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Boxing superstar and five-time world champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis put his boxing skills on display, winning a rousing 12-round round unanimous decision over the relentless Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz to retain his WBA Lightweight World Title in front of a star-studded, sellout crowd of 15,850 at STAPLES Center live on SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View.

There was no feeling-out process in the first. Cruz charged at the defending champion, pinning him against the ropes and wailing away.

“That’s my style. ‘Pitbull’ is always going to be on the attack,” said Cruz. “I think we retained rhythm from the start to the end.”

Davis found his rhythm in the second and third, circling the ring and walking Cruz into shots. In the fourth, Cruz concentrated his attack on the body, pounding Davis’ ribs.

The 27-year-old Baltimore native turned on the power in the fourth, alternating between the right hook and left cross behind his southpaw stance. More punishing blows came from Davis during the fifth.

“He’s a shorter fighter, so I was throwing down on the top of his head,” said Davis. “I hit him with my knuckle and messed it up. I hurt my hand in the sixth round. No matter if the opponent is taller or shorter, I’ve got to get through it. He’s a warrior. Even though he didn’t win, a star was born tonight.”

“It was right around the fifth round I saw that his hand wasn’t working correctly,” Cruz observed.

Davis boxed beautifully in the middle rounds, firing quick shots and pivoting away from the return fire. A right hook in the eighth briefly buzzed Cruz and brought the audience to their feet. But just when it appeared as if the fight was slipping away, Cruz fought fire with fire, landing a flush uppercut seconds before the bell.

The 23-year-old Mexican picked up the pace in the latter rounds, keeping Davis on his toes and pounding away. Davis held his own, fighting back on even terms until the fight’s end.

Naturally, Cruz believed he deserved the victory.

“Viva Mexico. I have nothing to say, the fans are speaking on who won this fight,” he said.

Following a successful title defense, Davis said he’s ready for all comers.

“L.A., we did it for Kobe,” said Davis. “At the beginning of the fight, he came on strong. I felt as the fight was going, he was breaking down. But I hurt my hand, so I wasn’t able to get him out of there.

“Whatever the best opportunity is for me, I’ll do it. All of them guys are easy work. I’m the top dog.”

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8247ronaldinho Aylar önce
During the fight, there were hardly any replays for Isaac Cruz’s clean punches but plenty replays of Tank’s blocked punches.
hugoperez18 Aylar önce
It’s probably why they haven’t put out the full fight or highlights . Dazn puts out highlights the next day !!! Can’t wait to rewatch this fight and score it . Someone gotta do it in slow mo .
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Aylar önce
@Mistr Dee Yup they are proven liars. Al Haymon and Mayweather owns and pays this Network
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Aylar önce
Yup the network is biased and bought. The corruption
Carlos Estrada
Carlos Estrada Aylar önce
Noticed that as well 😂
Mistr Dee
Mistr Dee Aylar önce
Oh yeahh. I noticed that too and would laugh hard when it showed Cruz blocking those uppers. Showtime got caught in their own scam there. 🤣
Eduard Viera Partida
I love how Cruz know at the end that was more a victory than a lose. Great boxer🙌Viva Mexico Cabrones🇲🇽
el dos paka
el dos paka 14 gün önce
@Michael Kean hell yea u are carnal . We all in this together VIVA NORTH AMERICA
Michael Kean
Michael Kean 14 gün önce
@el dos paka i am mexican
Noah Noah
Noah Noah 14 gün önce
It was a close fight I’d say a draw at least
el dos paka
el dos paka 15 gün önce
Everyone is Mexican
rip5tar Aylar önce
@no name stop it I’m Mexican too
risk Aylar önce
Running, holding, pushing their opponets, tapping with the shoulder thats what the maywether clan trained
no name
no name 11 gün önce
And hitting in the back of the head😶
TKO 1503
TKO 1503 11 gün önce
@d venzant I would like to see jojo v pit bull stylistically that would be a great brutal fight.
d venzant
d venzant 11 gün önce
@TKO 1503 Agreed. I would like to see him fight Loma or Russell Jr. But Im also looking forward to see who Cruz is fighting next. Like i said earlier. Im def. a fan of his now.
TKO 1503
TKO 1503 11 gün önce
@d venzant I agree with you you make some solid points my dude. I can admit when I been out proven and you did that. Yeah tank fully knows it could of gone in a different direction during the fight. People can complain but if I was in tanks shoes I would accept the rematch, just to prove I am what I say I am. However at the end of the end it’s tank bag and his career he don’t really owe us shit. Only thing I will say about tank is I hope they remove his training wheels soon.
d venzant
d venzant 11 gün önce
@TKO 1503 Not from trying to knock him out. Cruz ducked low after already being a short fighter. Like i said...it happens. And Tank was on his back foot most of the fight because Pitbull was being just that. A Pitbull. So Tank had to show he could box. With a broke hand. My hat goes off to both fighters because one shot from either side could have changed the outcome. Dosent sound like he was trying to knock em out. Not like Teofimo Lopez vs Kambosos Jr. Where Lopez's only game plan was to try and knock em out but he got caught early and ended up losing because he didnt respect Kambosos. Tank respected Cruz to the fullest. Thats why when they asked him if it would be a rematch...Tank said Hell No. And i would agree.
