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14 Haz 2021




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Maximum Yıl önce
This show really should have false accusations in between. Every question is so specific that the answer is already obvious. Imagine how much more suspense and shock there would be, if they also made hyperspecific accusations that turned out not to be the case. Like "Have you ever ran from a car accident" and the whole family goes 😳 and he thinks for a moment, answer "No, i haven't" and everybody is relieved. That would also make the skip function actually useful. They really didn't think this show through.
coolcatalesha Yıl önce
right??? you are totally right. i hope they are just skipping those otherwise this show is just not well thought out.
FicVirth Yıl önce
Yeah, but any sane person would say "no" immediately, which would ruin the suspense.
Z Yıl önce
@FicVirth The good thing about this show, is it isn't sane people who are on it
The Shoes
The Shoes Yıl önce
Great point OP. Sadly, original tales aren’t always welcomed. My take is what clearly is happening here is that the couple are shallow. Now before you jump down my throat, consider just a couple things. Sometimes, the cave you most wish to not explore, is the one that would benefit you the most. PTSD can be technically classified as “unrecoverable”. Quick comment...One can not know what one does not know. If you don’t know the character of your own boyfriend, do you really even have the right to even gasp when you hear out loud the answers to the questions you’d dare not ask? those pesky truths about what makes someone a person. Sadly, to this girl, she seemed to be very happy that he was good looking. Anyways, it’s also funny hearing them try to insinuate that the guy wouldn’t have girls all over him. Guys good looking, some girls are shallow, some are fickle. Anyways, ✌🏻 guys. We’d all better hope they don’t develop a fool proof way to get lie detector’ din the future!!
Sam Phippen
Sam Phippen Yıl önce
Genuinely love that Cody always lets Kelsey talk, he never talks over her, lets her do her own bits.
arjun gutta
arjun gutta Yıl önce
i mean she’s just as funny as him so idk why he wouldn’t let her shine
Keara Santora
Keara Santora Yıl önce
Cause they are both funny as shit 😂😂🤣
MrZanyZain Yıl önce
Love the bare minimum
Naruto’s Persona
@Landon S yeah i agree
cinnamonbun Yıl önce
the bar is underground
KR Smith
KR Smith Yıl önce
I love how vicious Kelsey gets as she realizes someone is a piece of trash and probably deserves it
Rhianna JD
Rhianna JD Yıl önce
I hope Maria is living a successful life with a gorgeous husband, beautiful kids, and she’s making millions.
Woah Yıl önce
Me too, me too
BeardezBread Yıl önce
@RONIT 😧 that’s so fucking brutal dude 😭
RONIT Yıl önce
@BeardezBread it's true though. She seems like a nice girl, but is so weak. She'll get walked over like a doormat.
Varun Yıl önce
@RONIT facts she seems submissive to that guy's horrible actions
Guy Yıl önce
Mark: “Have you ever murdered someone?” everyone on the show: “Mark I gotta be honest it’s a yes.. 😬“ The audience: “BOOOOOO!!!” Robot: “that answer is true.” Audience: “YEAH LETS GO WOOOOOOOOH HELL YEAH!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏”
Psychonaut Yıl önce
You joke but, in the Colombian version of this show, a woman admitted to sending a hit man after her husband. She walked away with a few million pesos. The hit man tipped off the husband and he fled the country by the way.
Sizz Rizz
Sizz Rizz Yıl önce
@Psychonaut wtf..... ----
AgentSteffi Yıl önce
@Psychonaut Well if he didn't did what she paid him for, it's just fair that she gets some money back! (/s obviously)
Daniel Sane
Daniel Sane Yıl önce
Underrated comment LMAO
Kelarys 10 aylar önce
@AgentSteffi I hired him to do something illegal and he stole from me! Arrest him!
belle Yıl önce
Maria literally is WAY out of his league like she’s gorgeous 🧍‍♀️
Charleston Cooper
@Arun Keshavadas i can see that definitely but from a straight up attractiveness point of view she is a lot more attractive than him regardless of personality
Joe 11 aylar önce
She's not "out of his league" if he was able to get with her without trying.
Aliesha Lepine
Aliesha Lepine 9 aylar önce
@Arun Keshavadas i’m pretty sure she’s out of his league is hes hiding multiple things from her and cheated
Alex 8 aylar önce
@Joe holy shit, were you there when he got her?
