Dana White Responds to Leon Edwards: 'Colby Covington Deserves Next Title Shot' | UFC on ESPN 43 

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UFC president Dana White spoke to MMA Junkie and other media post-fight on Saturday in San Antonio.
0:00 - Fight Bonuses/Attendances
0:56 - Reviews Cory Sandhagen's and 'Chito' Vera's performances
1:46 - Talks Holly Holm's performance and future potential
2:46 - Talks Colby Covington vs. Leon Edwards and decision behind matchmaking
3:14 - Donald Cerrone entering into Hall of Fame
4:11 - Maycee Barber's performance and what's possibly next
7:19 - Talks Texas MMA scene
8:52 - More on Sandhagen vs. Vera, questionable judging
9:49 - CJ Vergara comeback win
10:24 - BMF talk
11:16 - Talks referee mistakes
12:30 - Nate Landwehr talk
13:10 - Bantamweight division
13:40 - Sandhagen vs Vera talk continued
14:51 - Edwards vs Covington fight talk
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27 May 2023




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assassin 2 aylar önce
Masvidal: I got insider information that I’m next for Leon. Dana White: Colby Covington is next 😂
Cosa24 2 aylar önce
Makes 0 sense for Masvidal tho Colby beat him 5-0
Scratcher Bre speakman
That insider must have been on the outsiders that day or Jorge is a bum like we all thought he was 😅
droppinloads 09
droppinloads 09 2 aylar önce
Irgendjemand he’s gonna pull out with another “injury” in hopes to fight Leon, just like he did with Leon back before leon had the belt, so that he can hopefully get a shot with Leon now. The shadow realm is just waiting for his arrival
Maxxkii 2 aylar önce
Randalmcdaniel 2 aylar önce
listening to dana whites opinion on things afterwards is like an event in itself
S'all good man!
S'all good man! 2 aylar önce
droppinloads 09
droppinloads 09 2 aylar önce
So true lmao
Phil Cliffe
Phil Cliffe 2 aylar önce
Don't shout too loudly. They'll probably make it a ppv.
David Uribe
David Uribe 2 aylar önce
I love how the media skates around asking questions to Dana
Chad Hoover
Chad Hoover 2 aylar önce
Matt Hillard
Matt Hillard 2 aylar önce
Who wants the Ariel treatment?
RichHomie Kel
RichHomie Kel 2 aylar önce
They know they’ll get fired like ariel if they ask real questions.
Michael Fadahunsi
Michael Fadahunsi 2 aylar önce
Nope Ariel instigates there is a difference. Ariel doesn't know when to STOP. Am happy we don't have to deal with that.
It’s amazing how some of these bum judges have zero accountability but still have the power to make or destroy someone’s hard earned fight career. 🤬
sainttrunks1982 2 aylar önce
Rob S.
Rob S. 2 aylar önce
Dana too, he's got all that power yet isn't a fighter himself and has the power to do the things he does and make the decisions he does. If he really cared about the judges like that he would do something about it
SpaceCaran 2 aylar önce
When will you guys understand that the judges are like that so specific fighters could be given close decisions. When people complaint they can sit behind the excuse of judging being bad.
Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface 2 aylar önce
You're describing Dana
Derrick C
Derrick C 2 aylar önce
They don’t get paid a lot. I’m sure a lot of them really don’t care that much
gururajms 2 aylar önce
Leon started crying more after Dana confirmed Colby fight 😂
Las Vegas Reachers SMFH
Colby is good but not even close to usman 😂😂😂. Colby still dreams about a win vs him and is jealous of edwards 😂😂. Gonna talk shit and lose again
Cam Eron
Cam Eron 2 aylar önce
I’m sure all 7 of Belals fans will be devastated he’s not getting the next shot.
Kiab Toom Lauj
Kiab Toom Lauj 2 aylar önce
What idiocy. If the fight happens in the Mid East, a title fight for an Arab American, he would easily attract 5 times Colby's mediocre number. Fact is, NONE of the Top 5 is a big draw. Jorge likely is a bigger draw than any of the Top 5, despite his decline. This, we know for sure: the idiots who keep saying Colby is going to do more business so he should get it --- NOT because he has any win streak, other than beating elderly Jorge ---- would all be screaming like the idiots they are, if Conor cuts in & gets the title fight, after he beats Chandler. Conor IS THE REAL DRAW; and he is TOTALLY undeserving, too, not unlike MAGA man I & II.
