Cowboys feast on Giants in second half with 21 unanswered points for a 28-20 win | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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24 Kas 2022




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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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LeeTravius Mckay
"In the playoffs if you throw two ints and commit 13 penalties in the first half you're going home" 💯
How is that the Cowboys get hounded for playing "terrible" against a 7-3 Giants, but Philly gets praise for coming back against the Colts???
Everything Shannon said is my argument. I'm happy my boys got the W yesterday, but two turnovers and 13 penalties is gonna cost us in January, we need to clean that up.
Austin Penna
The fact that the cowboys can throw 2 interceptions and commit 13 penalties and still win the game decisively speaks volumes to how great of a football team they are. Haters gon hate
Elston Suber
Remember folks. Cowboys have to play a perfect game like the one against the Vikings to not get criticism
Brooke Rauch
Love how when the eagles win “OHH YEAH super bowl contenders against easy teams. But when Dallas wins against 2 good teams the last 2 games “oh no they will never make it”
Johnny Moore
Yes, the penalties are inexcusable. 2 were iffy but still. Look, it’s a division game. Division games are never secure. Shannon, Philly lost to Washington. It happens!
joseph Henry
Shannon also gotta remember it’s a divisional game, no matter how beat up a team is a divisional rival always put up a fight
Just Be
GIANTS always play Dallas very tough. I have no problems with how the game went. Sure, Dallas has things to clean up but those Giants were playing NOT to get swept.
stick people
The penalties argument is rather an after thought to me because the Dan Quinn coached Legion of Boom defense in Seattle led the league in penalties in 2013 and 2014 too but still made back to back SB, winning one of those. It's really about playing smarter on offense and limiting turnovers more than anything imo.
we also have to remember that the cowboys just played a game on sunday. they were tired but still pushed through a win. dak and the defense looked tired yesterday. lets give credit where its due
Zack Banks
You know skip was sick yesterday watching this game in the first half 😂😂😂
Sean Wilson
I'm a die hard Washington fan. Very impressive game Cowboys, y'all was not playin after halftime 😂
Xray Vision
Every team in the league has room for improvement not just Dallas but it's only the Cowboys that gets all the negative criticism above and beyond all the other teams
Sports 101 🏈🏀
So when it comes to other teams “division opponents are tough and are close games”
JR 214
Half the locker room sick with a cold/flu, sloppy 1st half , that's why there's a "halftime" and something coaches do called "halftime adjustments" , Wink kept his same defensive scheme and the Cowboys offense attacked it and won the game. Every QB every week throws picks and comes back. Josh Allen just threw picks vs the Lions and it took the lions choking more than the bills winning but Shannon doesn't mention that.
this was Zeke's best game in 3 years.
Joshua McKeever
If you watched all 3 games they we're all competitive. The Bills should've put away the Lions, but that didn't happen. The Lions has the worse defense in the league & Josh Allen was struggling against them. I know Prescott struggled in the first half, but he turned it up in the second. The penalties are the only thing that's concerning about Dallas.