Damn, okay: Zach Ertz debuts for ARI on National TE Day | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

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Chris Simms belatedly celebrates National Tight Ends Day with a look at some of the TEs that stood out in Week 7 and more.
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Damn, okay: Zach Ertz debuts for ARI on National TE Day | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports




25 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Colin Bernard
Colin Bernard Aylar önce
What’s with the skepticism on Ertz dying out?? He’s been stuck with Dallas and is younger than Kelce.. now he’s got a chance to shine again
Hans Shouse
Hans Shouse Aylar önce
Everyone doubted AZ and still does… GTFOH
Dj Sauls
Dj Sauls Aylar önce
I find it funny chris simms is talking about tua having a week arm cuz I remembered when he was at UT he fucking sucked
M. Watts
M. Watts Aylar önce
Connor and Chase are the closet thing to “thunder and lighting” I’ve seen in a while.
RokkoTaco Aylar önce
We’ve been begging to trade for this dude since the offseason. Nice to finally have him
Lando Aylar önce
kylie Jenner with the tight end? LMAO
erik puka
erik puka Aylar önce
Packers are playing like they did in 2019. A more boring style than in 2020. Posses the ball, throw short and convert. Attack the middle of the field more and not take as many deep shots.
Arun Aylar önce
The Raiders seem so much more relaxed and carefree since Gruden resigned.
Kirwin Dave Watson
Kirwin Dave Watson Aylar önce
Win $2. As of week 7 NFL. Which 2 offensive players indexed millionaire row in matrix KDW. A. Matt Ryan B. Tom Brady C. Ezekiel Elliott D. Devante Adams E. Travis Kelce
Sed Said
Sed Said Aylar önce
Cardinals are blowing out the packers 31-17
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz Aylar önce
Why isn’t Watson playing ? If I’m the Houston HC, I’m putting DeShaun on the field- at gun point if need before
Akira 28 Shima
Akira 28 Shima Aylar önce
If he win, you lose good draft position because he’s not long term player. If he gets injured, he loses trade value. Plus, it’s very bad PR if he plays.
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz Aylar önce
Not in West Hollywood it ain’t
72 hour vanlife with no experience…