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Dear Moms... This is your song.
Share "Dear Mom" with your friends and loved ones and let's make an impact. Thank you.

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Shot by: Logan Meis
Produced by: Lex Nour Beats


Love you ma
It’s Danny
Dear mom, dear mom
I hope you know that this is your song

Dear mom, everything you did was worth it
all the sacrifices taken when the picture wasn’t perfect
I could see it in your face when I was young and all your burdens are reminders to keep pushing when I’m working on this circuit
I remember in the Canada cold
delivering papers out the trunk when I was sick going door to door
you used that God got me I was meant for more and that we was broke cause he was fixing what we had in store
I remember that momma used to beat my ass
Then I would be mad and crying while she worked a back to back
Then she’d wake me up and tell me that I’d better get to class
and then I graduated and she stood up and I saw her clap
we used argue now I know you were right
Ima tell my kids the same to be in before street lights
not to steal, do right, live, laugh, play fight and everynight pray to God on both knees with closed eyes
everybody’s got a mom
everyone relates to this
there’s no way we can repay them for the things they all did
this a message to the queens around the world who go to war and sacrifice to make a better life for all of their kids
Tuesday night you would drive me to practice
church on Sunday, midnight masses
pushed me hard I couldn’t be stagnant
kept me calm despite the madness
you cooked and kept me fed
then knelt and prayed beside my bed
you’d whisper in my ear and I still hear those words inside my head
mom knows best
can’t talk back can’t disrespect
can’t forget
you held me in your stomach despite all the pain, all the stress
can’t neglect
laid the bricks to my success
and dedicated all your time to make sure that I did my best
I hope you know this is your song
I hope memorize and always sing along
I hope you know I know you did your best
and every single step you ever took was to assure I never did no wrong
can’t nobody break this bond
it’s infinite and then beyond
and when they ask my reason I just say your
name as my response
my love for you could stretch across 100 seas and light a galaxy i’m trying to say that can’t nobody ever turn it off
thank you is not enough
your the reason that I’m here and why I can’t give up,
and every single time I fall
and every time I’m stuck
you call me knowing somethings wrong innately and you pick me up
and even when we miles away I promise we’re not out of touch
cause nothing can connect the world the way a loving mother does
for all those double shifts I saw you work I never saw you fuss
and that’s why when I’m tired I keep going cause I know must
work to ensure you get the life you deserve
dear mom you’re an angel so again I’m saying thank you for the memories and time I feels like heaven on earth
and while I know I can’t repay you I just trying to say I’m grateful for your sacrifice and love and always putting me first
mom I hope that you take these words
and never ever have think about or question your worth
for all your pain and your hurt
for all your struggle and work
Mom for giving me birth
I want to say
Dear mom
this is a letter from ya son
those 3 jobs you were working
ya they probably wasn’t fun
all the weight that you were carrying
it probably weighed a ton
so I made this song today to finally tell you that you done

Love you mom
Dear mom, dear mom
I hope you know that this is your song



6 May 2021




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Dax Aylar önce
Dear moms... This is your song♥️we appreciate you. This one was very personal and special to me and I know it will be to many of you. Share this with someone you love if you can relate and lets make and impact. On All streaming platforms at midnight: ingroov.es/dear-mom
Mike F
Mike F Aylar önce
Every song is a fucking hit.One more Rap God Remix please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 “Dax God”
Titizana Mvembe
Titizana Mvembe Aylar önce
I love it💋💋💞💕💕💕💕u done well...🤩
chevyboi1028 Aylar önce
Really hit home wit thiz 1 brudda 💪🏽💪🏽 keeping coming respect.....
