Crafting a Infinity Rift in Minecraft (Insane Craft)

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We found a Thanos Rift in Minecraft Insane Craft
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25 Haz 2022




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aho poli
aho poli Aylar önce
Love seeing this content! Remember the Cobblestone is Life days, it’s been so long since
EnzoThePro UwU
EnzoThePro UwU 26 gün önce
i miss when he used the gauntlant
RyderLynn Aylar önce
@Mikachu stop.
Sabrina Carolan
Sabrina Carolan Aylar önce
@Mikachu ill sub
Isaiah Gassen
Isaiah Gassen Aylar önce
its crazy to think about the fact that ive been watching since i was 11 years old im now turning 20 years old and i still watch you on the daily ssundee. 9 years... wow has time flown.i know i may not have been here as long as others and im sorry but ssundee you have been there for me when im at my worst and you have kept me up when ive been happy. i look forward to every video you post just as i have from the day i started. heres to ssundee and heres to amny more videos to come
Ch1llidog 21 saatler önce
God I’ve been watching for 8 years, I started watching when I was 9 😳
Isaiah Gassen
Isaiah Gassen 8 gün önce
@Alien From Area 51 I admit no it hasn't been a everyday thing because life has to much in it for all that but if I've missed a video I will go back and watch it. Even to this day, when I'm a lot older than I was when I started watching him, his content still reminds me of when I first started watching him. It's nice to have something you can look back on for a practically guaranteed moment of nostalgia.
Isaiah Gassen
Isaiah Gassen 8 gün önce
@Rei_.Once again I apologize about my grammar. I have Adhd so I type things particularly fast so I don't spend the 15 minutes re-reading the comment that I made to thank a TRvidr that I've been watching for the better half of my childhood. But again I apologize for it so sincerely because as everyone in today's society knows that good grammer is required to thank someone.
Jay 55
Jay 55 8 gün önce
Me too but wasn't the old days better? Up from 2017 he has been more child friendly we need the old moded serious 😭😭
Liam Kang
Liam Kang 15 gün önce
:) your right
Silent Riot
Silent Riot Aylar önce
This guy has 5 different 1 shot weapons yet still calls himself weakest. This level of humility is above me.
Justin Romero
Justin Romero Aylar önce
@Mariam Mohsen lmaoo his newest video😂
Bootyclap69k Aylar önce
@Brade enis
Brade Aylar önce
@Mariam Mohsen p
Mariam Mohsen
Mariam Mohsen Aylar önce
is anyone going to talk about how the upside down and its functionality are absolute references from Stranger Things?
Sk Md. Imrul Haque Sakkhor
Yea but the tentacle creature is stronger
James Osgood
James Osgood Aylar önce
Love the videos! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what happens in the next episode.
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Aylar önce
This series is amazing. I've seen every episode and love them all
nicredible Aylar önce
The reason the cave terror tanks 15 hits it 12:40 to 12:50 is because the razor doesn't do 100% of the cave terror's health, it does 100 damage (50 hearts of damage).
Sam Ryan
Sam Ryan Aylar önce
I’m always so happy when SSUNDEE makes a new insane craft
Crainer Fan
Crainer Fan Aylar önce
This series is amazing. I've seen every episode and love them all
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
Thank you for making these videos! I've had a tough past couple of years, and I'm sure everyone has. You really make everyone's day! We love you!
nuqi Aylar önce
ur getting close to 21M, you deserve it sundee!
comic alan
comic alan Aylar önce
@NoobifiedWasTaken you're a bot not ssundee
Ayaan Changaz
Ayaan Changaz Aylar önce
Maxx Krak
Maxx Krak Aylar önce
@NoobifiedWasTaken who asked
Chainsonic Aylar önce
No he doesn't.
NoobifiedWasTaken Aylar önce
@Finn bruh123 yea true..🤓
Izzy May IS ready
Love seeing this content! Remember the Cobblestone is Life days, it’s been so long since
Joe  🔥 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Love seeing this content! Remember the Cobblestone is Life days, it’s been so long since
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Aylar önce
I love this series! Keep it coming!!
