Crazy Kingfish Fishing, Barracuda Attack and Hammerhead

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In this episode of BlacktipH, I go commercial fishing for kingfish (king mackerel) during the quarantine with my buddy Carl from Slob City Fishing Charters. The bite was crazy! Every single bait that we tossed out got eaten by a big kingfish. Early in the day, I hooked and landed a giant kingfish, over 50lbs! Towards the middle of the day, Barb hooked another giant kingfish that eventually was attacked by a massive barracuda! Towards the end of the day, a monster hammerhead shark started circling the boat. I used one of the kingfish we caught as bait and hooked the monster shark! After a short 10 minute fight, the hook pulled, and the hammerhead was gone!

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12 May 2020




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BlacktipH Yıl önce
I read many of the comments about Carl. He is a good friend of mine. We are tough on each other, but work very well together and catch lots of fish. We just bust each other's balls and have a good time. Carl takes his kingfish very seriously. On the day we filmed this show, we were commercial fishing. Every fish we lost, was lost revenue, so tensions were a litter higher than normal.
The goat on fornite
HELLO FRIENDING I’m soups hamster
He literally called u a “vegetable” so basically brain dead how is that a friend ?
Josiah Kahkonen
Josiah Kahkonen 5 aylar önce
you’re not true buddies if you don’t bust each others balls for missing fish! That’s part of it!
Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill 7 aylar önce
I have been on a charter with Carl and he was awesome to my best friend and I. He was cutting up laughing and was extremely patient with us even when we messed up a few times.I would go fishing with him any day.
Adam Mckinley
Adam Mckinley 7 aylar önce
So he's commercial fishing and you want to waste his time hooking into a hammerhead shark?
Wayne Woodhead
Wayne Woodhead 6 gün önce
You can tell that Carl is really passionate about fishing,but can sometimes come across aggressive . you've got to love blacktiph.keep up the good work guys.
JP Flores
JP Flores 7 gün önce
CCC hahaha 🤣
Judith Whelchel
Judith Whelchel 17 gün önce
I would not want to go fishing with carl, he would probably yell at me 100 times. He does not seem like the guide who would want any kind of kid on his boat.
Jackfish270 17 gün önce
Carl actin all big and tough even though his neck is built like a snickers bar
TheWanderer 29 gün önce
I hate watching these videos I always get hungry for some good seafood
connor certain
connor certain Aylar önce
Everyone be saying Carl’s bad but how many fish did they catch??
Quốc Cường Nguyễn
Tại sao lại sài mái ngan mà không sài mái đứng
Riley Little
Riley Little Aylar önce
2.03 what the heck is that in the sky near his head?
Simply The Best Fishing Charters
Great show
Nxghtmare Youtube
Nxghtmare Youtube Aylar önce
Dont make another vid with this guy again he thinks he runs stuff and he doesn’t
Marshall the marshmello
That fish is big but the bite was BIG
Marshall the marshmello
Jake’s clip’s and fishing
Bruh Carl chill
wensx123 2 aylar önce
John Wilson
John Wilson 2 aylar önce
I usually watch fishing videos that take me to a 'happy place', but this one depressed me. The atmosphere was very toxic. Carl is going to have a heart attack if he doesn't learn to calm down. Anyhow, thank you for sharing.
Đường Về Vlog
Đường Về Vlog 2 aylar önce
So nice video, I like your style of fishing !
Matt Winnes
Matt Winnes 2 aylar önce
Bro that guy carl absolutely sucked
Mia Deeming
Mia Deeming 2 aylar önce
I saw a shark swim by
Paula DeMeyere
Paula DeMeyere 2 aylar önce
Yeah AND Carl killed the vibe for my husband and I watching this video too. Not a professional way to represent your charter Carl. YIKES and we know who we are NOT going to hire a charter from. It's called FISHING not CATCHING, calm your robe Carl good grief!
BrandaR Jord
BrandaR Jord 2 aylar önce
Carl is a d’richard noggin… I like to cut up and have locker room talk, but that wasn’t fun or funny at all…
Tbiscuit843 2 aylar önce
Carl is hard on you when you are better at fishing and he should be glad to have a expert like you on that boat
Brobro Baum
Brobro Baum 3 aylar önce
I hate carl
Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice 3 aylar önce
What's the purpose of the kite on the stubby bow rod?
