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Danny Gonzalez takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's burning questions about himself. Who is Greg? Does Danny still work for Corridor? Is he going to quit TRvid? Does he use autotune? Danny answers all these questions and much more!

Check out Danny's channel: / @danny-gonzalez

Director: James Herron

Director of Photography: AJ Young

Editor: Jeremy Smolik

Talent: Danny Gonzalez

Talent Booker: Mica Medoff

Producer: Alexandria Coccia

Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi

Associate Producer: Melissa Cho

Production Manager: Eric Martinez

Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila

Audio: Paul Cornett

Cam Op/Gaffer: Omar Elgohary

Production Assistant: Ariel Labasan

Groomer: Vanessa Ren

Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch

Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant

Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen

Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

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1 Şub 2023




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WIRED Aylar önce
Hey Guy.
4K Movie Clips
4K Movie Clips 2 gün önce
DA ANIME GUY 9 gün önce
I think you meant to say Greg
God Gamer10
God Gamer10 17 gün önce
whats up greg
anisha tiwari
anisha tiwari 18 gün önce
rosselynn 21 gün önce
@Mohiudeen Ahmad Singh its not
Kurtis Conner
Kurtis Conner Aylar önce
lets gooooooo
lynn 3 gün önce
u next mayor!
bricccky boy
bricccky boy 6 gün önce
The mayor needs to be next
Lain 13 gün önce
You were amazing in this video!!!
EmmaLovesHampters 18 gün önce
MaverickQuill Aylar önce
The fact that they just casually had that record of his personality test 💀
UrbanArchitect 29 gün önce
@naan because they knew what the questions were and got it ready
Cherie Aylar önce
@Brittany B Agree. ESTJ is a ridiculous typing for him. He's very obviously intuitive and probably feeling. INFJ makes sense at least.
Miss Sinister Seventy
@Brittany B He took the 16personalities test which types based off of letters rather than cognitive functions. It's very rarely accurate.
Twesha Saini
Twesha Saini Aylar önce
They asked the ques so they did
Sunil Kumar yadav
Sunil Kumar yadav Aylar önce
@naan hmm they basically selected all the questions so basically they would have data
blu Aylar önce
I'm glad Wired is finally getting REAL celebrities to do these, I knew they'd make it!
Janus Greenway
Janus Greenway 27 gün önce
Pfft. Yeah, real celebrities...
blu Aylar önce
​@Laptap Gamer Yes but also no
Laptap Gamer
Laptap Gamer Aylar önce
I can’t tell if you’re joking or not 😭
C Aylar önce
@Amanda Della lol same here, I was so excited when I watched Drew's and I'm loving this one too. Would love to see Cody and Noel do one
Amanda Della
Amanda Della Aylar önce
right? like to me this is more exciting than an A lister lol but maybe that’s just me
weirdnessfades Aylar önce
I love how Danny is a mixture of chaotic and calm
Sarah M
Sarah M Aylar önce
@H4ils unlike Drew, Danny is actually funny
broccoli Aylar önce
Thought u wrote "catholic and calm" 😂
H4ils Aylar önce
@Jumbo mhm
Jumbo Aylar önce
@H4ils Yea same its a joke
H4ils Aylar önce
@Jumbo 😭😭?? I'm not it's a joke
milkdrinker14 Aylar önce
Drew is such a funny guy. Glad he’s getting out there in the world.
CEO At Crystalsoft
CEO At Crystalsoft Aylar önce
@Floyd Mullican wait, it's not Buzz?
Floyd Mullican
Floyd Mullican Aylar önce
That’s not drew :/ his name is kurtis
Kimi chews l new l
Kimi chews l new l Aylar önce
U bet it! 😁
Wooly Aylar önce
Now I need a podcast of Danny reading scary stories and every few sentences he just screams in fear
callisto 27 gün önce
@Star D nope but the way they phrased it is slightly horrifying
Star D
Star D 28 gün önce
​@callistoLMAO is it bad that I also wanna see his face?
Hampter Aylar önce
@Rock Criedout 🤨📸
callisto Aylar önce
