Crazy Bad $5000 Alienware Gaming PC: R13 Aurora Tear-Down

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This tear-down is part 1 of 2 looking at the Alienware Aurora R13, which has a 12900KF and an RTX 3090 for $5000, alongside some very slow DDR5 memory.
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Part 2 is coming soon!

We bought the Alienware Aurora R13 gaming computer with Intel 12th Gen 12900KF for review, spending $5000 in the process. This was the most expensive review component we've ever bought, to memory, and it was so bad that we split our original plan for one video into two: This is the tear-down, while the next will be the review proper with testing. Dell has managed to make things worse from the original Alienware R10, despite nonstop marketing about all its "improvements" it had made.

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00:00 - $5000 Alienware R13 Tear-Down
02:10 - Components & Part 1 vs. Part 2
03:42 - External Preview
06:15 - "Airflow" Updates
07:30 - When Liquid Coolers Are Good vs. Bad
08:40 - Something Broke
11:00 - Relearning How to Build a PC
12:34 - Crazy Over-Engineering Mechanically
14:40 - More Proprietary BS & Bloated Design
18:34 - Very Bad VRM & Motherboard
21:18 - Power Supply is the Best Part
22:10 - Why We're Upset

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Host, Demolitions: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Video Production: Keegan Gallick




26 Mar 2023




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Fabriccio de Giovanni
This is Mark for Aliens not for Humans... . Alienware non stop crap.... .
• C@rnage
• C@rnage Aylar önce
I'm curious about the rgb connectors for the AIO cooler. I am considering purchasing a unit from ebay to use in my main rig. Am I going to be able to hook this thing up properly?
Adapter Crash
Adapter Crash 3 aylar önce
Well you are almost 40 by the time your 60 that thing will still be working if you take care of it, probably won't want to invest in another gen yeah and out one of those really loud 60 dollar 140mm fans on the back that auto cranks, a small one on top 2 more in the front a vga dual cooler below the gpu don't play it for more than 2 hours, you'll never have to sit on your computer again. That ram bunk tho I had it., radiator on top right
NotaGoogleSimp 6 aylar önce
Steve this reminds me a lot of the Pentium 4 and Pentium D era Dell high end BTX desktop lines they ran for some people at my old office. Right down to the what side panels to the absolutely asinine layout of almost 2 foot long Sata cables and special HDD caddies. Then there were the goofy coolers, the specialized GPU mounts. All crammed into a case with fake white and chrome to make it fit the XPS or Precision line for our programmers. Many of these only had a 400 Watt no name PSU and a single rear 80 or 92mm fan and a massive 3.2 or 3.8ghz Pentium D and 7900 GTX or some type of Quadro with 1 or 2 gb. Us help desk guys had a real love had relation ship with them. Because they were kinda sadly the best thing we had access to but also crap.
Vishnu Shankar Tripathi
Props to Alienware for always managing to make their products worse.
Fabriccio de Giovanni
This is Mark for Aliens not for Humans... . Alienware non stop crap.... .
EXO 2 aylar önce
are the monitors any better?
Donald Newman
Donald Newman 3 aylar önce
I still use my n32x
MisterMister5893 3 aylar önce
@TheShadiest710 lol?
Yusuf T-Deen
Yusuf T-Deen 6 aylar önce
Good on them for exposing manufacturers' shameless tactics like this.
Chad Stuart
Chad Stuart 6 gün önce
@꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ Right?
ashupashu 17 gün önce
@꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ Not to mention a 120MM AIO in a 5000 dollar build
Seriously, the motherboard IO thing is just dirty
cgrant26 8 aylar önce
I remember waaaaay back when Alienware was being advertised in 3DMark 2003 and thinking, "hmm, I wonder how their systems stack up against DIY builds?" I worked as a bench tech back then and the first time one finally came across my bench I had my answer. They've only gotten worse since then. GN had a great line about Alienware in another video; "Dell is designing to appeal to what grandparents think their grandkids want"
1Darkhold 4 aylar önce
yeah I remember when I first saw one of their systems advertised. I thought hmm that expensive but maybe it's worth it. A couple of minutes of looking at the specs and checking against component prices and I was shocked at just how much of a rip off it was.
Golden Hate
Golden Hate 4 aylar önce
Lets not even mention the fact that the prices are a rip off. Even mainline dell is made for dumb parents who don't know other companies are cheaper. My campus sold exclusively dell that was bumped up almost 40% over HP and Asus products down the road at best buy. Not saying best buys better, but its better than Dells garbage.
SimsBanshee 3 aylar önce
I bought a faulty gaming laptop from them. After six failed repairs they tried to get me to sign a note on the repair slip that "it was not their fault" and told me it meant they wore a mask.... I started recording audio of my conversations with them after the 3rd repair and they gave me a full refund when I threatened to sue them for attempting to coerce me into signing a statement under false pretenses.
lll Aylar önce
wut? a mask? wacky. what does that even have to do with anything?
itsTyrion 2 aylar önce
You should've sued anyway for the attempt alone. Or at least report it
The Lore Shack
The Lore Shack 2 aylar önce
​@pricklycats he needs to wake up
pricklycats 3 aylar önce
I'm not sure why but he is for some reason
Phat2 Tony
Phat2 Tony 3 aylar önce
I used to work for Dell, i was on the Alienware support team. support was separated for desktops laptops and alienware had its own set of people. we had all the tech "papers" for them. the components used were of the lowest grade possible. we had to upsell and at least give the customer a sales pitch, at least once in every conversation with customers. OMG the pricing on the parts Dell had us selling, i would personally would never even consider any of the parts of any quality. but dell wanted, even the support team, to believe that the parts were of top quality as to be more convincing to the customer. our test lab had a bunch of "burnt out" parts. if you knew what the margin of profit items were , you would flipping flip. many of the parts were salvaged of older "dead units". the margin on some items were over 500% profit for Dell. We could see the prices and the margin for Dell. The tool we used\ showed us the pricing and the profit margin. some agents main purpose for doing support on Dell was to earn more for selling. yes dell did have an incentive program for agents that sold and sell they did. Not a bad extra amount earned in the month.