Gu Ru
Gu Ru Aylar önce
Cruz is worth watching again 🥊🥊💥💥. Nothing to be disappointed about. Cruz took a top undefeated champion the distance. Great job to two warriors
Jo Shmo
Jo Shmo Aylar önce
I mean I would hope so Davis hand broke
rohezie Aylar önce
@BruceLee'sDJstudio Cruz is better than people admit, davis boxed well and won simple.
BruceLee'sDJstudio Aylar önce
@rohezie excuses, davis did terrible, couldn't even ko the little guy
rohezie Aylar önce
@veterans for equality no he doesn't I watched it and no he doesn't deserve a draw. Davis broke his hand anyways.
veterans for equality
I think he at least deserved a draw
C CBZ Aylar önce
Tank ‘spose to hurt him, take him out… thats what everybody expected… Cruz stood his ground and showed solid chin! We want to see more of Isaac Cruz!
Sniper Gang
Sniper Gang 11 saatler önce
@KuttyJoe I’m not Mexican but all I know is black fighters are by not winning at all when it comes to boxing. No one race is superior, anyone can get dropped ! So don’t get it twisted and think black fighters are superior to anyone
KuttyJoe 28 gün önce
@GuerreroDeLaInfo Yep, everything is rigged when your guy is losing.
GuerreroDeLaInfo 28 gün önce
@KuttyJoe compubox lol. all that shit is rigged
Crime Pays
Crime Pays Aylar önce
@BruceLee'sDJstudio you delusional
Michael Guzman
Michael Guzman Aylar önce
Man DAZN is really killing it with their highlights. Come on PBC, step it up man
Goldenstandard 3 gün önce
@Aztec Heart YO PIZZA HUT 😂😂😂😂😂
Wassim 26 gün önce
Dazn highlights 15mins lol
Manuel Celis
Manuel Celis Aylar önce
There needs to be a rematch that's it
Maury Victoria
Maury Victoria Aylar önce
Kai 🍭
Kai 🍭 Aylar önce
True. DAZN shows very good highlights for it's fights.
Keep Calm Calvin
Keep Calm Calvin Aylar önce
Tank fan.. but I'll say Cruz made a name for himself would love to see a rematch
AmaniDori Aylar önce
Bruhhh Cruz been the business. Go watch his previous fights, already knew he wasn’t going out like that … he’s the real shi. Great fight hope to see more great things from Cruz in the future. Respect 🙌🏾🙏🏾
Pankaj Aylar önce
what r you talking.. Cruz whoooped Tank's azz
Vario King
Vario King Aylar önce
He lost
aztecxdemon Aylar önce
Crazy, first time I see someone black give respect to my mexican people 🙏🏻
J Banu
J Banu Aylar önce
Facts 💯
Lyon SY
Lyon SY Aylar önce
Thank you 👌
[TANIA]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Running, holding, pushing their opponets, tapping with the shoulder thats what the maywether clan trained
HolyRollerTV 15 saatler önce
@Israel Juarez tank kod 24 of his 26 opponents..i know you burt, but lying to yourself won't help your pain...
Box MX
Box MX 4 gün önce
Facts 💯💯💯
Pete aguirre
Pete aguirre Aylar önce
@Favorite Snippets chicken weather is a thief if you had any brains you wouldn't support him or praise him 🤣😉
Bleepo Aylar önce
@Alexis he should fight someone with more technical skill rather than scrappers.
93 flex
93 flex Aylar önce
Internet professional boxer wow !
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Cruz is smiling at the end
Pankaj 12 gün önce
that smile shows and he knows he would be a world champ infuture
Mr Gonzales
Mr Gonzales 18 gün önce
He's smiling because he didn't get knocked the f*** out :)
Mario G
Mario G 22 gün önce
@Lamonesjr professional refs? Pfft, most of them get a special invelope to look the other way. For example.Andre Ward S.O.B. never got a point off his dirty, disgusting low blows, elbows, headbutts. The USA are desperate. PBCs ppv are going 👇 down.
Mario G
Mario G 22 gün önce
@Deadly_lasagna 🤣🤣🤣👍
Mr Gonzales
Mr Gonzales 23 gün önce
@Adrian all THREE judges knew he won !
If there was ever a fight that deserved a rematch it would be this one
Clark & Paco Reveiws
Clark & Paco Reveiws 15 gün önce
@Ayyye 94 how is he fighting bums he just fought someone that only had one loss ever and before that an undefeated champion
yourmama 17 gün önce
No it's Tyson fury vs wilder 4
Bryce Fall is a loser
Bryce Fall is a loser 24 gün önce
@Rudy Castillo 🤦🏻‍♂️ go learn boxing then come back and talk to us
Damian Ozuna
Damian Ozuna 28 gün önce
@Taylor hīne his daddy Floyd buys his fights just like Jake
Rudy Castillo
Rudy Castillo Aylar önce
@James Brown this foo
Mrcheesehead B
Mrcheesehead B Aylar önce
Lmao even with replays they protecting tank 😂 y’all see how nervous his coach was
El Mass Loco22
El Mass Loco22 13 gün önce
Ongg 💯🤣
TheGato3d Aylar önce
What a champ Cruz is, no fear, relentless and well composed through out the whole fight, we know you won that fight Cruz!!! Politics man, unbelievable, sigh...