Cam Eron
Cam Eron 2 aylar önce
@Kiab Toom Lauj did you even watch the Belal/ Edwards fight? Leon was about two punches away from knocking him out. Allah intervened and gave him an eye poke as a way to avoid losing. No one wants to see that fight replayed. Except you and the other 6.
3,018,341 views 2 aylar önce
​@Cam Eron so what ? Usman had 1 minute to win the first leon fight then he got koed . U never know what happens in 5 rounds
Cam Eron
Cam Eron 2 aylar önce
@3,018,341 views yes we do. It it just happened at ufc 286
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 2 aylar önce
that, "you're the man leon" from dana sounded so sarcastic, like he only acknowledges it because leon has the belt but he really doesn't think so.
Uncle Jim 2
Uncle Jim 2 2 aylar önce
He’s saying grow a pair, you have the big boy belt now. 🍼🍼🍼
droppinloads 09
droppinloads 09 2 aylar önce
You don’t call the shots just because you have the belt lmao you can tell who’s brand new to being a fan of the ufc
Ehsan Ahmed
Ehsan Ahmed 2 aylar önce
​@droppinloads 09 you kind of do
NRC 2 aylar önce
​@droppinloads 09 your the casual it should be whom deserves it very very recently it's been whom ever sells now gets the shot
DontBanOllie 2 aylar önce
@Ehsan Ahmedno you don’t
1791CDA Aylar önce
Cowboy was a serious contender in his day , he def deserves to be in the hof
LethweiBlackBelt 2 aylar önce
Weird times in the UFC rankings right now, lot of people think they deserve title shots and lot of people don’t deserve it either way the fights are gonna be good!!
Slick Silver
Slick Silver 2 aylar önce
Love your profile name....lethwei is badass
BobShimits 2 aylar önce
Balal sold at least 1 ticket. He deserves it!
LethweiBlackBelt 2 aylar önce
Appreciate it🙏 lethwei is brutal lol but for total violence I watch king of the streets(no rules)
T#3_♧r33n_$0c!@l!sT 2 aylar önce
@BobShimits Do the Yankees make the World Series automatically because they sell more?
Eddie Vargas
Eddie Vargas 2 aylar önce
@BobShimits Jeff Neal pieced him foo
Alex Hendricks
Alex Hendricks 2 aylar önce
Does anybody else think the UFC is trying too hard to push Maycee Barber?!?? She absolutely positively LOST that fight against Angela Lee! The fight should have been a comfortable unanimous decision win for Lee but not if the judges can help it. Maycee also lost to Miranda Maverick in a close split decision but the UFC is just in love with Maycee. Same way O'Malley beat Yan! Popularity.
MR.AVERAGE 2 aylar önce
I'm starting to believe it. Lee won that fight 30-27 and Dana says Barber won that's crazy
Christopher Carrigg
Christopher Carrigg 2 aylar önce
Barber won the fight 3-0. Lee didn't do anything besides lie on her
misterclownface 2 aylar önce
It was a close fight. Maybe I have to watch it again but I think Lee barely won that fight. I scored it 29-28 Lee. One of the judges (as usual) were paid off or was not watching the fights and was playing games on their phone. The Vera 48-47 score was insane.
Christopher Carrigg
Christopher Carrigg 2 aylar önce
@misterclownface check the fight stats. Barber out struck lee every single round. And fight criteria takes that over control time
Shane Bennett
Shane Bennett 2 aylar önce
To be fair Andrea really did nothing with top position. Maycee was literally doing more damage from the bottom
Alex G.B
Alex G.B Aylar önce
Love the long format man💪🏻 gives you time to analyse thoroughly and is really good to listen when travelling offline and so on
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation 2 aylar önce
Warms my heart the UFC did all they could to get Cerrone's grandma there for his hall of Fame induction & breaks my heart she wasn't well enough to come. His grandma is the coolest & any1 who is a fan of cowboy knows she means the world to him.