Andy Morin
Andy Morin Aylar önce
@McHonkler Dell is huge with companies/schools who need support. It’s a shame but yea
Fabriccio de Giovanni
This is Mark for Aliens not for Humans... . Alienware non stop crap.... .
McHonkler Aylar önce
How is such a garbage company still in business? Are there really that many mindless consumers that do absolutely no research into the products they are consuming? It's not like an AT&T situation where they are a lot of people's only option.
lll Aylar önce
i used to fix these at the depot. man it was glitchy bios dog sh...
Ch3k420 3 aylar önce
5k and they still have a regular HD in there. Wow.
Costin Simon
Costin Simon 21 gün önce
@Ch3k420 You pay a ton of cash for the machine, you expect it to be future proof. A 2TB SSD and 14 or 16 TB hard drive are really the best bet and affordable even.
Владислав Пилипенко
@Ch3k420 > what do you put on that though? Games that you do not play often, mods, video game footage, big Sony Vegas projects, BD-rips for Plex, backups, image coolection
Ch3k420 23 gün önce
@Владислав Пилипенко what do you put on that though? Im a gamer and don’t want to install games on a 7200rpm drive. Faster the drive faster the load times and performance.
Владислав Пилипенко
> regular HD in there Makes sense if it's 16 Tb or more alongside with at least 3 Tb SSD overall storage.
Costin Simon
Costin Simon 26 gün önce
@VIDEOSUPERHIGHWAY Or just an HDD that fits the 5K price. But they put the most budget ass HDD they could find. The kinda stuff you buy only if it's on sale and that just for hoarding data that you don't care about. For 5K, I would expect a Seagate IronWolf or even a IronWolf Pro, certainly not a freaking Barracuda
shaneee 11 aylar önce
So I was somewhat involved in developing this system (can’t say specifically for reasons) and want to clear something up. Everyone, and I mean everyone designing the r13 wanted a new chassis. It was a constant point of contention among the engineers and designers, led to a small loss of staff and proved to be a major hurdle. Management refused to listen and doubled down, it was either make it work or get out. For many of us, the r13 was meant to be an industry redemption story, a system worth every penny. While management refused new chassis designs, they simultaneously demanded we shove as much tech (mechanically and otherwise) into it. As GN said, all the fancy shmancy additions were implemented to fit a ridiculous number of high-performance components into a chassis designed for Office workers of yesteryear. It wasn’t necessary, but at the same time, it was. “Bloat” is an understatement, half the development cycle was spent on making this work. Management gave us a reason, we were told that our chassis were over-produced in previous quarters and that all previous stock needed to be sold off before building in others. We were incredibly disappointed with the company, we felt as if we failed our fans and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Our lead quit after the r13 shipped, an incredibly talented individual that fought with management for years over stuff this channel regularly points out. My main point in all of this is, please don’t blame the engineers and designers at Dell. we’re definitely not idiots, rather, we’re chained to Dell’s inherent greed and backwards managerial style. We don’t have any say, and if we did, things would be a hell of a lot different. Sorry everyone, just about every colleague of mine watches this channel, hoping to get more of a voice in upcoming products. If you have a minute, contact Dell and encourage them to “listen to the engineers!”, maybe that’ll make a difference!
Jack Is the man
Jack Is the man 5 gün önce
Yuxiang 20 gün önce
Did you guys make R15 finally worth it?
A. B.
A. B. 25 gün önce
Thanks for the reply.
Jinzo 9 aylar önce
Alienware has a place in my heart still, once upon a time I unboxed a big ass red alienware 17 inch laptop, with sexy metal body, pre DELL days, downloaded and maxed out Crisis for the first time in my life and was blown away, using the laptop on my lap burnt my legs, but the pain was worth it, gone are the good ol days.
Gospelofrye 4 aylar önce
Crysis came out in 2007 and Alienware was purchased by Dell in 2006. There's no way you maxed out Crysis on a pre-Dell Alienware laptop.
Big Bay
Big Bay 5 aylar önce
You can't compare a prebuilt desktop to a gaming laptop. This prebuilt is crap but that doesn't mean their laptop line is.
Slizzle. 7 aylar önce
blown away by the max speed fans, I suppose
Alec 8 aylar önce
Looking at this case gives me a good idea. Imagine a case where the whole front is one of those dyson bladeless fans. They run really quiet too.
D X 6 aylar önce
They do have blades. Just hidden. Haha they tricked you. Dyson bladeless fans is to fans as Alienware is to computers. People who know anything about fans don't buy Dyson
Johnny 8 aylar önce
They run so quiet they aren’t even there
shoryuken 3 aylar önce
I can’t believe I used to buy Alienware , thanks to channels like yours I now build and never looked back
MrCoffis 21 gün önce
Not all products have to be 💩. You just need to look into each product and see if you are getting something of value or if you are basically being scammed. But in general yes Alienware is selling you 💩 at a very expensive price too.
Fabriccio de Giovanni
This is Mark for Aliens not for Humans... . Alienware non stop crap.... .
sigma male
sigma male 2 aylar önce
@maiafay what the hell is meta pc
Mike Hawkins
Mike Hawkins 9 aylar önce
Owning an Alienware machine was one of my most fervent aspirations, until Dell brought them out.
4lc4 4 aylar önce
@Gospelofrye 9 years is a narrow window lol?