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Aylar önce
@Honest Mhlanga Thanks for being unbiased and keeping it real. I respect that
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Aylar önce
I agree. Dont be suprised that Floyd Mayweather or Al Haymon paid the judges
Vario King
Vario King Aylar önce
Y’all seen Davis mayweather counter punch 🥊 and weeve
Vario King
Vario King Aylar önce
Y’all blind because this man Davis is getting dangerous Cruz was missing those shots I see Floyd mayweather showing him that damn Undefeated right hand 👊✊🏿😂
Honest Mhlanga
Honest Mhlanga Aylar önce
I'm a Davis fan and I agree with you.. Politics.. Tank didn't take this one..
john ny
john ny Aylar önce
It seems to me davis is quite hesitant and a little bit scared of having a toe to toe fight with cruz. Cruz exposing davis that he is not a superhuman after all . 👊
gjesus051 Gün önce
@Vario King The expectation was that Cruz was going to get knocked out and it didn't happen😑😑
@Clinton Van Vuuren he injured his hands because of cruz solid chin and blocking those uppercuts
Gordie Schultz
Gordie Schultz Aylar önce
Why did he need to stand toe to toe?
Clinton Van Vuuren
Clinton Van Vuuren Aylar önce
Cant fight toe to toe with a injured hand only a dumb boxer will do that. Davis changed his style coz hes smart
Vario King
Vario King Aylar önce
Y’all blind Davis change his style this fight straight mayweather in the ring 😂🤣💯💯💯
jug james
jug james Aylar önce
I like the respect shown after the fight. And I can honestly say that that was Tank's toughest flight to date NO BULLSHIT!! Isaac HAS HANDS
Sebastian Barran
Sebastian Barran Aylar önce
What a robbery of a fight, nobody talking about them body punches. Davis was even surprised he won and said “hell no” to the rematch 🤡
Nick Edwards
Nick Edwards Aylar önce
@Sebastian Barran Cruz did not land more stop chatting
Freddie Rankin
Freddie Rankin Aylar önce
Good fight , but Cruz won .. if they would show highlights … clearly Cruz won ..
Sebastian Barran
Sebastian Barran Aylar önce
@200littleman Cruz connected more, landed more. Always has tank on the back pedal with vicious body shots but we don’t count those nowadays. That’s is why he’s pussying out on the rematch. Typical maywheather crew protecting him as always.
200littleman Aylar önce
He lost fair and square bro live with it 😂😂 he threw damn near twice the punches as Tank but landed less it’s not about how good you look it’s about if your hits are connecting 😂😂😂
Sebastian Barran
Sebastian Barran Aylar önce
@Vario King your tripping he wasn’t landing you can seen it every time on the replay would come up he was landing on the gloves every time. But they would never show Cruz landing on his face and body it was all about Davis 😂 that’s why he said “hell no” to the rematch he go handled.
Aditya Negi Fitness
The smile that Cruz was having, even after defeat 0:47 🔥
Orgullo Verdulero 4
Orgullo Verdulero 4 8 gün önce
Easy work baby, Easy Work.
Aditya Negi Fitness
@Mr. ILES 🤣yeah!
Mr. ILES Aylar önce
Because he’s stands to make over 1 million
ooPROTOTYPE1oo Aylar önce
I think Cruz won the fight. Most Tank's punches were actually blocked. I re-watched it in slow motion. Maybe the judges heard the thud and they thought Tank hit Cruz.
Jae Espinoza
Jae Espinoza 11 gün önce
Love both these fighters it was a draw in my eyes. Can't wait to see both these fighters flourish
KRATOS Of War Aylar önce
Well Davis did not walk through Cruz like many said he would, Cruz needs to be refined tho, but I feel like he gave Davis a bit of trouble, and Davis not wanting to give him a rematch says a lot.
miguelperez1179 Aylar önce
@Bently Magazine yea but he broke it hitting cruz Its like saying he fought with a broken nose .
KRATOS Of War Aylar önce
@m rich lmoa weak hands thanks for confirming
m rich
m rich Aylar önce
The way he hit Cruz elbow you can tell he hurt it by his expression
KRATOS Of War Aylar önce
@m rich well if the reports are true he has weak hands 🤣
shawnecmc Aylar önce
@Jesse Simmons They are. And not particularly bright either…
Steven Blackmon
Steven Blackmon Aylar önce
There fews things I realized in this fight. One tank need to stop being scare to let his hand go. 2. Ref should've deduct points on tank for that thrown of frustration and hitting him while he was pushing his head down. Ref did not ref well. I had the fight close to a draw. Cruz have way more stamina than Davis because he hit Davis more in the body and I feel.the judge didn't count them as significant. Everytime he hit him you see tank stumble and even at the corner he was spitting out and gasping for air. Cruz did way more damage than tank.did.
francisco vela
francisco vela Aylar önce
Tank know deep inside,that was a draw... Pitbull was always foward and landed couple of very hard punches
N3u Tr0n
N3u Tr0n Aylar önce
Call him Tank,, Ultra Instinct. Them counter shots were phenomenal. Kudos on the Vic!!