Dylan O'brien
Dylan O'brien Aylar önce
Dax I love this song I messed up on mother's Day and I feel horrible so next year I'm doing something big I am happy you sure appreciation to mom's and everyone in the world
addam squad
addam squad Aylar önce
This song is the best 2021 it will allways be the best happy birthday to your mom 💯😊 Love u an your music allways striving
Elekwachi Bruno
Elekwachi Bruno 12 saatler önce
Sephodi Cliffot Rakgoale
Sephodi Cliffot Rakgoale 14 saatler önce
I feel like I'm listening to new 2 pac 🙏🙏
TYRK 16 saatler önce
i love the song your definitely top 5 best rappers i love your songs dear god is the first song i heard from you and i love it🖤🙏
HXTED xBATMAN 18 saatler önce
This a beautiful song to all Queen who rasing kings in the world 🌎 bless ur heart man 🥺😭
Bosko 19 saatler önce
Idk how this song dosen't have 100 m views already
Marian Best
Marian Best Gün önce
Miss Mom, hearing your words
kaylawasbored Gün önce
This song is a treasure
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
cael hanley
cael hanley Gün önce
My mom went thur pain to get me in this life theres no way im not making her proud i will grind till i cant walk till i can make sure she does not have to work im gonna make sure she didnt go thur that pain for nothing✊❤️
Shane Vandiver
Shane Vandiver Gün önce
My mom lives in BC. I live in Oregon. Seperated by covid. Thank God for FaceTime
Simon Mwepu
Simon Mwepu Gün önce
Dear mom, you're an angel so again I'm saying thank you
a n g e l s o f t
Thank you dax
Shock Top
Shock Top Gün önce
Is it wrong of me to OBLITERATE the like button of Dax songs before even hearing it 🤔. I just mash that like button knowing that I won't be Disappointed.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Clayton Edwards
Clayton Edwards Gün önce
Dax thank you for thos song.
Lataesja Harris
Lataesja Harris Gün önce
Erickay Moore
Erickay Moore Gün önce
i love my momma
Gelathius Gün önce
All I can say is holy shit! This song was intense!
strange girl
strange girl Gün önce
Corey Chartrand
Corey Chartrand Gün önce
Where is the dear dad for Father's day? There is mothers in this world who are dead beats to & we need more recognition to the Real Fathers who are Mom&Dad to their children 🙏🙌💯💯
Promoting Unknown Artist
Kumbukani Zulu
Kumbukani Zulu Gün önce
I know I can't pay you mom, you should know that this is your song.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Where the fathers day song dax? Wtf bro?😂😂😂 it's cool, mothers are way more fathers anyways most the time 🤷
Raven Trent
Raven Trent 2 gün önce
Damnnn this hit I like this 🔥💯
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
SAGAR KUMAR 2 gün önce
Words are full of emotions.❤️
Braindead Person
Braindead Person 2 gün önce
U improved over the year so much. I remember back when you called out ksi, Since then ur music has improved fr
Promoting Unknown Artist
raginggunz1979 2 gün önce
Dax. Nice song❤
Az 2 gün önce
We are together until the end 🤜🏽🤛🏾☯️🇧🇷 send a save here to Manaus Amazonas Tmj Das 🎭🏁🥉
Promoting Unknown Artist
daniel chris
daniel chris 3 gün önce
Ashley Howell
Ashley Howell 3 gün önce
I love mom and miss u, even though wr are miles away 😭😭😭💜
Deyknw 3 gün önce
This 1 special
Jessica Henny
Jessica Henny 3 gün önce
I miss you mama every single day 🙌 I’ll see you again 💔
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Izaiah Robles
Izaiah Robles 3 gün önce
I dont really know my mom but this still hits hard cuz I had my dad, thx dax for this song
Emma Hobbs
Emma Hobbs 3 gün önce
The 909 people who disliked I guess just don’t have moms
Marc JEANLYS 3 gün önce
My mom passed away when i was 9, this song touch my heart
Promoting Unknown Artist
nn z
nn z 3 gün önce
Alec Jason Assur
Alec Jason Assur 3 gün önce
Ps a moms work is never done.
Alec Jason Assur
Alec Jason Assur 3 gün önce
Pac would have loved this song as I much do for sure.🇿🇦
Angela Leifer
Angela Leifer 3 gün önce
This is a respectful DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN
KingH Mixes
KingH Mixes 3 gün önce
This is why Dax is Goated
Tashinga Mberenga
Tashinga Mberenga 3 gün önce
dax is the best
Ch113d 3 gün önce
I lost my mom 3 and 1/2 years ago to liver failure. This song really hurts when you know you never helped enough when you could’ve
Promoting Unknown Artist
Eric Wohlfeil
Eric Wohlfeil 4 gün önce
Beautiful bro😎
Lucknormu Lepcha
Lucknormu Lepcha 4 gün önce
SyKoTiC BoSs Gaming
SyKoTiC BoSs Gaming 4 gün önce
NyxHix Gaming
NyxHix Gaming 4 gün önce
This is good Dax the beat is soo clean. Keep it up man
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Tyler Haskiell
Tyler Haskiell 4 gün önce
So dope how he acknowledges his fans bro. This guy is fire and a lyrical genius. We need more music like this!
