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i love country music


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27 Haz 2022




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Jarvis Johnson! GOLD
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Mrs.Galloway Aylar önce
@It's Just Alicia I didn’t know that 😯 thank u!
Mrs.Galloway Aylar önce
I already use native it’s actually good guys the citrus one is my fave.
It's Just Alicia
It's Just Alicia Aylar önce
Hey, if you use Native and have cats, make sure none of your products from them have tea tree in them, even breathing tea tree oil in can k!ll cats. That's why I haven't tried out their deodorants yet =/
StampyX Aylar önce
9:36 no way we where thinking of the same song I started singing it right before you did 😂
CheesyPopTart Aylar önce
Y’all he doesn’t get enough money from TRvid because of demonetization. He has to have sponsors to be able to support the channel. Don’t be mad at him, be mad at TRvid.
Katie Kindred
Katie Kindred Aylar önce
Jarvis has no business sounding this good????? Like the vocal runs?? Immaculate ✨
Gabe H
Gabe H Aylar önce
@Kaunoe Literally as soon as i heard that, i went to the comments
Kaunoe Aylar önce
9:38 The run tho 😳
Chanelle Felder
Chanelle Felder Aylar önce
And now that I think of it: Jarvis Johnson is a fantastic name for a country singer ijs!
livenandlove1980 Aylar önce
Right! I was like, Jarvis should sing country!
xmarksthespot Aylar önce
He straight ATE that verse at the end too
Kate W
Kate W Aylar önce
Jarvis going off about zoning was probably the best thing I've seen all week. I love any good discussion about urban planning, zoning, or transportation.
K Bee
K Bee Aylar önce
He’s really inadvertently tapped in to the heart of Nashville with that commentary lol
sabrina x
sabrina x Aylar önce
Girl same 😂😭
Sachary Thing
Sachary Thing Aylar önce
One thing about Native’s deodorant is if you have sensitive underarms DO NOT USE IT. baking soda messes with the ph of your skin and while it doesnt affect everyone, it made my underarms get super red and flaky. Loved Native until that happened lol.
A little frog 🐸
A little frog 🐸 Aylar önce
Same thing happened to me, my armpits got super irritated. It seems counterintuitive bc I’ve got sensitive skins and usually can’t do scented products, but I use regular deodorants. Natural deodorants also often have no *artificial* scents but then they have various citrus essential oils and those set off my dermatitis so bad 😭😭
Jada Clark
Jada Clark Aylar önce
The majority of what they sang wasn't country. And for the record, all the best country singers maintain their accent while singing. Their accents are just that thick. You could compare their singing and regular speaking easily. Some examples: Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, and Josh Turner. Some of the newer singers I think are altering their accents while singing. I haven't liked country in a long time. The only new songs I like are Miranda Lambert's songs.
Audrey Bea
Audrey Bea Aylar önce
I do think it's really easy to add a country accent while singing tho. I've done it before plenty of times as a joke and there's a ton of country artists that are from like Oregon or somewhere nowhere near the south that just put on a southern accent for their songs.
Malin B
Malin B Aylar önce
i used to be a "everything but country" person, but then i realized that i actually just don't like most modern country music (something i started to realize after watching the bo burnham special where he sings about pandering in country), and have since gotten like really into glen campbell, dolly parton, johnny cash, hank williams, and ray charles' country stuff. gentle on my mind and wichita lineman by glen campbell are two of my favourite songs atm.
Malin B
Malin B Aylar önce
@Cacjams yesss, that's my all time favourite, also how i discovered him.
A m e s
A m e s Aylar önce
Ren Aylar önce
Theres this beautiful old Spanish song my mom loved about angels, why they never paint the angels black. I don't remember the name I don't speak Spanish
Cacjams Aylar önce
SAME. I also love Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen.
josh knollenberg
josh knollenberg Aylar önce
@ontxtteredwxngs man I know country music is a paints a large stroke All I’m sayin is I’d put ray charles more in the rnb category rather than in a conversation about country music as a whole
I C Aylar önce
Regular Jarvis: I don't like country music Radio Jarvis: and I know every word to every song 🤠
MK ULTRA 11 gün önce
@Allison Avery Meanwhile I'm the opposite. I can't remember rap lyrics to save my life even though hip hop is over half of my playlist, but I can tell you all about chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right, and the radio uuuuuuup. I have no idea how I can sing along with Wagon Wheel when I'm about as country as Panda Express.