Joe 8 aylar önce
@Alex yes
mid day
mid day Yıl önce
theory: paul went into sex work to pay off his gambling addiction. that's why he has a spreadsheet; to keep track of customers and how much he earned.
rsarin18 Yıl önce
And that's why he tells his parents that his business is successful
Maya A ♡
Maya A ♡ Yıl önce
??? Yıl önce
Mariun Fabregas
Mariun Fabregas Yıl önce
Big brain move
Abigail Duerksen
Abigail Duerksen Yıl önce
This is absolutely a fantastic theory
Fiona _
Fiona _ Yıl önce
I felt so bad for Maria. I hope she dumped his ass and is with someone that doesn't make her almost cry on national television. She deserves so much better
Radha Godkar
Radha Godkar Yıl önce
i honestly hope maria is an actress or something and not his actual gf
Hilary Yıl önce
@Alan Dashcar why are u in every one of these replies saying some weird shit💀
j borrego
j borrego 11 aylar önce
U don’t even know if she’s a nice person
Aliesha Lepine
Aliesha Lepine 9 aylar önce
@j borrego so she deserves to be cheat on and have multiple things hidden from her?
Jared 5 aylar önce
@j borrego Good point. Her past may be more checkered than her mans is.
Hallie Denning
Hallie Denning Yıl önce
I still can’t get over how PRETTY Kelsey is omg the absolute baddest
Julie V.
Julie V. Yıl önce
LITERALLY omg she’s so gorg
jasmill Yıl önce
Fr she's gorgeous
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy Yıl önce
On jah
Filip Rajic
Filip Rajic Yıl önce
Pretty doesn't do her justice. Kelsey is a damn Queen.
umar b
umar b Yıl önce
i feel like women find her more attractive than men. She's really just ok at best
Gr8sc0tt Yıl önce
"Every guy has a little black book" *pulls out the fucking death note*
Laurentius Yıl önce
"I wonder why Becky won't answer my calls"
honeyvoicehwang Yıl önce
literally -- i was like "what the fuck little black book?? u mean the deATH NOTE??"
Nicole Yıl önce
Paul Yagami
Elliot Saunders
Elliot Saunders Yıl önce
@Nicole would get caught immediately, the whole anime would be 1 episode
Ass Man
Ass Man Yıl önce
@Elliot Saunders it would be an ova, he would get caught so early bro
Adrianna M.
Adrianna M. Yıl önce
this is off topic but kelsey looks SO FUCKING PRETTY... her outfit and hair are just so beautiful
Esther Lightner
Esther Lightner Yıl önce
RIGHT? I was just ab to comment that
Annie M
Annie M Yıl önce
I was thinking this the whole time
Marylee Yıl önce
Jana Martinez
Jana Martinez Yıl önce
:p • 5 years ago
Green is soooo her color
Hanna Yıl önce
I love this little moment when Kelsey is struggling for a word, and instead of chiming in, Cody just goes "you got it" in a genuinely encouraging way. I feel like this is what happens once you transcend the "finishing each other's sentences" stage of a relationship, and I'm here for it.
wynchii 10 aylar önce
Coolio Star Stache
Coolio Star Stache Aylar önce
That feels condescending, personally
Parisol Yıl önce
Kelsey ripping this man to shreds is really therapeutic tbh, get him queen
Ash Sawyer
Ash Sawyer Yıl önce
Get him!
IB Yıl önce
c r i n g
Chloë Brown
Chloë Brown Yıl önce
@IB they way you wrote this comment is way more *cringe than the op hun
A suspiciously efficient Mitochondria
Ikr Kelsey ending the entire male sex gives me so much life
CurlyHairFTW Yıl önce
Kelsey funny as ever, and her boyfriend is funny too I guess
Landon S
Landon S Yıl önce
@Hamza KhanCope bro. You're the one who can't spell "Electrified"
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Yıl önce
@Landon S lmao why do you assume i was trying to spell electrified
Anirudha Koppaka
Anirudha Koppaka Yıl önce
@Hamza Khan i think he meant ur username
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Yıl önce
@Anirudha Koppaka im aware of that lmao
Emily Thomson
Emily Thomson Yıl önce
pauls mom looks like she knows literally everything and she’s just like “oh son you’re so goofy and silly” like she’s smiling in every clip
Moon B
Moon B Yıl önce
Yeah that's so weird to me. If I was the gf, I'd be staring at the parents until they look at me and actually face what a pos their son is.
