DCU Keeping Ezra Miller Flash? Wonder Woman Plans, The Rock, Superman & The New Slate Coming Soon

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DCU Keeping Ezra Miller Flash? Wonder Woman Plans, Superman & The New Slate Coming Soon. We breakdown the Variety Report that talks about Ezra Miller and The Flash, The Rock and some elements of the DCU upcoming James Gunn Slate.

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Ok so yesterday several big reports on the DCU were released that talked about Ezra Millers Flash, The Rock and also some things about what's happening with Wonder Woman in the upcoming James Gunn full reboot soft reboot that isn't a proper reboot but it's a reboot.

People on the internet love nothing more than someone reading a news article out to them and that's exactly what we're gonna be doing.

In this video we'll be breaking down what was said, going over what Gunns debunked and also our thoughts on this entire situation. If you enjoy the video please hit the thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe for update videos on the news as we get it. Gunn and Safran will be unveiling some of their upcoming 10 year plan very shortly and we'll be going through all that so make sure you don't miss out.

So firstly I wanna talk about the Ezra Miller one and also give my thoughts on what I think is happening with the The Flash.

IGN and Variety both did things covering it and according to them:

Sources have told Variety that some Warner Bros. Discovery executives are still willing to work with Miller. According to the report, the fact that Miller has stayed out of trouble since they began mental health treatment last summer has reopened the door to Miller appearing as The Flash again in the future.

The Flash movie, which is slated for release November 4, 2023, and will reportedly feature "a lot of DC characters" -- as it borrows from the Flashpoint story arc from the comics and restarts everything -- is slowly growing its cast (while also losing a few faces).

Now we do know that Henry Cavill was due to Cameo in this but this was cut in latest screenings after he was kicked to the curb. Guy didn't deserve it and honestly I think that's the thing that's caused the biggest uproar in the DC fandom especially because Gunn seems to be keeping some other stuff.

I really think that the first move in the DCU should've been annoucing new movies so people could get excited but instead we had a wave of firings which just put a black cloud over the entire thing before we even know what's happening. There's a lot of people who think Miller should be ostricised as well and to see them potentially keeping their role whilst we lose Cavill is no doubt gonna annoy some people.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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EnokCrowe 2 aylar önce
@Spadesilver 90 Ew. Yeah. Well, thankfully, only the Ezra's a criminal.
EnokCrowe 2 aylar önce
@D V I've watched parts of the Guardians of the Galaxy films & like them, but I also know Henry's the best cinematic Superman, Zachary's the best cinematic Shazam, & Jason's the best cinematic Aquaman.
D V 2 aylar önce
If you the H.C. team then watch Gunn movies. John Depp got back (maybe) in by protesting against bosses.
EnokCrowe 2 aylar önce
@Krotas,Deity of Armed Conflicts What about his mental issues that have caused him to go full psycho sometimes? Actually, the best film by far is Man of Steel, & the 2nd best is Aquaman. The 3rd best is Shazam. The 2nd best or best would've been MoS 2 if that movie hadn't been scrapped.
MontelJB 2 aylar önce
If they for whatever reason keep Ezra after *everything* he's done after booting Cavill.....I can't defend Gunn anymore 🤷‍♂️
Ricardo666 2 aylar önce
@David Misner Understandable.
David Misner
David Misner 2 aylar önce
@Ricardo666 Don't even want to go there.
Ricardo666 2 aylar önce
@David Misner Oh god, no... 😳
David Misner
David Misner 2 aylar önce
@Ricardo666 That be him. Imagine if Trump said the same thing.
Arfhat 2 aylar önce
If Miller is kept then that’s how you kill a franchise before it even begun. Cavill probably has the most backing to stay as Superman while Miller probably had the most fans that want them fired, by doing the opposite is just a huge insult to fans.
Spooky Boyy
Spooky Boyy 2 aylar önce
@GGA007Gaming macdonalds will always be more popular than good food But macdonalds isn’t good quality food even if more people love it than vegetables lol
GGA007Gaming 2 aylar önce
@Spooky Boyy also to be fair man of steel was widely loved it was a small group of loud people with a lot of following that didn't like it. 🤣🤣🤣
GGA007Gaming 2 aylar önce
@Spooky Boyy Snyder only headed 2 films after that he had a family emergency and they were like well your not committed enough then bye.
David Misner
David Misner 2 aylar önce
@Tracer Sweat What does that even mean??
Tracer Sweat
Tracer Sweat 2 aylar önce
@David Misner They're already covered in poo, that's my point. It costs them next to nothing to use the poo available. Full send.
