Coronavirus Quarantine Survivor Keeps Coughing on TV

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Frank Wucinski and his family were just released from two weeks in quarantine after returning from Wuhan, China - the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. He went on Fox News to let everyone to know that he was doing just fine, but he couldn’t stop coughing. Watch as he takes a swig from his five-year-old daughter’s water bottle to clear his throat, and then hands it back - then she continues to drink from it!




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Zoon Geralt
Zoon Geralt 37 dakika önce
He went to China and got his waifu, now he doesn’t care about any laifu
HATE is a sign of ENVY
HATE is a sign of ENVY 6 saatler önce
Father Of The Decade
HATE is a sign of ENVY
HATE is a sign of ENVY 6 saatler önce
Well This didnt go as planned lol
pamala steinberg
pamala steinberg 8 saatler önce
Ohh boy I can’t wait to go read the comments-- let’s goooooo
Christine J Shin
Christine J Shin 8 saatler önce
I am Korean and live in States. According to the interviews with corona virus survivors in Korea, it usually takes around one month Or more to recover it. when the symptom’s gone, they need to take one more covid test to make sure if it’s negative. The government don’t allow Ppl with covid positive Until it’s cleared with negative result. Otherwise they still spread virus to public!
Desean Curry
Desean Curry 14 saatler önce
Ya that's crazy drinking out of your child water bottle then giving it back to her he shouldn't never been allowed to come into that building
MissIrishdoll 14 saatler önce
Ahhh Fox News you make me laugh. Should this man even be allowed out?!!
Maggie Kaplan
Maggie Kaplan 18 saatler önce
This is something that would cause bronchitis tho....
Ana Arredondo by Design, Welcome Home
What’s wrong with these people? That man is putting people in danger.
GrzesiekJW 7 saatler önce
Ana Arredondo by Design, Welcome Home He didn’t know that he had it.
mad ass
mad ass Gün önce
yasslogh Gün önce
The real messiah
The real messiah Gün önce
Did Stephen Colbert really just to the running 5 with all those guests? Wow
Jay Bourne
Jay Bourne Gün önce
Teleprompter : *cough* *cough again* *grab the water frantically, now cough again* *show agony*. just puppets without strings.
Regine Oquendo
Regine Oquendo Gün önce
cmack003 Gün önce
WMB Hothead
WMB Hothead Gün önce
Heat kills coronavirus.
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Gün önce
What an idiot...
ROB Padilla
ROB Padilla Gün önce
Ixxgxx 2 gün önce
1:08 CUTE AF!
Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez 2 gün önce
Good thing I'm 13 *And have deppression*
I already saw That on Reddit
מאור אליתיב
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andre Jones
andre Jones 2 gün önce
He sounds and looks dumb as hell and it's a damn shame that he would expose his baby like that and show the whole world how smart he really is
Dank Sanchez
Dank Sanchez 2 gün önce
Probably has damaged lungs
Paul Machado
Paul Machado 2 gün önce
He's gonna die probably
baby yoda content
baby yoda content 3 gün önce
azeleapark 3 gün önce
I never knew nerves caused a cough
Defender of Camelot
Defender of Camelot 3 gün önce
so his father in law died of coronavirus but he still gives the drink to his daughter after coughing and taking a sip. amazing. and Stephen Colbert mocking the outbreak. no wonder its spreading. the whole population is just stupid bred only to consume.
David Davies
David Davies 3 gün önce
That acting is really bad.
Life’s Journey
Life’s Journey 3 gün önce
NBA aceboy herron
NBA aceboy herron 3 gün önce
That bad I'm dead he dumb🖕🖕🖕
Bellamy Cozart
Bellamy Cozart 3 gün önce
Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Boom Shakalaka
Boom Shakalaka 3 gün önce
MI Five
MI Five 3 gün önce
II APPLE II 3 gün önce
Guy coughing sharing water goes viral. Let's stop things going viral.... Let's just stop using the word "VIRAL" It's m asking me feel sick
Laura Erickson
Laura Erickson 4 gün önce
that girl is trying to survive while drinking water
T Marginau
T Marginau 4 gün önce
We people with pre-existing conditions would really appreciate it if the rest of you would take this as seriously as we have to (like NOT passing a bottle to a much more vulnerable person after coughing up a lung).
Julian Guzz
Julian Guzz 4 gün önce
So every cough you hear now and in the past is Coronavirus???
meme high
meme high 4 gün önce
daaaaammmmm frank!!!!!
