Crazy Bad $5000 Alienware Gaming PC: R13 Aurora Tear-Down 

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This tear-down is part 1 of 2 looking at the Alienware Aurora R13, which has a 12900KF and an RTX 3090 for $5000, alongside some very slow DDR5 memory.
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Part 2 is coming soon!
We bought the Alienware Aurora R13 gaming computer with Intel 12th Gen 12900KF for review, spending $5000 in the process. This was the most expensive review component we've ever bought, to memory, and it was so bad that we split our original plan for one video into two: This is the tear-down, while the next will be the review proper with testing. Dell has managed to make things worse from the original Alienware R10, despite nonstop marketing about all its "improvements" it had made.
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00:00 - $5000 Alienware R13 Tear-Down
02:10 - Components & Part 1 vs. Part 2
03:42 - External Preview
06:15 - "Airflow" Updates
07:30 - When Liquid Coolers Are Good vs. Bad
08:40 - Something Broke
11:00 - Relearning How to Build a PC
12:34 - Crazy Over-Engineering Mechanically
14:40 - More Proprietary BS & Bloated Design
18:34 - Very Bad VRM & Motherboard
21:18 - Power Supply is the Best Part
22:10 - Why We're Upset
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Host, Demolitions: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Video Production: Keegan Gallick




20 Şub 2024




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@GamersNexus Yıl önce
WATCH THE FULL REVIEW, now including benchmarks! trvid.com/video/video-UnvxSkqJ8ic.html Use code FAILIENWARE for 10% off on the GN Store to support us: store.gamersnexus.net/ you also get something high-quality in return, like our 3D coaster packs, our tear-down Modmats for PC building, toolkits for GPU disassembly, and more. These purchases directly fund our ability to buy and independently review components. Watch our original Alienware R10 review here: trvid.com/video/video-8ulhFi5N2hc.html Watch our pre-built gaming PC playlist! trvid.com/video/video-DY1dlVPzUVo.html Get a GN 'Volt' Anti-Static Modmat, our best-selling item for 4 years now and featuring a high-quality work surface with reference diagrams: store.gamersnexus.net/products/modmat-volt-large You can also grab a GN Red & Black HUD Desk-Sized Mouse Mat! store.gamersnexus.net/products/gn-red-black-hud-mouse-mat
@Mondfischli Yıl önce
...Failienware?🤔 Had me lost in translation for a second. Then you opened the case ..🤣..🤧..😅
@joramsim Yıl önce
@@trexdel no man... noo..
@mikes567 Yıl önce
when its that kind of monies i dont mind watching 3-10 videos about it since thats a mighty large shitsandwich to eat
@mattb6646 Yıl önce
That name is so perfect it must be fate
@thaldoras1025 Yıl önce
I really want to watch an interview with the engineers behind these pre builds. Too bad Dell will probably never allow that. Imagine going over the various weird things in the case and the engineers explain why it is done like that. Would be hilariously entertaining and educational.
@dragontales1999 Yıl önce
It's like Dell knows that Steve hates terrible pre-builts and they cook them extra spicy so you'll be surprised at just how low they can go!
@I_Am_Hateful Yıl önce
picturing that scene from the movie Waiting where each person in the kitchen takes a turn messing with a bad customers lunch, just this case its dell employees ruining steves day with a pre built.
@ejkk9513 Yıl önce
Steve has said many times that he doesn't hate pre-builds. He hates bad products through and through.
@@I_Am_Hateful fromunda cheese!!
@KingLarbear Yıl önce
@@ejkk9513 no one said this, he said... "Steve hates TERRIBLE prebuilds"... the word terrible is there for a reason
@Real_MisterSir Yıl önce
@@ejkk9513 He said "Steve hates TERRIBLE prebuilts", not "Steve hates prebuilts".
@cgrant26 Yıl önce
I remember waaaaay back when Alienware was being advertised in 3DMark 2003 and thinking, "hmm, I wonder how their systems stack up against DIY builds?" I worked as a bench tech back then and the first time one finally came across my bench I had my answer. They've only gotten worse since then. GN had a great line about Alienware in another video; "Dell is designing to appeal to what grandparents think their grandkids want"
@goldenhate6649 Yıl önce
Lets not even mention the fact that the prices are a rip off. Even mainline dell is made for dumb parents who don't know other companies are cheaper. My campus sold exclusively dell that was bumped up almost 40% over HP and Asus products down the road at best buy. Not saying best buys better, but its better than Dells garbage.
@1Darkhold Yıl önce
yeah I remember when I first saw one of their systems advertised. I thought hmm that expensive but maybe it's worth it. A couple of minutes of looking at the specs and checking against component prices and I was shocked at just how much of a rip off it was.
@ABAYBAZ 9 aylar önce
Because Grandparents have money to spend. They don’t care what you want from your computer, they just want money
@AnEagle 3 aylar önce
​@@goldenhate6649depends, professionally, the dell support contracts are great, it really is just that dell can't be bothered to deal with consumers
@LionWithTheLamb 2 aylar önce
That Alienware sold to Dell who retains the names as basically glorified XPS boxes.
@Leanzazzy Yıl önce
Good on them for exposing manufacturers' shameless tactics like this.
Yeah but the problem is they'll always be idiots to buy it and this shit will still exist cuz people are fucking dumb
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.zx]\[c]\xz[c\]
@GlorifiedGremlin 11 aylar önce
Seriously, the motherboard IO thing is just dirty
@ashupashu5559 11 aylar önce
@@GlorifiedGremlin Not to mention a 120MM AIO in a 5000 dollar build
@th3_g3ntl3man 11 aylar önce
@@GlorifiedGremlin Right?