@Rock Criedout serial killer type sentence but wow
Rock Criedout
Rock Criedout Aylar önce
Nah not podcast I wanna see his face when he screams
Hieu Phan
Hieu Phan Aylar önce
So glad to see Drew Gooden making his debut in the mainstream media
📓.•Veronica Sawyer•.📓
That’s not drew that is Danny and they are not the same person. They may have similar lives they may have similar wives but they are different nonetheless
basssq3 Aylar önce
Wait is this not Kurtis Conner?
logman13 Aylar önce
@Khalilah D. bruh your everywhere
ejg907 Aylar önce
yeah its crazy to see him somewhere off vine
MyNamesNotRick Aylar önce
Danny the Nanny sounds like a early 2000’s comedy that I’d definitely watch
Laptap Gamer
Laptap Gamer Aylar önce
@AnnaDanny the Nanny crossover with Jessie
gweneth p
gweneth p Aylar önce
Lmao I mean considering "The Nanny" was a comedy show that was insanely good, I'm just imagining that exact show with Drew instead of Fran.
C Aylar önce
It sounds like a sitcom I wouldn't really like, but would stil watch every episode while I ate or something lolll
Anna Aylar önce
Omg yes
Friousjoy Aylar önce
The fact that Danny can never stop being funny even during interviews is literally the greatest thing ever
pieful Aylar önce
absolutely baffled how he's finally made it into wired. ive been with drew gooden back when he was a relatively small channel
Abel Hart
Abel Hart Aylar önce
haha, I get it
ICanRideMyBike2 Aylar önce
The only channel, some say
Logan Praz
Logan Praz Aylar önce
Hands down one of the most fun and chill wired interviews
Brahma Aylar önce
I think Drew is the first TRvidr who came and do this video twice. What a legend.
Sheriff LaCombe
Sheriff LaCombe Aylar önce
Danny said a true crime podcast would be too scary for him, but I think a true crime podcast where the host is too scared to talk about the subject would be great
Tessa Elto
Tessa Elto 29 gün önce
@thursdayyyyy • 69y ago I'm not transphobic for saying "the same people who want you to use neopronouns" and if you wanna twist and turn it to fit it with your impulsive accusatory comment then you do you
Tessa Elto
Tessa Elto 29 gün önce
@thursdayyyyy • 69y ago Except I never even mentioned trans people or anything BUT neopronouns🤣 How is me saying "people who want you to use neopronouns" remotely equal to saying "you fight like a girl"??? I literally only brought up neopronouns, which you agree doesn't make someone trans and you're calling me transphobic.
teriyaki chicken
teriyaki chicken 29 gün önce
that would be such a danny thing to do if he ever started a podcast
Hinfold Aylar önce
Lmao please this
TaylorGang Aylar önce
ReeKi Aylar önce
even after the whole video, i still was in the process of whether or not it was real that i was seeing danny on wired. idk why but i was smiling proudly the whole time.
Sarah K
Sarah K Aylar önce
“I’m not a dad, I didn’t give birth to them” Ah yes. Because that’s what dads do😎
Frank Is Not
Frank Is Not 17 gün önce
Seahorse dads do 👀👀👀
Dingo Dog
Dingo Dog Aylar önce
I mean...seahorses lol
amouryong Aylar önce
Danny's swearing is so natural that I didn't even realize he wasn't swearing until he brought up not being allowed to
Imyourdad Aylar önce
The fact that he was a nanny makes soooooo much sense. He is such a peach.
Strider Fairchild
Strider Fairchild Aylar önce
I'm so glad to see Danny on wired he's hilarious and brings a lot to the show
Sarah raquel Mourão
so nice of this channel to interview Drew twice
Carter Mitchell
Carter Mitchell 12 gün önce
Creative Trash
Creative Trash Aylar önce
Not the "hey guy" pinned comment.
Lautaro Escarlon
Lautaro Escarlon Aylar önce
@mandela mw r/wooooooosh
mandela mw
mandela mw Aylar önce
@Lautaro Escarlon r/woooooosh
Simpossible Aylar önce
The other one was danny noob
danny's ongoing one-sided relationship-then-falling-out-now-bitter-contempt with lacroix is highly entertaining to me
Лев Джон