Li Osmani
Li Osmani 2 aylar önce
I have super glue...fix your heart
Special KD
Special KD 2 aylar önce
Well I’m convinced Colby’s next lol. Love how Dana said it last week, then EVERYONE tried coming out to say that wasn’t happening. Now here Dana is again saying that’s the next fight. Chael also put a video saying “we don’t need Leon to have a title fight” and we know how corporate Chael is. Basically Leon is fighting Colby next. If he says no, looks like they’ll do an interim belt or strip Leon.
facey Kad
facey Kad 2 aylar önce
Leon already no. Interim belt is great. Everyone wins. it'll piss off Leon, and Colby will have to prove himself
Kurt Lauer
Kurt Lauer 2 aylar önce
Hit the bell with the logic👍 Fans seem to think they run the company… I’d say Leon gets stripped though. Look what happened with Francis.
Lars Nootbaar Fan
Lars Nootbaar Fan 2 aylar önce
@facey Kadthere won’t be an interim. Leon will be stripped and sent to bellator if he doesn’t want to fight Colby
Luke Murray
Luke Murray 2 aylar önce
@facey Kad an interim belt won't piss off Leon lol because it's a glorified number one contender fight 🤣
Luke Murray
Luke Murray 2 aylar önce
I really hope Leon don't give him the fight so all you Colby fan girls can have a meltdown. Dana can't strip Leon. Division and company will have zero credibility!
Fred 2 aylar önce
Holly's post fight speech needs to go viral.
Matthew Tufford
Matthew Tufford 2 aylar önce
She's a legend 👏🏻
gavin mitchell
gavin mitchell 2 aylar önce
They’ll be no help from UFC it will be up to the fans to share it buddy but yes someone needed to get that message out on tv suprised they didn’t bleep it like they do for swearing so it doesn’t offend the fairies.
misterclownface 2 aylar önce
Slumber Party Time
Slumber Party Time 2 aylar önce
Belal is throwing a tantrum right now
Brick Flair
Brick Flair 2 aylar önce
He’s always crying and throwing a tantrum somewhere
Robot 🤖
Robot 🤖 2 aylar önce
Nobody cares about Belel
Kashmir Belongs Central Asia
@Brick Flair why not, Colby is trying to take food from his table... I think Belal should be mad on that
HodlCrypto 2 aylar önce
As he should
Kaaashhhhhhh 2 aylar önce
But the media are ranking Colby high though, just below Usman. I hear what ya'll are saying, there's active fighters like Belal or Shavkat or Burns out there, but if the media really thinks that then drop Colby's ranking? If Colby is ranked so high it's because they think he's good enough to be there and so he does have some claim to the title. Masvidal was also a 2 time title contender and Colby shut him down good, their last fight.
Crazy Pato
Crazy Pato 2 aylar önce
15:07 that was the chance for any journalist unhappy with King Colby getting a title shot but they didn't take It
Osi O
Osi O 2 aylar önce
I miss 2009 Dana
Luke Murray
Luke Murray 2 aylar önce
Why does the media have no balls to actually call out Dana on why Colby don't deserve the next shot??
Trade2Travel 2 aylar önce
If anyone wants to be part of the post conference or even pre conference. They have to ask shitt*e question. If they dont.don't.. they get kick out. Pretty sure about that.
Khalid Alshammari
Khalid Alshammari 2 aylar önce
@Trade2Travel because it’s not worth losing ur job over a Colby question
Maciej M
Maciej M 2 aylar önce
And what would those call outs be exactly?
wheelmanstan 2 aylar önce
Cowboy in the Hall of Fame...in the words of Nat Diaz, "I'M NOT SURPRISED" Hell of a dude.
Jason Borotra
Jason Borotra 2 aylar önce
"A million other reasons why Colby deserves that fight" lol😂
SLSH 2 aylar önce
He should’ve said “it’s been 9 in a row, he deserves that shot”
Daniel Correa
Daniel Correa 2 aylar önce
If Colby gets the next title shot just for doing you a favor and being a back up fighter then Belal should also get a title shot no matter if he wins or loses his next fight because he’s doing you an even bigger favor taking a fight he shouldn’t have to take
stringfiend6 2 aylar önce
yeah, vera was completely dominated. he didn't win a single round, he didn't put out until the LAST 20 seconds haha
Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann 2 aylar önce
Wtf was the judge that scored it for Chito thinking? Split decision was bs! clean win for Sandhagen
s 2 aylar önce
he was shook
Will 2 aylar önce
I give him round 3 but it easily coulda been 50-45
T Rope
T Rope 2 aylar önce
Chito fought like he always does, one punch at a time. Dude needs to string together more punches in combos, dudes lat 3,4 fights have been like that.
