Danny Trejo: 10 People Killed Over 'American Me', Edward James Olmos Had a Hit on Him (Part 5)

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Part 6: trvid.com/video/video-ODhJPcKYnww.html
Part 4: trvid.com/video/video-530JqT4Ck64.html
Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz44B..
Danny Trejo spoke to VladTV about the controversy caused by American Me and the Mexican Mafia being disrespected by the film. Trejo explained that he saved director Edward James Olmos' life after he claims that a price was put on his head over the movie, adding that Olmos wouldn't speak with him over the controversy. To hear more, including speaking with the Mexican Mafia heads over the incident, hit the above clip.




25 May 2019

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Tyrone Anderson
Tyrone Anderson Dakika önce
You have a right to your opinion but im in the field everyday so u can say what u want because I dont know u, and u definitely dont know me and i aint no social media Gangsta muthafucka I put 20 years in this shit so u can sucka dick bitch or come to Chicago and loose yo life bitch.. On CVL
Pepito Guey
Pepito Guey 6 saatler önce
Nada Nada
Nada Nada 2 gün önce
I’m Hispanic ! - and I’ve been there done that ! ! - if you are/were in La Eme would you admit it on Fucking T.V. or any other public/private group/party/sector ? ? - Not Only No but FUCK NO ! ! ! ! - that would get you KILLED ! ! ! ! - then they come for your family’s.....
Carter720 2 gün önce
Absolute vision of a biker
Loyalty First
Loyalty First 3 gün önce
Vlad does it again
T Kj
T Kj 4 gün önce
gang member equals following ass, bird ass nigga's pathetic! and i wish one of you nigga's would
Cue's Tube
Cue's Tube 4 gün önce
This fool Vlad said American Me was the movie that made him not want to go to prison...what movie made him want to go to prison, Shawshank Redemption? The Green Mile? Life?
Jason Rockwell
Jason Rockwell 5 gün önce
Yep gang members are followers that's why they are a bunch of simple ass m************
Rikmiester54 5 gün önce
“You’re not dealing with theatrical muthafuckas!” 😂😂😂😂
BirKulumIste 6 gün önce
Who killed who and why???
Google User
Google User 7 gün önce
Some things are just better off left alone.
DJ Migs of Binghamton
“Feds got rules” Damn right, Feds won’t cut your head off and stuff it up your cornhole the way Mexican mafia will, dudes are psychopaths
SvenSianez714 7 gün önce
Gosh damm I didn’t know any of this shit
Cheeto Residue
Cheeto Residue 8 gün önce
I love American me but movies like that give me an Eerie feeling after finishing the movie.
Dominique Smith
Dominique Smith 9 gün önce
Growin up, belonging felt good; but havin respect, that feels even better...."
JOSEPH Outcast
JOSEPH Outcast 9 gün önce
OG por vida
HollywoodSaint 57
HollywoodSaint 57 10 gün önce
I knew trejo been to state...but didn't know he knew power...saved olmos life...heard about that contract on the street back in the early 90s
Jorge Velasco
Jorge Velasco 10 gün önce
Trejos Tacos!!!!!!!!!
fuck nut
fuck nut 12 gün önce
Anyone notice he doesn’t show he’s top teeth lmao
John M
John M 13 gün önce
Eddie Bunker is Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs
Chicanita Lucio
Chicanita Lucio 14 gün önce
But the story line along is supposed to be fictional not based on any particular person &/or people. Names of characters suppose to be made up.
Selena Sanchez
Selena Sanchez 14 gün önce
I met him and he's a real OG and so humble 💯💯❤️
FUMANDO MOTA 15 gün önce
Your ass hole for throwing curveballs at danny.
FUMANDO MOTA 15 gün önce
Some questions should never be ask I saw the TRvid documentary that shit is crazy
FUMANDO MOTA 15 gün önce
Vlad tv don’t get danny shot
George Kolotouros
George Kolotouros 16 gün önce
robert torres
robert torres 17 gün önce
Around 1:50 I heard a faint "yea" don't know it was ... think that is weird
Manny Man
Manny Man 18 gün önce
Danny sold the Game for Money all I can say he better not ever go back to prison.