All Life Is Travesty
I feel like Mark is actually enjoying this one, I think he hates Paul and was loving watching him destroy his life. Which, like, same Mark.
Cheerioss -
Cheerioss - Yıl önce
How did he destroy his life? He just won a 100k the gf he had he clearly didn’t plan on keeping he maintained a good relationship with his sister. His pops seems pretty forgiving about the whole gambling thing and i think the mom will get over the whole sex thing. All his important relationships are intact
SkylerSteps Yıl önce
@Cheerioss - I mean taking away fact no decent person with self respect will ever want serious relationship with him, much less marriage or children. Which from how he was raised and how the family comes off is important to them. I mean he pretty much told all future partners he can't be trust and will always cheat on them.
Terska Taneli
Terska Taneli 10 aylar önce
The dad is disappointed, Maria is disgusted, the sister is like "whatever, bestfriend thinks this is damn hilarious and the mom is unironically so proud of him
Rachael Snyder-McGehee
The best friend is definitely Jean-Ralphio Saperstein.
Jared 5 aylar önce
@Rachael Snyder-McGehee The Karate Kid?
g 。
g 。 Yıl önce
I demand more of these, it’s like a car crash: it’s terrible but I can’t look away
Bieyud Yıl önce
Most people can’t look because they’re driving lol
cczap7 Yıl önce
It's a necessary evil in this world
Lil Uzi
Lil Uzi Yıl önce
g . Nice pfp
TacoCat Yıl önce
@Callisto Army no thanks
Sarah the Book Nerd
Mark: "have you ever been paid to have sex?" Paul: "yes" Mark: "please explain" Paul: "back in college i got paid for sex, and i took the money" Me: great explanation, really top-notch stuff there, Paul 👌🏽🙄
Blue Yıl önce
ah yes, the floor is made of floor
bella f
bella f Yıl önce
if he elaborated any further hed have to admit that it was dudes paying him
Darling Yıl önce
this comment made me laugh really hard I just thought you'd like to know that
Echo Loco
Echo Loco Yıl önce
"Kanye what's your favorite part about being a parent" "The kids"
CCT_gamer 19 gün önce
Every couples react video just shows how perfect Cody and Kelsey are for each other. Like the way they match each other’s energy is just perfect.
WizardLizard Yıl önce
As many people have said, the fact that Paul ran when they brought up the fact that he was very likely a sex worker is pretty heavily indicative that his clients were very likely men, which leads me to think one of two things: either he needed money to cover extreme gambling debt, or he's gay. If the later is true, then that may explain why he surrounds himself with women and acts forward this overtly masculine rituals like having a "trophy collection." Its kinda a common thing for people either in the closet and trying to make themselves be straight or hiding it from other people, and if its the later I think his friend knows, and that may be why he comes off so douchy, he might be playing up Paul as a stud to distract from him actually being gay (or he may even be his actual partner). Its definitely a dick move for him to lead on his girlfriend like that as well as all the other women he may have used for these purposes, but if this speculation is true then I can at least somewhat understand where its coming from and kinda feel for him if being found out could break up the family more (but if he isnt gay and is just a playboy, thats just gross and his friend is a colossal douch).
Bruh Yıl önce
yea, when he talked about his own gf like "shes a pretty girl anyone would wanna have kids with her" and then cody n kelsey says "not you" i was like, o wait this sounds like a gay man plot
Reene Constantine
Reene Constantine 11 aylar önce
I was thinking this too
j borrego
j borrego 11 aylar önce
Or he can be bi an she knows it
j borrego
j borrego 11 aylar önce
Lol ok be gay but hate on sex workers
Z O D I Y A K Yıl önce
The “spreadsheet of sexual partners” thing is especially weird. I mean, he HAD to have intentionally mentioned that to the producers. There’s no way in hell they would just randomly ask that and it would be true. Further, mentioning something like that to the producers and expecting them not to ask that question is just stupid. He is stupid. Everyone on that show is just so stupid.