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho Aylar önce
This fight was so good, that it needs a rematch
Articulate Design ASMR
This might be the worst series of highlights I have ever seen. Regardless, huge credit to both fighters, Tank seems to be taking a lot of criticism for his performance but Cruz was relentless and it was a great test for Davis. I'd love to see Diaz vs Cruz! And hey maybe even Tank vs Haney as the main event :D (I know, I know, it's never going to happen)
@I Voted For Biden And Love Abortion there’s always gonna be haters bro just separate yo self, we know truth
Topramenraymond Aylar önce
@I Voted For Biden And Love Abortion i was rooting for tank and didn't even know who cruz was before i care about BOXING not which race is better like you casuals like to do
I Voted For Biden And Love Abortion
@UNIVERSALIP I think it's just haters of davis who want to believe he lost, this happens in any close fight lmao
I Voted For Biden And Love Abortion
@Adam beanie smith it was either 7-5 tank or 6-6 draw in my opinion i believe he edged it
I Voted For Biden And Love Abortion
@Topramenraymond yup you're totally unbiased
Bolvita Scores
Bolvita Scores Aylar önce
Pitbulls face after the fight shows you how good his defence was in this fight. Tank didn't land anything clean. Period.
Wayman Jackson
Wayman Jackson Aylar önce
They both took this fight at the last minute and put on a great show. The tank was in control most of the fight and in a fight on this level, the challenger has to knock out his opponent.
Kevin Andrey
Kevin Andrey Aylar önce
Que bueno eres Cruz! Respeto total, un tanquecito demoledor que no conoce lo que es dar marcha atrás. Y Davis, bueno, es Davis, The Tank. Un fuera de serie.
Jenry Kyle Claveria
I like how cruz smiled at the end.. bro ur really a good and fascinating fighter 💖 from 🇵🇭
Fernando Velasco
Fernando Velasco Aylar önce
I guess PPC didn’t want to show how clean Cruz landed it’s punches in the highlights. I like Tank but a rematch is must.
Los Moofysxzcynioplkmjqwawervre
For sure
Xavier HDZ
Xavier HDZ 17 gün önce
@Ian Ko the perfect example of "tell me that you're a fanboy without telling me that you're a fanboy" Bunch blah... blah... blah... blah! A CTE can happen at any moment, with any punch, yeah, you're right little tank is becoming Mayweather just cherry picking at their Best. 😁😁😁
Ian Ko
Ian Ko 17 gün önce
@Xavier HDZ You say you are a true fan of boxing and love it but you can't even appreciate the clinic tank put on cruz instead you call it running away, scared of a knockout. If Tank wants a long career you think he is willing to take unneccesary blows to the head and risk any form of CTE? You are in university so you claim so i wouldnthave to stress enough how prevalent CTE is in sports such as these, especially down the road as they grow older. Tank is starting to become like an older mayweather and focusing more on defense compared to trying to knock out his opponents. Tank outboxed Cruz and did it in a way that did not require him to take too much damage. He was moving around the ring sure, why dont you criticize cruz for not being able to trap him on the ropes? thats apart of the boxing game too, its not like tank had an unlimited playing ground to run around in. You a real fan of boxing bro sounds like you dont account for a lot of nuances that real boxing fans account for.? And shawn is right, "King" ryan has been ducking gervonta for the past 2 years. It honestly sounds more like your bias for cruz then thinking about the fight objectively.
Matthew Gabbana
Matthew Gabbana 26 gün önce
They were paid to let gervonte win
KBEATS 27 gün önce
@Xavier HDZ Boxing is boxing, You can’t fight everyone at the same my nigga. A fight takes time to even get planned + a year to train then press conferences. Stop blaming it on him dodging fights. He’s knocked out 24 of his opponents. He’s the bigger dog and deserved to win this fight. If you haven’t watched the whole fight and think cruz won rest in piece.