Ian Santos
Ian Santos 2 aylar önce
If WB ends up doing a total DC reboot, I hope they keep Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, like how JK Simmons was brought back as J. Jonah Jameson in the MCU Spider-Man movies. She’s plays that role so perfectly.
Mohsen Slim
Mohsen Slim 2 aylar önce
Do a DsheU or black everything
TheFreeRocketMan 2 aylar önce
@Shawn Jackson that's... actually great casting tbh
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson 2 aylar önce
I'd like to see Regina King.
TheFreeRocketMan 2 aylar önce
I can't see anyone else playing her character tbh
RAW Reviews
RAW Reviews 2 aylar önce
Warner bros never ceases to make the worst possible choices every chance they get🤣
ThafY MaNiA
ThafY MaNiA 2 aylar önce
100% fact right here 👍💯
A comment from YouTube
If they get rid of everyone else they should drop Ezra too
denzoだよ 2 aylar önce
Maybe he's got some serious dirt on WB execs
Majora 2 aylar önce
@Lenox W yup, basically they really don't want this to flop
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 2 aylar önce
@A comment from TRvid 😁
BloodyNeptune 2 aylar önce
Miller didn't _just_ 'go crazy' for a few months, they've got grooming allegations that back to Fantastic Beasts, including allegations of trying to sneak into a 11 year olds bedroom. And allegations of being horrible on set, even spitting on people just to get a rise out of them. Im sorry, getting help for a _recent_ mental health crisis doesn't change who a person _is._ And keeping Miller on is more than I think a lot of people will put up with
David Storm
David Storm 2 aylar önce
It’s a shame hes a pos bc I really enjoyed him as an actor.
FreeF Free
FreeF Free 2 aylar önce
@Cecilia Arenas he wasn't just grooming...he was drugging them too!
FreeF Free
FreeF Free 2 aylar önce
Why are all the straight non-binaries weirdos?
Krista L
Krista L 2 aylar önce
Things that make you go hmmmm: Keeping Ezra Miller who is BEYOND problematic but ditching Henry Cavill and others.
Mama Witchyy
Mama Witchyy 2 aylar önce
I have a theory Ezra is only staying to introduce DCU flash in another movie sort of like a passing the torch situation then Ezra is out permanently. But the thing about that(if I'm right) is why couldn't they do that for all of them? They could of made a big multiverse movie and have the DCEU league fight one last battle, win then pass their mantles to their new DCU counterparts. Then we start from there.
David Misner
David Misner 2 aylar önce
Good question
Tom Buchanan
Tom Buchanan 2 aylar önce
Cause having the flash movie reset everything for Gunn’s DCU just makes too much sense We could’ve pleased everyone with the Flash movie’s ending instead of doing what Gunn decided to do
Majora 2 aylar önce
Not a bad theory
solvseus 2 aylar önce
New JL sees a blur, then a man in red suddenly appears: Who are you? Wally West: I'm the Flash! JL: what happened to the other guy? Wally Flash: he ded.
TROY BOY 2 aylar önce
I’am beyond ready for a complete reboot. I wish they would just recast everyone and start fresh this half in and half our approach just seems confusing.
Ted Naifeh
Ted Naifeh 2 aylar önce
To be honest, what really bakes my noodle is why WB is going to the mat for a movie based on a comic book story that's already been adapted too many times. And let's be clear, it was never a Dark Knight Returns. It's just that Geoff Johns wrote it, and he's since positioned himself to be able to push his little contribution as if it were actually significant. My guess is that they're saving Flashpoint to be a massive 2023 financial write-off, the way Batgirl was the 2022 financial write-off that helped pay for the debt incurred by Discovery purchasing WB.
solvseus 2 aylar önce
@Subject Keter He already was. I think he played Slapshot... er, Deadshot on "Harley Quinn and Pals in: the Adventures of Studio Executive Meddling."
madero2025 2 aylar önce
@Kadar Abdullahi exactly, just like in infinity crisis in the comics.
Subject Keter
Subject Keter 2 aylar önce
They got to either yeet everyone or keep everyone, my mom still thinks Will Smith is going to show up in DC movies.
Kadar Abdullahi
Kadar Abdullahi 2 aylar önce
Same here man. I think they should use the Flash movie as an excuse to reset everything. It works in the comics so why not 🤷🏽‍♂️
Klepto 2 aylar önce
keeping ezra would be insane. if they do i honestly wish nothing but the worst on the dcu. if you’re rebooting you reboot everything
Justin Epperly
Justin Epperly 2 aylar önce
@digitalcurrents why have this selfish criminal at all? he should've been fired and recast if there was any consistency
digitalcurrents 2 aylar önce
I would accept Ezra Miller if he ends up playing the Reverse Flash. Just not a hero.
