "potions" with forgotten shampoo and soaps, but even I knew not to mess with cleaning products, if I was encouraged by media I watched I probably would be a news story by now. Thank you for making these videos hopefully a someone like younger me will find your videos before doing something dangerous, hope this comment helps the al ✌️
nox5555 2 aylar önce
@Mollydedog Reading and basic chemistry is both something everybody learns at school, the issue isnt cleaning products, its stupid people..
Alexandre Zani
Alexandre Zani 2 aylar önce
@Teresita Peregrina Well, strangers are generally nice. So I do disagree with her on that piece of advice. My point about cleaners is just a response to OP who seems to think it always had catastrophic consequences. It can. And it's a bad idea. But it's also an easy mistake to make and so people regularly make that mistake without very serious consequences. So there's no need to think you would have ended up dead or seriously injured if you had mixed cleaners as a kid. Again, don't do it. But no need to restrospectively worry about it.
Alexandre Zani
Alexandre Zani 2 aylar önce
@Mollydedog Yeah. Mixing cleaners is a bad idea. My point was: Don't do it, but also don't start imagining that you'd be dead if you had done it.
Alexandre Zani
Alexandre Zani 2 aylar önce
@Andre Darius Yes, I do drink milk past the expiration date. It's fine. Antiacids don't help with headaches. So no, I don't use them for that. I'm not advocating you mix cleaners together. That obviously presents an element of danger. However, people also exaggerate the danger. It's an easy mistake to make and so people make that mistake. (And stupid teenagers do it on purpose) Obviously, don't do it. But OP is wrong that they would have ended up in the news if they had messed with cleaning products as a kid. They might have. But much more likely, nothing would have happened or they would have had a bit of a scare and learned not to repeat it.
Andre Darius
Andre Darius 2 aylar önce
@Alexandre Zani it is in the label, do not mix with other cleaning products. so tell me did you also drink milk out of their expiration dates and drank an antacid for your headaches, because those are the same thing. I wouldn't say normal people mixes cleaning product and felt fine, but also commenting every comment of a video that talks about it like a cultist, but I guess that is your normal. Also, if you are trolling, have fun, and I understand you, that nothing in this world can satisfy you as much as spreading dangerous misinformation
bizgx Aylar önce
Absolutely love the direction that your channel is going in. Keep up the much needed guardian angel work on YT!
TheSilveryew 2 aylar önce
The minute those cleaning videos started playing, my husband said he'd just seen those on Facebook hours earlier, really dangerous that they are mixing different chemicals! Thank you for what you do Ann I am sure you're keeping people from harming themselves with your content!
Sally Alslay
Sally Alslay Aylar önce
it really upsets me that genuine youtubers who are true to themselves and care for their subscribers do not get the recognition they deserve. I really hope this changes and until then I will continue to support you Ann ToT
Jupiter Resident
Jupiter Resident 2 aylar önce
Your videos are so important, Ann! Thank you
Kathryn Harvey
Kathryn Harvey 2 aylar önce
Ann continuing to be the good side of youtube. I've always thought of myself as being reasonably skeptical but even I didn't think of the listeria risk with the lettuce one until she pointed it out.
Katetharsis 2 aylar önce
The first one you mention (mixing cleaning fluids in the toilet) happens FAR too often and is obviously so dangerous. My grandmother did this once because she was using up two different products and according to family legend, blew up the toilet (this may be an exaggeration but we certainly all got the point - don't mix random chemicals!). The second story I know of personally is from when I used to work in a hospital - one of the cleaning staff put our usual cleaning fluid into the toilet. Unbeknownst to her, one of the nurses had brought in her own bleach from home because she felt like the hospital cleaning fluid 'didn't do a good enough job'. The member of cleaning staff ended up damaging her lungs and had to take time off work sick - all because of someone else 'trying to be helpful'! She was lucky the damage wasn't fatal or permanent.
Etienne C
Etienne C 4 saatler önce
Regarding the lettuce thing: dipping it 10 minutes before serving in cold water will make it crunchier. Of course the thing about bacteria is still true. But 10 minutes in ice water wouldn't make much difference in my opinion.
Daviddo 2 aylar önce
Oh my, I thank Ann for ruining her viewing algorithm for us lmao, bless yu soooo much Ann, what an absolute LEGEND ❤❤❤❤❤
Lelo Young
Lelo Young 2 aylar önce
Thank you for bringing up the "story time" videos. I've caught my 6yr old little sister watching those a lot because she likes watching the decorating parts, and she'd been complaining of nightmares. It's crazy how people are making those videos knowing little kids are going to be watching them. Thank you for bringing this issue up, showing some light on what's happening. Love you and your videos, keep up the amazing work!
