Cry Power Podcast with Hozier and Global Citizen - Episode 7 - Ifrah Ahmed

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Presented with our friends at Global Citizen. To take action on the issues discussed in this episode head to GlobalCitizen.org/CryPower .

Joining Hozier for the 7th episode of Cry Power is FGM survivor and activist Ifrah Ahmed, discussing Female Genital Mutilation, how she changed the law in Ireland and the refugee crisis.

For more information on Ifrah's work, visit the Ifrah foundation: www.ifrahfoundation.org/

The views expressed in this podcast do not reflect those of Global Citizen or its partners




4 Şub 2020




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E E 11 aylar önce
hard to listen to, but very important to understand FGM. Andrew gave a very good interview. Thank Ifrah for sharing your story. Very well done!
Eshal Fatima
Eshal Fatima Yıl önce
Ifrah , more power to you Queen. ✊✊.
Audenim Oshea
Audenim Oshea Yıl önce
I have so much admiration for Hozier doing these podcasts without any air of pandering or trying to seem relevant. He's so genuine and gives her the respect she deserves and listens intently. Theres no judgement in his voice towards her and what she has been through. There are a lot of men who sadly aren't even able to talk about periods without becoming uncomfortable. His parents must be so proud.
Islam Hassan
Islam Hassan Yıl önce
so proud of you Ifral💕💕💕💕
Amjad Sadig
Amjad Sadig Yıl önce
She is so brave I fully understand every word she spoke about it.. It's 2020 and still people in my country Sudan who might considered educated do such a thing to their daughters, they might know they will suffer but they think society approval is more important.
pine tree
pine tree Yıl önce
I’m surprised that more people don’t talk about this podcasts!
Karla Gudiño
Karla Gudiño Yıl önce
I just hope Andrew and his team know they're doing an amazing job using his influences to talk and informe about serial issues like this, thank u
Michelle Flores
Michelle Flores Yıl önce
The first time I heard about this was in a Tori Amos' song. She was in shock that female genital mutilation exists. Hozier, you are a hero for having Ifrah Ahmed as your guest. What a strong, brave individual. Those girls she saved will never forget her and I hope they are able to follow in IFrah Ahmed's footsteps to spread awareness and save more girls.
Nynee Gardner
Nynee Gardner Yıl önce
When I was in college and heard that song, I was heartbroken and outraged. It inspired me to do a project in one of my English classes where we used the lyrics to expose FGM. My classmates' jaws hit the floor. They couldn't believe it and even more so that the women are the ones who hands them over to the butchers. "You bet your Life it is..." Thank you Ifrah and thank you Hozier for speaking truth to power and for fighting against FGM. Girls and women's lives are at stake, and THIS PRACTICE NEEDS TO END! #CryPower #EndFGM
Ekayani Performs
Ekayani Performs Yıl önce
A dowry for mutilation? I cannot fathom this. Kidney failure, urination problems and more pain than necessary giving birth. The interference is .... wtf
Mojgan G
Mojgan G Yıl önce
wow! this is such a great service you're doing! thanks for covering this young lady's story and bringing up such important cause.
Robson Noia
Robson Noia Yıl önce
Por favor querido, ative a tradução. Nem todos falam inglês. Obrigado!
Robson Noia
Robson Noia Yıl önce
Please dear, activate the translation. Not everyone speaks English. Thanks!
Tinah Yıl önce
This is so so sad .. what an inhumane practice, hopefully there will be more movement on this that will bring more light to those who are blindly following this practise and to those who are or might be affected by this. 🤍🤍🤍
Юлия Федорова
It's really great to hear Ifrah's perspective. It's a difficult topic, and she made it easier to understand. I'm glad that this podcast exists.
Angela Ryan Ditlow
I love the fact that Ifrah stated, “I can not carry my past with me!” Such a true statement for personal and spiritual growth! 🖤🖤❤️❤️
Angela Ryan Ditlow
This podcast sends chills throughout my core and brings tears to my eyes! I’ve heard of FGM but wasn’t aware of the widespread cultural practice that still takes place today. I feel for these girls, young ladies and women who have endured this, against their will. My heart aches knowing the pain and traumatizing experience this has brought on so many females. Thank you for sharing this with us Ifrah, Andrew and Global Citizen! It has brought forth so much knowledge of FGM, that I’ll be paying closer attention to and assisting in spreading the awareness! ❤️
Dania Hamdan
Dania Hamdan Yıl önce
It’s very sad to know that things like this are still happening in the world. Women are not only not allowed to enjoy or own their sexuality, they are treated as goods sold to the highest bidder. The story broke my heart! I think when people get educated these practices fade away gradually, so I hope that change is coming!
flavia romano
flavia romano Yıl önce