Trisha Lennex
Trisha Lennex 25 gün önce
A lot of those songs I’ve never considered country
❺6❼ persacom
❺6❼ persacom Aylar önce
ahhh garfields toes D:
Allison Avery
Allison Avery Aylar önce
Lol, that's how ADHD brain works lol
Rhapsodic Aylar önce
I mean 3 doors down and Daughtry are the most not-country of country things possible. I didn't know anyone considered them not rock/pop.
ittybittynautilus Aylar önce
the most insane thing about this is that of all the tiktoks shown here, all but ONE of these songs weren't even country. half of them I hear on the regular on the local rock radio channel. the second most insane thing is that there weren't even pizzas in those boxes.
Erika Gluck
Erika Gluck Aylar önce
I like to call it grocery store music. A classic Kroger/Mariano’s hybrid mix CD.
MsSphinx91 Aylar önce
There was more than one, though I guess people would call certain songs "country rock." But yeah, some songs weren't even that.
The Dynast Queen
The Dynast Queen Aylar önce
One of them was Puddle of Mudd's Blurry, the fact I knew that upsets me as I expected some Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson or you know REBA!! 😕
Nik Aylar önce
As someone who grew up in Alabama hearing someone be absolutely stunned by the country voice is wild. Yes Jarvis, these accents are real and so are the double first names.
Erika Aylar önce
I taught in rural Alabama. You’re right: the accents are real, the double names are real, and *bonus* the middle names used as first names because their first name is a family name is also real.
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@Nik yep im from dallas so we have that typical texas accent and though i try to hide it, it shows up when I sang. sang a darren criss song and my friend said "oh cool, a country version" and i wasn't even trying to do that. sigh.
Bec Aylar önce
I have a double first name and so does my younger sister. It's the way it be
Saibellus Aylar önce
I just visited my friend in alabama for the first time and the sheer volume of huge trucks and stupid names was awe inspiring. I felt like david attenborough just...observing the alien intricacy of nature.
Nik Aylar önce
@joywolf83 why is that hilarious? The accents require entirely different mouth movements, it makes sense country accents would come out more and British accents would come out less (generally speaking, of course.)
The autistic academic
“I’m here to pour beer on people’s faces” was incredible. Exceeded all of my expectations.
Becky Lee
Becky Lee Aylar önce
My favorite example of the country music singing voice is Keith Urban. Australian accent when he speaks, completely country twang when he sings. It's amazing, honestly. Also, hope Dipper didn't break anything!
Artistic Fruit loops
This was just so Jarvis could show his hidden country talent
ceasar salad
ceasar salad Aylar önce
Ur_local_lesbian Aylar önce
@H p yesssss
Ur_local_lesbian Aylar önce
Maybe lol
H p
H p Aylar önce
Jarvis vocals + Danny beat for a George Jones remix "You're The Reason God Made TRvid Collabs" would slap Could also throw in something about "He Stopped Subbing Her Today"
Roll face on keyboard
Jarvis about to drop a country album you watch
Bunny Aylar önce
Radio!Jarvis' look of realization when the lyrics click in his memory is so funny and endearing
Solo Grayson
Solo Grayson Aylar önce
Them: SING THIS COUNTRY SONG OR GET BEER'D Also them: plays alt rock from the 90s - 00s
TygerInTheNight Aylar önce
As someone who lives in a southern area, the accent kinda just happens when you start to get emotional. I don't usually have strong county accent, but I notice I start to sound really country when I'm arguing with someone. So, they're pretty much just activating emotional voice for the song
/Nicolas\ 16 gün önce
Yes! I’m from the south (not a Deep South person though), and my accent really pops out when I’m frustrated
Shawna F
Shawna F Aylar önce
I think that’s just accents in general, I’ve lived on the east coast for 10 years so I mostly lost my accent, but the Midwest accent is super strong if I’m drunk or arguing lol.
