Cristiano Ronaldo meet Neymar jr 2023!!😂🇵🇹🇧🇷 

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Cristiano Ronaldo meet Neymar jr 2023
neymar talks to Cristiano Ronaldo after match
Cristiano Ronaldo neymar jr




25 Tem 2023




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@abhidhoundiyal 4 aylar önce
Neymar really respects Cristiano since his Barcelona days. Probably only Barca player who always praised him while in that team
@elijahsure4078 4 aylar önce
Messi did,,,stop lying big man
@Sontro12 4 aylar önce
Not true
@stringo11 4 aylar önce
Uhh Messi,Xavi,Iniesta have praised Cristiano Just because Messi is better than him doesn't mean people don't acknowledge how good he is as number2
@abhidhoundiyal 4 aylar önce
@@stringo11 i never saw Xavi Iniesta praising him while they were in Barca 💀 Yes Messi praised him many time but apart from him and Neymar, no active Barca players praised him. Maybe after leaving the club but not when they were playing for Barc
@stringo11 4 aylar önce
@@abhidhoundiyal What're you waffling about Xavi praised CR7 in 2008 when he won the ballon d'Or
@pheaseyy 4 aylar önce
As a Ronaldo fan I've always liked Neymar because I feel like they both get harshly criticized for the way they present themselves at times on or off the field and it actually has nothing to due with their actual output. Neymar until this past year was carrying PSG but yet he was also labeled the problem, just like Ronaldo. I have a lot of respect for Ney on how he handles it, not always perfect, just like Ronny, but it's because it's unjust. Both seem like amazing people.
@crazygamingyt7245 3 aylar önce
Neymar needs to go to Al nassr
@axesus6966 3 aylar önce
Difference is ronaldo works hard always even off the field
@antepa112 15 gün önce
"carrying psg" he played less than half of total games psg played since he arrived
@igoroliveira2597 13 gün önce
@@antepa112Yes, he carried WHEN he played haha
@asiandvarma1603 7 gün önce
​@@axesus6966don't get me wrong how old are you ? Bro
@GWC7edits 4 aylar önce
Both their behaviour towards the kids was so heartwarming ❤
@gamatwins641 4 aylar önce
Because they are Kim Kardashian’s sons 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@GWC7edits 4 aylar önce
@@gamatwins641 wha-
@YO-jv2wn 4 aylar önce
​@@gamatwins641even if they weren't we all know they are always like that with kids
@cristianonunes8551 3 aylar önce
@@gamatwins641 not true, how many times have Ronaldo been so nice to kids aproaches? Countless times. You need to inform yourself man.
@cscreatoreditz 4 aylar önce
Neymar is a GOAT too 🔥🐐
@ASADHAGIO2021pk 4 aylar önce
@blackstoner7493 3 aylar önce
Yes bro I'm a Ronaldo die hard fan but Neymar X Ronaldo X Messi is the goats 🐐 and they make me falling in love with football ⚽❤
@azeezoou 3 aylar önce
Neymar, Nani, Anthony and Bebe are all the same useless players
@snoopysniperz9833 4 aylar önce
what i like about neymar is he so humble eventhough we know he is top 3 Greatest Player of All Time 🐐 ❤
@user-bi1yw1du7q 4 aylar önce
You high bro
@umamishra956 4 aylar önce
He is top 3 of this generation not of all time Top 3 is pele
@XLokotsuki 4 aylar önce
He was top 3 before he went to PSG, after that he wasn't even part of the Ballon D'or
@snoopysniperz9833 4 aylar önce
@@umamishra956 Neymar still playing in Europe the only GOAT 🐐 left there, where is Pele right now?
@vonnfps156 4 aylar önce
Neymar can be considered the 3rd best player of his generation but still trash compared to the potencial of his talent
@user-vx7xl7by2f 4 aylar önce
I will always remember Neymar for Brazil,for Barcelona
@daburaenrique8660 3 aylar önce
Un verdadero fan recuerda a ney desde el 2011 en el Santo do Brasil... Cuando dejaba temblando a los defensas en Copa Libertadores
@PesMonster 4 aylar önce
Before I thought that Ronaldo is not friendly with fans and team but now Ronaldo is very friendly than other players😊
The duo we never got😥😫
@hernandez2647 4 aylar önce
and never will get because neymar idolizes messi
@TheStrangeVisitor 2 aylar önce
Legends! ❤️
@shahiid920 4 aylar önce
Neymar standing their like he already know the ball is going in he was not waiting on the rebound at all
@israelayoade 4 aylar önce
They once asked a player , who will you allow to take a penalty if your life depended on it, he said Ronaldo 😂😂🤣
@Charlton2010 4 aylar önce
It wasn’t Neymar tho, it was Mbappé, he circled the wrong bloody player 😂
@israelayoade 4 aylar önce
@@Charlton2010 hahaha
@asiandvarma1603 7 gün önce
Huh ?
