D-Day to Germany: Cameraman Jack Lieb comments on original footage of 1944-45

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Spectacular HD-scanned footage of 1945 with narration by newsreel cameraman Jack Lieb. According to this source ( unwritten-record.blogs.archiv... ), Lieb's voice had been recorded in 1976 by his son, Warren, one of his final lectures. Lieb went to Europe in 1943 to film war coverage for Hearst’s News of the Day newsreels.

0:00 London (Westminster Abbey)
10:06 Landing on the Utah beach (by a british landing craft)
23:46 Mont St. Michel
30:19 Paris (on the day of liberation)
37:16 Westwall
38:10 Aachen
39:11 Berlin

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Footage in original color and HD before restoring for the documentary “Spirit of Liberation" (Kronos Media, 2016)
Watch here the new restored pictures in our film trailer: goo.gl/CU0hUP



10 Ara 2016




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Schumachers Batman
Schumachers Batman 20 saatler önce
A wild Hemingway appears.
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas Gün önce
Art Therapy
Art Therapy Gün önce
my chemical romance learned heavily about this before making their music video ghost of you such great cinematography
Clayton McClain
Clayton McClain Gün önce
Wow real news reporter's just imagine if we had them in today's society. All we get is lying garbage can leftwing vomit. God bless.
KHANAGE 2 gün önce
Their mascot, that poor little puppy, is about to get a boat ride in to Hell. 😰 Amazing footage. 🏆
MONROE 2 gün önce
Phenomenal. thank you. Ps. If it didn't effect the narration so much I'd say change the playback speed to .5x. It corrects everything alot except for the voice over.
А мужики ихние не пробовали их защитить от оккупантов??
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 4 gün önce
Earnest Hemingway...
Gomez Okpala
Gomez Okpala 4 gün önce
What a collection. This documentary is truly the very best I have seen of the 2nd world war. Thank you so much dear.
celticlofts 5 gün önce
I don't know what the next war will be fought with but I know the one after that will be fought with sticks and stones.
Elphin D. Blackforrest
What this excellent footage shows and teaches is that we learn nothing from history! We have collective amnesia and end up at the same place just at a different time.
Gordon Sim
Gordon Sim 9 gün önce
Excellent documentary 👏 100%
Simon Oxley
Simon Oxley 10 gün önce
What a wonderful presentation; astonishing to see this very clear footage with such well informed commentary. Thank you so much.
1kenneth1985 11 gün önce
Utterly spell-binding footage. Thank you so very much to all involved creating/restoring/uploading this time-witness footage and narration. Exceptional.
Burhan Gharaibeh
Burhan Gharaibeh 12 gün önce
Amazing! Absolutely amazing!
Pam Jacot
Pam Jacot 13 gün önce
Great filming and narrative. When I see what's going on in our days, sadly we haven't learned anything. Even space is militarized.
124gilly 13 gün önce
The 'First men to land' shots from the auto-cameras - are actually of CANADIANS.....as usual, their role is unrecognized
Rae J
Rae J 14 gün önce
Priceless footage. I've never seen anything like this before. Thank you for sharing it.
Johnny Weisberger
Johnny Weisberger 15 gün önce
Great video!! From Canada--hats off!!
Travis Grimes
Travis Grimes 15 gün önce
I am not sure of the accuracy of this video. The D day footage is sparse and has 2 people shot? The real D day there were thousands of soldiers killed, machine gun fire was fast and rapid. Men were being killed as soon as they opened the doors of the boats. I am not sure when and where this footage was taken, but it was definitely not the real D Day.
Marius-Ovidiu 15 gün önce
Love to see differences from then and now Great footage!
Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale 16 gün önce
42:33 Good sir, they survived and today I watch them in November 2021, May more people see them for decades to come and hello to all the people in the future reading my comment
YoMommas Cookin
YoMommas Cookin 17 gün önce
101st airborne in a landing craft on dday? Hmm.
THEO NEMESIS 17 gün önce
Asphalt Maintenance
3 min 57 seconds. Jack Thompson looks like Connor mcgreggor
Harry S Human
Harry S Human 18 gün önce
11:28 I am pretty sure the plane footage is reversed.