@simsbanshee Yıl önce
I bought a faulty gaming laptop from them. After six failed repairs they tried to get me to sign a note on the repair slip that "it was not their fault" and told me it meant they wore a mask.... I started recording audio of my conversations with them after the 3rd repair and they gave me a full refund when I threatened to sue them for attempting to coerce me into signing a statement under false pretenses.
@yurikadzz Yıl önce
Very nice of you, fuck thouse guys 😼
@pricklycats Yıl önce
Wow my friend is like a Dell fanboy I should show him these comments lmao
@pricklycats Yıl önce
I'm not sure why but he is for some reason
@TheLoreShack Yıl önce
​@@pricklycats he needs to wake up
@itsTyrion Yıl önce
You should've sued anyway for the attempt alone. Or at least report it
@xmateinc Yıl önce
5k and they still have a regular HD in there. Wow.
@louistournas120 Yıl önce
And where is the DVD drive?
@xmateinc Yıl önce
@@louistournas120 dvd drive? Who has those anymore! Lol
@TheRedRaven_ Yıl önce
Lmao an HDD paired with a 3090, totally makes sense. Surely that HDD will be able to stream 4k textures at blazing speeds.
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.z\x]c[]\zx[c
Seriously they could have put a sata ssd or better U.2 connection and put in a nice 15mm enterprise ssd.
@Phat_TONY Yıl önce
I used to work for Dell, i was on the Alienware support team. support was separated for desktops laptops and alienware had its own set of people. we had all the tech "papers" for them. the components used were of the lowest grade possible. we had to upsell and at least give the customer a sales pitch, at least once in every conversation with customers. OMG the pricing on the parts Dell had us selling, i would personally would never even consider any of the parts of any quality. but dell wanted, even the support team, to believe that the parts were of top quality as to be more convincing to the customer. our test lab had a bunch of "burnt out" parts. if you knew what the margin of profit items were , you would flipping flip. many of the parts were salvaged of older "dead units". the margin on some items were over 500% profit for Dell. We could see the prices and the margin for Dell. The tool we used\ showed us the pricing and the profit margin. some agents main purpose for doing support on Dell was to earn more for selling. yes dell did have an incentive program for agents that sold and sell they did. Not a bad extra amount earned in the month.
@huldu Yıl önce
This does not surprise me at all. Just opening a dell computer and having a look inside even over 20 years ago you knew it was bad. It's just surprising to see nothing has changed but hey, if the scam works and people are buying the garbage what can you do? I've never been a fan of prebuilt computers in general but people need to be aware of companies like dell that they're really bad and something that should be avoided at all cost.
@pricklycats Yıl önce
@@huldu I was just about to get a Dell PC but ended up changing my mind lol and I didn't even know all this stuff so thank god.
@7wpollard Yıl önce
You used to work for Dell. Tell me you quit because of your morality.
@Phat_TONY Yıl önce
@@huldu i left due to conflicting approaches to how the teams were managed. and because the winning mentality was to sell more than support i didnt want to have anything to do with dell anymore. literally if you combed the support team, from the 30 ish people on the whole team you would find maybe only 1/3 that had a good knowledge of tech , which these people carried the main "tech" support, from ticket to lab testing to customer solution. 1/3 had basic pc skills and 1/3 that did constant "training" to learn the basics. lol. now whether or not you consider ,me not wanting to sell anything and leaving the dell ecosystem a moral choice or not is totally on you and anyone else curious. i was and still am, not a sales rep just a PC/Server tech guy. and trying to sell to a customer that called for help isnt my thing. nor should any tech persons requirements while doing their jobs
@stuporman Yıl önce
i used to fix these at the depot. man it was glitchy bios dog sh...
@shoryuken3305 Yıl önce
I can’t believe I used to buy Alienware , thanks to channels like yours I now build and never looked back
@idkchocolate Yıl önce
Before I got my own pc, I use to always want an alien bet never settled with one, and I'm glad I didn't
Alienware used to be amazing. And then, Dell bought them.
@GeneralMikey5 Yıl önce
''I'm nngh.... I'm uuurgh.... I'm b-bUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULDING!!!!''
@Desugan69 Yıl önce
Bevor it whas owned by dell it whas a bunch of geeks and gamers making them and they had qualitq for the price but since dell it became a cash grab sadly
@dcard228 Yıl önce
Pre Dell Alienware was fantastic
@EV1LDC4Teggy Yıl önce
My first "gaming pc" was an Alienware X51 for almost $2,000, which back in that time was a lot of money for a Rig but it was an Alienware yO!. It had a i7 3770 and a GT 545. 8GB RAM. Proprietary PSU meant no way to upgrade it other than barely having enough power to run a GTX 1050ti. It worked ok but I knew after having it a while that I'd never again buy a pre-built. After building an 8086K /GTX 1080ti build a few years ago, I decided to scavange some of the parts from the old X51 to build a simple rig for my ex at the time. I found an Asus B75M Micro ATX board on ebay that would fit the i7 3770 and GTX 1050ti SC. Upgraded the RAM to Gskill Ripjaws 16GB DDR3 1333 CL9 memory, a Corsair RM550x PSU, Cheap Corsair case and cheap SSD. For about 300$ I brought new life back into the parts and chucked all that proprietary Alienware shit in the trash. That PC still runs strong to this day. Alienware is a joke. Don't know who or why anyone still buys that crap. Smh. They are still proprietary junk.
@garyh5176 11 aylar önce
This kind of review makes me feel so much better about building my own!