Cait Henry
Cait Henry Aylar önce
Yes! I have family down south and I've lived there almost a decade before moving back to the midwest and my accent I picked up gets so strong when I'm drunk and/or angry/heated about something...or have to use my customer service voice lol
N Brown
N Brown Aylar önce
love seeing your lyric knowledge, but i love your GLASSES even more. wish i knew who made them because those would 100% be my next pair. i’m a sucker for tortoiseshell. i’m also fascinated by how you don’t readjust them by pushing them up, you adjust them carefully from the side. a very ✨gold ✨ way to do it.
N Brown
N Brown Aylar önce
@Ana i’ll look at those too! thank you :)
Ana Aylar önce
I think he and I may have the same glasses, or if not, then extremely similar. They’re the Arlen frames from Warby Parker!
N Brown
N Brown Aylar önce
@Ev C thanks! i’ll look and see if i can find them. didn’t even think anyone would give me a tip on where to start looking, so i appreciate it!
Ev C
Ev C Aylar önce
I think they might be Ralph Lauren/Polo brand?
tyler Aylar önce
guys don't listen to him. its not free. jarvis actually comes to your house, breaks both of your knees, then steals all your money. trust me, not him.
cyrus! 12 gün önce
@Skag Sisyphus this is dedication
Skag Sisyphus
Skag Sisyphus Aylar önce
I used to go to his videos. I thought I was clever. I thought I could win this foolish game. How could he force me to pay for his products, his videos, if I had no money to take? What could he possibly do? He is the least threatening man to have ever existed. I could not have been more wrong, though I could not know it until it was far too late. At first, he was not upset. He would shrug off the payment he was due by announcing that, at least this time, it was free. With a sweet smile, he would then confess to me that to him, I was premium. I now wonder, does he tell everyone watching the prerecorded video that they're premium? After gluttonously binging his content without shame, he finally came for payment. This video would not be free. My debts had cascaded into a bulbous, towering, imposing, and unescapable panopticon . I should have known that I was being watched. He came in the early light of dawn and damned me to the pits of hell. I now have no choice but to wander the youtube comments section among the other lost souls, an endless and sickening display of posting, commenting, subscribing, liking. Staring up at that accursed [ l> ]TRvid play button, I ululate, "This is what our greed has wrought." As a final sick and twisted joke, next to the dreaded logo reads [ l> ]Premium.
no Aylar önce
@cyrus! wait so you are saying jarvis actively LOOKED FOR and STOLE pride flags??? we stan a fellow LGBTQ+ ally🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈Jarvis is an iconic LGBTQ legend!!!🌈🌈🌈
Roni M
Roni M Aylar önce
Oh god, we're turning Jarvis into Jerma levels of fan lore now huh?
Literally Throwing
Literally Throwing Aylar önce
Like I'd listen to a guy named Tyler I'm gonna' go answer this suspicious knock on my door now
Indigo Aylar önce
Jarvis- the way you remembered that 3 doors down song is exactly how I remembered it. I heard it once in the gps aisle of an Office Depot and it took 7 years to find it again
bunnypkay Aylar önce
@meagan oxley best reply
meagan oxley
meagan oxley Aylar önce
seems like the gps did a pretty shitty job if it took you 7 years to get to your destination
J K Aylar önce
I love these types of vids where you subject yourself to the things. They’re mellow and entertaining. Side note: Those glasses were a good choice, they frame your face beautifully!
Jake Feng
Jake Feng Aylar önce
i’m not a country Boy but i do go to school for music, specifically vocal! i’m no expert on country, but the vocals are genre specific and involve a lot of twang that is trained and learned, chances are it’s more ingrained and easier to connect with if it’s culturally authentic. something cool about country vocals is how they sort of mimic instruments of the genre. so yeah at least for what i know of female vocals, sometimes people just turn the accent on and use a mixed tone to achieve the twang so it’s a trained thing and usually needs to be studied/understood in order to achieve an accurate tone
Avi Blue Emery
Avi Blue Emery Aylar önce
singing in a “country accent” is a primal instinct that southerners use to survive
Intern_Dana Aylar önce
there's honestly something about that the Country Singing Voice. a lot of country singers are genuinely southern, but tbh most singers fake it. like, it *has* to sound like you grew up on a southern farm or else its not ""authentic"" otherwise (even though most country musicians, southern or otherwise, grew up in the suburbs or cities). its especially noticeable in country music produced after 2001. that's also when the genre took a turn towards Bro Country and away from working class issues
/Nicolas\ 16 gün önce
I’m a southern rural person, and I approve this message ✅
no name
no name 19 gün önce
It's called a "twang"
Quirky Black Enby
Quirky Black Enby 21 gün önce
@Alex Reid omg I was mad when I realized
Sullen Dragon
Sullen Dragon 24 gün önce
@Максим Шилов I love (some of) The Dead South! Haven't made it all the way through their stuff yet. (And I'm very partial to old, old country, not newer beer-and-trucks country, so idk if that matters.)
