DCU Gods And Monsters Slate Explained: Superman Legacy, Wonder Woman TV Show, Batman & Robin & More

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DCU Gods And Monsters Slate Explained: Superman Legacy, Wonder Woman TV Show, Batman & Robin, Swamp Thing & More. We break down the new DCU Slate and all the titles that have been announced.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul Aka Lames Pun and after what feels like months of waiting we finally have the brand new DCU Slate. After announcing the lineup at a private event yesterday, James Gunns plans are now public and throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down the whole thing. There's movies to talk about, tv shows and lots of new projects to dive into. We have a lot to cover so I'm not even gonna ask for you to hit the thumbs up button...which you should and let's get into it.

Now the entire slate will be part of a DC's first phase which will be known as Chapter One. There may be more announcements that come with this and I'll try and keep you updated if we get any further drops over the next couple of days. Titled Gods and Monsters this spells out the kind of direction that the first phase will be and we have a mixture of both big name and obscure characters.

The name Gods And Monsters actually pulls from a DC animated movie released in 2015 that featured elseworld versions of the Trinity. They were darker versions of the characters but I think the name is just picked cos it sounds cool rather than actually having a secret meaning behind it.

We will however have an elseworld set of films and this will be set outside of the DCU. The first one to be confirmed as part of this is The Batman 2 which we all knew was coming. As always DC will do films that aren't connected to this main timeline and we of course have a second Joker coming out as well. I think that what Gunn is probably gonna do is that he's gonna see what the reception is to this main phase whilst also potentially branching off into multiversal stories down the line. This was hinted at by The Rock who said there may be multiversal stories with Black Adam coming at some point.

I kinda do hope that we see Henry Cavill back as Superman in some form or another as I think it would be a shame to completely waste the guy.




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
*UPDATES* - Paradise Lost will be a prequel set before the birth of Diana, not the Civil War like I theorised. Creature Commandos will be animated. Waller will basically be Peacemaker Season 2 with elements of that story and the cast being brought over. Supergirl WILL be based on Woman Of Tomorrow as suspected. Peter Safran has now said in an interview that Aquaman 3 Is going ahead. Ezra Miller is expected to stay on as The Flash.
MrInnovativeMusic Aylar önce
@Віталій Ковач lmao
Віталій Ковач
@MrInnovativeMusic I think he just drank a lucky potion.
MrInnovativeMusic Aylar önce
Ezra must got some strong knee's
Віталій Ковач
I don't know about you, but Gann's plans somehow didn't impress me. Yes, and it seems that I have already burned out a special interest in Dc. P.S: It's a pity that the heroes of the old universe have such an inglorious end, I can only hope that they will reset the universe where the Justice League 2017 canon and Snyderkat will exist somewhere in an alternative universe.
Rakesh Kishan
Rakesh Kishan Aylar önce
Great I don't like erza as flash... bring Cavill .make Pattison main batman...
Pushkal Vasudev
Pushkal Vasudev Aylar önce
DC doing else worlds movies is one of the best moves as it keeps things fresh and won’t cause a DC fatigue
The Viewer
The Viewer Aylar önce
@WHU-HAPPEN??!!!!™ True, True. Like we see here 🙄 He should’ve fun waiting for 2025 with this slate 😂
The Viewer
The Viewer Aylar önce
@Pushkal Vasudev MCU does have not Fatigue going on, that’s just haters following the hype to hate a successful franchise, like always. How dumb, elsewhere movies, like movies that don’t fit in canon. could just put a sticker on it saying „don’t matter for ish, don’t watch and waste time“ dc have and will continue to have because it’s always supe, bats and wonder, so eff it, that’s like fatigued for 20 years already 😂😂 Besides it being lame stuff, but that’s personal, pm the other hand objectively it’s just trash, because it don’t sell and don’t feel good while watching. That’s what Marvel does waaaaaaaaay better, no love or defense here, just look at the numbers. Plus if you a true lover and passionate of something, you don’t fatigue on it 😂 DC is trash, just face it and by now they did effed the GunnCU already
Raymund Turner
Raymund Turner Aylar önce
Superman red son elseworlds Batman beyond elsewolds Justice league (animated series universe) live action elsewolds
Raymund Turner
Raymund Turner Aylar önce
Nayeeb G
Nayeeb G Aylar önce
I think the reboot will be worth it. I'm excited for the new takes on legacy characters. Really curious about the new Batman&Robin movie.