Thanks Hozier for this important problem that you're talking for ,hope that this horryble tradiction to mutilate young girl, be earlier to finish. It's a great pain endeed ,most cause girls are unaware to be tortured by theyr own parents ,and it will be a great shock for those poor innocent girls. And Thanks to Ifrah Ahmed .God Bless !
Maya Legran
Maya Legran Yıl önce
It is always great to see two people moved by heart in a dialoge. Thank You so much for the podcast.
Unusual Uncle
Unusual Uncle Yıl önce
I love listening to these and just kicking back and relaxing
Dania Hamdan
Dania Hamdan Yıl önce
Mayo Oofs well it’s hard to relax with this story! I was cringing the entire time
Nikolina Yıl önce
Every episode of this podcast is so eye-opening!
Rebelwheels NYC
Rebelwheels NYC Yıl önce
Wow wow wow. Honestly, when I first heard the topic (FGM - and all the trigger warnings on that topic) I was a bit hesitant to keep listening because while I absolutely agree that the topic needs to be talked about, I was concerned that it was going to be really graphic, draining and hard to get through and too focused on a lot of really heavy disturbing statistics as often these kinds of topic can be. But I am so glad I kept listening and that the conversation was led by a woman who is part of a culture where this happens and who has survived that, instead of being it a person outside of the culture where it can get a bit white savior-ish. And the fact that she came to Ireland as a refugee and then turned into this badass powerful activist who despite threats and being blackmailed, kept fighting to make change and Jesus Christ! so powerful. and when she said ""I can not carry my past with me." Wow. Very moving. Felt that in my heart. Ifrah Foundation www.ifrahfoundation.org
Miss Lane
Miss Lane Yıl önce
Nothing quite like watching man use religion to strip a woman of her god given gifts and destroying his own in the process without even realizing it 😔💔
gelgiz Yıl önce
It’s so heart breaking to hear that women are mutilated for the family/father to get a higher dowry. 😞😢 She is an amazing woman to tell her story!! Some people are created for a higher purpose and she is definitely one of them. I lived in Ireland for a couple of years and I found the Irish people being kind, respectful and genuinely good people in general. Thank you, Hozier for your great work and amazing musics. 💕
Andrea Ha
Andrea Ha Yıl önce
Your voice is so powerful, whether it be through your music or through these podcasts... ... and Ifrah 💜🖤💜 what an amazing woman!
Ágnes Gyebnár
Ágnes Gyebnár Yıl önce
Karla Angulo
Karla Angulo Yıl önce
loving this podcast lots of love from Mexico xoxo
Rimma Rudakova
Rimma Rudakova Yıl önce
Thank you Andrew for informing your fans about such important and difficult cases. It is impossible that such inhuman and brutal traditions still exist in our time. Thank you, Ifrah for your brave and frankness
christian carmona
his voice is everything 😍 love how soothing he sounds, first time I hear a podcast by Hozier, it’s amazing all that you do! ❤️
Honey2014 Yıl önce
So beautiful
Euphoria Nostalgiqh
What's to unlike about this. Some ppl deserve their own planet
L ia
L ia Yıl önce
Hozier next to a hijabi girl hmmm next one in hijab will be me in her position 😍💅🏻 i love the content of this episode as i can relate to it on many levels . I’m doing my best to make the change i wish to see in this world
Frida RT
Frida RT Yıl önce
Very brave of you Ifrah Ahmed to talk about your experience and personal pain to prevent this from happen to future generations. 👏🏻 No doubt something that no girl would have to go through.
Mariola Stepaniuk
Unreal story, what a brave, determined young lady Ifrah is. There is so much to learn from her. Thank you for talking about this difficult subject and sharing, this is very informative and inspiring. Love
Firelord Zucchinni
Hey hozi i would love it you also included video with audio.
Firelord Zucchinni
This is truly an awful practice, i admire Ifrah for speaking up and love Hozier voiceeee, it so sothing.
Jenifer Mason
Jenifer Mason Yıl önce
Shoilee Sumaiya
Shoilee Sumaiya Yıl önce
You are an absolute angel andrew💜❤
嘮叨NAGU Yıl önce
Zaidan Mohammed Suhyini
Music has always been a vehicle for the people❤❤
eisha Yıl önce
Huge respect for him for really talking about all sorts of topics 💛 I always learn something new
pinkyslinky Yıl önce
Thank you for bringing this into the limelight❤
Mary Yıl önce
WE love Cry Power Podcast, but please take time for some rest.
E E 11 aylar önce
well, we all have PLENTY of time now in 2020.... LOL.
Mary Yıl önce
@Chrizelda Bernil no shit sherlock
Chrizelda Bernil
Chrizelda Bernil Yıl önce
This isn't live and he barely talks in the podcast.
Onur ULUTAŞ Yıl önce
Hozier, If you come to Istanbul, would you like to have dinner with us?
Tucano Monarquista
Love you Hozier
nova luna
nova luna Yıl önce
Love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Imola Sáska
Imola Sáska Yıl önce
Ah thank you for making this rainy day better!
Julie Victoria
Julie Victoria Yıl önce
I was hoping there was coming more Cry Power episodes! Thank you for everything you do
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma Yıl önce
Love your voice.
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