@msgamerz9155 4 aylar önce
Missing Messi over there for completion of the trio 😢😢😢😢
@sherock4761 4 aylar önce
Holy Trio
@ekuniverse1 4 aylar önce
Speed had to work so hard to get those interactions with Ronaldo and Neymar.
@abhij-rock6305 4 aylar önce
Yeah now I'm waiting for him to meet vini or Haaland or Rasford..etc
@yuseixp3058 4 aylar önce
@@abhij-rock6305 messi? mbappe?
@sumitkajla7826 4 aylar önce
​​@@yuseixp3058Messi ? Really bro Messi will beat the shit out of speed😂
@fandomcricket 4 aylar önce
Hard to see Neymar and Ronaldo without Messi
@user-cf6fv3zd3f 4 aylar önce
Neymar in his career played with many great players like Robinho,Messi,Xavi,Iniesta,Suarez,Mbappe and more. I would like to see Neymar & Ronaldo in the same.
@donaldduck2756 4 aylar önce
Neymar really gonna ball out this season. Mbappe leaving and Messi at Miami you can’t tell me he’s not gonna make it the Neymar show again. now if i see him “injured” around March this up coming season again just forget it 🤦🏻‍♂️ Send him him to MLS after next season
The VIBES on saudi league is totally different tthan other league now.. More civilized & sportsmanship between players & legends... Al habibi... ❤
Sports is definitely a beautiful gift and should never be influenced by politics... Been uniting different from around the world for years
@scottlopez5845 4 aylar önce
Wish they were on same team
@cutepet6977 4 aylar önce
Charity match maybe😂❤❤❤❤ 1:12
@Lilly-ed5qx 4 aylar önce
It be amazing to watch😂
@cutepet6977 4 aylar önce
@@Lilly-ed5qx si
@tosanmene8636 4 aylar önce
I do wish too, it'd be like Ronaldo and Quaresma like old times
@drippy623 4 aylar önce
That would be too much sauce
@VictoriaVoinova 4 aylar önce
Это было интересно, посмотреть и послушать ролик, как встретился Криштану Роналду с Неймаром!. 👀👍👍😊❤❤❤
@uselessduck1470 4 aylar önce
both are the greatest!
@nikila.d8791 Aylar önce
Brothers from another Mothers ❤
@harmez7 4 aylar önce
as a Messi the G.O.A.T fan, I found this video hilarious.
@sarthaksingh9814 4 aylar önce
Neymar knew the ball is not gonna deflect in any case so he just standing and thinking got an equilizer.
@justaregularguyb6258 4 aylar önce
He didn't play in that match. Fake video. He hasn't played this pre season.
@7someone Aylar önce
To think what their relationship would have been like if Florentino Perez had signed him like he wanted.
@carlarudenko7309 4 aylar önce
Best video ever. My two favorites player.
@hernandez2647 4 aylar önce
@I4L_ 4 aylar önce
Neymar is so humble and respect others. He knew Ronaldo will never come and meet me in locker room as he is little arogance( being great why will I go) so Neymar thought himself going over there.
@PrinceLobo-es8kl 4 aylar önce
It's not arrogance, also he is older than Neymar. Also He has more tigh schedule and is a very busy disciplined man, while Neymar is chill about everything.
@dipeshmukhiya6708 4 aylar önce
Really Ronaldo is monster.
@Toss07goat 4 aylar önce
In an alternate universe Neymar joined Real Madrid to play with Cristiano Ronaldo..I would love to see that partnership
@kaungkinko 4 aylar önce
They have the same birthdate.
@60asteroid 4 aylar önce
😮❤️ Ronaldo & Neymar at the same time? ❤❤
@U5M4N_F00TB4LL 4 aylar önce
Ronaldo et kim ont eu des souvenirs ce jour-là
@subhaji03 4 aylar önce
Neymar Jr ❤❤❤
@shhitman273 3 aylar önce
La traición más grande a FRIONEL no existe: La traición 😮
@TX_EDITZ390 3 aylar önce
In the penalty he called mbappe neymar😂😂😂
Dos de los más grandes farlan portugués.
@melocotonxoxo6069 4 aylar önce
Y los dos cumplen el mismo día
@gamebredo8880 4 aylar önce
Neymar is so unlucky that he has to share his prime against the two best player that ever lived
@SajidKhan-mw9cm 4 aylar önce
Neymar is a better player than Messi. He don't need any recognition or records and Cr7 is the greatest.
