Criminal ESCAPES in Stolen Lamborghini!

Directed By Jibrizy
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30 Kas 2021




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risk Aylar önce
Camera man getting all the angles
Fendi Febrianto
Fendi Febrianto Aylar önce
@John Rooney 999
Fendi Febrianto
Fendi Febrianto Aylar önce
@John Rooney 999
Fendi Febrianto
Fendi Febrianto Aylar önce
@John Rooney ⁹
Fendi Febrianto
Fendi Febrianto Aylar önce
@Radio Zanwer 999 of
Fendi Febrianto
Fendi Febrianto Aylar önce
@Cauê Fellipe Sousa Reis 999 999
Rohan_star_edits Aylar önce
2 min silence for those who think it is real🤣🤣
Peli celeng
Peli celeng Aylar önce
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s Aylar önce
@수 후 Alexandra 속수🤤 etq
Grayrules_youall Aylar önce
JEÑÑY 🅥 Aylar önce
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Shravan jangid
Shravan jangid Aylar önce
The engine of Lamborghini is on the back why the fool is doing this side
Ansh BMGO Aylar önce
Just take a moment to appreciate that the mechanic was fixing car from its Boot space 😂 Lambos have their engines on their back not front!🚶🤦🤦🤦
fina white
fina white Aylar önce
I love how the police didn't see him from the glass 🤣
Калампыр Ходжанова
A p Arundel
A p Arundel Aylar önce
Admin House Originals
Its called the side mirror but yeah 😂
david reyes
david reyes Aylar önce
Like always ...perfect timing & perfect scenery 😂🤣
JELLYvortex Aylar önce
Respect for how much invisibility potions the cameraman has
RómaR thaxton
RómaR thaxton 2 gün önce
Duh it's cop's cameran
Poornimah Goolbudun
The fact that the Lambo's engine is on the back my guy 😂😂😂
YT SAVAG2 Aylar önce
I hope they know that the engine is in the back of the car
Sith_trooper109 TheFirstorder
I love it how nobody didn’t realize that a Lambo Engine is at the back. Not the Front lmao-
JellyAstrid Aylar önce
Shout out to the camera man for setting up a whole tri-pod.. ❤️
eren and legacy BG
eren and legacy BG 13 gün önce
@Peli celeng bruh
fnaf gacha god
fnaf gacha god 14 gün önce
@Peli celeng what the what stop your discasten
Peli celeng
Peli celeng Aylar önce
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John Farley
John Farley Aylar önce
Ten out of ten points to the camera man who was invisible
Mr Alpaca
Mr Alpaca Aylar önce
Woah the cameraman was so powerful he couldn't even move a little bit
Butters Aylar önce
Moment of silence for the ppl who believe this, you dont put on a uniform when entering the car, windows should be shut with cages, that police uniforms from.party city im sure too.
6 - A5 Hruthee Vattikuti
Im feeling jealous as Harry has given his invisibility cloak to the cameraman
MadDawgz Aylar önce
My respect for Thanos is increasing day by day
Purple Simpson
Purple Simpson 19 gün önce
The shadow of the chair gives it all away how did you set that up without the cop noticing…
beautifuldurian Aylar önce
I love it that there is a camera around, criminal not tied up, police car door not child locked, then there is spare boiler suit and Lamborghini left around … 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Hassan Hussain
Hassan Hussain Aylar önce
Not sure what do I have to say to you
Peli celeng
Peli celeng Aylar önce
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Noah Aylar önce
The fact that he’s working on the trunk LOL 😂. It’s a Lamborghini . The engine is in the back .
Uche Austin
Uche Austin Aylar önce
The part she looked under the car to check totally cracked me up 😀
fina white
fina white Aylar önce
Ajip Razif
Ajip Razif Aylar önce
i love how cameraman use his last invis potion
[F0xYbro] Michàél afþòñ
Bro shut up there isnt a camera man and tge video is fake
夢見る ‎
夢見る ‎ Aylar önce
@수 후 Alexandra 속수🤤 god has left us
Lifeofzeke Aylar önce
I love how my guy just got arrested and he is in his outfit already
rca7591a Aylar önce
Clothes several sizes too big for the "police officer." No way...😎
Nissar Ahmed
Nissar Ahmed Aylar önce
Is it that much easy to escape from police?🤔
4K FIRE GAMING Aylar önce
Police be like : Potion of blindness 5.00 minute 😂
YOY Aylar önce
Fun fact: police cars can’t be opened from the rear seat
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
The fact that the Lambo's engine is on the back my guy
Fernan Montevista
Fernan Montevista Aylar önce
I dont know which is useless the police or the side mirror.
Fernan Montevista
Fernan Montevista Aylar önce
@Gachacodos 😂😆😂 .Thats what im thinking.