Dr Johnson Hungwell
Dr Johnson Hungwell 4 gün önce
If I was dumb enough to go to Wuhan I'd be ashamed to show my face on TV
Damo. At iba pa
Damo. At iba pa 4 gün önce
I think he just smoke some good weed before that interview. I get those kind of cough too.
Ricarus Dogbe
Ricarus Dogbe 4 gün önce
Curb your meme
department of otherworld
Why couldnt this pos just stay in china?
An'tonio Lopinto
An'tonio Lopinto 5 gün önce
So now you have a man and a child on TV and fur the whole nation with a baby that is coughing all over everything but you're not States soldiers already to shut us down so what about that President Trump what you think about that President Trump you got these people on National live television coughing and their sneezing and that's a little baby who was released out of quarantine for President Trump what you think about that you got Choppers flying over my house Hallelujah play the blood of Jesus Christ over us I plead the blood of Jesus over me and my family cuz that's the only one that I know that's going to keep us safe. Man not know president not know doctor not no lawyer not nobody the devil has already been defeated the devil has already been defeated Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
nicole parry
nicole parry 5 gün önce
He needs to be in hospital and she needs to be away from him
corona spiracy
corona spiracy 5 gün önce
Corona spiracy is the solution
lively sprite2019
lively sprite2019 5 gün önce
f a k e
Galaxy Hope
Galaxy Hope 6 gün önce
Omg ... Lol 😂
Deborah McNeill
Deborah McNeill 6 gün önce
Wow, unbelievable!
Imported TV
Imported TV 6 gün önce
Dad award goes to:
Chris Rod
Chris Rod 6 gün önce
Good show 👏👏👏
Sonny Ink.
Sonny Ink. 6 gün önce
Lord have mercy....I've seen many dumb but he deserves number 1 ....doesn't care about kids
Mehrad Bagher-Ebadian
Gia Newman
Gia Newman 6 gün önce
U can delete my comment as many times as y like ITS FAKE PEOPLE
bozo the clown
bozo the clown 6 gün önce
what a class A stupid MoFo.. someone pls adopt the child!
ken rudge
ken rudge 6 gün önce
what an idiot
Fønhus 6 gün önce
Who's here after seen that tiktok of the beat
Cathie Baker
Cathie Baker 6 gün önce
And this is how it spread in Pittsburgh.
Greybeard 7 gün önce
I legit thought this was a joke.
goofygomez 7 gün önce
Family guy's Peter Griffin
gacha Darkness of moon
Oooooooo someone use this cough for a coronavirus song
Fox Makeba
Fox Makeba 7 gün önce
Well Fox News. You have done it again.
hollice 1922
hollice 1922 7 gün önce
He's not cured there's no cure right now folks *
Team Builder
Team Builder 7 gün önce
Why’d they let this guy coughing up a lung on national tv. He probably took down a whole state by himself.
Dan Motroni
Dan Motroni 7 gün önce
Is that the cough we’re identifying as the corona cough? Dry and almost breathless??
bhbgbhbg 7 gün önce
😂I feel for the little girl, she dosen't have a chance. Coughed on and water contaminated 😄😄❕❗
Klipklapklop •
Klipklapklop • 7 gün önce
Fox News
Derek Gamer
Derek Gamer 8 gün önce
It not speeding from beening too close it's from stupidness
Davey jones
Davey jones 8 gün önce
*"the cough is probably just nerves"* I'm speechless I dont have words. Anyone know an update on dumbdumb?
Chic Noir29
Chic Noir29 8 gün önce
Any word if he later tested positive?
Crystal Mahogani
Crystal Mahogani 8 gün önce
Dusten Davenport
Dusten Davenport 8 gün önce
He is dumb
Anonymous Sinner
Anonymous Sinner 8 gün önce
The way he laughs it off makes me want to pour freezing cold water on him. There’s your water you ass.
fire bird
fire bird 8 gün önce
Like literally coughed on the baby girl like twice.....my goodness!!....then shared the water bottle....use common sense people geez
Luz Collazos
Luz Collazos 8 gün önce
Wow! I can't believe this happened lol!
A P Developments
A P Developments 8 gün önce
Yep. He’s got the CLAP! Lock him away.
ChronLogic 8 gün önce
I don't know it looked acted to me plus the water bottle and is coughing and I'll just seemed kind of planned for whatever reason
Greybeard 7 gün önce
ChronLogic I’m not the conspiracy type, but I kinda thought so, too. It seemed like a joke, the way it played out.
Anthony Mclemore
Anthony Mclemore 8 gün önce
Sirkka K
Sirkka K 9 gün önce
Im chineese
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