Gospelofrye 4 aylar önce
Alienware was first called Alienware in 1997 (Saikai in 1996) and Dell bought them in 2006 - that was a pretty narrow window to fervently aspire to own an Alienware. I remember them as being crazy expensive and no faster than a DIY machine of the same spec. Now let's talk about those sweet cow-themed Gateway machines...
The_TEGGZ 7 aylar önce
My first "gaming pc" was an Alienware X51 for almost $2,000, which back in that time was a lot of money for a Rig but it was an Alienware yO!. It had a i7 3770 and a GT 545. 8GB RAM. Proprietary PSU meant no way to upgrade it other than barely having enough power to run a GTX 1050ti. It worked ok but I knew after having it a while that I'd never again buy a pre-built. After building an 8086K /GTX 1080ti build a few years ago, I decided to scavange some of the parts from the old X51 to build a simple rig for my ex at the time. I found an Asus B75M Micro ATX board on ebay that would fit the i7 3770 and GTX 1050ti SC. Upgraded the RAM to Gskill Ripjaws 16GB DDR3 1333 CL9 memory, a Corsair RM550x PSU, Cheap Corsair case and cheap SSD. For about 300$ I brought new life back into the parts and chucked all that proprietary Alienware shit in the trash. That PC still runs strong to this day. Alienware is a joke. Don't know who or why anyone still buys that crap. Smh. They are still proprietary junk.
CaseyJohto94 11 aylar önce
It's like Dell knows that Steve hates terrible pre-builts and they cook them extra spicy so you'll be surprised at just how low they can go!
CaseyJohto94 Aylar önce
@enrique amaya nobody cares dude
Doinkzy Aylar önce
Doinkzy Aylar önce
Yugi Yugi
Yugi Yugi 2 aylar önce
@EJK k skill issue
TheoBrixtonTheKid 9 aylar önce
It's funny, the reason I got into building my own PCs was because I had bought a Dell ages ago and I couldn't upgrade something as simple as adding more RAM to the motherboard because Dell had this proprietary bullshit casing all over the place preventing me from improving their shitty computer. Here we are in 2022 and they're still doing the same old shit with their cases. I'm actually begrudgingly appreciative that they did that, now my custom built PCs are way better and cost way less.
Kaymerra 7 aylar önce
Well, there are Configurator Companies that do a very decent Job at not making pre-builts suck and for not incredibly expensive, but there are not many of those.
CaseyC Benn
CaseyC Benn 8 aylar önce
I'd been making my own pc builds since 2003. I remember looking at Alienware, even back in their supposed early days when things were good, and was never impressed with the hardware vs what looked like purely aesthetic expenses. You were getting a pretty computer that was average at best and IF you had more money than sense you could of course opt for their top shelf stuff. Yet, if you simply purchased a good simple open case and bought the components yourself you would instantly save $1000 minimum and could get the same high end hardware without the pretty shapes and lights. So I always built from scratch. Even with Puget Custom Computers I bought a setup in 2006 simply because I was working and needed a build that worked. A year later in 2007 I built almost the same computer except now with 8 cores vs 4 and paid a little less than half the price simply because I built it myself. I think the main issue here is that most people that would watch this channel would always want to do self builds. For everyone else that isn't interested in putting together a system ...well then... I guess there is Alienware.
Indomitable92 8 aylar önce
This video is still a classic to watch, god bless you Steve for taking the hit so consumers don't have to.
ZoruaZorroark 8 aylar önce
20 years ago, their cases looked cool, and still looks decent today. i also wouldn't be surprised if those cases offered better cooling then this case
Kamaro3XVII Aylar önce
I would love to see GN do a teardown reviews on those new 4090 laptops.
Slaking 11 aylar önce
It's impressive how Alienware continually makes the biggest, most unwieldy cases ever, and yet they still manage to have barely any space inside
Seighart89 2 aylar önce
Dell just bought Alienware for the name so can sell us crap
William Kistner
William Kistner 5 aylar önce
@HotelSoap It looks bigger than A HAF 932 Tower and they are Huge.
Ari_California 7 aylar önce
It's the the TARDIS but opposite. Bigger on the outside small on the inside xD
Forbidden Era
Forbidden Era 11 aylar önce
@Aaron Moody lol you should see last years version with the swinging power supply. Really makes me wonder considering its quite different on the inside (even shittier) and the exact same on the outside sans acrylic window
Perfect_Cliche 9 aylar önce
At 17:23, i love how he says "id be impressed if..." and it just cuts to next scene. That was perfect lol
Gary H
Gary H 2 gün önce
This kind of review makes me feel so much better about building my own!
Scott Sippel
Scott Sippel 8 aylar önce
I wanted to thank you for this video. I have never really delved into PCs despite gaming on desktops since the days of Everquest. I bought my first Dell Aurora R8 and was shocked how loud it is - and how after 2 years the cooling failed… now I know why. I’ll be pivoting to other solutions to replace my pc. Thank you - new subscriber appreciates you being candid and helpfully explaining many facets of pc building. Great work for all the team, sir.
Johnny Kelley
Johnny Kelley 7 aylar önce
Love your content and ethics. Bravo for protecting consumers!
JG Laboratory
JG Laboratory 8 aylar önce
As an owner of an Alienware ( back in the day) I laughed alot in frustration and sympathy at this video. 2 thumbs and a subscriber for this gem! 👌
TwoC400s 11 aylar önce
That motherboard has to be the undisputed king of the "instant e-waste" category.
Steviesteef 11 aylar önce
@FREAK Which kinda works for business systems where they mostly get next business day onsite warranty. By swapping out "everything" they will have fixed it quite fast. No need to diagnose whether its the motherboard, cable or daughterboard. It's just a very stupid solution for consumer/gaming systems.