Gachacodos Aylar önce
Apparently both lol
ronilo martunia
ronilo martunia Aylar önce
great cameraman you got there
Aninha Benegas
Aninha Benegas Aylar önce
@수 후 Alexandra 속수🤤 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
D. LGND Aylar önce
Cop: *He’s obviously under the car*
I'mnoscholar Aylar önce
Yup, dress warm Ms. Officer lady, you now have a new job. Patrol duty in the outskirts of Alaska.
Ivin Koshy
Ivin Koshy Aylar önce
Come to India. We ll give you training how to handle the situation 🤷‍♂️
Syn Aylar önce
Shorts these days are so entertaining!
wrldtentacion Aylar önce
Nice a invisible camera man watching a criminal get away
C̷y̷b̷e̷r̷ ̷u̷r̷i̷ S̷a̷v̷a̷g̷e̷
1,it is illegal to have red and blue lights 2,I know that the car you have is a 2011 Ford crown Victoria interceptor and lapd use those cars 3,no matter what police cars never have there windows open in the back and if the back window was open the cop could control it to open and close 4,you guys are trying to recreate lapd uniform but the badge is a mix of lapd and nypd 5,cops don’t make you wear the prisoners uniform right when the get you 6,the cops wouldn’t have there lights on the side of the road.they only use them for traffic control and traffic stops etc And don’t say that I’m not spitting facts
people who escape the back of a police car always hide right underneath it. 🤡
DEXX GAMING Aylar önce
I like the way he cut the video when he want to close the door 😅
Janice’s How-To Channel
Like seriously though which criminal would take an escape route under the vehicle he was in?
Londyn The unicorn
Londyn The unicorn 3 gün önce
The prison suit look totally real and that cop know she see him and the cops out fit looks “ totally real both look totally real “
The random Games
The random Games Aylar önce
Police: does not notice Prisoner: escaping Camera man: just vining while the prisoner escapes
Genixed Aylar önce
Yh, imma just leave my $350,000 car open with no one guarding it🙂
Prem Kumari Saba
Prem Kumari Saba Aylar önce
The camera man:oh yea I’m not gonna try to catch him I’m gonna make money out of this .
The Indian
The Indian Aylar önce
The Oscar level acting
4K FIRE GAMING Aylar önce
Cameraman:I am blind and I can't seen nothing
Mr Bison
Mr Bison Aylar önce
That school boy playing an officer 😂
Gaming With Teddy
Gaming With Teddy Aylar önce
I can accept everything but why in the end the police lady was searching him under the car...LMAO🤣😅
Specter Knight05
Specter Knight05 Aylar önce
Camera man must have drinked to much invisibility potions
eric bryant
eric bryant Aylar önce
Smart move bro I bet that cop 👮‍♂️ wasn't paying no attention.
Sharing the Bounty
Sharing the Bounty Aylar önce
Totally unrealistic...there's no way that this would have happened. LOL...did the dude bring his own cameraman as well? Sad that this young man chose this as his goal in life. Was this supposed to be "cool"???
MentalRetard Aylar önce
Yes, because she definitely wouldn’t be looking in the rear view or side mirror
Purple Simpson
Purple Simpson 19 gün önce
Him:wearing a prison outfit with nice shoes on Fact:they don’t make you wear a prison suit in the police car
Nylotis Slaughter
Nylotis Slaughter Aylar önce
That was the funniest video I ever seen you guys did good when you made this video now you know damn well if I was real you wouldn't get out of that cops card up easy and get away so that was good have fun trying that for real just saying
Yallo live
Yallo live Aylar önce
Police be like : Hold on wait a minute🤔🤔 And criminal: Let's sneak out of here 🤫🤫🤐🤐
Morgan Akers
Morgan Akers Aylar önce
He got in the car.
NILESH MC Aylar önce
Not funny man
hs Aylar önce
경찰무능은 우리랑 똑같네
Lauro Costa
Lauro Costa Aylar önce
Ok. 1. Viatura sem identificação policial.. 2. Nenhuma viatura se consegue abrir a porta por dentro
Adnan Saeed
Adnan Saeed Aylar önce
People in 1951: one day we will have side mirrors in our cars *2021* starts. Side mirrors:
Muneeb Khan
Muneeb Khan Aylar önce
Invisible cameraman 😂😂😂
JellyRanboo Aylar önce
No cop would leave the back window open unless they are the kind that slack
The Gummy Bear Solo
Policeman: he disappeared into thin air and so did that lambo… WAITTTT HE STOLE THE LAMBO AND DRIVED AWAY
Kimani sirJames
Kimani sirJames Aylar önce
That's a lie. Nothing can happen behind your vehicle without you sensing it. If no camera in your vehicle... you have the rear mirror and the side mirrors to use always. No car door can lock without a hitch of the door.
