Danny Trejo: 10 People Killed Over 'American Me', Edward James Olmos Had a Hit on Him (Part 5)

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Part 6: trvid.com/video/video-ODhJPcKYnww.html
Part 4: trvid.com/video/video-530JqT4Ck64.html
Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz44B..
Danny Trejo spoke to VladTV about the controversy caused by American Me and the Mexican Mafia being disrespected by the film. Trejo explained that he saved director Edward James Olmos' life after he claims that a price was put on his head over the movie, adding that Olmos wouldn't speak with him over the controversy. To hear more, including speaking with the Mexican Mafia heads over the incident, hit the above clip.




25 May 2019

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Bat Man
Bat Man 29 dakika önce
Good for Danny for doing well in life and becoming a Christian. :-)
Marti Y.
Marti Y. 4 saatler önce
Listen the last three to four leaders of the Mexican Mafia died of cancer...? Hmmmm
it's true
it's true 7 saatler önce
This video really makes you see things from all sides.
Redrum Ceballos
Redrum Ceballos 10 saatler önce
The feds got rules l.o.l,
Redrum Ceballos
Redrum Ceballos 10 saatler önce
Gangster Trejo.you don't die,but you pay rent to mafia for the rest of you're life.i just know them.trejo l.o.l
Christopher Lein
Christopher Lein 11 saatler önce
One cool ass cat!! Blood in Blood out still one of my favorites
faffaflunkie 14 saatler önce
I thought he had the hit on him because J.E.O. made fun of the guy's *wooden leg* by *hopping.*
Jeorge manzano
Jeorge manzano 14 saatler önce
machete is one that he is talking to you and before you say something stupid your throat is already sleat.
B H 14 saatler önce
3:24 Look at that hideous claw haha Going robo retard for a second. duhhhhhh
LJ Garrison
LJ Garrison 17 saatler önce
Danny is always ticking, always watching, and always honest. Tough motherfucker.
the one
the one 21 saatler önce
Everything that guy just said is bullshit
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez Gün önce
Can't answer why he didn't join hmmmm hahaha
Josh Schaeffer
Josh Schaeffer Gün önce
Joe Morgan leader of mexican mafia and he wasnt even hispanic.
Eloheem202 Gün önce
Danny Trejo. A real pussy.
Carlos Galindo
Carlos Galindo Gün önce
One thing people should know is disrespecting very powerful people in such a way without permission and putting it as truth will get you in more trouble than what you may think
Hellzyead Gün önce
I worked in a prison and that all the Mexican gangs did ... rape each other ... One cholo was raped while raping someone ...
Hellzyead Gün önce
The Mexican mafia was full of gay rapists ... many having been taught to rape by their fathers and grandmothers.
David Morse
David Morse Gün önce
Worst actor ever!
Projeckt BEOA
Projeckt BEOA Gün önce
He's been in hollywood too long. Dude is telling fairy tales now.
Christopher Drummond
"I'll commit myself to something bigger. I'll commit myself to God"... Amen Brother!!!
Dusty Bottoms
Dusty Bottoms Gün önce
*ONDA DON'T SHINE SHOES!* am i at the right 🎥 movie?
DJ Pro
DJ Pro Gün önce
MFs never want to admit they got their butt hole busted.
Happy Schizophrenic
Yeah he would've got utterly devoured in the 80s with Hagler and Hearns
Happy Schizophrenic
Pride, the number 1 take down of the Hispanic effort
Smartchick 2 gün önce
I've always liked him, I need a tough friend like him. All he has to do is just show up. 🤣🙏🏽
Chris Trego
Chris Trego 2 gün önce
Fuck around
David Santos
David Santos 2 gün önce
No offense but all this stuff happened like a year after the movie came out in the directors cut they talk about all this. (But this is still interesting I got into this after watching the movie n reading a book The Black Hand it’s interesting).
Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell 2 gün önce
Love you Danny...call me bap
usmc 03retired
usmc 03retired 2 gün önce
I love Danny but American me is the best prison movie ever made hands down, no other lock up movie comes close, there's always haters. Edward James Amos delivered an academy award performance in that movie and he's alright in my book.
Mustafa Yusuf Ali
Mustafa Yusuf Ali 2 gün önce
This my dude right here, love this man movies.🕋
Rich k
Rich k 2 gün önce
They way Danny looks at Vlad before each question is priceless. His head is up and his eyes are down. His giving Vlad the, watch what you ask me stare.
Paul Pat loyal
Paul Pat loyal 2 gün önce
Give me a piece of my heart! Even I can't say what I really feel! But, from the very start there was hatred that does not belong on the screen! Your a good man, but tell the truth! then maybe I'l have breakfast with you!
wayne via
wayne via 2 gün önce
Blood in blood out is one of my favorite movies.
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger 2 gün önce
Jerry's Deli is the shit
Dirty Random310
Dirty Random310 3 gün önce
I've Always Wanted To Meet This Man I Grow Up Watching His Movies As A Kid
ImaSuburban Dood
ImaSuburban Dood 2 gün önce
Goto his restaurant...
antonio alvarado
antonio alvarado 3 gün önce
Danny trejo never joined not because he didnt have to...in an old article interview he says someone in his family was a really powerful man back in the day when danny landed in prison his his f as milt member told him he didnt belong in there.. and asked danny what would he like to do? Danny said act....so when he got out of prison this person picked up the phone and opened up the doors of Hollywood gor dany trejo...wish i still had that article. Even with that help Danny has always been talented and one of my favorite actors
Dynamite Jones
Dynamite Jones 3 gün önce
Damn, I wish some old timers who were around could speak on this.. my older brother was locked up with the main shot callers when that movie was being made, He said the Mexican mafia was angry about one thing,.. The lies put in the movie that there was a Hatred and beef between Blacks and Mexicans, they knew it would trickle over into the streets and cause problems amongst Blacks/Mexicans
REVAMP & ELEVATE 3 gün önce
Wow a lot of these rappers always glorify gang shit they say shit like “it’s hard to get out of the lifestyle” when asked why they go back to the hood or why they still bang. This is the only guy that said that shit is wack
Young Greedy
Young Greedy 3 gün önce
VLAD is a secret Agent
mike n
mike n 3 gün önce
ditto'' with no disrespect'' with a few''
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 4 gün önce
I hope gang members listened to what this man said at the end.
branden worthington
branden worthington 4 gün önce
hes a butt pumper, have to be to be that famous, satan needs that ass!
Drew Minatti
Drew Minatti 4 gün önce
Yeah right - it was the director of a fictional movie responsible for gang members killing each other. "Well did you see the movie? What choice did I have your honor?"
John Falcetta
John Falcetta 4 gün önce
Manuel Garza
Manuel Garza 4 gün önce
José Lozano
José Lozano 4 gün önce
Growing ul in gang culture from South LA as a Sureño I will say this loud and clear DJ Vlad watch what the fuck kinda questions you ask. Take me as a joke or a worthless comment, I couldn't care less, but I'm dealing with a knowledge you don't have obviously
Revek Oropeza
Revek Oropeza 4 gün önce
that foo danny trejo look like he smell like oranges
pa. encema
pa. encema 4 gün önce
Don't Wanna Be a Follower. Good Words Mr. Trejo!!!!!
Simus Says
Simus Says 4 gün önce
This will go down as one of Vlads best interviews ever
??? ???
??? ??? 4 gün önce
They were butt hurt because the movie accurately portrayed who these animals really are. A bunch of barbaric grown ass men who act like rotten little kids. A bunch of cowards who kill over petty shit, who rape men, and in reality they are very dysfunctional and unorganized. Since the beginning they couldn't even trust each other and properly work together. They kill their own and they kill innocent people. They have no morals. Fuck them.