Forbidden Era
Forbidden Era 11 aylar önce
Actually I almost wonder if this is the new OE-ScamTX motherboard format, having seen this exact thing in multiple pre-builts, from multiple vendors and while I haven't ever compared two side by side they all seem to have that terrible front panel IO growth in a very similar spot? So maybe you could at least swap it into another terrible e-waste case?
Forbidden Era
Forbidden Era 11 aylar önce
My previous motherboard was like this, Acer Predator Orion 3000..(got a pre-built 9700 w/2070S for 400 cad 2 years ago almost - normally wouldnever touch a pre-built) .. super disappointed seeing that after upgrading my cooler and having it be too tall for the case and then not being able to do sfa about it. Then I saw 2 9g boards at my local recyclers and grabbed them not knowing they were being sold DoA and getting disappointed more finding a busted socket on one..however the other actually worked fine and just had a weird ram configuration that threw me for a loop too also thinking it was dead until I read the manual (if using 1 or 2 of 4 slots, the insertion is reversed from almost every non-server motherboard I've seen, so very likely this is how they figured it was dead).. throw that with the 9700 and the 2070S+3060 now w/new 970pro (pb came with sn512) in a Fractal Meshify C and now I have something that doesn't shut off when it goes over 100w cpu for more than 10s.... ..and also, a pile of e-waste (stupid proprietary motherboard and case).. such a dumb motherboard format
Kurt the Alien
Kurt the Alien 11 aylar önce
20:45 Hey for 5000$ it can make noise while bending 🤣🤣🤣
RandomUser236.618 11 aylar önce
It sure is. All non standard parts just suck. If anything is wrong you can't do nothing with it. Non standard parts should be banned. Imagine paying 5k for something you can't fix without motherboard and case needing each other. Dead motherboard, replace the case. Problem with the case, can't use the motherboard. I really hate non-standard parts.
Blake Olinger
Blake Olinger 6 aylar önce
I feel so bad for their engineers. You know they don't want to put this garbage out. Imagine how great they would be if they would stop worrying about the money they are making and start worrying about whether or not their consumers will be happy. There is so much potential
Danny Dm
Danny Dm Aylar önce
I've bought 3 alienware comps. The trick is to get them on-sale at Xmas. Usually 30% off and that makes it easier to swallow. After pricing it out opposed to building my own, it has made sense so far.
ReyBales Gaming & Music
Watching this dude physically struggle to find the words to describe this experience was both enjoyable and hilarious 😆
DaGleese 9 aylar önce
There was a stage in the early to mid 2000's that Dell made their workstations almost entirely toolless. It was great for quickly performing repairs to them at a business that only used Dells from that era. The way this is set up reminds me of that, except not as user friendly. All the quick removable components were in that lilac-blue colour as seen holding the HDD in place in this Alienware. It was really obvious how everything could be pulled out. This seems to be trying to go for that, but why? This isn't for the workplace, this is a product aimed at consumers...
Lonergans Run
Lonergans Run 4 aylar önce
Dude, I can really feel the pain you endured for us 😁
Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez 11 aylar önce
You're not paying for just a computer Steve, you're paying for even MORE of the Dell experience!
Moltentesticles 4 aylar önce
3000dollars for brand
William Kistner
William Kistner 5 aylar önce
Dell has no Experience!! at all. After all these years Dell still manages to suck.
TheExileFox 11 aylar önce
@Hazard Since Dell is taking lessons from HP on how to make a furnace, I'm not surprised. HP has had the worst airflow for 20+ years
Soumyajit Kolay
Soumyajit Kolay 11 aylar önce
Ah yes. The sweet Dell logo that we can stamp on Steve's forehead.
XenonG 11 aylar önce
@Hazard I remember reading somewhere years ago that HP, Asus and a few other brands use two thermal paste suppliers from Taiwan and Japan that dries out at exactly 2 years after applying. Sounds about right for your case lolol
ContrA 9 aylar önce
Had an Alienware R7, was my first "gaming pc". I learned a lot from that experience. Built my next couple gaming rigs after that. The R7 was loud and severely handicapped from within the bios and case. Not to mention the stripped down versions of graphics cards etc. It would only make sense to get an Alienware if it was at a standard of costing much less than building your own. But that's never been the case.
Remy 7 aylar önce
When I was 10 and got my first computer I looked at it like it was the most complicated piece of equipment imaginable. We took it apart one time for a checkup at a PC store (this was the 90s) and it was FULL of wires and insane amounts of hardware. I remember that it cemented the idea in my mind that building a PC was an insane idea because it would take an electrical engineer to do what was done in that old Dell chassis. Fast Forward 20 years, I just built my 2nd rig for 2grand and it will run 10x faster and cleaner than that Tonka Truck of plastic and metal.
TurkishChubs 6 aylar önce
This is what happens when you try to fix a simple problem with a complicated solution
António Brandão
Dude was bending the motherboard and tossing parts around and I kept thinking “man, that’s a 5000$ computer!”😅
Column01 8 aylar önce
Pre-Dell Alienware was something that I viewed as a company that prodduced good products. When I was younger I wanted an alienware computer, luckily I grew up and when I actually had money for a system, I saw the price compared to a normal DIY solution and that choice was easy. I wish Dell would let Alienware actually produce the products that they used to.
Farolito Hernandez
Farolito Hernandez 11 aylar önce
I truly believe that if the McLaren F1 team ditched their Dell sponsorship their cars would run 30% cooler and 200 extra hp due to lack of bloatware.
Bear McHoneypots
Bear McHoneypots 10 aylar önce
Man, now I’m concerned. Considering McLaren’s road cars’ QC problems, their internal restructuring and just general money problems, I am no longer enjoying watching Dell suffer…if they fold as a company, the F1 team will lose a huge sponsor. BigDic DannyRic prayers out to Dell’s serverside solutions being legit and successful.
