Crazy facts #59 🤔

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24 Eyl 2021




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strooper1103 8 saatler önce
That police shoe thing is kinda true in some places because most police officers are given this thing to go on their shoulder that they can turn on when running after someone
kari hailey
kari hailey 19 saatler önce
We're the heck you get all this
Kvngsolider Gün önce
He stole the sound from a tiktoker
ChildishGiant Gün önce
This is just r/showerthoughts
zekzi mbappe
zekzi mbappe Gün önce
What are paper cuts i see them only in cartoons tbh i never got cut by a paper
GaffGiff T&C
GaffGiff T&C Gün önce
Is this your voice?
james baccino
james baccino Gün önce
It would be more accurate to say that holding your breath to stop hiccups is like turning your diaphragm off and on again, as hiccups are caused by your diaphragm moving incorrectly.
Zoe Ruiz
Zoe Ruiz 2 gün önce
I think of a man bc my uncle is almost in his 50s lives with his mom and dad
terra in Australis
terra in Australis 2 gün önce
Labani Kumari
Labani Kumari 3 gün önce
Last one was fire
Burnt Cookie
Burnt Cookie 3 gün önce
Nice credit given
Andocondian 3 gün önce
Stop existing please you don’t try to make content unoriginal and your just stealing it
TheSmokeyPaladin 3 gün önce
Me respecting all people the same not to matter of the job
Spoopy 3 gün önce
Sometimes profound Sometimes absurd Its Soos, says some words
Master_Waffle 4 gün önce
these are stupid
Spoken 4 gün önce
No dream stans do not deserve parents
b3ckwards america
b3ckwards america 4 gün önce
Wasn't there something that makes u pay more if u get a parkin ticket and rich
LL Relish
LL Relish 4 gün önce
But isn’t it the first one the case ?
GPCrafty 4 gün önce
For breathing one that's not true at all lol. We just breath differently. That's why we can hold our breath. It's called anaerobic respiration. Search it up.
Owii 4 gün önce
Kinda crazy ur using someone else’s sound to get views
ToaKongu 4 gün önce
Team Door
Kai Ford
Kai Ford 4 gün önce
“If you’re rich enough that’s just how much it costs to park there” yeah that’s kinda how parking tickets work
Jovan sanjaya
Jovan sanjaya 4 gün önce
Respect he knows to include the number for the stop child abuse on the not all parents deserver children even if he reuploaded
Arni 4 gün önce
I don’t get the first one
Hitansh Tiwari
Hitansh Tiwari 5 gün önce
Actually in some countries joint families are VERY common and if you choose to live alone it is believed you don't like your parents
Xelus Ultima
Xelus Ultima 5 gün önce
Give credit to the original creator on tiktok
Arkzy 5 gün önce
This isn’t his content it’s from someone on Tik Tok lmao
the gaming goat
the gaming goat 5 gün önce
I like that occasionally there is just that one fact that he's like "that's actually true" or "that says a lot about our society"
DemonFaction 5 gün önce
I honestly can't tell if these are ironic or not
DemonFaction 5 gün önce
These aren't facts
Ryan Gonsalves
Ryan Gonsalves 5 gün önce
The emojis ruin it
StrugleMufin 5 gün önce
Imagine stealing this from tiktok
Barb Mcelderry
Barb Mcelderry 6 gün önce
Sugar_kaya🥰 6 gün önce
Just me that’s never had a paper cut 🤣
Hamas Shafiq
Hamas Shafiq 6 gün önce
Him talking about George Washington making my decision me who is British and lives in England I am 13 parallel universes ahead of you
Adam Martin
Adam Martin 6 gün önce
This is so cringe
Inferno Overdrive
Inferno Overdrive 6 gün önce
As a Canadian, instead of Lincoln it’s the Queen
A  random idiot
A random idiot 7 gün önce
The restart it trick even works with lungs
Isaac VanDeBerg
Isaac VanDeBerg 7 gün önce
This audio is stolen from a popular tik tokker. I can’t remember his name but they ripped the audio at a lower quality and put Minecraft parkour over it smh.
Heavenly Dirt
Heavenly Dirt 7 gün önce
is this guy talking to himself?
silvertiger123 7 gün önce
Are you gonna credit luke????
Adam 6 gün önce
Luke who?
Miata Talk
Miata Talk 7 gün önce
That last one was actually straight facts
Bored pancake
Bored pancake 7 gün önce
This one is actually like decently funny. These are usually really bad
Gustav Andersen
Gustav Andersen 7 gün önce
Fun fact: These are all stolen!
117HUNTER Plays
117HUNTER Plays 7 gün önce
This is stolen
Z3R0 W1NT3R 7 gün önce
Why!? Just, just why!?
Michael Corless
Michael Corless 7 gün önce
You stole this
Messerschmitt BF 109G 10
That second one would actually be really cool
Devin Trusdell
Devin Trusdell 8 gün önce
GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇
Blackout 8 gün önce
So George Washington is on a coin now????