Jason Achilles
Jason Achilles Aylar önce
your musical recollection anecdote is the single most relatable thing i have ever heard another person say ive done basically that same thing to remember songs since i was like 7
Andrew Aylar önce
The speaking accents are all of course real, but you’re right in thinking the singing accents are exaggerated. This is probably just due to them imitating the country singers they enjoyed while growing up, but the inclusion of “the accent” is essential to country music today. As country has moved away from its classic instrumentation, it sounds more and more like everything else on the radio. Singing with a southern accent allows you to define it as a country song rather than pop or hip hop
April Falcon
April Falcon Aylar önce
Right at the beginning, I'm already loving Jarvis's energy in this one. Seems like it's gonna be fun
HBOMB Scantling
HBOMB Scantling Aylar önce
I'm from the country and I can confirm that I normally have a somewhat northern accent, but in these guys' defenses anytime I go home and am around my fellow hillbillies or watch a lot of media with it my accent comes back pretty strong, and it definitely does if I sing any country music lol
Echolotalia Brokenflight
kinda surprised it took jarvis so long to realize how prevalent country music is on tiktok, especially since his good friend, fellow youtuber and tiktok star, Kurtis Connor, has released his country debut song "Blood-Related" a while back! anyway, really diggin the look, jarvis. stay gold 💛 ✨️
サムくま Aylar önce
“Blood related” is the only country song I like
misses elise
misses elise Aylar önce
and how a lot of these songs aren’t even country songs
M J Aylar önce
I think there's a sing-song quality to Southern accents, and Country music really highlights it? There's like a rhythm to it.
Leopardsun Aylar önce
I'm really glad these guys are having their fun, it seems harmless and wholesome for the most part, especially compared to a lot of stuff on TikTok
Quita Bananaz
Quita Bananaz Aylar önce
The Jarvis Johnson GOOOLLLLLLDDDD intro brings me so much joy, I can’t even explain it. I can’t believe it’s free… it… it IS free. 😅 (Gets me every time.)
Quita Bananaz
Quita Bananaz Aylar önce
Also: SING, JARVIS! We see you!!
lesaubergines Aylar önce
It’s always been super interesting how we don’t sing in English accents. There are some exceptions, Lily Allen and Kate Nash for example, but I’ve always found it fascinating. Even the Beatles didn’t sing in their accents. It’s wild.
Smookiechu Aylar önce
Ok but Jarvis is proving himself to be a really good singer in this video what
silo yom
silo yom 17 gün önce
@Shellie Robillard thank you 😊
Shellie Robillard
Shellie Robillard 17 gün önce
@silo yom you're wholesome
silo yom
silo yom 23 gün önce
@Kira Lonely i don’t think you sounded rude. It’s very sweet of you to make that edit though. For context, people, /lh means /lighthearted (they’re called tone indicators) I could tell you were joking but other people may have not. I enjoy seeing super caring people like you out there bruh uwu
silo yom
silo yom 23 gün önce
Oh yeah jarvis has CORDS
Magassy Mbow
Magassy Mbow Aylar önce
in THIS video!? dat boy BEEN SINGING LOL
Penelope Falkov
Penelope Falkov Aylar önce
I live in the 615 and country music singers theater kid energy is the most accurate description of all the people flocking to Nashville to try and Landon’s record deal. These people want record deals. This whole house is an advert for their music careers. To quote Bo Burnham, they’re panderin’
성이름 Aylar önce
12:35 but isn't Johnson used as a first name sometimes? That means your name a double name too😭 You also seem to know a lot of the songs they're singing and I think you mimic the voice very well... You have the knowledge, the voice, AND the name (you also have premium viewers who would listen to your music) Maybe this is sign that you should start a country music career?