Lalo 11 aylar önce
I know this is a joke, but Norris had one hell of a drive in Imola last weekend. He had no business being 3rd in that car, but he did it anyways.
Mark V.G.
Mark V.G. 11 aylar önce
laughed so hard reading this 😆
Jeremy Cook
Jeremy Cook 11 aylar önce
Still wouldn't help the honey badger
Gokai Red
Gokai Red 11 aylar önce
And less porpoising!!
coajokazz 4 aylar önce
This was so amusing to watch, but at the same time, i felt so sad for the customers and the engineers that had to develop this trashcan
Wilian Rodrigues
Wilian Rodrigues 8 aylar önce
I was always scared if my Computer would have enough air to prevent excess heat Thankfully looking at Dell’s example, I know mine is more than sufficient in every way imaginable
Forever Hoshi
Forever Hoshi 8 aylar önce
I remember seeing one of these at BestBuy when I was looking for some camera gear-and something felt a little off about it before But now I know for sure that it's most certainly not the best buy The store it was inside of is
HalfbreedTrini 7 aylar önce
Subbing for a second time. Love the work you guys on TechTube do for us laymans.
TB_GB 7 aylar önce
Imagine if they put that engineering times modifying this case into making a new computer case. They could make it look like whatever they want.
billy mcbilly
billy mcbilly 11 aylar önce
The only thing impressive about Alienware is how long they have stayed in business.
@Max Herman Optiplex back in the days were set and forget, solid workhorses, not sure how they are today. Precision line is good as well.
@Eric Smiley I thing Acer bought them. They shot themselves in the foot opening up tons of gateway stores and ending up sinking the company.
@EvilGav thats the deal with Dell precision workstations which are a good bulletproof line, they will run forever.
@imwithyou38 yeah dell monitors are rock solid. Precision workstations are good also, last forever as well.
FinallyFamous 7 aylar önce
So hard to get the 3000 series card or any gpu these days they buy them just to have the card
Maximaniac72 4 aylar önce
What amazes me the most is just how similar some of those parts inside resembled the ones from my 1998 era Dell PC. I swear that back fan grille is the exact same design. It makes me wonder if it actually IS the same basic case just with a fancy plastic shell.
Rvikvge 3 aylar önce
I've had a few alienwares and none of them gave me any issues. A few desktops and a laptop for college - all before 2012 so maybe that's the difference. I've noticed that people love to pick these things apart now though.
yay4meluigi 5 aylar önce
Great video. Love the commentary. It’s hard to see the components though. I think you need a LOT more light to make videos like this.
DragonDeesNutz 9 aylar önce
WOW! This thing looks like management said "That case looks nice. Make a high-end PC out of it!". Then different Teams worked on different parts of the build, trying to do "things different" without going back in the design process to redesign and correct stuff. It just looks like one team tried to fix another teams mistakes. And that for 5k?! Thanks for your honest review 😘
Trump took the vaccine
In one of the comments an engineer said exactly that. They had extra stock of the chassis.
The_Catman 7 aylar önce
This actually looks a lot like the construction of those mass-produced HP and Compaq desktops everybody's parents/grandparents were getting in the late 00's early 10s -ish, just painted black. Like, I'm pretty sure that's the same spring-loaded side panel design I've seen in a bunch of those, and all the superfluous brackets and plastic panels to make it look "unique" look like they "feel" exactly the same, if you get what I mean
Mark Harris
Mark Harris 11 aylar önce
I’m not a gamer so I’ve avoided this channel thinking it wasn’t for me. However, I really enjoy watching people who stick up for the little guy. I have to applaud the degree and detail in which this channel does that. Well done.
Zack Matey
Zack Matey 11 aylar önce
@Forbidden Era hopefully, but I'll believe it when I see it. LTT has had some serious issues with test methodology in some of their content. Hopefully they will get more qualified people in the lab
Forbidden Era
Forbidden Era 11 aylar önce
@Zack Matey ltt labs will change this
Schreurs Alain
Schreurs Alain 11 aylar önce
@WesCon In Steve's case it's called "airflow" nexus.
Chris Morley
Chris Morley 11 aylar önce
@Poitiers28 nah, that's expected. Seems like he feels free enough to say what's on his mind, which doesn't include people like you.
Pirojf Mifhghek
Pirojf Mifhghek 11 aylar önce
GN really is one of the best consumer review channels that exists today. They don't call him Tech Jesus for nothing. A person might think this stuff doesn't apply to them, but pretty much everyone uses computers these days. At some point, ya gotta buy a new one. When you end up looking at possibly purchasing certain parts, or getting a prebuilt from a company like Dell or iBuypower, seeing reviews like this are incredibly important. If it's defective, they'll tell you. If there's a better part for a cheaper price, you'll see it in their performance charts. They're out there trying to save the normal non-tech savvy person money. Also a shoutout to LTT for their secret shopper series as well. The trashy, price-gouging and upcharging they caught Dell doing red-handed was atrocious.
Genetic Spore
Genetic Spore Aylar önce
I had an Alienware several years ago. Back when they still did the M18x laptop series with SLI. I wanted it simply b/c of the case. Lemme tell ya what, I was quite surprised that not only did I order a gaming PC, but a portable oven as well. I ended up ditching the entire system about a year n a half later, then did my own creation. Nice to see Dell is right back to where they once were.
Iloveya 9 aylar önce
I’m just getting into building a computer and one thing I’ve been told is to avoid static when working with the individual parts so I thought wearing an anti static bracelet is a must? Does the mod mat help with that?? I’m just curious
pelnarius 3 gün önce
I miss pre-Dell Alienware. I had one of their laptops, it was incredible.