Mika Rose
Mika Rose Aylar önce
Parents need to monitor what their kids watch, now more than ever.
Shawna F
Shawna F 2 aylar önce
​@Emily Rasputin I watch cake decorating videos here on TRvid all the time and I've literally never seen this. I barely use tiktok so can't give any insight on that. I would say longer videos (i.e. not youtube shorts) are most likely ok especially if the parents only allow certain channels
Knave 2 aylar önce
@M water_moon ok, and? It's still your responsibility as a parent to monitor what they're up to, instead of letting algorithms raise your children
Emily Rasputin
Emily Rasputin 2 aylar önce
@M water_moon Yeah I don't have kids or plan on having them, but I'm grateful to all the people trying to raise the small humans in a positive way because it's very important
M water_moon
M water_moon 2 aylar önce
@Emily Rasputin Honestly, if you have little kids, just don't let them wear head phones, put the volume on low or they don't get a device and MONITOR what they watch. Toys and playtime is food for the brain and devices/ TV/ video games are like sugar, they should be given sparingly while parents monitor.
Allison 2 aylar önce
10:14 Thank you for addressing the story time videos. I find it so strange when I come across someone doing something innocent, like a craft or baking, but are talking about something very horrific. Kids might not fully understand what's being said, but they shouldn't hear horrific stories.
Haley Carpenter
Haley Carpenter 2 aylar önce
I’m so grateful to have found Ann’s videos!!
Sharron Mainor
Sharron Mainor 2 aylar önce
I just want to thank you so much for all your videos but, especially this one for the warning about the sneaky kid targeted videos! I have young grandchildren who will grow up soon and be exposed to these harmful influences. Kudos!
B14d3r11 2 aylar önce
To further add to the wax thing, I use casting resin for some prints that is wax based/adjacent so it can burned out just as easily as wax. Its a little finicky at times to get it to print right but it is so much better than using say normal resin or filament to try and make a lost wax/plastic cast
kind doe
kind doe 2 aylar önce
I remember watching an episode of 'detective conan' in the late 90s where it was explained that mixing different cleaning supplies could be deadly - and that episode has stayed with me to this day. Never mixed my cleaning supplies. So, thanks, Conan, I guess.
schattentaenzerin 2 aylar önce
Oh my, I remember that case from the manga. It turned out so incredibly sad. But was, in hindsight, very educational. And a clever device to use for a killer. Many other cases made me wonder if you can just buy cyanide at every supermarket in Japan 😅
Fatima Isra
Fatima Isra 2 aylar önce
based Case Closed enjoyer
Jenny Munday
Jenny Munday 2 aylar önce
I had a science teacher in high school who really impressed it on me. He told the story of how after a long day of teaching he just left his chemicals by the sink to dispose of in the morning when he had more time. He had plans later that night to visit friends and didn't want to be late. So, one of the schools janitors. a man who was friends with this teacher, came in to do his last little check, empty the trash and make sure nothing messy needed to be cleaned before he left for the day. The janitor saw the chemicals and poured them all down the sink (even though it was against the school rules, he was trying to be helpful) and proceeded to head towards the door. He didn't make it. He died right there next to the sink in the back. My teacher was the one who found him the next morning. So my teacher told this story with tears in his eyes, and it made me tear up too. The teacher didn't get in trouble, but he also never left anything unattended ever again. He said whatever plans you have, or however rushed you feel is nothing compared to safety. He regrets that he valued his plans for the night over the lives of his coworker friends.
Vanessa Zee
Vanessa Zee 2 aylar önce
Was just about to comment that!
Star1412 2 aylar önce
Detective Conan is so good! Always excited to find someone else who's seen it.
Richard Duffin
Richard Duffin 2 aylar önce
I have a few questions, what about doing the lettuce hack in the fridge? Also, for the cake, what about a sealed lid to a certain height with holes in it to push the excess cake out, kind of like a hair trimmer leaves hair that you don't want to cut, but in reverse
PortalDame 2 aylar önce
I'm actually kind of glad someone brought the knowledge of not mixing cleaning products into a more public sphere. At my old job, cleaning a gym, one of my coworkers often just added to my mop bucket instead of tipping it out and refilling it with whatever it was he used, and on multiple occasions that ended up with me unintentionally sealing myself in rooms with buckets of mustard gas. It wasn't until it caused me to throw up at work that I decided to be more careful about it, and it wasn't for another month until I realized why it was happening.
