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A feast for the senses - and the crows.

Portrait of a Murder is the new Chapter in Dead by Daylight. The Artist - born Carmina Mora - is the new Killer. After suffering a brutal maiming, The Artist was taken by The Entity and twisted into a grotesque vessel of vengeance, turning anyone in her path into carrion for the flock. Her Dire Crows will swarm victims as screams echo across the Forsaken Boneyard, a surreal nightmare that sets the stage for a performance like no other. The new Survivor is Jonah Vasquez. A brilliant codebreaker and former operative, his search for answers quickly led him down a rabbit hole of secret messages and haunting revelations.

The Portrait of a Murder Chapter is available now in Dead by Daylight.

Learn more: dbd.game/3qhKfs6

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly - stay alive.        

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Music by Michel F. April




29 Kas 2021




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Shitpost Crusader
Shitpost Crusader Aylar önce
Say what you want about the game but the art direction of it never fails to impress
Ayden Jacko
Ayden Jacko Aylar önce
@Prince Psionic Most of the time it is
Bejaphone Aylar önce
@GreatSlayer grind shards I always do that for non dlc stuff
Art lover
Art lover Aylar önce
Johnny Joestar
bored Aylar önce
@GreatSlayer Every single killer and survivor is 500 cells. But I personally don't think it's worth it
GreatSlayer Aylar önce
@bored um ok I’ll think about it. What about cells? It’s not that much?
inveigle Aylar önce
DBD original killers are pure fire.
Psh 13 gün önce
Most annoying killer literally sounds like she’s having mini strokes
Q E 29 gün önce
Yeah, except the kpop one
X DOG Aylar önce
Actually this one’s pure ink
Some Random Person
Some Random Person Aylar önce
Bloom Peters
Bloom Peters Aylar önce
Licensed are better such as nemesis and ph and Michael, also ghsotface everyone else meh
Havok Aylar önce
Such a cool design, and love her back story, excited to play her :)
Psh 13 gün önce
Most annoying killer literally sounds like she’s having mini strokes
John Gable Smith
John Gable Smith 28 gün önce
Titus Andronicus’ daughter.
Gabriel Gierzkiewicz
@Captain Relyk you're wrong, everyone who you know, hates her backstory. I like it even more because of the description of her add-ons, it's making it even more tragic
KarasuTengu Aylar önce
@Captain Relyk well good for everyone else. People are allowed to have opinions outside of the norm. Get over yourself
KarasuTengu Aylar önce
I need to get this game, I want to play her ;-;
Ceyvel Aylar önce
Honestly props to the animation team since the animations just get better and more detailed for every chapter.
- Murro -
- Murro - Aylar önce
The graphics are GODLIKE, but the animation is kinda meh. The Pinhead one was puer shit but this one is a ok
BrunoSilva Aylar önce
Ainda bem né irmão, a porra do jogo vai fazer 6 anos , se nao tive se melhorado...
Fellow G̶o̶y̶i̶m̶ White
@Alga MV demogorgon
Alga MV
Alga MV Aylar önce
@Rissin from or by whom is it recycled from?
Rissin Aylar önce
her idle stance is literally recycled, but go off
Hawk Of Krypton
Hawk Of Krypton Aylar önce
LOVE everything about her design, powerset, motif, backstory... just a GREAT one all around!
Hawk Of Krypton
Hawk Of Krypton Aylar önce
@Xiaojie Ziyun ... internet XD isnt there like... a character bio for each killer in-game?
Xiaojie Ziyun
Xiaojie Ziyun Aylar önce
How do you guys read their backstories?
DJ Zane Kitsune
DJ Zane Kitsune Aylar önce
Artist is the first killer Behavior has released in a while that I actually have a lot of fun playing against, even if I don’t escape. Can’t say how fun she is for me to play as though cause I haven’t got her yet. I still have 4K iridescents to go
A Aylar önce
@Hawk Of Krypton have you heard of the failed artst with the funny mustache and the people he supposedly deleted with funny smells?