Samen Aylar önce
I'm currently running om my second Aurora, both of them has run without any problems. I was actually considering the latest Aurora, just the one you are pulling apart. But now with more heat coming from the new line of CPUs and GPUs I will have more focus on the cooling. My next PC will not be an Alienware, I cry a bit inside now. An era is over, my "Alienwarera"
Black Iron Seamus
Black Iron Seamus 3 aylar önce
I just got a similar PC from ibuypower not sponsered and like damn the case is absolutely massive and it has 6 fans including the radiator... funny thing is it was only around 1500-1600 dollars
NyBSfP —
NyBSfP — 11 aylar önce
I loved how the “this is not a handle” warning just low key redeemed itself
Paul Frederick
Paul Frederick 11 aylar önce
For something that is not a handle it sure looked like every other handle I've ever seen in my life. So I'm glad they put that text on it. I mean on my own I'd have never figured out that was in fact not the handle it looked like.
1337Ox 11 aylar önce
the "handle" parts had me absolutely dying
ZenMaster 9 aylar önce
The engineers who built this computer remind me of myself. You see, the only time that I ever display amazing ninja-like reflexes and agility is always directly in response to me being an absolute klutz. I'll be walking down the street, trip over my own dumb feet but then manage to turn the fall into a graceful front somersault.
RogueWraith909 8 aylar önce
PC's like this are why I've built my last three myself. I may not be an expert but I figured out enough to build a decent air cooled PC that "future proofs" my lifestyle in a decent case (even though it is an OLD case, it's way better than that p.o.s).
Nicholas Ralph Baum
Nicholas Ralph Baum 4 aylar önce
I've bought 5 Alienware machines over the last 20 years (3 towers and 2 notebooks) and I have to say I've been happy with all of them. I write books and do graphics so I always buy what's on sale and never the goofy high end shit with the lights and crap on it. The same price as a normal tower but I get a whole lot more millage out of them. The only problem I've had with them was my first 17" notebook from 2006 that had a "manual" fan. Yea, a manual fan on it. That machine was the only one I gamed on (bonding with my son on line) and I eventually cooked the CPU. It was a power saving device to turn the fan on when gaming, and when I found out I about lost my shit! Yea, I got it cheap but it's the principle. There was no-nothing that pointed out that feature while unpacking it! My next buy I'll be going with META in AZ.
nervsouly 9 aylar önce
I got a 2013 Aurora still in use as secondary PC until today. It was alright I guess but made me not buy another one. Had to replace too many parts over the years due to rapid outdating of the tech and noticed how they had only build in the cheapest components possible at premium price. Liked the layout and cooling of the desktop though, very accessible and functional. Looked completely different from this. Lighting not properly working anymore after these 9 years though. Either way in 2021 I purchased a custom components ibuypower that I'm quite satisfied with. And it cost a lot less than this Aurora. They also corrected a mistake I had made when chosing components for me. Also delivered me a better sound card for free when my chosen model was not available at that time. Positive experience in comparison.
Mik Moen
Mik Moen 6 aylar önce
This design philosophy just screams my experience with Hewlett Packard. These companies used to be household names for computers.
alldreamsfalldown 11 aylar önce
Alienware's approach to problem solving: Making three lefts to turn right.
falkez 11 aylar önce
More like 63 lefts to make a right
Gaetano 11 aylar önce
I have the X17 R2 laptop and it's really really good, but this is scary
Buzzkiller 11 aylar önce
More like 31 left turns to make a right
Lodinn 11 aylar önce
Well at least it fits the name...
Aaron Gomez
Aaron Gomez 9 aylar önce
Super Thanks! Used to build my own PC but but got out of gaming as a hobby so stopped paying attention to the tech, you gave me inspiration.
I ordered a Nuc 13 extreme i7 and the whole case is steel, attention to cooling design etc. nice machine that alienware case is gaudy and plastic cheap. That modmat is cool definitely need to order.
Rico Lorenz
Rico Lorenz 4 aylar önce
Speaking of designing obscelescense into Dell computers, I recently made a sleeper build in an old Dell Optiplex, and I literally had to custom design a new pcb for the front panel io
O’Shack Hennessy
O’Shack Hennessy 9 aylar önce
It’s so hard to tell when Steve doesn’t like something because he’s so reserved in his criticisms
Fizzbrew 7 aylar önce
I remember wanting one of these so damn bad years ago. I think it was between this falcon northwest and voodoo pc. Alienware was the goal though. Silly kid.
Ryan Malinowski
Ryan Malinowski 11 aylar önce
I give props to whomever designed that 30 year old chassis and the person who marketed it to Dell and HP. That was money in the bank for them
Ramon Acosta
Ramon Acosta 11 aylar önce
Probably just got shafted like the dude that made DOS.
bryan nonya
bryan nonya 9 aylar önce
I built the first several thousand cases for Dell in the late 80s and they look exactly the same now as then. The old cases were really better than the newer cases.
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker 9 aylar önce
I have the R6 and has lasted me 5 years. I have a R13 now. For my usage which does not include gaming, I believe despite it's shortcomings, some pretty substantial, that it will last me anther 5 years. As a CPA I multitask programs, and also do video and photography as a hobby. I know I overbought a machine so I will live with overspending. As long as the cooling system doesn't crash the R13 before it gives me the years I expect, I'm OK. I looked at other brands and similar specs cost a lot more money, so that also shows that Dell is too concerned with "cheapening" the product to sell more volume on price and on a brand name that once was before Dell bought it.
Lewis Mather
Lewis Mather 8 aylar önce
I have an R12 I don’t think it’s bad and I upgraded the cooling by adding a radiator and extra fans, also put in some better ram and I think it runs really good
Randomly Entertaining
Randomly Entertaining 7 aylar önce
You know, before I started watching these prebuilt reviews, I always thought Alienware was the top of the line, this is what the big boys use, kind of PC. But now? For 5k, I could build a system that would knock this thing's socks off while also being upgradeable.