Chris Dynamite
Chris Dynamite 4 gün önce
That foo got kissed on the forehead and thats why he killed him being kissed on the forehead means your his bitch
Jesse 4R
Jesse 4R 4 gün önce
Because HE'S IN LAONDA!! HE DON'T TAKE FREE TICKETS ON NO ONES TRAIN!! no shine shoes beeeshh
tropicthunderbolt 4 gün önce
Hahaa. Mafia will NEVER say there mafia!!! Rule #1. There is no fight club
Michael Cervantes
Michael Cervantes 3 gün önce
Hahaha I jus watched that movie last night lol
Joseph Mauricio Flores
The feds have rules? You don’t know the feds
the real seneca
the real seneca 5 gün önce
Man he looks so young here.
Theodore Selbitschka
clear ur throat dhed
Mech Fly
Mech Fly 5 gün önce
american me is the worst movie ever made,and the reason i cant see anything with eduard james shitface.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 5 gün önce
American Me, and Blood In Blood Out are 2 of the greatest
Dirty Random310
Dirty Random310 3 gün önce
Mi Viva Loca As Well
amchav 71
amchav 71 5 gün önce
Another Sapo. Another chicano that got lucky. He looks like a typical ex-con he fits a lot of rolls you look like a thug you get Thug rolls
Miguel Robles
Miguel Robles 5 gün önce
It’s theatrical well you’re not dealing with theatrical mothefuckers lol
Player 1
Player 1 5 gün önce
American me was accurate. Research prisons back in the day........ They were more humiliated than anything
Player 1
Player 1 5 gün önce
The truth is the Mexican Mafia was embarrassed by that movie and him saying that.... But being raped in prison was a thing that started back in those days but as new Jack's came along it slowed down......alot. They saw that shit as really emasculating you.... So dude was lying about the raping...... They just mad he put it out. B.
Player 1
Player 1 5 gün önce
I'm 37.... And I remember watching that movie alongggg time ago but it wasn't until I was older that I said....whoaaaaaa there's a lot of homosexuality in this movie
Erie J
Erie J 5 gün önce
blood in and blood out represented the culture better.. American me was just something else.
Jorge Castellon
Jorge Castellon 5 gün önce
Pinche apache
Kane Chan
Kane Chan 5 gün önce
The realest fucken gangstas who actually runs shit you will not hear about, but in the news and social media they will portray a fucken person as a kingpin or a murderer for simple acts of human violence or should I say of how many views they get on the news.. People will not understand the people who actually run shit is the people who actually dont want and benefit into fame... Loyalty over royalty.. In the phrase of a person I've once met yall can have the credit I just want the money you owe me... Consequences come only to those who dont understand the fundamentals of what true principles is all about.. A real "Gangsta" is the one who takes care of his children and his loved ones..
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 5 gün önce
There isn’t a one leader
Manuel Mata
Manuel Mata 5 gün önce
bod smith
bod smith 5 gün önce
Hes kinda makin it seem like we should feel sorry for the mexican mafia being portrayed wrongly lmao as if i or ANYONE should care about the feelings of anyone in the MEXICAN MAFIA. 🖓
I hate Fags
I hate Fags 5 gün önce
Boxing kept me out of everything- hell yeah danny you the man
Lonnie Rincon
Lonnie Rincon 5 gün önce
Nuestra Familia siempre & Por vida - Norte XIV 14 Riders - Oakland Ca rep putos
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 5 gün önce
Danny still gossiping just like he was known for in prison
th0mmie 5 gün önce
Dude has homies. Vlad has none.
illionaire_6oh3 5 gün önce
Didn't he kill the dude who tried to rape him in Juvie? I thought that's how the scene went
Markb Vasquex
Markb Vasquex 6 gün önce
American me made the mex mafia look like jotos. Thats why the hit list. My opinion.
prince rilley
prince rilley 6 gün önce
Kir we gotta stop letting people go to vlad tv, every nigga that go up there ends up with a case. He’s the feds and gets no respect
Estebahn Randolph
Estebahn Randolph 6 gün önce
Danny was never in the Mexican mafia ? But the actors in Hollywood are comming to Uuuuuuuuu. Superman is a Jewelry.