10k Subs Challenge with 0 video!!!
we all are honestly impressed by the amount of time and effort that you put into these videos, Keep it up!💗
Kelly Caudillo
Kelly Caudillo Aylar önce
this series is amazing this kinda seems like the end so please continue the series :)
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Aylar önce
this series is amazing this kinda seems like the end so please continue the series :)
Landon Kaiser
Landon Kaiser 22 gün önce
I’m so sorry thatyoudonhavthatmushsubs😔💙
William A. Washington Jr.
Hey SSundee, I wonder what the tentacle creature’ll look like. Will he be a giant tentacle boss you have to team up with the boys to defeat to remain the superior? Will he make you a minion and take over the server, then you betray him later? Or is he just Ross’s voice in a monster tone and you’ve been messing with us?
Giorno_Giovanna Aylar önce
Watch stranger things if you wanna know more
Giorno_Giovanna Aylar önce
1st the new mob vecna from stranger things 2nd flying things look like demo bats 3rd the tentacle creature is the mind flayer, the hive mind and the weird spider looking mobs are split versions of the hive mind
Giorno_Giovanna Aylar önce
The upside down, the tentacle creature, the particles in the upside down, the new mob he killed, the flying thing are all in stranger things
Normal Channel
Normal Channel Aylar önce
@Sonic Boom biffle smiled it in Henry's backrooms video
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom Aylar önce
@Normal Channel bruh its still a spoiler bc what if its actually that they got a voice actor or smth
ACuteKity Aylar önce
This series is amazing! I've been watching since the start and it's amazing still watching , I've watched every insane craft video
Nova Kata'cli
Nova Kata'cli Aylar önce
The Cave Terror is actually cute. I love the Upside Down dimension. One of the best dimensions created.
Kaitho Farnia
Kaitho Farnia Aylar önce
Would love to see Troll Craft with Biffle, henwy, and sigils.
pewpewgamereview Aylar önce
For anyone who wondered, SSundee hit that creature 15 times, meaning that he had to deal 1,500% of its health to kill it...
ET Aylar önce
C_Swishmann Aylar önce
Love the series any chance on making a factions series or prisons maybe 🤔 ❤️ been watching since meat castle days
This guy has 5 different 1 shot weapons yet still calls himself weakest. This level of humility is above me.
This guy has 5 different 1 shot weapons yet still calls himself weakest. This level of humility is above me.
10k Subs Challenge with 0 video!!!
Somehow this man always manages to make me smile over and over again
One Pump
One Pump Aylar önce
Keep up the awesome content
Death Ninja
Death Ninja Aylar önce
I liked when this server was more simpler, and when there was a limited amount of items. Now its all the lost infinity mod stuff. It was a lot more enjoyable when they all had infinity armor and they were fighting over the regular infinity stones.
Ernesto Garibay
Ernesto Garibay Aylar önce
the level of mods on your server is crazy but i support it because you still make awesome videos and great content
Noitcetorp1234 Aylar önce
i love how every video he has "infinity" in each of his titles
Big Base E
Big Base E Aylar önce
I really love watching him on insane craft
Caleb Hamilton
Caleb Hamilton Aylar önce
Hey SSundee, love this series but I really miss SkyFactory, I loved watching your last SkyFactory where you blew it all up but I miss it a lot. PLEASE BRING IT BACK AND START A NEW SERIES OR SEASON
TheDounut123 Aylar önce
Sadly Skyfactory wont be happening anytime soon, I believe that hes already played all of the skyfactory modpacks
Zaibunnisa Ahmed
Zaibunnisa Ahmed Aylar önce
@Don't read my profile picture ok
Shaw Aylar önce
@TBD your opinion exists, but my value for it does not
The legend of the mining rabbit gamer
I agree but so far this series is it one of my favorite
TBD Aylar önce
skyfactory sucks the modpack isnt good
Banana plane
Banana plane Aylar önce
All things aside this has a better storyline than some movies I’ve seen
peter v
peter v Aylar önce
Insanely good content.
Juuso 900
Juuso 900 Aylar önce
I remember when ssundee still had 14 million subs. The good old days
A random person
A random person Aylar önce
Ssundee your awesome I remember watching you for years keep up the amazing content
Mare Knight
Mare Knight Aylar önce
I love ur series, I have been watching from the start. Keep it up SSundee!