T - Bone
T - Bone 2 aylar önce
When Dana leaves the UFC will never be the same. This guy is always a main event!
Jose Leon
Jose Leon 2 aylar önce
maybe than the rankings would actually matter, convington doesnt deserve a title shot
Avijit 2 aylar önce
@Jose Leon If Belol deserves a title shot then Chito also deserves a title shot. Lol
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 2 aylar önce
@Avijitcry more karen😢
calm bro
calm bro 2 aylar önce
@Shawn Johnson Colby's getting that belt whether you like it or not 😝 🍭 eat this
Dj Elliott
Dj Elliott 2 aylar önce
Dana got into the nose beers tonight 😂🤘🏻
paul 2 aylar önce
Any proof ?
Dj Elliott
Dj Elliott Aylar önce
The signs are there, the jaw, the constant sniffing, his eyes are locked on whoever he's talking to, he looks stiff, I could be wrong but I'm not judging either way. I just thought it was funny, lol
Javi AIR
Javi AIR 2 aylar önce
Thank you Dana says it people swear they would fight when you get sideswiped from the side like come on Colby gonna get this belt back 😅🙏🏼🙏🏼
mas 2 aylar önce
Dana "I never make matches on Fight Night" White pretty much never gives a straight answer on even the most obvious next matchups so the more I see him double down on Colby "deserving" a title shot when there's 3 or 4 objectively more deserving contenders, the more believable it sounds that they had to bribe him behind the scenes to get him to drop charges against Masvidal
Kaaashhhhhhh 2 aylar önce
But the media are ranking Colby high though, just below Usman. I hear what ya'll are saying, there's active fighters like Belal or Shavkat or Burns out there, but if the media really thinks that then drop Colby's ranking? If Colby is ranked so high it's because they think he's good enough to be there and so he does have some claim to the title. Masvidal was also a 2 time title contender and Colby shut him down good, their last fight.
mas 2 aylar önce
Well the rankings aren't exactly gospel and it's not like you have to be #1 to get the next shot nor is the next shot automatically given to the guy ranked #1. I guess he has never dropped because he never lost to anyone ranked beneath him but he hasn't impressed nor knocked off contenders coming off a win. Belal, Burns, Shavkat, and Khamzat (if he's staying at WW) are all more deserving with more relevant recent wins. I guess if Masvidal surprises us and sparks Burns then that will be a win for Colby that has since aged well but as of now nothing about him getting a title shot makes any sense. It's not even like he sells game-changing PPV since 90% of his entertainment value is outside the cage
97 World Champ
97 World Champ 2 aylar önce
Nobody deserves that fight as much as Colby Covington.
Sam 2 aylar önce
bLaCk 2 aylar önce
nice joke
Bolder Boulder
Bolder Boulder 2 aylar önce
@bLaCk He's right
Jirrell J.
Jirrell J. 2 aylar önce
Lmao that was funny
PackTriots 2 aylar önce
Maybe that Sean O’Malley defeat was a fluke…. I’ve never understood the hype around Chito… I’m starting to think Sean might just beat him in a rematch
ecc entricity
ecc entricity 2 aylar önce
chito is so focused on finding a finish that he risks losing a decision, again
LibertarianPunk 2 aylar önce
Didn’t look like he was able to get comfortable like when he fought Jose Aldo.
EveryoneIsOnSteroids 2 aylar önce
Loving the fact that Dana is sticking to Colby!😂💪
Robert Fixescars
Robert Fixescars 2 aylar önce
Leon vs Jorge way more exciting if he beats Gilbert dorito the stepping stone
Asheeth Kumar
Asheeth Kumar 2 aylar önce
Colby vs khamzat Colby vs jorge 2 Colby vs shavkat Colby vs belal Colby vs islam, will always do better numbers than Leon in it...
Solice 2 aylar önce
​@Robert Fixescars Only lost to usman and a close one to Khamzat since moving to ww You're a goofball
Robert Fixescars
Robert Fixescars 2 aylar önce
@Solice when was the last time Colby finished anyone?