Kassiddy Avery
Kassiddy Avery 2 aylar önce
I second Anne being in charge of the internet 🥺 Such important message always
estahbear Saatler önce
Just as a reminder, that QR code is from the slime compilations that took the videos from Doujin. It's not sketchy, and it wasn't intended, but the stories they dubbed over slime compliations is pretty dodgy indeed.
Rae Aylar önce
Thank you for doing these! I’ve learned so much from your videos!
missTerning 2 aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time to debunk these things!
Amanda Ananda
Amanda Ananda 2 aylar önce
Thank you for bringing attention to how these scary trends evolve, use new tactics, and present real dangers to impressionable viewers!
Sam 2 aylar önce
You're awesome, Ann! Thank you for the good work!
Rayga Tana
Rayga Tana 2 aylar önce
Hey Ann, I really appreciate how you've gone from focusing just on food hacks to overall dangerous youtube issues. It's not something that I really see covered anywhere else, so it's nice to have somewhere to look to find information like this
Chase Greening
Chase Greening 2 aylar önce
@Amanda M Thanks
Chase Greening
Chase Greening 2 aylar önce
I have been watching her videos for the past 6 year's and I love all of them, I would have been badly injured if I hadn't seen these videos.
Amber Carrington
Amber Carrington 2 aylar önce
So on the Mr beast video he did say in his video not to try this and not do this at home. He also said he was constantly under the supervision of doctors. They checked his levels everyday. I absolutely love your videos Anne. Always get excited to watch your videos when they come out! I hope you and your family are doing well!
orpheala 2 aylar önce
Doing my part to feed the algorithm. Good content, as always! Those creepy videos are awful.
Natalia C
Natalia C 2 aylar önce
I really appreciate you make people aware of all this funky videos out there with gruesome stories. One thing is to choose to watch them and another to find yourself listening to them. I think they should have a stronger policy against clickbait videos. Thanks a lot!!
Becky Chase
Becky Chase 2 aylar önce
9:47 - First, thank you for continuing your channel; I’ve been watching for years now. I’d definitely say I learned to bake from you and How To Cook That, Helen S. Fletcher’s blog Pastries Like A Pro, and of course my Mom. Helen Fletcher’s Pastries Like A Pro is actually why I’m commenting. She has a great, pretty easy, way to get a flat cake with many cake recipes. If you spray a dollop of cooking oil just in the center of the cake pan, then line the bottom only with parchment paper, your cakes come out remarkably even. It’s magic; it’s science; it’s scientific magic. Since learning this trick, I’ve used it twice (not baking cakes often) with great success. Here is a link to her cake prep blog post. pastrieslikeapro.com/cake-pan-prep-or-how-to-get-a-flat-cake-layer/ If you aren’t familiar with her blog, I’m incredibly happy to introduce you to it. You two are very similar, in my mind, with how conscientious you both are in correctly explaining how to get great results in a home kitchen. P.S. Your cookbook is on my Christmas list this year 💞
Aisadal 2 aylar önce
With every debunking video, Ann's voice for safer advocacy gets stronger and stronger; I wouldn't be surprised if someday she became the face of a new movement pushing for immediate changes and overhauls to TRvid's falling-apart system, given its past, and especially their recent and current, failings
Miriam Thie
Miriam Thie 2 aylar önce
@Amanda M So you like watching stupid, not working and dangerous TRvid videos. Please go and do them all.
Tami Meredith
Tami Meredith 2 aylar önce
@Amanda M Not everyone has seen every debunking video, so to assume they have seen her other videos would be presumptuous, & that is not Ann's style. She wants everyone to clearly understand what she is saying. (& I am presuming, I'm sorry Ann Reardon)
Miriam Thie
Miriam Thie 2 aylar önce
Ann for youtube president! 😉
guywithashirton 2 aylar önce
@inmyworldkindagirl at least maybe we could admit we liked something but could change our mind about it? Better than mindlessly staying just cause you are attached to that personality ;) But it’s okay it was never about that at all! It’s about helping other out be safe with all this nonsense in the world
Mina Mina
Mina Mina 2 aylar önce
@Amanda M Clickbait is when you show something in the thumbnail and write something in the title of the video, that is not going to be in the video. Ann used Mr Beast in the thumbnail, because she talked about youtubers who clickbait a lot along with a couple of examples and how TRvid seems to favor such clickbait thumbnails & titles. She even showed him (in his videos). If she would have written in the title, that she would debunk together with him, then this would have been clickbait. As a side note: Using popular TRvidrs as an example for things you want to discuss is not necessarily to grab said youtubers audiences attention. It's also because everybody on this plattform knows Mr Beast or at least heard of him. Which also underlines Ann's point of clickbait being seemingly favored by the TRvid algorythms.