Felix Nordal
Felix Nordal 3 aylar önce
That guy in grey so annoying
Caleb Crews
Caleb Crews 3 aylar önce
Josh: I need my harness No one gitting it Carl: should have had it ready Carl made them lose a hammerhead cause of him not gitting his harness for Josh
jesus del pozo
jesus del pozo 3 aylar önce
Are you trying to empty the ocean of fish . ??? That’s the reason earth is so messed up.. people are greedy.
Aka-Chxse 3 aylar önce
Would I like to fish with Josh-Yeaaa. What about Carl-NOOOOOOOO
The Russian Badger
The Russian Badger 3 aylar önce
yall gotta take it easy on carl the guy was up probably all night catching those googleyes there using for bait. Its not a easy and relaxed life when being a charter capitan or a commerocial fisherman.
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez 3 aylar önce
Amazing how annoying Carl is. Perfect way to not get any new charters.
TULUS RECORD 3 aylar önce
Next video fishing mister,from fishing indonesia mister
SilverSnake 3 aylar önce
Bro if my friend called me a vegetable ide die from laughter 😂 if you think this is rude of offense then you probably don't have any friends.
TheBankFisher 3 aylar önce
I don't know why Carl gets so worked up over kings ...we caught a 50 from the beach this week in SC...
William Argueta
William Argueta 3 aylar önce
Retro R3X
Retro R3X 4 aylar önce
Man has no chill lol
Bad karma
Bad karma 4 aylar önce
People don’t have to like Carl. He’s off putting and bad for your channel.
The Last
The Last 4 aylar önce
Hey what’s that thing in the sky 2:04 ??
IMagz 4 aylar önce
Reminds me off the east Cost
Trevor Caudill
Trevor Caudill 4 aylar önce
Guys Carl just takes his fishing seriously.. especially kingfishing, I'd bet outside of fishing he is just chill as f.
lyconkiller13 4 aylar önce
Carl is hands down most negative captain I've seen on this channel. Exciting vid but his negativity would be very frustrating
DARKHOME 4 aylar önce
why is he gone? because you are acting stupid like karen.
Billy Jax
Billy Jax 4 aylar önce
I will charter with Carl love that guy
Chevrolet Motorsport
Chevrolet Motorsport 4 aylar önce
Everyone is complaining about Carl. I’d love to go fishing with him. I can take stuff like that. “Vegetable.” 😂
Jougoumba727 4 aylar önce
I have to go fishing whit you j
Joel Breese
Joel Breese 5 aylar önce
Something is wrong with that Carl dude. Who wants to fish with someone like that. Like dude chill the f### out.
dalton reed
dalton reed 5 aylar önce
"Dont high stick it like a vegetable"
James Moloney
James Moloney 5 aylar önce
Have you ever caught a Blacktip shark0
tài mr.
tài mr. 5 aylar önce
Hello I come from Vietnam
Three little Fish
Three little Fish 5 aylar önce
I would never ever hop on a boat with that guy 😂😂😂what a know it all
Cade Crocker
Cade Crocker 5 aylar önce
Carl’s being a Jerk. Screw the revenue ain’t no sense in acting like that
Pierson Schlosser
Pierson Schlosser 5 aylar önce
Carl is a sore loser
Joshua Rule
Joshua Rule 6 aylar önce
The brief clave theoretically groan because russia morally carve worth a nutty octagon. motionless, worthless cork
Mark Creel
Mark Creel 6 aylar önce
Anyone see the UFO 2:30 ?
Атлас {[1]}
Атлас {[1]} 6 aylar önce
You’d think Carl would want to present a good atmosphere for hundreds of thousands of people, but no. This is literary free advertising and he’s acting like this is his last meal. Also, the whole harness thing too. Really? “This is why you do things the right way.” As his next line is that he doesn’t do this stuff. How does he know what the “right way” is? I get it, doing things with friends can be different, but it’s on the edge of toxicity here.
kIDNEYKid 1999
kIDNEYKid 1999 6 aylar önce
everybody in this comment section has paper skin. y'all gonna let trash talk get to you? how ya gonna make it in the real world?
Chris Lim
Chris Lim 6 aylar önce
Carl nags way too much for a guy... like a grandma
hunter givens
hunter givens 6 aylar önce
kingfish karl
Matthew Lyons
Matthew Lyons 6 aylar önce
2:03 to the top left what is that in the sky??