I think Dana forgot Leon had to fight Belal then Nate after the layoff for a title shot.
Craig 2 aylar önce
I really respect how this man never learns from his mistakes. They toddled for 3 years about making a UFC Africa card when they had 3 African champs but they dragged their feet so long that now he’s still out here saying how much UFC Africa means to them meanwhile they now have no African champs to bring there. The same thing is going to happen with this no-brainer UFC Mexico. They’ve got 3 Mexican champs now and his answer to doing a UFC Mexico card is “yeah, we should, no plans, but we should. Wait until you guys see the UFC PI we’re building down there… the renders are great…” 3 years from now when they have zero Mexican champs I’m sure we’ll see a more eager Dana
Rui Manuel Carvalho
Rui Manuel Carvalho 2 aylar önce
Andrea Lee got robbed and Cody almost did.
C P10
C P10 2 aylar önce
That bmf belt needs to be on the line every time the owner fights
wheelmanstan 2 aylar önce
Holly Holm's message was awesome.
Robert Pinero
Robert Pinero 2 aylar önce
That classic Dana White coke sniff to start off these pressers get me every time ❄️
Zack 2 aylar önce
Leon didn’t almost fight for like 2 years and he got a shot - Dana White You can look that up 🤣🤣👍
Toby Mattana
Toby Mattana 2 aylar önce
Dana has the weirdest takes smth going on behind the scenes for sure.
Social Media Ego
Social Media Ego 2 aylar önce
So many contradictory statements from Dana is just as scary as a split decision in the Cory/Vera fight…
Tyler Bolis
Tyler Bolis 2 aylar önce
No anik Colby question. Great job media.
Black Slav #14
Black Slav #14 2 aylar önce
They scared to be looked at a certain way.
mma quickgems
mma quickgems 2 aylar önce
Calm down Ariel
Uncle Jim 2
Uncle Jim 2 2 aylar önce
Then push-ups John.
Hitter 2 aylar önce
@Uncle Jim 2 You know, I have second lung, you know.
Ant Man
Ant Man 2 aylar önce
MMA "media" is an absolute joke
Waynzig Nordics
Waynzig Nordics 2 aylar önce
The media can't stop wetting itself over Colby getting the next shot, and Dana's getting a thrill from it. Vera looked like he fell in love with being a "UFC Fighter" and forgot how to be a fighter. Reminded me of Dana's famous "do you want to be a fncking fighter" speech.
Dckillsall24 2 aylar önce
How did people forget about Colby getting jumped lol
Onyx Aylar önce
We're gonna miss pacman when he leaves the UFC ! People take the piss but he is a solid guy. Thanks 👍🏼
benito guerrero
benito guerrero 2 aylar önce
He calls the shots 🎉
Len Xiang
Len Xiang 2 aylar önce
14:50…. Leon Edwards
Groovin Garbie
Groovin Garbie 2 aylar önce
Individual judges need public official scrutiny for constructive purposes. When the judges names are published for an upcoming event, they can be removed/added based on the grading of their performances. the public, fighters, coaches, promoters, managers will have a say on what judge judges bout(s)
raptuous 2 aylar önce
No one asked Dana about Rogans statement about Masvidal being a harder fight for GSP than any of his other opponents?
Jesus Valtierra
Jesus Valtierra 2 aylar önce
Let's go Colby !!
Josh S
Josh S 2 aylar önce
So relieved Dana could see the judge problem since Chito is a bit of a star… Nothing against Chio but please, the judge that gave it to Chito has be suspended for schooling
TheDXJC56 2 aylar önce
Seriously excellent choices for the performance bonuses this weekend
Bolder Boulder
Bolder Boulder 2 aylar önce
Leon ducking Colby because he knows it will not be an easy fight.
Make your lawn Great Again
Yeah he just fought the guy who beat colby twice lol
Bolder Boulder
Bolder Boulder 2 aylar önce
@Make your lawn Great Again Usman looked like his knees didn't work anymore in the 2-fights with Leon. Sorry, Colby went to war with Usman with prime knees.
Make your lawn Great Again
@Bolder Boulder excuses .
Christopher Carrigg
Christopher Carrigg 2 aylar önce
​@Make your lawn Great Again Leon wants Jorge who also lost to Usman twice and got manhandled by Colby
Make your lawn Great Again
@Christopher Carrigg they have a history he said if Jorge wins or he will fight winner.