Kenzo 6 gün önce
Gangsters are losers.
Gypsy Star
Gypsy Star 6 gün önce
Danny "Machete" Trejo. Real O.G..
Diego Vargas
Diego Vargas 6 gün önce
"Gang members are followers"
LestatConstantine 6 gün önce
Took him how long to become big??????!!! Thats wassup tho, he finally made it!! 👌🏼
Terrean Johnson
Terrean Johnson 6 gün önce
This a good video but i still don't fuck wit you vlad cus yoy talked shit and tried to downplay Dr Sebi so you still get a dislike bitch.
fastfordstang13 6 gün önce
Jasmond Shelby
Jasmond Shelby 6 gün önce
Shit I never even got a felony behind watching that movie
DIYTFY 6 gün önce
Trejo is hard
Michael Tait
Michael Tait 6 gün önce
Dam homy Vlad mag bitter truth exposed your fat ass lmao your a clown.. People go check out that mag bitter truth channel exposing Vlad the sodomite
Bully Boy
Bully Boy 6 gün önce
"Commit my life to God." Amen!
jason lu
jason lu 6 gün önce
you think hollywood executives really care that 6 people are dead. They only care their film won awards and made money. They live on top of the hill looking down on the poor. The mexican mafia might have been dangerous. But so was LAPD in the 1990s and earily 1980s. They drag you out of your car beat you on the side of road. They selling cocaine from evidence lockers. Planting evidence. Worst then the real Mexican mafia.
jason lu
jason lu 6 gün önce
damn i think trejo is the Mexican version of samuel L jackson. So many movies, so many villian parts, great man. kind, humble, loves his community. But look at that stare. He still got that pachuco stare. Can't take the barrio out of this guy no matter how many years he been an actor.
jason lu
jason lu 6 gün önce
american me is one of those films that was pretty legendary. Great movie, but stirred alot of controversial stuff. The mexican mafia didn't like having a light shined on them. And felt the way they were portray was not becoming of their code of conduit (even murders and thieves live by a code). Hence why child molesters and killers get beaten to death. Or thieves get their ass whooped for not paying on time or getting caught red handed with another man's things. The whole juvie rape was a little overboard. Unless you in Y.A, which they send the hardest underage criminals.
Otis Beck
Otis Beck 6 gün önce
One of my favorite actors! It goes to show you that no matter what your mistakes were, you can always change and make something of yourself. Danny Trejo is the man!
Bull Durham
Bull Durham 7 gün önce
The only real Mafia is the Sicilian Mafia. Mafia is an Italian/Sicilian word. Mexicans have their drug cartels, but no damned Mafia!
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez 7 gün önce
Celeste Leon
Celeste Leon 5 gün önce
Eddie B.
Eddie B. 7 gün önce
Would like to see a movie w/ Danny Trejo & Django unchained ....., 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Taking care of business
Ray Jones
Ray Jones 4 gün önce
Eddie B. That'd be the shit!!!
joel lopez
joel lopez 7 gün önce
Wen u speak Og u better bring up Danny Trejo .. the man doesn’t look a year over 70 tho
NJčVision 7 gün önce
Who would you fear most? FBI Or Mexico Mafia
jorge Gonzalez
jorge Gonzalez 7 gün önce
The only thing I dont understand is why most folks come out of prison and become hardcore christians. A CHANGE OF RELIGION SHOULD NOT CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.
Julioshawtylean76 7 gün önce
🌊👍🏾👁👌🏾🌊🐝 Shouldn't have made that scene Danny A real OG🔥🔥👌🏾💯 Commit your life to God Not people specially if they have a Low iq
JC 7 gün önce
Man I love him. That's one of the realest mfkas you'll probably ever meet.
Christina Townsel
Christina Townsel 7 gün önce
Everybody this man is 75 years old ...wow
NanaPearl pearl
NanaPearl pearl 6 gün önce
Wow really
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