Couple Plays AGREE TO DISAGREE (someone lying...)

David Alvareeezy
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David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 6 aylar önce
hope you like the series! got 1 more for you coming in a few days! please share this video or give it a lot of love. working my ass off to try and get you guys better and better content! we ON OUR WAY! love you
Natasha 6 aylar önce
you're doing amazing, David! I always love your content! Thank you for the time and good energy you put into your vids! They make my day!
Mr MakeShft
Mr MakeShft 6 aylar önce
@Courtney Chest Now that would be not just comedic, because of Kian. I think they don't interact on camera together enough. Same with Jc and is he dating Chelsea or is he single currently? I just know of that duo as the gen-z Ross and Rachel
Courtney Chest
Courtney Chest 6 aylar önce
Kian and Ayla would be interesting
Mr MakeShft
Mr MakeShft 6 aylar önce
@M I meant that webber...lol thanks
not THAT bxtch :]
not THAT bxtch :] 6 aylar önce
i love that you changed your last name to Alvareeezy on here 🤣🤣
Cakewaltz 6 aylar önce
I love how David always adds on to their little arguments it’s so funny😭😭
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana 6 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-a8fVJaHyS60.html vlog :)
Nikolina 6 aylar önce
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 6 aylar önce
i add the funny
Hiba Rashad
Hiba Rashad 6 aylar önce
You can always count on David to test his friends relationships lmaoo
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana 6 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-a8fVJaHyS60.html vlog :D
Hiba Rashad
Hiba Rashad 6 aylar önce
@Zayn Malik omg zayn Malik
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik 6 aylar önce
David is always the mediator lol with Nezza and Crawf, KNJ and maybe Andy and Danny 😂 or maybe with Jake and Tara or Tara and Reggie 😂
Makayla Muse
Makayla Muse 6 aylar önce
It’s insane that they’ve only been together for 2 years it feels like so much longer. I love y’all as a couple and all of you as friends. Y’all are doing amazing!
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana 6 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-a8fVJaHyS60.html vlog ;)
iSAFAE 6 aylar önce
nezza is one of the most honest people i watch on youtube she literally wears her heart on her sleeve, like when she's asked a question you just know whatever will come out of her mouth is gonna be the honest truth and she doesn't even care. i love her and crawf so much they're so well suited it's insaneeeee
aye 5 aylar önce
!!!! its admirable
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana 6 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-a8fVJaHyS60.html vlog !
Lauren 6 aylar önce
David always knows how to stir things up 😂 loving the vids, keep them coming!!
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana 6 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-a8fVJaHyS60.html vlog ;D
Kevin Langue
Kevin Langue 6 aylar önce
blær olivia
blær olivia 3 aylar önce
HeLa 6 aylar önce
david is actually the underrated comic of all his friend groups, he's actually funny as hell
MrsStonky 21 gün önce
at first i thought him starting a jubilee/cut style content was going to be bad but its actually very entertaining
Gabriela Gonzalez Moran
I love Nezza and Crawford’s relationship, but I equally enjoy David’s videos!! Kept laughing and smiling through it all
Husna Hashim
Husna Hashim 6 aylar önce
I love how david knows exactly how to test their friendship. You should do this with the merrell twins and their partners. Love your vids!
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana 6 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-a8fVJaHyS60.html vlog !!
Luz Alvarez
Luz Alvarez 6 aylar önce
I agree with Nezza, the last couple of years I’ve been thinking of how I would love a wedding but not an actual marriage
kayla 6 aylar önce
@Luz Alvarez Yes! Thank You! I've been with my boyfriend 7 years, & we're both 24 years old, & we both agreed, we probably won't be getting married. It's not something either of us want honestly.
amelia 6 aylar önce
@Luz Alvarez exactly!!!!
Luz Alvarez
Luz Alvarez 6 aylar önce
@amelia thank you Amelia ❤️ I’m not saying I’m completely opposed to the idea, I just don’t want to do it because it’s what everyone else expects us to do. It’s all about what feels right for the pair, as long as you’re happy that is all that matters
amelia 6 aylar önce
@Luz Alvarez you worded this beautifully. just bc you don’t necessarily want a “marriage” does NOT mean you’re scared of committment, marriage can definitely add a lot of unnecessary strain/tension on a relationship that otherwise wouldn’t really be an issue. while i do want to be married, it’s also totally normal to not feel it’s necessary.
Emmily Fernandes
Emmily Fernandes 6 aylar önce
That’s cuz you’re afraid of the commitment that marriage holds. It isn’t just a contract. It’s a level up. Engagement is a level up from dating, so on and so forth.