Horse Friend
Horse Friend 2 aylar önce
Ann, you're fighting a war against cash-grabbing stupidity. Keep up the good work.
Goppers McGoo
Goppers McGoo 2 aylar önce
I really need to express how much I appreciate you making these videos so often and for so long. All these videos showing dangerous hacks, simple click bait, etc., are so terrible for young and/or impressionable people.
Shellsea The Mermaid
Shellsea The Mermaid 2 aylar önce
Ann, you're awesome. Thank goodness for genuinely good people in this world 🙌
spritals 2 aylar önce
Thank you! As always, your fabulous and glad to be informed on the kids “story” telling vids. I have several young nieces and nephews so maybe I’ll just randomly have a listen in on their vids. Pretty dodger stuff there 😮
Limmie Dee
Limmie Dee 2 aylar önce
what I appreciate most about H2CT is you don't talk down to your audience when explaining why something is dangerous or unethical or simply won't work. people always listen best when you speak to them like people.
Austin Lucas
Austin Lucas Aylar önce
Mr. Rogers did this sort of thing all the time, too. That is, the not talking down part. I haven't watched much of his wonderful show for a long time, so I don't recall all of it. He'd sometimes show documentary footage of things like bubblegum factories, but I don't know if he explained why some things are dangerous? Maybe he did, but as I said, I've not seen many episodes of his TV show for a long while.
Sharon 2 aylar önce
Yes, Ann explains like we are smart enough but also so that we can learn. That's a hard balancing act.
Hoosier Friend
Hoosier Friend Aylar önce
Wow, Ann is uncovering national security risks with these "childrens" videos... CNN, FOX, ABC, take notes!!! Why don't we hear about this anywhere else? You are a treasure, Ann. Keep up the good work!!!!
i love food
i love food Aylar önce
I love your debunking series!
little stinker
little stinker 2 aylar önce
petition for ann to do a video on daily harvest's french lentil + leek crumbles that gave ppl severe gastrointestinal issues, some had to remove their gallbladders, and the cause of it ended up being tara flour. i'm interested in knowing what about tara flour caused these?
Allison M.
Allison M. 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the warning about the story times! I bet lots of kids like them because they can just wear headphones and parents would never suspect. Another reason to keep my kids off youtube unsupervised. I only let my 8 and 4 year old watch youtube with me. Currently they have been LOVING watching your tiny kitchen playlist with me!
L C 2 aylar önce
It is so incredible that those creepy story time video’s aren’t getting banned! Thank you for highlighting this, Ann!
Widdekuu91 14 gün önce
@JJ Feel free to do so. I can tell you one thing, you can try your best to convince me, but I´m not going to watch foot-r@pe-pr0n to prove to you that I am 'emphathetic.'
JJ 14 gün önce
@Widdekuu91 Love an unwarranted psychological analysis from someone with 0 qualifications to do so. Data has shown that folks who are drawn to taboo, macabre, or "darker" intellectual interests are actually more empathetic than their fear avoidant peers. So maybe we should be worried about YOU instead.
