Crappie Fishing - HUGE SLAB! My BIGGEST Crappie On Video! (So Far)

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Folks, on this day I caught nothing but Slabs! Including my biggest crappie on video so far! I plan to catch them even bigger in the future! I hope you enjoy the video!!

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18 Şub 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Joel Henderson
Joel Henderson 3 yıl önce
First good job Geno!
3 Pound Crappie Fishing
Check out 3 Pound Crappie Fishing Channel, Great content. All Crappie catching. Great Channel. Thanks
Shroom 3 yıl önce
Great vids...love email all
Scott Craig Plumbing Repair
Trying to figure out why 111 people dislike this video? Gene is a down to earth good ole country boy!!! Always catches fish, always very informative and I always get a good laugh watching him! I guess no matter how good u do there’s gonna be people who are just miserable. I like genes videos bc he’s just a normal everyday guy who loves to fish. What u see is what u get. Keep at it Mr Gene!!!
Scott Ferrell
Scott Ferrell 2 aylar önce
You go caption .
Sue Randall
Sue Randall 2 aylar önce
So entertaining! Should have a contest for a fishin trip with Richard Gene!
Eddie Hoff
Eddie Hoff 3 aylar önce
Great video! I haven't seen crappi ed like that up here in Illinois. Kudos to the way you handle the fish you catch!
Deborah Maultsby
Deborah Maultsby 4 aylar önce
Awesome Awesome Awesome
Tiffany Looney
Tiffany Looney 4 aylar önce
What would u charge to take a dad and son out on guntersville lake one afternoon, or morning. My husband and son really enjoy your show, and all the great tips.i know something like a lake trip fishing would make both their days.thx so much for the videos, and the craziness.thats my favorite part....
Rick Sergent
Rick Sergent 4 aylar önce
Mamma Sue needs some of those Crappie to eat!
Deborah Goss
Deborah Goss 5 aylar önce
Love all your videos! Would like to see a knot tying video- maybe inside and microscopic so we can really see how you tie them!
Cody Elmy
Cody Elmy 5 aylar önce
I caught a 16" crappie yesterday, couple 13" crappie
Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott 5 aylar önce
Thank You!!! Great Info!!!!!!!
KENNY C 5 aylar önce
Love his little cardboard tackle box. Gene is the man.
chad Michael
chad Michael 5 aylar önce
Nice fish Gene I love your videos
flashsplat 5 aylar önce
I've been watching yoru videos for a while now. I like them. Hoping to get my family on some crappie. Have you beat this record? If so, do you have an updated video?
Dale Sorensen
Dale Sorensen 5 aylar önce
My father used to race hydroplanes on that lake back in the early 1950s
Craig Fowler
Craig Fowler 6 aylar önce
Huge crappie... I enjoy watching your different techniques...
James Ross
James Ross 6 aylar önce
I wish I was a fisherman like you
Jesse Wood
Jesse Wood 6 aylar önce
What you got out there Richard ? The white bass breaking out there where those birds are diving?
Shelton Reddick
Shelton Reddick 6 aylar önce
I love fishing lake Guntersville maybe I'll see you out there
whitetail66 6 aylar önce
I love fishing under those bridges when it's pouring down rain, Nice video Thanks for sharing.
FinznFowl82 6 aylar önce
I was fishing a farm pond once for bass using a zoom super fluke. I hooked a fish on a brush pile and thought it was a decent size bass. When I pulled it up beside the boat I noticed it was a huge crappie and pulled the hook through before I could do anything. Well the next weekend I took my girlfriend back to that pond with some large minnows for her to catch that big crappie. I took her straight to that brush pile and instantly she caught the biggest crappie I have ever seen, in magazines, TV, EVER... As soon as she released it, she caught another one identical, if not bigger! I didn't know much about crappie then, and I didn't realize just what we had at the time. I really hate we didn't measure, weigh and take pictures of them because I KNOW they were both 4 lbs or better. I've still never seen a crappie as big as the two she caught that day. They could have been state records if not world record fish. I'll never forget that.