Cam 19 gün önce
Shoutout my boy Scrizzy the best engineer in town
Abel Munoz
Abel Munoz 19 gün önce
He was hesitant to talk about the mexican mafia at first
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 19 gün önce
The people who wrote the movie should have realized not to include that particular scene. Any of us who grew up in Chicano neighborhoods could have told you that scene wasn't right. How about consulting with people like us and we would have advised you not to put it in because it's gonna offend the kind of people who take action when they're offended. Any Hispanic in these neighborhoods knows this. It's "barrio 101" so to speak. I admire and respect Edward James Olmos for a lot of the stuff he's done, but sorry he must have had his head up his butt on this movie..... Trejo's no dummy, he knows how to skirt the interviewer's dumb pointed questions.
Sea Edu
Sea Edu 19 gün önce
vlad..type of nigga always kinda try snitching on the set 😂
Mike Crisp
Mike Crisp 20 gün önce
Met and worked out with Mr. Trejo in the valley. Really stand up guy and have much respect for him.
Allan Benoit
Allan Benoit 20 gün önce
Great commercial but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 20 gün önce
That's my boy jeronimo
Carlos Sotelo
Carlos Sotelo 21 gün önce
His hiding alot of stuff that's funny he didnt join lol how the hell he made it in jail and how he got that kind of respect
esteban ruiz
esteban ruiz 22 gün önce
Danny “machete” Trejo sounds like a good boxer name
josue reyes
josue reyes 22 gün önce
Viva Cheyenne
Riverside 951
Riverside 951 23 gün önce
stupid ppl running your mouth u putos act like u kno shit about gangs specially a notorious gang the big m yea a few got killed so what ain’t your business putos
Jaymee Vega
Jaymee Vega 24 gün önce
One of the realist niggas I've heard speak
Ace_Cannon _004
Ace_Cannon _004 26 gün önce
Danny trejo is legendary🤘💯🔥
Jae Browne
Jae Browne 27 gün önce
Vlad- that movie got almost 10 people killed danny- it's funny cause...
TMS999 28 gün önce
Also, when he stated "How do you explain that (rumored event) to his children." Proves how serious and sensitive this movie "American Me."was and the aftermath of death because of Hollywood management showing a lies on screen.
Tracey Scott
Tracey Scott 25 gün önce
Yeah buddy!
Oscar Cabarcas
Oscar Cabarcas 28 gün önce
Without watching I bet fuk boy Vlad tries to link himself to the Mexican Mafia life
Gpad Esports
Gpad Esports 28 gün önce
OG Danny is right....it dont go down like that with surenos....
Eric Shinault
Eric Shinault 28 gün önce
Danny doesn't go to the chiropractor because he don't like backtalk.
Quintin Myers
Quintin Myers 29 gün önce
Strongest peoples that go to the battle of Gods main chosen peoples of bible From 12 tribes of Isreal
FierrO SantoS
FierrO SantoS 29 gün önce
Eddie done fucked up ,bottom line is SILENCE..
Q Texas made
Q Texas made 29 gün önce
Vlad on some other shit buy asking those type of questions... Real talk I mean i get it but don't get it. That's dangerous shit he doing.
Jim A
Jim A 29 gün önce
:35 seconds in and he's already promoting his own shit and dropping a name. This clown is learning the Hollywood game
Alej Ale
Alej Ale Aylar önce
what a liar why who gives a fuck about him his life is a lie hes a known homosexual 4ever
Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin Aylar önce
No no your not in trouble your just worker bees 😂
Horn Unfiltered
Horn Unfiltered Aylar önce
If you're in eMe that's exactly what you're supposed to tell people....
luka brazzi
luka brazzi Aylar önce
Rip uncle Eddie bunker (l Brazzi)
Rafael Pinefa
Rafael Pinefa Aylar önce
This FUCK'N self appointed shot caller
Samson Javati
Samson Javati Aylar önce
Trejo: You can't do that! Director: But it's theatrical. Trejo: But you're not dealing with theatrical motherf@#$×s!! Love Trejo!!