Francisco Castellanos
Sin duda alguna 9 de 12 rounds gano cruz y merecia la pelea... lo bueno que esta ya en las grandes ligas, lo bueno que ya ha tenido la oportunidad de que el mundo conozca su talento, que sin duda alguna de aqui en adelante lo veremos pelear con los mejores. no gano la pelea, pero se ha ganado el respeto y la admiracion de no solo Mexico, sino de toda Latinoamerica y todos los amantes del buen boxeo del mundo entero... Si sigue asi con esa diciplina y esa sencilles, llegara a ser mas que Canelo, llegara a ser un Chavez, un Finito Lopez, un Marquez, un Barrera, un Terrible Morales, un Salvador Sanchez... por mencionar algunos... Algun dia no muy lejano estaremos viendo Cruz vs Canelo, Kambosos, Teofimo Lopez, entre tantos... Saludos de Guadalaja Mexico
Alejandro López Sánchez
Todavía está muy lejos Cruz de las grandes leyendas del Box Azteca que nombraste, si bien fue el boxeador que más le entró al golpe por golpe con Gervonta Davis, fallo varios golpes claves que de haber llegado a destino si realmente otra sería la historia. Aquí mostró el mismo problema que con Romero, fallar golpes claves al desesperarse en el ataque y eso que Romero no era nada en comparación con The Tank y le hizo difícil las 12 rondas al Pitbull
aliss liou
aliss liou Aylar önce
The smile that Cruz was having, even after defeat 0:47 🔥
Jajaja como que les faltó poner mas golpes de cruz hacia davis quieren hacernos ver otra cosa. pero quien vio la pelea sabe quien ganó VIVA MEXICO CABRONES🇲🇽🔥
Kaliana Yoga
Kaliana Yoga Aylar önce
Listen, I am no boxer but from what I can see Cruz KILLED IT. literally.
louie jhon
louie jhon Aylar önce
Cruz is smiling at the end 🔥 True fighter
tommy-fraser 15 gün önce
I know someone exactly like issac
Patrick 19 gün önce
@gjesus051 that’s your opinion which I could care less bout
gjesus051 19 gün önce
@Patrick He isn't great when his record is just as padded as a couch and participated in one of the most one sided trilogies in heavyweight history. Guys like Loma, Pacquiao, Ali, Canelo, etc are great, not Wilder.
Patrick 19 gün önce
@gjesus051 I been debating you so called boxing experts all year long about wilder if you don’t like him then that’s you I love wilder and I think he is a great fighter let’s move on to someone else quit being g so infatuated by a black man and just love the warriors that hop in this sport
gjesus051 19 gün önce
@Patrick Most of Wilder's title fights weren't mandatories. His two mandatories were Brezeale and for some interesting reason a 2 year layoff Stiverne. Also, please don't say Wilder fought top competition when many of his title defenses were also against bums and even a blown up Cruiserweight. His first 50/50 fight he did have was Fury and he lost to him twice never even winning a single fight from their trilogy.
KaSports Aylar önce
I love what he did after announcing he's still the champion. Good Sports Man. We cannot argue about his REAL personality.
Alberto Vazquez
Alberto Vazquez Aylar önce
El David sabía que avía perdido pero el confiaba en su promotor. Se la paso todo el tiempo abrazando y arriba de el
Luis Art Prz
Luis Art Prz Aylar önce
LA cara de Davis en el momento de la decisión se nota que estaba dudando de si se lo quedaba o no
benjamin franklin
benjamin franklin Aylar önce
i knew if this fight went the distance it would be a great fight, tank needs to run this fight back. cruz deserves a rematch
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights Aylar önce
Cruz was such a warrior he was unfazed throughout the entire fight.
walkablewinner100 13 gün önce
2 steps back is running lmaooooooooooooooooo a duck under a left hook is running 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Kellie Whitehorn
Kellie Whitehorn 21 gün önce
He lost! LMAO!
J3loody -_-
J3loody -_- 27 gün önce
@Thesedays15 bruh cruz lost to a super feather boxer ion wanna hear it
KuttyJoe 28 gün önce
@jun li LOL He lost?
jun li
jun li 28 gün önce
@KuttyJoe Y'all? Non hispanic here saying"Y'all broke tank Lost!"
Iris Contreras
Iris Contreras Aylar önce
This was Cruz’s victory 💯 it was clear it should’ve been his fight.. rematch for sure is needed. Good fight 🥊☺️
DP THE GREAT 12 gün önce
naw cruz dont deserve a rematch
Francisco Marín
Francisco Marín Aylar önce
Muy lesionado de la mano no se veía el Davis👀 Al final en la celebración hasta se golpea los muslos con ambas manos.
joe Louis
joe Louis Aylar önce
Good fight by both fighters and Tank is very impressive considering that he injured his hand and still got the win. His power dropped Cruz and more impressive he showed his boxing acumen and defense, Tank has all time great written on his forehead.
NeuroNova Aylar önce
Funny how Tank goes from totally uncertainty to "I'm the big dog"... Almost 30 and 4 time regular champion, give the respect to Cruz hell of a fight
GamingwarzLA Aylar önce
Imagine and he’s only 23 I bet this match up really hyped him up even more and now knows he belongs up there .. hope it motivates him to get to the top , his movement want pretty good , that’ and his defense kept him alive .. he might be a force to be wrecking with . He was like a little maidana
Jay Luis
Jay Luis Aylar önce
He looked 30
Btown206 Aylar önce
@Franco H the judges were pissing me off bro they were biased asff!
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Aylar önce
That dwarf has more heart then you i bet
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Aylar önce
@Franco H people think if you aint bobbing and weaving you dont got defense.