Justin Epperly
Justin Epperly 2 aylar önce
Ezra absolutely has to go...they should've cancelled all films in their slate at the start of the pandemic, released the Snyder cut, then made a follow up that finishes the Snyder story and reboots everything. Basically a 'Justice League: Flashpoint' after the Snyder cut which gives Cavil and Gadot the sendoff they deserve, capitalize on their popularity with fans, ending in a full reboot.
snt69 2 aylar önce
Even with the impending reboot, they should keep the Cavill & Gadot cameos. Give them one last “hurrah.”
Subject Keter
Subject Keter 2 aylar önce
If i had to handle this monster, do what they did in DC Rebirth. New 52 (Or Cavil in this case) Superman is watching and ready to help the new Superman at a moment notice.
Life On Saturn Productions
Between Ezra, Amber, Whedon's JL, and all DCEU's ok movies, I'm ready for the complete reboot.
solvseus 2 aylar önce
Treated Ray Fisher poorly, poorly treated directors the studios interfere with then blame for stuff sucking (several times!), Ben Affleck being unhappy, messing with Henry Cavill worse than Netflix did, Dwayne Johnson being pushed aside because he wanted to be more involved, rushing Justice League, ruining the ending to WW, giving the ok for WW1984, scrapping the almost completed Batgirl movie for financial reasons, the Green Lantern movie, killing the TV shows that were completely unconnected to the movies, I really could go on. I'd say they were cursed, but most of this they brought on themselves.
ThatGuyThai 2 aylar önce
If Ezra is on the table this must be one hell of a movie
FreeF Free
FreeF Free 2 aylar önce
That's what they want you to believe lol
Ethan McCormack
Ethan McCormack 2 aylar önce
@ThatGuyThai he groomed a 14 year old and convinced her to run away from home and live with him in his compound and filling her with drugs. This has been proven so he is guilty.
Asriel Cypher
Asriel Cypher 2 aylar önce
@Dexter Durst I'm surprised that you kept the terms that he demanded... The "they/them" part. Western Cultures freaks me out... (I'm in South East Asia. We don't have those freaky pronouns things. We still call what we see.)
Dexter Durst
Dexter Durst 2 aylar önce
@ThatGuyThai they've choked women , thrown chairs, broken into peoples houses, stole from them then threatened of the people who bailed them out of jail, maybe you should've paid a little more attention
David Khan
David Khan 2 aylar önce
The thing is, with way the world is right now we really need a hopeful and joyful movie and it’s Superman is the character to do it! We can not wait 5 years for another supes film, Apathy and disinterest will kick in and everyone will lose out.
Ronda Collins
Ronda Collins 2 aylar önce
One way they can "keep" Ezra Miller while doing a Flashpoint storyline is to have them play the Flash for the first part, then change it to another actor after the big change. That's the one way I can see the least amount of complaints happening.
digitalcurrents 2 aylar önce
I want a movie where the Ezra Miller Flash gets corrupted and betrays the Justice League, then surprises everybody by becoming the Reverse Flash. I think the world can accept Ezra Miller in the DCEU if he portrays the Flash's greatest villain.
OneKawaiiMF TV
OneKawaiiMF TV 2 aylar önce
Exactly. Have a reboot in his own movie and only keep him around for the opening. And keep the cameos so we can see Henry Cavill as Superman one last time.
GGA007Gaming 2 aylar önce
Such a shame Zachary Levi tried so hard to get a break out role and finally got one that fits his acting type so well to see him kicked would be tear jerking. Been following him since chuck.😭😭😭
Heltaku 2 aylar önce
I think the motivation on the Ezra Milller decision is just to avoid having to reshoot most of the whole dang movie on Flashpoint because of how much Miller is on screen. Frankly other than a few of the films in the DCEU and "AU" DC, I really haven't cared about DC in a while. I went through my DC phase in the 90's and my Marvel phase was mostly in the 2010's, and now I just want to see something interesting and new from either company. The Suicide Squad was great and Gunn has never disappointed me so I think he's a safe bet on untangling at least some of the mess that DC is in right now.
sonny A
sonny A 2 aylar önce
Yeah...WB execs are still making all the wrong calls here. Announcing James/Peter as head of their hero movie division only to saddle them with the nasty business of getting rid of fan favorites and scuttling established plans is just bad management. They could have handed them a true blank slate down the road. Sounds like at least two more years of giant question marks because WB is trying to hedge their bets with the throw everything at the wall and see what sticks approach.