Лев Джон Aylar önce
My heart melted when he answered "my wife" it's so sweet 😭
bennie Aylar önce
It’s so cool seeing drew back on this channel!! Glad to see him getting recognition 😊
YoShazzy Aylar önce
“I’m reliable to people who deserve it” as an ESTJ myself that was the MOST ESTJ answer he could of said 😭
nat Aylar önce
@YoShazzy touch it
Mango 17
Mango 17 Aylar önce
Hi ESTJ! I’m an ESTP! What’s up MBTI gang!
lamibon xD
lamibon xD Aylar önce
@Tennpo no fun allowed
C Aylar önce
@YoShazzy lmao. a truly great reply
Umi Aylar önce
This is fitting considering we got an interview with Danny, I'm glad it's Drew's turn now
AkiraJaxon Aylar önce
JoyJoy Bean
JoyJoy Bean Aylar önce
@Firebug69 🤷🏾‍♀️
Firebug69 Aylar önce
@JoyJoy Bean wow, you managed to totally not get the joke!
Demented Aylar önce
This was the comment I was looking for. 😀
ellifsyaa Aylar önce
@tangosparks i love this cult
Virgola Aylar önce
Danny makes me die of laughter even in a wired interview
Josh Shiemke
Josh Shiemke Aylar önce
“In a literal sense I’m not a dad, I didn’t give birth to them or anything like that.” I mean someone should check if he knows how being a dad works
Monrig 5 gün önce
after he said that i paused the video for like 5 minutes and just had like a midlife crisis or something trying to process it
Kaiapanda94 26 gün önce
It’s so cool to see him (relatively) unedited and candidly answering questions. Completely different vibe than his TRvid videos, and I love it!
A little crime, a little murder
this makes me feel like a proud father watching his son finally achieve his dreams after years of struggeling
Rizianel Vt
Rizianel Vt Aylar önce
I'm so happy to see Danny Gonzalez in this video because I think he's one of the greatest TRvidrs of our generation. He always brings the same content but in a different way every time and it makes me so happy to see him thriving in his career and life. He is the sweetest person and always very kind. Plus it was so well dressed for the interview 🥺
dead meme
dead meme Aylar önce
I feel like a dad watching his son ride a bike for the first time
Gacha Omo RPs
Gacha Omo RPs Aylar önce
@dead meme SAME 😭😭😭😭
They grow up so fast🥺😭
tatiana medina
tatiana medina Aylar önce
BloodCrystals Aylar önce
@NY 989 bro i feel ur pain 😭😭
NY 989
NY 989 Aylar önce
@BloodCrystals 😭 I grew up in Connecticut living on a hill they were so impatient and got frustrated when i fell
Miss Wilwarin
Miss Wilwarin Aylar önce
You know you've made it when you're in a Wired video. Also, I fangirled so hard when I saw this in my recommended videos. Drew Gooden/Danny Gonzalez(they're the same person) being on Wired is so freaking cool
NiceCook! Aylar önce
It was so nice of wired to bring Drew back on to ask him some more questions!!!
somethinggood Aylar önce
Hehe soooo hehe
Alexa Aylar önce
this is so much better than any celebrity wired autocomplete interview i've seen
Em K
Em K Aylar önce
So funny & smart. I love how sweet Danny & Laura are, and how proud he looked after he threw the first sign.
Ellie Heyerdahl
Ellie Heyerdahl Aylar önce
danny is so effortlessly funny I love it
cinnamodoll ♡⸝⸝
danny and laura's snail tattoos being messed up actually made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts
Just Me
Just Me Aylar önce
@⭐️-TATSUMI-⭐️ the joke is played out and annoying at this point
onyx Aylar önce
do you mean drew?? who tf is danny lol
bruh Aylar önce
*drew gooden
Incognito Man
Incognito Man Aylar önce
@adnan not found tell me, what
Moony Moonzzi Moon
Moony Moonzzi Moon Aylar önce
I study game design (and the course is the exact same as what Danny described his course to be) and the fact I technically will have the same type of higher education as Danny Gonzalez feels weirdly funny to me
Dylan Rodrigues
Dylan Rodrigues Aylar önce
Me as a comp sci student ❤😂
SoHo Aylar önce
I think it's amazing that WIRED interviews TRvidrs that are actually good at what they do and that are actually good people