Valvinny Aylar önce
I can't wait for the lost infinity mod to be released it's going to so fun
Deez0fNuts Aylar önce
Ssundee: Gets overpowered weapon that does true health damage Also Ssundee next episode: Forgets about it but also creates weapon 10 times more powerful for no reason at all
Manaal Imran
Manaal Imran Aylar önce
I am loving this Insane Craft series
Uniquely Undeniable
when i am bored at home i rewatch all of SSundee's insanecraft videos
sh h
sh h Aylar önce
I love this series! Keep it coming!!
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Aylar önce
Keep up with insane craft SSundee. Each time we see them they get better and better. P.S stay safe with the tentacle creature!
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
The fact that Ssundee finds exploits in every game he plays is insane, I love it
Shaw Aylar önce
Hello bot
FurryCatGamer Aylar önce
likely a bot
phu tranchi
phu tranchi Aylar önce
15 hits of a 100% damage weapon is able to kill a mob. Nice!👍🏽
Hoka Lale
Hoka Lale Aylar önce
This series has changed so much it went from Marvel To Stranger Things
God OF Games
God OF Games Aylar önce
Love the vids the mod creator should make it where you combine all weapons to make 1 ultimate weapon that can switch between a shield a sword and gun just a suggestion
KNowledge MAfia
KNowledge MAfia Aylar önce
The videos just keep getting more and more insane
main default dude
main default dude Aylar önce
If your trying to get rid of the "tentacle" monster then use the sigil that sigils used in that one episode
Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder 27 gün önce
i love watching your videos your so good at making them
Valvinny Aylar önce
Omg with that puzzle pieces and rifts the story is really getting a shape to it
Aydendacookie Aylar önce
Please keep up the good work
Roman Gafford
Roman Gafford Aylar önce
Tentacle Creature: You have to be invisible. Potion of Invisibility: Am I a Joke to you?
SneakySnake Aylar önce
I like how he shows the infinity gauntlet on the cover but doesn’t use it
John Lorenz
John Lorenz Aylar önce
keep its up ssundee love your vids
Kaine Tovar
Kaine Tovar Aylar önce
You are the one of the best TRvidrs keep up the grind
Honza Sivak
Honza Sivak Aylar önce
remember the loot bag shop? exactly! ssundee has gone so far since the beginning, it's crazy!
Hypno 29 gün önce
I don’t know why, but after all these crazy dimensions and crazy items, i feel like insane craft’s gotten a tad bit repetitive. I’m not saying that I don’t like it, but I liked it better when the most op item was the infinity gauntlet
Be🅃aG4me🆁 Aylar önce
I need some info. Please tell me which one you prefer and why. A) Crazy Craft B) Insane Craft. For me, it`s A because a single mod is being used in B and everything else has been forgotten.
Bodplayer Aylar önce
I haven't seen derp SSundee in time, good to know he is still a thing :)
Elektruh Aylar önce
I'm Turning 24 years old this Aug and I'm still watching sundee. Never gets old
Ben MacDougall
Ben MacDougall Aylar önce
I want to see you do something different on insane craft like build or make redstone things that would be nice
Bigfoot mcelveen
Bigfoot mcelveen Aylar önce
Love seeing you take over insane craft take the world over
Designation_N Aylar önce
Fun fact the first episode of insane craft is almost on the same day one year later as the infinity tree episode
ShadowGamerLife Aylar önce
Love the content its always fresh and the among us is amazing with the mods keep it up man👍👍
Zackary Yonally
Zackary Yonally Aylar önce
I still remember when he had the infinity armor and it was op at the time
RegisSoldier Aylar önce
24k likes 0 dislikes at this point. What a legend !
Justin Giesbrecht
Justin Giesbrecht Aylar önce
Hey ssundee I have an idea for you to get more powerful, you should get more potion effects on your portable beacon so your Cane of venoms/chain of venoms does more percent damage
Skri Aylar önce
I just had my party, this was amazing right after!
Winkybinkyplayz Aylar önce
Keep up with insane craft SSundee. Each time we see them they get better and better. P.S stay safe with the tentacle creature!