The Best
The Best 2 aylar önce
Dana's right Colby fully deserves the next title shot
FortyFirst Millennial
FortyFirst Millennial 2 aylar önce
Why is Leon so scared of Colby?
Ragnar 2 aylar önce
I see Dana White i click faster than the speed of light
John M. Runyon
John M. Runyon 2 aylar önce
Why would none of those reporters state why Colby shouldn’t get title shot?
Black Slav #14
Black Slav #14 2 aylar önce
Belal gonna do another interview in his car seething😁😁😁
Len 2 aylar önce
Did he get that car from woodley. ?
Black Slav #14
Black Slav #14 2 aylar önce
@Len ahahaha, probably.
Henry From Skalitz
Henry From Skalitz 2 aylar önce
Belal? Who tf is that?
Ableton 2 aylar önce
"Remember the Eyepoke"
Church Jones
Church Jones 2 aylar önce
"We have plans for Belal"...keep fighting until you lose. Those are apparently Dana's plans for Belal.
doot pooter
doot pooter 2 aylar önce
Nobody but Colby haters cares about Belal, and they're only talking about Belal because Colby is getting next title shot.
Church Jones
Church Jones 2 aylar önce
@doot pooter Don't care for either but one deserves a title shot and the other doesn't.
JesusAvilezTV 2 aylar önce
@Church Joneswho Belal beat?
doot pooter
doot pooter 2 aylar önce
@Church Jones Leon already beat Belal's ass, sorry. Good luck coping and enjoy Colby vs Leon!
Church Jones
Church Jones 2 aylar önce
@doot pooter Why do you all always say things like "coping" and "cry more" or stupid bull like that. My life doesn't revolve around this sport, I really don't care that much I promise.
Taylor Mack
Taylor Mack 2 aylar önce
Colby plays the act pretty well. Being an All American
bigtizzy 2 aylar önce
Acts more American then most of our Congress 😂
Randy McGhee SR
Randy McGhee SR 2 aylar önce
Act? Hard for you to understand there are a bunch of All Americans out here? Good lord.
Redlionlife 2 aylar önce
Do you really think that's how all Americans act? Maybe some do. Maybe the poor, uneducated goofballs in our country act that way, but not all of us. The United States of America is a very diverse group of people. Some of us are respectful and God fearing people who enjoy mma and wrestling. We don't buy into the bull that these guys are selling. Not all of us talk trash and smack our wives around. Some of us have respect for our competition and act accordingly. I was just at state wrestling yesterday with my son and I seen a lot of handshakes and even some hugs at the end of some hard-fought matches. I seen a group of thousands stand up during the national anthem and show respect during battle. If you think Americans act like colby, you are sadly mistaken my friend.
Zachary Bechtel
Zachary Bechtel 2 aylar önce
People are crazy if they don’t want to see Leon Vs Colby . Belal can get the winner , which I hope Colby wins bc there’s a bit of beef between Colby and Belal
Spiderman 2 aylar önce
Rahkmanov needs to be in there.
Sinestet Kanal
Sinestet Kanal 2 aylar önce
Hehehe love to see it…The last sentence. It’s gonna be Colby next. Fullstop. I guess the whining will continue though for a little while, but you can already feel it’s winding down
Jerrell2410 2 aylar önce
Seems like both challengers are undeserving but it would have been cool to see a conclusion to the Masvidal thing. The way the Belal fight ended sucked but resume/activity suggests he’s probably most deserving. Colby’s last 5 fights are two losses to Kamaru and three wins against aging stars Masvidal, Woodley, and Robbie Lawler
Scratcher Bre speakman
Where did Jorge's insider information go oh that's right out the window when Dana says nope Colby's next pal 😂😂😂
Arsi1776 2 aylar önce
No one wants to see Colby the croutch sniffer against a stricker like Leon . So lame . Masvidal makes for a way better stylistic fight
Mfundi Mkhize
Mfundi Mkhize 2 aylar önce
@Arsi1776 Brother I promise you many of us want to see that fight. If you want to watch only striking watch Glory or other kickboxing events. A lot of MMA fans want both striking and grappling to see who's the superior fighting(not striking). If it's all about striking then Edward Scissorhands should fight Wonderboy.
that-one-cool-guy 2 aylar önce
My guess. Leon told Jorge that. Problem is Dana told Colby he was next. Let's see who gets their way.