MsSphinx91 Aylar önce
Can't say I've ever heard of Johnson used as a first name. If I did, I would think that's a bit strange, but I wouldn't see a problem with it.
August Hawley
August Hawley Aylar önce
I was raised on country music (don't really listen to much of it anymore though) and I don't think people suddenly gain an accent when singing, it's more of the shape of your mouth when you sing. A more flat or wide or square shape to your mouth (or keeping your soft pallet low, if you know choral terms) is going to give it more of a "country" or rural sound, whereas having a tall + round shape (lifting your soft pallet) is going to sound more "normal". My HS choir director actually taught us that you can sing in a totally different language but still have an american southern accent just by keeping your soft pallet too low/mouth too wide. edit: obviously that's not exactly the same as an actual southern accent, but a country accent and southern accent aren't necessarily the same thing. it's more of a twang that comes from just not opening the inside of your mouth fully, if you go to places like rural Michigan or Illinois, you're going to hear people who have "southern accents" to the untrained ear, but it's really just a rural twang that's fairly universal across everywhere except the northeast.
Arran G
Arran G Aylar önce
I'm glad Jarvis is digging into the real problem with content houses; exacerbation of the housing shortage
Klara F. B.
Klara F. B. Aylar önce
when jarvis said "take a break" when talking about theatre kids, he activated all the theatre kids to go "run away with me now, let's go upstate"
Graceful Slumber
Graceful Slumber Aylar önce
Eliza, I've got so much on my plate
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
mixing TikTok and country music is a very scary thing, especially since country lovers are often give you ultra terrifying looks when you tell them you don't like their music taste
Michelle Beaulieu
Michelle Beaulieu Aylar önce
3 Doors Down and Daughtry are rock bands which is probably why you heard them on the radio, and that's also why those songs are the closest I'll go to country
silo yom
silo yom 23 gün önce
Just wanna say I love how lighthearted your videos are. I watch a lot of darker TRvid content and it’s nice to just see lighthearted joking about things every now and then. Thanks for being awesome!!!
dummushroom Aylar önce
“country theater kids” this describes them perfectly. us theater kids sometimes make everything into musicals xD
Bigclitenergy 6 gün önce
@Eros ????
Bigclitenergy 24 gün önce
@Eros what about my profile pic? And sorry what does /neg mean
Eros 24 gün önce
@Bigclitenergy your pfp...? yeah, we can tell you're a theatre kid (/neg) lmao
Bigclitenergy Aylar önce
@cariñito 🧇🌼 as a certified theater kid, no I shall not.😔
cariñito 🧇🌼
cariñito 🧇🌼 Aylar önce
@dummushroom I’m obsessed with freeze your brain after my friend sung it at an audition workshop we went to lol. That’s a good choice!
SuperMustache555 Aylar önce
Jarvis is in such a fun mood in this video, I love it!
David Schwartz
David Schwartz Aylar önce
I love how at the beginning Jarvis is like "oh so it's just a musical country house.. that's strange huh?" But the minute he sees musical flip cup he just loses it
MildlyMikayla Aylar önce
C NRT Aylar önce
If you think the double first names is bad, in Wales there was a thing for ages that you give your child the same name as their surname. Idk why, but there are so many Thomas Thomas', William Williams, Robert Roberts ect 😂
maximum dinosaur
maximum dinosaur Aylar önce
mixing TikTok and country music is a very scary thing, especially since country lovers are often give you ultra terrifying looks when you tell them you don't like their music taste
Athena Caradine
Athena Caradine 27 gün önce
@Thea Ambrózy idk what you mean not well intentioned other than wanting money which every genre of music does
Jacob Reyes
Jacob Reyes Aylar önce
maximum dinosaur
maximum dinosaur Aylar önce
@ontxtteredwxngs .... No lol I guarantee you I've never liked a country song B4. That's not the reason
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@Arianna Mae yep i've heard people say they'd jump out of a moving car if the driver was listening to country, but WE'RE the dramatic ones? okay.
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@Thea Ambrózy im nonbinary and bisexual. loved country my whole life.
Kelsey M
Kelsey M Aylar önce
Thank you for making such fun videos! It sounds generic, but it's so nice to have content that isn't entrenched in current issues.