Hawk Of Krypton
Hawk Of Krypton Aylar önce
@A .... I can confidently say I have no idea what’s happening there
Monkey Shines
Monkey Shines Aylar önce
God I love this cutscenes i would pay for a dead by daylight movie
D i s 7 a n zZ
D i s 7 a n zZ 15 gün önce
A 20 Minute Film, nice.
Moss Hive Network
Moss Hive Network Aylar önce
The movie could be about one of the specific killers and survivors.
frosty18x Aylar önce
@lana no it wouldn’t. Every cinematic dbd put out was badass or gave us chills 😂
Mr. IG
Mr. IG Aylar önce
@DJ Zane Kitsune I would love that
DJ Zane Kitsune
DJ Zane Kitsune Aylar önce
Or at least a single player story
Ghostflame92 Aylar önce
as much as i really want them to get the licenses to alien and ripley, this trailer shows just how dope the original killers can be. if they ever made a movie about any of the original characters, they could do some really cool stuff.
Johnny Dro
Johnny Dro Aylar önce
What if they added the predator as the survivor to fire back at the alien or add him as a killer or would that be to much ?
SoloVulture Aylar önce
Having the Xenomorph would be so badass, and I haven't even played through Isolation yet myself! And yeah I agree, I wish more games that start making trailers would do the original characters good by giving them trailers as well. (Dead by Daylight, Apex Legends, R6 Siege, etc.)
Decisive Strike
Decisive Strike Aylar önce
I was very hyped about the artist being released because of how cool they made her. Very nice job to the people who made this character, you guys are the og!
spiritupgrades 9 gün önce
@Phsyco Samurai Not really now remember old DS?
Phsyco Samurai
Phsyco Samurai 9 gün önce
Crutch perk
Blue Flare
Blue Flare Aylar önce
Too bad I can’t even play against her out of fear of getting DDOSed :/
spiritupgrades Aylar önce
enjoy the flood of hackers also, really, you arent a bad perk
you guys make hella good cutscenes
SpongePants SquareBob
Godzilla (and a bird) had a stroke reading your username and fucking died.
frosty18x Aylar önce
@Isaac McHugh it’s not even considered a them. It’s just an it.
Isaac McHugh
Isaac McHugh Aylar önce
Just make a movie . It could be 30 minutes about the entity since we know nothing about them
Rezurektion Aylar önce
i dont know
spiritupgrades Aylar önce
@Horsebox check again
SolidSnayyke Aylar önce
Animations team is absolutely legendary. BHVR should really be having this team create shorts and other clips other than just character intros. So much potential for lore, or even a DBD universe content machine
Cody Cragun
Cody Cragun Aylar önce
I love how the end shot has Carmina up front like she's the survivor, with Jonah's distant face in the background like he's the killer.
2ree Aylar önce
Dead by Daylight has come such a far way, the animation in this trailer is incredible!
Real Human Bean
Real Human Bean Aylar önce
I want Sadako/Kayako/Grudge/Ring Girl as a killer next. Just imagine she pops through walls and crawls towards you fast plus she is 100% silent and the only thing you hear is her crackling voice.
sksk lin
sksk lin 24 gün önce
RogueMutantBrain Aylar önce
spiritupgrades Aylar önce
@frosty18x you mean banshe
Taylor Rattling Leaf
Well now we are getting The Ring girl :0 your wish came true!!!
spiritupgrades Aylar önce
@Jerm nnnooo thats banshee wraithy is wraithy
Xerosch Aylar önce
I love this game! Unfortunately, I’m absolutley intimidated of playing as killer because I don‘t get their concept from only reading about their perks. If the training area from the tutorial were available for all playable killers, it would help me a lot to feel confident enough to try them in an online match.
Quartz Skull
Quartz Skull Aylar önce
What wrong with going into a public match to try them ot watching videos on them
Zoenna Aylar önce
Looks amazing! Although, Ive got a feeling she is gonna make life extra hard for survivors 😱🙂
shenell johnson
shenell johnson Aylar önce
@Nicola she easy to counter? any tips on that part, I can loop pretty decent but the crows always down me when I'm near a pallet if don't get near a pallet then she automatically down me, My perks are Sprint burst, left behind, self-aware and at time's i change back and forth between unbreakable and spine chill or blast mine is there any way on what you said I can get around her?