I wanted to thank you for this video. I have never really delved into PCs despite gaming on desktops since the days of Everquest. I bought my first Dell Aurora R8 and was shocked how loud it is - and how after 2 years the cooling failed… now I know why. I’ll be pivoting to other solutions to replace my pc. Thank you - new subscriber appreciates you being candid and helpfully explaining many facets of pc building. Great work for all the team, sir.
@BenYTC Yıl önce
I love that the side panel release sounds exactly like my 14 year old optiplex 755, Dell never changes.
@jordancox559 Yıl önce
Sounds just like my 9020 too 😂😂
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.zx\]c[zx]\c[
Props to Alienware for always managing to make their products worse.
@Ay-xq7mj Yıl önce
Well to be technical its Dell thats why its shit. Alianware is just their shitty gaming branding.
@hamzabajwa1960 Yıl önce
If you drop 5000 on a DELL / Alienware prebuilt at this point, you deserve to be ripped off.
@nazmulfahad3044 Yıl önce
Tbh kudos to them for making a multipurpose puzzle board
@theshadiest7109 Yıl önce
@@hamzabajwa1960 I feel like if you have 5000 and have no clue what you're doing, you would pay a PC nerd 200 bucks to go shop and build it for you in front of you. That's what I would do.
@suntzu1409 Yıl önce
Achievement unlocked: Out of this world experience®
@caseycbenn Yıl önce
I'd been making my own pc builds since 2003. I remember looking at Alienware, even back in their supposed early days when things were good, and was never impressed with the hardware vs what looked like purely aesthetic expenses. You were getting a pretty computer that was average at best and IF you had more money than sense you could of course opt for their top shelf stuff. Yet, if you simply purchased a good simple open case and bought the components yourself you would instantly save $1000 minimum and could get the same high end hardware without the pretty shapes and lights. So I always built from scratch. Even with Puget Custom Computers I bought a setup in 2006 simply because I was working and needed a build that worked. A year later in 2007 I built almost the same computer except now with 8 cores vs 4 and paid a little less than half the price simply because I built it myself. I think the main issue here is that most people that would watch this channel would always want to do self builds. For everyone else that isn't interested in putting together a system ...well then... I guess there is Alienware.
@Indomitable92 Yıl önce
This video is still a classic to watch, god bless you Steve for taking the hit so consumers don't have to.
Watching this dude physically struggle to find the words to describe this experience was both enjoyable and hilarious 😆
@TinyTonyGOD Yıl önce
Looking at this case gives me a good idea. Imagine a case where the whole front is one of those dyson bladeless fans. They run really quiet too.
@Johnny-yx2qx Yıl önce
They run so quiet they aren’t even there
@aj2228 Yıl önce
They do have blades. Just hidden. Haha they tricked you. Dyson bladeless fans is to fans as Alienware is to computers. People who know anything about fans don't buy Dyson
@ravenwings7945 Yıl önce
The fan is just somewhere else in the base of the fan. It then pushes air to the top ring to make it "look" that way. I fix a lot of them. It's all bullshit
@allenmills7940 8 aylar önce
Technically correct. Although the design takes advantage of the venturi effect meeting that it moves more air than it would if it was just blowing the air directly. Plus you are paying largely for the filtration. Not saying Dyson fans are a good value. But they are cleverly designed.
@howdeedoo 7 aylar önce
@@allenmills7940at least dyson has clever design going for them. Alienware is neither 💀
@thatlastrock Yıl önce
Alienware PCs are one of the main reason many people think building your own PC is an impossibility.
@Shane9934 Yıl önce
So I was somewhat involved in developing this system (can’t say specifically for reasons) and want to clear something up. Everyone, and I mean everyone designing the r13 wanted a new chassis. It was a constant point of contention among the engineers and designers, led to a small loss of staff and proved to be a major hurdle. Management refused to listen and doubled down, it was either make it work or get out. For many of us, the r13 was meant to be an industry redemption story, a system worth every penny. While management refused new chassis designs, they simultaneously demanded we shove as much tech (mechanically and otherwise) into it. As GN said, all the fancy shmancy additions were implemented to fit a ridiculous number of high-performance components into a chassis designed for Office workers of yesteryear. It wasn’t necessary, but at the same time, it was. “Bloat” is an understatement, half the development cycle was spent on making this work. Management gave us a reason, we were told that our chassis were over-produced in previous quarters and that all previous stock needed to be sold off before building in others. We were incredibly disappointed with the company, we felt as if we failed our fans and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Our lead quit after the r13 shipped, an incredibly talented individual that fought with management for years over stuff this channel regularly points out. My main point in all of this is, please don’t blame the engineers and designers at Dell. we’re definitely not idiots, rather, we’re chained to Dell’s inherent greed and backwards managerial style. We don’t have any say, and if we did, things would be a hell of a lot different. Sorry everyone, just about every colleague of mine watches this channel, hoping to get more of a voice in upcoming products. If you have a minute, contact Dell and encourage them to “listen to the engineers!”, maybe that’ll make a difference!
@jacktrusler6506 Yıl önce
It usually ends up being this way, guys actually doing the work on the ground telling management that their ideas are bad and there's an obvious better option. I feel like it happens so often it's becoming a truism.
This thing is like a German sports car with the amount of engineering it took to over complicate design. Everything might be somewhat forgiven if the thing performed well.
@TechSY730 Yıl önce
And for the airlow, let me guess. They insisted on the glass on the front because "it looks cool" and/or "it was like that last time". And didn't even allow the compromise of gaps or holes around the sides to at least give _some_ breathing room
@adreiiaii510 Yıl önce
@@jacktrusler6506 The even shittier side to that is.. when there is a massive success story... who gets the credit? Department heads and managers.