Joelo feliciano
Joelo feliciano Aylar önce
what reboot? this is a huge r-rated mess
Pete Johnes
Pete Johnes Aylar önce
It's not a "reboot" lol
HustleBones Aylar önce
@Guilherme Picollo duarte it’s not all garbage. The cowl looked sick, the action was filmed with style and suspense. The writing was really poor but I thought Affleck did a commendable job 🤷
ToxiqSna-iQ Aylar önce
can someone clarify the term reboot, as far as i know reboot is a total remake of a certain character, but all ive noticed so far is that they are changing the actors, i doubt they will ever reconstruct just a part of the universe i beilieve all new movies and the "introduction to character" movies can be put in the existing universe (i think the whole reboot is made for new future watchers (and if they are for it they will probably watch the whole thing from beginning))
Brandon Coger
Brandon Coger Aylar önce
Waller sounds official! I hope they tackle Cadmus and Star Labs. The elsewhere series in DC is known as Elseworld and the stories are usually so unique that they need to stand alone, such as the time Batman became an Egyptian God. Casting needs to be tight though for this new DCU to take root.
Kingdom Come Superman
They've announced Booster Gold, Hal Jordan, new Superman, Supergirl & confirmation of moving from live-action to also animated. I'm hyped.
Tweeks Aylar önce
He also said future tie in games will crossover too
S3 34
S3 34 Aylar önce
Sooooo excited for the green Lantern series especially. Hal jordan and John stewart in a true detective style is MUSIC to my ears!!!!
Tarun Prema
Tarun Prema Aylar önce
The projects sound interesting Superman, Lanterns like lethal weapon which i wanted since day1 and a Batman and Damian robin, I'm actually looking forward to this. Ill miss Snyder of course and i hope we get to see come of it in a different media, but these projects have my attention, a lot of characters I'm unaware of and it will be interesting how everyone else reacts and feels.
kawika_david Aylar önce
I hope they bring back Henry Cavill as an alternate Superman from another universe.
Sonnyo Fox
Sonnyo Fox Aylar önce
As soon as he said Damian Wayne I was in. Don’t care what anyone says, he’s my favorite Robin.
Jord Aylar önce
Frustrating to basically start over but excited to see some of these projects!
Fun stuff
Fun stuff Aylar önce
@Jord elseworld
Fun stuff
Fun stuff Aylar önce
@TheDoomer Thats elseworld too😂
Fun stuff
Fun stuff Aylar önce
@TheDoomer everything not connected is elseworld. So yes it's a reboot
TheDoomer Aylar önce
@Jord Agree. Literally the one and one only actor I'd keep is Viola Davis as Waller, because who you gonna find more perfect for that role? Everybody else gotta go.
Jord Aylar önce
@TheDoomer lmao, in true Gunn fashion. I’m surprised he can do it so much tbh. Other institutions have things in place to stop it from happening / at least be an equal opportunity / give the best person the job!
Kyle McCormack
Kyle McCormack Aylar önce
If this version of Batman and Joker end up going head to head, it will be one of the best movies ever made. A proper film set in that gritty version of Gotham that Battinson established, going up against the Joker we saw born out of real big city poverty and tragedy. It would be legendary, it could be a cop-drama with a solid mystery set up. Give Batman his "master investigator" role once more.
Josh M
Josh M Aylar önce
You clearly have not been paying attention 😂😂
Josh M
Josh M Aylar önce
Norberto Costa
Norberto Costa Aylar önce
I loved the James Gunn projects both DC and MCU, I just hope he manages to get to do his thing with these projects and isnt just sniped all the time if something doesnt go well
sonny A
sonny A Aylar önce
I would love if at some point when they expand on their Multiverse, show us a universe that lost its battle with Cavil/Gadot/Affleck making some huge sacrifice play that doesn't save them but gives the Gunn-Verse chance at defeating their threat. But then again...maybe the bandaid has been pulled and its better to let the past heal.
Truck-Kun Aylar önce
I hope that having someone who has worked at both Marvel and DC helps dispel this idea that one has to be better than the other, and everyone can just enjoy superheroes in general without labels.
arkinyte13 Aylar önce
I’m really interested in Swampthing and the Creature Commandos, hopefully we’ll get Etrigan the demon later.