@gamebredo8880 4 aylar önce
@@SajidKhan-mw9cm bruhhh...Neymar is better than Messi??? What are you on ??
@fyahfyahman6613 4 aylar önce
Yes but Penaldo is not part it that 😂
@ShayanV32 4 aylar önce
@sportsbaga4540 3 aylar önce
Messi and MBappe moving to Saudi will be surreal
@eddiss2199 3 aylar önce
@mashif2134 4 aylar önce
Idol ney💗🐐
@jnrchibelle-yo5nw Aylar önce
All this new upcoming stars like Ney, Mbappe, Halaand, etc must rekindle the passion for football again within themselves in order to reach new heights. But if they continue to chase after money, it will only eat away the passion and skills.
@ClassicEditzs 26 gün önce
Neymar upcoming star😂😂😂😂 What a joke😂
@emerson3853 2 aylar önce
Neymar is Neymar, the best Brazilian at the moment. Messi the best Argentinian. Cr7 the best Portuguese at the moment. Only Pelé is The King of Football.
@ClassicEditzs 26 gün önce
Cristiano is the best Portuguese ever!
@emerson3853 26 gün önce
@@ClassicEditzs ex player in Arabia now lol. I prefer Figo.
@ClassicEditzs 26 gün önce
@@emerson3853 more goals, more assists, more ballon d' ors, more ucls, better career, euros, nation's league. Before Cristiano, Portugal hasn't won a single major trophy! You probably started watching football from Last year's world cup😐
@aesthetically5840 4 aylar önce
Neymar be like : ahh life is so much better without messi
@aesthetically5840 4 aylar önce
@@PessiAndPenaldoSniperW_1 u cry instead
Fraud messi
@TopgIndividual 4 aylar önce
I understand The Coment But Neymar Realy Respects Messi And Messi Respects Him Too
@AmazingIken 4 aylar önce
@@PessiAndPenaldoSniperW_1bro hates football💀💀
@ZahiruddinAhamed 4 aylar önce
CR7 🐐
when Ney said Ronaldo is a monster
@bipulnarzary5280 4 aylar önce
I'm that kind of football fan who really loves Ronaldo Neymar Mbape and Halland. It's so hard when they meet against each other. I don't know why but I hate Messi😢. My all time favourite is Maradona though I didn't see him play.
@TheBugattibros7 4 aylar önce
Ney Preparing For when he goes to Al Nassr next season 😂
@pavi451 3 aylar önce
bro prediction almost right but al hilal
@mariapedraza3303 4 aylar önce
🇵🇹⚽🤙🤙🤙 goats ❤❤❤
@C.RonaldoClips7 4 aylar önce
Love 💘 Cr7
@skillobangani4051 4 aylar önce
Great ballers and they share the same birthday
@edmilsinmc454 4 aylar önce
👽Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar Messi Monsters Of Brazil Edmilsin Soccer🇧🇷🇧🇷😂⚽👀💪👏👏🔥🏆🏆
@hernandez2647 4 aylar önce
@irisop7529 4 aylar önce
I will be that kid soon😢
@bbqsauce875 4 aylar önce
The King of dives 😂😂😂😂
@letraeponto8099 4 aylar önce
0:26 - the guy in the circle is Mbappe, Neymar is close in the left
@pzych0p4th 4 aylar önce
LOL @ 0:20 thats MBappe in the circle, are you drunk? 😂 Neymar is behind him on the left. 😁
@alphonseumba-yi6tx 4 aylar önce
Neymar it's GOOD😎😎😎
@RSB_Edits_Scream 4 aylar önce
0:23 that was Mbappé
@x3DeadlyInferno 4 aylar önce
about time they play in the same team!!! ronaldo needs some star teammates
@praveensharrma465 4 aylar önce
Those kids are so lucky
@rohansaha2120 4 aylar önce
because they got Kim what do you think bro
@praveensharrma465 4 aylar önce
@@rohansaha2120 yea exactly
@grantmartin5221 Aylar önce
One wonders what could’ve been if Ronaldo went to PSG instead of Messi…
@adarshkowlessur100 2 aylar önce
Neymar played with Messi ..if he joins al nassr .. this gonna be crazy
@cocorambo1 Aylar önce
@YagaLaughZone 3 aylar önce
Pains all over ESPN and INTER MAIMI😂
@utopian21 4 aylar önce
in coming days neymar will assist ronaldo
@shaunaveiro 4 aylar önce
That will be crazy
@plugin25 4 aylar önce
Neymar be like camel 🐪 build different
@HvrlemJvmvicvn 4 aylar önce
And Speed meet Neymar 😮😂
@marcosilva1886 4 aylar önce
Siuu?? It's SIIIMMM, which means yes in portuguese!