Daniel 18 gün önce
frank stall
frank stall 19 gün önce
They walked in with very little resistance , there were hardly any German troupes there.
Neil McCormick
Neil McCormick 19 gün önce
Houses of Parliament, not " House of Parliament " .
Peter Cross
Peter Cross 19 gün önce
Excellent video, thank you so much for showing this
Caleb Anderson
Caleb Anderson 19 gün önce
Jesus is Jack Thomson a time traveler? He looks like he just walked out of coffee shop in Portland 3:49
runfayalife 19 gün önce
Remember when the world loved the U.S.?
William A
William A 20 gün önce
No we do not.mame War so deadly....the Satan possessed Nazi's made it so deadly !!!
1DocSim 20 gün önce
I want to thank Jack Lieb for bringing this to us!
Толстый Парень
Alexander Astafyev
Alexander Astafyev 22 gün önce
Where is Private Ryan???
Takyan Sisoumankhara
Takyan Sisoumankhara 23 gün önce
I love how everyone sounded like Bugs Bunny back then.
ML Weird Builds
ML Weird Builds 23 gün önce
I didn't know cameras could be this clear. Also, most of shots and angles are very good, even better than some of our documentaries in the modern world.
lukerack 23 gün önce
I like how he didn't edit out his coughs in the commentary. I guess it would be difficult to do back then for such a long recording.
Simon Says
Simon Says 24 gün önce
37:17, those German children were well dressed and beautiful, almost like Hollywood young stars.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 24 gün önce
The go pro footage of future and wars are going to be insane
Eric Gerwatowski
Eric Gerwatowski 26 gün önce
Learn to farm now everybody.
U.S. Militia
U.S. Militia 26 gün önce
Kinda strange that the horrific Germans didn’t totally obliterate Paris during their retreat
Arnungist 21 gün önce
They were ordered to but the german governor of paris said no
U.S. Militia
U.S. Militia 26 gün önce
DeGaulle stood his ground? 😂😂😂
U.S. Militia
U.S. Militia 26 gün önce
It’s literally every Soldier’s dream to fight in a just war. I served from 1988-2006. I wish I had served in one as well
fluffy1931 3 gün önce
literally pure bs' dude .
Hal9000 26 gün önce
Firstly thank you so much for this video. Superbly narrated. We forget these brave reporters faced dangers as did the fighting soldiers, and all without proper weapons. Let’s not forget a bullet doesn’t care if you’re a fighting soldier or a reporter! It’ll still kill you! Without brave people like this we wouldn’t have these gems to look back on. Especially later on when there is none of the people from this brave and tough time left. Plus a lot of Americans can probably trace their ancestry back to the British isles and Ireland. So our beautiful treasures are just as much theirs in my eyes.
ЈοֆερΗ Ω
ЈοֆερΗ Ω 27 gün önce
wow this footage with excellent narration from someone that was really there is priceless!
Dirk Van Troyen
Dirk Van Troyen 27 gün önce
And this is Ernie, ehm, Ernest Hemingway :D
Dirk Van Troyen
Dirk Van Troyen 27 gün önce
28:15 That water looks so nice and clean.
Handsome Rob
Handsome Rob 28 gün önce
That 1944K hits different
Rowdy Elite Hater
Rowdy Elite Hater 29 gün önce
1000s of pox rotten sows, 20.000 rapes in England between 1941-1945, hell with the US Army scum.
Youtube mailo
Youtube mailo 29 gün önce
Hemmingway war ei Killer,Kriegsverbrecher,welche deutsche Gefangene aus Spaß erschoss.