Widdekuu91 21 gün önce
@Koholos Yeah but _this_ sort of internet is something that someone who was...let's say 20 in 2015 might not be aware of. I am 31 and I discovered the existence of Tiktok only through the news and media, if you told me that AmongUs was an app, I'd believe you. My parents allowed me a lot of freedom (whether I wanted to hang with friends till midnight on the street or showed curious interest in the concept of weed) but they did not know what 4chan was. They still don't. They trusted us to ask them for help if we found something gory or something we needed help with. And we did. But plenty of kids don't have a bond of trust with their parents like that. And because we mainly spend time on some lighter websites, or watched some fun video's on TRvid, the amount of shit that we saw as 12-year-olds was fairly low. And since we knew that our classmates couldn't be trusted, we never typed '2 girls one cup', in the browser. Anything those kids said with a vile smile, couldn't be trusted. But again, many parents are expected to both work and take care of the house and the kids in the spare moments, in which they have no time left for themselves or lighthearted moments of fun and play anymore. In US culture, this is seen as a consequence of parenting, not a failing of their environment (such as the workplace) to allow some bondingtime with your child and be there to teach them morals and values. And to allow yourself to rest and be more aware of what's going on around you. If the only moment you see eachother is on the weekends and when they wave you goodbye to go to school (or arrive back and ask for homeworkhelp) you don't have time to teach them about these things. Unless you greet them on saturdaymorning and say; 'Hello darlings, it's the weekly "what-app-did-you-download-and-do-I-allow-it"checkup today! Hurray!" You might not even know where you stand on those things anymore, with your overworked, frustrated brain trying to think of anything else but sleep. (Again...a situation that is not necessary. Parttime-working for both parents is not frowned upon in other countries, the fault lies with the system and ofcourse with the video's.) It's not about supervising the kids, because one day you won't be there anymore and they'll have to figure it out for themselves. It's about teaching them what to trust and what not to trust, so they can be independent. You're there for emergencies, not to check every link they open. And I work with kids, I'm a Pedagogic Worker and even to me (being highly vigilant about these things in the first place) it was a surprise that this stuff remained on TRvid. Uploaded, sure. Watched, sure. But remaining there...that's a different story. It still surprises (and bothers me) that similar video's don't have warnings or ask to confirm that you're not below 15 years old.
Koholos 22 gün önce
@Widdekuu91 what do you mean fairly new? In the mid-90’s the average adoption home rate was about 1 in 4, and higher in schools. And by 2006 or so it was nearly ubiquitous. Anyone old enough to have a kid in their teens is well acquainted with the internet and should be aware of at least some of its dangers. There was also plenty of stuff like this too, whether it be things like Happy Tree Friends, people trolling on Newgrounds, shock sites like goatse or meatspin or tubgirl. Snuff films and other stuff getting posted to various sites who names I won’t even mention. And 4chan has been around for 20 years at this point. Not to mention plenty of Usenet groups even before that. Not supervising what their children watch, or using TRvid as a babysitter, is still a choice. Sometimes it may be due to exhaustion or time constraints - parents are human - but this shouldn’t be a surprise to any of them.
Sapphire September
Sapphire September Aylar önce
@Maestro_Kat I think of grooming as anything that makes anyone who's vulnerable more susceptible to harm. (For instance I was groomed by a work colleague and ended up in an abusive relationship with him. I'm autistic and have poor mental health, which he knew, and he definitely took advantage of that. I was 30 when it started, so not that young either.) Telling kids it's fine to get into a stranger's car is asking for trouble.
Pedro Asborno
Pedro Asborno 2 aylar önce
Thank you for spreading awareness, Ann.
Radio1997 2 aylar önce
Ann, your content is one of the greatest to see on YT and your dedication to these topics are extremely admirable; we don’t deserve you tbh XD I personally despise those clickbait vids that promise something that doesn’t happen (or only partially) in their contents. I never thought that big (and esteemed?) YT channels such as MrBeast honestly would do that; it looks deceiving and it‘s just… a shady thing to do for the viewers idk. Thank you for educating us Ann, you are deeply appreciated.
ivan narvaez
ivan narvaez 2 aylar önce
Way to go Anne. Thank you so much for making more parents aware
Cameron Metrejean
Cameron Metrejean 2 aylar önce
5:19 the wrapped twine went from being like an inch wide to almost double that on the next shot lol
Minumi 2 aylar önce
I love how Ann’s thumbnail is still so clickable and truthful.
Kittensb 2 aylar önce
@Amanda M the entire not eating video was bad when you consider that he has an audience of younger people and he does things like mention his weight before and after
Ania 2 aylar önce
@PestoMayo I'm reading about it now and it's quite interesting. The main reason I have an aversion to him like people have said is because he treats money, which so many people bust their asses to earn, like it's absolutely nothing to him and the people he donates to receive it in unfair and unbalanced ways. No joke but my cousin in Poland literally just bought a castle to add to his already 4 other properties and Mr. Beast reminds me of that side of my family lol They all fight over money, no one ever has enough and the only times they call us in Canada is to brag about their wealth. I guess I am 'jealous' to a point because they believe they have earned it through hard work and I know I could have worked harder. I even read something recently claiming that believing in privilege is a 'luxury belief' in the sense that if you dismiss rich people's accomplishments and don't give them credit you're giving in to your own passivity and lack of ambition. I've experienced both sides of the coin of wealth and I know that it's not a black or white situation; I'm not an ambitionless lazy fool who threw away all of her potential but I know I could have tried more. People have struggles that others just cannot comprehend until they go through themselves so to say that someone's success is 100% down to hard work or 100% down to luck is wrong either way. Sorry for the essay lol
Ania 2 aylar önce
@PestoMayo All I'll say is I believe the rumours lol I've seen how he acts in his own videos that he posts and I'm pretty sure he considers most people to be vermin.