Diamond 2 aylar önce
Dana Pinocchio White always tells the truth, right?
2 Dvs Carter
2 Dvs Carter 2 aylar önce
I'm glad cowboy is getting put in the hall of fame the only thing he didn't do is win a wec or ufc belt but now he in the hall of fame no better title to win I'm happy for him
Ken Marcus Olvi
Ken Marcus Olvi 2 aylar önce
Masvidal lost to Colby. How in the hell is there even a discussion about Masvidal getting title shot before Colby. ? NO WAY
ruben martinez
ruben martinez 2 aylar önce
Colby lost both championships fights, how does he get a shot again? If he loses again is Dana going to give him another shot?
Ken Marcus Olvi
Ken Marcus Olvi 2 aylar önce
@ruben martinez right now Colby deserves this. Dana already said that Belal next fight will be for the nr1 contender spot. Who do you think should fight Leon next? And please dont say Masvidal.
ben1987 2 aylar önce
Bruhhh colby lost his last 2 fights against usman come on foo...AND to add it to that 2 losses he been out for a year...why not wait for burns or belal..one of those 2 deserves the title shot..but i do agreed masvidal doesnt deserve a title shot
Ken Marcus Olvi
Ken Marcus Olvi 2 aylar önce
@ben1987 agree. But Dana is looking it from business side also. Colby vs Leon draws more people. So it is what it is i think. But yeah im sure that Belal or Burns will be fighting for the title later rather than sooner. 😀
Randy Mullins
Randy Mullins 2 aylar önce
Thinking Colby negotiated with the UFC on a title fight if he dropped charges against Masvidal
Feco Dalwo
Feco Dalwo Aylar önce
Leon started crying more after Dana confirmed Colby fight
Noel Trevino
Noel Trevino 2 aylar önce
The eyes twitching the sniffing the stiff look almost frozen, dana is cokeddee tf out!! Lol he even said he was coming out the bathroom as main event scores were being read lol
Jesus is lord
Jesus is lord 2 aylar önce
Lol for sure, you can even see he's lost weight because of it (snifff) as he looks different when he's standing up now, and looks like he even lost muscle mass (snifff) ...he definitely was high as a kite coming out of the bathroom (sniffff) .... lol dudes sniffing gaggers while doing the press conference 😅
asonunique209 2 aylar önce
Lmfao I didn't even think of that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pool Hero
Pool Hero 2 aylar önce
Bryant Conley
Bryant Conley 2 aylar önce
I wanna see Colby Vs. Usman again then he fights Leon after he wins
Vex 2 aylar önce
Holly was a absolute freight train
M Kiefer
M Kiefer 2 aylar önce
Dana off that Texas white! Haha that’s awesome
asonunique209 2 aylar önce
bigtizzy 2 aylar önce
El Paso fish scales bruv 😂
Pj Barnes
Pj Barnes 2 aylar önce
He did say he was coming out the bathroom when the results were read 😂😂😂
tim yarbrough
tim yarbrough 2 aylar önce
Dana said when he come up with the BMF belt. I thought Nate came up with that and talked Dana into it. Am I wrong?
Chad Hoover
Chad Hoover 2 aylar önce
Yes, you are wrong
SLE 297
SLE 297 2 aylar önce
Whoever came up with it is a complete clown! Bmf belt is a joke
tim yarbrough
tim yarbrough 2 aylar önce
@SLE 297 Agreed.
Luke Wolfgang
Luke Wolfgang 2 aylar önce
Revisionist history
Mark Greyson
Mark Greyson 2 aylar önce
Dana For Noble Peace Prize.
