David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

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David Dobrik has a lot of famous friends (Liza Koshy, Charlie Puth, and the Dolan twins, just to name a few) and he's dishing on his favorite memories with them all! The TRvidr stopped by the J-14 studios to play our memories game and is telling never-before-heard stories about everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jason Nash.
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10 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Ashley Billings
Ashley Billings Saatler önce
StrawberrySwisher 7 saatler önce
does anyone else see how pained he looks when he talks about Liza
art.sthetic _18
art.sthetic _18 9 saatler önce
David on crack, I mean cinnamon: "I mean, not 7 minutes like 15 seconds"
Justine Hebert
Justine Hebert 10 saatler önce
I’m sad they didn’t have Howie Mandela in there!
Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright 11 saatler önce
Does anyone know if there’s a vlog/footage of the moment he was talking about when he picked Jason
25K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
million views already WDYM 3 min passed 😂😂😂
Dolan Twins fan
Dolan Twins fan 19 saatler önce
Who is here for the Dolan twins??
Libby Kay
Libby Kay 20 saatler önce
This video should be called “David Dobrik making himself laugh for 10 minutes and 10 seconds”
J Y 21 saatler önce
The “aaaw” when he started talking about Liza... aaaaw❤️
Taylor Paige Grivas
Taylor Paige Grivas 23 saatler önce
Thank you for blessing us with 7:53
Charlotte Lawson
Charlotte Lawson Gün önce
I miss DIZZA UGGGH ☹️😓
Austin Bartlett
Austin Bartlett Gün önce
Things I've learned. They are all David's favorites.
Gabbiedivine Hanna
Take a shot every time he says favorite
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen Gün önce
Why is he always laughing? "Hey guys its David Dobrik and today I'm play-heehee-ing they memory game."
MR_49king Gün önce
Am I the only one who had a seat geek ad
Angie _
Angie _ Gün önce
Exposing him. 😂
Bonnie Highfield
Bonnie Highfield Gün önce
umm they for got the most important person... where’s natalie??
Ricardo Morfin
Ricardo Morfin Gün önce
Where’s Alex ernst😭
NxTrix Gün önce
Hawie mendel?
Kaitlyn Terrell
Kaitlyn Terrell Gün önce
Like this! I’m trying to get to 420 lol
beautybekky Gün önce
Imagine your friends giving you a signed copy of a magazine they are in..?😷 Seems very egocentric to me😬
Fazal Farah
Fazal Farah Gün önce
Only here because of Dolan twins 😂
sarah Gün önce
no one ever: david: one of my favourites
Leopard Bra Brado
I can only imagine what would someone think of david it they never saw his vlogs and watched this 😂
Genna Ray
Genna Ray Gün önce
Every time davids reaction “one of my favorite”
CrayCrayJay Gün önce
*i love this man*
Amber Rastogi
Amber Rastogi Gün önce
I love how dolan twins are ahead of Kylie in the title
JustCallMeBo Gün önce
*"The worst for last... John Stamos."* *He automatically regretted that.* 🤣
Ask to seduce Miss
Lol the amount of times David said that something was his favorite
xcx 2 gün önce
The limp wrist.... we got you... we got you
ER MEDIA 2 gün önce
David talking about Liza was my favorite part.❤️
Ask to seduce Miss
Lol the amount of times David said that something was his favorite
michael denino
michael denino 2 gün önce
DAvid: This is one of my favorites...
Sienna Crone
Sienna Crone 2 gün önce
The real question is.... where was Alex?
YoUtUbE bElIeVeR
YoUtUbE bElIeVeR 2 gün önce
less kiss
less kiss 2 gün önce
He said Liza is his favorite collaborator ....um what? They had like a 3 year relationship. WHERE IS THE LOVE
Alyssa St John
Alyssa St John 2 gün önce
Where is Howie Mandel
Dainty Marie
Dainty Marie 2 gün önce
David: “I don’t know what to film there, it’s a music festival” Other youtubers: 😧
la nelane
la nelane 2 gün önce
Every person David says that they are his favorite 😂
Brianna Mottola
Brianna Mottola 2 gün önce
Why did Jeff go to jail? I would have expected that!!
storysims 2 gün önce
david: *talks about liza* me: *sobs uncontrollably*
Kaitlyn&Lexi 2 gün önce
you should never tell a woman’s age... 345 I DIED.
Vincisomething 2 gün önce
That Drake and Josh delivery guy line is one I've had in my head for years lol
Winter Rain
Winter Rain 2 gün önce
Have you stopped dating minors yet ?
Neyney gz
Neyney gz 2 gün önce
I can only imagine what would someone think of david it they never saw his vlogs and watched this 😂
Megan 2 gün önce
I still dont think liza is the funniest. But i get the appeal cause she has simple humor idk a title for it and she delivers it well
Kennedy Conte
Kennedy Conte 2 gün önce
he should collab with both kylie and kendall or colab with the cast of stranger things
Grace Alcaraz
Grace Alcaraz 2 gün önce
he’s so cute
Sophie 2 gün önce
QFGJ 2 gün önce
Jake Paul will do anything to for views the aren’t engaged
Emily Barajas
Emily Barajas 2 gün önce
Lol the amount of times David said that something was his favorite
Jasmine B
Jasmine B 2 gün önce
How did the Dolan twins make it but not Natalie
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