Ania 2 aylar önce
@PestoMayo He's very clearly helping himself the most. The guy is a multi-millionaire at this point.
Fiskur Tjorn
Fiskur Tjorn 2 aylar önce
Came down here just to tell Ann the same; "Your thumbnail was rater clickbait". I mean, I expected a collab...
Chris Dale
Chris Dale 2 aylar önce
I teach kids digital literacy and computer science. You’re doing really good work on your channel; it’s hard for folks to know the difference between reality and falsehood.
K Manc
K Manc Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing the truth about these silly videos. It's amazing what is allowed to be shared out there.
fahime shariat zade
love the dedication you put in your videos❤
WhirlwindT Aylar önce
I remember seeing these baking videos with a story dubbed over. I wondered how one could connect the two. So it was just algorithm BS.
Anna Kleaber
Anna Kleaber 2 aylar önce
In a Julia Child cookbook, there's a tip for flat cakes: it says to tilt the baking tin to run the batter a little bit up the sides of the tin. I think it's supposed to work because of the surface tension of the batter. I never tried it because I don't bake layered cakes. Would you mind trying it out? I'm curious if it's a great hack that just got lost over time
Anna Kleaber
Anna Kleaber 2 aylar önce
I'm going to send a mail, thanks@Filip Popovic
Yoso 2 aylar önce
If you haven't tried it, look up the reverse creaming method for cake mixing. It seems to make my cakes and cupcakes have flatter tops and I personally find it easier to do than regular creaming.
Amanda Green
Amanda Green 2 aylar önce
I do this with Nordicware Bundt pans. If you draw the batter up the sides of the pan, the cake doming is reduced.
Emi Taylor
Emi Taylor 2 aylar önce
Commenting for visibility- I want to see that tested!
Sarah Watts
Sarah Watts 2 aylar önce
Oh yes! I would love a video testing out several of Julia Child's techniques
lesekatze20 Aylar önce
... Firstly, I always enjoy your videos, thank you very much :) Second: I can't believe you followed that link and installed some app and DIDN'T warn us to never install some random apps or klick on random links, as there is a very high chance to infect your phone with dangerous malware and phishing software.
DAN THURGOOD 2 aylar önce
Great job Ann - thank you for all the hard work you put into helping us protect our kids from this dangerous junk.
Oppositepuppy Aylar önce
Never stop doing these I love the debunking videos 💕
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson 2 aylar önce
I used to work in a grocery store when I was young and can confirm that we had a very large (8 foot long) stainless sink that we would soak vegetables in if they were wilted. We used room temp water though, no ice. Same reason many grocery stores have auto water sprinklers on the fresh produce wall. I use the same trick at home if I've left anything in the fridge too long and it's gone limp.
macrosys 2 aylar önce
I remember eating up the 5-Minute Crafts garbage for a short while until I came across your first debunking video, been a fan every since!
Name generic
Name generic 2 aylar önce
Same here, I p Believed some things they posted
Anoetic OddZero
Anoetic OddZero 2 aylar önce
I just watch garbage cringe for entertainment. Though usually through debunking channels rather than give clout.
Zuzana Lehotska
Zuzana Lehotska 2 aylar önce
Exactly! It was just something colorful to wash my brain after day in the office... And later I saw your video explaining and understood all those clickbait and spent time to block all those stupid channels even for me.
Anoetic OddZero
Anoetic OddZero 2 aylar önce
@Ned Flanders yet many adults do dumb unbelievable things. Go figure
Hypercane 2 aylar önce
@SweetCandyDragon but the early 5 min craft vids were good
Christine Kilpatrick
Christine Kilpatrick 20 gün önce
What an eye opener! My y boys have watched videos with stories in the background but I will be sure to start paying more careful attention to what the stories are saying. Thanks so much for your continued amazing work!
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