One Day
One Day 6 aylar önce
This series is gold… It’s mentally and emotionally challenging lol
Logan Milisits
Logan Milisits 6 aylar önce
ID LOVE TO SEE THIS SERIES WITH JC & CHELSEY OR KIAN & AYLA!!!! (if they were comfortable w/ it!)🥰
jaqueline martinez
jaqueline martinez 6 aylar önce
I agree
Alyssa Almaraz
Alyssa Almaraz 6 aylar önce
obsessed w david’s content recently, so happy to see how far you’ve come!!!
Alyssa Almaraz
Alyssa Almaraz 6 aylar önce
@David Alvareeezy omg what no way😭😭 it’s @alyssaalmaraz thank you sm!!🫶
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 6 aylar önce
alyssa you won! what’s ur venmo?!
Jessie tait
Jessie tait 6 aylar önce
honestly the best couple you can get to play this 😭🤣
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 6 aylar önce
they’re good!!
AG 6 aylar önce
This is definitely one of my favorite series that David has done and I feel like he can really make an entire series out of it and it can (hopefully)do really well!
Soph🌈 6 aylar önce
Lol David always knows how to test a friendship 😭😂😂
Jas K
Jas K 6 aylar önce
Loved this video! Always interesting to see how couples feel compared to friends. Would love to see this with JC and Chelsey and also Kian and Ayla. 😆
Whateverable111 6 aylar önce
I love these videos simply bc we hear so many human parts of these ppl like the making sure their feelings were real and not grieving was so good and validating to hear, thank you for sharing
Stefhanie Paucar
Stefhanie Paucar 6 aylar önce
Love this series and what a lovely couple.
Shannon Legacy
Shannon Legacy 6 aylar önce
Honestly this is a good ass video David, I laughed more than once for the record. Anywho, my cousin introduced me to Kian & JC and the whole crew about a year ago and I keep finding more and more of you but I feel like your videos are the most interesting lately fr 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know I’m not first 500 comments but damn I need to win I’m so broke and I actually appreciate the homies ✌🏻
Zoella Nanez
Zoella Nanez 6 aylar önce
It's actually very interesting to see that people can actually live a long happy relationship and stick together without marriage We don't have that in my country I can't see that happening Signing the paper isn't the proof of your love but it is a big sign of your commitment to that person I wouldn't wanna have it any other way honestly
Taylor 6 aylar önce
for real I felt bad for him
User 6 aylar önce
Thank uuuu, like come on nezza, Crawford deserves better
katie R
katie R 6 aylar önce
LOVE this series! been watching for awhile and the videos keep getting better every time!!
Isabel 6 aylar önce
Damn David be breaking up couples and friendships with these interviews 😂 Love you dude
Lauren7x13 6 aylar önce
I absolutely love this series. So good, David! 🥂
Brittney Wong
Brittney Wong 6 aylar önce
i always appreciate the hard work you put into your content, david 🤍 can’t wait to see more!
katie langworthy
katie langworthy 3 aylar önce
i struggle with really bad anxiety, insomnia, and restless legs (all caused by and feeding off each other lmfao🥲😂) and these videos are some of the only things that chill me out enough to rest and relax. thats pretty cool so thanks homie 😊🤍 side note, a fun twist on these videos might be to do an agree to disagree video combined with the truth or drink idea :) much love 😌
Dakota Beeler
Dakota Beeler 6 aylar önce
Not far into the video but I know it’s gunna be hilarious because David and Nezza are so funny together!
Erica Holt
Erica Holt 6 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see more of these series! Keep up the great content David :)
Maram Badad
Maram Badad 6 aylar önce
love this series!! cant wait to see who else you’ll have on it
Sierra Freeman
Sierra Freeman 6 aylar önce
I love this series!! Please do more! every episode I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. It's helping me get abs. lol
pg 6 aylar önce
Absolute love this series! So happy nezza and Crawford got picked to do this!
Kristina Olajos
Kristina Olajos 6 aylar önce
Love your videos, you always manage to make me smile even when I’m not in a good mood😁❤️
Oumaima Fliou
Oumaima Fliou 6 aylar önce
Love this series. Keep them coming ♥️♥️
Taylor Christine
Taylor Christine 6 aylar önce
I love this so much! Do Chels and JC next!! 🔥👍🏽😊 Also LOVE them together, they vibe extremely well together! I would have never guessed it, but now I’m obsessed! ♥️
Wendy Reyes
Wendy Reyes 6 aylar önce
I love these videos David, keep it up because these genuinely make my day 🙌🏽
Rubi Malagon
Rubi Malagon 6 aylar önce
Loving the content lately❤️ Keep up with the great videos!!!