@adreiiaii510 Yıl önce
This whole project is a beautiful piece of engineering art. Be proud of that at least. As GN said, it's like a computer themed puzzle box. It's just a shitty computer, and as you explain, it's not any of your faults.
@jglaboratory Yıl önce
As an owner of an Alienware ( back in the day) I laughed alot in frustration and sympathy at this video. 2 thumbs and a subscriber for this gem! 👌
@quotentroll1919 Yıl önce
Since i build my own Pc and watched a lot of Gamers Nexus Videos they come in Autoplay, i dont regret!! Nice channel, nice content, nice Dude
@Ladco77 Yıl önce
This reminds me of the proprietary designs of everything when I worked on an IBM PC assembly line. One odd-ball one was the PC 300PL that was their attempt at a toolless mount for the motherboard. It slid into a slot in the case and seated into a riser card mounted to the case and secured with a locking lever. Only it never stayed securely seated.
@alext3811 Yıl önce
Look how well it turned out for IBM.... The Think brand was sold to Lenovo, who seems to be teaming up with Dell to make the most disposable e-waste machines ever.
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.\xzc[]\zx[c\
@maximaniac7231 Yıl önce
What amazes me the most is just how similar some of those parts inside resembled the ones from my 1998 era Dell PC. I swear that back fan grille is the exact same design. It makes me wonder if it actually IS the same basic case just with a fancy plastic shell.
@Fruggggg 9 aylar önce
thats the neat part, youre correct. Its just a "barely office grade" chassis with "gamery" plastic housing around it
@pelnarius2446 11 aylar önce
I miss pre-Dell Alienware. I had one of their laptops, it was incredible.
@Slaking_ Yıl önce
It's impressive how Alienware continually makes the biggest, most unwieldy cases ever, and yet they still manage to have barely any space inside
@TheRealAb216 Yıl önce
They just slap a corvet body kit on a golf cart.
@SilverJackLeg Yıl önce
Yeah, like they wanted as many unused corners as possible to smuggle cocaine over the border.
half the case is just the robot-vagina knock-off console looking plastic exterior. the inside is the same chassis as a low-end dell office PC from 2005.
@amw2663 Yıl önce
you know, for a brand called alien ware, they sure don't know their way around space very well
@ionstorm66 Yıl önce
That has to be 20-30% bigger than an ATX mid tower, while being matx. I bet it's larger than the matx Torrent.
@benbai5808 9 aylar önce
you’re the goat steve not one channel I’ve enjoyed watching more over these years
@ClappOnUpp 8 aylar önce
Props to gamers nexus for forking out the cash for an honest review and by the look of that view count it paid in dividends!🙏🙏
@column.01 Yıl önce
Pre-Dell Alienware was something that I viewed as a company that prodduced good products. When I was younger I wanted an alienware computer, luckily I grew up and when I actually had money for a system, I saw the price compared to a normal DIY solution and that choice was easy. I wish Dell would let Alienware actually produce the products that they used to.
@weegee05 Yıl önce
I actually bought an Alienware R10, 3080 edition, I’ve had zero issues with it, and I love it
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.z\x]c[zx[c\xc
@twoc400s5 Yıl önce
That motherboard has to be the undisputed king of the "instant e-waste" category.
@florisvideler Yıl önce
nahhh, its just "E-atx" XD
@3Runner95 Yıl önce
my front usb died, guess i'll have to send my 5k pc for a $1000 motherboard replacement that lasts 3 months
@PilatuS23 Yıl önce
It sure is. All non standard parts just suck. If anything is wrong you can't do nothing with it. Non standard parts should be banned. Imagine paying 5k for something you can't fix without motherboard and case needing each other. Dead motherboard, replace the case. Problem with the case, can't use the motherboard. I really hate non-standard parts.
@kurtthealien585 Yıl önce
20:45 Hey for 5000$ it can make noise while bending 🤣🤣🤣
@forbiddenera Yıl önce
My previous motherboard was like this, Acer Predator Orion 3000..(got a pre-built 9700 w/2070S for 400 cad 2 years ago almost - normally wouldnever touch a pre-built) .. super disappointed seeing that after upgrading my cooler and having it be too tall for the case and then not being able to do sfa about it. Then I saw 2 9g boards at my local recyclers and grabbed them not knowing they were being sold DoA and getting disappointed more finding a busted socket on one..however the other actually worked fine and just had a weird ram configuration that threw me for a loop too also thinking it was dead until I read the manual (if using 1 or 2 of 4 slots, the insertion is reversed from almost every non-server motherboard I've seen, so very likely this is how they figured it was dead).. throw that with the 9700 and the 2070S+3060 now w/new 970pro (pb came with sn512) in a Fractal Meshify C and now I have something that doesn't shut off when it goes over 100w cpu for more than 10s.... ..and also, a pile of e-waste (stupid proprietary motherboard and case).. such a dumb motherboard format
@TheWheeledHubby Yıl önce
Love your content and ethics. Bravo for protecting consumers!
@APOLLO456789 Yıl önce
When I was 10 and got my first computer I looked at it like it was the most complicated piece of equipment imaginable. We took it apart one time for a checkup at a PC store (this was the 90s) and it was FULL of wires and insane amounts of hardware. I remember that it cemented the idea in my mind that building a PC was an insane idea because it would take an electrical engineer to do what was done in that old Dell chassis. Fast Forward 20 years, I just built my 2nd rig for 2grand and it will run 10x faster and cleaner than that Tonka Truck of plastic and metal.