Hardcore Casual
Hardcore Casual 2 aylar önce
The world need a hopeful Superman more than ever and Henry Cavill deserves this the most. This man is a real life embodiment of Superman, he has integrity, class and is loved by the fans for his grounded humility. This are the qualities of the Greatest Superhero of them all. Give us MOS 2 then you can decide whether Henry should go, right now, the world needs him.
FreeF Free
FreeF Free 2 aylar önce
Bro....let this sht go! 😂
Robby Rob
Robby Rob 2 aylar önce
Your channel is top tier Paul, thank you for the reporting sir 🫡
This is ridiculous you gotta just completely wipe the slate, including Suicide Squad and PeaceMaker unfortunately
Tony Ortiz
Tony Ortiz 2 aylar önce
@Ty rant People always think in the moment instead of the big picture.
Ty rant
Ty rant 2 aylar önce
The only reason they won't say their getting rid of Miller is because his movie was already done. It would cost MILLIONS to trash it now. And if they come out and say their getting rid of Miller that would look bad for the film. After this movie he's gone. How do people not see this?
A S 2 aylar önce
@ralph roger flora if you know what Will has been through then you should have a bit more empathy. Baldie been horrible to him.
Tiago Cavalcanti
Tiago Cavalcanti 2 aylar önce
@ralph roger flora exactly
ralph roger flora
ralph roger flora 2 aylar önce
Gunn is gonna keep the groomer, the husband beater and probably the simp (Will Smith)
Jason Jenkins
Jason Jenkins 2 aylar önce
Has James Gunn said anything about plans for Batman and Robert Pattison... he better not mess that up bc I definitely want a few more movies from that team
MontelJB 2 aylar önce
Also s/o to Zachary Levi; he seems like a genuinely good dude & wants the best for DC & his character.
Malthizar 2 aylar önce
@MontelJB It's pretty obvious.
MontelJB 2 aylar önce
@Malthizar how is he saying "I think we're gonna do well" fighting for his life😑
Malthizar 2 aylar önce
Dude is fighting for his life. Nothing more
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 2 aylar önce
Cavill is a legend man.
HopeCobbledPotWorld 2 aylar önce
I'm fairly chafed about them keeping Ezra when they dumped Hank. When he showed up in that end credit scene in Black Adam, my scream was so loud. He is my Superman. I adore him. I've seen every screen Superman. I have room in my heart for each one. Hank's room is the biggest. (But nobody occupies my heart like my husband❤️) Also, Zachery Levi is an angel.
Fortune Lekoto
Fortune Lekoto 2 aylar önce
@Muhammad Pulliam I see your point, my fault for not elaborating the specific point, I apologise,,,,- I should have added that it wasn't just due to Snyder fans wanting that ZSJL to be released, the actors were involved, the writers were involved, stuntemen, some producers of ZSJL and even the director himself were involved in the movement, and what I tried to say/mean by "SNYDER" fans not having much power on their own is that if they had so much power and influence as they are believed and hyped up to have, then it would not have taken that many years, and so many different parties and factors to influence WB to release ZSJL, I hope this elaboration drives my point across more,,,,,,, I have completely gone off topic from the original argument for reasons for the Black Adam flop,, would like to me share different opinions as to why it flopped
Muhammad Pulliam
Muhammad Pulliam 2 aylar önce
@Fortune Lekoto Only thing I'm dissatisfied with, is the fact that you contradicted yourself. The Zack Snyder fans don't have much power yet, they used a film they didn't want to release and didn't want fans to know existed, in order to "promote their new streaming service." Do you hear yourself? 🤦🏾‍♂️ No need to continue this conversation, I see exactly who I'm conversing with.
Fortune Lekoto
Fortune Lekoto 2 aylar önce
@Muhammad Pulliam the other factors I would like to lay out for the flop of Black Adam are so long , I don't even know if you bother to read those paragraphs, but lemme address the Snyder fan one here,, in my own opinion,,,,, the fact that it took so long to release ZSJL should show that the Snyder fans don't have that much power and like the major reason that WB even even released ZSJL was because they wanted to promote their new streaming service, and what better way to promote than to use the highly requested ZSJL, and even the reasons for ZSJL to be demanded were understandable and justifiable to some major extent and to insinuate that Snyder fans are the major direct cause of the Black Adam flop, for me it's disrespectful to me and other DC fans because you make it seem like most of the fandom who love DC movies/content are Snyder fans, and yes there are toxic Snyder fans, but that don't mean all of them are toxic, there is no fanbase/franchise on this earth that does not have toxic people, even the MCU has fans who are toxic af if you got this far and are not satisfied, tell me and i will give you other factors as to why I believe Black Adam flopped
Muhammad Pulliam
Muhammad Pulliam 2 aylar önce
@Fortune Lekoto Bro... The Snyder fandom got WB and HBO max to release the ZSJL that, FOR YEARS, they told fans didn't exist and would never happen. You cannot tell me that they're not the direct cause of that film tanking in the BO. Some of ZS's fans are absolutely toxic and destructive to the progression of the DCU.