Darth Baras
Darth Baras Yıl önce
He mentioned he's a gigallo, maybe its like an accounting thing to make sure he's getting paid the right amount for the stuff he does lmfao
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins Yıl önce
@zociyak : it's much more likely that he just wasn't that attached to this girlfriend. The BFF and the little shots we got from the parents didn't make them out to look that unhappy. He in all likelihood threw the GF under the bus for $100k.
TropicanJudge Yıl önce
It can also be for sexual responsibility. Knowing your sexual partners and the dates when you did it makes it easier for you to contact them when you contract something. A spreadsheet of sexual partners isn't inherently bad.
@TropicanJudge maybe just use protection ... wtf
Bbybunn Yıl önce
I genuinely think Kelsey is the prettiest girl ever and her personality on top of it is the best😭 Shes so funny and it’s so cute when she kinda hypes him up on his jokes or like after Cody sang that little rat tail song and she was genuinely impressed. Her reactions are just so pure and wholesome and so is this whole relationship. 💖
Jared 5 aylar önce
Behind the scenes, Cody takes to beating her.
gg Aylar önce
@Jared literally what is wrong with you
Androow Aylar önce
@gg nah that is normal dude, dont worry
Lemony Water
Lemony Water Aylar önce
toki boy
toki boy Yıl önce
Cody struck gold with this show, lets hope he milks it as much as he milks cut videos
ozilthebeast mohe
ayo Scott Cramer did it first. he's also in commentary TRvid
JeRz3y Yıl önce
Cody is a GIGGLE-LO for these videos
Ceza Yıl önce
it's so fucked up, i don't wanna view people going through betrayal trauma and humilation, the poor girl
Alex Karelson
Alex Karelson Yıl önce
@ozilthebeast mohe when did he start doing commentary?!
Mary Caroline Putman
Idk how to describe it but Cody saying “you got it” when Kelsey was trying to find the word underwear is hilarious
also love how kelsey automatically knew what was up with paul, her brain is just… phenomenal ✨
Landon S
Landon S Yıl önce
They do multiple takes of these to get their best reactions and jokes in, she DID know
Shazia Yıl önce
@Landon S do they?😟 i thought it was the first time they watching it
Cece Yıl önce
@Landon S I very much doubt they watch THE WHOLE EPISODE over and over What do you have against her lmao get a hobby
moon Yıl önce
@Landon S bro you comment under everyone who seems to praise her, just say you hate women and go away fr
Firdosi Nizam
Firdosi Nizam Yıl önce
The spreadsheet for sexual partners thing only started to make sense after he admitted to being a sex worker
Kate Yıl önce
It's not wrong to be (potentially) childfree and not want monogamy. But maybe tell that to your partner before letting them imagine a life with you and then breaking their heart when they realise you were lying to them!
Bryce House
Bryce House Yıl önce
This. I agree completely that he should have been honest with his girlfriend. Tbh was kinda miffed that they were talking about him not wanting kids like it was such a bad thing. The way he went about it was wrong, but they were talking as if just not wanting kids in general was a loser trait.
Bree Bartkowiak
Bree Bartkowiak 6 aylar önce
I agree 1000%! I want to be childfree and do not want monogamy. But I also disclose that to guys on the first date.
Karlaj VH
Karlaj VH Yıl önce
as horrific as this whole ordeal was, i'm honestly relieved for his gf that she could find these things out from him directly in one moment instead having to guess and wonder for the entire duration of their relationship...
aries.sun.420 Yıl önce
Kelsey's whole look today is giving me 'really pretty lady you keep seeing on the top deck of the cruise ship'
Tristen [atro]
Tristen [atro] Yıl önce
And Cody’s look is ‘ creepy old guy that hired her for the day’
K.ylaaahhh Yıl önce
Maddy Wiseman
Maddy Wiseman Yıl önce
shes literally glowing
Gabby Yıl önce
true does anyone know where her dress is from
Hayley Waisome
Hayley Waisome Yıl önce
Rose Dewitt Buchater vibes
Jassy Ok
Jassy Ok Yıl önce
love how half of the comments on here are women fawning over kelsey 😭 and let me agree she looks stunning here
Officialeigh India
Officialeigh India 6 aylar önce
As a woman I, too, am fawning over Kelsey
Eve Reynolds
Eve Reynolds Yıl önce
Ok. Listen....this comes from someone who failed 100% at their marriage, EXCEPT my one and only good thing we did do right. Our son!! So I am speaking from experience, never lose this playful, sarcastic, amazing banter that you both have!! I can't quit watching and laughing! You say what we think and totally get away with it!!!! Makes my day every single time!!