Smurftastic Bro
Smurftastic Bro 6 aylar önce
how does it feel now having 200k subs
James Ellison
James Ellison 7 aylar önce
I try to watch and learn from you. I don't do any good.
Ken Awtry
Ken Awtry 7 aylar önce
I enjoy your positive attitude. It's not "were gonna to try to catch crappie, It's were GOING to catch crappie"!!
David Cartrette
David Cartrette 7 aylar önce
I'm a big fan of yours and I'm going to be at gunnerville fishing the big Bass tournament put on by Bass pro and would like to meet you in person if possible. Thanks for the fishing videos
Burr Rabbit
Burr Rabbit 7 aylar önce
15,000 at this video turned into 214,000
Gary Bond
Gary Bond 7 aylar önce
What a kitty
Willis Leroy
Willis Leroy 7 aylar önce
Enjoying your videos, thanks fishing machine
Dwight Willmon
Dwight Willmon 8 aylar önce
Love it!!!
Dwight Willmon
Dwight Willmon 8 aylar önce
Love watching your video’s, I’ve learned so much and spent some money getting ready for spring fishing 😃😊👍
Ellis Musser
Ellis Musser 8 aylar önce
Out Standing Richard !!
Ruben Krav
Ruben Krav 8 aylar önce
I catch 14”-16” here in California. My personal best is, 4lbs 8oz.
Larry King
Larry King 8 aylar önce
You make wonderful videos, Mr. Richard ! Also, you make it look so easy to catch a bunch of Slabs ! God Bless you !
Glenn Thornell
Glenn Thornell 8 aylar önce
Glad to see you again my Brother gene
Scott Ferrell
Scott Ferrell 8 aylar önce
Tim Carlisle
Tim Carlisle 8 aylar önce
You make the winters a little shorter.thanks from indiana
Detective Mike Varnado
Dan Prater
Dan Prater 8 aylar önce
absolute unit. i aspire to retire one day and just fall every damn day
Steve Metzger
Steve Metzger 8 aylar önce
I would love to meet and fish with u Richard.
Bassposaunenspieler1 8 aylar önce
I'd be tickled to catch bass the size of those slabs!
matthew bennett
matthew bennett 8 aylar önce
You should try crappie niblets
Francisco Sánchez
Francisco Sánchez 9 aylar önce
Francisco Sánchez
Francisco Sánchez 9 aylar önce
Gracias po
Jeffrey Routh
Jeffrey Routh 9 aylar önce
Fishin machine second to none
MountainManDetecting 9 aylar önce
Which bridge was this? I can’t find it everytime I go down there
Warren Coker
Warren Coker 9 aylar önce
I stay on Weiss in the summertime in a camo G3 and hope to catch you down there sometime. Would love to meet you Mr. Gene! Fish on bud!
Dean Beeler
Dean Beeler 9 aylar önce
I love to watch your videos
Hector Hinojosa
Hector Hinojosa 9 aylar önce
Boy I love vertical fishing for Crappie over bridges
Jeff Brummette
Jeff Brummette 10 aylar önce
I’ve got an old Garcia Mitchell’s 308. It needs some work. I love it but it needs work. It’s the best ultra lite reel ever made! An oh by the way you inspire me every video I watch of you fishing! Always so positive in a ruptured world. Love your videos an mama sue too!
James Brice
James Brice 10 aylar önce
Gary Kyte
Gary Kyte 10 aylar önce
Enjoy fishing with you Richard, thank you. Would love to meet and greet someday. Thank you.
Marty Mcwhirter
Marty Mcwhirter 10 aylar önce
Congratulations on 15,000 viewers. Your a pleasure to watch/put up with.
Walter Farley
Walter Farley 10 aylar önce
You are by no doubt the greatest fisherman i have seen . You give so much insight to what you are doing. You keep it plain and simple as long as people do the little things you tell em. I had to live in alabama 30 years ago near lake guntersville amd got to fish it a lot. I feel its one of the best fishing lakes on the tva chain. Im up river from you where they drop the water a lot on the lakes in the winter. It changes the paterns and very little shore line weeds. Got to get back down t and fish again. But ,your shows the best of any . Oh i have large collection of poles and reels like you do. Just can’t help it. Love my old round cranking reels and fiberglass rods . Keep up the shows
Kirk Keder
Kirk Keder 11 aylar önce
What's your electric trolling motor? I just can't get used to the foot control.