Fortune Lekoto
Fortune Lekoto 2 aylar önce
@Muhammad Pulliam well, I get that there were people who people didn't watch it due t it not being a "Snyder film" or what ever, but that's a small factor, and there were several other factors that hindered this movies box office success, and i am not talking about pandemic bs or what ever
rowanfalar 2 aylar önce
I think that James Gunn has bitten off more than he can chew. The DCEU tried to replicate the MCU too fast, with no thought for long term. Gunn is trying to become Feige, and I think he's gonna have to be very careful.
Stan Lee D. Harold
Stan Lee D. Harold 2 aylar önce
He was going to take over for feige
Matty Boy B
Matty Boy B 2 aylar önce
I love the report: your take on the whole mess is much more professional yet down to earth than the others I’ve watched . All in all the entire thing had been a joke and that video with Levi was silly. To say that Gunn did a better job with the suicide squad than the first one is a real slap in the face of David Ayer. The studio messed his movie up so bad it was laughable so anyone could’ve made a better remake. It brings to light an interesting topic I’ve been putting out there that Gunn really should’ve been scrutinized for doing that movie in the first place. When that type of thing happens to a guy, choosr another movie to make he had his pick. The whole things stinks!! Stinks bad!! Stinks real bad !!! Lol
Dan Conroy
Dan Conroy 2 aylar önce
I think they’re just saying Ezra might have a future with DC to keep interest in the movie, it would be difficult to get buzz going for a movie when you know it’s setting up an arc that they will never fulfil
Riz 2 aylar önce
We're only know what the future is really going to look like after the official anouncements. I'm sad that the old era of DC is over but it's pointless allowing our judgement to take place with just rumours. James Gunn has proved himself before so I am curious to see what he does at this stage but he's human like us all and could, unfortuantely, fail in the short term
K 2 aylar önce
They must see something really great with Ezra's portrayal of The Flash or waiting until the movie bombs to make the announcements
Chiena Avtzon
Chiena Avtzon 2 aylar önce
@Hustle Tha GOD - That would be, due to Ezra Miller running in an anatomically incorrect manner.
Hustle Tha GOD
Hustle Tha GOD 2 aylar önce
I don’t think Ezra is that great of a flash tbh, the way he runs is weird to me.
Learning Stuff Lane - Marathon Pictures
If you think back to the Johnny and Amber case, the argument that 'Amber was not yet proven guilty and rumours caused Amber to lose her role' was a huge problem for WB. It's clear the same is happening here with Ezra.... WB more than likely want to can Ezra but know they'd be putting themselves in legal jeopardy if they do it before a verdict is reached in the upcomng case.
Federico 2 aylar önce
I hope they stick to the multiversality introduced with the CW's (mostly terrible) shows and just shift to another parallel earth, so it makes sense to both have something similar (returning actors) and something different (recasts). And maybe, along the line, we can have a "Crisis" of a sort and maybe get some of the old actors come back.
Mike Stanley
Mike Stanley 2 aylar önce
Basically Flashpoint is key to rebooting DC so they can’t get rid of this movie to introduce new characters or opportunities for new characters to enter into DC. Flashpoint works in a way like multiverse theory to bring something new. 😊😊😊
Mark Friday
Mark Friday 2 aylar önce
I feel like they going to roll with the flash because it’s done but also it’s going to probably deal with time travel etc where they can get rid of Ezra n get someone else
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SupaRush⭕ 2 aylar önce
If James Gunn was a true mastermind he would say that Henry Cavill was out as Superman only to stir up the internet only to announce that Justice League 2 and him returning would be happening and thus generating insane hype.
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 2 aylar önce
100% facts, the cliffhanger of the decade! 100% facts, the cliffhanger of the Decade! They just dont want to please us instead they please them! The script of flash seem good do but.. To think we'll never get the team réunite is heartbreaking and keeping ezra is very intriguing it will let us the sensation that the New team is artificial but you know we the fan are too stupid to understand the mystic of the theatre but we have the money, its like a restaurant where you are told what is good for you how sad an archetype of our current world
David Samuelson
David Samuelson 2 aylar önce
The Flash is testing really high with test audiences so DC is moving ahead. Goes to show you can do anything to anyone at any time, as long as you make money for the big guns. Money is all that ever mattered.