Dr. Plans
Dr. Plans Aylar önce
@Franco H go look up the video "maidana 2.0 underrated intelligence" and you will see Maidana actually had a better defense than you think
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson Aylar önce
Man DAZN is really killing it with their highlights. Come on PBC, step it up man
Gigi Stephens
Gigi Stephens Aylar önce
This was one of the most biased wins since Floyd fought Maidana. Everyone knows this shit was fixed AF.
Lem ele
Lem ele Aylar önce
Saw the fight. Davis was hurt and running toward the end.
risk Aylar önce
this fight was hella crazy no gon cap
El pitó loko
El pitó loko Aylar önce
@Vincent Montgomery he made him look human for once, and gervontas devastating upper cut kept on landing on Cruz gloves all night 🤷‍♂️
Vincent Montgomery
Vincent Montgomery Aylar önce
@MOTIVATION MAN he made Davis look like a regular boxer
It was crazy because of Cruz's fearless fighting style
Gerona Cabilin
Gerona Cabilin Aylar önce
I really empathize with ISAAC CRUZ! He is the real WINNER! There might be some manipulations in the outcome of the fight!!!
The 80s Babies 310
The 80s Babies 310 Aylar önce
@Pull Counter Boxing BlAck community loves manipulated
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Aylar önce
@Pull Counter Boxing Why you mad?
Alfredo Lopez
Alfredo Lopez Aylar önce
@Pull Counter Boxing tank lost
helix crash
helix crash Aylar önce
@Hoe Loe i agree that tank won that fight but i will disagree about the clinch cause tank did clinch a lot in this fight not the otherway around
wafflebot Aylar önce
@Pull Counter Boxing nobody believes it? Why do 50,000+ people believe it then?
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
Cruz was such a warrior he was unfazed throughout the entire fight.
REMONA--C0me 0ver L!ve
Cruz was such a warrior he was unfazed throughout the entire fight.
gera__5.0 Aylar önce
Cruz needs to go to canelo training camp I see a great future ahead of him. He reminds me of mike Tyson style plus he has a good k.o ratio.
ChamponPt Aylar önce
They even said several times Davis was fighting with one hand 😂
oneway19781 21 gün önce
Everyone convinced that the black guy lost soo bad theory don’t even realize Tank won with one hand
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo Aylar önce
Saw a draw ! This deserves a rematch, just keep in mind Cruz had 5 weeks to get ready for tank ! I saw a draw both landed great shots cruz was landing sweet body shots.
Topramenraymond Aylar önce
@All games Gamer taco bell manager PFFT That's kinda funny I think a Marianas or Cardenas meat butcher but that works 😂
Topramenraymond Aylar önce
@All games Gamer bruh I dont give af i didnt even know who he was until it was said he was gonna fight tank im more of a tank fan its not about race you racist. Its about the integrity of boxing and all these corrupted ass fights are ruining the sport and ruining future great bouts I love black people but man some of yall are some the most ignorant people we've all come across. Not even black men wanna date black women. I actually feel really bad about the genuine ones that don't fit with the majority of yall. Worst of all yall got some of the most potential but completely ruined by ignorance and culture
All games Gamer
All games Gamer Aylar önce
@Topramenraymond mad cuz the Taco Bell manager got beat
All games Gamer
All games Gamer Aylar önce
@Topramenraymond you just mad cruz lost
All games Gamer
All games Gamer Aylar önce
@Topramenraymond I’m just black got a prolem problem prolem same thang 😂
Jesus NP
Jesus NP Aylar önce
Ni se la creyó el Davis. Estaba expectante y preocupado, pero los jueces como siempre, ven otras peleas.
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie Aylar önce
Look at that power and strength from all mighty, Tank Davis.
Jackson Mowell
Jackson Mowell Aylar önce
Tank despite getting a broken hand fought on the back foot and outclassed Cruz who was a linear one dimensional pressure fighter. Tank has proven he is a elite fighter.
Ying Yang Yong
Ying Yang Yong Aylar önce
0:26 that pull counter though 👌
Fernando Velasco
Fernando Velasco Aylar önce
Cruz landed the most clean and powerful shots. Had a constant effective pressure throughout the fight. But I already knew that even if Cruz was winning he had to knock him out.
Brownieboy 17720
Brownieboy 17720 13 gün önce
@Jamari Cunningham im pretty sure that a 3 shot combo that all land is more poins than a simple counter jab lmao
Matthew Gabbana
Matthew Gabbana 21 gün önce
He won bro
ChamponPt 21 gün önce
Ask a racist white person who one, they dont like black or brown. They will tell you Cruz got that ass handled
Kanzi Singo
Kanzi Singo 29 gün önce
@driftking4 y’all cruz meat riders were counting every thing that he threw even if it hit air
driftking4 29 gün önce
@Kanzi Singo u got to look where the punches land not count everything that ur bae throws as a hit. (Kanzi❤️Davis)
Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez Aylar önce
Mr. ILES Aylar önce
Of course he was and that’s because judges can be bias atimes. Remember Tank seldom goes the distance due his knock-out ratio
KuttyJoe 9 saatler önce
Davis is the real deal. He showed that he can take shots, he can box, has great footwork, timing and power. But I wonder if his hand injury is going to be an ongoing problem like Floyd Mayweather's.
