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11 Nis 2020




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Forever Self Employed
04dram04 2 yıl önce
It takes some real balls to not pay for work done, to a guy that knows where you live!
kclaptraffic 2 yıl önce
Knock on his door, if he doesn't answer, knock on both neighbors doors and ask if they have seen him, explain the situation to them. Make him famous in his own neighborhood. You know they have noticed your good work, may even strum up some more business.
Stephen Flood
Stephen Flood 2 yıl önce
These lads do this for a living, your not getting paid my friend, bring pots of paint with you so you can redecorate his driveway 👍😉
Son_ Gogeto
Son_ Gogeto Yıl önce
Coming from someone who's owned a painting company, a cleaning company, and a pressure washing company, never ever let the customer add anything on after the bid. They will screw you every time my friend.
Yourdaddy1117 2 yıl önce
Even if it costs a few bucks you should have a lawyer send him a letter letting him know payment is due. He either pays or you put a lien on that house. Either way proves a point.
Roshan John
You did an amazing job. So satisfying to watch. Hope you won’t come across any more jackasses like this guy.
Jay Lowery
Jay Lowery Yıl önce
Bro that’s an awesome job! Word of advice though (I learned this from doing WAY too much at a job once for the same price): don’t do extra work for people unless you have given them another quote for it. It’ll cost ya too much to do business like that in the long run.
Garrett Mc Kellar
I'll have to say that you are my "Go to" guy to learning about pressure washing business & tips. I'm going to open a pressure washing company next year. Keep up the great work bro.
Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters Yıl önce
you need to have people sign a contract for big jobs like that
Paint Society
Paint Society Yıl önce
Customer never paid, but TRvid did.
julio_racing 1
julio_racing 1 2 yıl önce
Great work 👍🏼 I hope that, that guy pay you for the work that you did!! Great work and keep it up.
Laura Barber
Laura Barber Yıl önce
God bless! You can see that you just did an amazingly great job for this guy. I was scrolling through the comments and I'm happy to see that you did get your money from him eventually. I'm sorry you had to work hard for it maybe he had a legitimate reason. You're very smart too put these videos up on TRvid and get paid for something you're already doing!
Garren McCall
Garren McCall 2 yıl önce
I’ve received no payment for 2 houses in the past year. It was in a bad section of town and luckily they didn’t cost a whole lot. One dude straight up told me he didn’t have the money about 4 days afterwords. That day I found a can of green spray chalk in my garage
Beyond ALL
Beyond ALL Yıl önce
Thoroughly enjoyed this video!! Looks like a lot of work but Great job!!! Happy to see the update of you getting paid as well. Fantastic job
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons Yıl önce
That guy's got you, when a bunch of random excuses come up like that he's prolonging so maybe you'll forget. Used to have customers like that all of the time until we started doing pre deposits and no work until final payment is received. Seems like there should be a lawsuit over that.
Patrick Murray
Patrick Murray 2 yıl önce
If he doesn’t pay, freeze roundup grass killer into ice cubes and throw them in his lawn at night 😂
Juan gonzalez
Hey I’m a auto detailer and honestly I don’t see much revenue!! Did a house like the for a friend “nice house too” just using a wand came out great!! Got me thinking about switching business!
Aj Jackson
Aj Jackson 2 yıl önce
Hey bro love the videos and the work ethic I agree get an attorney won’t cost much to send this a hole a letter for payment he’ll probably see the attorneys letterhead and get him nervous enough to pay ya get cash no checks from this job
Christopher Hassan
Christopher Hassan 2 yıl önce
God bless!
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