Promoting Unknown Artist
IamSoloRider SA
IamSoloRider SA 4 gün önce
Content 😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🇿🇦🇿🇦
Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson 4 gün önce
Ann Mitchell
Ann Mitchell 5 gün önce
I honestly listened to this and cried cuz it's so touching and I never had a mom she overdosed on cocaine when I was 3 years old ...😭💔now I'm pregnant at 17 years old and the father killed himself it's just me and dad but he's sick idk but this song helps me feel better about the situation
Promoting Unknown Artist
Rakaveli The Raavan
Rakaveli The Raavan 5 gün önce
After 2pac the only artist i listen mostly is dax he is on another level. ❤❤
Promoting Unknown Artist
smokie 4g
smokie 4g 5 gün önce
This song is related to me like almost like no other. thank you again dear Dax.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Don C
Don C 5 gün önce
I sent this to my mom yesterday. I have 2 classes remaining in my Automotive service Tech training. It's been 3 years of dedication so I can go back to my hometown and take care of mom. Juggling work, kid, school and family wasn't easy at all but DAX your music was there every single day and I'm thankful for it.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Amber Grimm
Amber Grimm 5 gün önce
How in the hell am I just seeing this. Legit bawling as a mom to my special needs children and my daughter in heaven and my beautiful baby girl who looks up to me every day.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Ashish Rai
Ashish Rai 5 gün önce
Everything you did worth it love you mom
Hアッシュ 5 gün önce
どの母親も同じだと思う。(例外は省く) 早く死なせる為に子供を産むんじゃない。 あー、気分が……_(:3」∠)_
Little Mook
Little Mook 5 gün önce
Mom had a rough childhood because her dad beat and raped her. She's on the streets now for 11yrs drowning herself in drugs/alcohol. I appreciate 🙏 everything you did for me mom and I understand what you do to forget all that pain. I hope your okay and I still love you! I'll always be looking for you when I'm driving and I'll always help anyone on the street that needs help. I hope I can see you again someday to tell you I love you. I've never hated you or the decisions you made.
392MOPAR 5 gün önce
I got Tupac vibes man. Awesome song from a very skilled dude. Killer brother 💪
Side Burns
Side Burns 5 gün önce
What a great song!! Just found out he's canadian. Represent!!
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Urban Fairchilds
Urban Fairchilds 5 gün önce
It is so good I like it so you are so amazing
Johnny Hema-Matete
Johnny Hema-Matete 6 gün önce
Thank you for this song dax 🙏 my mum sadly passed away just over a year ago it's been hard to deal with it ever since that day and this song has really helped
Positive Vibes Only
Positive Vibes Only 6 gün önce
This guy😭 Next Level❤
PuRpLe HaZe0426
PuRpLe HaZe0426 6 gün önce
Just such an amazing song 2pac would be proud of this Love my mom ❤️
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Amanda Young
Amanda Young 6 gün önce
I loved this song and it brought tears to my eyes...I've had a hard life but I can say my mom was always there to pick me up when I was down growing up and she is the reason I am who I am today and now I have 3kids of my own and I have raised them the best I know how they all have there dreams and God knows I want them to go for it and work hard for it and never let nothing take it away.....so thank u this made my day and brought back good memories I had with mine she is my heart /best friend So keep up the good work cuz I love hearing ur music 😉🤟
Promoting Unknown Artist
Kyle Burlette
Kyle Burlette 6 gün önce
Today's my birthday and I just told my mom last night to not get me a birthday present because I already have everything a man could ever ask for and that's a loving mother and a great family and that to me is the best present anyone could ask for.godbles you all and godspeed my friends...