Д*-БиоТех 3 aylar önce
I wonder, why did they opt for an electrolytic capacitors for those two near the back IO. Is saving 1 usd really worth placing a component that can overheat and would surely leak in 10 years?
Zecrid 11 aylar önce
Dell feels like the General Motors of the PC world. They have some genuinely fantastic engineers that can build around a problem, but are choked back by weird or just inane bean counter cost cutting decisions.
funicon 8 aylar önce
@Cody Westphal yes can confirm Dell is a great place to work
Arthur Moore
Arthur Moore 11 aylar önce
​@Cody Westphal As someone who uses some of Dells low end enterprise products, I do like them. Unfortunately, even there things like weird Amphenol SAS connectors mean Dell is going their own way. Plus having to mod a SAS card's PCI ID or the server won't even boot with it in the internal slot is just asinine. The products are good, but Enterprise users are aware of these caveats and purchase appropriately.
pkt1213 11 aylar önce
It's like it was trying to be a toolless workstation or server chassis...but didn't quite make it.
Mr. Lince
Mr. Lince 11 aylar önce
but the cheap version of General Motors 🤣
Cody Westphal
Cody Westphal 11 aylar önce
Can confirm. I work for Dell. Love my position there. But sometimes these decisions are asinine. I've told my boss that for enterprise they are great but I wouldn't recommend them for home use with a 10 ft pole
Snuffy 9 aylar önce
Alienware used to be THE name that came to mind back when I first got into PCs. It's a damn shame they fell this far from grace.
Thorvilk Williams
Thorvilk Williams 8 aylar önce
Thanks to Dell, a company from hell.
LSC2022 3 aylar önce
I think you can get a similarly built PC to this for under $5000. I have a pretty much loaded up liquid cooled R12 with a RTX 3080, intel i9, etc for just over $3k Canadian on sale. That was 18 months ago. I did some cooling mods but still nobody was building a PC with those specs for that price with the Covid availability issues. This PC has been issue free so far and is only used for flight sim gaming.
sixpath Aylar önce
i have 13th gen i9, 3080 10gb, 32gb ddr5 6000mhz, z690, 5000d, etc cost me 2500. got it two weeks ago. i thought i did well.
LSC2022 2 aylar önce
@Guidugli I’m really happy with my Honeycomb gear. Yolk, throttle quadrant and right now i have Logitech pedals. Not the most high end setup but definitely gives a decent feel.
Guidugli 2 aylar önce
Any suggestion for flight sim equipment? I haven't flied in over a year so I turned to flight simulation and I've been looking for yokes and throttles for the best combination
God 4 aylar önce
Their products really are out of this world
Don Wanna
Don Wanna 28 gün önce
You had me rollin’ with this tear down.
TacoHorse 5 aylar önce
Back like 15 years ago and further back, Alienware was the bomb because it was one of few, if any places, where you could get a nice themed build and case. That isn't true anymore though, you can get nicer builds from building it yourself
Larry the Hedgehog
Larry the Hedgehog 11 aylar önce
i remember always wanting an alienware as a kid so bad. it's so disappointing to see what dell has done to the alienware brand :(
Redline Gaming
Redline Gaming 11 aylar önce
@CoralCopperHead Sorry bro but you are very much mistaken. This is long before Dell bought them. Them and falconNW were the two big custom builders. Overpriced maybe, garbage no. Unless you consider all name brand top of the line gear garbage. We are talking the 90's early 2000's. We're you even alive?
CoralCopperHead 11 aylar önce
@Redline Gaming No, because it never did.
CoralCopperHead 11 aylar önce
Alienware was always overpriced garbage.
Black Bear Gear
Black Bear Gear 11 aylar önce
@Redline Gaming pepperridge farms does
Redline Gaming
Redline Gaming 11 aylar önce
Remember when Alienware meant getting a custom pc that was bleeding edge, overclocked to the moon, custom painted and was legit the fastest pc on the planet. "For Shame!"
Letboilen Haokip
Letboilen Haokip 9 aylar önce
with so much space with the body, a mini a/c can put in as cooling system, like literally an a/c but tiny. 👍
SKUNKPELZ 6 aylar önce
lmao my school (college art student) has a room full of these. I died a little inside when I found out that these are the kinds of purchases my school so wisely spends its' money on. Also all the PCs are locked to 30fps by default, and reset weekly so I have to go into the graphics settings and change the limit every time I use one of them.
Duy Do
Duy Do 8 aylar önce
I bought my Aurora R8 in 2018 i7-8700/16/512+1TB/RTX2080 refurbished from Dell Outlet for a whopping $1150 with 1 year warranty, threw in 2 quieter fans and it has been serving me well, it's almost impossible to build one with similar specs for that much back then. It's definitely not a good cooling machine but it still has ok space underneath the GPU to breath, on highest setting on most games the GPU runs at 75C. I was looking to upgrade and the price of the newer Alienware has been insane. $3000 - $5000 for a prebuilt with bad cooling and old chassis. I went onto PCBuilder and I can build a similarly spec one for under $3000 with ample cooling. Bye Alienware.
SheppeyRed 9 aylar önce
To me, in the past, an Alienware PC was something to aspire to. It used to be my dream to own one. I even bought an M17R4 laptop a few years ago and up specced it as much as I could afford to. It failed after 3 years and needs a new motherboard. Which will cost me a good £250+ for a refurbished one IF I can find one. So I did what I used to do - I built my own. It's not as great as a custom built one as I had to compromise. The GPU was cheap. But it does what I need it to do. And I can always upgrade if and when GPU and other prices come down. Watching this video made me sad - but didn't surprise me.