Car Nerd
Car Nerd Aylar önce
Why didn't they see the camera on a tripod on a chair just in front of em???? And is that lambo back there electric How the hell she didn't hear the engine sound?😂
Josiah Aylar önce
I seen this dude on Facebook trying to take a boot off his car
lorenzo lohman
lorenzo lohman Aylar önce
You'd have to be a thin thin man to hide under a car.
suhar yanto
suhar yanto Aylar önce
The police is sleepy 😂
Ketan Arora
Ketan Arora Aylar önce
That police is looking for the thief underneath the car had me dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SHIV ANAND Aylar önce
I hope police still searching him... 😂🤣😂🤣😂....
Invisible cameraman 🤣
Tracy Perry
Tracy Perry Aylar önce
Ok this is obviously staged, because he would need the keys to drive the car, which means the owner would have to give him the keys.
Dr夢路 Aylar önce
I love it ,how the fucking hell is the camera man invisible
Зураб Бжания
Sharkacy Aylar önce
We can tell the cop car is from a junk yard
Jyotirmayee swain
Jyotirmayee swain Aylar önce
Fine fact :- Lamborghini have it's engine in it's back side , not in front side
Why Knot
Why Knot 11 gün önce
I think she's looking for the stolen police sign from the car
amaris Aylar önce
“how fake do you want this to be?” *yes.*
Golden Aylar önce
@amaris oh ;-;
amaris Aylar önce
@Golden the way you put it, i thought ya did. sorry not sorry
Golden Aylar önce
@amaris noone even asked lmao
amaris Aylar önce
@Golden im a girl, first of all, and second, lots of people say this. get over it
Golden Aylar önce
@amaris yeah this dude doesnt even know what im talking about
🎄ℕ𝕒𝕥 𝔻𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙🎄
Do they not have a rear view mirror?
Bor ygo
Bor ygo Aylar önce
Who else is trying to be silent when watching this 😅😅
Rt Aylar önce
Come on….That’s the best you could do????🤯
shiva Aylar önce
Nice concept and nice acting😊
John Frost
John Frost Aylar önce
Great show, incredible , 10 rotten tomatoes
Tilima Abo
Tilima Abo Aylar önce
Il est irrécupérable, ce criminel, on ne peut plus rien pour lui! Han 😱!
Mirooslaav Aylar önce
Of course .. when lamorghini start the engine i hear nothing 😃😄🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Frost
John Frost Aylar önce
Great show, incredible , 10 rotten tomatoes
Bohemia Lite
Bohemia Lite Aylar önce
If only it were true and that easy 🥴
SVD SVDC._ Aylar önce
‘How fake do you want it?’ ‘Yes’
franck cool
franck cool Aylar önce
Woman is beautiful
Thrilling Cola
Thrilling Cola Aylar önce
The camera man used his last invisibility potion
Jeanne Bautista
Jeanne Bautista 18 gün önce
Lmao how doesn't the cop not hear the door close shut.... REALLY 🤔🙄😳
spencer Aylar önce
the only problem with this is the crown vic was discontinued by Ford and no longer in law enforcement fleets. RIP Crown Victoria, you will be missed, one of the best automobiles ever manufactured by Ford.
Samir Alihodzic
Samir Alihodzic Aylar önce
Lamborghini engine troubleshooting in front. Lol
Brian Barringer
Brian Barringer Aylar önce
There's one way to escape prison well not prison but a cop car where you were probably on your way to prison
Reigen Arataka
Reigen Arataka Aylar önce
The only thing real in this video is the wind sound
RAID Aylar önce
Totally not staged this man just escaped the police😱😱😱😱😱
10k Challenge with no Videos 🔥
Criminal be like : Aight im out
Richard Dowling
Richard Dowling Aylar önce
Great 🎬 acting, TAKE 1,
سهل العراقي
vijay Reddy
vijay Reddy Aylar önce
I thought only bollywood has shit.. but now i understood it's everywhere 😂
Aleksander Amer
Aleksander Amer Aylar önce
Man these are getting rough
unidos blog videos.
No es cierto, el mismo actua en otro vídeo en un avión.
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Aylar önce
Police never leave the windows down like that, and would have heard the criminal getting out the car shutting the door and then the other door shutting
M A Aylar önce
Good lord. Did y'all even try? 🤣 At least put a fake logo on the side of the cop car. I mean, there's tons of other things horrible with this, but at least that.
M.v Darshan
M.v Darshan Aylar önce
The cameraman should be jailed..😈
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy Aylar önce
Haha.. What kind of Mayberry, Barney Fife police car is that? No police markings on the door?
Nabil Ramly
Nabil Ramly Aylar önce
Cameraman is really powerfull his invisible and everywhere
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