Jessica Black
Jessica Black Aylar önce
Can't wait to unpack all of the childhood memories these songs have unearthed in therapy this week 🙃
Rita Weiß
Rita Weiß Aylar önce
it makes me so happy when you post a new video. you're always smiling and its comforting. :)
мотылек Aylar önce
"radio jarvis" is something that helped me finding a lot of songs. It never came to my mind, that other people don't do that....
Cassidy Rose
Cassidy Rose Aylar önce
You've heard of the Hype House. Now, get ready for the Hoedown House
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@Dae shindig if you will
Dae Aylar önce
If anything, it's more of a Hoedown Honky-tonk
Suzanna x
Suzanna x Aylar önce
@RabidFox117 hype barn
RabidFox117 Aylar önce
You mean the barn?
Master Markus
Master Markus Aylar önce
16:30 - Oh my god, Jarvis, your reaction to the "rap battle" was GOLD.
Jsxnjsxnxn Aylar önce
"a window, you know, like houses have" yeah thanks for clarifying that because i wouldn't have known what kind of windows you meant and then the confusion would have haunted me for the rest of the video so I'm very grateful for the clarification, you are the best /j
Miranda MN
Miranda MN Aylar önce
7:05 literally the process my mind went thru to identify that song. My sisters radio alarm would come on and this song was always on in like 5th grade
Jay Aylar önce
Jarvis, this is a serious comment for a silly video but I really want to say thank you. I found you a few months ago and your videos have made a huge impact on me. I really struggle with mental health episodes at times and it can cause me to think about harming myself. I have put on your videos to calm down, have a laugh and feel comforted so many times - including tonight at this very moment. I also listen to your videos while trying to sleep (Dharr Man bingo is great for this) and while I mindlessly do chores. They always make my day better. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that you help my existence be more tolerable. 💗
Ainsley Caldwell
Ainsley Caldwell Aylar önce
When he busted out macklemore for the "rap battle" I genuinely laughed out loud because it was so perfect.
Kat Schindler
Kat Schindler Aylar önce
hey! German lass who loves country (cause my folks played it when I was a kid) ...fucking LOVE whatever you were doing Jarv! It hit me in the country spot ya know?! [update] Yes! More Jarvis country! It is now my fave!
Annica Whetten
Annica Whetten Aylar önce
Every time Jarvis does the intro and does the “it is…it is free” I get secretly nervous that I’m somehow being charged under the table
Micah Garrison
Micah Garrison Aylar önce
Jarvis needs to start a 3rd channel- Jams with Jarvis. A singing channel! He has got some pipes, wow!
Hana Banana
Hana Banana Aylar önce
Oh hell yeah. Jarvis Johnson GOLD dropping in these troubled times, and especially being free if we're premium, soothes my cold dead heart Editing to add: it's spelled William James but pronounced Billy Jim Edit edit: A country rap battle is known as an auction I know these things because I have a 615 area code and they give you a pamphlet when you move there, so you don't get beerboarded
Cathalina O.
Cathalina O. Aylar önce
I've never felt so premium in my life until today ✨ thank you
oatmilkbongwater Aylar önce
Half of my time was spent in awe over Jarvis's singing voice and the other half was spent trying to figure out what was moving on his shelf behind him
Kris10 Kent
Kris10 Kent Aylar önce
As someone from Nashville but no longer lives in the US...hearing "615 house" immediately triggered me and idk why I was surprised that it did in fact exist in Nashville.
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Aylar önce
The intros for this channel are always the best
Butterfly_Queen234 Aylar önce
And it is free
Mia Fletcher
Mia Fletcher Aylar önce
And gold
mae Aylar önce
they’re premium
Jordan Zwick
Jordan Zwick Aylar önce
Anahni Harris
Anahni Harris Aylar önce
Jarvis: I don't like country music Also Jarvis: ***Proceeds to perfectly sing every country song with highschool musical-level passion***
Mothiest Man
Mothiest Man 2 gün önce
The "country voice" when singing tends to be done on purpose to blend differently with the guitar (my Dad is a music nerd from the deep South). It's kinda like The Emo Voice, Alt Whine, or Beatles Drawl. It's an exaggeration of your actual accent typically, but can be replicated with practise.