Nicola Aylar önce
@shenell johnson oh sorry, misunderstood. It's obvious she's getting nerfed. The game is surv side and all surv main complain about everything about killer, but the only side that need a big Nerf is surv, because playing killer is so frustrating and if you don't tryhard you lose every fucking game. I lost only a match against the artist, only because the killer was decent and the first she downed rag quitted, for the rest she is pretty easy to counter in my opinion (Sorry for my English, I'm Italian)
shenell johnson
shenell johnson Aylar önce
@Nicola well she's getting nerf I heard I only been defeated by her once because this guy was targeting me all game
shenell johnson
shenell johnson Aylar önce
@Nicola I'm just asking 😬😳 didn't know I was complaining lol
Nicola Aylar önce
@shenell johnson oh I'm sorry, you take 5 seconds and not 4? Bro, it takes anything to scare away crows, don't complain. She's balanced, the infinite range of crows isn't op
Kittenplays Aylar önce
Wow, the character design for her is so good! The arms and the elongated neck look sick
Lily Aylar önce
Pentimento is one of the best perks I’ve heard in a while, it seems kind of similar to Undying but just so much better! I’m excited to play/play against The Artist.
Crabbeet Aylar önce
My favorite characters are the originals, I love it!
lana Aylar önce
@AxxL nobody cares weirdo attention seeker
Need Something?
Need Something? Aylar önce
@mikahel conceição he's just some annoying bot that goes around making stupid comments like that in hopes of getting attention, pay him no mind
Sukishii Aylar önce
@AxxL hmmm ok
mikahel conceição
@AxxL can someone explain ? Am i missing some context 👁️👄👁️
frosty18x Aylar önce
@AxxL huh
Elusive Gamergirl
Elusive Gamergirl Aylar önce
The ink and the *murder* of crows was clever. I like it. The crows never get enough appreciation. ^__^ 🖤
SobbinBeast78 Aylar önce
I love watching these trailers, they're so cool and idk why but I find such satisfaction out of them. I feel like it's the lively art that they use for them
FITCHFREN Aylar önce
The lobby theme for her just gives chills down my spine I love it so much
lime pie
lime pie Aylar önce
This chapter has certainly brought some fantastic new ideas to the visual department of the game!
scary animations
scary animations Aylar önce
What an amazing trailer !
ChocoBerry VanillaCake
spiritupgrades Aylar önce
...... Nah, way too easy
Stoner Dimitrescu
Stoner Dimitrescu Aylar önce
As someone in the horror industry, this is amazing 👏
Preed Reve
Preed Reve Aylar önce
I know murder means a group of crows but the chapter title, a Portrait of a Murder, sounds like a murder mystery and now I want a murder mystery mode in DbD. >w>
WeebUwU Aylar önce
What a work of art 🖤✨
Joshua Schmidinger
Joshua Schmidinger Aylar önce
Love this, it looks great...can't wait to play 😎👍
Nicolas Lanteri
Nicolas Lanteri Aylar önce
Amazing Chapter, Congrats Behaviour, you did it!
Blackvoid2me Aylar önce
Jonah has the most amazing eyes. Hazel colored looks good on him.
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Aylar önce
Been looking forward to play her for a long time.
Betsy Robinson
Betsy Robinson Aylar önce
I love the new killer!! :) :) I can't wait to buy this
Plezki Aylar önce
this chapter looks awesome, especially for an original one
Alga MV
Alga MV Aylar önce
Amazing trailer!! Looks awesome! 🎨 🦅
Corains Aylar önce
They finally did a real trailer woaw i'm so suprised O_O Imagine and stop to do square map and flate, for stating with mountain, inside a cave... The game could be so impressive
J. P.
J. P. Aylar önce
Me acting surprised even though I've seen every PTB video of her.
reese johnston
reese johnston Aylar önce
even though i dont really like her backstory, i can admit she looks cool
ChessasWorld Aylar önce
The Trailor are always so good animated
Reyn Ten
Reyn Ten Aylar önce
It’s nice how they come up with there own killers
Alcina Dimitrescu With Yun-Jin Lee
I really like these cinematic trailers.