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 11 aylar önce
Went from 15k to 198k in just 2 years, that's awesome!
Corey Sage
Corey Sage Yıl önce
10:04 ThumP
Corey Sage
Corey Sage Yıl önce
6:35 thumper!!
Daniel Kesler
Daniel Kesler Yıl önce
You do good I fish guntersville alot and what you say has helped me more than you know and feed my family when we didn't know where are next meal was Coming from
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Yıl önce
RG how about fishin with a Charlie Brewer slider head and 4 inch worm? Love ya brother. Keep doin what u do. Tight lines and woooo!
Frank McClenton
Frank McClenton Yıl önce
Great show. If you're ever in Olathe Kansas please look me up and let's go fishing together.
johnny goode
johnny goode Yıl önce
Great video
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Yıl önce
Grew up fishing for crappie.and i see u use the same reels my papa used too.(old style mitchell reels)brings back lots of good memories
Chuck Morel
Chuck Morel Yıl önce
Have you tried the new Zebco reel bullet I'm 71 ys.. Old love it!
Chuck Morel
Chuck Morel Yıl önce
I'm 100%disabaled vet I love fishing if I could go more
Jay Nick
Jay Nick Yıl önce
Who is Elmer? Lol
dwheeler016 Yıl önce
Oh no, more mystery tackle box stuff.
Aron Crawford
Aron Crawford Yıl önce
Am I the Only one who gets angry when I watch a fisherman release a 2 lb crappie? I mean.. I dont want to say anything but, I cant help it... What a Fillet that fish would have been! Omg
Raymond Roberts
Raymond Roberts Yıl önce
Richard I found out about you on Jimmy Huston outdoors. When you and Jimmy were catching the big slab crappie at his lake at twin eagle ranch. It’s great that you love fishing as much as I do !!! Keep up the good work 👍
Adam Albert
Adam Albert Yıl önce
Ricard that was a good trip! Those were some giant healthy crappie, love it. Keep up the good fishing!
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis Yıl önce
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis Yıl önce
I’m from bald Knob AR. Iv commercial fished most my life. Never learned so much from one show. HUGE!!!! Fan! I’m even gonna buy some Richard gene fishing machine T shirts.
deborah pilgreen
deborah pilgreen Yıl önce
love ya fishing videos jesse pilgreen alabaster alabama
frank applegate
frank applegate Yıl önce
i got a BnM rod and I look for the items you use and it's starting to work for me. Thanks Again
TheAngryAmerican Yıl önce
Richard what bridge is this?
nostra stevis
nostra stevis Yıl önce
Professor Richard Gene!
Brandon Terrell
Brandon Terrell Yıl önce
Great video!! Slab daddies!!
Ted Kaser
Ted Kaser Yıl önce
Come across your videos these last weeks. Looking to get fishing again and enjoy creation at the same time. Thanks for all the tips. Peace
Jeffrey Elliott
Jeffrey Elliott Yıl önce
Wait fer it ! Here it comes ! GO FISHIN WHEN YOU CAN CAUSE IT"S GOOOOOD FER YA !!!!! Hahahahaaa !!! CRACKS me up every time !!! Damn I wanna go fishin with you one time on that lake !!!! I did go fishin on that very lake back in the early 90's I believe it was with my good friends the southern gospel group The Cooke Brothers and they're dad Hubert Cooke and we had a blast fishin for 2 days down there for those same crappie !!!!
Andrew Haley
Andrew Haley Yıl önce
You couldn’t believe 15k, now you are at 163k! You deserve it brother, best fishing show on TRvid.
Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks Yıl önce
Woooo yer an amazing fisherman!! But i havent seen you once ...drift fish...i did that many years on the Grand Lake of the Cherokees...in Oklahoma...drift fishin works great for catfish baited up with shad...it works for pre spawn crappies...and for Walleyes...havent done it for bass...i dont fish for bass...i do find it interesting...but anyway,,,,give me some info on yer drift fishing experience..