Anna Sutton
Anna Sutton Aylar önce
Jarvis totally losing it at the rap battle absolutely made my day 😂😂😂
101hellhounds 28 gün önce
Can I just say, you have the coolest sponsors. I actually want to hear what they are and you’re the only TRvidr that’s convinced me to follow the ad and used a code. That’s all thank you
Rulu Aylar önce
The accent thing is because of the placement of the sound in your mouth. A reason that the accent is lost with british people is because when you sing a lot of the time youre using your chest and core, which is a lot closer to where American accents fall. When british people talk normally they're typically placing and speaking with the sound closer to the front of the mouth. (but not quite on the lips cause thats where french people place sound)
MsSphinx91 Aylar önce
I think I hear more British singers retain their accents these days, but to your point, it may be the dominant singing style requires less core.
axxwqw Aylar önce
@Ryan Wiseman Lily Allen too, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, though their stuff is less vocally taxing
Paige Kaiser
Paige Kaiser Aylar önce
as a linguistics major i thank you for this breakdown
Ryan Wiseman
Ryan Wiseman Aylar önce
I'd say one of the few people that sings British is Jacob Collier. Very rare singing tone that almost is never heard, and is the closest we probably have to that accent
AntonLuvs Aylar önce
I never get tired of the intro.
Yasmin Prosser
Yasmin Prosser Aylar önce
Jarvis, I have to say I love this whole look on you, and your hair looks great :)
Selena Lemiec
Selena Lemiec 9 gün önce
As an avid country music fan, I do agree that the accent appears magically when you sing the song whether you want it to or not. I don't have the slightest twang in my normal speaking voice but I go very very howdy y'all when I sing and idk why. No clue.
IDKGamer 22 gün önce
I was raised on country music, and most of these people have incredible voices, like I listen to Thomas Mac and he has such an amazing voice. But I understand some of the weird stereotypes that country music has gained
Terjay Aylar önce
I was visiting my friends over at Georgia and we were driving around. It took me a while to actually figure out that the country station we were listening to wasn't a parody channel. Every single song was about: I got a cool truck and a hot wife and after church I'm gonna get some beer and barbeque and watch football. EVERY. SINGLE. SONG.
Saibellus Aylar önce
when I was in hs i inexplicably cultivated an ipod playlist of country songs whose requirements were that the song had to be about drinking, trucks, bein' a COUNTRY BOIII, or some combination of all three. why? i don't know. i went to school in nyc and listened to almost exclusively rock and metal otherwise.
toms grexit
toms grexit 3 gün önce
Some English/British people keep their accent when singing and some lose it. It's the same for southern people! When it comes to country music I listen to mostly 90s, 80s, and, 60s country!
Avery Rose
Avery Rose Aylar önce
"Country theater kids" As someone who lives in a rural area right outside of a college town in Wisconsin This is everyone I know.
sannanan Aylar önce
Jarvis, I need you to sing more blues. An actually incredible performace. 👏
AuDHD_Incarnate Aylar önce
Like Blues, Country music was started as a way to pass time/form of oral storytelling created by Black and Brown southern Americans, usually cowboys. Basically, people that already had natural southern accents. As the genre got popular in northern white spaces, the "Country Singing Accent" was dialed up to 100% in an effort to make the music sound more "authentic". Again, like how in Blues there's a certain drawl and growl in there that sounds forced when done by people who don't speak that way in their daily lives
Fred-D Aylar önce
Jarvis I believe you’re a country singer on the low, you killed those notes 😂
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
I sing country, and I'm from Dallas. The accent comes from how we practice singing at a young age but it's also our real accents. I'm definitely a theater kid lol. love country music.
Ellis ✨
Ellis ✨ Aylar önce
I think the Gold channel videos have my favorite version of Jarvis :) he just kinda talks about whatever and I’m here for it
Emily F
Emily F Aylar önce
that haunted shelf behind Jarvis is distracting but intriguing
Roo Aylar önce
I was for real like oh it’s a cat but then I remembered, Jarvis is a dog person and his dog is way too big to be up there climbing around and then I got scared
Ohwhale Aylar önce
Sara Bravenboer
Sara Bravenboer Aylar önce
omg i was wondering where all the comments about it were, i could NOT stop watching it i’m so confused!!!
static Aylar önce
i was thinking the same thing
celery7094 Aylar önce
It looks like a furby! Like the ears moving
Mikaela C.