Coach Calvin's reaction to Tank winning says it all. 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
MsAdmirable1 Aylar önce
Really enjoyed watching this fight!!👌👌👏👏👏
lento7421 Aylar önce
The first guy that had no respect for tank davis and made him run for 12 rounds😁
420 Sniper
420 Sniper 16 gün önce
We need a rematch🤷‍♂️Tank one of my favorite fighters fs but dude was running like mayweather for the first time from a “nobody,” and to my opinion got his first draw. That boy Cruz showed he a somebody though fs , they needa run it back🙏🏻💪🏻
RJ Turno
RJ Turno Aylar önce
Majority of Tank's power punches were blocked by Cruz's gloves. Both are warriors, and no doubt a star is born that night. Pitbull's style will always draw crowds, heart and will personified.
Dwayne J
Dwayne J Aylar önce
That counter punch is amazing
San Roque Boy
San Roque Boy Aylar önce
Gervonta gotta give Cruz a rematch.. People could look at their rivalry as huge and close as them past legendary sagas in the years to come.
Bout to Bust
Bout to Bust Aylar önce
Why the rematch they want Davis to be the next mayweather so bad and they’re just gonna give him another win lol
Raul Naranjo
Raul Naranjo Aylar önce
@DAPPER TECCY Wow, what a great imagination. Yeah I hated how the referee had to tell cruz a numerous amount of time to stop holding , hitting after the bell, etc.
jug james
jug james Aylar önce
That's the one thing I'm hoping tank does. Give Isaac a rematch because Isaac deserves a rematch with him more than all of his other opponents combined.
KuttyJoe Aylar önce
@A L Tank beat this guy pretty handily, and also knows that he can outbox Cruz. He just might not get the KO without breaking his hand but Tank is winning the fight with superior boxing skills. Cruz has 1 gear. If that doesn't work, Cruz has 1 gear. LOL
@KARGID yeah wtf you tryna say homeboy , I know what I watched gee
bk prince
bk prince Aylar önce
Devin And Gervonta are the only ones who keep us entertained around this time of year. Thanks guys! Yall some warriors!
The Masktaker
The Masktaker Aylar önce
Davis went mayweather on his ass. Davis moved around and displayed perfection. Cruz was just a moving Bull, Davis won, the judges aint lookin at fierceness and aggression they are looking at THE BOXER. We all just shocked Davis didnt DO THAT THANG, its ok he learned a new lesson he gon come back harder even thoe Ryan G gon knock him out
Ace Gabriel Cruz
Ace Gabriel Cruz Aylar önce
Tank Davis winning with injured hands that's just brilliant I haven't seen a boxer win even though they have an injury
Paul Brown
Paul Brown 2 gün önce
I'm from Baltimore and love Tank but Cruz deserves a rematch and the replay and all around camera work of the fight was against Cruz.
Michiko Nishioka
Michiko Nishioka Aylar önce
Respect to Cruz he was the only guy who gave a tough night to Tank as fas as i know.. MUCH RESPECT TO PITBULL🇯🇵💯
Enrique Renteria
Enrique Renteria Aylar önce
We love you beautiful Japanese woman 🇲🇽+ 🇯🇵 = PERFECTION
One Eye Open
One Eye Open Aylar önce
Truth for all you casuals: Tank cant back go up (he scared of Taylor). He can't go down. (Shakur waiting for the smoke) So guess what he stuck at this weight class fighting cans and green fighters until he step up against top 5 and get exposed again. Sorry about it but it's facts
One Eye Open
One Eye Open Aylar önce
@Gino Castro Black man lost. (You didn't watch the fight.) Black man avoiding Josh Taylor for years. 😆 (L) Bud Crawford whoops Floyd and Davis at the same time
One Eye Open
One Eye Open Aylar önce
@Gino Castro funny how blacks only follow the boxers who have money... Instead of the real boxers who need y'all like Bud Crawford and Devin Haney. Hate to break it to you but your favorite rap/boxer is fake af. Floyd lost to Castillo, Tank lost to Cruz. They both frauds of the sport.
One Eye Open
One Eye Open Aylar önce
@melxdy FC you didn't watch the fight. Hugging is not toying. Running is not toying. Those overhands that he ate, not something to you with. Let's be honest PBC is hot garbage mafia style keep the zero bullcrap.
Street Mobbin
Street Mobbin Aylar önce
I like how CRUZ laughed after they said TANK won 😂😂😂
Ja Ga
Ja Ga Aylar önce
Cruz looking like Mike Tyson in there. Moves like him too. This kid is going places, he's put the division on notice. There's a new dog in the yard.
TRIPSTER Aylar önce
Just watch the fight, and let me start by saying I'm a tank fan but this one he lost he has fight his own style not mayflower cuz its hurting him and making him look like a runner and a hugger...