Chuck The Mystery
As a lifetime DC fan this news is very exciting to me. I never thought we would see The Authority on the screen and the Wildstorm imprint made me think we could never see them interacting with characters like Superman anyway…so this is very exciting to think that Superman could go to this team and try to recruit them…only to realize that he can’t find the good in them…and their only goal becomes..trying to destroy him. Elseworlds and Swamp Thing are also very exciting propositions. Overall I think James and Peter are the right people for this very challenging job!
crimsonraen Aylar önce
Thanks for the video Paul! I'm really hoping this new run is going to be amazing, and that they can have multiverse cameos from the previous run! We'll see in time I guess..
karan Desai
karan Desai Aylar önce
I'm excited for this. But I'm not sure how it all ties up and like who's the big baddie for them all going forward. The Thanos level villain here.
Brandon Cetta
Brandon Cetta Aylar önce
The Mcu has really caused this thought process not every story in a shared universe has to funnel into each other.
Eric Middleton
Eric Middleton Aylar önce
Actually different than everyone expected.... all I'm asking for is they finally do hades and sinestro some justice this time
Drank Sinatra
Drank Sinatra Aylar önce
While reserving the expectation, the anticipation is absolutely felt… Bonus… Bautista returns. Given the vocal exit from Guardians and Gunn’s lateral move over to DC, it’s reasonable that among the transitions, Bautista would shift roles to another gruff personality. Imagine Kilowog…
J.O.R.D Aylar önce
11:46 my thoughts exactly 👀 but we’ll see, I had a feeling it would go this sort of route tbh, I am really excited and hopeful for a few of these but I can’t see people rushing to cinemas or their tv screens for the others
Isaeah Cranfield
Isaeah Cranfield Aylar önce
Excited to see how this all pans out, as well as what we can see coming back through the Elseworld branding. Not all hope is lost after all! This is why Twitter fingers needs to hold on until they get all the details, before jumping to conclusions.
beastlaz Aylar önce
'Gods and Monsters' actually originates from the movie 'The Bride of Frankenstein' ('We live in a time of Gods and Monsters') also the title of the movie about the Director of 'Bride', James Whale, starring Brendan Frasier and Sir Ian Mckellen
Pinto PP Lx
Pinto PP Lx Aylar önce
The Green Lantern was described by James Gunn as a "True Detective" type of show, so we can expect a big bad behind it all
Alexis Aylar önce
I’m looking forward to this new DCU. And I’m so excited that Gunn chose to bring in Damian! I hope they do him justice.
Hans Choa
Hans Choa Aylar önce
mark wallberg delivery on the ted2 movie never disappoints. the passion on delivering it.
Samuel Gonzalez-Tovar
Authority seems like a great team for the Justice league to go up against
SEMAPHORE Aylar önce
I’m so keen for the more comic book style Batman. Hope it’s something like the Arkham games
Daan Amelink
Daan Amelink Aylar önce
So we'll have a new continuity and we keep the Elseworld stories? Hell... YES! I am so freaking excited for Gunn to helm the DCU going forward!
NikeMike96 Aylar önce
With James Gunn, being a fan of Nathan Fillion, and having him in the guardians movies in some way or another, I’m hoping to see Nathan cast as Hal Jordan
Matty Boy B
Matty Boy B Aylar önce
Thanks brother!! I’m not so sure i love this, I definitely don’t hate it just not so sure what to expect. The good thing is that it is different and very heavy with projects so I guess I’ll have to watch this video again and do some research on these stories. Still say sticking with what Snyder had put together would’ve worked best
Lancer Silva
Lancer Silva Aylar önce
I’m just glad Blue Beetle is going to be canon
Baki Aylar önce
You and me both.
TheRealAlpha2 Aylar önce
My anticipation has never been lower. To be fair, I wasn't a big fan of how it all started to begin with, but I feel like I'm also the type person they want to aim for. If you can get someone like me on board then they've won regardless of what came before. I will say stuff like Creature Commandos sounds like it has just the right amount of "I have no idea what this is" that I think I could enjoy it without worrying about the DC universe proper and that's how you trojan horse people into it. But I also know that they have ten years of content and existing movies they need to explain as well or better than Marvel did for the more than 20 years of not owning their own characters on film, with Loki and Spider-man alone.