Manx36 2 aylar önce
I didn’t care for the first Shazam so if they yanked that after the second one, not a problem. I think they will do a clean slate with the entire Snyder cast, that means Gal Gagone. It would just be easier to start with a fresh cast but in a soft reboot in my opinion.
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 2 aylar önce
Besides the firing of fan favorites, it’s the fact that they aren’t telling fans much. So people are left speculating. And keeping quiet or having no plan leaves it open to anyone’s interpretation. I will say this though; I am split when it comes to Miller, on the one hand it’s a chance at redemption especially if they were actually having some kind of mental breakdown. On the other hand it feels like rewarding bad behavior. It felt like he was in the news everyday trying to top the last bad thing he did.
FreeF Free
FreeF Free 2 aylar önce
If they were fan favorites you should have watched the movies lol!
Jeremy Seibert
Jeremy Seibert 2 aylar önce
Certainly won’t miss this universe if he is part of it
ratatataraxia 2 aylar önce
Love these news update videos.
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 2 aylar önce
Ezra Miller is a flash in the pan.
comic book kid
comic book kid 2 aylar önce
Great video as always but I doubt they are keeping Ezra as the flash they probably said that so they won't but you're the sales for their next upcoming movies but it's WB anything could happen
Action Figure - How to Fix Loose Joints
Zachary Levi has a point but let's support his movie, he deserves to be in this new cinematic universe
J.O.R.D 2 aylar önce
6:17 ooo injustice coming down the line? 👀 I do respect Zach’s mature attitude towards potentially losing this role, he brought up Gunn’s amazing GotG run and his yeah better than the first suicide squad movie but ooff surely he won’t ruin the flash’s potential as a DC character
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal 2 aylar önce
Although I’m one of the few people who likes Ezra Miller’s Flash, it will be slightly concerning if Warner Bros. decides to keep Miller after getting rid of Henry Cavill and some of the other actors.
EverettBurger 2 aylar önce
Still waiting for the announcement regarding the Gleek the Blue Monkey film.
solvseus 2 aylar önce
I think it was teased in the shows. I don't think it went anywhere though. Dunno, bowed out long before that.
Comic-Jon 2 aylar önce
Levi sounds more sane than anyone
Babidi👁‍🗨 2 aylar önce
- I wish the Rock had won in that power struggle :( It feels weird hoping for them to fail now but they did Henry dirty and are protecting an abusive weirdo so I hope they bomb in their future projects
A.J.Rimmer 2 aylar önce
Does anyone else remember 4 different Batman films with 3 different actors playing Batman all set in the same universe? Regardless of the problems some of those movies had, the interchangeable actors weren't one of them! Kinda like Bond... just do that!
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mado bat
mado bat 2 aylar önce
I think the flash movie is a flash point situation that can be used to reboot the universe
Mltiply 2 aylar önce
A Lobo movie would be insane !
KINGcook 2 aylar önce
Shazam really tryna Secure the bag 😂
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 2 aylar önce
While watching I thought about it... Levi is right about Gunn. He understands the comics and Canon. The issue is he doesn't understand how to read the room and understand his audience. I have no doubt he will do well technically but he won't do well when it comes to financials and audience interest. People are already pissed about Snyder not being back, even more are pissed about Cavill and Affleck not being back, and everybody will be pissed if Ezra stays. This whole thing doesn't end well. Also they probably wanted to fire him because he wouldn't shave the Mustache for his other role lmfao
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 2 aylar önce
@Joel Henry I get Snyder I kinda accepted that finally, but not bringing Cavill back is a huge mistake.
Joel Henry
Joel Henry 2 aylar önce
@Bryce Birkinbine I agree with your dad on that. i thought ZSJL was the best thing he did with DCEU. But it came too late. Snyder just didn't have the critical or financial success he needed when it mattered. And Cavill had one foot out the door when Dwayne Johnson twisted arms to bring him back to boost his own film. And we see how that worked out. I don't know what's going to happen with Ezra Miller but people who still want Snyder or Cavill are not in touch with reality.
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 2 aylar önce
@spointz Okay and? Your point?