Mikaela C. Aylar önce
This video was hilarious! Thanks for another ✨gold✨ one!
Audrey Adara
Audrey Adara Aylar önce
7:00 Jarvis has put into words the best way so far as to what the “gift” is 😂
Camilla Stacey
Camilla Stacey Aylar önce
You've got a future in country music for sure.
K Bee
K Bee Aylar önce
One of my favorite things about businesses and such around Nashville using 615 in their branding is that most of them aren’t located in the 615 area code.
joey Aylar önce
Jarvis is doing god's work by giving us a premium channel that's free
MF Bobyle
MF Bobyle 29 gün önce
What… I’ve been paying 19.99 a month!
Zanonymous Ruiz
Zanonymous Ruiz Aylar önce
it is-- it is free!!!
Justin Aylar önce
But if you're watching this, you're premium.
theflowerhead Aylar önce
It is...free. It's definitely free.
MickeyTaterTots Aylar önce
The more you sing to country the more the twang just falls into place
Ingrid G
Ingrid G Aylar önce
I laughed way too hard at this video! You should do a video on that family that sings when they order ice cream or basically in any situation. I don't remember their name but they're on tiktok.
Klara F. B.
Klara F. B. Aylar önce
okay but see the thing is, if you're into the music and the "musical moment", which i assume all of them are, it's not uncomfortable at all, because you're all into it. of course watching it from the outside is uncomfortable but if you're in the group and also love the music...
Jade Johnson
Jade Johnson Aylar önce
I just found out I have covid, I really needed to feel premium today. Thank you 😂❤️
Mollie Lovett
Mollie Lovett Aylar önce
I have mixed feelings on country. On one hand I love it because it reminds me of going on road trips with my family and my dad rocking out to it, on the other country music is….interesting. Why are all the cowboys so depressed and why are their wives constantly dying?!
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@Isaiah Alwin flowers by chris young is short and sad
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@abandon all hope ye who enter here same, and I'm Texan :) it's more like a cesspool but great music
MsSphinx91 Aylar önce
@Lacy Taylor this is why I appreciate O Brother Where At Art Thou. The movie is hilarious, but it also highlights country artists and aspects of the genre most people would never check out.
MsSphinx91 Aylar önce
There's a type of country music I like, but I can't identify the sub genre. I just know the song "Barn Burning" by Dave Alvin and "Carolina Drama" by the White Stripes fit into that category. Very similar to Devil Went Down to Georgia, I suppose. I can take or leave the rest.
heather j
heather j 20 gün önce
“you can’t avoid the sip” is so fucking haunting in the context of a tik tok house lmao
i mean, whatever
i mean, whatever Aylar önce
Jarvis, I think you need to release a country album
Giulio Ceresini
Giulio Ceresini Aylar önce
The dude swingig around the clearly empty pizza boxes while holding the guitar gave me such fever dream vibes
christina lynch
christina lynch Aylar önce
I dont remember the last time I saw a sponsored video where I actually wanted to buy something, I'm genuinely excited to try these o.o
Iain Ronald
Iain Ronald Aylar önce
98% of the stuff they sang wasn't country, I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if one of them broke out Panis Angelicus and started wailing on it.
ontxtteredwxngs Aylar önce
@Veronica Falcon fake fans. the only song i heard was josh gracin's nothing to lose.
Veronica Falcon
Veronica Falcon Aylar önce
And a lot of the actual country songs they didn’t know the words to 🤔
rando prior
rando prior Aylar önce
Jarvis, I'd love to watch this video, but I have an extreme aversion to country music. I feel as though it will be impossible to avoid. So I will instead watch an old video. But your effort is noted and appreciated.
rando prior
rando prior Aylar önce
I cringed through it for you, boss.
Becca A
Becca A Aylar önce
I’m a music major and I can appreciate all music except country. I’ll make an exception for legends like Shania Twain. That’s it though.
Aidan ODonnell
Aidan ODonnell Aylar önce
I distinctly remember using the exact mansion jpeg at 3:07 for a Powerpoint presentation in 8th grade, holy shit
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