KJ S Aylar önce
Isaac Cruz such a warrior! Respect from the Philippines 🇵🇭
-SOFFY-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
I love how Cruz know at the end that was more a victory than a lose. Great boxer🙌Viva Mexico Cabrones
El Tri Online
El Tri Online Aylar önce
Is that the new thing to do? Copy comments and post them as yours? Scumbag move!
patty wickson
patty wickson Aylar önce
Tank seemed surprised he got the win.
All that pressuring with high guard like Tyson was different I respect that, Cruz made it hard for gervonta to set his power punches , Cruz style is is good and with more training he’s gonna be reacting way faster and break through people💯.. gervonta was very versatile he has it all . There’s always gonna be someone stronger than you , but you gotta adapt and fight smart💯🥊
jajajajaja Aylar önce
Yo vi la pelea muy cerrada y sinceramente la considero un empate. Que mal que manchan este deporte de esta forma.😕
Jhon Aldred Limpar
Jhon Aldred Limpar Aylar önce
Ben Dover Ho
Ben Dover Ho Aylar önce
They shorten the highlights because there wasn’t any ... boring fight & these guys looked ass
Gary Duenas
Gary Duenas Aylar önce
Davis did all the grabbing and dirty fighting what fight were you guy's watching 🤣😂😂🤣 it's a shame you guy's don't want to see the truth that Davis got worked
Gary Duenas
Gary Duenas Aylar önce
@100 Round Goon tank didn't dominate shit All he showed is he's a better runner that's it your boy lost to a cherry pick keep it real
Gary Duenas
Gary Duenas Aylar önce
Hell naw Davis ran all night and lost facts we saw who really won last night
Gary Duenas
Gary Duenas Aylar önce
All those punches they show Davis throwing right now mostly missed he landed on the gloves arms chest and land some gracing shot's he didn't land hardly anything clean on pitbull just look at his face at The end of the fight his face clean like he wasn't in a fight
Fernando Cabanillas
Davis didn’t look too confident he was actually going to win the fight. I think he knew that it was really close
Anthony Foster
Anthony Foster Aylar önce
Whoever says this fight was a draw clearly haven’t been watching boxing long enough. Just because you come in throwing with your head down the whole fight and land a few desperate power punches DOES NOT mean you won. Tank clearly outboxed him, he was much more technical than Cruz, Cruz landed some nice punches and tank looked unprepared at times. This was definitely an exciting fight,
ramon encinas
ramon encinas Aylar önce
That was a beautiful fight yeah tank won because of his popularity,and I think he won fair an square. But you can't take nothing from pit bull Cruz he literally fought like one after getting hit coming right back with his own combination.
Quey Hefner
Quey Hefner Aylar önce
Idk how y’all saying tank was scared he cough the man with one hand 🤦🏽‍♂️
Saul GD
Saul GD Aylar önce
Angel G
Angel G Aylar önce
@LT gaming11 We are not a specific race correct, you know exactly what I mean though. Don't play that semantics game prime 8.
LT gaming11
LT gaming11 Aylar önce
@Frank Lucas nah
LT gaming11
LT gaming11 Aylar önce
@Angel G yup we are racial but y’all not a race 😂
Abe Aylar önce
@LT gaming11 y’all always thinking of us too. Good job
LT gaming11
LT gaming11 Aylar önce
@Abe insecure about are self lol I think the insecure ones are y’all 😂
l l
l l Aylar önce
Gervonta got rock like tree times that's way he kept 🏃🏃🏃🏃😂🤣😂😂
Mikeagez Aylar önce
Love the 5 punches shown in the highlights
Devils Dust
Devils Dust Aylar önce
Showtime had the replay on tonight so I watch the fight again. I still didn’t say Davis winning the fight and by no means was it easy work. Great fight wrong outcome
Dani Bunks
Dani Bunks Aylar önce
Amazing highlight! That's freaking amazing! 🔥
eigow ou
eigow ou Aylar önce
No way Davis won that ahahahah that’s how you know they protecting his record for money moves and money match ups this was his toughest fight ever good one
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Aylar önce
Cruz only 23 ? Imagine when he’s Tanks age and has his full grown man strength … sheeeesh
World Collective
World Collective Aylar önce
Their jabs were so freaking fast!
Legendary champ
Legendary champ Aylar önce
This fight just elevated Tank's skill to another level true warrior Issac Cruz
RJ 5 gün önce
Definitely 6-6 🤐 If the referee had deducted points from tanks dirty tactics cruz would've won this fight. He said "HELL NOOO" about a rematch 🤣 that's should tell you everything. Oh and I'm no hater, tank is one of my favorite fighters 🥊🥊
Alfred Toyo
Alfred Toyo Aylar önce
Highlights … referee giving instructions, 10 punches, announcing winner. Wow
Duce Kelley
Duce Kelley Aylar önce
Great fight and matchup for tank... first time he had this style and also another power puncher, and a fighter wit a good chin... lmao but with that being said peep the nervousness and nah so confidence in tank b4 they announced the winner. he even knew it was a close fight
Alejandro Villarreal
If you seen tank space before they may be announcement even he thought he lost so this should be worthy of a rematch