Zayden Chang
Zayden Chang 6 aylar önce
Lol he is annnoying, mr ccc
erin bishop
erin bishop 6 aylar önce
Carl is scary lowkey ruined this video can’t even be happy lol
Jeremy Godek
Jeremy Godek 6 aylar önce
What is in the clouds at 2:06
John Lott
John Lott 6 aylar önce
I poo
Oli Warden
Oli Warden 6 aylar önce
thats a Mackie not a kingfish
WeatThin 6 aylar önce
I would never charter a boat with Carl just seems like a cry baby
Gaige Ridland
Gaige Ridland 6 aylar önce
Carl’s a fat clown
Rustys Off Roading
Rustys Off Roading 7 aylar önce
I love carl that dude is all about that life!! lol
Emmanuel Villanueva
Emmanuel Villanueva 7 aylar önce
I thought carl was cool until I saw this
Nate Twitchell
Nate Twitchell 7 aylar önce
12:50 wth is carl’s problem?
E. S.
E. S. 7 aylar önce
I used to fish with a guy like this, it was annoying af , unfortunately, it was his boat so I just spearfished instead so I didn't have to hear his mouth.
Berry Van Zwam
Berry Van Zwam 7 aylar önce
Carl was swimming home if it was my boat
John Pearman fishing # 1 Pierrat
Just horrible fishing tactic . I do this daily. Why r u so intense Carl. I get it when the bite is hot no Time for games but dang this video would have been awesome without that negativity. Pretty work tho.
MAS AGUNG 7 aylar önce
Kerennn boss
Charlie Suissa
Charlie Suissa 7 aylar önce
What is wrong with Carl I will never fish with slob city he is so rude and aggressive it would be a waste of money
ياسر العراقي
Adam Mckinley
Adam Mckinley 7 aylar önce
Go do another video with Carl on a non commercial day cuz you painted a very bad picture of him.
David Diego
David Diego 7 aylar önce
A lot of. Action. Very. Good. Video. Josh
Coley J
Coley J 7 aylar önce
everyone complaining about carl has never fished commercially before, this is nothing lol
Johnny 7 aylar önce
Dude that fat Carl guy was so annoying I would have said something. He calls Josh a vegetable when he is a fat ass and he is just so rude in general.
Dhiya Aldien
Dhiya Aldien 7 aylar önce
Dhiya Aldien
Dhiya Aldien 7 aylar önce
Dill's pubg123
Dill's pubg123 7 aylar önce
Jerry needs to calm down😂
Fishing Adventures Dubai
Best video ever for Carl to come back to and then read the comments, then get all salty and angry and smashing his phone on the ground 😂
Brianna Moss
Brianna Moss 7 aylar önce
Hi Christian fishing
Rux_Axzy 7 aylar önce
Busting Banks TV
Busting Banks TV 7 aylar önce
Just watching this I can feel CCC yelling at me 🥴
G3 Boss
G3 Boss 8 aylar önce
BlacktipH: “This is what happens when no one fishes!” CCC: “NO! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FISH WITH SLOB CITY!”
Johnny 6 aylar önce
Yeah he is only friends with Josh because he can self promote
Ionna Fraser
Ionna Fraser 8 aylar önce
Carl needs a slap/bodobak
STAYLOK FISHING 8 aylar önce
wueones gritones wn
Unlimited Gnar
Unlimited Gnar 8 aylar önce
Imagine Carl watching his kid play baseball 😂 "SWING AT THE BALL, YOUR A VEGETABLE!"
Unlimited Gnar
Unlimited Gnar 8 aylar önce
Carl's chill until he's fishing Kings. Then he turns into an Angry Step Dad
Heastan pereira
Heastan pereira 8 aylar önce
Looks like someone forgot to take his meds today 😂😂😂
Pradip Rimal
Pradip Rimal 8 aylar önce
Barracudas are poisones
A A 8 aylar önce
Nice fish dude enjoy them 👍👍❤️❤️
A A 8 aylar önce
I like your videos dude 👍👍
ExoticBot 1
ExoticBot 1 8 aylar önce
Shut up carl
Brad Beck
Brad Beck 8 aylar önce
2 per person per day
Wil 8 aylar önce
Haha this video, did nothing good for Carl’s career/ life
Adam Elferekh
Adam Elferekh 8 aylar önce
6ddevil 8 aylar önce
UFO at 2:02 😂
Sulis Ana
Sulis Ana 9 aylar önce
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