@LSC2001 Yıl önce
I think you can get a similarly built PC to this for under $5000. I have a pretty much loaded up liquid cooled R12 with a RTX 3080, intel i9, etc for just over $3k Canadian on sale. That was 18 months ago. I did some cooling mods but still nobody was building a PC with those specs for that price with the Covid availability issues. This PC has been issue free so far and is only used for flight sim gaming.
Any suggestion for flight sim equipment? I haven't flied in over a year so I turned to flight simulation and I've been looking for yokes and throttles for the best combination
@LSC2001 Yıl önce
@@GuilhermeGuidugli I’m really happy with my Honeycomb gear. Yolk, throttle quadrant and right now i have Logitech pedals. Not the most high end setup but definitely gives a decent feel.
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.z[c]\zx[c\[
@sixpath Yıl önce
i have 13th gen i9, 3080 10gb, 32gb ddr5 6000mhz, z690, 5000d, etc cost me 2500. got it two weeks ago. i thought i did well.
@crylune 13 gün önce
@@sixpathnice rig man
@donwanna3906 Yıl önce
You had me rollin’ with this tear down.
@yay4meluigi Yıl önce
Great video. Love the commentary. It’s hard to see the components though. I think you need a LOT more light to make videos like this.
I truly believe that if the McLaren F1 team ditched their Dell sponsorship their cars would run 30% cooler and 200 extra hp due to lack of bloatware.
@khaid12345 Yıl önce
They need to get rid of it. They are Eating plenty of ass. Hell, they are getting beaten by Haas.
@gokaired4973 Yıl önce
And less porpoising!!
@JeremyCook1 Yıl önce
Still wouldn't help the honey badger
@marvinracer88 Yıl önce
laughed so hard reading this 😆
@ThatLaloBoy Yıl önce
I know this is a joke, but Norris had one hell of a drive in Imola last weekend. He had no business being 3rd in that car, but he did it anyways.
The $5,000 video! XD Man that thing is huge! But I cannot believe how under-featured the back panel is in comparison to its predecessor.
I was always scared if my Computer would have enough air to prevent excess heat Thankfully looking at Dell’s example, I know mine is more than sufficient in every way imaginable
@HemantShori Yıl önce
Wow. That is the best review i have ever seen 🔥🔥
@paco1669 Yıl önce
Love these kinds of videos. Also, that intro 😂
Fun fact, my Dell Inspiron laptop cooked too! I have no idea how it's managed to survive for 3 whole years, but it doesn't run as it used to anymore.
You're not paying for just a computer Steve, you're paying for even MORE of the Dell experience!
@suntzu1409 Yıl önce
*Out of this world experience™
@HazardXXX Yıl önce
I have at work HP i7 9th gen computer with RTX2060 it lives in a clean room but when I run GPU-Z test temps go to 120C after 5 seconds and it shuts down. It's 100% clean from any dust PC about 2 years old. I guess it's thermal paste or bad design. I had my RX580 for 6 years never had issues with overheating having stock thermal paste. What Dell and HP are doing its absolute trash.
First I thought you said "Dull Experience!" It might as well be that from the video.
@SilverJackLeg Yıl önce
But that's exactly the point here. We are looking at this problem from a wrong point of view - technology know-how instead of sales. Dell didn't make this for you or me or Steve. They know enthusiasts will build their own rig and never buy this piece of crap. They are selling a brand here for people with lots of cash on the hip, who just want the most expensive stuff. They don't get really what's inside, but it looks like a lot of engineering that supports the price tag.
@XenonG Yıl önce
@@HazardXXX I remember reading somewhere years ago that HP, Asus and a few other brands use two thermal paste suppliers from Taiwan and Japan that dries out at exactly 2 years after applying. Sounds about right for your case lolol
@ZoruaZorroark Yıl önce
20 years ago, their cases looked cool, and still looks decent today. i also wouldn't be surprised if those cases offered better cooling then this case
Doubt it , Dell have a habbit of sticking waaay to much plastic shit into any pc they build , totally blocking out all the good airflow spots
@friendofp.24 6 aylar önce
Their cases are hideous. eLiTe GaMeR hArDwArE type junk, all made entirely of plastic that's gonna turn yellow in 6 years.
@dylancox327 10 aylar önce
As far as prebuilts go would you recommend an nzxt such as a player 2 prime or player 3? any input is much appreciated
Hey Nexus, the R15 is up, please make a review on this one too...From a first look their supposed improvements are crappy Dell's style modifications. They just wont admit that the only way to fix this is to come up with a new chasis...and new motherboard....and new cooling....aaand if you ask me a new design line as these rounded forms seem really retro now. Rergards
They need to stop using proprietary items in their PCs or stop "building" gaming PCs all together. It's the same chassis as the one in this video with the 80mm fan layout but an overengineered 120mm AIO slapped on top of it. I feel bad for people that go to Dell and buy this crap and not knowing any better.
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.\xz[c]\zx[\c]
@isg_jsy Yıl önce
What pc pre builds would you recommend out if interest? Thanks
@@enriqueamaya3883 take your meds, Enrique
@@isg_jsy I'd recommend not going pre-built at all, buying the parts individually is not only better value and encourages smart consumerism when purchasing components but is extremely rewarding considering how easy it is to actually build a pc these days with the amount of tutorials out there. I'd recommend PC part picker since they also offer pre-built options as well iirc.
@chiuuuuuuuuuu Yıl önce
Totally agree on rebranding cases. My friend's microcenter Powrspec rebranded Lian Li 205 mesh is a brilliant case.