Alana Nicole
Alana Nicole 6 aylar önce
I LOVEEE this series! It’s so funny and and real. Such a good video!
Emma Noack
Emma Noack 6 aylar önce
i LOVED this video! david, you never disappoint! i always laugh so fucking hard every time i watch one of your videos! keep killing it! you’re definitely one of the best!💙💙💙
BethanyPaez 5 aylar önce
Love all your videos!! This series is one of my favorites you have done so far😆😆😆
Amani Braithwaite
Amani Braithwaite 6 aylar önce
david’s videos always brighten up my day 🤣🤣
Jendoubi Takwa
Jendoubi Takwa 3 aylar önce
Honestly, I laughed my eyes out because of David 😂!! He's like the second girlfriend, especially when he was like: " You'r so inconsiderate sometimes''🤣 🤣he is such a funny guy LOLLLLL 🤣😂😂
Cindy 6 aylar önce
I loved this video, I Admire they’re relationship and was excited when they announced it, I hope they last forever 🥰🤞🏽
Mallika Kureshi
Mallika Kureshi 6 aylar önce
Love love the videos! Always ready and waiting for an upload ☺️ They make my day. This friend group is so fun
Serena Aliya
Serena Aliya 6 aylar önce
This has become my favorite series!! Go off David 👏
Madeleine Van der Merwe
Everyone in this video is absolutely hilarious😂😂 I laughed out loud a lot in this video and that's unusual for me
Alicia De Beer
Alicia De Beer 6 aylar önce
I love David’s videos it always puts me in a better mood☺️
Aliah Aguilar
Aliah Aguilar 6 aylar önce
This series is everything! David really doing it out here ☝🏽😮‍💨
AG 6 aylar önce
Madison Phillips
Madison Phillips 6 aylar önce
I love the honesty in this vid! I feel like Nezza balances Crawf just as much as he balances her! Love this vid and how real and honest it is! :)
Khushi 6 aylar önce
loveeeee the efforts and ideas you are putting in David💗
Jade Stark
Jade Stark 6 aylar önce
Love these videos! Keep doing your thing, David!
Asia Nelson
Asia Nelson 6 aylar önce
david, you make the best videos! thanks for keeping us entertained haha
mangosdiane 6 aylar önce
Wooo! I’m SO proud of you for making this series papo! Love you always
lily's memory dump
lily's memory dump 6 aylar önce
Props to David for making content everyone loves 🤝
Emily Boone
Emily Boone 6 aylar önce
Your series always make my day!!! You are an awesome creator and deserve a show on Netflix okaayyyy💰😝
lily navarrete
lily navarrete 6 aylar önce
David you always make my day better with your videos!❤️
Oliwia Dunat
Oliwia Dunat 6 aylar önce
I looove the series! so freaking funny 😂❤️
Megan Brito
Megan Brito 6 aylar önce
Obsessed w David's content and I absolutely love this series 🤌🏽❤️
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 6 aylar önce
my fav couple with my fav youtube love to see it. I hope we can get more couples from the friend group! 😁
I been watching this series all dayyy. pls never stop! Love ya from Canada 🇨🇦❤️
Tim Mahler
Tim Mahler 6 aylar önce
These two are such inspiration to me. Relationship wise. David you’re pretty dope too.
Ashley 6 aylar önce
I love when David does these videos with couples, they’re always so interesting to watch 😭😂🥰
Letícia Correia
Letícia Correia 6 aylar önce
David you made my day better, keep up with the great videos man!!
Prancing 🐈 Violet 💐
Awesome fun video. Love y'all ❤️ please do this again with Nezza and Crawford 😁
alexandra gale
alexandra gale 6 aylar önce
you’re the best david. you helped me get out of my DV situation. even tho i’m homeless w my pup you have gotten me thro a lot these past 2.5 years.
Sierra Ceron
Sierra Ceron 6 aylar önce
@alexandra gale I understand; take care!
alexandra gale
alexandra gale 6 aylar önce
@Sierra Ceron no, not everyone believes there’s some man in the sky i’m sorry but no. thank you though for being kind.
Sierra Ceron
Sierra Ceron 6 aylar önce
God sees you and He’s got your back even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. I’m glad you left that situation and I hope things get better for you soon (and just know that they WILL get better). Take care and remember that you are loved and wanted in this world💗
Haley Reicen
Haley Reicen 6 aylar önce
We can always count on david to give us a banger!!