Jared 6 aylar önce
I love how the contestants will give the most reprehensible answers in regard to exposing their character and the audience just gives a big applause.
Tab P
Tab P Yıl önce
kelseys eyes are so captivating .. especially when she wears green
AwfulMusik Yıl önce
Are you a supermodel or something?
hotguy Yıl önce
agreed, it's probably because of the dark hair, makes the eyes pop out even more, kind of like alexandra daddario
celia Yıl önce
I love how Paul is answering questions about the spreadsheet like dude... those aren't even counting towards the prize.
ItsIlusion Yıl önce
This show should just be renamed: "Destroying Families Of America With Mark Wahlberg"
kay Yıl önce
mr verified boutta become top comment as always
Avocatobigpp Yıl önce
Mark L Walberg
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme Yıl önce
There’s no H in his name since it’s the Walmart version
No Name mf
No Name mf Yıl önce
No no How to get a a family split in half in just a couple minuets
Gabrielle M
Gabrielle M Yıl önce
He has darkness, I am sure of it. Watch him on temptation island and you will see the joy in his eyes when people cry haha
Madison Oliver
Madison Oliver Yıl önce
The way they match each others energy is just ✨✨
Coral V
Coral V Yıl önce
Cody saying “gigilow like 3 times before realizing it’s actually “ jigalow” had me dying of laughter 😭😭🤣 he is so funny
S M Yıl önce
I know this is like the bare minimum but I like that Cody explained the joke instead to just glossing over it when she asked so she doesn’t feel left out (6:30)
B. Wayne
B. Wayne Yıl önce
Genuine question: how does Kelsey get away with the things she talks about on this channel while being a teacher? I started a podcast and have to refrain from talking about sexual content, drug use, alcohol consumption, and anything above a PG rating basically.
Shambhavi Yıl önce
Maybe because she's from LA? Like a lot of kindergarten and elementary school teachers might also be in the entertainment industry so the schools are chill about it? Or maybe because she is a teacher at a chill private school
B. Wayne
B. Wayne Yıl önce
@Shambhavi That’s probably it. That’s what I was thinking.
Angjele Yıl önce
@Shambhavi might also be because it's preschool that she teaches at and no preschooler is about to watch her and cody on youtube. Also, from what I understand she left her teaching career for a little before returning to it, so I imagine that, assuming she is teaching at the same place, the school has a close relationship with her and respect her as a teacher for the school due to her previous experience with them.
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins Yıl önce
Wow, I'm never going to be a teacher.
beforehours Yıl önce
@Shambhavi really chill
Rachmat Abbid
Rachmat Abbid Yıl önce
Kelse is by far the funniest youtuber girlfriend that I always come back to see. Her bits are in my opinion just as good as Noel's. Def a smart move to replace that's cringe.
noémie Yıl önce
Kelsey laughing at that Paul Sive joke and saying it's "really funny" is true love
Grapple Juice
Grapple Juice Yıl önce
i love that he's still laughing at a joke he made like 3 years ago
Yadse wn Dé
Yadse wn Dé Yıl önce
I adored how she encouraged him to get the joke off. It's the little things
Akasha C-Z
Akasha C-Z Yıl önce
That joke was pretty funny tho js
So the name Naomi just wasn't cool enough for your parents 😆
me Yıl önce
@Akasha C-Z right lol she never lied
Chikako. Yıl önce
14:56 i love how you can pin-point here the moment she loses all of her faith in him. And then it cuts to him laughing almost diabolically.
10:23 You both instinctively going for the kiss at the exact same time is the cutest thing ever
The Immortal Sun-kun
9:32 I love Marky Mark’s little giggle as he asks that question. Truly diabolical!