Peter Nicholsonu
Peter Nicholsonu 29 gün önce
My uncle Jack could not agree to killing other people in war. 1939 he was an Anglican conscientious objector and was despised by those around him. I reckon he showed more courage standing for his rights than those who followed the crowd and signed up not realising what horrors would be expected of them. My grandad was so traumatised by the Battle of the Somme he would never speak of it thereafter nor go to any celebratory march. Uncle Eric was killed 1942 as a medic helping the injured. 1968 Vietnam as a Jehovah’s Witness I decided I would prefer to go to prison than travel to an exotic country meet new people and kill them. If we all were prepared to follow our principles we would have no war no prisons and no abandoned wives or husbands. I grieved most of my life for whole streets of widows in England 1920 and again 1945. Women so bereft they couldn’t find it in them to replace the husband they loved so much. Well they have all passed now but I prefer to honor them in my heart rather than the poor beggars who like sheep to the slaughter didn’t stand for their rights. JWs in Germany were sent to concentration camps and many died, but none of them ever dropped a bomb on London.
SergeantDick 27 gün önce
@Peter Nicholsonu who else
Peter Nicholsonu
Peter Nicholsonu 28 gün önce
@SergeantDick seems you do
SergeantDick 28 gün önce
who cares
Michael Weidmann
Michael Weidmann Aylar önce
Einstein was probably correct when he said that world war4 will be fought with sticks and stones.
kneel Aylar önce
this is absolutely amazing. The downvotes must be from just the most awful humans on the face of the earth lol. The two planes accident at 22:42 really stuck with me over the years
Je-Free Norman
Je-Free Norman Aylar önce
Wow really? A sense of humor helps with a war? What a load of crap War is always a racket You need to be dumb
Peter Bridge
Peter Bridge Aylar önce
Outstanding. Anybody with any sense of history who has the opportunity to visit Normandy should do so.
Доминик Aylar önce
1 stray bullet could have lost all of this footage. Amazing.
benyano1 Aylar önce
Really enjoyed watching this, perhaps because of the narration by the guy who actually filmed most of it. No overly dramatic or jingoistic commentary from some newsreel voice over artist - just the recollections of someone who was actually there. Quite unusual and all the more impressive. Thank you.
Wolfgang Scorpio
Wolfgang Scorpio Aylar önce
The MESSAGE of this video is @ 39:05 min.
adam aribara
adam aribara Aylar önce
Mother wasn't taking any chances
Phil Sooty
Phil Sooty Aylar önce
Couldn't stand DeGaulle he was a most ungrateful person!
Francis Suter
Francis Suter Aylar önce
What a wonderful invention the movie camera was, without it we could only guess what scenes like these where really like.
Barchetta Aylar önce
paris was undamaged because the cowards surrendered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welshpete12 Aylar önce
A valuables historic movie !document
Nanette Wright
Nanette Wright Aylar önce
As an eleven year old, in Paris in 1937, the buildings were blackened; the photos showing the light buildings were taken from the 1937 Worlds Fair area. After the war, the minister of culture found records from Napoleon the Third stating all public buildings should be cleaned every ten years (not done until post WW11).
Squiggs 100
Squiggs 100 Aylar önce
Just casually shows Ernest Hemmingway- one of the greatest American writers of the time, being a war correspondent.
rolanddevocht Aylar önce
Van de blokken van de verdedigingslinie in Duitsland zou ik Tafels en zitbanken maken of er een weg of pad van maken.. :)
Square Planks • 29,000 years ago
2:41 wtf is even happening here?
youme1414 Aylar önce
Jack Lieb is a very intelligent man. I hope the world leaders would watch and listen to him. Thank you, sir!
youme1414 Aylar önce
I can see the worries behind their smiling faces.
Daniel McKenna
Daniel McKenna Aylar önce
Why were the German school kids (the ones that blocked their ears) so happy to see the American soldiers, were they part of some kind of resistance to Hitler or were they blissfully ignorant of who and why the cameraman was there? One of the prettiest faces I've ever seen on that girl wearing the 4 cornered beret type hat, by the way...