@johnbeck9573 Yıl önce
this video made me change my mind about getting one cheers man
@nybsfp7486 Yıl önce
I loved how the “this is not a handle” warning just low key redeemed itself
@1337Ox Yıl önce
the "handle" parts had me absolutely dying
@1pcfred Yıl önce
For something that is not a handle it sure looked like every other handle I've ever seen in my life. So I'm glad they put that text on it. I mean on my own I'd have never figured out that was in fact not the handle it looked like.
@yottabit Yıl önce
I really got a sick satisfaction out of watching this thanks 😂
@tomwatson5884 Yıl önce
I bought an Alienware m17x in 2012 when I was in school for visual effects. The computer never ran consecutive for 30 days. It was constantly needing repaired. 3k for what amounts to a paperweight. They can’t cool themselves properly and they mark up everything insanely high
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.\z]x[cxz[\c
I feel so bad for their engineers. You know they don't want to put this garbage out. Imagine how great they would be if they would stop worrying about the money they are making and start worrying about whether or not their consumers will be happy. There is so much potential
@adamtajhassam9188 10 aylar önce
Better these engineers should have there own building center w out Dell or these shit companies thenthey wil cry noonewants to work 4 them.. idea sake :)
@ManVSBlocks Yıl önce
The engineer who designed the front fan clips has a big ole smile after watching this.
@HikingFeral 6 aylar önce
I've had a lot of issues with the PC I built and it made me realise why people buy pre builts, they don't want to spend hours, days and weeks troubleshooting issues and learning to build and maintain a machine. It took me over a week to realise my CPU's PCIE controller was dead as the top lane PCIEx16 in mobo didn't work, i bought a new mobo and it still didn't work. The last thing I expected to have died was a 1 year old Ryzen 5 5600x
@billymcbilly489 Yıl önce
The only thing impressive about Alienware is how long they have stayed in business.
@imwithyou38 Yıl önce
only reaosn they can stay alive is because dell
@prizrak-br3332 Yıl önce
No shit most people don't know any better and think Dell is a great brand...
@joshxwho Yıl önce
@@prizrak-br3332 XPS13s are pretty good for work purposes
@imwithyou38 Yıl önce
@@prizrak-br3332 dell makes some good products just not when it comes to gaming. they make good lap tops, good monitors
@Seatux Yıl önce
@@imwithyou38 Laptop is debatable even. Even Acer can beat Dell many times.
I miss 2000s Alienware... man that Area 51 was so dope. I've been thinking of just getting one off ebay and do a modern guild with it.
@frankfurt9679 Yıl önce
love the mod-mat, might get one of those :)
@techtompc9633 5 aylar önce
Steve, you make me laugh man. Legend. I love your reviews. I would never buy this crap, but I'll happily watch your review of it. 😂
@danvez5656 Yıl önce
It's a widely believed fact that if you look at the word rip-off in the dictionary, next to it is the Alienware logo.
@Daniel-nb3kk Yıl önce
Follow Jesus and you will not be ashamed.\z]x[c][zx\]
New comment chiming In. In the future I'll buy myself a computer Is there a channel or website that's good to learn exactly what I want vs need vs what everything does in a custom pr pre built pc?
"We bought this 5000$ thrashheap with our own money!" had me chuckle. Keep the blade keen, GN!
Its for a good Start for sure. lol
Almost spat my coffee out when he said that, such a good line!
@rednammoc Yıl önce
@Ivan Zhao If this product was modestly priced, you might have a point. But it's not.
@forbiddenera Yıl önce
..and I bet even if it was something he normally did (which I'd doubt anyway) that this is so bad he'd feel like an a$$ for reselling it to recoup even half.
@TalesOfWar Yıl önce
That line reminded me of the Firefly pilot when Mal shows Zoe the ship for the first time, and she asks him "You paid money for this? On purpose?"
Put this man on a house committee because his investigation and facts are fire.
@T0NEchaser 2 aylar önce
I remember opening one of these and the plastic protector things you peel off, that are normally very satisfying to peel on anything else, was nothing but pain from constant static shock.
@TurkishChubs Yıl önce
This is what happens when you try to fix a simple problem with a complicated solution
@xzm996 Yıl önce
i love everything about the jokes you guys making, and the part where you say it is the awesome part
@Geneticspore Yıl önce
I had an Alienware several years ago. Back when they still did the M18x laptop series with SLI. I wanted it simply b/c of the case. Lemme tell ya what, I was quite surprised that not only did I order a gaming PC, but a portable oven as well. I ended up ditching the entire system about a year n a half later, then did my own creation. Nice to see Dell is right back to where they once were.
@ForestSpirit22 Yıl önce
"Can you hear the Ronald McDonald in the motherboard?" Steve slowly losing his mind at Dell's bullshit, lol.
@aaz1992 Yıl önce
Flexing the motherboard gave me unsettling anxiety
@kingofgar101 Yıl önce
@@aaz1992 why breaking it would be a service to humanity
"I buy Alienware PC to flex on others. The motherboard itself is literally the ultimate flex" ~Weird flex from a coping Alienware customer, 2022 AD~
@BoJangles42 7 aylar önce
I remember back in the 90’s before Dell bought them, Alienware was seen as a luxury brand for the gamer who wanted the most powerful gaming PC available that also looked cool. They’re the Lucasfilm of PC builders now.
@BookofJob3XVII Yıl önce
I would love to see GN do a teardown reviews on those new 4090 laptops.
@AnthonyMcqueen1987 10 aylar önce
Thank you for your expert analysis I was about to go make the mistake of going with flash and no substance with Alienware.
@user-np3sb2lm9j Yıl önce
I wonder, why did they opt for an electrolytic capacitors for those two near the back IO. Is saving 1 usd really worth placing a component that can overheat and would surely leak in 10 years?