Ahava Rosales
Ahava Rosales Yıl önce
Imagine this was a game show but for unknown criminals. Like we’d be catching them right then and there asking questions like “have you committed larceny?” or “gotten away with murder?” Or just really embarrassing shit. Yikes the travesty
salo mi
salo mi Yıl önce
none of it would be admissible in court lol
arjun gutta
arjun gutta Yıl önce
salo mi it’s probable cause for an arrest tho right?
salo mi
salo mi Yıl önce
@arjun gutta not really! I could say I commited fraud, but the police would have to investigate amd find proof before arresting me because even if I say I murdered someone, they couldn't do anything without knowing atleast who I said I murdered
Love Junkie
Love Junkie Yıl önce
They actually have asked questions like that on season 1 lol
Erin McLaughlin
Erin McLaughlin Yıl önce
I love these two with one another. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. However, from what I personally see. These two are couple goals. They seem like so much fun, both have a great sense of humor and truly seem to love one another.
eruprich Yıl önce
Kelsey looks like a goddess omg
Frog Enthusiast
Frog Enthusiast Yıl önce
Ikr omg, the dress and her hair look so pretty
maryam wehbeh
maryam wehbeh Yıl önce
I was thinking the same thing omg
Nk Yıl önce
Yes dude she looks so pretty
Luna Yıl önce
@UCsOUpCetXmZiKs11OZvZAtg ??????
kayla Yıl önce
Agreed 🥺🖤
John Kennamann
John Kennamann Yıl önce
Here's a little secret about the show. The contestants were polygraphed 2-3 days prior to being on the show. They knew all the questions prior and were able to communicate to whomever they wanted/needed to prior to the tape day.
April Yıl önce
LOVE the videos they do together. She's hilarious and they compliment each other so well! Ima need more of these
Ivy Hoss
Ivy Hoss Yıl önce
I would like to remind you all, these people took a polygraph test BEFORE they came on this show to answer these questions publicly... so they knew what would be asked of them and they went ahead with it anyway
Zalken Yıl önce
Kelsey is absolutely glowing in this and the green dress looks soo pretty on her wow
by-design 5 aylar önce
I love how Kelsey and Cody interact with each other💜 Kelsey you are the sweetest!
Kaari Urbanek
Kaari Urbanek Yıl önce
Lets talk about how gorgeous Kelsey looks in this shit
Poopidy Scoop
Poopidy Scoop Yıl önce
I’m here to agree, but the two bots are faster than me. 😔
YoshiThePuppet Yıl önce
@Poopidy Scoop simp... Part 2
nadia Yıl önce
she’s literally everything
David Acheson
David Acheson Yıl önce
Kelsey: I don’t wanna see poor old papa’s heart get broken Cody: LETS FUCKING GO PAUL
Roguest Owl
Roguest Owl Yıl önce
I’m weirdly proud of this guy for walking away with the money he already won.
Lisav 3 aylar önce
I love that Kelsey is so goofy. These two are a perfect pair. It’s rare to see this in relationships. ♥️
joobs Yıl önce
Please react to more of these! This is extremely entertaining and Kelsey and yours input and little jokes make it so much better. *bangs fist on the table* give us more!
TinderHeart Yıl önce
I love Kelsey's positive energy and I love how their energy matches! Its honestly so lucky
Jack Yıl önce
To be honest this guy is the perfect guy to be on the show. No shame, just answers
Whitney Dahlin
Whitney Dahlin Yıl önce
He walked away at 100,000!!! How much worse could the questions have gotten that a gambler walked away????!!!!
Mike Yıl önce
@Whitney Dahlin the show don't care who he is or how he spends it, they just want content
Whitney Dahlin
Whitney Dahlin Yıl önce
@Mike yeah but how could the questions have been any worse than what he already admitted???? His relationship is already over he admitted to being a gigalo and lying to his parents and collecting panties xD I just want to know what question did he know was coming up that he didn't want to answer??
Lily O'Bryan
Lily O'Bryan Yıl önce
@Whitney Dahlin probably if he's cheated on his girlfriend or some shit like that. Which I mean...we can all guess the answer to that question
Nick Benway
Nick Benway Yıl önce
@Mike sfizhpeosieta
Meghna Yıl önce
This girl probs took pity on him, always told herself, he’s a Chad, but he has a good heart. And now she regrets everything. Doesn’t look like they just started dating, given how upset the gf is. A new gf wouldn’t care as much I think… she’d be glad to be out. Fredrico is the kind of guy women don’t want their bfs or husbands hanging out with.
Caitlyn Lewis
Caitlyn Lewis Yıl önce
I just want to be friends with Cody and Kelsey they're so funny.
