Cry Power Podcast with Hozier and Global Citizen - Episode 8 - Colm O' Gorman

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Presented with our friends at Global Citizen. To take action on the issues discussed in this episode head to GlobalCitizen.org/CryPower .

Joining Hozier for the 8th episode of Cry Power is Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland and activist Colm O' Gorman.

Follow Colm on Twitter at twitter.com/Colmogorman

The views expressed in this podcast do not reflect those of Global Citizen or its partners.




12 Şub 2020




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Anna Clawson
Anna Clawson 3 aylar önce
Mr. O'Gorman, your ability to be so candid is very impactful. I have felt that same fear, shame and lack of self worth and even lack of identity. Anyway, I'll stem the rambling gush of emotion that I feel coming on and just thank you for waking me up. I've got a lot of work to do and you've convinced me to open the door to hope again. Mr. Hozier-Byrne, thank you for the work you've done on this series to reinvigorate folks in the fight for equality and empowerment of the disenfranchised. I found my way to this podcast after watching a few of your interviews and subsequently being drawn in by the fact that you do so clearly live from the heart, as Mr. O'Gorman said. It's fantastic that you've found such a bloom of a project to put that heart into. It's certainly inspired me. It is nice to think that either of you might actually read this at some point, though I do recognize many shortcomings in the discursive potential of the TRvid comment section. Whatever the case may be, go raibh míle maith agaibh!
Holly Nelson-Allen
Holly Nelson-Allen 8 aylar önce
I immediately replayed this after listening to it the first time. I cant express how heartening to listen to such a truly good person speak. Thank you.
E E 11 aylar önce
why these don't have 1 million views I will never know....excellent work! More please!
Diana Moran
Diana Moran Yıl önce
Yolanda Patricia Garcia Almanza
Gracias ❤️jamás había escuchado mis sentimientos en la voz de alguien más.
Angelica Lloyd
Angelica Lloyd Yıl önce
Just beautiful the love shared through musoc made me cry god bless all musicians in the world
Vee Yıl önce
What a strong, brave, inspirational man. I was brought to tears by the abuse he suffered and amazed by his strength of character to overcome the trauma and despair of that to become the person he has. Thank you for the podcast
David Fahn
David Fahn Yıl önce
I am absolutely amazed by this man and how he turned something so vulnerable about himself to help and support those in need truly an idol people should look up to.
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