kevin babbitt
kevin babbitt 6 gün önce
Love your music my dude truly an inspiration 🙌❤ wish i was able to have the mom you do bro.. loved
Lovejoy mthokozisi Ncube
🔥🔥🙏mad tune
Slimylimey 6 gün önce
This song be hitting me feels
Promoting Unknown Artist
Landingam Kamei
Landingam Kamei 6 gün önce
No matter the singer is, if he/she sings about a mother than I'm ever ready to hit the like and subscribe. ❤
Promoting Unknown Artist
STEADY FF 6 gün önce
Big up to all mothers out there frl frl ❤️🧡💛💚💙🤎🤍🖤💜💖
Grayson saunders
Grayson saunders 6 gün önce
BRUH YOURE FROM STJOHNS!?!? that’s dope!!!
Acolyte 6 gün önce
I love my mom
donald luck
donald luck 6 gün önce
Never had one, but get to watch my wife. And blessed for moms, true MOTHERS
Anthony Clifford
Anthony Clifford 6 gün önce
Great work here dax we love u
Adam D
Adam D 6 gün önce
Its not Dax, it's Danny.
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 6 gün önce
Truly brilliant
MãRVy's Wrld
MãRVy's Wrld 6 gün önce
KGF PUBG MOBILE 6 gün önce
Really heart
Joshua Aziken
Joshua Aziken 6 gün önce
Thanks Dax this was so needed🙏💕
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson 7 gün önce
Only one thing wrong, I can't hit the thumbs up more than once! He says the biggest thing any child should say to their mom. I grew up with a single mom, and I am so grateful for everything she tried to teach me. I wish I had learned it sooner. And I'm glad I was able to tell her how much I appreciate and love her. This is a great example of what rap can be! New subscriber!
Real PH
Real PH 7 gün önce
Damn boy I only knew you today 🙆🏽‍♂️🔥 you truly gifted.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Tina Jones
Tina Jones 7 gün önce
My son sent me this and had me crying like a baby..
Promoting Unknown Artist
XxbabydemonxX 7 gün önce
I can’t stop crying Ily mom
Whoopy ass Whoopy ass
EA PREDATOR 7 gün önce
"No One can repay them the thing they did" ✅💯
Promoting Unknown Artist
Omar BG
Omar BG 7 gün önce
Okay' you made me cry again TRvid just like in Leeloo from the Fifth Element.
Promoting Unknown Artist
Snipergod 420
Snipergod 420 7 gün önce
This shit made me tear up and I don’t tear up this gave me goose bumps and everything thank u Dax I needed to hear this keep up the work💯💯
Promoting Unknown Artist
Captain Logan !
Captain Logan ! 8 gün önce
This is the first song I’ve EVER cried during
Warren Reid
Warren Reid 8 gün önce
I heard this song almost broke down into tears one of your greatest hits I say
The RedNeckEngineNerd
I don't think I can listen to this again RIP mom did the best you could, more than many other in shoes. It was too soon..
Longer Toshi
Longer Toshi 8 gün önce
Who loves their mom give a thump...., ❤❤
Renee Lawhead
Renee Lawhead 8 gün önce
I’m one of your newest biggest fans thanks to my son who sent me this song! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Sigit river
Sigit river 8 gün önce
Deep my G
Makai Boggs
Makai Boggs 8 gün önce
Yo keep it up man 🙏
Queen Joseph
Queen Joseph 8 gün önce
Real-life-real-talk 8 gün önce
The ending had me crying
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Denzel Baker
Denzel Baker 8 gün önce
How does this song have dislikes??
Steve Faulkner
Steve Faulkner 9 gün önce
Man I just stumbled onto your music recently but your music is therapy right now while I'm losing my mother to cancer. Thanks
quddus kehinde
quddus kehinde 9 gün önce
Beautiful ❤️
SkepticalArtist 10 gün önce
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Robyn Byrne
Robyn Byrne 10 gün önce
Your awesome DAX, straight from newfoundland. Fellow newfies. Much love and Respect
Promoting Unknown Artist
Promoting Unknown Artist 17 saatler önce
Autumn Keck
Autumn Keck 10 gün önce
I LOVE THIS 💕 I hope my children feel like this about me one day...
Promoting Unknown Artist
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