Caden Weems
Caden Weems 4 aylar önce
Imagine going on this show and admitting to one of your worst secrets only to hear “This answer is a lie”
Andre Gallegos
Andre Gallegos Yıl önce
Please make more of these!! My boyfriend and I can’t stop cringing and laughing our asses of at the same time
n 4 aylar önce
Kelsey honestly gives Noel a run for his money when it comes to being genuinely hilarious, and that’s incredible already
gg Aylar önce
AND does it without any kinda dark or offensive humor (i like noel but some jokes are too much lol)
n Aylar önce
@gg disagree, Noel’s dirty jokes make him better imo LMAO but only bc he does it for the right audience. Me. Kelsey’s humor is perfect for a more tame audience, and also not as slightly worse as Cody’s. He can be cringe sometimes and hilarious sometimes. But Kels and Noel never miss
Quinn Nichols
Quinn Nichols Yıl önce
Kelsey giving Cody that high five after he sang looked JUST like a preschool teacher high fiving a little kid that writes their name for the first time
beemo Yıl önce
I think she’s a teacher so that fits😂
polo raid
polo raid Yıl önce
kelsey being a preschool teacher makes this comment better
Heather Giddins
Heather Giddins Yıl önce
Does anyone else feel like Cody was admiring Kelsey the entire video? It's so wholesome
Priscila Yanez
Priscila Yanez Yıl önce
I literally love you guys. Thanks for doing what you do
Pranav Sood
Pranav Sood Yıl önce
the way they look at each other during few pauses is just sweet. God bless you both
lili Yıl önce
i love this series it makes me so uncomfortable yet is so hilarious
S -
S - Yıl önce
Kelsey is aging backwards. The longer Cody’s hair gets, the younger she becomes
JelloMello Yıl önce
Rapunzel au
Pixl Finch
Pixl Finch Yıl önce
You mean Cody is Rapunzel
ElderBings Yıl önce
So if Cody cuts his hair she will turn to wrinkly dust
Ja-y JTBD Yıl önce
Thought that straight away, she must have a really good skin routine or something
Mish Moosh
Mish Moosh Yıl önce
She’s only 27 …
Mister I Pooped Myself
Okay, just finished season one. This show is clearly rigged if you decide to go over the 100,000 dollar mark, lol. Still, thank you for introducing me to this gem, Kody Co
hbelle asmr 🌙🤍
18:55 "why is he dating her then?" men like this get girlfriends for other men, not for themselves. he's not gonna commit to one woman yet he wants the commitment from one to show that he can conquer and win a woman.
purplewalrus34 Yıl önce
cody, so proud of you for finally trying to learn how to script, shoot, and edit!!!
Rebel Yıl önce
I dream of a relationship like Cody and Kelsey. so much synergy working between y'all. its amazing
Cleodora 10 aylar önce
One of my friends died yesterday and I’ve felt so bad and heartbroken. Thank you guys for making me laugh with these videos. I needed it. 💕
tokwa’t baboy yummy
This show feels like SNL would write a skit for. This is too terrible yet entertaining and satisfying to be true
Sadness Yıl önce
How the duck is this satisfying??? Entertaining I can understand but..
M L Yıl önce
@Sadness lmao
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron Yıl önce
Definitely would have had Bill Hader as the host
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron Yıl önce
@Sadness The word comeuppance comes to mind
TheYo Show
TheYo Show Yıl önce
I LOVE that Kelsey gets fired up when people are idiots lol 😂
Ivan Rojas-Bautista
I’ve been going through a breakup and watching your videos has been helping me a lot . Thank you.
Sylvie Yıl önce
I feel you Kelsey as soon as I saw that rattail on the back of his neck I felt physically ill.
DaveMusic Yıl önce
From mildly likeable teddy bear to God of douche, what a character development!
Salsazilla Yıl önce
This show really breaks families and relationships apart while humiliating everyone involved. Incredible.
