Deadpool Update

Ryan Reynolds
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Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one. ⚔️



26 Eyl 2022




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DOOM Studios
The fact we are gonna be seeing Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds doing Deadpool 3 together is absolutely the biggest dream I could’ve ask for.
eyow foou
If DP3 is just 90 minutes of Deadpool and Wolverine banter I will still say it was a masterpiece for the ages
EPICgamer guy
EPICgamer guy 7 saatler önce
i will always love hugh, this right here is peak comedy
Lilah McKee
I like to picture the editor working meticulously to time Ryan's eyebrow raise perfectly to the music
Eternity **gigi riri
This has to be the most brilliant piece of marketing I have ever witnessed. Really makes me think that this was ALL Ryan and that Disney had absolutely nothing to do with it besides give him the green light. Don’t think we didn’t notice the Aviation being poured there too. So well done. RR, you are a marketing genius.
Tunechi241 2 saatler önce
"And I will always love Hugh" lmao
Dunedain Ranger
This man literally bruteforced his dream into reality.
The part where Ryan says “with great power comes big responsibility” sent chills down my spine
I honestly thought this was an inside prank between them at first. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to watch this movie
Anne Maxwell
I so love this man's humour. He reels me in every time. Great entertainer.
Robert Richey
Very kind and generous of Hugh to let Ryan cameo as Deadpool in the next Wolverine movie
Emilio A.V
Emilio A.V 9 saatler önce
Love Ryan's humor and Hugh like "yheaa whatever" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gareth Reeve
They’re effectively finishing what they both started 😀 Such an amazing moment!
This is one movie I'm excited to see, because I can tell how enthusiastic you guys are about acting and playing these characters. I hope it does super well and I hope everyone has a good experience working on the film. There has been so much drama around films and TV shows lately, just seeing the smiles on your faces in the other video gives me some encouragement.
Marc Wenskat
This ice cold delivery of 'yeah, sure ryan' is just awesome
Can’t even imagine the amount of convincing it took for Hugh to return after his goodbye. The pay must be astronomical or Ryan’s smile is all it took for his heart to melt and say ok.
Pluradox 21 saatler önce
Im back to emphasize just how amazing this is like all I've ever wanted was Deadpool in an X-Men movie and when we finally got a Deadpool movie we had basically gotten confirmation that Hugh said it was tough to play wolverine i thought the day was never going to cope i believed we would just have to live with Logan a stand alone amazing movie and Deadpool a standalone amazing movie and now this makes me so excited it's amazing
Linda Demello
Love Ryan's movies, his jokes, his humor, an more #1 fan in Mass.
Ryan has that voice that can sound completely sarcastic but then possibly completely genuine and sweet. You just never know
koiun dwrru
Ryan and Hugh are one of the best duos to ever grace the movie industry and the earth.
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