gabzii Aylar önce
this is amazing to see how much drew grew his channel over time.
a u r e o
a u r e o Aylar önce
Man I love how we got a part 2 to Drew answering questions!
JackieCarmen Aylar önce
This makes me so happy, I love it when TRvidrs do these interviews
ogórek Aylar önce
Danny and Laura getting the tatoo wrong is such a Danny situation i cant stop laughing 💀
Trolli Sour Brite Eggs
@Amanda Della how else would he have said that?
Amanda Della
Amanda Della Aylar önce
That story was so funny and cute I can’t believe how casually Danny revealed it
Nacho Sauce
Nacho Sauce Aylar önce
they were really made for each other 😭
*drew gooden
Cholocco Aylar önce
So proud of Drew Gooden for making on this show!
hush Aylar önce
@Emricx john cena
Emricx Aylar önce
Um? That's Kurtis 😒
Samantha Aylar önce
This was great. Danny seems so down to earth.
J Aylar önce
This is great! Stoked to see Danny in the upper echelon of celebrity question asking content.
miw_cheerios Aylar önce
so proud of you danny! this is so cool! 🖤
Autumn Aylar önce
Greg is the number one fan base on the Internet. DONT LOOK THAT UP
Peachymilk Aylar önce
Why would I?
Elyse Aylar önce
fedegino 2
fedegino 2 Aylar önce
I’m gonna look it u-
Grace Aylar önce
@mooncelledheavv because of you, I risked it, I looked it up…. And he really is the fasted growing army 🥲 so proud of him
mooncelledheavv Aylar önce
it actually literally says that now when you look up “who is the fastest growing army”
Sunny__Johanna Aylar önce
This is so chaotic and calm at the same time and I love it
Hadassah S.
Hadassah S. Aylar önce
this channel just loves drew! i’m excited to see him doing stuff like this
Hadassah S.
Hadassah S. Aylar önce
@somethinggood the one in the video, silly!
somethinggood Aylar önce
Who is drew?
Baby Conch
Baby Conch Aylar önce
Danny is the only one that I can’t skip a video on. So funny lol
noxiousillusion Aylar önce
I like how well the dream reveal prank fits so well wit something Danny would do to prank his audience
t Aylar önce
i gotta be honest, i thought this was a fake interview seeing the thumbnail and then i saw it was official AND I GOT SO HAPPY!! go danny 🕺🏻
Olivia Aylar önce
The fact that the most likely reason for people googling if Danny dyed his hair is because Drew dyed his and people are getting them confused is hilarious to me.
aeong Aylar önce
@Stephanie M drew and danny went on tour together a while back, it was called the "we are two different people" tour lol. along with kurtis conner, they're all basically the same person. three silly white boys with similar content, similar lives, and similar wives. drew and danny actually did a song together about it lmao. they're similar enough that while some people unironically mix them up, it's kind of a custom for fans of the three to interchange their names with each other.
zakez Aylar önce
Not drew it Danny godamn it
Alex Bumble
Alex Bumble Aylar önce
@zeeadaj I didn't even think about that, you're right
zeeadaj Aylar önce
@His eyes hold an entire galaxy 💍🖤 drew gooden
zeeadaj Aylar önce
@Stephanie M i think the names more than the way they look
Jes Aylar önce
Idk why him calling Drew "another TRvidr" instead of his friend and also a TRvid is sticking with me so much 😗
lays Aylar önce
I know… I’m nervous abt this
amlovesu Aylar önce
god i never thought that people like danny would finally get interviews like normal celebs but here we are. im so prooud
Dog_terrestrial Aylar önce
Danny: I’m not good at talk for long periods of time. Also Danny: Makes 20 - 30 minute videos regular talking to a camera
Chloe Shupe
Chloe Shupe Aylar önce
He's just a good guy. Love him
Die Persoon
Die Persoon Aylar önce
Being in a wired video is a great achievement Danny🎉
Debbu Aylar önce
I like how at 5:45 when danny is explaining how he’s not his dogs’ biological father he clarifies that he personally didn’t give birth to them