Somehow, TRvid thought I had only begun to watch this video. But I enjoyed watching it again 😂
@robwhitmore3040 Yıl önce
Oh that gap at the front isn't for airflow. That's likely just a build tolerance issue
😂 their manufacturing is dogsh*t
@Kingsman4101 Yıl önce
I thought it was a crush zone so when you drop that awful case it absorbs the shock
@LRM12o8 Yıl önce
Tesla gap! XD
@Jhelm Yıl önce
I bought an R10 with a 3080 about a year ago. It was $1800, when a 3080 was reaching $3k by itself. Anyways, It plays all the games i play on the best settings and runs all my 3d modeling software and renders like a charm. Only upgrade i did was add name brand ram. I don’t have sneaky subscription fees or many bloatware.
@matthewwalker9266 11 aylar önce
A 3080 was never 3k. I can't believe you have 3 likes.
@Jhelm 11 aylar önce
@@matthewwalker9266 there was no 3080 in stock. Ebay was the only way to get one, and yes people where asking 3k.
@ScottRidesHonda Yıl önce
When I was a kid we had a family xps running windows xp that eventually became my first "gaming rig." I did not expect to take a nostalgia trip looking at a brand new $5,000 dollar pc lmao. I recognize all of those blue clips on the hard drive bays and the fan shroud looks like the same one they used to push air to that I believe core 2 duo (e6600? really stretching my memory there are some things I try hard to forget). Not to mention that good ole straight steel chassis they can't even be bothered to throw a can of flat black on 2 decades later.
@roxette96 Yıl önce
Do you ship internationally? i really love your channel, your personality and knowledge and i really want to both support and get such good stuff for myself. Also DO NOT DISRESPECT 1990'S McDonald's toys bro that was my childhood and they were much better than anything Dell will ever make.
@Dstructeur1 9 aylar önce
There’s one big misconception you guys do with cooling in those small oem “furnaces”. They all use turbine gpu coolers, which exhausts heat by the I/O shield of the gpu. They don’t add much heat to the case flow and absolutely don’t rely on the internal airflow of the case. This GPU cooler design is made exactly to suit such configurations, and are pretty excellent to it, hence why we have only those on these cards pro cousins.
@fpscanada3862 13 gün önce
DUDE! My pops had one of those lanboy cases! Our neighbour gave him his old PC which wasnt even old at the time and thats what we had until i built my first PC in like 2016
@jsalce Yıl önce
Dell saved $40 by repurposing an old PC chassis...then spend thousands engineering and making parts to fit the old case.
@tbrowniscool Yıl önce
It blows my mind. This PC is like a Kit-Car. You get a Ferrari engine, brakes, suspension, wheels/tyres. Then go to your garage and stuff it into an MR2 and expect the good results.
@TheMadYetti Yıl önce
@@tbrowniscool and the most tragic thing is - leave MR2 alone and you will have a decent car, not mutiled piece of junk with some "good" parts
@tbrowniscool Yıl önce
@@TheMadYetti EXACTLY! I mean it must take more effort to get all these top end bits of hardware and cram them into a tiny but also massive box with no airflow. The mind boggles
@@tbrowniscool I would bet that it's not the mechanical engineering of the parts in the case itself that's extremely expensive, so much as the engineering behind manufacturing and assembling them in a cost effective manner. Which, based on what I'm seeing here, certainly has been a failure (nobody would call this product "affordable" in ANY way)
@stuporman Yıl önce
@@tbrowniscool a donk with an electric supercar engine
I ordered a Nuc 13 extreme i7 and the whole case is steel, attention to cooling design etc. nice machine that alienware case is gaudy and plastic cheap. That modmat is cool definitely need to order.
@chienforcer Yıl önce
To get my RTX 3080 I ordered an Alienware Aurora R11 on December 3rd 2020, and received it on December 24th. It was an ok machine, had decent benchmarks and I still use it (sort of) today. In November of 2021 I bought a new case and motherboard and removed the CPU and GPU from the R11 and put it in my new case with a new watercooler and it had better temps (not that I had issues with my R11 temps after I added a couple of extra case fans in the Aurora case when I was using it). This past May I bought a z590 motherboard and an i7-1100kf cpu and some pc 3600 ram and put the i7-10700 back in the Alienware system along with the pc3200 ram I had bought to put in it when I first got the R11. The R11 is now an upgrade to my in-house "server" box I have that is my movie, file, and game server box for the house (upgraded an optiplex 7010, i7-3770 system). After I applied some thermal paste between the metal to metal contact by the heat pipes and cooling fins, my t-junction temps went from 88-95c to a stable 65-78c range while undervolted and OC'd to 2080mhz and currently +10 on the memory in MSI (I am getting decent FPS and I didn't want to risk damage or reducing the lifespan of my card by pushing it too far). I was fortunate enough to get a great card out of my R11 purchase and had a decent gaming machine for a year before upgrading the main components. I know others have had some tragic issues with their Dell MSI RTX 3080s they purchased around that time period in their Alienware systems, and I do consider myself fortunate.
The youth today is now seeing what we learned in the early 2000's. Congratulations !!!
I just got a similar PC from ibuypower not sponsered and like damn the case is absolutely massive and it has 6 fans including the radiator... funny thing is it was only around 1500-1600 dollars
@samen4411 Yıl önce
I'm currently running om my second Aurora, both of them has run without any problems. I was actually considering the latest Aurora, just the one you are pulling apart. But now with more heat coming from the new line of CPUs and GPUs I will have more focus on the cooling. My next PC will not be an Alienware, I cry a bit inside now. An era is over, my "Alienwarera"
Alienware's approach to problem solving: Making three lefts to turn right.