Jack Layne
Jack Layne Yıl önce
Should would love to fish with you I think you could teach me a lot I just bought a fishing boat I have so much to learn also love watching your videos take care stay safe.
Gern Blenstein
Gern Blenstein Yıl önce
Pleasure watching you work, brother!
Keep up the show enjoy it!
Alan Mc
Alan Mc Yıl önce
I am taking my wife crappie fishing as soon as the water temp gets 60 deg..... we have light rods and 4 lb test.... I have collected crappie jigs for years and never used them... Thanks for lighting my fire.......
Old Man Fred
Old Man Fred Yıl önce
Like Crappie heads fishin’ buddie’s nickname, you are the Slabrador Retriever!
Old Man Fred
Old Man Fred Yıl önce
What a pickup line? “Get over here you purty thang”?
terry mccorkle
terry mccorkle Yıl önce
Love your vids. One of these days I'm going to get them all watched
John Kyko
John Kyko Yıl önce
I know you probably said it but what depth were you fishing
Nauti Fish
Nauti Fish Yıl önce
“Catch Another Fish” Man love your channel.
Carson Bergschneider
I need to take a trip down south for some real crappie. I’m in central Illinois and we have some decent crappie holes but boy is it ever hit or miss...
Torrance Matthews
Man I like to go fishing with this gut he is funny and knows how to catch fish
Mandi Nickoson
Mandi Nickoson Yıl önce
Richard you are my favorite fisherman God bless brother keep on fishing. ......love to watch keep making videos
grungeboy 175
grungeboy 175 Yıl önce
Ol gene the crappie catchin machine Is a legend' using ol school techniques and science works like a charm ' heck I'm amazed of the antique reels he has still works and that's fascinating! Awesome video gene your awesome dude 🤘🤘🤘🎣🎣🎣
Frank J Harvey
Frank J Harvey Yıl önce
Richard Gene you would make one helluva Looney Tunes cartoon character. Hey!, Wooooooo! Go fishin, cause its goooooooood for ya!!!
GA BOY Yıl önce
i think something wrong with people who say a big fish dont taste good i think they just dont know how to season em rite lol ... my grandma brought me up on huge bluegill, catfish, huge fish period, but many people like the small ones. (they say ... fry them hard ... lol) i call em guts an eyes them little ones ... and throw them back to get bigger ... or give them to my aunt who "likes to fry them hard" LOL, great catch still though, btw, the only way i throw a fish back is if im at the limit or i just don't feel like cleaning them. i released some nice sized crappie last year though, but i had only caught those few and so i released them because it wasnt that many to cook
BigHomieRomeTV Yıl önce
I enjoy watching can't wait to go fishing
Joyful Jenny
Joyful Jenny Yıl önce
You use a lot of very light line (1 and 2 lb test) for crappie and creek fishing, on what look to be larger reels. I have some reels rated for 4/6/8 lb test. Do/would you ever spool 2lb mono on a spool rated for 4+lbs?? Or do you buy reels specially designed for 1-2 lb test???
Eniss Hammac
Eniss Hammac Yıl önce
Richard Gene. At 70 and due to health problems, I cannot get out without someone to go with me. Your videos are almost like being on the water with my father again. He would always crack me up with his humour and antics much like yours. When I do get out I use many of the tips you shared on your videos. Thank you so much. I wish you fair winds and good hooksets.............
Roy Olstad
Roy Olstad Yıl önce
Super fun video, thx. I'm up here in N Idaho where it's hard to find them, and they don't get big like these. I only started crappy fishing a few yrs ago, but my biggest is under 13". Git after em
Glenn Hayes
Glenn Hayes Yıl önce
Tell Ole Elmo that I am watching from a jet fighter base in northern japan. Better content than 99% of the shows I watch. Grew up in Chattahooche valley swamps a huntin' and a fishin' with my dad. Great times those days...Richard keep on a fishin' cause it's good fer ya!
Lance Merritt
Lance Merritt Yıl önce
Had a 10' Wally Marshall I loved that rod some sorry sucker stold it!
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