Dougitoons Aylar önce
Hi Paul. Great summary. I am an unashamed Snyderfan for DC, but I was cynical to begin with. With that in mind I will give Gunn a chance. BTW, I was part of the choir doing the score in Wakanda Forever and the original Black Panther film, so winning a copy of WF would be most welcome.
sammy - kun
sammy - kun Aylar önce
What I’m most happy to see is obscure comics or comics that majority may not know finally getting brought to the big screen. This is how you do things. Also the fact that they’re not touching Matt’s batverse whilst still giving us the batfamily :’) awesome vid per usual paul, cheers :))
Summer Starr
Summer Starr Aylar önce
THANK YOU! You are one of a few people who knows The Authority. I think it's going to be very much like The Boys, only without the parody that is infused throughout that title. It's gonna be MESSY.
William Lusk
William Lusk Aylar önce
Heya Paul! Glad to hear your sultry voice again, looking forward to seeing what DC pops out over the next year. Not looking forward to more troubles from Ezra Miller, but I kinda enjoy his awkwardness as Flash in JL, so hopefully it'll be good. We'll see what they can manage to pull off before condemning any moves or decisions. FWIW, you'd make a PERFECT Batman! Start a social campaign for Heavy Spoilers Batman!
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Ey cheers mate, need to get that campaign set up asap
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan Aylar önce
I don't know if I'd name the first phase of my cinematic universe after a line from the failed Mummy reboot, but to each their own
Denzy Aylar önce
I'm SO excited for the future of DC! This announcement looks dope. It can only go up!😂
DarkestHusko Aylar önce
excited for new Superman's direction, would be cool if we see a Henry Cavill cameo in it!
OgreMan Aylar önce
I think it would be cool if they establish an Elseworlds Production team where they establish that it’s an Elseworlds story in the opening credits
Abhiram Reddy
Abhiram Reddy Aylar önce
Wow this looks pretty good, could you imagine if their big bad villain is VANDAL SAVAGE?....hopefully they can work properly this time around and appropriately build a more fluid and logically connected universe and work their way up to doomsday clock, rann-thanagar war, brightest day/blacknest night, battle for the cowl, final crisis, convergence/zero hour, sinestro corps war, injustice, batman beyond, the judas contract, legion of super heroes, kingdom come...the possibilities are endless!!!
Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin Aylar önce
I can't wait to see what they do with supergirl and wonder woman. I truly hope they show Superman struggling to be this do good all the time person and just want to kick some butt, no boy scout problems.
Josh Karian
Josh Karian Aylar önce
Like the new slate, respect what Gunn's doing
JP Aylar önce
I saw New Rockstars and a few others had a show like this up. Yet Paul here at Heavy Spoilers is by far the biggest and most knowledgeable DCU fan. So I always watch and like his 1st.
Chris C
Chris C Aylar önce
DC has so much potential with someone who loves and understands the source material. I like what Gunn has done at DC thus far, really embracing the epic and weird parts of comics without coming off too corny. Marvel seems to refuse to do anything very mature for an adult only audience, and hopefully DC can capitalize on it.
Robby Rhodes
Robby Rhodes Aylar önce
I disagree
Myles Aylar önce
In the past DC did an animated Movie Superman vs The Elite... it sounds like the movies Superman: Legacy and The Authorities, could set up a Superman vs The Authorities story line that mirrors Superman vs the Elite.
Rok Zupan
Rok Zupan Aylar önce
Im so excited for Superman: Legacy, Waller tv series, Lanterns and i hope Peacemaker season 2 will happened
Leon S Kennedy
Leon S Kennedy Aylar önce
Happy to hear Robert Pattinson will stay as Batman but part of Elseworld universe. Gonna be another couple more years before the new Superman movie will drop and the new actor will playing as the man of steel himself.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Aylar önce
For your next video can you give any reason why fans should be excited for this lineup from Gunn?
💜BaNgTaN NiKki💜
I’m happy with the slate. Hope it all turns out well for DC
Wooshey Comics NOW!
Finally, somebody who gets superman and I’m actually curious about his version of Batman.
Dee Acosta
Dee Acosta Aylar önce
Viola Davis is incredible. Really excited to see.
George Hillier
George Hillier Aylar önce
Some really cool sounding projects here, and definitely some out of the box ideas, and finally Green Lanterns! 🙌🙌 I USED to love the DCEU, but the Snyder fans just ended up ruining it for me in the end, so here's to the future! 🥂
PrimateSoul Aylar önce
Supposedly Swamp Thing was cancelled because some Issues with the tax conflict, or That was the official story last I read. Excited the movie is supposed to pick up at the end of season 1! Lot of interesting projects coming up
AJZStudios Aylar önce
Nicholas Hoult deserves to be the next Batman. I think he will be.