Gary G
Gary G 2 aylar önce
"If Usman doesn't exist" If my auntie had stones
Kashmir Belongs Central Asia
"If Usman doesn't exist Colby would have been champion " If Jon Jones doesn't exist most of the heavyweight would have been champions, if Khabib doesn't exist, Dustin porier and justin Gaethje would have been champion, if Alex Pereira doesn't exist Adsanya wouldn't have been frozen like elsa, if Dana White doesn't exist there wouldn't have been any powerslap sport... 🤐
Slayer 2 aylar önce
She'd be trans
Walker Wolfson
Walker Wolfson 2 aylar önce
MMA media is so soft. They spent a week criticizing the colby title fight decision and dana asks why he shouldn’t and there all silent 😂
Lo 2 aylar önce
Dana thinks there’s only 4 welterweights 3 title shots in 5 fights is unheard of🤦🏽‍♂️
Somoan Nomad
Somoan Nomad 2 aylar önce
We'll hear Ariel Crying Monday about Danas reponse
mma quickgems
mma quickgems 2 aylar önce
Love Ariel but he’s so annoying when he cries about Dana or Colby
bLaCk 2 aylar önce
​@mma quickgems but when Dana goes on unwarranted rants and tries to destroy other people's image...hes the best person in the world to listen to. You casuals are what's wrong with this sport
Mark Kelsey
Mark Kelsey 2 aylar önce
Ariel is a lol
mma quickgems
mma quickgems 2 aylar önce
@bLaCk ya I love Dana’s rants always have since back in the day Nothing about what I said makes me a casual lmao and that’s what every other id10t in the TRvid comments says when they get there feelings hurt
lane sherfy
lane sherfy 2 aylar önce
Leon is not in a position to fight whoever he wants, only a select few get that privilege
Maxxkii 2 aylar önce
S'all good man!
S'all good man! 2 aylar önce
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 2 aylar önce
Belal "it makes no sense to fight down in the rankings" Does he realize Colby would be fighting down in the rankings to fight him?
GOAT 2 aylar önce
Eventhough Colby doesn't deserve the Title shot Leon should realise how big this fight is for his legacy he already beat the former p4p King twice and in the first fight he slept him if he defends his belt against Colby that would be so great and after that he can fight Masvidal and squash his beef
Health Motivator
Health Motivator 2 aylar önce
Heres The Breakdown, Chito Only Showed Up For The Last 20 Seconds Of The Fight And Wasted All Of Are Time
Dom Issac
Dom Issac 2 aylar önce
“You answered you own question” -proceeds to double down on colby getting the shot. Lol you cant write this stuff 🤣
Pool Hero
Pool Hero 2 aylar önce
It's going to be Colby next!!!! 😁
kreep3r 2 aylar önce
Dana's coked tf out
Javier Novelli
Javier Novelli 2 aylar önce
ain't he always? 😂
James Bennett Music
James Bennett Music 2 aylar önce
Was just about to comment the same 😂
Eddie Vargas
Eddie Vargas 2 aylar önce
San Antonio close to the border papas
kreep3r 2 aylar önce
@Eddie Vargas and the night just started 😂🔥 he's prolly hitting lines right this minute off a ring girls crack 😂
Randalmcdaniel 2 aylar önce
he said colbys been champ for a while lol
christian rodgers
christian rodgers 2 aylar önce
Chito needs to move to 145 the only reason I think chito is so slow is 1 weight cut or 2 hes worries about gasing in the later rounds also let's go Colby chaos about to beat Leon an than super fight with shavkat
Sandy Rodriguez
Sandy Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
Dana said if Usman did not exist, Colby would be the champ for a million reasons. Yes, we know he Dana LOVES Colby since Colby means millions for the UFC.
Suraj kamble
Suraj kamble 2 aylar önce
King👑 Colby 🤝👍👊
G V 2 aylar önce
Wait you don't know if valentina gets a instant rematch that's insanity smh
Allen Coomer
Allen Coomer 2 aylar önce
Nate came up with the BMF belt
Danielle Wells
Danielle Wells 2 aylar önce
Daddy Dana speaks! Let's go Colby!
Regular Stan
Regular Stan 2 aylar önce
Dana got Leon good lol
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 2 aylar önce
I don't think that Leon doesn't want to fight Colby I just think that he wants to beat for his ass first he just got such a beef and wants to get Jorge back ,but as far as fighting called me I don't think that's an issue with him, wrestler or not
Nicolas Cejas
Nicolas Cejas 2 aylar önce
Colby vs edwards is gonna be amazing
StaticFlacko 2 aylar önce
There’s not a chance he was making usman Colby 3.
Tackmeister 2 aylar önce
14:48 Leon Edwards reference, so you guys don't have to listen to this tomato talk for 16 minutes.
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