erin Aylar önce
reading comments before i watch the video. what on god's green earth does this mean
Annabel Zolner
Annabel Zolner Aylar önce
I feel like deflected the question in a way like he didn’t say I don’t have kids he just talked about his dogs and never said yes or no.
tired™ Aylar önce
@Ryan Sager I like to think that he genuinely believes that's how it works and nobody ever told him it wasn't bc they thought he was joking 💀
Ryan Sager
Ryan Sager Aylar önce
Yeah and he even paid off that joke at 10:00 when he said he was born with his mom in the room
Chiara 97
Chiara 97 Aylar önce
Yeah and the way he said it implies that he didn't give birth to them solely because they were dogs💀 Like yeah if they're human? Sure thing.
Froggo_500 Aylar önce
I’m so glad Drew is getting more recognition now 😊 I feel so proud
fiftyfiftytv Aylar önce
Nice of them to get Drew on here, I really think he needs to get more recognition outside of the Roadwork Ahead vine
brooke Aylar önce
I saw the thumbnail and immediately clicked it, I literally love Danny sm and he never fails to make me laugh 😭🙌🏼
Isaiah Michael
Isaiah Michael Aylar önce
So proud of you Drew!!! Been watching since vine love your content to this day.
Isaiah Michael
Isaiah Michael Aylar önce
@somethinggood no there’s an inside joke with Danny’s fans and Drew’s fans where they call each other their names
somethinggood Aylar önce
Nevermind. I didnt realize there was a person named drew doing the interview. My bad!
Isaiah Michael
Isaiah Michael Aylar önce
@somethinggood what?
somethinggood Aylar önce
Did you not read the title of the video?
Ms. Blood Diamond
Ms. Blood Diamond Aylar önce
3:27 That is so on-brand & I love it. Both adorable & utterly hilarious😂
Vanessa Quintanilla
I like to imagine that someone named Greg, who has no clue who Danny Gonzalez is, decided to click on this video. Just try to picture the terror he felt in his soul when Danny addressed him personally.
SPdanig Aylar önce
@Hachu Yeah would have to add a last name at least like "Hey Greg Humphrey"
Emily Twiggs
Emily Twiggs Aylar önce
I’m gonna play his videos out loud in front of both of my uncles named Greg
Caitlin Kuykendall
Caitlin Kuykendall Aylar önce
this literally happened to my ex. he was genuinely scared and I had to explain later it was a coincidence.
•• •PhoenixxMatrixx
@Hachu no but like how did Danny know his name is the terror
mango\recycle.mp4 Aylar önce
@Hachu drew once adressed people with my name in his snl video and it scared me
Leedle Aylar önce
when i tell you my jaw dropped once i saw the title- Been subscribed to Danny since 2018, I'm so happy to see him on wired! Let's go greg!!!
Fjongis Aylar önce
I have been waiting for this for so long. Thank you so much for doing this Drew.
ufw. Latinas
ufw. Latinas Aylar önce
i feel like a proud mom watching danny get so big i remember his old videos 🥲
Annie Aylar önce
Never thought this day would come but here we are and im so proud of him!!!
BoberTee Aylar önce
'Am I allowed to swear?' Danny respectful as always
LudaMeri Aylar önce
First Danny and now Drew???? WIRED is killing it, now we only need Kurtis and Chad Chad
Chloe Hatfield
Chloe Hatfield Aylar önce
@SunnyDayzz💫 I love Gabi belle
tsuki -
tsuki - Aylar önce
Squitten Aylar önce
What about Jarvis or nick?
HardLee Ever
HardLee Ever Aylar önce
Omg we need chad chad
Jenna Aylar önce
Look at our boy GO, so proud Also I'll never forget going and watching old Corridor Digital videos and being utterly shocked to see Danny there
i mean, whatever
i mean, whatever Aylar önce
So cute that Danny thinks people asked if he dyed his hair because of a gray streak and not because they confused him with Drew
Gracie Gutierrez
Gracie Gutierrez Aylar önce
"But sometimes I wanna make a song where I sing." - Danny Gonzalez (5:19)
Mystico Aylar önce
Danny doing a WIRED interview! So proud of you man!