Monica Merle
Monica Merle Aylar önce
As long as Gunn gives Chris Pratt a starring role in the DCU, fine by me 🤩
Raymund Turner
Raymund Turner Aylar önce
I’m excited for this and the potential of elsewolds.
Mike V
Mike V Aylar önce
I got goosebumps watching this. I can’t wait, some of the stories he chose aren’t my favorite by I have high hopes coming from James Gunn.
Tony V.
Tony V. Aylar önce
The ym more in Marvel, I can't wait to see what they have and how well they do!
Abdur Rahman Alif
Abdur Rahman Alif Aylar önce
After watching the DC animated universe movies I wanted Dceu to end in the same way . But change is not all bad I guess 🙂 anyways I am really excited for all this Batman movies🦇.
David Olsen
David Olsen Aylar önce
I think Gunn’s secretly still working for Marvel.
Shane Mercer
Shane Mercer Aylar önce
This is half of Chapter 1, he might unveil the rest this week, hopefully
Michael Willey
Michael Willey Aylar önce
Another fantastic breakdown 👍🏼
S Lopez
S Lopez Aylar önce
In all these DC breakdowns I notice nobody ever mentions that Constantine 2 with Keanu Reeves is still in the works!
Cesar Aylar önce
Love that not every release will be part of the universe. Leaves room for exploring the multiverse with potential future fan favorite!
S W Aylar önce
I actually hate they aren’t all directly connected.
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph Aylar önce
James clearly knows what hes doing,we dont need to start from the beginning with stuff we already know with batman,Just start with the batfamily and damien,Already so hyped
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph Aylar önce
@Mark N You do kind of have a point tho,i can admit it is kind of odd they just start with an older batman who been through three robins,I would have sincerely loved a young batman story with robin in the mix too but im not mad at Gunns decision tho
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph Aylar önce
@Mark N Okay,I will be very honest tho.The structure feels kind messy for this movies,i personally would have liked a young batman and superman to have a worlds finest movie before forming the Justice league exploring thier relationship in this new Dcu
Mark N
Mark N Aylar önce
@Jesse Joseph For this movies to do well you need casuals to support it to. Look at the MCU most of their fans don't know jack sh*t about the comics. So you have to ask yourself do this people know robins progress to Nightwing? And also I'm pretty sure people that are not DC fans don't know that Jason Todd was a horrible Robin who got killed by Joker and became Red Hood. This slat looks good and all as a DC fan, but we need it to make money the last thing we need is for this franchise to become niche.
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph Aylar önce
@Mark NWe could have that for The Batman universe tho,I would have loved to have seen dicks and Jasons story in this verse too but do we necessarily need to know thier story since we already know how they turn out tho,im just personally glad hes starting with Damien in this verse
Mark N
Mark N Aylar önce
No he doesn't if he did he would've started with Dick as Robin and made a complete reboot to make sure we he doesn't carry unnecessary baggage into his verse.
Aden Vue
Aden Vue Aylar önce
I hope this means Grayson will be introduced in The Batman universe
DCPierrot Aylar önce
Superman Legacy from what they say is going take elements of All Star Superman, basically showing who Superman is and his kindness towards others.
Victor Aguilar
Victor Aguilar Aylar önce
I think Waller will be the unofficial season 2 of Peacemaker since he mentioned she will team up with them
Matthew smith
Matthew smith Aylar önce
Martian Manhunter would be a good character to establish early on. Could even have simlar role to Nick Fury in MCU. J'onn J'onzz could be the connecting tissue between the separate movies and help set up the Justice League. If you think about it Martian Manhunter could seemlessly fit into almost every DC movie on the new slate. He's a shape shifting alien detective with many alias's. That was once a intergalactic police man from Mars with telepathic powers. He would be the perfect character with right abilities to convince Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to form an alliance to be the protectors of Earth. Then cast Idris Elba as Martian Manhunter and they'll be on to a winner.
Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart Aylar önce
I’m very excited for batman brave and the bold the animated movie was a banger 😅
Hunter Kelley
Hunter Kelley Aylar önce
I’m actually kind of excited for this!
ComicKebs Aylar önce
Interesting direction. I’m definitely interested in Booster Gold. But honestly - why not go for the Kingdom Come storyline??
Mclovins6669 Aylar önce
As a kid I was never allowed to read comic books because my grandparents were hardcore Pentecostal, but now as an adult I can finally watch movies based on famous comic book runs.