Charliewood2.0 8 gün önce
Not stolen or anything
Pheonix Cantra
Pheonix Cantra 8 gün önce
I love these
Toggle Mutt
Toggle Mutt 8 gün önce
Only one of these things made sense The one you think is true says a lot about you
Phoenix gaming and animal tips
If your fatherless than how were you born? :)
fulty 8 gün önce
y☆n 8 gün önce
The man thing is cause of experience
ThatNotableOne 8 gün önce
Give credit
N M L O P Q R S 8 gün önce
He bussin facts doe
Cards 8 gün önce
Fun fact: people will blinding like any type of short as long as it's over mediocre minecraft parkour. Also, this just in, the sky is blue.
Nuntius 8 gün önce
Weak minded
jjperezz6 8 gün önce
Some of these things are false, but others are still questionable
Cesar Andrade
Cesar Andrade 8 gün önce
We can’t imagine a 30 to 40 year old woman because women don’t reveal their ages. A coworker of mine told me she was 35 and she straight up looks like she’s in her 20’s
nightwinger234 9 gün önce
Circling back to the first one. If the only punishment for the crime is a fine, then it's a crime that was built to target the poor. That's a fact.
Green 9 gün önce
Doors are hard
fivebelow 9 gün önce
Texture pack?
YT.HappyCat 9 gün önce
Can you not steal other people's content?
aReal Nigga
aReal Nigga 9 gün önce
Every time I think of someone who lives with their parents, I think of Paul rudd
Luvrboy 9 gün önce
Second guy is more useless than this video
The other Asian Guy
The other Asian Guy 9 gün önce
This was so cringe, I got a tumor shaped like a smp stan
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson 9 gün önce
That 1st one is so wrong
Nesto 9 gün önce
I still hiccup after holding my breath, mine are inevitable
Martin XY
Martin XY 9 gün önce
I mean.....he got a point
Aoidos 9 gün önce
I think it would be more fun if the guy that always complain didn't speak. He is literally saying the same thing every time but using different words
First Name Last Name
The fake reactions ruin these clips. Just be genuine and have a good time with friends. Don't act like a fuckin autist for a couple thousand views.
HerebyOrdinary 9 gün önce
If you're rich enough then towing companies won't tow in your area. Friend who lived near expensive apartments and parked illegally for months? Absolutely fine. On the other hand where I'm at these sons of bitches were towing people in a working class area during the Texas snowstorm.
Josh Blade
Josh Blade 9 gün önce
The most mind blowing part is that this sober dude is named Marvin.
Powerful Dog's Dick
Powerful Dog's Dick 9 gün önce
parking tickets eventually end in a revoked license and jail time wearing light up shoes in a dark setting will make it easier for criminals to evade you men are usually discarded easier by society if they can't contribute to it, and a women can at least squeeze something out of her slimechamber that can do great things, also tiddy most official coin flips are done with regulated, specially minted coins that don't have any standard value behind it, and the phrase is often a metaphor for leaving it up to chance there is nothing to say about this one, it's fact there is usually so little of a single tree in a piece of paper, it's safer to call it a forests last revenge, but it's really just a mishandling a flimsy sharp edge your lungs don't cause hiccups, it's a disruption in your diaphragm this question is often just a means of small talk to get to know a person better, and more often then not, leads to other questions to further the familiarity between parties, though if a person responds with "child rapist", they would most likely be totally apprehensive or outright hostile
Jrezky 9 gün önce
Not all children deserve parents. 'Nuff said.
Connor Mahone
Connor Mahone 9 gün önce
Anyone know the texture pack
Yung Philth
Yung Philth 9 gün önce
Wow this was cringy
Rhino 9 gün önce
It’s weird how half of these are annoying spam comments about stoners in the shower and another half is actually deep clever things
Internet Stranger, Stranger of the internet
Why is Marvin such an unbearable asshole?
SpecticTacular 9 gün önce
I love how the guy who voice this is trying to copy that one guy who does the exact same thing, except his are actually mind blowing. These are either cringe, don’t make sense, or just common sense
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 9 gün önce
Not funny
RandomStuff 10 gün önce
Why do they get so mad just because he is saying dumb stuff
MythicFresh 10 gün önce
Can you please credit the original creator, that’s not cool dude :/
❄️ • 𝕩𝕡𝕩𝕥𝕙𝕪 • ❄️
If paper cuts are tress last revenge, does me giving myself paper cuts make me force revenge out of them?
ethan barganier
ethan barganier 10 gün önce
The first ones true unless you get towed
Jax Brown
Jax Brown 10 gün önce
The first one.. parking tickets take up time in court and they go on your permanent record
ThunderFace 10 gün önce
These aren't funny anymore.
Ted The Giant Tortoise
Bruh wtf why this man stealing videos and filling the subtitles with emojis
joey101 10 gün önce
I’m 14 and this is deep
m8ving and sh88ting
m8ving and sh88ting 10 gün önce
“Parking tickets is just how much it costs to park there” Yeah, no kidding
Hickeer Ujibo
Hickeer Ujibo 10 gün önce
I like your videos Unaaa
iikeeley 10 gün önce
Why do people get so mad at it
Vukasin Mitic
Vukasin Mitic 10 gün önce
Cuz males have no much chances to just move to a bilionaires house they have married like women do
12 34
12 34 10 gün önce
Why is he answering himself like theres another person there?
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