Ghostface Aylar önce
I think this is really cool! Good job Behaviour!
Matt Aylar önce
If there’s one thing I love about DBD, Is that they make BANGER openings.
NickDaTiger Aylar önce
Another well made trailer.
Asyiq1780 Aylar önce
This trailer is amazing 🤩🤩
Dawn VZ
Dawn VZ Aylar önce
Probably best trailer so far loved it
Derekar Aylar önce
Being more realistic with each one 👍👍Best Wishes
maruvly Aylar önce
Looks so sick!
Sean Slxys
Sean Slxys Aylar önce
one of the coolest trailers!!!
kaskader Aylar önce
Finally a killer that can compete at the higest mmr. I love the man who designed her
TheHouseThatWas Aylar önce
So glad that both of them are characters of colour! Yay representation! ❤❤❤
Nesser Aylar önce
"Do you know what an Artist and a Sniper have in common? Details"
Frostt1988 Aylar önce
Anyone else noticed if you plan your crows well you can down survivors across the map whilst chasing one 😂 I love this killer
FameOfTheWolf Aylar önce
Cool killer, survivor, map and Perks. Great job DbD devs! But can we look into nerfing SWF and buffing solos? That way game stays balanced for everyone involved
streak gaming
streak gaming Aylar önce
The trailer and character design is great as always. That being said, you guys are hurting your game with each update. Maybe listen to some community feedback?
streak gaming
streak gaming Aylar önce
@Friloweye wrong. I'm talking about community feedback is in glitches, map changes, events and outdated mechanics. The majority of players agree on these things. People wanted re map reworked or removed, same with haddonfield. They want bloodlust removed due to being outdated. They want the map generation updated. The list goes on. These are not survivor or killer sided problems they hurt both sides.
Friloweye Aylar önce
That harder than it seems, half the community says the game is survivor sided and the other half is saying killer sided, they can only rely on their stats since that's the only thing that isn't biaised by peoples
Brian Muscatello
Brian Muscatello Aylar önce
Whoever came up with the design of the Artist clearly doesn't like drawing human hands. And I get that.
Quinn Wolff
Quinn Wolff Aylar önce
The original killers are definitely the highlight of this game. The designs are amazing, and creepier than the licensed characters, except for pyramid head. On that note though if yall do have a licensed character next can we get Laura from the evil within
WIP Aylar önce
this animation looks so SMOOTH
JVFRoin Aylar önce
She just seems like a good killer to play and play against first killer that doesn’t seem annoying
DodoG77 Aylar önce
This trailer was amazing
D Tune
D Tune Aylar önce
I know in the past there's been some pretty buggy releases. But afte a day of play, this one seems pretty stable. Yay!
Руслан Горыныч
Amazing graphic and sound ❤️
Paul Vignon
Paul Vignon Aylar önce
That's freakin' amazing !!!
Jesus Johansen
Jesus Johansen Aylar önce
Do these kinds of trailer for every survivor and killer! Id kill to see jeff and elodie in 4k res
Scarly Aylar önce
this is amazing! ink + crow 🔥
Nick Temperistic
Nick Temperistic Aylar önce
Man I swear they could make a sick animated DBD movie or series if they wanted to.
Duarte Roque
Duarte Roque Aylar önce
It would be cool if there was a killer who could desgise into survivors and do like a sneaky betrayal.. Idk
Rean Aylar önce
I love the new trailer and character and killer
Mayank Kardam
Mayank Kardam Aylar önce
Same goes with every killer, they're all shown to be hella dangerous, but in game, they're all just bullied 😆.
Sierra Scarbrough
Sierra Scarbrough 18 gün önce
I just now got her and I’m legit a pro at using her
Sierra Scarbrough
Sierra Scarbrough 18 gün önce
I just now got her and I’m legit a pro at using her
Bronze Inkwell
Bronze Inkwell Aylar önce
Creepy... I LOVE IT!
Katie Marigold
Katie Marigold Aylar önce
My favorite killer. The Artist.