The Memeslinger
The Memeslinger Aylar önce
The thing I'm the most hype for out of this list is BOOSTER HYUCKIN GOLD
Ironclad Nomad
Ironclad Nomad Aylar önce
I'm just glad that, not only is The Batman still continuing, but also separate from the larger DCU.
Edwin Laws
Edwin Laws Aylar önce
Ezra Miller is the only L so far and it’s pretty big. Hopefully they change their minds. Everything else sounds great though. It’s gonna be rocky at the start but once pieces start connecting, if they give it time, it should come together.
SuperAz1981 Aylar önce
Since they didn't announce another Flash film who knows what will happen they don't have to decide right now focus on launch then worry about controversy
Two Guys and A Few Good Men
Isn’t Finn Wittrock playing Hal Jordan? Also I’d love to see Ryan Gosling as Booster Gold!
Dom510 Aylar önce
This slate has me super hyped. The Batman Part 2, The Brave and the Bold, Superman: Legacy, Lanterns, Swamp Thing, Booster Gold, Creature Commandos. I’m hyped for them all. Gunn is a fantastic creative and I can’t wait to see his DCU unfold. Future of DC is very bright if they get everything right.
Mateo Doris
Mateo Doris Aylar önce
I was going to give Gunn a chance as I love what he has done in other movies such as Guardians, but I think this looks very concerning. Keeping Ezra just isn't a good look, and I don't know how general audiences are going to feel about having multiple live action batman's at the same time
Fun stuff
Fun stuff Aylar önce
sreniN 79
sreniN 79 Aylar önce
It's Batman. Batman has a base of fans who know nothing about him other than that they like him. With his popularity, it'll be fine.
Fun stuff
Fun stuff Aylar önce
It's going to be labeled Elseworld
Kyle Carter
Kyle Carter Aylar önce
Bro....thank you for having this up already!
Timmy John Hildebrand Jr
I hope they keep making the animated movies
jaka T
jaka T Aylar önce
Im absolutely happy to see more unknown characters and not milking old ones
Alberto Alfredo
Alberto Alfredo Aylar önce
Gunn is def making something different
Arfhat Aylar önce
What if James Gunn is playing us and the Superman movie is actually about Jon Kent since it’s called Legacy and it’d make since Damian Wayne is already Robin in chapter 1. If this is true, could be an opportunity to keep Cavill as Clark.
Andyrson X
Andyrson X Aylar önce
Why would they make a movie about his dad lmao
Jeremy Byington
Jeremy Byington Aylar önce
The only projects I look forward to are Swamp Thing and Creature Commandos. I have reboot fatigue, but I’d be open to a Justice League movie where Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were on another mission and therefore the focus was on the B & C listers.
Julian Bashir
Julian Bashir Aylar önce
They just need to continue the Swamp thing series
Andrew Turney
Andrew Turney Aylar önce
I still think it needed to be a Full and Complete Reboot, no ties to the old DCU at all, Peacemaker and Waller puts a shadow over new projects imo
NightWing Aylar önce
Green Lantern, booster gold put a smile on my face 😃
Andrew Doub
Andrew Doub Aylar önce
Props for getting this vid out so quickly 👏🏼
PeterTheFerret Aylar önce
I hope we finally get a good Hal Jordan Green lantern.
JSG Aylar önce
this got me excited for the future of the DC universe
Dan Ross
Dan Ross Aylar önce
Not going to lie I'm pretty hype about the new upcoming slathe for DC.
Andrea D'Adam
Andrea D'Adam Aylar önce
It sucks that he had to keep peacemaker canon tho, starting from absolutely zero would have been the right thing to do
190 Mohammed Yasin
190 Mohammed Yasin Aylar önce
Paul as batman in brave and the bold is what we need !
sonny A
sonny A Aylar önce
I might be in my 60's by the time we get a new Justice League movie. I'm going to need a drink.
I never thought in my lifetime I would see a The Authority movie or series !!!!! I'm gassed!!!!
Salem's Lot and More
Thank You for the "DCU Gods And Monsters Slate Explained: Superman Legacy, Wonder Woman TV Show, Batman & Robin & More" List and Video 😀
Michael Farineau
Michael Farineau Aylar önce
Authority- Hard R. Make it as bananas as possible. I’ve thought that when (if) it is ever done right; superhero movies will have gone to the next level. Additionally, the CGI has finally caught up to allow it to be done right.
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