Neriza Calayo
Neriza Calayo Aylar önce
Ur videos never makes me sad and i would like another part of insane crafts
Confusiader Aylar önce
Ssundee: “Oh Exotermite!” Ssundee’s mind: **vietnam war flashbacks**
Ryian Fernandez
Ryian Fernandez Aylar önce
Im new to the series but i know this will be good
CooldudeGaming Aylar önce
he started with asking what his puns meant but now hes asking what killing someone means.😂
amwyv Aylar önce
ssundee isnt a hero we deserve, he's a hero we need in times of boredom
Lol Cat
Lol Cat Aylar önce
Im binge watching every single insane craft video
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Aylar önce
İ love that he says "so i can feed my family"lol
yoloysolo23 yoloysolo23
I’m on this through Spotify because I don’t have google. But I’ll watch this video later. Hopefully when the tv remotes are on the couch. But I do recommend watching ssundee’s video’s they are very unique and full of energy. 😅 But I hope I can watch this insane craft video later.
Avrg Litty
Avrg Litty Aylar önce
How did we come from infinity gauntlet and other stuff to literally holding the power to destroy the whole world
HappyKittens2468 ♐
I couldn't wait until he posted another insane craft!! It's just so amazing!! I love it!!
The legend of the mining rabbit gamer
Omg same can’t wait
hunter perry
hunter perry Aylar önce
Well then good to know the mod creator plays warframe, the way it works is kinda like limbo's passive
boonana boi
boonana boi Aylar önce
Why does the new mob need to be hit 14 times with the razor... make it easier to kill or harder
kingbloxOMG Aylar önce
i remember when they were struggling when ssundee was ruling the world with infinity stones :)
Leo Martino
Leo Martino Aylar önce
the tentacle voice reminds me of the narrator in DOOM 2016. "In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood." yeah, that guy. search up DOOM 2016 Dogma to find it
Australian gamer
Australian gamer Aylar önce
We all know that this series will end soon it is sad :(
Eliana 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
This series is amazing! I've been watching since the start and it's amazing still watching , I've watched every insane craft video
Maxmilián Milan Krejčí
Its great that He still uses the thanos ssundee in his intro picture in every video
Koustub Ramkumar
Koustub Ramkumar Aylar önce
I have been watching ssundee since i was a little kid. Thanks Ssundee u made my childhood.
That one T
That one T Aylar önce
This man goes out of his way to upload two videos a day sometimes respect.
true life
true life Aylar önce
@bentlee Parry that is true
bentlee Parry
bentlee Parry Aylar önce
@true life well Ian has a family
true life
true life Aylar önce
JeromeASF has 3 channels and uploads two videos on main chanel a day and one on each of the others, but yeah ian does do a good job.
Faisal gaming,tutorial and more
He does this every Sunday
Don't read my profile picture
Don't do the reading of my name ples my g
jennifer owens
jennifer owens Aylar önce
Pls bring back back hardcore mode, it was awesome :) and RIP Jimothy
White guy
White guy Aylar önce
Finally a new Insane craft video, also im a fan of you from the beginning of among us i think, anyways keep up the good work👍👍
Wolf kid
Wolf kid Aylar önce
I would like ssundee to get a new armor that maybe blocks true damage, or deals true damage, or both
Fandgeler Aylar önce
plz upload more insane craft videos. I love them and their my favorite series
Night_Fall578 Aylar önce
Great vid love this series keep up the good work
Mr.Cringe Man
Mr.Cringe Man Aylar önce
@Mikachu BRO UR A BOT
Mikachu Aylar önce
Hi I’m a small TRvidr that’s trying to grow, any support would be appreciated ❤️ Thanks!
AmoMaster Aylar önce
20 episodes later Ssundee : we added a new mod named found infinity
elastic dwarf 2009
elastic dwarf 2009 Aylar önce
you should try raft it has a new update : )
Angel Santos
Angel Santos Aylar önce
14:43 the way He said " I have his femur in my hands" was perfect acting 10/10
mavin Aylar önce
Hey ssundee, can you please make an Ark survival evolved series again like you used to. Thanks
Jacarri Griffin
Jacarri Griffin Aylar önce
Keep up the grind man your doing great
✨Wannabe✨ Aylar önce
Hey SSundee I'm a fan I watch every vid even new new one like this I love your vids I sub notification and liked I wish I had that mod
Dez Wilcox
Dez Wilcox Aylar önce
Remember when the infinity gauntlet was op simple times
Liying Lin
Liying Lin Aylar önce
were not going to talk about that 93% of his episodes have the infinity stones or gauntlet
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