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 2 aylar önce
@Joel Henry Problem is its not even about loud shitheads on Twitter. My own father who didn't like MOS and BVS loved ZSJL. His interest grew into DC again and now he doesn't give a shit because they keep changing fucking directions faster then Ezra Miller can groom a kid. Everybody is annoyed by that. I sure as hell am it's the reason why I only give a fuck about Reeves content.
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 2 aylar önce
@Jamie Creer Man of Steel and BVS and the first WW and even the shitty Suicide Squad movie all made a profit. Aquaman is the most profitable film post JL17 for them. After that it's a couple moderate successes and a couple absolute bombs. Then there's Joker as well but I kinda don't count that. Whole point is even though they didn't gross the exact numbers they still made money unlike some of the newer projects. As seen with few people going to the theater for TSS and Black Adam Audience interest is gone.
Red Rebel
Red Rebel 2 aylar önce
I guess James Gunn is saving faces for his multiverse saga AND he has to publicly support the upcoming film so that it would at least do a decent run.
First Last
First Last 2 aylar önce
*To Quote Brennan Huff* , “ You’re fucking high “ Seriously, given how James Gunn basically makes characters his own and does what he wants *DESPITE* the source material… I question whether this is the right job for him.. he’s made a reboot in his image at a time where superhero fatigue has set in for a lot of people
Cameron 2 aylar önce
It unfortunately makes sense if your using flashpoint to change everything. But it will not work I don’t think if that’s what they are doing.
Sebastian The Fair
Sebastian The Fair 2 aylar önce
I’d be willing to bet The Flash will end with flash running through time and dying, to leave it open either way. They could go back on the death via writing, or recast entirely
RC Ward
RC Ward 2 aylar önce
Yeah, willing to work with him right up through the pressers
SupaRush⭕ 2 aylar önce
The Shazam actors breakdown of everything in this video halfway thru was as gold as it gets.. He gets it. James Gunn knows what he's doing.. Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad sequel was pure gold and I have 100% faith whatever he has planned will be amazing.. This makes me really hyped for The Flash movie though because i've heard nothing but it being amazing despite all the controversy although James Gunn didn't have full control from the start on that he will in future movies.
S O'Rourke
S O'Rourke 2 aylar önce
I think actor age is gunns biggest motivation...if he rebooted the dceu with mcu level success what does that look like in 10 years with some of current actors..it could be weird...I think they want a 15 year window with castings
Marco Marc
Marco Marc 2 aylar önce
DC sure miss a lot of good opportunities, hopefully they'll have a good road ahead now.
Fact Box
Fact Box 2 aylar önce
With everything that is going around a complete reboot is necessary.
Edwin James
Edwin James 2 aylar önce
Lets hope they just make his running really look like running, something like Makkari in Eternals, personally it should not be a soft reboot - should be a complete
First Last
First Last 2 aylar önce
It looked fine in the Snyder Cut.. the initial idea seemed to be that he was on a higher plain of simply “running” and was more like a figure skater in the speed force.. which I liked - but yeah - it needs to be someone who can fr run
Salem's Lot and More
Salem's Lot and More 2 aylar önce
Thank You for the updates 😀
Pytr Man
Pytr Man 2 aylar önce
I think they need to reboot, starting with management!
solvseus 2 aylar önce
Uh, they just did. Again. So far... I dunno man. I hope for the best, but I dunno now.
Buttsy 2 aylar önce
The fact that he's referred to as their instead of him makes me think that I may know why they kept him.
melomet 2 aylar önce
IDK I thought Miller was not a great flash. He must have a relative in the WB execs and they cant fire him lol. Maybe he is actually gonna be out after this Flashpoint movie. Like Flashpoint changes Barry to a different actor bc he doesn't like himself in the movie. That would be really powerful and sad. There are still ways they could pull this off and tbh having Gunn in charge makes me feel better about it all. We don't have to know everything as fans, but I agree they shouldn't have publicized firings and not given other good news in return. I'm not gonna hold my breath for anything
Sol-Sol Tha Don
Sol-Sol Tha Don 2 aylar önce
I love Black Adam great movie
Justin Wallace
Justin Wallace 2 aylar önce
My man’s role in Shazam was perfect casting
Jamesysy 2 aylar önce
What if: in the flash movie near the end we have ezra get replaced by a different flash actor. Then after the movie ezra gets kicked to a very dirty curb because getting kicked to a regular curb is an violation. To the regular curb
Daniel Francis
Daniel Francis 2 aylar önce
As sad as I was to hear Cavil wouldn’t be returning he is too old for a 10 year plan. He would be nearly 50 by the time it ends.
Arthur Gonzales
Arthur Gonzales 2 aylar önce
I’d love Snyder to be able to wrap up his Justice League before James comes in rearranging things.