дgus 552 electric boogaloo
0:41 looks like the artist is some kind of good super hero and jonah like some criminal mastermind
REBL 20 gün önce
This killer still terrifies me everytime i play against her
DarkToss Aylar önce
The Artist can get it
Faustine K.
Faustine K. Aylar önce
no spotlight trailer for this chapter?? i know they havent done one in awhile but she's so cool...i wanted that so badly
Unicorn is REAL!
Unicorn is REAL! Aylar önce
A recorder(instrument). Pretty interesting to describe the artist because music also represents art.
MajorFox Mj
MajorFox Mj Aylar önce
Great work Mora :3
Iron Tarkus
Iron Tarkus Aylar önce
The *ART* of this chapter is pretty great, NGL
♡ Mauve ♡
♡ Mauve ♡ Aylar önce
The Artist is very strong!
Hunter Quate
Hunter Quate Aylar önce
How do they come up with all the great ideas.for these original killers? Gotta admit, most originals are better than the licensed killers right?
Dblitz13 Aylar önce
I wish her powers focused more on the crows scattered around the stage.
Sloth Sid
Sloth Sid Aylar önce
This trailer is dope as hell
Royalty Free
Royalty Free Aylar önce
I didn’t remember until yesterday that a group of crows is called a murder. Portrait of a murder - a painting, photograph, drawing or illustration of a group of crows. I should have figured out that the new killer was going to be “The Artist” or “The Painter” or something a while ago
Darth Stewie
Darth Stewie Aylar önce
I just bought it and played a round, it’s a fun killer, mediocre perks
gr3asepaint Aylar önce
i wish you guys could update some trailers like the wraith’s, hillbilly’s and nurse’s. i know you probably won’t but it’d be cool to see
Darth Maul
Darth Maul Aylar önce
my first game as her was terrible because I had no idea what I was doing but now I feel like she's kind of good and fun.
Bro Lee
Bro Lee Aylar önce
I need a dead by daylight movie asap
V. Emil the II-nd.
V. Emil the II-nd. Aylar önce
Imagine if they did a movie about this..
MegaBronsky1 Aylar önce
Go Carmina, make us proud 🇨🇱 Go Chile 🤟
Brayan Gutiérrez
Brayan Gutiérrez Aylar önce
or by god this is going to be epic
GRACZ PL 2 Aylar önce
wow that reallly cool animation and this style
Prince Psionic
Prince Psionic Aylar önce
Good Art and animation, now please buff underpowered perks and optimize the graphics 👌
Absolutely Not
Absolutely Not Aylar önce
If only the game really looked halfway decent like the trailers do
Bionic Impala
Bionic Impala Aylar önce
It’s finally here!!!
DanDan TSM
DanDan TSM Aylar önce
Okay I have to say now I played the new chaper AND OH MY GOD IF THIS ISN'T THE MOST FUN CHAPTER I'VE EVER PLAYED To me, personally, The Artist is the most fun killer to play against (And it isn't because i could escape, cause i couldn't half of the time 😂) Man i don't know why, but she's just SO FUN to play against, i think they did right with this one! That's mt perspective for now at least, cause killers were also saying she's good So if that's still true, she's a lot of fun for both sides! The complete opposite of The Trickster I also gotta say It's super fun to use Jonah, i absolutely LOVE the new perk Overcome, and his boon can really come in handy in clutch endgames when the killer's trying to slug! I don't think his boon will replace Unbreakable tho Now about the map... It is a lot of fun but It's now well optimized If it managed to be fun even while badly optimized i think it'll be even better once it runs smooth! But for now the FPS is really crappy specially when you look to tbe center of the map You're much more likely to miss skillchecks in that map Anyway, loving this chapter, loving Jonah, loving The Artist and i love the new map even tho It's optimization is crappy(it really needs fixing...)
Idle Snake
Idle Snake Aylar önce
New chapter looks fun 😳😳😳
xxDaddyxxThanosx Aylar önce
Looking forward to the free BP they will compensate us for with the next glitch
Edaki Aylar önce
Wow this trailer is hell good
TJ Williams
TJ Williams Aylar önce
When behavior gone make some mini movies or sum they can definitely do it
Ayrun VS Artist
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