Rosie Costello
Rosie Costello Aylar önce
I’m so happy that Danny got to do this! Like I genuinely smiled so big when I saw this thumbnail
Felipe and Michelle
I'm glad Greg finally got all of his questions answered
Santi Astronomo
Santi Astronomo Aylar önce
@I Am L#zy i got a big fat text screen that said you got omegaprankd my mrbeasts great grandmother nooo capp
I Am L#zy
I Am L#zy Aylar önce
@Santi Astronomo what happened
Noodle Productions
Noodle Productions Aylar önce
@Santi Astronomo maybe you shouldn’t have clicked it
Santi Astronomo
Santi Astronomo Aylar önce
Jon Thor I just clicked it it leads to a virus lol
Collin Gerberding
Collin Gerberding Aylar önce
3:45 I can see this, actually. Good writer, good editor, good performer, but in person maybe just kind of a dude that doesn't act up much. Podcasts need a lot of energy and not everyone has it that way.
Jovana Lozeska
Jovana Lozeska Aylar önce
At first i thought this was his channel 😅 I'm really proud of you Drew!!🥰
vsco girl
vsco girl Aylar önce
im so proud of him
misato best gurl
misato best gurl Aylar önce
congrats to drew gooden for being the first celebrity to be invited twice to the wired autocomplete interview!
somethinggood Aylar önce
U know this is danny gonzalez right
Mina Minari
Mina Minari Aylar önce
I’m so happy he made it this far
Elle Aylar önce
Danny the Nanny needs to be the next Disney Channel original movie
Eesha G.
Eesha G. Aylar önce
sky is blue
sky is blue Aylar önce
Manreet Sangha
Manreet Sangha Aylar önce
🎶Hey Danny, I need a Nanny🎶
Rasp-Passion Tea
Rasp-Passion Tea Aylar önce
🎶Hey Dannyyyyy
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Aylar önce
@Stephanie BabbNO, I’M DANNY THE NANNY
Cheltzie Kuhn
Cheltzie Kuhn Aylar önce
I loved Danny’s end song and would always stay till the end just to sing along with it
JulesOnly Aylar önce
Danny saying Laura is his best friend made me so happy, that's really wholesome
Broke_Vengance Aylar önce
He's come so far I'm so proud 😭
Kaeli Harris
Kaeli Harris Aylar önce
Really appreciate Danny clarifying that his mom was in the room when he was born
mcrx604 Aylar önce
It’s crazy how far Danny has come
Faith Aylar önce
Danny being a nanny is comedic
melancholy mar
melancholy mar Aylar önce
Nanny Danny
graceofspades Aylar önce
Danny the Nanny
Ariel Zepeda
Ariel Zepeda Aylar önce
🎶He’s the naaanny 🎶
Llewelyn Shingler
Llewelyn Shingler Aylar önce
Nanny Gonzalez
WeedLeavesAndSeeds Aylar önce
This guys got a lot of balls going on there with that haircut. He's an inspiration.
MeikaGarcia Aylar önce
"So it's just 2 snails that follow each other" best line 😂😂😂😂😂
~astro~ Aylar önce
*"I'm not a father i didn't give birth to them"* -danny gonzalez 2023
S K Aylar önce
I got second hand embarrassment when he talked about the fanfic haha that's just for us Danny, don't tell the world lol
khari amir
khari amir Aylar önce
Would it really have been that hard to just have two separate cuts of him holding and reading the questions vs him actually answering them? I can’t stop thinking if his arm is tired or not 😅
I don't know why, but hearing Danny say his wife is his best friend made me really happy.
Rosette Kalombo
Rosette Kalombo Aylar önce
So cute 😍
55kzm Aylar önce
@#1 noodle fanLOL
maive Aylar önce
@Samantha what😭
#1 noodle fan
#1 noodle fan Aylar önce
@Ejay_07 I'm in your walls
alaina Aylar önce
danny you mean drew? he has his own interview
DopeKnuckles Aylar önce
J Aylar önce
Used to be a typology nerd so the mbti type question got me excited lol. I remember the arguments for it on pdb. I think half the reasoning for ESTJ was that he yells a lot 💀
Ivano Mis
Ivano Mis Aylar önce
its awesome to see how far drew has come
Connor_Phillipz Aylar önce
It's weird that they would have Drew on twice, but I guess the first video was so good they needed a sequel.
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