Miles D
Miles D 5 aylar önce
I remember in high school in the mid 2000s I always wanted an Alienware because they were so cool. Looking at this now is pretty disappointing. Even seeing better offerings from niche brands is a sign that they've completely given up and they're milking the name until the brand dies. Glad I built my own PC.
Tuure Keränen
Tuure Keränen 11 aylar önce
"We bought this 5000$ thrashheap with our own money!" had me chuckle. Keep the blade keen, GN!
TalesOfWar 10 aylar önce
Ivan Zhao It runs like shit because it throttles the hardware down so it doesn't melt itself. Because the case is so badly designed that it can't cool the components properly thanks to being basically a 90's mid tower case with a bunch of plastic covering the airflow.
TalesOfWar 10 aylar önce
That line reminded me of the Firefly pilot when Mal shows Zoe the ship for the first time, and she asks him "You paid money for this? On purpose?"
Forbidden Era
Forbidden Era 11 aylar önce
..and I bet even if it was something he normally did (which I'd doubt anyway) that this is so bad he'd feel like an a$$ for reselling it to recoup even half.
Francis Chin
Francis Chin 11 aylar önce
Ivan Zhao If this product was modestly priced, you might have a point. But it's not.
Nick Monk
Nick Monk 11 aylar önce
Almost spat my coffee out when he said that, such a good line!
Ty 9 aylar önce
Alienware was amazing when they FIRST came out, great product, great price. They quickly raised prices to meteoric levels.(without any meteorites)
Simpl3Machin3 22 gün önce
Alienware has always been a rip-off. We used to play a game in school where we'd each try to make the most ludicrously expensive Alienware machine we could on their website, and we could easily get them up to five figures - and that was in the early 2000s (and long before Dell went anywhere near them). Their ONLY selling point was ALWAYS that they had funky case designs in an era where most of us still had beige boxes. But in 2023, that's not really such a compelling selling point anymore.
Dr Bombay
Dr Bombay 9 aylar önce
i remember 15 years ago wanting an alienware pc xDD and thinking how expensive to own a gaming pc was
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas 7 aylar önce
When I was a kid we had a family xps running windows xp that eventually became my first "gaming rig." I did not expect to take a nostalgia trip looking at a brand new $5,000 dollar pc lmao. I recognize all of those blue clips on the hard drive bays and the fan shroud looks like the same one they used to push air to that I believe core 2 duo (e6600? really stretching my memory there are some things I try hard to forget). Not to mention that good ole straight steel chassis they can't even be bothered to throw a can of flat black on 2 decades later.
سيد ديار
سيد ديار 6 aylar önce
i love everything about the jokes you guys making, and the part where you say it is the awesome part
Zinpak 8 aylar önce
Suddenly I don’t feel so bad having my PC in the non-mesh Lancool II
Toby M.
Toby M. 11 aylar önce
Literally the only thing you can reasonably reuse of this whole computer is the CPU, GPU and maybe the fans and HDD/SSD, tho the two latter are probably really bad. The AiO has way too short tubes, the PSU way too short cables, the case is proprietaty BS, the MB is proprietary BS. This is insane. I am a mechanical engineer myself and completly agree with Steve, the engineering is good. Just applied completly wrong. It's way to expensiv and solves no problems, for this application. This is outstandingly bad, omg
Kevin Young
Kevin Young 11 aylar önce
@nimoy007 That every _professional_ engineer should have. (As opposed to a 'gun for hire')
Jacob Rose
Jacob Rose 11 aylar önce
@ZE0XE0 The ram is PCB Green and they didn't even bother to add any type of heat spreader. GN didnt mention clock speed on this video but by appearance it came out of their regular stock.
nimoy007 11 aylar önce
@Kyle In terms of humor, yes, I agree, but in reality, that goes against the code of ethics that every engineer should have.
ArmadilloAl 11 aylar önce
@Yggdrasill8 A problem that could easily be fixed by not putting an HDD in a five thousand dollar computer. It's not 2008 any more (a common refrain with this computer, it appears).
Kyle 11 aylar önce
@nimoy007 The thing is that this engineering IS good, it achieves Dell's goal perfectly. Dell's goal is to con people into buying a cool looking computer that won't last very long so you have to buy another one in 3 years. It's malice.
DrVinylScratch 9 aylar önce
I remember when 10,15 years ago alien ware was the talk of everyone at school for being cool and quality but always too expensive. Now I know that upgrading the old family dell pc to an Alienware would have just been ousting new parts in the same case but it isn't a cool sleepwear build
slim 4 aylar önce
I feel like the mb could be cool on an open air rig or a mining rig.
[Pz] chiu
[Pz] chiu 8 aylar önce
Totally agree on rebranding cases. My friend's microcenter Powrspec rebranded Lian Li 205 mesh is a brilliant case.
CalebTheHolyman 9 aylar önce
I know absolutely nothing about computers outside of the fact that I'm running a gtx 670, and im depressed, but this video was great to watch. Never seen your channel, am now subbed and ready to learn
Pastafazool 6 aylar önce
It was thanks to Steve Burke that I was able to learn enough to block my 10900k and 3090 with active backplate and custom mount it to my wall, thanks for teaching me so much man.
Rami harami
Rami harami 11 aylar önce
When you think Steve has reached his peak and there is no way he can roast big tech more then he already have done so... then he brings out the falienware code
Ross Zimmerman
Ross Zimmerman 4 aylar önce
What if you took all the components and put them into a better case and see how much improvement you get.
Weegee 6 aylar önce
I actually bought an Alienware R10, 3080 edition, I’ve had zero issues with it, and I love it
enrique amaya
enrique amaya Aylar önce
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