Bernie Thebolt
Bernie Thebolt Aylar önce
Fantastic film fantastic commentary
Pavel P
Pavel P Aylar önce
Great narration
FUBXUXO Aylar önce
западный фронт будто вообще другая война,такие бои местного значения,ничего особенного,возникает вопрос,а стоило ли вообще допускать в 44 году(когда уже помощь никакая не нужна была союзу)сша к войне на материке,я уверен что стоило им сказать не нужно уже ребята,мы сами справимся,потому что сейчас они кричат о каком то вкладе,чуть ли не самом важном со стороны штатов,когда никакой помощи по сути кроме ленд лиза и не нужно было
Nasty Notch
Nasty Notch Aylar önce
This is amazing
CodyMonster Aylar önce
Why do people show old footage at the wrong speeds. If you honor what happened so much, why do you disrespect them at the same time by using slapstick techniques instead of showing the footage at actual speed.
Mark Jarmer
Mark Jarmer Aylar önce
I see a lot of France in this "German day to day" footage...
PP Huhni
PP Huhni Aylar önce
41:20 Der Name😑
chris ains
chris ains Aylar önce
Should be shown in schools.
Vince Genuit
Vince Genuit Aylar önce
The German people suffered due to mammon and continue to be unjustly slandered
eduardo euardo
eduardo euardo Aylar önce
God bless America. Too many hispanic soldiers died too, on American Army. God bless the soul of all the young soldiers😔🙏🏼 fighting for the freedom of the humanity. Blessing from Central America.
Blue Mamba
Blue Mamba Aylar önce
Back when there was something worth fighting for.
Billy Whizz
Billy Whizz Aylar önce
The town that is filmed where a local market is going on, is Bridgwater Somerset.
Q T Interval
Q T Interval Aylar önce
25:27 Oh yeah that's just Ernest Hemingway, nbd
Adam Saldana
Adam Saldana Aylar önce
"Americans have a way of amusing themselves" Damn right we do
roger le phoque
roger le phoque Aylar önce
23:59 That's Robert Capa, the American war photographer many consider to be the finest combat photographer in the annals of war photography. He landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day and took hundreds of shots of Omaha beach as the first wave of American soldiers struggled to establish a beachhead. Most of these D-day shots were lost to history when a lab assistant did something wrong in the process to develop Capa's shots.
roger le phoque
roger le phoque Aylar önce
0:57 That's Donald Soper, a well-known Methodist minister who was a regular Sunday afternoon speaker at Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park/Marble Arch. He was on his soapbox for more than 50-years. Ennobled in 1965 as Baron Soper, Lord Soper was an active member of the House of Lords.
Michelle Strawn
Michelle Strawn Aylar önce
please note at 6:52 two African-American soldiers are carrying a very heavy load interspersed with Airborne troops. Yet 70 years later we still have these ridiculous trops that African American's were not among the first wave on D-Day.
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart Aylar önce
the french under macron, no longer a friend or ally of the UK how soon they have forgotten
U:P Aylar önce
Ernest Hemingway 25:31
John Coyle
John Coyle Aylar önce
Thoroughly enjoyable film and narration.
Abderrahmane Mya
Abderrahmane Mya Aylar önce
imagine yourself being station in england, waiting for D-day, imagine the feeling
Schlubbe Jupp
Schlubbe Jupp Aylar önce
Impressive footage. Greetings from Aachen and happy my grandpa did it thru the war
Rick Hinojosa
Rick Hinojosa Aylar önce
I always wonder if there's some footage of.my father out there in his years in the army. 75th division, K291, K company infranty. 🤔🙏
Rick Hinojosa
Rick Hinojosa Aylar önce
Would like.yo see this footage slowed down to normal speed.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Aylar önce
The color is amazing in this documentary WOW!!;
BetonBaron Aylar önce
when u see the german citys at the end of the video u recognize that they are totally depraved
Knights Cross
Knights Cross Aylar önce
Nothing interesting about the fall of Europe and the civilised world to the third world absolutely nothing interesting at all.
Hilton Watkins
Hilton Watkins Aylar önce
For anyone thinking that flirting with fascist nazis is not a death wish.. I hope this will show how important the politics are in the country at this time. The craziness of Trump politics is just a step in the path to the destruction of the country, and maybe the whole world. Putin has a plan to isolate the USA and turn it into a second Germany. Then Putin would be on the liberating side again, just as when they advanced to Berlin. That’s what all the nonsense with Trump is about.
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