MA3 Yıl önce
Ikr? I. Love. It
Linxx Yıl önce
But M o n e y
Constanza Gomez
Constanza Gomez Yıl önce
their realationship is so cute, they match each others energy so well:}
Yuly Triana Lopez
Yuly Triana Lopez 9 aylar önce
You guys have the best chemistry and are so funny together :)
Tyler Hartman
Tyler Hartman Yıl önce
A couple of questions: 1) Once you answer the question, the truth will be revealed whether you lied or not. Therefore, what dignity is possibly saved by answering dishonestly? Everyone is about to find out regardless. What’s the point? Might as well collect the money! 2) That final question was NOT the toughest, in my opinion. I feel like “Have you ever paid for sex?” would have been potentially more embarrassing? Hilarious video as always! Xoxoxo
Garrett Files 999
Cody with all due respect my boy, don't ever let Kelsey go because she was the score of a lifetime. I'm halfway kidding, both of y'all are amazing n will last forever
Malazan 9 aylar önce
Kelsey looks incredible here! She brings such a great vibe to the videos also
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Yıl önce
Haven’t even started the video but PLEASE DO MORE
Mason Maret
Mason Maret Yıl önce
Raúl Molina
Raúl Molina Yıl önce
Christian Crab
Christian Crab Yıl önce
You speak for all of us
scarletsjazz Yıl önce
fr the first one was such a good video
Chef Dick
Chef Dick Yıl önce
Yes oh yeah I love this CREAMY content
Stephanie Lloyd
Stephanie Lloyd Aylar önce
I don't know who I'm more jealous of Kelsey or Cody! They are both fabulous ❤
AwfulMusik Yıl önce
Poor Maria, but you can tell just by looking at this man once, that he's a total douche. Like, the man has a freaking rat tail and look at his best friend, how could you not tell that he's trash? I hope Maria left him and found someone who will actually treat her better. Like, she genuinely looks surprised by his answers and it's so bewildering, she really had no idea that he was a pathetic tool? I just don't understand what she was thinking lol.
Aliesha Lepine
Aliesha Lepine 9 aylar önce
a lot of people hide their true intentions/personality until it’s forced out of them
Pocket Thoughts
Pocket Thoughts 9 aylar önce
i want to see kelsey do a routine to bring out her natural curls
Els Yıl önce
Cody making fun about this guys rattail like he doesn’t look like an old truck driver himself
Nacruno Creations
No, Cody does not look like an old truck driver. The only old thing here is this same repeated dumb joke on his videos, even though he said that he does nor like these jokes.
coolestto Yıl önce
I've watched the clip like eight times and I still cannot see a rat tail. I can see it's a little bit longer in the back but I don't understand why Kelsey says it's longer than her hair
far Yıl önce
Els Yıl önce
@far nooo ofcourse not hahaha I was just goofing I love Cody
Katie Does Know
Katie Does Know Yıl önce
Definitely need more! soooo funny, and kinda sad at the same time.
Duda Reis
Duda Reis Yıl önce
kelsey and her boyfriend are so funny honestly best couple
Noah Elkhiyari
Noah Elkhiyari Yıl önce
Who's her boyfriend?
Janene Bebebe
Janene Bebebe Yıl önce
@Noah Elkhiyari idk some old guy
BinChilling Yıl önce
@Janene Bebebe honestly he’s pretty funny he should start a TRvid channel imo
eggnoglogdog Yıl önce
@BinChilling no point he'd die of old age before 10M
Chad Yıl önce
They’re pretty cute despite the huge age gap
Steve Matin
Steve Matin Yıl önce
This goes back to the golden rule of never trusting a guy with two first names.
backshotsbarbra Yıl önce
I want a relationship like Cody and Kelsey have😩
bluevelv Yıl önce
whenever cody makes videos with kelsey they ALWAYS look at each other's lips while commentating and it's the cutest thing ever
Kaylee Heriges
Kaylee Heriges Yıl önce
I love how all of these comments is just everyone talking about how gorgeous Kelsey always looks. And her skin is so clearrr
Tara Henley
Tara Henley Yıl önce
I used to watch this show when it was on and I'm so glad this was rediscovered because I was starting to believe it was a fever dream.
nathalie miller
nathalie miller Yıl önce
this is like a show for people who can’t break up with their partners so they come here to try to get rid of them
nathalie miller
nathalie miller Yıl önce
and it also gets rid of everyone else in ur life too so bonus
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme Yıl önce
Hollywood witness protection program
BOI Yıl önce
That’s actually almost exclusively who they asked sought out when casting for this show.
Nunpho Yıl önce
@nathalie miller that's exactly what I've been thinking 😂
Dog Mom
Dog Mom Yıl önce
He almost seemed relieved at the end that all this finally came out or just relieved to get off the show idk which