Charly Murillo
Charly Murillo 2 aylar önce
Is crazy how the only actor we didnt enjoy as the character is the only one left lmao
ANGRON 2 aylar önce
Im gonna guess they are playing nice with Ezra so they can get something for their money, but will use flashpoint to leave him there and move on.
DrKeps 2 aylar önce
DCU throwing out everyone -except- Ezra, who had that on their Bingo card for 2023?
Jordan Burgos
Jordan Burgos 2 aylar önce
“Gal Ga-not” 🤣🤣🤣
melviness 2 aylar önce
David Corensweat is PERFECT for superman
solvseus 2 aylar önce
WB VP: well, most of the actors love playing their parts. Even the ones that don't could be coaxed back. Fans love most of them too. Should we keep them? Other exec: no, let's get rid of everyone. Another exec: at least Ezra will be gone, what a headache. Other exec: except them, we're keeping them. The rest of the execs, white powder all over their noses: brilliant! The fans will love it, plus $!!! Later: why did we lose $ again and everyone hates us?
Lenox W
Lenox W 2 aylar önce
They won't keep Miller, this is just a tactic to try and retain the intrest in the Flash movie but its honestly having the reverse effect and its horrible for PR
Jose Huaman
Jose Huaman 2 aylar önce
I have a feeling that they using Ezra to pull a Robert D Jr moment to carry DC as a comeback actor
Edboy Movies
Edboy Movies 2 aylar önce
It's kinda strange Zachari replaced the blonde dude in the Warriors 3 in Thor 2 on
Sonic 2 aylar önce
I think everyone deserves a second chance but still if they keep him they should bring everyone back then
Hustle Tha GOD
Hustle Tha GOD 2 aylar önce
Ezra has had 3 chances already 😂😂
PeterTheFerret 2 aylar önce
I appreciate videos like this. Thanks for keeping politics out of it. This is the kinda news I want. 👍
Scott Menor
Scott Menor 2 aylar önce
Keeping him can't be interpreted as anything other than them giving a stamp of approval for everything he did and thus telling me that they don't want my money
J.O.R.D 2 aylar önce
13:02 EXACTLYYY, it’s alllllllll connected, so I’m interested to see how this mess goes down
Will Nic
Will Nic 2 aylar önce
Cavil is and always will be my superman
Dominique Norman
Dominique Norman 2 aylar önce
If I did half of what Ezra did, I'd be in prison for a long time and People have been saying the only reason Miller is the one who's staying around while everyone else is getting axed might be because he's got dirt on WB execs. And I'm with them, that's the only logical explanation to any of this.
Robert Bendinelli
Robert Bendinelli 2 aylar önce
Zachary Levi should be the new Reed Richards
macros 2 aylar önce
I hope Ezra stay he is just perfect to flash role
Roger Melly
Roger Melly 2 aylar önce
I think you mean he is perfect for a role as a flasher .
Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet 2 aylar önce
He probably matches James Gun's sense of humor
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 2 aylar önce
Here we are discussing and Waiting for Gadot 😁
ZEROANON 2 aylar önce
This flash stuff is gonna go down in cinematic history man. I've seen WB and DC struggle to release movies over the years, I've read up on some of the unusual stuff that has happened during the development of a lot of these movies, but I have never seen ANYTHING like this, and the movie still won't even be out for another five months.
FH 2 aylar önce
Im so confused of a 10 year plan with a 4 year contract.
Mister W
Mister W 2 aylar önce
I seriously don’t understand why people are still questioning if Ezra will be out or not. The film was already done or nearly done which is why there was never an announcement for him getting fired. Then they did reshoots. Then the Cavill situation. Common sense should tell you The Flash will show the transition of a reboot from DCEU to DCU. Which means Ezra is gone too. Why would they keep him any longer afterwards after all the nonsense he did in 2022? Think people
WarHammer 2 aylar önce
Everytime Paul uploads a new video with another update on DC Viewers:this is the fight of our lives, whatever it takes
pecosROB 2 aylar önce
Why did I not think of a soft reboot via Flashpoint? Man I'm stupid. Gunn better do a build up to a Crysis on Infinite Earth storyline!!
D&A 2 aylar önce
5:36 Good response and heartfelt.
ThatGuy 2 aylar önce
Goddamn that Zachary Levi video was making me tear up
Robert Davies
Robert Davies 2 aylar önce
I think Zachary Levi has got a point here
Fletch DAD
Fletch DAD 2 aylar önce
I think it is a bummer to get rid of the actors I had high hopes for , but it is what it is !
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