@Lodinn Yıl önce
Well at least it fits the name...
@BuzzKiller23 Yıl önce
More like 31 left turns to make a right
@Gaetano.94 Yıl önce
I have the X17 R2 laptop and it's really really good, but this is scary
@falkez1514 Yıl önce
More like 63 lefts to make a right
@davidrenton 3 aylar önce
just been going through old dead PC's i have, still have a Dell XPS 700 from around 2007. Have'nt moved it in years, just did and it weighs a ton,the CPU Heatsink probaly weighs as much as my current PC. been using it to support other PC's, it so hefty. Dell overengineering with plastic , springs and dodads seems to have been a thing 15 years ago as well
@bluefish9283 Yıl önce
Raw criticism is quite beautiful
@GMaugis1 Yıl önce
Back in 2012 i bought a aurora r4 dual graphic card and one failled quickly cause it didnt had enough space... Power button was a joke liquid cooler failled but its still kickin !!! No regrets but i will forever stand clear from any dell or FAILIENWARE ! Great vid funny stuff !!!
@StevenRice 11 aylar önce
I remember when I got my first Alienware waaaay back before they were bought by Dell and used the old school Cheiftech Dragon case. It was amazing for its time and I thought I'd be an Alienware customer for life. That only lasted til 2003 when they started the weird alien head cases and all that kind of shit that just was unneeded. I miss THAT Alienware, so I was excited about ORIGIN being it was from the original Alienware executives... and well... we know how that ended up too.
@richardodell3062 9 aylar önce
can you list any computer reviews that started a fire... please if you have any video list them too
@markharrisllb Yıl önce
I’m not a gamer so I’ve avoided this channel thinking it wasn’t for me. However, I really enjoy watching people who stick up for the little guy. I have to applaud the degree and detail in which this channel does that. Well done.
@wescon3745 Yıl önce
They should almost be called hardware nexus haha.
@MafiaboysWorld Yıl önce
You'll end up finding this place to become your go-to channel for all things hardware related, followed closely by Hardware Unboxed. 👍 If Steve (GN) and Steve (HUB) haven't already given approval, I don't wanna know, and DON'T listen to that shill Linus. 😎
@starskiiguy1489 Yıl önce
@@MafiaboysWorld I watch GamersNexus for facts and performance. I watch LTT for entertainment. I also watch Jay. They are all good.
@poitiers2853 Yıl önce
@@MafiaboysWorld Exactly. And worse yet, Linus injects politics into his videos when he finds it convenient. Good way to alienate (no pun) viewers.
@cwmorley Yıl önce
@@poitiers2853 yeah I don't think Linus cares, considering his channel's size.
@jakethebarber1 Yıl önce
breh..i luv my aurora R7..still blasting almost 5years old..8700k+liquid cooled and a 1080ti. It was $2200 in 2018. Just redid the thermal paste and deep cleaned the liquid cooler radiator last week
@vileele 9 aylar önce
My first computer was a dell xps 400 and it had that same kind of design inside with all the fancy engineered ways of avoiding screws.
@wgvwgv579 Yıl önce
Love the video, will buy this pc asap
@MewmewGrrl Yıl önce
No wonder it takes Dell so long to get your ordered Alienware PCs ready and shipped. They sold a buttload of these things over this past weekend with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. I ordered one myself. There was too good of a deal on one I liked the sound of the parts, and my old PC was Alienware and I really like it. Because I was buying one I really was watching how the sales were going with pop-up deals and such, and they were selling out pretty quickly. Let's hope the assemblers are enjoying themselves :P I don't know anything close to what you do about PCs, and I just simply liked the physical looks of Alienware package, liked how Dell made everything sound, and as previously mentioned, I like my old Alienware a lot. I saw some other PCs that looked really decent, but the savings on the Alienware I was looking at was kind of insane at the end of the day. The one thing I don't like is that they skimp on the drive space. The Alienware line used to have a lot more variety and choices of different cases. They even had mini-PC configurations. Other than very minimal changes, they all seem to be in this same type of case now. Of course the heat of today makes things like mini gaming PCs more difficult, but not impossible. It's just strange they're all in this one basically same case now.
@ggamer7830 Yıl önce
When I was a kid I was desperate for an Alienware rig. Desperate. 😂
@Zosu22 Yıl önce
Damn they’re innovating prebuilt disappointment PCs.
@GamersNexus Yıl önce
hahaha, we'll be out of a job!
@ZE0XE0 Yıl önce
@@GamersNexus my local radio station keeps playing advertisements for Dell's call center that's supposed to help customers pick out a PC. I think its that same call center that rips off its customers by adding items to the bill that the customer specifically said they did not want.
Exactly this. They wanted to bring the competition to GN's home turf.
@ManVSBlocks Yıl önce
A fun way to recoup cost for machines like this would be to attach a low value of what its worth to you (idk 20 bucks) and let people buy raffles until the cost to the channel. Then ship it out to the winner. Win win and no bad feelings.
@ricolorenz7307 Yıl önce
Speaking of designing obscelescense into Dell computers, I recently made a sleeper build in an old Dell Optiplex, and I literally had to custom design a new pcb for the front panel io
@lonergansrun Yıl önce
Dude, I can really feel the pain you endured for us 😁
Only thing I don't agree with is that I LOVE how dell handles the case panel releases. It's non standard, but once you "get it" it tends to be really easy to open.
Ouch.. 🤕⚽️
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13 Years of Dell Getting Worse
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