Anna Lexi
Anna Lexi Aylar önce
*_Omg Donald!! “Big D” RIP Donald!! Danny knew him too?!! Wow!! & Funny how I said in another interview that he did that I wish Vlad could’ve interviewed Donald!! He was such a cool guy with such amazing stories!!_*
Mario Reyes
Mario Reyes 29 gün önce
David St Clair
David St Clair Aylar önce
I highly respect this guy. As a person and an actor and for the way he's lived his life.
Justin E.
Justin E. Aylar önce
The man from the flash
j rudy morgan clark
I got real respect for that man.
Mike Leonard
Mike Leonard Aylar önce
Well this movie talked down on Northerners calling them farmers ...... what you think will happen southerns started all this to begin with
Kamuran Mus
Kamuran Mus Aylar önce
Straight up, Danny scares me. Lol
Your not dealing with theatrical motherfuckas 😂 dead
Evilbones76 Aylar önce
Blood in blood out is one of my favourite movies of all time.
Candi Rain texas
Candi Rain texas Aylar önce
Danny looks good
willl 88
willl 88 Aylar önce
never joined lol..
Hunter Glass
Hunter Glass Aylar önce
Danny is telling the truth, Pegleg Morgan would have never given Olmos consent to do that.
Shirley Richards
Shirley Richards Aylar önce
Met Danny awhile back. I’m 20 now...I’d say I was 10 years old. Real young, he was in town shooting the first “Machete.” Nicest and most humble guy. Always smiling, always laughing, he really came from a lot and still manages to see the best in the world. It would be a blessing to meet him again now that I’m a bit older.
socc69 Aylar önce
People make light of this now. Back then I remember seeing the story on hard copy. People really lost their lives. Because of that movie. Edward James Olmos probably has a ton of security and still looks over his shoulder today.
socc69 Aylar önce
@Firebird Lover I bet he is
Firebird Lover
Firebird Lover Aylar önce
nah it's just him and his service dog. I ran into him at the Montebello Fedex. Really gracious guy.
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes Aylar önce
The movie made u not want to go to prison after u seen it.? So beforehand u wanted to go Lol ?
Candy B.Sexy1
Candy B.Sexy1 Aylar önce
I luv Danny Trejo!! I ALWAYS thought he was a bad azz! Now I know he's a well respected man AND actor.
ernk75 Aylar önce
The feds got rules that's what you think and why you never see them coming til it's too late.
Alex Kispal
Alex Kispal Aylar önce
Og Forrestt
Og Forrestt Aylar önce
Trejo for life!
TENcannons Aylar önce
Here's something else you guys should consider today? You may not realize it, but every second, two people die. What happens then? Is there a heaven and Hell? Are you "good enough" to get to heaven? Look at the Ten Commandments. Have you ever lied or stolen? (regardless of the value). Ever looked with lust and therefore committed adultery in your heart? (see Matthew 5:28). You may see these as "no big deal" but God sure doesn't. He is Holy and said, "be Holy, for I am Holy." God sent His Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life we never could. He took God's wrath on the cross for sinners. Jesus paid the punishment for our sins against a Holy God. Then He rose from the dead. Cry out to God for mercy, confessing and forsaking your sins. Put your trust in Jesus( rather than " good works") to save you. Read the Bible daily and obey what you read. Please don't be mad, I really care about you and everyone else who reads this. Take care and have a great week or weekend. God bless.
rzarectot7 Aylar önce
Vatos locos for ever
Honcho Joka
Honcho Joka Aylar önce
American me is the movie that made me want to go to prison
Cuervo Delgado
Cuervo Delgado Aylar önce
bro im telling you thats why yall white people are paranoid not even of black people but mexicans cuz we the real hittas
Cristian Zambrana
Cristian Zambrana Aylar önce
The real ese
shawn toste
shawn toste Aylar önce
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