Shelsss 6 aylar önce
I can’t wait to see how this goes bc they are def one of my fav couples rn….can’t wait for the dirty lol 😂😂
jisooism 6 aylar önce
This video really helped bring my mood up. Thank you so much!!! These videos are some of the best
David Alvareeezy
David Alvareeezy 6 aylar önce
glad to help :)
Nancy Solis
Nancy Solis 6 aylar önce
Loving the content you’ve been putting out! Keep it up! 🤘🏽
Kenzie 6 aylar önce
so glad you’ve been posting more!!! love your videos & you are one of the funniest in the friend group david
Mackenzie Potter
Mackenzie Potter 6 aylar önce
Love this series can’t wait for the next people ❤️❤️
Bona Fide
Bona Fide 6 aylar önce
This video was amazingly intense and funny. David is Kai Cenat level instigator in a good way lol I love Crawford and Nezza so much. They're so honest and open to each other. Seems like a really healthy relationship
icee 6 aylar önce
i love your videos they are always entertaining! david is so underrated tbh
Thiana Reyes
Thiana Reyes 6 aylar önce
I love these videos! David keep up the good work! 👏🏽
Nikki 6 aylar önce
As someone who has planned a wedding, and an inexpensive, fairly easy wedding, the planning is the stressful part 😂 Though you can have the wedding and "marriage" without signing papers lol
Sky 6 aylar önce
Nezza I gotta say I 110% agree with you on the marriage thing. I’ve been saying that for awhile and I’ve gotten a few mixed reactions. But given since it’s also how I was brought in my family and my parents never being married, it puts things in perspective because it’s different from the norm. Weddings are super fun and so meaningful and create amazing memories and I love thinking of my own all the time. The funny thing is I actually don’t think I’d want a wedding, I feel like the reason we might always think about,make comments, tease and hint about it is because it’s such a normal thing to do. It’s just human nature to want a wedding even if we don’t want it you know? I’m so happy I can relate someone on that subject because I think this should also be normalized too.
Maggie Madden
Maggie Madden 6 aylar önce
Such a good couple, so excited to watch
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose 6 aylar önce
David’s vids never disappoint 😌😂
bam's dandelion
bam's dandelion 6 aylar önce
you gotta do a part two with them lol this trio is so iconic
Yaquelin Moreno
Yaquelin Moreno 6 aylar önce
So excited for this video David!! Loving this series!!❤️❤️
Esmeralda Carrasco
Esmeralda Carrasco 6 aylar önce
Love your videos David! Always excited to watch😄
Mariah Flores
Mariah Flores 6 aylar önce
Loving these videos, such a good series!!!
Jess Stylinson
Jess Stylinson 6 aylar önce
i love them so much together , theyre my favorite youtube couple cause they are real , not for clout like 95% of other yt couples , & with this interview I ship them even harder . hehe x
Marcia Fuentes
Marcia Fuentes 6 aylar önce
We can always count on David to expose his friends lol
Kirsten Luteraan
Kirsten Luteraan 6 aylar önce
loving this new series, all your videos make me die laughing 😊😊
Cristina Barajas
Cristina Barajas 6 aylar önce
“Oh this is getting good” 😂 David’s videos are always the best
ticforlove 6 aylar önce
I understand what Nezza means about marriage. Theres a wedding and then there’s marriage. A wedding is a celebration of a couples love, with all their loved ones, it signifies that, two peoples loves being celebrated with everyone theyre close with. Marriage is beyond that, if its necessary or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if love is strong technically it won’t be necessary, but there are a lot if layers to the “it wont be necessary “ because marriage is a legal construct, that has extended to be a social construct
Corine Charlier
Corine Charlier 6 aylar önce
love your videos david, thank you for the amazing content🫶!!!
Kelsey 6 aylar önce
Ive been loving your channel!! The vids keep getting better and better! Much love xx
Cherish 6 aylar önce
Really liked this video and loving the series so far great job David
pinkdansparis 6 aylar önce
So happy to see this serious continue!
Leydi Mariela Cruz Calderon
Best video hands down! You go David! Killing it 👌🏽
Diana 6 aylar önce
I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! it’s so intriguing
tiffanyt 6 aylar önce
i absolutely love this series ❤️❤️❤️
Whateverable111 6 aylar önce
this was one of my favorites dudes, great video, you're rlly pushing it for the content
Tiff Dull-Huttis
Tiff Dull-Huttis 6 aylar önce
Love your videos, loved your previous content, but your new format is fresh and just as entertaining and funny.
herewithriss 6 aylar önce
Loving your content and have been binge watching hahaha keep it up 💕
kaysonyada buttercup
kaysonyada buttercup 6 aylar önce
Ok so I've just started watching these video series and they're funny and interesting. I am going to subscribe because I wanna see more, also I would love to see Jake and Tara and Sam and Colby
Vanessa Sanchez
Vanessa Sanchez 6 aylar önce
Keep it up with the good content David ! Vid was funny af 😂