@timdane6132 4 aylar önce
is that messi on center top while ronaldo taking free kicks?
@jihadhasan8161 3 aylar önce
@FCR71234 4 aylar önce
@mariapedraza3303 4 aylar önce
@Shadow_Night2010 3 aylar önce
Neymar : *YoU aRe GoInG tO BrAZiL* 🇧🇷 💀
@savalanhasanli9006 4 aylar önce
CR7❤👑 Neymat❤
@shortRanaonReshmi99 4 aylar önce
My I ldol cr7❤❤❤🎉🎉
@Shafin280 4 aylar önce
They are the luckiest kid on planet earth😀
They meet Messi , neymar y RONALDO 😂😂
@kunwaryubraj7769 3 aylar önce
They are richest
@neoxx200 4 aylar önce
Both have the same birthday 😊
@ronaldoisthegoat_1 4 aylar önce
Neymar ❤
@khumkhatri1390 4 aylar önce
Next time neymar will go to saudi league keep it write its sure ❤
@Official_KyWi 4 aylar önce
Why would Neymar go to Saudi he's still playing good and he's only 31
@TateRivalry 4 aylar önce
If you by any chance read this comment,please share your thoughts..One day your dream will come true💖💫
@afrocushitic 4 aylar önce
I see Kanye west face🤣😃
@dymister9059 21 gün önce
Ronaldo was Brazilian. Remember
@MrCape_Studios 4 aylar önce
Guys in the comments How do rich people get these big players in a room like that?
@GodFather-rm6en 4 aylar önce
men Neymar x Cr7🥵🥶, but so heart brake same kim kids got no chill to meet 2 goat where speed struggled
@menlingerietryon1794 4 aylar önce
38. What do you expect for him?
@gaminghero6125 4 aylar önce
On the way without mbappe too
@goiviredmi9 Aylar önce
Neymar toy broken 😢
@LejlaVricic 3 aylar önce
C. Ronaldo and Neymar 2 👑 👑 👑 👑
@sainbadsha5725 4 aylar önce
Neymar meet Cristiano Ronaldo Nor Ronaldo meet Neymar And Neymar Not Goat Messi Ronaldo Always Real Goat 🐐
@carlarudenko7309 4 aylar önce
Just stop. Naymer could be the goat he just dont give a crap.
@sainbadsha5725 4 aylar önce
Neymar not Goat 🐐 it's truth
@sainbadsha5725 4 aylar önce
Mbappy Halland better then Neymar
@rosammaphilip1620 4 aylar önce
@@sainbadsha5725 noooooo
@TianoCris-rf4dw 2 aylar önce
CR 7 😂😂😂 đổi kiểu tôi vào 2023..
@user-gm2ir6zp1u 3 aylar önce
Bencnaldo 😂😂
@muhozane1975 4 aylar önce
His mom is Kim bruh💀 if you her son you can get everything you want
@MessiLM1983 4 aylar önce
Ronaldo and Neymar no World Cup Messi Goat of All Time
They are not thieves like your flea.
@debojyotisarkar8256 4 aylar önce
@@FranciscoGarcia-gb1kc Then Ronaldo thief also after robbing 3 UCLs lol
@erenyeager1403 4 aylar önce
Brazil got more cups lol 😂
@MessiLM1983 4 aylar önce
@@erenyeager1403 Neymar zero
@asiandvarma1603 7 gün önce
​@@MessiLM1983still they have more world cup trophy compare to other's lol
@dorcasmbatat5508 4 aylar önce
Salut Naima je t'aime de tout mon cœur j'aimerais te voir dans la vraie vie alors j'habite au Canada je t'aime de tout mon cœur gros bisous ciao de Dorcas à Neymar❤🎉😊
@futbolbews58 4 aylar önce
@futbolbews58 4 aylar önce
@user-fo5qo9ir1j 28 gün önce
Later Kim in Neymar's hotel room.
@syafiqardiansyah3159 4 aylar önce
ronaldo the best
@ibrahimibra-mf6db 4 aylar önce
That is mbappe not neymar
@codex8450 4 aylar önce
Thats mbappe, neymar is standing behind him
@rajamandol5807 3 aylar önce
Ronaldo chacha it like my best
@ichika1596 4 aylar önce
Fyi they shared same date birthday 👈
@johnnymm4852 Aylar önce
A think they had a tete a tête after the game …
@gannielukks1811 4 aylar önce
They speak the same language
@chelseafcworld1815 3 aylar önce
Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Eden Hazard and Neymar Jr. Erling Haaland and Mbappe.
Crazy Red Cards ❌
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